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There are no new stories or pictures on this page. Everything here can be found by fandom back on the home page. Because some people only like specific spanking stories, and I tend to write a wide variety of them, I made this guide to help people find what they like, and avoid what they don't like.

Guide Symbols & Descriptions:
F/F - A female spanking another female.
F/M - A female spanking a male.
M/F - A male spanking a female.
M/M - A male spanking another male.
Parental - This generally means a non-consensual disciplinary spankings of a 'parental' nature. Parental doesn't necessarily mean it's the actual parent doing the spanking. In fact most of the time in my stories it's not the actual parent doing the spanking, it's someone who is acting like a parent in the moment. It also doesn't mean the person getting spanked is necessarily a child, it's just a person in need of guidance in the moment.
Relationship - This generally means a spanking between two people in a romantic relationship. Usually this is also a non-consensual disciplinary spanking, but not always.
Erotic - The letter (E) means there is some kind of sexual element to the spanking. This can range from just a hint of eroticism during a punishment, to spanking as foreplay.
Harsh - The letter (H) means the spanking is pretty severe for my personal taste, and may be bordering on abuse in my eyes.
Consensual - The letter (C) means the spanking is fully consensual with no coercion from either party.
Age - The characters I have spanked range in age between 6 and 1000 (thanks to vampire characters). The majority of my stories center around characters that are 16 or older. I will put stars: ** by any characters that are under 18 when they are doing the spanking, or receiving the spanking. All of the 16 year old characters I'm writing about were played by actors who were over 18 at the time.
RPG - The letters (RPG) means it is a story I co-wrote with another author as a 'roll playing game'.

F/F - relationship
The Originals (E) (C) - Keelin/Freya Survivor's Guilt

F/F - parental
Being Human - Nora/Erin** Miscellaneous Ficlet #5 - 'Being Family'
The Walking Dead - Maggie/Beth** Peaches

F/M - relationship
Angel (H) - Darla/Lindsey The People Cellar
Avengers - Pepper/Tony Aftermath
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffybot/Spike Moving Foward Part 2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (E) (C) - Faith/Xander Buffy & Angel Ficlet #1 - 'Surprise'
Castle (E) (C) - Kate/Rick That Part
Elementary (C) - Mistress Felicia/Sherlock A Temporary Fix
Game of Thrones - Brienne/Jaime (they're not in a romantic relationship, but it's not parental) Hard Earned Respect
Game of Thrones (E) (C) - Sansa/Petyr Recovery
Lucifer - Chloe/Lucifer Punishment For the Devil
Lucifer - Chloe/Lucifer The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
NCIS (E) (C) - Ziva/Tony Turning the Tables
Once Upon a Time (H) - Regina/Hook (they're not in a romantic relationship, but it's not parental) Once Upont a Time Ficlet 1 Comuppance
Star Wars - Leia/Han A New Job
True Blood - Sookie/Sam Boiling Point
Veronica Mars - Veronica**/Logan** Working It Out
Walking Dead - Maggie/Glenn Cross the Line

F/M - parental
Andromeda - Becka/Harper** "Harper Finds a Home" series Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
Elementary - Joan/Sherlock The Sub Who Knows How To Fake It
Glee - Coach Beiste/Puck Failure
Heroes (H) - Angela/Sylar Mama's Boy
The OC - Kirsten/Seth** The Power of Mom
Prodigal Son - Jessica/Malcolm A Force to be Reckoned With
True Blood - Maxine/Tommy True Blood Ficlet #1 - 'The Truth Comes Out'

M/F - relationship
Arrow - Oliver/Felicity Expressions of Love
Angel (E) (C) - Wesley/Lilah Buffy & Angel Ficlet #2 - 'Booty Call'
Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe (E) - Spike/Drusilla Whipped Into Submission
Blacklist When Work Comes First
Charmed (E) - Cole/Phoebe Phoebe and Cole
Days of Our Lives (C) - Lucas/Sami Changing Behavior
Days of Our Lives (E) - EJ/Sami An Argument
Degrassi The Next Generation (C) - Jake**/Clare** Setting Things Right
Glee (C) - Finn/Rachel Getting to the Bottom of it
Good Behavior (RPG) (E) - Javier/Letty The Price to Pay
Killjoys - John/Pawter Another Hit
LOST - Jack/Kate Kate
Lucifer - Lucifer/Axara Diva
Lucifer - Lucifer/Eve Acceptance
Man From UNCLE (RPG)- Illya/Gabby No More Lies
The Mentalist (E) (C) - Wayne/Grace Miscellaneous Ficlet 1: Together Again
The Mummy - Rick/Evie The Mummy's Gold
NCIS (C) - Tim/Abby Visiting The Past
NCIS (E) - Tim/Abby Miscellaneous Ficlet 2: A Distraction
The OC - Seth**/Summer** Tijuana
The Originals (RPG) - Klaus/Cami A Healthy Dose of Fear
The Originals - Elijah/Hayley Violation of Privacy
Once Upon a Time (C) - David/Snow Once Upon a Time Ficlet 2 Redemption
Penny Dreadful - Ethan/Vanessa Repentance
Pirates OTC - Will/Elizabeth Love And Honor
Quantum Leap (E) (C) - Sam/Darlene Kinky Leaping
Supernatural - John/Mary Pranks
True Blood (E) - Eric/Sookie True Blood Ficlet 2: Lust
True Blood - Bill/Sookie True Blood Ficlet 3: Livid
Vampire Diaries (RPG) - Damon/Caroline Broken Relationships
Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena Vampire Diaries Ficlet 1: The Sixth Attempt
Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena Checked Out
White Collar (C) - Peter/Elizabeth Spousal Immunity

M/F - parental
Arrow - Oliver/Thea** Barely My Brother
Arrow - Oliver/Thea Office Monkey
Buffy - Spike/Dawn** Moving Forward
Buffy Angel Crossover - Angel/Dawn** Running Off
Charmed - Dan/Jenny** In Control
Firefly/Serenity - Mal/River Dreamwalking
iZombie - Ravi/Liv The Terrible Fives
Lucifer - Lucifer/Ella Brothers and Sisters
NCIS - Gibbs/Abby Betrayal
The OC - Jimmy/Marissa** Marissa's Issues
Once Upon a Time - David/Emma Jump Ship
Once Upon a Time - David/Emma Magic Interrupted(no actual spanking in this story - just a verbal threat)
Once Upon a Time - David/Emma** Lost and Found
The Originals (RPG) - Marcel/Davina** Tantrum
Prodigal Son - Malcolm/Ainsley You Didn't Win
Supernatural (H) - Dean/Charlie Bad Charlie
Supernatural - Castiel/Claire My Father's Meatsuit
True Blood - Bill/Jessica True Blood Ficlet 4: Bonding
True Blood - Eric/Nora True Blood Ficlet 7: Family First
True Blood (C) - Eric/Nora True Blood Ficlet 8: Forgiveness Second
Walking Dead - Glenn/Enid** Still Here

M/M - relationship (as in Slash)
Alles Was Zählt (E) (C) - Roman/Deniz Making Noise
Angel Buffy Crossover - Angel/Spike That Once Chapter 1, That Once Chapter 2
Angel & As the World Turns Crossover - Angel/Luke Lust at First Sight
As the World Turns - Noah/Luke Sobriety Is Overrated
Gotham (E) - Ed/Oswald Know Thy Enemy
The New Normal - David/Bryan Overindulgent
Queer As Folk (E) (C) - Brian/Justin Dreaming of a White Christmas
Queer As Folk (RPG) - Brian/Justin Accepting Help
Queer As Folk (RPG) - Justin/Brian Cancer Secret
Schitt's Creek (E)(C) - Patrick/David Closeted
Supernatural (E) - Sam/Dean (Slash overtones, no actual slash) The Porn Channel
Teen Wolf - (E) (C) Ethan/Jackson Sloppy Seconds
Torchwood - Jack/Ianto & Ianto/Jack Fairy Lights
True Blood (E) (C) - Eric/Talbot Revenge
True Blood (E) (C) - Eric/Godric True Blood Ficlet 6: A Helping Hand

M/M - parental
Alles Was Zählt - Marion/Deniz Respect (mentions of slash, but no actual slash in the story)
American Horror Story: Murder House - Ben/Tate Punished
Andromeda Dylan/Harper Becka's Methods, Racing Ships
Angel - Angel/Connor "How it Should Have Been" series Chapter 1, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 13
Angel - Angel/Connor & (original minor characters father/son**) "How it Should Have Been" seriesChapter 2
Angel - Gunn/Connor "How it Should Have Been" series Chapter 11, Chapter 12
Angel - Angel/Connor, & Angel/Spike Angel's Family
Angel - Angel/Connor Public Punishment
Angel - Angel/Lindsey A Binding Contract
Angel (C) - Spike/Angel Sore Loser
Backstrom - Everett/Valentine Not Very Brotherly, Inconvenient Brotherly Concern
Being Human (U.S.) - Aidan/Kenny The Change
The Boys - Homelander/The Deep The American Way
Breaking In - Oz/Cameron Extended 21.0
Breaking In - Oz/Cash No Means No
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Kevin/Jake Work Family
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Giles/Xander** Worth it
Castle - Esposito/Joey Malone** Guidance
Charmed - Leo/Chris**, Leo/Wyatt** Back In Time
Dark Blue - Carter/Dean After K-Town
Days Of Our Lives - Rafe/Will Anger Management
Days Of Our Lives - Lucas/Will Disrespect
Days Of Our Lives (E) - EJ/Will (Strong Slash Overtones) Unmasked Submission
Days Of Our Lives - EJ/Will Stalemate
Elementary - Gregson/Sherlock The Mature Adult (no actual spanking in this story - just a verbal threat)
Elementary (C) - Gregson/Sherlock The Mature Consultant
The Flash - Dr. Wells/Barry An Effective Punishment
The Flash (RPG) - Dr. Wells/Cisco A Difficult Punishment, A First Punishment
Glee - Burt/Kurt** Confession(no actual spanking in this story - just a verbal threat)
Gotham - James/Oswald A Man of His Word
Gotham - Alfred/Bruce** A Promise
Heroes (RPG) - Peter/Sylar Twisted Fate Ch 1, Twisted Fate Ch 2
Heroes (C) - Peter/Sylar Miscellaneous Ficlet 6: Hit Me
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Indiana/Mutt An Accidental Adventure
Jake 2.0 - Jake/Jerry Little Brother
James Bond: Skyfall - James/Q A Fit of Temper
Killjoys (RPG) - D'avin/Johnny No Running
Kyle XY - Stephen/Kyle** Vulnerable
LOST - Jack/Charlie Dreams and Nightmares
Lucifer - God/Lucifer God's Guidance
Mindhunter - Bill/Holden Burning Shame
Numb3rs (RPG) - Don/Charlie Brother Thearapy
The OC - Sandy/Ryan**, Sandy/Seth** The Infamous Egg, The Not so Great Escape
Once Upon a Time - David/Henry** Dishonesty Comes with a Price
Once Upon a Time - Neal/Henry** He's Your Son
Once Upon a Time - David/Henry**, Neal/(de-aged)Rumple** A Spell Gone Wrong Part One
Once Upon a Time - Liam/Killian Captain's Orders
One Tree Hill - Keith/Lucas** Hit and Run, Lucas and the Test, Restitution
One Tree Hill (C) - Lucas**/Nathan** Learning About Marriage, The Way We Used To Be
One Tree Hill - Cooper/Nathan** Crashing
One Tree Hill - Dan/Lucas**, & Dan/Nathan** Dan the Man
The Originals - Elijah/Klaus Taught a Lesson
The Originals - Jackson/Aiden Unexpected Confrontation
The Originals (RPG)- Elijah/Klaus When Klaus Bit Off More Than He Could Chew
The Originals (RPG)- Elijah/Kol Reconnection
The Originals - Elijah/Klaus Extended Family
Original Characters - Frank/Kyle** How To Save a Life
Prodigal Son - Gil/Malcolm Prodigal Son blurbs 1 (five little blurbs all Gil/Malcolm)
Psych - Henry/Shawn** Playing Opossum
Queer As Folk - Michael/Hunter** One More Job
Queer As Folk (RPG) - Michael/Hunter** One More Job (rpg version)
Scorpion - Cabe/Walter Threats and Ruminations - (threat of spanking only - no actual spanking)
Scorpion - Cabe/Walter Emotions Suck, Medical Issues, Insecurities
Smallville - Jonathan/Clark** "Friendship" series Chapter 1
Smallville - Jonathan/Lex "Friendship" series Chapter 2, Chapter 4, Chapter 6, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10.
Smallville - Jonathan/Lex, & Jonathan/Clark** "Friendship" series Chapter 3, Chapter 5(with a few swats Lex/Clark**), Chapter 7
Smallville - Jonathan/Clark** Consequences for Your Actions, The Note
Smallville (RPG) - Jonathan/Lex Regressed
Smallville (RPG) - Clark**/Lex Trust In Your Friends
Spiderman: Homecoming - Tony/Peter** Failed Internship
Summerland - Johnny/Bradin** Crossing the Line, While Ava's Away
Summerland - Jay/Bradin** Surfing the Night, Bad Decisions
Superman and Lois - Clark/Jordan** and Clark/Jonathan** An Old Approach
Supernatural - John/Dean A New Life, To Hell and Back, Broken Plan
Supernatural - John/Dean** No Soliciting, William Tell
Supernatural - Dean/Sam Keeping Secrets, Unprepared, Rookie Mistake, Uncaged, Set Straight, Shame
Supernatural - Dean/Sam** Party
Supernatural - Dean**/Sam** Dean's Bad Day
Supernatural - Dean**/Sam**, & John/Dean** Out of Hand
Supernatural (C) - Dean/Castiel Playing Sorry
Supernatural (RPG) - Sam/Dean A Double-Edged Sword
Supernatural - Dean/Jack Guilt, Lies, and Repercussions
Supernatural - Dean/Jack Epic Redemption
Teen Wolf - Derek/Scott** The Alpah's Pack, Ficlet 2: Challenge
Teen Wolf - Derek/Stiles** How to Train Your Werewolf, Ficlet 1: Focus
Teen Wolf - Sheriff Stilinski/Stiles** Ficlet 3: A Late Night Visit, Ficlet 7: Parental Guidance
Teen Wolf - Sheriff Stilinski/Stiles** and Peter/Derek implied Ficlet 4: An Early Morning Discussion
Teen Wolf - Peter/Derek Ficlet 5: A Mid Morning Correction
Teen Wolf - Derek/Isaac** Ficlet 6: An Afternoon Confession, The Skittish One
Teen Wolf - Peter/Scott** The Sociopath
Teen Wolf - Derek/Jackson** Never the Kid That Deserves It
Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles - Derek/John** Memories of the Future
Terra Nova - Jim/Josh** Miscellaneous Ficlet 3: When Grounding Isn't Enough
Torchwood - Jack/Owen, Jack/Ianto Taking Work Home
True Blood - Godric/Eric Dream Reform
True Blood - Sam/Tommy True Blood Ficlet 5: Brothers
Vampire Diaries - Damon/Jeremy** Shut It Out
Vampire Diaries (H) - Klaus/Tyler** Vampire Diaries Ficlet 2: Homecoming
Vampire Diaries (H) - Klaus/Tyler**, Elijah/Klaus Vampire Diaries Ficlet 3: Building a Family
Veronica Mars - Keith/Logan** The Evidence
Veronica Mars - (original character)Spencer/Logan - {Spanking shown in a negative light} Death Wish
The Walking Dead - Rick/Carl** Miscellaneous Ficlet 4: What It Means To Be A Man
White Collar - Peter/Neal It's A Start, We're Parterners, You're the Only One, If You'd Come To Me, This Isn't Who You Are, I Complicated Your Life, The Price is Too High, You Really Let Me Down.
White Collar (RPG) - Peter/Neal & Neal/Peter Turn About Is Fair Play

Mixed - stories with more then one combination
Angel Charmed Crossover - (M/M parental) Angel/Connor, & (M/F parental) Leo/Paige The Charmed Angel
Charmed - "Home Again" series (M/M parental) Victor/Chris**, & (F/M parental) Piper/Chris (swats) Chapter 1
Charmed - "Home Again" series (M/M parental) Leo/Chris, & (F/M parental) Piper/Chris Chapter 2, Chapter 3
Charmed - "Home Again" series (M/M parental) Leo/Chris, & (M/F relationship) Mr. Right (Vincent)/Paige Chapter 4
Charmed - "Home Again" series (M/M parental) Leo/Chris, & (F/M parental) Piper/Chris & Piper/Wyatt (swats) Chapter 5
The Dukes of Hazzard - (M/M parental) Jessie/Luke**, Jessie/Bo**, & (M/F parental) Jessie/Daisy** Luke's Birthday
Firefly/Serenity - (M/M parental) Mal/Simon, & (M/F parental) Mal/River** The Orange Death
Firefly/Serenity - (M/M parental) Mal/Simon, & (M/F parental) Mal/Kaylee Daddy Will Come For Us
Harts of the West - (M/M parental) Dave/Zane**, Dave/Duke**, (M/F parental) Dave/L'Amour** Dead Man's Leap
Killjoys (RPG) - (F/M relationship) Dutch/D'avin, & (M/F relationship) D'avin/Dutch Post Traumatic Healing
Lucifer - (M/F relationship) Lucifer/OC Sky & (F/M relationship) Maze(with help from Chloe)/Lucifer Safety First
The OC - (M/M parental) Sandy/Ryan**, & (M/F relationship) Ryan**/Marissa** Thanksgiving
Once Upon a Time - (M/M parental) Neal/(de-aged)Rumple**, Neal/Henry**, & (F/M parental) Belle/(de-aged)Rumple** A Spell Gone Wrong Part Two
Once Upon a Time - (M/F parental) David/Emma, & (M/M parental) David/Hook Hooked
One Tree Hill - (M/M parental) Keith/Lucas**, & (F/M parental) Debbie/Nathan** Taking Advantage
Party of Five - (M/F parental) Charlie/Claudia**, & Charlie/Julia**, and (M/M parental) Charlie/Bailey** I'm the Father
Queer As Folk (RPG) - (M/M relationship) Ben/Michael, & (F/M parental) Debbie/Michael Needle Scare
Smallville - (F/M parental) Martha/Lex, & (M/M parental) Jonathan/Lex "Friendship Series" Chapter 11
Sound of Music - (M/F romantic) Georg/Maria & (M/F + M/M parental) Georg/each of his children** Strict Adherence to Discipline
Stranger Things - (M/F parental) Hopper/Eleven**, & 4 little flashbacks - one F/M parental and 3 M/M parental No More Room
T2 - (F/M parental) Sarah/John**, & (M/M parental) Terminator/John** Mission Parameters
True Blood (RPG) - (F/M relationship) Sookie/Eric, & (M/F relationship) Eric/Sookie Dream A Little Dream
Vampire Diaries - (M/F relationship) Enzo/Lily, & (M/M parental) Enzo/Damon Family of Choice
Will & Grace - (M/F parental) Will/Grace, & small bit with (M/M parental) Will/Jack Shock Therapy
The 4400 - (F/F parental) Diana/Maia**, & (M/M parental) Tom/Shawn Finding Jordan

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