Author's Notes: This story is set sometime near the end of season 3.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories.
Warning: Consensual erotic spanking between romantic partners.

Turn the Tables

Tony kept a surreptitious eye on Ziva as she was getting ready to leave for the day. Once she stood up, he did as well. Trying to be nonchalant about things Tony said, "Share an elevator?"

Ziva nodded once and Tim spoke up from his desk, "Wait a sec, I'll come too."

Tony glared over at him and said, "Don't you have a report to finish Probie?"

Tim gave him an innocent look and said, "I just finished it."

Ziva said, "See you tomorrow." and waved at the two men, thinking their talk would take a while, and headed towards the elevator.

Tony took a quick step over to Tim's desk and said, "Proofread it."

"I did. I always do."

Tony hissed, "Do it again!" before walking overly fast towards Ziva's retreating form.

Tim rolled his eyes when he realized Tony wanted to be alone with Ziva, and sat down to look over the report one more time.

Tony caught up with Ziva just as she walked into the elevator. He got in with her and gave her an exaggerated smile as he asked, "What did you think of that case today?"

Ziva gave him a sideways glance and said, "If you want to know something specific, just come out and ask, don't beat the bush about it."

Tony automatically corrected her English, "It's don't beat around the bush."

"Yes, don't do that."

Tony tried to come up with a good way to ask her what he wanted to know without being too obvious about it. They had been investigating a woman's death, and when they went to her house to look for clues as to who might have killed her, they had found multiple toys, and videos that led them to believe she was heavily into BDSM. They had suspected that might have something to do with her death, but in the end it turned out to be a co-worker who had killed her so he could take credit for her work. The elevator ride was almost over, and Tony hadn't come up with a good way to ask, so he just spit it out. "Have you ever tried anything….. kinky like Lieutenant Baker obviously had?"

The elevator doors opened to the parking garage, and Ziva headed out. Tony followed her and she said, "Not to the same extent, but I've enjoyed spanking before."

Tony almost tripped over his own feet as images of Ziva over his lap popped into his head. Ziva arrived at her car and turned to Tony who was standing there looking off into the distance with a slight smile on his face. She unlocked her car and said, "Why do you ask? Have you experimented before?"

Tony was startled out of his little fantasy and forced himself to look at her and respond. He gave her a knowing look with a hint of seduction and said, "I've enjoyed spanking a few times myself."

Ziva had gotten to know Tony well enough over the past year to know exactly what he was thinking. They had become friends outside of work about six months ago, and she knew Tony would be happy if they were more then just friends. She just didn't think he was mature enough to be in long term relationship with anyone. She looked at him with a smile of her own and said, "Is that right?"

He was encouraged by her reaction and leaned towards her as he said, "Absolutely. You know Ziva, this sounds almost like fate. You enjoy spanking, I enjoy spanking. What would you say to enjoying some spanking together?"

Ziva pretended to be giving it some serious thought when really she had already decided to say yes. Her pause gave Tony hope that she would agree. He rushed to assure her, "Nothing too serious, no commitments, no strings attached. Just a night of fun. Kind of like when we rent movies together…. but better."

Ziva slowly nodded and said, "All right Tony. Can you come by my house tonight after dinner? Say about eight pm?"

Tony couldn't believe she was actually agreeing to this and said enthusiastically, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Ziva gave him a quick nod, and then got into her car and shut the door. He stepped back a few feet and watched her pull out and head for home. He muttered to himself, "She said yes. I can't believe she said yes."

# # #

For the next three hours Tony couldn't stop picturing a variety of scenarios in his head. Ziva over his lap on the couch stripped down to bra and panties, Ziva over his lap on her bed with nothing on, and Ziva wiggling and making cute little noises as he swatted her. He was more then ready to head to her house when seven forty-five rolled around.

He knocked on her front door, waited, and found himself both nervous and excited. A very different feeling from the other times he'd been over. She opened the door and smiled at him. She stepped back to let him in and said, "Hi."

He went in, and while he normally would have made himself comfortable on the couch, he found himself standing in the entryway just watching her. She had changed from her work clothes and was now wearing a knee length grey skirt, a form fitting dark red long sleeved shirt, and black pantyhose with no shoes. Ziva tried hard not to smile at his obvious attraction to her. She noticed he hadn't changed out of his work clothes and was wearing a blue button down shirt and dark gray slacks. She asked, "Would you like a drink?"




She went into the kitchen to get him the drink, and he sat on the edge of the couch waiting. She came back with one drink and handed it to him. She sat beside him on the couch. He said, "Thanks." and took a sip.

He swirled the ice around, looked into his glass and said, "So….. I know I've been looking forward to this, how about you? Do you still want to do it?"

Ziva nodded. "Yes, I've been looking forward to it as well."

Tony smiled and set his glass down on the end table that was next to the couch. He looked back at her and said, "How would you like me to start?"

Ziva couldn't help herself and said, "You could just lie over my lap, and I'll do the rest."

Tony's eyes opened wide with surprise and he stuttered out, "Oh… Um.. So when you said you enjoyed spanking you meant…. I see."

Ziva chuckled and said, "I knew what you meant when you asked me if we could enjoy spanking together. I was just a little annoyed that you assumed I would be the one receiving so I didn't correct your assumption."

Tony picked up his drink and downed it in two swallows as he thought about what she had said. Ziva felt a little bad about tricking him now and said, "I'm sorry Tony, I shouldn't have turned the tablets on you so abruptly."

He automatically corrected her phrasing; "It's turned the tables."

"Yes that. We can just watch some TV, and eat some popcorn."

Tony's mind was racing with new images. He had only played some light spanking games with two different girls in his past, and he had never been on the receiving end. But the more he thought about it, the more he found the idea somehow appealing especially with Ziva. He was attracted to her, and decided any close contact would be enjoyable. He shook his head, "No, I'm still okay with it."

Ziva didn't believe him, and thought he was just saying he was okay with it because he was embarrassed about his misconceptions. She shook her head. "Tony, you don't have to say that just to make some kind of point. It's really just fine if we just watch some TV and hang out."

Tony shook his head again and said, "I'm not trying to make a point. I really am okay with it. More then okay with it. It could be fun."

Ziva squinted her eyes scrutinizing him, and tried to decide if he was being honest. Tony gave her a sincere, "I wouldn't say yes if I didn't mean it."

"Have you been spanked before?"

"No. Well I mean sure as a kid, but not for fun before." His childhood was something he really didn't want to think about right now. It would kill the mood before it even starteed.

"What's your safe word?"

"My safe word? Right, my safe word. Of course. It's…. McQueen." Tony hoped she couldn't tell he'd never been in a position to need one before.

Ziva tried not to giggle at that. "McQueen? As in Steve?"

Tony got defensive, "Well it's not like it's gonna come up in the middle of playing now is it?"

Ziva gave him a tolerant smile and said, "No I suppose not."

They looked at each other for a second and Ziva decided she believe him. She broke the silence with, "Alright."

She scooted to the middle of the couch and sat a little closer to the edge. He was already sitting to her right, so she just patted her thigh and said, "You can rest your upper half on the couch."

Tony looked down at her lap and gave a nervous, "Right. Okay."

He found it awkward putting himself over her lap, and blushed slightly as he thought about what he must look like. He laid his chest on the couch and rested his head on the crook of his right arm. Ziva scooted over slightly and adjusted him so that Tony's hips were directly over her right thigh, and the toes of his shoes were touching the floor beside the couch.

Ziva ran her hand up and down both sides of his rear a few times, enjoying herself. Even with the two layers of clothes between her hand and his butt, Tony found the sensation erotic. Ziva murmured, "You really are very well built Tony. Quite an attractive and spankable bottom."

Tony had closed his eyes and found himself relaxing into her touch with a smile and said, "You have a nice ass too. A nice everything as a matter of fact."

Ziva smiled, lifted her hand, and brought it down with a solid slap to the left side of his ass, and then put a matching slap on the right side. The force of the first swat surprised Tony a little, and his body gave a slight jerk. But as the swats continued in a slow methodical manor he relaxed into it. And as he relaxed into it he felt himself enjoying it. A minute or two after that, he felt himself getting hard.

Ziva took her time and covered every inch of his butt with solid smacks five times over and was encouraged when she felt more then just his thighs against her leg. She paused and asked, "May I take down your pants?"

Tony was very turned on at this point and thought that was a wonderful idea. "Yes, please."

"Lift your hips for me."

Tony pushed himself up high enough that she could reach down under him. She quickly undid his belt and slacks. She pushed them down off his hips, and they fell to his ankles. Ziva noticed the black briefs and thought, 'Of course.'

She started spanking again and felt his body tense at the first couple of swats. Once he had relaxed she swatted his bare thigh which made his body twitch a tiny bit. For the next few minutes she alternated between swats over the briefs and swats on his thighs.

Tony could feel his skin heating up, and found it not only encouraged his hard on to stay in place, but it also made him want more.

Quite a while later when Ziva's hand was getting tired she paused again and spent some time rubbing both her hands all over his ass and thighs. She said, "You're nice and warmed up."

Tony nodded in agreement and mumbled, "Feels better then I expected."

Ziva smiled. "Do you remember your safe word?"

That pulled Tony out of his happy haze and made him concentrate for an answer. He came up with it quickly and said, "McQueen."

"Good. You ready to try something else?"

Tony lifted his head a little and looked behind him to see her face. He said, "Something else?"

Ziva reached behind her and dug around in the crack between the back of the couch and the seat, and her hand came out holding a leather strap about a foot long including the handle and two inches wide. She held it out for him to see and he said, "I guess you thought I'd agree to being spanked."

Ziva shrugged, "Not necessarily, but I always try to be prepared just in case. You want to try it out?"

Tony studied the strap for a few seconds and then said, "Okay."

Ziva patted his back once and then took aim. She brought it down with some force, but didn't use her full strength. She felt Tony's entire body jerk, and he grunted once. She rubbed the spot she had struck and said, "Give it a second, and then tell me what you think."

Tony thought it had hurt, but he waited a second, and as the sting died down he decided the slight burning sensation wasn't too bad. He said, "It's not horrible."

Ziva laughed. "That's not very encouraging."

He said, "Do another."

She complied with a swat a little higher up on his butt. He jumped again, but kept his groan in since he was ready for it. She waited for him to say something. A few seconds later he said, "Kind of sucks at first, but then…. Then it's kind of nice."

She smiled. "I think fifteen more, and we'll be done for the night."

Tony nodded and said, "Okay."

Ziva gave Tony enough time in between each swat to enjoy the sensation. When there were three swats left she paused again and said, "Tony?"

He was breathing hard and had his eyes closed. He grunted out, "Hmm?"

"I want to do the last three hard and fast. It will hurt, but the 'kind of nice' after will be even nicer. Is that okay with you?"

He was having a hard time imagining even nicer; he was rock hard as it was. He nodded. She said, "Keep your hands in front. You might want to hold onto the couch cushion.

Tony gripped the couch cushions and said, "Okay."

Ziva brought the strap down hard three times as fast as she could. Tony squirmed and found himself groaning pain. Ziva put the strap down on the couch and patted his back as she said with praise, "You were such a good boy staying in place."

Tony had tensed up, but now that it was over he slowly relaxed again giving himself some time to absorb the sensations going through his body. He felt Ziva's hand at the nape of his neck petting his hair softly and she said, "Thank you for letting me play with you Tony. If you ever want to do it again, I'd be more then happy to oblige."

She waited for a minute or two, and couldn't help running her fingers tips over his briefs a few times which brought on a squirm or two. Finally she said, "Okay up with you."

Tony awkwardly pushed himself to standing and was about to reach down and get his pants, but she beat him to it kneeling down on the floor in front of him. She put the pants in place, zipped them, and fastened the belt all without even brushing against his hard on much to Tony's dismay. She stood up, got on her toes and whispered in his ear, "I don't think your pants fit as well as they did when you first arrived."

Tony felt a little more like himself now that he was dressed and standing. He raised one eyebrow and said, "I think you're right. Maybe you should take them back off and see if you can fix the problem."

Ziva smiled at him as she shook her head. "Maybe if there's a next time I will. For now I think you're all set to go home."

Tony frowned in disappointment. "Home? Really? Because I think….."

He stopped talking as she walked past him towards the front door and opened it. Not liking it, but taking the hint Tony sighed and headed for the door. As he was walking out she put a hand on his upper arm to stop him and said in all seriousness. "No touching yourself until you get home, and you'd better be thinking of me when you do it."

Tony didn't mind being the spankee for their play, and in fact had truly enjoyed it, but he wasn't about to let that comment go without some kind of retaliation. He put a hand on the side of her face, leaned down, and kissed Ziva on the lips surprising her. The kiss quickly turned passionate.

Ziva found herself lost in the kiss. Tony's hands on the side of her face and her back sent pleasant shivers down her spine. Tony was the first to break contact. He looked down at her, and noticed her breathing was faster. He leaned down and whispered in her ear with his usual grin in place. "You'd better be thinking of me when you do it too."

He turned and walked to his car before she had time to formulate a coherent response.

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