Author's Note: This story is a birthday gift for my good friend Relic. It is set pre-series.
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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a sibling.


Sam tried not to let a whine creep into his voice as he said, "But you said I could go."

Sighing John said, "That was before I knew we were gonna be gone."

"I don't see what the difference is. I know how to take care of myself."

Dean had been watching his father and brother for the past couple of minutes, and decided to add his two cents. "You know Dad, Sam has been doing really good with his training lately, and we haven't heard of anything supernatural going on around here in the six months we've been here."

John turned to Dean and said, "It's not just supernatural things I'm worried about. Remember when I let you go to a party at sixteen?"

Dean blushed and looked away, not wanting to remember getting drunk, puking on his dad's shoes, and getting spanked the next day with a nasty hangover. Sam broke in and said, "That's totally unfair. I shouldn't have to suffer for his mistakes. I don't plan to drink at all. I just want to have fun with my friends."

John thought about it some more and said, "Tell you what Sam. Dean and I are leaving tomorrow morning. One of us will call you tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday afternoon. Your being able to go to the party will depend on your reports each day, and I expect you to be honest."

Sam grinned knowing John was starting to cave. John and Dean had started leaving Sam alone overnight when he was fourteen, and Sam knew what was expected of him while they were gone. He was going to make sure all of his reports were glowing with classes attended, homework finished, balanced meals eaten, training completed, weapons checked, and house secured for the evening. John said, "You should head to bed. You have school tomorrow."

Sam nodded and said, "Thanks Dad." before heading out of the room.

Once Sam was out of hearing range John sat down next to Dean at the kitchen table and said, "You think I should let him go?"

Dean chuckled and said, "What kind of trouble is he gonna get into? The worst thing his little nerdy friends are capable of is drinking too much cherry coke while playing video games and wishing they knew what to say to a girl."

John shook his head, "I don't know about that. He's growing up pretty quick now. The other day I saw him walking home after school with a brown haired girl."

Shocked Dean said, "Geek boy Sammy with a girl?"

Smiling John said, "Yeah."

Dean smiled softly. "I guess he is growing up."

Sam was especially good over the next few days, and on Saturday afternoon when John called Sam was able to give him a detailed report that made John proud. Once Sam was done reporting he asked, "So can I go?"

John gave in, "Yes."

Sam was overjoyed. "Thanks Dad."

In his best 'Dad voice' John said, "You listen up Sammy, I'm putting a lot of trust in you letting you go to this thing, and you know what happened when I let Dean go to his first party. There will be no drinking, or partaking of any other substances they might have there. You got me?"

"Yes sir."

"And since you'll be out at night, you be sure to bring protection."

Sam got a little red and said, "Um…"

"You know where the kit is in the closet right?"

Sam realized his father was talking about taking the little kit that had a silver knife, a little bag of salt, a small lighter, some holy water, and a disposable cell phone. Sam cleared his throat once and said, "Yes sir, I'll take it."

"I expect you to call me as soon as you get home."

"But I…"

"Sammy, I'm serious. You call me from the home phone as soon as you get in the door, and it is to be no later then one AM."

Sighing Sam gave a less enthusiastic, "Yes sir."

"If I have to come home because you've been irresponsible with the freedom I'm allowing you, you can bet that you wont be getting any freedom for a long time to come."

"Yes sir, I understand."

"Okay then. I hope you have a good time, and I'll talk to you tonight."

"Thanks again. Talk to you later."

Once John hung up the phone Dean said, "He'll be fine Dad."

Thinking about it John said, "Yeah. But maybe if we get the information we're looking for in the next couple of hours you can head back home while I stay to finish the job."

Dean said with disappointment, "Dude, I haven't killed anything yet."

"It looks like a pretty standard haunting so far, so I doubt there will be anything to kill. I'll find the remains and burn them once we find out where he was buried. Then I'll stay one more night to make sure the haunting has stopped."

Nodding in agreement Dean said, "Okay I'll head for home soon. You want me to check Sammy's breath and give him the third degree when he gets home?"

Chuckling John shook his head. "Only if you can do it without being obvious. I don't want him to think we don't trust him."

"Right. I got it covered. Let's go find out where this guy is buried so I can head out."

Sam tried not to look at the clock every five minutes waiting for it to be eight PM. He kept thinking about his girlfriend, Lori. He hadn't told Dean or John about it, but almost a month ago he had asked Lori to be his girlfriend and she had said yes. Sam wasn't sure why he didn't want John to know about it, because he thought John would be accepting of it. He didn't want to tell Dean, because he knew Dean would tease him about it mercilessly, and that was a big part of why he felt like keeping it to himself for right now.

He and Lori had only been on three dates so far, and all of them had been right after school when Sam was supposedly studying in the library. Tonight would be the first time he had gone out with her at night. They had done some kissing in the school hallways, but Sam was hoping for a longer make out session and maybe even some under the shirt over the bra action. He thought this was especially likely since the party was at Lori's best friends house, and it was someplace she felt comfortable.

At six thirty Sam's cell phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hi Sam."

Sam smiled at the sound of Lori's voice. "Getting ready for the party?"

"Actually that's why I'm calling."

Sam didn't even know what was wrong and felt disappointment at her tone. "What's wrong?"

"Tiffany's mom isn't feeling well, so her folks are staying home."

"So no party?"

Sounding even more disappointed then Sam, Lori said, "No party."

"That sucks."

"No party unless you like my idea."

Sam was busy trying to think of a nice way to ask Lori to come over to his house for a few hours, when he asked, "What idea?"

"Well you told me your dad was out of town for the weekend right?"

Sam knew right away what she was thinking. "No way. My dad would kill me if I had a party over here."

Sam could hear the pout in Lori's voice, "But all our friends were looking forward to the party, and Tiffany is going to be a laughing stock if we don't find someplace else to have it. It's only going to be about fifteen people all together, and we have all the party supplies here. Please Sam, I was really looking forward to spending some time with you at the party."

Sam's mind was racing with thoughts. 'What if Dad finds out? He'll ground me forever. No he won't, he'll spank me. It's been a while, but Dean was nineteen the last time he got spanked, so I know Dad doesn't care that I'm sixteen. Fuck. But what are the odds that he'll find out? We'll be out of this town in another couple of months, and he's not due back until tomorrow night.'

Lori interrupted his thoughts. "Sam?"

"Yeah, I'm here. Isn't there somewhere else you could have it? What about your house?"

"My parents would let me have a party, but they would be here the whole time, and they would keep checking on us, so no one could really drink or have a good time. Tiffany and I bribed that senior Kyle to buy us some beer, and we can't bring that to anyone's house where their parents might find out."

Sam had met quite a few of the kids in school and thought most of Lori's friends were nice. He didn't see any of them causing trouble, but he really didn't want to mess up the trust his dad was showing in him either. He said, "I don't know Lori, if my dad finds out, I'm dead."

Lori still pleading said, "I'll tell everyone that they can't talk about where the party was. I'll tell them we need to keep it a secret. They all understand needing to keep some things from their parents. If I call people now, they could show up at your place at eight, and I promise we'll all be out of there by midnight. Please Sam, it would really mean a lot to me."

Sam had been weighing his options. He thought that maybe getting to kiss Lori and touch her bra was worth a spanking, even if it would be horrible at the time. And he thought the odds of his father finding out were about thirty percent chance. Sam thought he could live with those odds. He said, "You promise you'll tell them all they have to be out of here by midnight?"

Sam could hear the elation in her voice, "I promise Sam. You are such a great boyfriend! I'm going to call everyone, and let them know, and then Tiffany and I will bring over all the stuff in about half an hour okay?"

Sam nodded, "Okay. I'll see you then."

"Thanks again Sam. You're the best."

Sam smiled at that thinking he was definitely going to be getting more then just a couple of kisses tonight. "See you soon."

Sam was quite pleased with the party so far. No one was being wild or disruptive, and Lori had made a point of making sure everyone who was drinking had a non drinking partner to drive him or her home. Now people were sitting around and visiting. Some of them were drinking, and some of them were making out, a few people were dancing, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Lori and Tiffany had brought large amounts of snacks over, and about half of what they had brought was eaten.

Sam made sure the music wasn't so loud that it would attract the attention of the neighbors, and looked around making sure everyone was having a good time. Lori had stuck by his side for the past three hours playing host with him, and had she had kissed him a few times too.

At ten PM Sam felt pretty comfortable about the way things were going, and asked Lori if she wanted to see his room. She smiled at him and nodded. He took her hand and led her to his room. Once inside Lori looked around for a few seconds and then not seeing much to comment on turned back to Sam. Sam went and sat on his bed, and then said, "Wanna sit down?"

Lori went and sat next to him, and didn't resist when he pulled her in for a kiss.

Dean pulled up to the house and instantly knew that Sam was having a party. The lights were on in all the rooms, there were more cars then usual on the street, and he could see the silhouettes of a few different people in the living room window. Dean just sat in the driveway for a few seconds not able to believe Sam would do it. He muttered, "The kid must have a death wish."

Dean thought about it and wondered what to do. He didn't want to embarrass Sam in front of his friends, but he couldn't just let the party keep going either. He decided to try and play it cool telling the kids that Sam's dad was coming back in town any minute and that was why they all had to go home.

With that thought in mind Dean got out and went into the house. The sight in front of him made all thoughts of trying to be a cool older brother fly out the window. Two teenage boys had his father's shotgun out from the hall closet, and were looking at it together. Neither one had apparently touched a gun before, because they weren't paying any attention to where they were pointing it, and Dean was terrified they would shoot one of the other party goers before they figured out it was loaded.

Dean didn't think so much as he acted. He walked up to the two boys and snatched the gun from them so suddenly they didn't quite know what was going on until Dean had whacked first one and then the other in the back of their heads. The first boy backed away and the other complained with a; "What the hell?"

Dean checked the gun to see if the shells were still in it, and saw that they were. Dean turned a furious gaze on the two boys and they both backed up a few steps. Dean said, "When you find a gun in someone's house, you don't get it out and play with it. You leave it the fuck alone."

Both of them muttered apologies and looked like they wanted to wet themselves. Dean said, "Have you been drinking?"

The boys looked at each other, not really willing to answer that question. Dean said, "Did you drive or walk?"

One of the girls who had been sitting on the couch spoke up. "I drove them, and I've been drinking coke."

Dean nodded. "Good. Take them home."

Dean walked over to the stereo and turned the music off. The few people who hadn't noticed him before turned his way. He said, "Hey everyone, party's over. If you've been drinking, and need a ride home come see me and I'll give you a ride, otherwise go home."

A few seconds after the music stopped a disheveled looking Sam came out of his bedroom in a rush. His look of concern changed to panic when he saw Dean standing there holding the shotgun. Dean and Sam locked eyes for a few seconds, Dean looking pissed, and Sam looking scared. Dean saw a movement right beside Sam and saw a brown haired girl coming out of Sam's room fixing her shirt. Dean understood now why Sam wanted to go to the party so badly in the first place, but he still didn't understand why Sam would have it at their house.

Sam leaned down and whispered in Lori's ear, "That's my brother, which means my dad is here, and I'm in a lot of trouble. Sorry."

Lori looked over at Sam's brother who she had never met, and found him staring at her. She blushed at the look of disapproval he was giving both her and Sam. Turning back to Sam she got on her toes and whispered in his ear, "I'm so sorry Sam. Is there anything I can do to make it better for you? Want me to tell them it was my idea?"

Sam could tell everyone else was already leaving, and most of them were out the door, so he whispered back, "No, that's nice of you to offer, but it's not gonna help. Please just go as quick as you can and I'll talk to you in school on Monday."

Looking at Sam with sympathy she gave him a quick kiss and then turned to see Tiffany coming out of the kitchen carrying some of the food trays that they had brought. Lori said, "I'll get the rest and meet you in the car."

Tiffany nodded and glanced nervously at Dean before going out to her car. Lori gathered up the last of the food trays, found her purse, and headed out the door.

Both Dean and Sam had remained in the same spots, and once they were alone in the house, Sam found he couldn't keep eye contact. Looking at the floor in front of him he asked, "Where's Dad?"

"Still in Arkansas."

Sam's head shot up, and he felt a glimmer of hope. "He's not here?"

Dean shook his head. Closing his eyes Sam took a deep breath to steady his nerves. He looked back at Dean and said, "Why are you home without him?"

Instead of answering, Dean went into the kitchen to find himself a soda and calm himself down. Sam trailed him and said, "Did you get hurt?"

Dean put the shotgun on the kitchen table and opened the refrigerator. "No, I'm fine."

"Then why are you home?"

Opening a can of coke, Dean took a few drinks before looking at Sam. Instead of answering the question he said, "What the hell were you thinking Sammy? You know Dad's gonna kill you for this. Dad trusted you to be responsible, and you have a party like some kind of … normal teenager?"

Sam gave Dean his puppy dog eyes and said, "Come on Dean, we don't have to tell Dad do we?"

Dean snorted at that and took another drink of his soda. Sam continued, "I didn't plan to have the party here, but my g… my friend Lori called and said the house we were going to have it at wasn't going to work, and she knew that Dad was out of town, so she asked me if they could have the party here. I said no at first, but then she convinced me we could be responsible about it. And we were responsible with the party. Lori made sure anyone who wanted to drink had someone who wasn't drinking ready to give them a ride home. I made sure the music wasn't too loud so we didn't disrupt the neighbors. No one was being obnoxious, everyone was just having a good time until you showed up."

Dean was kind of impressed that Sam and the girl, who was obviously Sam's girlfriend, had thought to make sure anyone who drank had a safe ride home. Dean knew he wouldn't have thought of it at Sam's age. But then he had been too busy drinking himself to worry about other people drinking responsibly. Dean picked up the shotgun and handed it to Sam. Sam said, "Why do you have the shotgun out?"

Annoyance crept into Dean's voice, "I don't have it out. Two of your 'responsible' buddies who were drinking got it out themselves. I think they pointed it at every person in the room while trying to figure out if it was even loaded."

Sam's face flushed with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. "Oh."

Raising his eyebrows in surprise Dean said, "Oh? Is that the explanation you plan to give Dad, because I think I've tried that one before and it didn't go over very well."

Sam glared at Dean, checked the gun to make sure it was loaded, and then went to put it back in the hall closet He walked around the living room picking up half empty glasses, bottles, and plates to keep his nervous energy to a minimum.

Dean stayed in the kitchen, finished his soda and thought about things. He really didn't want to have to tell their Dad about what Sam had done for a couple of reasons. Dean could see that Sam really had tried to be responsible about it even if the decision to have the party at their house had been a bad one. He also knew their Dad would hand out a lot more punishment then Dean thought the situation warranted. Not only would Sam be grounded for a month at least, but his training would also be bumped up a few notches. Dean shook his head thinking that after their Dad heard about the gun incident, it was likely that Sam would be getting his first experience with their father's belt too.

Thinking about Sam's girlfriend, and understanding exactly why Sam had given in to her when she asked to have the party at their house, Dean made a decision. Sam wouldn't like it, and most likely would hate Dean for it not understanding that Dean was actually protecting him, but Dean knew it was the best option. He called out, "Sammy!"

Sam was still picking up the living room while practicing different ways of explaining the situation to their father in his head. He heard Dean call him, and grabbed a handful of plates to take into the kitchen. He walked in and put the dishes in the sink before turning around to see what Dean was going to say.

Dean looked Sam up and down once and realized now that Sam was taller then he was, maybe sitting in a chair and putting Sam over his lap wasn't the best option. He looked around the room and saw the stools that were under the kitchen counter. He walked over and pulled one away from the counter. He sat down, put his right foot on one of the rungs and kept his left foot on the floor. He turned his attention to Sam and said, "Get your sorry little ass over here."

Surprise registered on Sam's face, he shook his head no once while his mind raced, 'Dean wouldn't spank me. He hasn't spanked me since I was thirteen. He has to know Dad's already gonna do it.'

Dean sighed, "You had a party at our house, you had to know if you got caught this would happen. And even though I can respect the fact that you did your best to be responsible, heading off to your room with a girl when all the other kids were still in the living room was a bad decision. I know that you've grown up with weapons in the house, and that it seems so normal to you that you didn't stop to think about the fact that it's really not normal. But we have three loaded guns, two crossbows, some swords, and a bunch of knives in the house. Someone could have been seriously hurt."

Sam had turned bright red while Dean was talking. He stammered, "But… but you know Dad is gonna be mad already. When he gets home…. I….. I don't think it's fair to get it twice for the same thing."

Dean said with some anger in his voice, "I am doing this now so that Dad won't do it when he comes home. As soon as I'm done, I'm gonna call Dad and tell him about the whole thing, including the fact that I already took care of your punishment. He won't like that much, but he'll accept it. Then you can get on the phone and tell him that you're sorry and that you'll never do it again."

Sam wasn't sure which was worse, getting spanked tomorrow or the next day by his father when he got home, or getting spanked now by his brother. Neither option sounded like something he really wanted to do. Dean growled, "You don't want to make me come get you Sammy."

Feeling close to tears now that the moment was obviously at hand he said, "But… Dean I…. Please don't."

Dean shook he head and pointed to the floor on his right side. "Come here now."

Sam walked over to Dean's side, fighting with himself not to break down into tears before it even started. Once he got within reaching distance Dean said, "Drop your jeans."

Sam felt a tear slide down his face and kept his eyes on the ground as he undid his button and fly. As soon as they were undone, they fell all the way to the floor. Knowing this was hard for Sam, Dean didn't do anymore talking.

Dean took Sam's wrist and pulled him over his leg. Sam was tall enough that his feet still touched the floor, but his hands couldn't reach the floor on the other side. He put his hands on one of the rungs of the stool to hold up his upper half. Dean wrapped his left arm around Sam's waist and then brought his right hand down hard over Sam's underwear.

Dean heard Sam whimper at the first swat and had to grit his teeth before swatting again. He set up a slow rhythm of hard swats. Sam didn't take it quietly, and it didn't take long for his whimpers to turn into loud 'ow's. Dean kept going until Sam started shifting his body around trying to avoid the smacks. He paused and said, "Okay Sammy, that was for having the party in the first place. This next part is for leaving the room unattended while you went to play tonsil hockey with your girlfriend."

Sam didn't even have time to deny he had a girlfriend before he felt Dean yank down his underwear. Dean heard Sam make a noise of distress, but he didn't fight him about it. Dean swatted at a faster pace and kept it just as hard as before.

Sam yelled out, "Ow! Dean please! Ah! Dean I'm sorry! I am! Ow! It won't happen agaiiiiiiin!"

Dean kept spanking and said gently, "I know you're sorry, and I know you won't do it again."

More tears went down Sam's face at Dean's words, and after a few seconds of fast paced hard swats; Sam broke down into crying. Dean heard and felt the shuddering intakes of breath from Sam and gave him ten more swats. Sam hadn't been spanked in a while and didn't remember it hurting so much.

Dean stopped and rested his hand on Sam's back for a few seconds while Sam cried and tried to stop. Pulling up Sam's underwear Dean said, "Okay Sammy, all done. You can get up."

Pushing himself to standing Sam wiped at his face first, and then leaned down to get his jeans up. Dean stood up and put the stool back while Sam arranged his clothing. They looked at each other for a second and Dean felt like the jerk that his brother often told him he was. Not wanting to look at the hurt expression anymore, and wanting to make things better, Dean pulled Sam into a hug.

If anything the hug made Sam cry more. He leaned his forehead on Dean's shoulder and mumbled that he was sorry in between sniffs. Rubbing Sam's back Dean said quietly, "I know Sammy. It's gonna be okay. I'm not mad, and no one got hurt."

The room was quiet for a few seconds and then Dean said with a hint of humor, "Well maybe you got hurt, but none of your guests did."

Sam pushed away from his brother and said, "Not funny!"

Dean thought about teasing Sam some more, but decided not to when he got a look at Sam's face. Instead he said, "Okay Sam, go wipe your face off, while I call Dad. Then when I'm done talking you can talk."

Sam looked appalled, "Please Dean, please don't tell him. You already spanked me, can't it be over now?"

Dean gave Sam a hard look. "Do you remember what happened the last time I lied to Dad? He's expecting a report, and I'm gonna be honest. I'm also gonna tell him you've learned your lesson so he's not gonna come home and fry your ass again. But I'm pretty sure he's gonna lecture you forever, and make you do some kind of report on weapon safety."

Hanging his head Sam nodded in acceptance and went to the bathroom to wash his face. Dean got out his cell phone and called John. "Hello."

"Hey Dad."

John could tell something was wrong. "What happened?"

"You're not gonna like it."

"Spill it."

"Sam had the party here at our house."


Wincing at the volume Dean said, "I know, just listen and I'll tell you the whole story."

Five minutes later Dean had told him the whole story including the fact that he had already spanked Sam for it. John said with surprise, "You haven't spanked him in a long time. Why didn't you wait for me this time?"

"I thought it would be better to get it done right away."

John waited for a few seconds and said, "You thought I'd be too tough on him."

"Yes sir." Dean wasn't going to hide it or apologize for his decision.

Dean could hear John sigh. Dean said, "Look Dad, I know you and Sammy sometimes rub each other the wrong way. You don't always see the other person's side of the argument so well, so you should try to believe me when I tell you that Sam really did try to be responsible after making the bad choice of having the party here in the first place."

There was a pause and then John said, "Alright Dean. Put Sam on the phone."

Turning around Dean saw that Sam was standing by the kitchen sink looking at the floor with his hands in his pockets. Dean said, "Dad wants to talk to you."

Sam made a sour face but took the phone. "Hi Dad."

John could hear that Sam's voice was rough like he had been crying. John said, "Tell me what happened."

After getting roughly the same story that Dean had given John said, "Sammy, I know that girls can be… persuasive, but you have to keep your head and think things through. You can't have a party at our house. We're supposed to keep a low profile. We don't want any attention from the police."

Sam did know this and his face got red again. "Yes sir."

"There was underage drinking. If the cops had stopped by and seen that, they could have had an excuse to search the place. You know what would happen if they found all my notes and weapons. They would put you in foster care, and Dean and I would likely go to jail."

Sam was crying again but got out, "Yes sir."

Hearing Sam's tears John decided that was enough for now. "Okay Sam, you're grounded for a week, and when I get home we're going to talk some more about weapons safety."

Sam said, "Talk?"

Smiling slightly John said, "Against my better judgement Dean has convinced me not to spank you myself when I get home, so yes I mean talking with words."

John could hear the relief in Sam's voice, "Okay."

John said, "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow night. Put Dean back on."

Sam handed the phone to Dean, who was looking on with concern. "Yeah Dad?"

"I've salted and burned the bones, so if the haunting is gone tonight, I'll be home tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay. Sounds good."

"Sam is grounded for a week, and tomorrow morning you do a long training session with him."

"Yes sir."

"I'll see you tomorrow."


Dean hung up and looked over at Sam. Sam wasn't actively crying anymore. Dean went and put a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Grounded for a week isn't so bad. Could have been a lot worse."

"Yeah I know. Thanks for talking to him for me."


Dean put his hand down and leaned up against the kitchen counter next to Sam. He said, "Soooo, what's your girlfriends name, and what's wrong with her?"

Sam glared, "What do you mean what's wrong with her?"

"She must have a mental deficiency or something if she's dating you."

Sam rolled his eyes and said, "Shut up Dean."

"I mean really, is she in the special class?"

"You're a jerk."

Dean chuckled, "Okay I'm done, what's her name."

Sam was wary but said, "Lori."

"She's pretty."

Sam smiled and said, "Yeah."

"How far did you get tonight?"

Sam turned bright red and said, "I'm not talking about that with you."

Dean laughed and said, "Wuss. Come help me finish cleaning up before we call it a night."

Sam followed Dean into the living room thinking it really had been worth it, since Lori had actually undone her bra for him.

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