Author's Note: This tiny blurb is set early in Season 1. It was written for the 2012 summer challenge over at the spn_spankings community on Live Journal. Aww, look at how young they both are in the pictures below from Season 1.
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Warning: Non consensual spanking of an adult

Rookie Mistake

The instant the door shut behind them, Dean grabbed Sam's upper arm.

"What?" Sam said.


"Dean!" Sam's indignant yelp did nothing to stop his brother from landing three more sharp slaps to his ass. Pissed, Sam used his superior height to shove his older brother back, dislodging Dean's grip on his upper arm.

"What the hell? Are you drunk?" Sam hissed. His nostrils flared in anger, while his eyes scanned the bar's parking lot for witnesses. "I'm twenty-two for Christ sake! You can't spank me!"

"The hell I can't!" Dean said with a glare. "I'm gone for less than three minutes, and your chatting up not one, but two women!"

Sam gestured back towards the bar and said, "They sat next to me, not the other way around!"

"Unbelievable." Dean muttered. "We're hunting a succubus Sammy! They can lure a guy out the door in thirty seconds or less. You do remember what those bitches do, don't you?"

"Of course! That's why…"

"That's why we always hunt them in pairs," Dean said, cutting Sam off.

"I know, and I was…"

"Which is why I freaking told you not to talk to anyone until I got back!"

Sam's glare now matched Dean's. "Screw you Dean. I'm an adult. I'm not five anymore. I know how to hunt." He pushed past his older sibling, and started towards the Impala.

"Sam!" Dean barked.

Sam's body automatically reacted to that tone of voice, halting his forward movement before he could think it through. He scowled, and turned back to face his brother.

Dean advanced on Sam, who instinctively took a step back. When Dean was in the younger man's personal space he said, "Until we find Dad, I am in charge, and if you make another rookie mistake like the one you just made, I will beat your ass for you, whether you've got four inches on me now or not."

Sam tried not to be intimidated. He didn't want to be intimidated, but he was. He swallowed hard, darted his eyes to the gravel by his feet, and shifted his weight.

Knowing he'd gotten the point across, Dean said, "Get in the car, Sammy." He turned and walked towards the Impala

Sam pursed his lips and grumbled, "It's Sam."

Dean froze.

Sam's eyes opened wide with surprise when he saw Dean stop. He rushed to the passenger side of the car, and put his butt in the seat as quickly as possible.

Dean hid a smirk, and continued the short walk to the car.

The End

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