Author's Note: This story takes place directly following the episode 'Don't Take Me for Granted'. This is just a quick little fic, so I'm not taking a lot of time going over what happened in the show, so if you don't watch it, you might not get it. Written November 2004
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parental figure.

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Lucas and the Test

Lucas stood staring at Brook kissing Felix. At first he rolled his eyes and thought they were 'benefiting' again, but as he stood there he noticed that they weren't hot and heavy like Brook got before sex. They were kissing slowly and tenderly. Lucas realized he was too late. He turned and walked away berating himself for not having the balls to do something about his feelings earlier. He wandered around the town wondering what he was going to do.

He ended up at the basketball court. His friends were still there shooting hoops, but he didn't even bother asking if they would play with him. He walked by without even saying hi. He was still pissed that his mom had not only talked to them, but also convinced them not to play with him until he got the test. He thought she was being unreasonable. The rest of the way home he was silently fuming that his mother was trying to force him to have the heart test when he didn't want to take it.

Karen stood and stared at her friend Deb. She didn't know what to say. Deb had just admitted to her that she had slept with Keith. Karen's gut reaction was anger and jealousy, which surprised her. After a few seconds she reminded herself that she had broken things off with Keith, and that he had the right to see anyone he wanted. And a few seconds after that, she realized that she wanted Keith to be happy, no matter who he was with. While Karen was thinking Deb said, "Are you angry?"

Karen shook her head and said, "No. Well, maybe I'm a little angry that you lied to me, but I'm not angry that you slept with him. You both deserve to be happy, and if you make each other happy, well then…."

Deb shook her head and said, "Past tense. We made each other happy. We both needed some comfort that night, and we were there for each other. It won't happen again. We don't love each other."

Karen looked away and nodded, and for some reason felt better. She said, "Why did you decide to tell me? I mean, I'm glad you did, but why?"

Deb smiled, "Because we're friends, and it kept bugging me that I'd lied to you."

Karen smiled back and said, "I'm glad we're friends too."

"It's late, I should get home."

Karen opened the door and said, "I'll see you tomorrow then."

"See you."

After Deb left Karen got herself a glass of wine and sat down on the couch thinking about Keith. Ten minutes later she found herself dialing his number without really thinking about it. Keith sounded very anxious and happy when he said, "Hello?"

Karen thought to herself, 'What am I doing? I don't even know why I called.'

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Karen stammered, "Hi…It's me."



There was a pause, and then Keith said, "Is everything okay?"

Karen shook her head no to the empty room and said, "Yeah."

There was another pause and Keith said, "It doesn't sound like everything's okay."

"I just…. I…. Deb came by."

Keith cringed at the thought of what that probably meant. He said, "Oh? What did she have to say?"

"Um… nothing. I have to go. Sorry I called so late." Karen hung up before Keith could say anything.

Five seconds after hanging up the phone rang, and Karen refused to answer it. The phone stopped ringing after about five minutes of sporadic calls. Karen shook her head at her own stupidity and went to get ready for bed.

Keith knew that Deb had told Karen that they had slept together. He shook his head wondering if Karen hated him now, but also thinking that she had no right to since she had broken things off with him. But for some reason the though of her hating him was unbearable. Ten minutes after the call he got in his car to go see her.

He showed up at the house and stood on the porch for a few minutes before he had the guts to ring the bell. Finally he did, and soon Karen opened the door. She looked embarrassed and said, "Keith. Hi."

Keith said, "Can I come in?"

"Sure. Of course. You want a coffee or beer or something?"

"No thanks."

There was a silence and then Keith said, "It didn't mean anything."

Karen looked apologetic and said; "It's fine. It's none of my business really. If it made you happy…."

Keith looked away and said, "It made me happy that night, but that's all."

Karen gave him a small smile and said, "Okay."


Karen nodded and said, "Yeah."

Keith gave her a small smile back.

Before either of them could say anything else they heard the front door slam. Karen looked surprised and went to see what was wrong. Keith stayed in the kitchen wanting to let Karen and an obviously upset Lucas talk.

When Lucas saw his mom he yelled, "I can't believe you!"

She still looked surprised and said, "What?"

He pointed his finger at her and yelled, "How dare you talk to my friends! You can't force me to take the test! I don't care if I never play basketball again!"

Once she realized they were back to that argument, Karen crossed her arms and gave Lucas a 'mom' look that clearly said she was unimpressed with his behavior. She said, "I'll talk to anyone and everyone if I think it's in your best interest. You'll care about playing soon enough, and I can wait. You will take the test Lucas."

He yelled, "It's not your decision Mom! It's my body! My life!"

Karen raised her voice and said, "Last I heard you were still underage, and living here with me. That makes it my decision, especially when it involves your health. How can you not want to get tested when you could have the same condition as Dan?"

Lucas yelled, "Screw you!"

Lucas turned and stalked towards his room. Then he heard his uncle's voice say, "Freeze!"

Lucas stopped and turned to see his Uncle Keith standing there in the kitchen doorway. Keith said, "You don't talk to you mom like that."

Lucas glared at Keith and said, "The hell I don't."

Lucas turned and continued to his room even when he heard both his mom and his uncle calling him. He slammed his door and stood there being angry. He took off his clothes, and put on his pajamas which consisted of a tee shirt and sweat pants. He turned off his light, and lay on his bed hoping that his mother would take the hint and leave him alone when Keith left.

Keith looked at Karen, who looked both angry and on the verge of tears. He said, "Karen?"

Karen snapped out of it and said, "Oh, sorry about that."

Keith said, "Did I hear that right? Lucas didn't have the test, and refuses to take it?"

Karen nodded. "He won't give me a good reason why not, and frankly I don't think there could be a good reason. When he refused to go with me to the doctors I told him he couldn't play basketball any more until he went. He's mad because I talked to his friends about playing with him for fun too."

Keith shook his head. He said, "You want help?"

"What do you mean?"

"Luke is being unreasonable. You are asking him to do something that could save his life, and he's refusing. Not only that, but he shouldn't be yelling at you like that."

Karen shrugged, "I just don't know what you could say that will make a difference."

Keith went over to her and said, "When you were gone, I screwed up with Lucas more then once. You trusted me, and I let you down."

Karen put a hand on Keith's arm and said, "We've been over that Keith. It's okay."

Keith nodded and said, "I know, and I don't plan to ever do it again."

"I know, that's why I let him go with you when you were moving."

"And you know that I love him like he was my own."

"That was never in question."

Keith nodded and said, "I'm gonna go talk to him, and when we're done, he'll go see the doctor, but I need you to promise me that you won't interrupt us."

Karen looked surprised but nodded and said, "Alright."

Keith walked to Lucas' door, and went in without knocking. Lucas closed his eyes pretending to be asleep. Keith closed the door behind him and looked at Lucas. He was lying on his stomach on top of the covers, and doing a bad job of feigning sleep. Keith shook his head and went to sit on the bed. When Lucas felt the bed move he opened his eyes. He said, "Keith?"

Keith patted the bed beside him and said, "Sit and talk to me."

Lucas rolled over so his back was facing Keith and said, "Go away."

Keith was already planning to spank Lucas if he didn't agree to go see the doctor, but he had planned to give Lucas a choice about it. Now he was just fed up. Before Lucas could react much Keith grabbed Lucas by the waist, and tugged him towards the edge of the bed where he was sitting. Lucas was startled and tried to sit up as he said, "Hey!". Once Lucas was half way up, Keith flipped him onto his stomach and over his lap. Lucas grunted as his stomach made contact with Keith's legs. Keith yanked down the sweats and got two hard swats in before Lucas yelled, "What the hell are you doing?!!!"

Keith rolled his eyes at that one. He kept spanking and said in a matter of fact way, "I'm spanking you."

Lucas started struggling and trying to get up as he yelled, "You can't!"

Keith stopped spanking long enough to get a strong grip on Lucas' waist with his left arm, and trapped one of Lucas' legs under his. Then he continued spanking. Lucas was appalled and kept up his struggles as best he could. Lucas was taller than Keith was, but Keith was more muscular, and didn't have much trouble holding him down. Keith kept spanking, and made sure to spank the same spot a couple of times before moving to the next spot. Lucas was putting all of his effort into trying to get up, and was very unhappy that he couldn't do it. After what seemed like forever to Lucas, but was really only a few seconds the pain in his butt was too much to ignore. He said, "Keith! Keith stop! You don't have any right to do this to me!"

Keith didn't stop as he said, "I'm your uncle, and I love you."

"So what?!"

"That gives me the right to do this in my book."

"Fuck your book! Ummf."

Keith shook his head and stopped for a minute. Lucas got very still. Keith said, "Before you go to bed tonight, you are going to apologize to your mom for your behavior, and tomorrow you're going to go get that test."

Lucas felt all his anger boiling and yelled at the top of his lungs, "I won't!"

Keith kept his arm around Lucas and undid his belt with one hand. As he was working on that he asked, "Why?"


"Why don't you want to do the test when you know it's what would be best for you?"

"I don't have to tell you anything. Let me up."

Keith had gotten the belt off, and doubled it over in his hand. He brought it down with a 'thwack'. Lucas yelled, "Ooowww!"

Keith brought it down five more times, and Lucas yelled through it. Keith stopped and said, "Why don't you want to do the test?"

Lucas couldn't believe how painful it was. He couldn't believe the situation at all, and he wondered why the hell his mom hadn't come in to stop this. He could feel tears starting to form in his eyes and he said, "It's my body! I don't have to justify myself to anyone!"

Keith said, "Sorry kiddo, but you do."

Keith brought the belt down ten times, and by the time he was done Lucas had started to cry. Keith said, "Why don't you want to take the test?"

Lucas didn't care about anything but getting up now. He tried to tell Keith why, but it came out mumbled through the crying. Keith said, "Are you going to get the test tomorrow?"

Lucas nodded and cried even more feeling defeated. Keith said, "And are you going to tell your mom that you're sorry about yelling at her?"

Lucas nodded again. And Keith said, "Good. If you don't, I will do this again tomorrow. Do you understand me?"

Lucas nodded and was able to get out, "Yes."

Keith tossed the belt on the bed and let go of Lucas. Lucas jumped up and pulled up his sweats as quick as he could. He stood crying and Keith stood up too. He pulled Lucas into a hug and said, "I couldn't understand you before. Did you say you were scared to take the test?"

Lucas nodded. Keith said, "Why?"

Lucas said between sniffs and big breaths, "Because…. What if I have it?"

Keith said, "Then we'll deal with it then, but knowing now will give you an advantage Dan never had. It will be a good thing to know. Not a bad thing."

Lucas didn't agree and shook his head. Keith said, "But you're getting the test whether you agree or not."

Lucas cried some more but nodded. Keith said, "Lie down, and I'll get your mom."

Lucas got in bed and under the covers. Keith opened the door, and Karen was standing at the other side looking like she wanted to hit him. She pushed him aside and went to Lucas. She sat on the side of the bed and said, "Lucas honey, are you okay?"

Lucas shook his head no and kept crying. Karen rubbed his back. Keith said, "Do you have something to say to your mom Luke?"

Lucas said, "I… I'm sorry."

Karen said, "I know Lucas. I know."

Lucas sat up and clung to his mom even though it hurt to be sitting. Karen hugged him back and Keith quietly left them alone. He sat in the kitchen waiting. Half an hour later a weary looking Karen came in. She sat with him at the table and they sat in silence for a few minutes. Eventually she said, "He's scared. I thought he was just being obstinate, but he's really scared that he has it."

"All the more reason to take the test."

Karen nodded. Then a few seconds later she said, "He said he'll take the test tomorrow."

Keith nodded and said, "I'll be checking in to make sure he did. I told him if he didn't I'd spank him again."

Karen shook her head. She said, "I can't believe you spanked him at all."

"He needed it Karen. Sorry if you don't understand, but he did."

"I don't understand, but…. I know you love him, and if you think it was right…. Then I guess I agree for now. We'll see how he is the next few days."

Keith nodded and said, "Thanks for the support. I need to be getting home."

Karen stood to walk him out as she said, "Okay."

He walked out the door, and Karen said, "Keith?"

He turned back around and said, "Yeah?"

She gave him a hug. After a minute or two she pulled away. He said, "What was that for?"

"I just thought you needed it."

Keith smiled and turned around for home.

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