Author's Note: This story takes place during season 2 episode 10 'The Space Between Us'. This was written for a friend of mine, because we both hate that Bradin gets away with so much on the show. Written July 2005
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parental figure. I don't advocate this in real life, only in fiction.

While Ava's Away, Bradin Will Play,
and Walk All Over Jay, but Not Johnny

Bradin was busy playing video games with his friends on his brand new huge TV when he heard Jay behind him. Jay said, "What's this?"

Bradin didn't look up as he said, "Our new TV."

Jay knew that Bradin had made a lot of money over the summer when he was surfing. But he didn't think Ava would approve of this. He said, "How much did it cost?"

Bradin ate another chip and kept going with his game as he said, "Seven."

"Seven thousand dollars?"

Bradin nodded and wished Jay would go away so he could concentrate on his game. Jay walked over and unplugged the TV. Everyone yelled, and Bradin stood up and said, "Hey! We were playing that!"

Jay glared at him and said, "It's going back."

"It's my money."

Jay pointed at him and said, "This is not even a discussion."

Bradin could tell that Jay was serious, and he knew that when his aunt came home in a few days she would probably make him take it back anyway. He wasn't happy about being told what to do in front of his new friends and just glared at Jay. Jay said, "I'm going to the shop for a few hours. It better be back in the store when I get home."

Jay left, and once he was out the door Bradin said, "Sorry guys."

His friends all started to get up and leave while they said things like 'that's okay' and 'don't worry about it'.

Bradin didn't have any problem getting the delivery guys to come back after a few phone calls.

Jay went to his surf shop and finished doing the inventory, which he had been putting off since he and Bradin had gotten back from their summer surfing trip. Once Jay was done he walked over to Johnny's restaurant and told him what had happened. Johnny couldn't believe Bradin would do it, and thought for the twentieth time since Ava had left that Bradin was getting out of control. He said, "Good job Jay. That's exactly what Ava would have wanted you to do."

Jay nodded and said; "You should have seen the look Bradin gave me. I'd be dead if looks could kill."

Johnny laughed and said, "You would have been dead long ago with all the women you've dated."

Jay laughed at that too. That night Johnny called Ava via the computer like he did every night, and gave her an update on her kids. They mostly talked about Nikki who was there, and talked to Ava herself about a poem she was supposed to read in front of everyone. Then when the conversation was almost over Johnny said, "Oh and Jay fixed a little problem with Bradin."

"What problem?"

"He bought a big screen TV, but Jay made him take it back."

Johnny heard Nikki groaning and said, "Gotta go."

He clicked her off, and Ava looked at Susanna and said, "I'm going to have to go home."

The next day Bradin was hanging out with his friends at Johnny's restaurant, and Bryce who was sitting next to him said, "You know Bradin you shouldn't let people walk all over you like that Jay guy did yesterday."

Bradin wasn't sure what to say to that. He didn't really think of it as Jay walking all over him as much as he thought of it as Jay being parental. Bryce said, "You have a lot of money now, and Jay is jealous of your success. But you don't have to put up with it."

Bradin thought this over, and had to agree with Bryce. Johnny came over to their table and asked, "What can I get you guys?"

Bryce said, "I'll have a rum and Coke."

Johnny smiled a little and said, "Can I see some ID?"

Bryce said, "Oh man, I left my wallet in my other pants."

Bryce looked at Johnny waiting to hear what he would say. Johnny just waited him out. Bryce eventually said, "I guess I'll just have a Coke."

Johnny nodded and said, "Coke's all around?"

Everyone at the table nodded. Bryce turned to Bradin and said, "Lame."

Bradin agreed. A few minutes later Erika came over with a tray of Cokes and set them down. She smiled at Bradin and said, "Hey."

He smiled back and said, "Hi Erika."

Once she left the table Bryce said, "Now she is hot."

Bradin said, "Yes she is, and you don't even know the half of it."

Bryce smiled and said, "Are you saying what I think you're saying? Tell me you tapped into that"

Bradin had tried to date Erika, but she had broken it off and they hadn't done much besides kiss before that. But Bradin didn't want to seem like a virgin in front of his new friends, because he wasn't. Bradin waited to long to respond and Bryce taunted, "Come on, you can tell us."

Bradin didn't see the harm in it, and finally nodded and said, "All right, all right! Yes I tapped that."

All the guys at the table cheered, and Bradin felt a little bad about what he had said knowing it wasn't true. Then to his shock Erika was next to him and poured a Coke all over his head before walking away. All the guys at the table laughed and Bryce said, "I guess she doesn't like guys who kiss and tell."

Bradin felt really bad now and turned to see Erika talking to Johnny. Bradin panicked and said, "Let's get out of here. It's lame."

Bryce agreed. He stood up and said, "Yeah, let's go home. I know a little store down the road that doesn't card."

Bradin hastily got up and dumped some money onto the table. He was pretty sure it was about five times more then was needed, but he just wanted to get out of there before Johnny had time to come talk to him.

Johnny listened to Erika complain about what Bradin had done and said, "He actually said that?"

Erika was livid, "Yes he did. As if! Immature little creep!"

Johnny put a hand on Erika's shoulder and said, "I'm really sorry he said that, and he's going to apologize to you."

Erika calmed down a little and nodded once. Johnny turned to walk over to Bradin intending to talk some sense into him, only to find the table empty. Johnny was angry himself now. He couldn't leave the restaurant for at least five more hours when they closed. He shook his head and called Jay.

Jay was at home with Nikki and Derrick when the call came. Jay answered, "Hello?"

Johnny said, "Hi Jay, we've got a Bradin problem."

Jay groaned and said, "What now?"

"He was here with his 'friends' a few minutes ago, and Erika overheard him bragging to them that he'd slept with her."


"Yeah, she's not real happy."

"That little….. Did you talk to him?"

"Well that's the problem. He took off before I got the chance, probably to avoid me. I don't even know where he went."

Jay thought about it. "I know those guys he's been hanging out with are renting a house together, but I don't know where it is, and I've got the kids here with me. I guess we'll just have to wait until he comes home."

Johnny said, "The restaurant doesn't close for quite a while, or I'd go looking for him. This attitude of his needs to stop."

"I agree."

"Do you want me to come over there tonight?"

"No, I think we'll be fine. You try to get some sleep. Have you already talked to Ava today?"

"Yeah, so we won't have to report this one until it's over."

Jay sighed, "Do you think she'll ever leave us with the kids again?"

Johnny laughed and said, "We can always hope not."

Jay laughed too and said, "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Sounds good. Bye."

Jay hung up and Nikki said, "What did Bradin do now?"

"Nothing for you to worry about."

Derrick looked at Nikki and said, "Must have been bad."

Nikki nodded in agreement.

Bradin went with his friends to the store Bryce had talked about, and waited outside while Bryce got them all some beer with Bradin's money. They all went over to the house they were renting, and had some beers and watched some sports on TV. Bradin limited himself to one beer, knowing he was already in trouble with Johnny, and that Johnny might be home waiting for him when he got there. Bradin had a good time with his friends, but found himself starting to fall asleep on the couch around one am. He knew staying there overnight would make Jay and Johnny even more angry, so he stood up and said, "I'm gonna head for home."

Bryce said, "Why? Just stay here for the night."

Bradin shook his head no. "I'll be more comfortable in my bed at home."

"You know you can always crash here. If you need to get away from those people always breathing down you neck about things, you can sleep on our couch."

"Thanks Bryce. That's really nice of you."

"Anytime Bro."

Bradin walked slowly home and hoped that everyone was asleep. He decided not to go in the front door, and went directly into his room since it had a door to the outside in it. He didn't bother changing and just lay down and fell asleep.

Jay was up and pacing the floor waiting. Around midnight he sat on the couch, leaned back and closed his eyes, and tried to decide what to do since Bradin hadn't come home. Jay opened his eyes again and looked at the clock. It was four am. He shook his head and looked again. He muttered, "Shit." not quiet believing he had fallen asleep.

He got up and went to look in Bradin's room. He saw Bradin lying there asleep. Jay grumbled and walked out to the pool house that he used for a bedroom. He fell asleep picturing all the things he was going to say to Bradin tomorrow.

The next day Bradin woke and was pleased to note he didn't have a headache. He got up and changed his clothes. He went into the kitchen and saw Derrick sitting there eating some cereal. Bradin said, "Hey D."

Derrick looked at him and said, "What did you do to piss off Jay last night?"

Bradin rolled his eyes. "Everything I do pisses him off. You'll have to be more specific."

Derrick shook his head and put another bite in his mouth. Bradin grabbed a granola bar and said, "Tell Jay I'll be back around lunch time."

"He's not gonna like that Bradin."

"Too bad."

Bradin walked out into the sun and headed for the beach. Half an hour later a sleepy looking Jay came in and saw Derrick watching cartoons. Jay said, "Has Bradin made an appearance yet today?"

"Yep, but he left again."

"You can't be serious."

Derrick turned away from his cartoons and nodded his head. "I am."

Jay said, "Damn it!"

"He said he'd be back for lunch."

Jay sighed and put on some coffee before heading up to take a shower.

Jay called Johnny a few hours later and told him what had happened. Johnny said, "Alright, I'll meet you there at noon, and we'll talk to him together."

Jay agreed. Then around ten in the morning Bradin and his friends showed up at the house. They had decided to go surfing, and Bradin needed his stuff. Jay saw them before they made it into the house. Jay stopped them by standing in front of the door and said, "Bradin, can I talk to you inside for a minute."

Bradin could tell Jay was angry, and didn't want to hear it. He said, "Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of my friends."

Jay raised his eyebrows at that. Bradin looked back at his friends who were smiling and nodding in support. Jay glared and went to pick up the phone. He said, "I heard what you did to Erika last night. You need to call her and apologize."

Bradin crossed his arms. He might feel bad about what he had done to Erika, but there was no way he was going to call her and apologize in front of his friends. He said, "No."

Jay pointed the phone at Bradin and said, "You call her right now."

"Or what Jay?"

Jay shook his head with disbelief. Bryce behind Bradin said, "You don't have to put up with this, you can come stay with us."

Bradin nodded and said, "Good idea."

Jay was in shock. They had spent the whole summer together on the surfing circuit. Bradin had been willing to give up a surfing sponsorship just to keep Jay as his manager. Jay didn't know what had changed, or why Bradin was acting this way. He said, "You are making a huge mistake here Bradin."

Bradin and his friends turned and walked away. Jay stood there watching and not knowing what to do. Five seconds later he had the phone to his ear and was calling Johnny. Johnny was setting up for the lunch rush, and giving instructions to Erika so she could start things if he was late getting back from the house. Once Johnny answered Jay said, "It's me. Bradin came over early."

"Okay. Does he want me to put Erika on the line, or are you guys coming over here?"

"No. He left."

"What do you mean he left?"

"I told him to call Erika and apologize, and he just said no."

"He what?!"

"I told him to call her again and he said, 'Or what Jay'."

"He didn't!"

"He did. And then his creepy little criminal of a friend said Bradin could stay with them, and Bradin walked away with them. I don't think he's coming home."

Johnny was now fairly angry. He said, "Oh, he's coming home all right. Do you know where they live?"


Johnny thought for a minute and said, "Okay, I'll start asking around, and see if I can find out."

Jay felt bad and said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have just let him walk out of here."

"Hey, it's not your fault. I would have been too surprised to act too."

Jay didn't believe that, but said, "I'll start asking around too, and see if we can find out where they live."

Four hours later Johnny called Jay and said, "Hey, I finally got the address."

"Okay, where should I meet you."

Johnny looked at his watch and said, "The dinner rush is just about to start at the restaurant. I don't want to leave Erika there all alone to run the bar."

Jay said, "Damn, I was hoping you would be there to help, but I understand. Just give me the address, and I'll go talk to him."

Johnny waited a second thinking. Jay said, "Hello? Are you still there?"

Johnny said, "Yeah, sorry. I had something else in mind."

"Okay, what?"

"I was thinking you and the kids could go have dinner at the restaurant, and then you could help out Erika at the bar until I got there. I think maybe I should go talk to Bradin."

Jay didn't want to say it, but he was relieved, and thought that was a much better plan. He wasn't sure what he was going to say to Bradin to convince him to come home, and he really didn't want to feel like a failure again. He said, "Yeah, that will work for me. I'll get the kids and head to the restaurant right now."

"Great. Bradin and I will be there when we can."

Johnny hung up and started walking to the address he had written down.

Bradin was having a good time. He had felt a little bad about challenging Jay, but was able to put it behind him quickly because his new friends were telling him what a great job he had done. They went surfing for a couple of hours after Bradin had rented some equipment. Then they all went back to Bryce's house after a stop for more beer. Bradin was starting on his second, and thinking that life was pretty good when there was a knock on the door.

Bryce got up to answer it. He recognized Johnny from the restaurant, and knew he was part of Bradin's extended family. He glared and said, "What do you want?"

"I want to talk to Bradin."

"Too bad. Get off my property."

Johnny saw the beer in Bryce's hand. He opened up his cell phone and hit the speed dial to the local police station. He had made a couple of friends down there after Mona's accident. They had all been very helpful, and he had even taken a couple of them out for beers one night. Bryce looked a little nervous, but tried not to let it show when he said, "I said get off my property."

Johnny ignored him and said, "Hi, could I speak to Joe please."

While Johnny was on hold he looked at Bryce and said, "It's not your property, you're renting, and I know the owner wouldn't appreciate having a bunch of underage drinking going on here."

Bradin had seen who it was the second Bryce opened the door, and panicked. He put his beer down on the table and thought about climbing out the bathroom window, until he heard Bryce tell Johnny to go away. Bradin smiled at that, and felt safe again, until he heard Johnny's speech. He got up and nervously went to the door. He said, "Hey Johnny, you can talk to me, let's not make a big deal of this."

Johnny ignored him and said, "Hi Joe, it's Johnny."

A few seconds later he said, "Pretty good, but I didn't call to visit this time. I actually need some help."

Bryce started looking really nervous and turned to Bradin. He whispered, "Stop him!"

Bradin said, "Johnny, this…."

Johnny turned his back on them and walked a few steps away so he could talk uninterrupted. "Yeah, you know my friend's nephew Bradin? Yeah that's right you did meet him at the funeral. Well it seems he has gotten himself into some trouble with some other kids."

Bradin walked a few steps out to meet Johnny while Johnny paused. Then Johnny said, "Do you think you could send a car over to this address?"

Johnny gave Joe the address and then said, "There is a bunch of underage drinking going on here, and I'm pretty sure these 'adults' could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

Bradin pulled at Johnny's arm and Johnny finished up his call with, "Great, I'll see you in a few minutes."

Johnny hung up and glared at Bradin. Bradin was pissed that Johnny would rat him and his friends out like that. He said, "That was really crappy of you Johnny!"

"Once we have a nice little talk with the police, you and I will be going home."

Bradin shook his head and said, "I won't go home."

Johnny grabbed Bradin's arm, and pulled him up on his tiptoes so that they were eye to eye. Johnny said, "Excuse me?"

Bradin panicked. "N…Nothing….Sorry."

Johnny put him back down and turned to look at Bryce. The door was open, but Bryce and his friends were in the house trying desperately to clear the beers out of the house. Bradin wrapped his arms around his own middle and worried while he felt a little sick. He was humiliated that Johnny was doing this in front of his cool older friends, and he was sure they wouldn't want anything to do with him after tonight.

It was a small town, and two minutes later two cop cars arrived. Johnny waved at Joe and said, "Hi, thanks for coming so quick."

"No problem Johnny."

Joe looked at Bradin and said, "Been drinking son?"

Bradin shook his head no. Johnny whacked the back of his head, and Bradin stammered, "J… just one beer."

The other two cops were headed up to the house, and started dealing with the guys inside. Joe said, "Let's test that, shall we?"

Joe was already holding a breath tester and held it out for Bradin. He said, "Blow as hard as you can into this tube until I tell you to stop."

Bradin looked at Johnny, who crossed his arms and waited expectantly. Bradin did it. Joe looked at the results and said, "Way under the limit, but he's definitely been drinking."

Johnny nodded. Joe said, "How old are you son?"

"Almost seventeen."

Johnny had to smile at that, and was glad Bradin was looking at Joe. Joe said, "How did you get the alcohol?"

Bradin stalled, "Well…. I….."

Johnny said, "Bradin!"

Bradin jumped a little and said, "Bryce bought it for us."

Joe nodded and said, "I see, and how old is Bryce?"


Joe nodded again and turned to Johnny. He said, "I think we've got it from here Johnny. Thanks for calling us to let us know what was going on. You can take Bradin home if you want."

Johnny said, "Are you sure? It's okay with me if you need to take him back to the station."

"No. I may need him to come make a statement tomorrow, but probably not."

Johnny nodded and held out his hand. Joe shook and Johnny said, "Thanks Joe. I owe you one."

Joe nodded and said, "Maybe tomorrow when I'm off work, I'll come have dinner at your place."


Johnny put a hand on Bradin's shoulder and gave him a slight shove to get him started walking towards home. They walked in silence for the first two blocks. Then Bradin said, "What do you think will happen to Bryce and the guys?"

Johnny said, "Not much. They might spend a night in jail. And if any of them has a record, they might have a note put in it, but that's about it. Unless they cause more problems with the police."

Bradin was glad to hear that things weren't as serious as he had feared. After a few more seconds Johnny said, "What were you thinking Bradin? Did you really believe that we would let you start living somewhere else?"

"Um….. maybe?"

Johnny shook his head. "What do you think your aunt Ava is going to say about this?"

Bradin mumbled, "Nothing good."

Johnny sighed. "I heard what you said about Erika."

Bradin had nothing to say, and they walked in silence for a few minutes. Johnny said, "You really hurt her feelings Bradin."

Bradin did feel bad about that. "Sorry."

"I don't have much respect for the kind of man who brags to his friends about what he's done with a woman, but I have no respect for the kind of man who lies about what he did with a woman. Do you see Jay or me doing that? Would your father have done that? It shows a complete lack of respect for the woman you were with either way. It makes them feel like you really had no feelings for them at all, and you just wanted to get them in bed. Is that how you feel about Erika?"

Bradin had already felt bad, but now he felt much worse. He was completely ashamed of what he had done when Johnny put it to him that way. Bradin said quietly, "No, I really like her."

Johnny noticed the way Bradin said it and believed him. Johnny said, "Then I would expect you would want to grovel at her feet for a few days until she forgives you."

Bradin nodded. Johnny was quiet for a few more blocks. Then when they were close to home he said, "You challenged Jay in front of all your friends, and made him feel like he was incapable of taking care of you, after he had just spent the entire summer looking out for your best interest."

Bradin was amazed that Johnny could make him feel even worse. Bradin said, "I…. I didn't really mean to."

"Yes, I think you did."

"Well…. I…. "

"It seems to me that since you got paid, and have a bunch of money to throw around, you've turned into a huge brat."

Bradin didn't like that at all. He said indignantly, "Brat?! I don't think so! Maybe I've made a few bad decisions, but that's it."

They had reached the house, and Johnny unlocked the door. He put his head in and said, "Hello, anyone home?"

No one answered. They both went in and Johnny closed the door behind him. He said, "Jay and the kids went to the restaurant to help Erika since I had to deal with you."

Bradin said, "Then why didn't we go over there to help?"

Johnny grabbed Bradin's upper arm and took a few steps to the stairs. He sat down on the top step, with his feet three steps lower and pulled Bradin over his lap. Bradin yelled, "Hey!"

Johnny said, "Because I'm not done dealing with you and your attitude yet."

Bradin struggled and yelled, "NO!"

Johnny brought his hand down in the center of Bradin's squirming rear end. Bradin yelled, "NO! NO! NO!"

Johnny kept spanking. He set up a rhythm and worked side to side. Johnny was surprised that Bradin was putting up such a fuss already. Bradin was struggling wildly and yelling loudly for Johnny to stop. Johnny paused and got a better grip on Bradin's waist and grabbed the hand that Bradin had thrown back to cover himself. Johnny started spanking again.

Bradin yelled, "You can't do this! Aunt Ava won't let you! I'm too old! I wasn't that bad! Stop it!! Johnny, stop it!!"

Johnny didn't stop. A couple of minutes later Bradin stopped yelling and burst into tears. He stopped struggling and lay still. Johnny gave him six more swats and then stopped. Johnny let him go and Bradin jumped up and wiped at his face. Johnny stood up and pulled Bradin into a hug. Bradin struggled and tried to push Johnny away. Johnny reached down and gave him a swat and said, "Be still."

Bradin stopped fighting him and continued to cry. Johnny held onto Bradin and said, "You are going to stop having an attitude. I don't want you seeing those guys again. They are obviously a bad influence on you. And if I catch you drinking again you can count on another trip over my knee."

Bradin just kept crying. Johnny held him until Bradin was calmed down. Johnny let him go and Bradin just stood there with his eyes on the stairs. Johnny said, "Look at me."

Bradin wiped at his face with his hands and looked up. Johnny said, "Do we have an understanding?"

Bradin nodded. Johnny said, "Good. Now go wash your face and get ready to go."


"We are going to the restaurant, and you are going to apologize to Erika and to Jay."

Bradin shook his head. "I don't feel good. I want to stay here."

Johnny put a hand on Bradin's shoulder and said, "We're going."

"But…. People will be able to tell I've been crying."

Johnny said, "You're going to be crying again if you don't go do what I told you to do."

Bradin almost did start crying again. He nodded and went into the bathroom. He went in and looked at his face. It was bright red and splotchy, and his eyes were puffy and bloodshot. He ran some cold water and splashed it on his face a few times. He looked at himself again and thought his skin looked a little better, even if his eyes still looked bad. He reached behind him and rubbed his butt. He couldn't believe that Johnny had just spanked him. It had really hurt, and now it burned. He didn't want to face anyone, but knew he would have to. He eventually opened the door and went out to where Johnny was waiting.

Johnny had watched Bradin go into the bathroom and then looked down at his hand. He shook his head and wondered when he had turned into his mother. But then he thought about it again and said quietly to himself, "No. It's not the same."

Johnny thought about the things Bradin had done, and by the time Bradin came back out of the bathroom, Johnny had convinced himself that he had done the right thing. Now he just hoped that Ava would agree with him when he told her about it.

Johnny and Bradin were quite on the walk to Johnny's restaurant. On the way Bradin though more and more about the things he had done over the past few days, and by the time they got there, he reluctantly accepted the fact that maybe he had been a little out of hand. He still thought that Johnny was a creep for spanking him instead of grounding him, but he didn't hate him like he had when the spanking was first over.

Johnny opened the door and Bradin went in. Johnny walked Bradin over to Jay who was at the bar helping Erika pour drinks. Johnny said, "Bradin."

Bradin looked up at Jay and said, "I'm sorry."

Jay looked a little surprised. He could tell Bradin had been crying and thought Johnny must have really laid on the guilt trip. Johnny prompted, "What for?"

Bradin looked down and said, "For not calling Erika like you told me to, and for running off with my friends."

Jay nodded and said; "Okay, but I don't want you hanging out with those guys anymore."

Bradin nodded in understanding. Johnny put a hand on Bradin's shoulder and led him over to Erika. Bradin looked at a spot over her shoulder instead of in her face. He said, "I'm sorry about what I said. It was wrong of me."

Johnny patted Bradin's shoulder and walked off to help Jay at the bar. Erika glared at Bradin and said, "You really hurt my feelings Bradin. I thought we were friends."

Bradin looked at her. "We are."

"Not anymore we're not."

Bradin pleaded, "I'm really, really sorry. It was stupid I know. I swear it won't happen again."

Erika walked away from him. Bradin stood there feeling worse. Then Derrick was beside him. Bradin looked down at him and said, "Hey D."

"You don't look so good."

"Shut up."

Derrick shrugged and walked off. A few minutes later Johnny came back over to Bradin and said, "You can help take orders until it's time to go."

Bradin nodded absently. Johnny leaned in and said quietly, "Give her time. She will probably forgive you if you keep trying."

Bradin nodded again with a little more confidence and went to take some orders.

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