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Season 1 Episode 10, Klaus kills Davina and the fiddler. Afterwards Elijah confronts him ("Davina is Marcel's family, Niklaus, or did that somehow slip your mind as you tried to take her life? - You will call Rebekkah, you'll tell her that Davina will recover. Do wish the same could be said for that boy.") and Klaus is at a loss for words. There's a little time gap and when Rebekkah returns carrying Davina, Klaus looks kinda chastised in my opinion. Maybe Elijah did a bit more than scold his brother in the time between?
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Warning: Non-consensual swatting of an adult vampire.

Extended Family

Klaus was busy trying to convince Marcel that killing Davina had been the right decision no matter the cost, when Elijah realized he had a window of opportunity to get his little brother back in line and came up with a plan. There was only so much Elijah could do to keep Klaus in line. If Klaus was truly triggered by something or someone, nothing Elijah could say would stop the madness. But Klaus wasn’t truly angry at this point, he was mildly annoyed, and handling it badly. Mildly annoyed Klaus was prone to regretting his actions if his family felt hurt because of those actions. And though Marcel had been estranged for years, he would always be family.

When Klaus started to chastise Marcel for going behind his back, and working with the witches who were ‘enemies’ to the family to keep Davina alive, Elijah knew it was time.

“Davina is Marcel's family, Niklaus,” Elijah interrupted. “Or did that somehow slip your mind as you tried to take her life?” Klaus gave his older brother a surprised stare.

After giving Klaus a moment to think about what he’d done, Elijah issued an order. “You will call Rebekkah. You'll tell her that Davina will recover. Do wish the same could be said for that boy.” Elijah could tell from Klaus’ expression that he would make the call. Nodding to himself, Elijah walked upstairs to clean the blood off himself and change clothes.

Five minutes later, after checking his appearance in the mirror, Elijah went back downstairs. He found Klaus alone and glaring at the entryway.

“I take it Marcel has gone home to clean up as well?”

Klaus nodded, keeping his eyes on the entryway.

“Excellent,” Elijah walked over and took Klaus’ upper arm in a firm grip, “that will give us a moment to discuss tonight’s events in private.”

Klaus glared at Elijah with suspicion, glanced down at his brother’s hand on his arm, and then made eye contact again. “There’s nothing to discuss. I’m protecting this family by any means necessary.”

The fact that Klaus wasn’t pulling away or trying to punch him, spoke volumes to Elijah. “You can’t do whatever you please and then label it protecting the family, when in reality you’re putting us all in more danger.” He started pulling his brother towards the stairs, and wasn’t surprised when Klaus followed without putting up a physical fight, though he did protest verbally.

“I’m not doing whatever I please! You think I wanted to kill Davina? She is a threat! I had no choice!”

“That’s completely untrue, Niklaus, and you know it.” Elijah pulled him down the hall to the study, went in, and shut the door behind him, never letting go of his brother as he spoke. “Davina is a sixteen-year-old girl, not some ancient witch with a grudge against our family. All you had to do was treat her with kindness, and let Marcel be a father figure to her. Like it or not, Marcel sees her as a member of his family, which means you need to accept her as a part of our family as well.”

“Marcellus doesn’t get to decide who is and isn’t family!”

Keeping calm in the face of his brother’s outburst, Elijah said softly, “I think the real reason you were so quick to try killing Davina, is because you knew it would hurt Marcel.”

Klaus’ eyes narrowed dangerously.

Speaking even more gently, Elijah continued, “And the reason you want to hurt Marcel, is because he hurt you. Finding out he was alive after believing him to be dead for so many years was like a dagger to your heart.”

“Don’t claim to know my inner thoughts, brother! Davina is a threat, and that’s the end of it!”

Sighing, Elijah let go of Klaus’ arm, only to grip it again with the opposite hand. He turned Klaus to the side, and slapped his backside hard enough to make Klaus stumble forward a step.

Klaus’ eyes turned golden, and his fangs extended before turning to face Elijah with deadly intent.

“Do not lie to me, Niklaus. I know he hurt you, because he hurt all of us. We took him in as one of our own, and we all helped raise him. How could it not hurt us when we thought he was dead?”

Klaus stayed where he was, apparently trying to decide if he was still angry enough to attack.

“It would behoove you to put those fangs away, little brother. If you bite me while I’m teaching you a lesson, you will not like the consequences.”

Still glaring, Klaus’ fangs retracted. “What lesson is that, dear brother? That you’re as insufferable now as you ever were?”

Unimpressed, Elijah raised one eyebrow and answered. “No. The lesson is twofold. One, we don’t kill members of our family without exhausting every other means at our disposal, no matter how much we might want to.” He smacked Klaus’ backside again, and the loud crack echoed through the room, but Klaus had been prepared this time, and didn’t react other than a small grunt.

“And two, when someone in the family hurts us, we use our words and talk it out instead of retaliating in anger and violence.”

Another harsh smack made Klaus hiss softly, before Elijah let go of his arm.

Klaus took a few steps back, put both hands over his ass, and glared at his older brother. “You’re the one being violent, and Davina is a threat,” he mumbled petulantly.

Elijah glared. “Do we need to take this discussion to the couch? I’m happy to demonstrate the correct way to deal with an unruly teenager, whether she’s a witch or not.”

Klaus backed up another step and the two brothers faced off for a few seconds.

“I’m not going to apologize,” Klaus muttered, looking away first.

“I never said you had to. I’m simply telling you not to do it again.”

Klaus crossed his arms and looked towards the door. “Fine.”

“Excellent.” Elijah walked to the door and opened it. “Come, let’s go wait downstairs for our family, including Davina.”

Klaus followed Elijah back downstairs with a pout, though Elijah was certain his little brother would call it a frown. For the time being, Klaus was calm, somewhat regretful, and unlikely to murder anyone. And honestly, that was the best anyone could hope for.

The End

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