Author's Note: This is another 'drabble' written for the movie quote challenge. This one is for lori_leaf over on LJ who wanted to see Dean spanked. The story is set pre-series. Dean is 17 and Sam is 13.
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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parent.

No Soliciting

John scowled at the balance in his checkbook. He looked over at Dean and said, "What did you spend twenty-three dollars on at the grocery store?!"

Dean was washing the dishes and Sam was drying. Dean rolled his eyes while his back was to John, and there was some irritation in his voice as he answered, "Food Dad."

"Don't take a tone with me!"

Not wanting to get a slap to the back of his head, Dean said with a level voice, "I bought the chicken thighs that were on sale because they were almost out of date. I bought peanut butter, the two for one loafs of bread, some no name brand orange juice, a box of Top Ramen, and some cans of soup. I know we're on a budget, and I tried to be careful."

Feeling bad about yelling John rubbed a hand down his face. He knew Dean was careful. They could pull credit card scams when they were on the move during the summers, but when they stayed in once place for very long, they had to be more careful, and the job John had found this time didn't pay much. John said tiredly, "Okay then."

The room grew silent except for the sounds of sloshing water as Dean washed. Dean handed the last glass to Sam and started emptying the sink. Sam dried the glass and said, "I'm going to bed."

Dean and John exchanged a look, wondering if the other knew why Sam would volunteer to go to sleep. Getting no clue from Dean, John said, "Are you feeling okay Sammy?"

"I'm fine Dad… I just have a lot of studying to do."

Dean scoffed, "It's only seven o'clock Dude."

"Not all of us want to skate by. Some of us want good grades." Sam tried to put some venom behind the words, but they came out just sounding tired.

Not liking the statement John said, "You'd better not be giving Dean a hard time this weekend while I'm gone."

"I knooooow Dad." Sam said with irritation.

If John's face were any indication, Sam would say he'd gone a little too far with what his father would call insubordination. Before John could say anything Sam mumbled, "Sorry."

After taking a deep breath John said, "I'll come say good night before I go."

Feeling slightly bad Sam said, "Okay," and headed out of the room.

Once Sam was gone John asked Dean, "Trouble in school?"

Understanding that John was talking about Sam and not him he responded, "Not that I know of."

Looking in the direction Sam had gone John said, "I wish I didn't have to go, but…"

Sitting down across from his father Dean interrupted, "It's okay Dad. I've got it covered. So Sammy's being a whiny little bitch? What else is new."

"Dean," John said tiredly, "You know it just makes him worse when you say things like that."

Smirking Dean said, "We'll be fine Dad. I promise."

Checking the balance in his account John looked back at Dean. "I'm going to have to go to the bar to make some extra cash before I go."

Dean's eyes lit up; "Can I come too? I could set up a sucker for you, and get some practice in at the same time. Lose a few games, and let him pile up some money before you swoop down and take it all."

John shook his head. "Not tonight, you have school tomorrow."

Clearly disappointed Dean said, "Okay."

# # #

An hour later John was gone with the promise to be back by Monday morning for work. Dean went to check on Sam as soon as John left, knowing he'd be more likely to open up and tell him what was wrong now that John was gone. He found Sam sitting on his bed looking out the window. Dean walked over and looked out as well, but found nothing of interest. "What's wrong?"


Plopping down next to Sam, Dean said, "Yeah because you always sit on your bed and stare out the window right after Dad leaves."

"Doesn't matter."

"Sure it does. Come on Sammy, tell me what's wrong."

"It's Sam."

"It's Sammy until you tell me what gives."

Rolling his eyes in irritation Sam gave in. "There's this thing I want to do at school, but it costs money. I was gonna ask Dad if I could do it, even though I knew he'd probably say no, but what's the point of even asking when he's already pissed about the money you spent on groceries?"

Dean knew that there were some things that John would make an effort to get the money for. "What kind of thing?"

Feeling slightly hopeful now that he was talking about it, Sam answered, "It's this really cool week long special class that teaches us how to debate. They teach us how to show people different sides of the same argument, and how to get people to agree to your way of thinking. There will be team projects, and then at the end we get paired up and get to debate each side of an issue in front of the class."

Looking at his little brother like he was slightly insane, Dean said, "And you want to do this?"

"Dude, we get to go to the city library, and look up real life cases to talk about how the lawyers swayed the jury to one side or the other. It'd be awesome!"

"I honestly don't think we have any of the same genes." Dean couldn't comprehend the idea of this class being fun.

"Yeah, you wouldn't know since you almost flunked Biology."

"Hey!" Sam complained while he rubbed the back of his head where Dean had smacked him. He glared at his brother, the word 'jerk' on his lips, but changed his mind when he saw the glare Dean was giving him in return. He muttered, "Sorry."

Sighing while thinking that maybe he could round up some money, Dean asked, "How much for this week in geek heaven?"

"Two hundred dollars."

Dean laughed and said, "You're kidding right?"

"That includes the field trip." Sam answered defensively.

"There's no way in hell Dad would ever pay for that Sam."

Sam had played out the scenario of talking to his dad about this class for days, and the more he'd thought about it, the more he'd gotten his hopes up. Now he found himself getting teary eyed as he looked up at Dean and said, "But I'd get a high school credit for doing it, even though I don't start until next year. And I get to meet a real judge. That could be helpful if Dad ever gets into trouble."

"Aw Sammy, don't give me that look. Two hundred is a lot of money. Even doing odd jobs, it would take me weeks to get that much cash together, and you know Dad won't want me to spend it on that."

Sam looked back down at his hands. "Yeah, I know. Doesn't matter anyway. The money's due this Monday."

Not liking the hopelessness in Sam's voice Dean tried to cheer him up. "I'll take you to the city library this weekend, and you can spend all day there."

"It's not the same."

"Yeah, but isn't it better then nothing?"

Sam shrugged and didn't answer.

Dean sighed and got up to finish his homework before bedtime, but once he started working on it, he found it difficult to concentrate. He kept trying to come up with ways to get that money for Sam. Unfortunately, the only idea that came to him was going to the local bar the next night to hustle pool. But in reality he wasn't all that good yet. Thirty percent of the regulars could beat him in a game, and besides that, he knew his dad would be pissed if he went to a bar without him. John had made Dean a fake ID just a few months ago, but John took it with him when he was going out of town to make sure Dean wouldn't be going to any bars without him. Eventually Dean went to sleep feeling sorry for Sam and wishing he could help.

# # #

The next day Sam was in a bad mood before he even got dressed for the day. Dean had tried to talk him out of his mood over cereal, but it hadn't worked. Eventually Dean gave up and they ate in silence before heading out to school.

Dean generally enjoyed Friday's in school. Not only was it the day before the weekend, but it also meant that the cheerleaders often wore their uniforms to their last class when there was a football game that night. Dean was happily flirting with a brunette cheerleader named Gina before sixth period English when he had an epiphany. He was taking his seat and talking to Gina when the girl who usually sat in front of him stood up while holding a bag of candy and said, "Anyone want to buy some chocolate before class?"

Dean watched while some of the other kids went up and gave the girl a dollar for a chocolate bar. Gina noticed Dean was paying more attention to the other girl then her and said, "Wanna join the band?"

Focusing back on Gina, Dean asked, "What?"

"If you joined the band, you could go around selling candy bars too. Then if you get enough money together, you could go on the annual band trip. Exciting."

Dean could tell she was being sarcastic, but thoughts of Sam had been in the back of his mind all day, and as his mind put two and two together, he got up and pulled a buck out of his pocket. He walked over to the girl and said, "I'll take one."

"Regular or with almonds?"


The girl took Dean's dollar and handed him the chocolate. Dean said, "How many of those have you sold."

Dean hadn't paid much attention to this girl before today, and he could tell she was a little surprised he was starting a conversation. "About fifty today."

Dean thought to himself that fifty candy bars equaled fifty dollars, and wondered how much each one cost in the first place. He heard the bell ring, which signaled the start of the class and said, "Can I ask you a few questions after class?"

She gave him an unsure look and said, "I guess."

Dean sat back down in his seat and could tell Gina was irritated. He slipped the chocolate over onto her desk and said, "For you."

Gina smiled sweetly at him and said, "Are you coming to the game tonight?"

As the teacher was trying to get the classes attention Dean said, "You bet."

# # #

Sam could tell Dean was distracted that night as they sat together in the bleachers and watched the football game. His brother was usually pretty animated while talking about the game and the cheerleaders, but today he was much quieter. Halfway through the game Sam asked, "What gives?"

"What?" Dean asked, genuinely confused.

"What's wrong with you?"


Sam rolled his eyes and concentrated on the game.

Dean's mind was busy doing math. He only had about twenty bucks for the weekend. If he spent the whole twenty on candy bars which he could buy four for a dollar, and then sold them for a dollar each, that would turn his original twenty into eighty. Then he could use that money to buy more candy. He figured he could sell a hundred candy bars on Saturday, and the other hundred on Sunday which would get Sam into the class. The longer he thought about it, the more he wondered why he hadn't thought of it before. It was a brilliant plan. But he kept his ideas to himself, not wanting to get Sam's hopes up if it didn't work.

Once Dean had made up his mind, he was able to focus on the game and enjoy the cheerleaders at half time. As they were leaving for home Dean said, "I'm gonna take you to the city library tomorrow."

Looking surprised, Sam said, "Really?"

"I told you I would."

"Well yeah, but I didn't think you meant it."

"Don't you wanna go?"

The city library was very appealing to Sam even without the class. "Well yeah, but I can't imagine you'd want to go."

"Who said I was going? I'll drop you off first thing when they open, and then pick you up before they close."

"What are you gonna do?" Sam asked with a frown.

"I'm not sure, but I know I'm not gonna sit in the library."

Sam smiled a little, looking forward to it and said, "Okay. Thanks Dean."

# # #

As soon as Sam was dropped off the next morning, Dean went to a local grocery store and bought eighty candy bars with his money. As he was driving to the nice area of town, he couldn't help himself and ate two of the candy bars. Dean parked at one end of a large neighborhood with new large houses, got out a bag of candy, and walked to the first house. He rang the doorbell and a few minutes later a middle-aged woman with bleached blond hair answered. With his best fake smile plastered firmly in place, Dean asked, "Would you like to buy a candy bar?"

The woman seemed confused, and after a pause she said, "No thank you."

"Oh…" Dean's smile faltered.

Confusion turned to distrust and the woman closed the door in Dean's face. Shrugging it off, Dean went to the next house. An elderly woman answered the door. "Yes?"

"Would you like to buy a candy bar?"

The woman didn't answer right away; she just looked at Dean expectantly. He said, "I'm um… selling them for band."

Giving Dean a slightly annoyed look she said, "I bought some from one of your classmates last weekend."

"So that's a no then?"

Not looking quite as irritated the woman said, "Maybe you should try a different neighborhood."

"Okay thanks for the advice."

Dean walked to the next house on the block, not quite willing to give up on this neighborhood just yet. At the next house a little kid who looked like he was about eight answered the door. Dean smiled and said, "Want to buy a candy bar?"

Looking excited the kid said, "Yeah!" and then turned back towards the house yelling, "Mom! Mom, can I have some money?"

Dean waited on the porch for a few seconds until a frazzled looking woman came to the door holding a toddler with jam on her face. "Can I help you?"

"Hello Ma'am, I'm selling candy bars for band. Would you like to buy some?"

As Dean was talking, the kid who'd answered the door slipped over beside his mom along with a five year old girl. Before the mom could answer the boy said, "Please Mom!"

The girl jumped up and down as she chanted, "Candy! Candy! Candy!"

The mother sighed, rolled her eyes and said, "How much?"

"A dollar each."

Giving Dean a glare that clearly said this was highway robbery she said, "Hold on, I'll go get my purse."

The older kids cheered as she put the toddler down and walked back into the house. Dean was always amazed at how trusting people were when they didn't know what was really out there. The little girl looked up at him and said, "Guess what?"

"What?" Dean gave her a friendly smile.

"The other day Muffin ate a mouse, and then barfed it up all over the rug. And then Jamie was the first one to find it, so Mommy thought maybe Jamie had spilled something until she looked close at what it was, and then Mommy looked kind of sick, and then you know what?"

Dean smirked and said, "What?"

"Mommy said Muffin was gonna be an outside kitty, but Jack said Mommy wouldn't really do it because he said she's said that before and you know what?"

Still playing along Dean asked, "What?"

"Jack was right because when Daddy got home he said that it was good that Muffin ate the mouse because then the mouse wouldn't be in the house wrecking things. But Mommy said Muffin was wrecking the rug, and she had to use the cleaner to get up the barf spot and you know what?"

An image of Sam at five went through Dean's mind, and he remembered how long this could go on. With a slight sigh Dean responded, "What?"

"When Mommy was using the cleaner she called Muffin 'that damn cat', and this morning Jamie called Muffin 'damn cat' a bunch of times even though Mommy told her it was a bad word." As she finished the story the girl put her hand on her mouth and broke down into giggles.

Jamie, who still had jam on her face, smiled too and said, "Damn cat."

Jack laughed at that as well and then yelled back, "Mom, Jamie did it again."

The mother's voice from the background said, "You stop that Jamie!"

All three kids laughed and Dean couldn't help but chuckle along with them.

Once the laughter died down, the little girl looked at Dean and started in again, "Guess what."

Dean looked at his watch and muttered, "How long does it take to find a dollar."

The girl ignored that and said, "When it was Jack's birthday he got to go to the swimming pool with all his friends and Jamie and I got to go too. But Aunt Nancy had to be there to watch us because Mommy said it was Jack's special day and she had to watch him and his friends swim to make sure they didn't get drownded, and you know what?"

Dean leaned down so he was eye level to the girl and said, "You know what?"

The girl paused for a second, tilted her head curiously and asked, "What?"

"I think your mom got lost. Maybe you should go find her."

Before the girl could decide what to make of that, her mother came up to the door. "Sorry that took so long, my purse wasn't where I'd left it."

With a big fake smile Dean held out the candy for her to look at. "No problem."

Jack said, "Can we each have one?"

His mother said, "No, you don't need that much sugar. We'll get one and you can all share."

"That's not fair. Why do I always have to share everything."

"You can have none, or you can share one. Which do you prefer?"

Giving in with irritation Jack said, "I'll share, but I get to pick not Beth."

Five year old Beth said, "No fair! I get to help pick too!"

Their mother said, "You'll just have to find one you can both agree on."

Dean stood there for the next five minutes getting more and more agitated as the children tried to agree on something. When it looked like the two of them just weren't going to decide on one Dean said, "Tell you what, I'll give you two for the price of one."

The kids cheered, but the mother glared at him and said, "I don't want them to have that much chocolate."

For the next three minutes the kids begged the mother to agree to two candy bars, and eventually she capitulated. Dean handed over the two candy bars and the woman handed him a dollar and said, "You shouldn't have to sell two for one just because my kids can't decide, hold on and I'll get you another dollar."

Dean quickly said, "No! I mean, it's fine. Really. One dollar will be just fine."

The woman said, "Nonsense, hold on just a second."

Dean stood there waiting and Jack said, "You look kind of mad."

Dean looked at his watch. It had been twenty minutes since he started selling candy, and he'd only sold two. That averaged out to six dollars an hour. "I'm not mad, I just have a lot more candy to sell today."

Beth said, "You know what?"

Dean was about to just walk away when the woman showed up handing him the second dollar. "There you go."

"Thanks." Dean answered.

As he turned to go and started walking away he could hear Beth's voice saying, "Daddy says selling ideas is where the big money is, because selling stuff is just chump change."

The mother said "Elizabeth! That's not a nice thing to say."

"What? That is what Daddy said."

Dean heard the door shut, as he reached the end of the driveway. He looked down at his bag of candy, looked at his watch, and looked down the block at the seemingly endless houses. "Chump change is right. At this rate I'll never get enough money."

Dean walked back to the Impala to think about that for a few seconds. He tossed the bag of candy onto the seat next to him and wondered what Beth's father meant by selling ideas. He'd had plenty of door to door salesmen over the past few years, but they'd been selling magazines, books, or food, not ideas. Dean muttered, "Ideas?"

The only people he knew of who tried to sell ideas door to door were people selling their religion, and that didn't make any money at all. Then he thought about Pastor Jim. He tried to sell ideas too, but the difference was that people came to him not the other way around. Dean's mind wandered to the few times he and his brother had been to church services with Pastor Jim, and he suddenly remembered the donation basket. At the end of the service they'd passed around a donation basket and Sam had actually put in a dollar. Dean had rolled his eyes and teased Sam about it, but Sam hadn't even been embarrassed. In fact, Dean had seen pity in Sam's eyes and stopped the teasing.

Dean sat up straight and held onto the steering wheel. "Why sell stuff when you can get donations for ideas?"

A smile grew on Dean's face as he started the car and drove around to find the local church. Before he saw a church he saw a sign for the YMCA, and pulled into their parking lot. "Even better." Dean said while parking.

He got out and went into the office. He smiled at the man behind the front desk and said, "Hi, I'd like some information on your programs for my younger brother. He's thirteen."

The man spent the next fifteen minutes showing Dean some brochures and talking about some of their programs. Dean saw some shirts that had the YMCA logo on them, and wished he hadn't spent his twenty on candy. When the man was done talking Dean thanked him, accepted the offered brochure, and looked around the lobby. While the man behind the desk was talking to a woman, Dean took one of the shirts off a hanger, and stuck it inside his jacket before walking out to his car.

Smirking as he pulled up to the same neighborhood one block down from where he originally started, he took off his jacket and shirt, and put on the shirt with the YMCA logo. He took the brochure, the bag of candy, and went to the first house on the block. An older man answered the door and Dean said with a smile, "Hi, I'm from the local YMCA. We're trying to raise enough money to renovate the swimming pool."

Dean pointed to the pool in the brochure and said, "The pool was built back in the seventies and it's fairly small for the amount of people who come to use the pool. We'd like to build an Olympic size pool. And if you can help us out with a small donation today, you'll get a complementary candy bar."

The man nodded and said, "Sure," as he got out his wallet. He handed over a twenty and said, "There you go."

Dean's smile grew to a grin as he handed the man a candy bar and said, "Thank you very much sir."

Quite pleased with himself, Dean walked to the next house as he said to no one in particular, "You'll be happy to know that your donation will be put to good use."
# # #

Sam's head was still buried in a book when his brother took the seat next to him. Sam looked at his watch and said, "It's only three. You said you'd let me stay all day."

Sam looked back at Dean who had a huge grin on his face. "What?"

"I got the money."

After a long unsure pause Sam said cautiously, "What money?"

"The money for your class you little geek. What money did you think I was talking about?"

Sam felt a small stirring of excitement, but it was quickly dulled by worry. He looked around and whispered accusingly, "What did you do?"

"So little faith Sammy?" Dean scoffed.

Sam turned in his chair so that he was facing Dean and said, "If you went out to a bar while Dad was out of town and….."

Cutting him off, Dean said with irritation, "Of course not. Dad would kill me."

"Then what did you do?"

Rolling his eyes Dean said, "I took care of it. Do you want to go to the damn class or not?"

Relieved that Dean hadn't gone hustling alone, Sam's desire to go to the class overrode his desire to know how his brother got the cash. "I do want to go to the class."

"Okay then. Can we get out of here? I'm starved."


They both stood and walked towards the front. As they got to the Impala Sam said, "Hey Dean?"

Unlocking his door and looking over the top of the car at Sam, Dean said, "Yeah?"

Then Dean saw a look that Sam hadn't given him in a while. It was the same look that Dean used to give John. The look that said he could do no wrong. The look that said he could fix any situation. The look that someone gave a hero. Sam said, "Thanks."

Dean couldn't help the soft smile that spread on his face or the warm feeling that came over him, even as he said, "Maybe if you learn how to debate you can actually talk a girl into dating you."

Sam scowled and said, "Shut up."

Getting in Dean chuckled, and once Sam got in as well, Dean asked, "Where do you want to eat?"

One week later

Pulling up to the house after a long week at work, John smiled and thought how nice it was going to be to have a weekend to train with his boys when they didn't have a hunt to go on. Before going into the house he got the mail out of the box, and flipped through it. Finding one from Sam's school, he opened it as he walked towards the house. He frowned as he scanned the letter.

Opening the front door, he found Dean and Sam sitting on the couch. Sam was doing homework while Dean watched TV. Both boys smiled at him and they said in unison, "Hi Dad."

"Boys." He said in greeting, and closed the door behind him. Never one to beat around the bush, John said, "I got some interesting mail today. Either of you want to explain why Sam's school sent me a certificate of achievement for a class that he took, along with a receipt for two hundred dollars?"

Sam and Dean exchanged a look of worry and panic. Dean recovered quickly and put a smile on his face before turning back to John. "Oh yeah, I was going to tell you about that, but it must have slipped my mind."

"Is that right?"

Dean could tell by John's dry tone, that he wasn't buying it, and he had to clear his throat before continuing so that his voice didn't crack with nerves. "Last week when you were on that hunt in Texas, Sammy told me about a class that he wanted to go to, and it sounded like something you would approve of him doing, so I got him the money he needed to go."

Glaring at Dean, John pointed a finger at him and said, "If you went out hustling without me I swear to God you're not gonna be able to sit for….."

Interrupting before his father could finish his threat, Dean held up his hands in a gesture of surrender and said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa Dad. Of course I wasn't hustling alone. Let's just calm down here, and give me a second to explain."

Somewhat mollified at hearing that Dean hadn't been out to the bars alone, John crossed his arms and waited to hear the explanation.

Swallowing hard as his father's threat sunk in, Dean hoped the real explanation would send that thought out of his father's head. "I knew we didn't have that kind of money to spend on a class for Sam, so I went door to door in a nice neighborhood and asked for donations."

"You went and asked people for donations so your brother to go to a class?"

Dean thought that was close enough to the truth and nodded.

"Oh." John just stood there staring at Dean for a few seconds while his anger drained away. Shame and embarrassment washed over John as he thought about Dean going door to door begging other people for money so that Sam could go to a school function. He was ashamed that he felt the need to spend his money on ammunition and information instead of extra things for his kids.

Looking back and forth between his brother and father, Sam wasn't sure what he could do to make things better. He felt like it was his fault, but he hadn't asked Dean to go door to door for him. And he was grateful that he'd gotten the chance to go to the class, and hoped that Dean wouldn't get in trouble for it. He turned to John and said, "The class was really awesome Dad. I got a high school credit for it and everything."

Snapping out of his own thoughts, John answered, "I'm glad you liked the class Sam, but why is this the first I'm hearing about it?"

Sam looked away and shrugged. Dean said, "It just hadn't come up yet. We weren't trying to hide it."

John didn't believe that one for a second, but decided to let it pass for now. He focused on Sam and clarified, "No, I mean why didn't I hear about it before you took the class? You can't tell me that you just found out about it Friday."

Without anger, Sam said, "I knew you wouldn't pay for it, so I didn't see the point in telling you."

Feeling like even more of a horrible father, John walked over to the couch and sat down between Sam and Dean. He put an arm around Sam's shoulders and said, "I'm sorry you thought that I wouldn't even consider it Sammy. Next time give me a little more credit, and at least give me a chance to say yes. Okay?"

Not quite willing to believe his father, Sam answered, "You were ragging on Dean for buying groceries. No way would you have said yes to a class."

Jumping to John's defense, Dean said, "You don't know that Sam. You should have told Dad when you first found out. Given him some time to think about it and try to come up with the money."

Sam rolled his eyes but kept his mouth shut.

John turned to Dean and put an arm around him too as he said, "And next time Sam tells you about something he wants to do for school, give me a call instead of trying to solve the problem yourself. I don't like the idea of you begging for money."

"Okay Dad. Sorry." Dean said quietly.

Considering the conversation done for now, John got up and said, "How about fried chicken for dinner?"

Later that night:

It was somewhat of a family tradition to watch the ten o'clock news together in the Winchester household. There were always words of wisdom from John, like police procedures and how to get around them, what mistakes criminals had made which resulted in their capture, propaganda angles and how the news exploited people's fears, and every once in a while, there were unusual deaths to investigate. Dean generally enjoyed the news and paid attention, where as Sam often drifted off to sleep somewhere in the middle of it.

Dean noticed Sam's eyes starting to droop half way through the news and smiled. He turned back to the screen to hear the pretty front desk newswoman say, "A local YMCA is asking everyone to be cautious when giving donations to someone who comes to your door."

Dean's heart rate went up, and his eyes darted sideways to his father's profile before being glued back on the screen. He thought, 'Please be a short segment without any real information.'

The screen showed the local YMCA and gave the address. The newswoman's voice said, "There have been reports of a man soliciting donations which the YMCA hasn't received."

The screen cut to an interview with a local man. He said, "This guy came to my door asking for a donation to fix the pool here, so I gave him forty dollars. When my wife came home, she asked me about a receipt so we could claim the donation on our taxes, but the guy hadn't given me one. So I came in yesterday to ask for one, only to find out that there's nothing wrong with the pool at all."

John rolled his eyes and said, "Sucker."

With a glimmer of hope, Dean tried to sound normal as he chuckled in agreement, but it sounded high pitched and odd to his own ears.

His hopes were dashed as a fairly accurate sketch of himself popped up on the screen while the woman's voice said, "Police are asking for any information you may have on this man, who is wanted for questioning in this case."

The screen switched back to the woman and her male co-host who said, "To protect yourself from door to door scams, remember to always ask for identification, and receipts for you donations."

The woman said, "In other news…." The TV went black. Dean darted his eyes over to John who was holding the remote, and still staring at the blank screen. With his eyes still facing forward John said, "Sammy, go to your room."

Dean's head turned towards Sam, who was now wide awake and looking at him with shock clearly written on his face. Sam stood up and said to John, "I swear I didn't know."

Turning to Sam, John tried to keep his face neutral as he said, "I believe you. Now go to bed."

Sam turned to Dean one more time and shook his head with bewilderment before heading out of the room.

John and Dean sat in silence for a few long seconds while they both stared at the blank screen. John was taking deep breaths and trying to calm down, while Dean was frozen in place waiting for the explosion he knew was coming.

Not able to stand the silence any longer Dean started, "Dad, I ……"

Moving with lightning quick speed, John grabbed Dean's arm and yanked him down across his lap. As Dean's stomach made contact with John's thighs he yelped out a surprised, "Shit!"

John held Dean down by placing one large hand in the center of his back, and used the other hand to start raining down a series of hard swats on Dean's squirming behind.

"Dad! Aren't you even gonna let me explain?!" Dean called out with desperation.

Pausing, John said, "Do you think your explanation is going to get you out of a spanking?"

Dean really wanted to say yes, but after a few seconds to think about it, Dean whimpered, "No."

"Me either." John reached down under Dean's stomach and undid the button on his jeans.

Dean hung his head, closed his eyes and waited for it, hoping that he could get through it without crying.

John pulled the jeans down to the middle of Dean's thighs and said, "Okay, so explain."

Opening his eyes, Dean turned his head back to look at his father. "Like this?!"


Squirming uncomfortably, Dean faced forward again and wished he hadn't asked for the chance. Hoping to lessen the severity of the spanking he tried to make the explanation a good one. "Um… Well I wanted Sam to be able to go to the class, but I knew we couldn't really afford it. And I knew you'd be pissed if I went hustling alone, so I wracked my brain to think up some other ideas for making money. Then I saw this girl at school selling candy bars for a dollar, so I decided to try it. I took Sammy to the library, went to a nice neighborhood, and tried selling the candy."

There was a long pause while Dean tried to think of a way to put a positive spin on what he'd done after that. After a couple of seconds, John gave Dean a few swats over his underwear and said, "I didn't just see your face on the news because you were out selling candy Dean!"

"Ow! I know, I know, there's more!"

John rested his spanking hand on Dean's butt in warning to make it quick.

Dean blurted the rest out in a rush, "The candy didn't sell very well, and this kid said selling ideas was worth more money, which got me to thinking about religion. I drove around looking for a church so I could ask for donations, but found the YMCA first. I took a brochure and then asked people for donations to fix the YMCA pool."

Shaking his head in disappointment, John said, "If you hadn't found the YMCA you were going to ask for donations for a church?"

Thinking he shouldn't have added that part, Dean reluctantly nodded.

John pulled Dean's underwear down as well and started spanking and lecturing at the same time. "I can not believe you thought this would be a good idea. Not only did you commit a crime and bring unwanted attention to yourself, but you also did something morally wrong."

The pain was sharp and immediate, and it made Dean angry and desperate. Without thinking it through he yelled, "Morally wrong?! You were calling that guy a sucker before you knew it was me, and you go hustling and pull credit card scams all the time! You don't really think it was morally wrong, you just want me to think it was!"

Not quite believing the amount of lip he'd just heard from his son, John stopped suddenly. With a dangerously calm voice John asked, "What did you just say to me boy?"

Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath, Dean tried to correct his statement. "I… I mean it was wrong. I know it was wrong. But when I hustle some guy at pool, or lie through my teeth to get information out of someone, you tell me what a good job I've done. So why was this 'morally wrong'?"

Some of John's anger went away as he took that statement in. There was truth in what Dean said, and it made John's longing for Mary come to the front of his brain. Knowing he'd failed her again, John muttered to himself, "Mary would be so disappointed."

Dean's eyes burned with tears at the thought that his mother would be disappointed in him. His voice broke as he said, "I'm sorry."

Rubbing Dean's back John reassured, "Not disappointed in you kiddo. Disappointed in me for blurring right and wrong."

Sniffing Dean said, "Mom would have made sure Sam got to go to the class."

"Yeah, but she wouldn't have lied to people and stolen their money to do it."

Dean wiped a few tears off his face and stopped crying. John continued, "We only lie to people when we have to, either to protect them from knowing the truth and being scared, or to get information to protect others. As for credit card scams, that doesn't hurt anyone specific, it just hurts the credit card companies, and they still make a profit. And when people are playing pool for money, they go into it knowing there's the chance they'll lose. These things may still be morally wrong, but on a scale of one to ten with ten being the worst, I give it a three. Asking people for donations for something when you're using the money for something else entirely is a seven."

Dean thought about that for a second and found he agreed with his father, even if he wasn't going to admit it.

John added, "And lying to me about what you did is a nine."

Dean blushed with shame.

"But morality aside, you did something that has the potential to get you tossed in juvie. If anyone sees that picture and recognizes you, we'll have to move. That alone earns you a spanking, and you know it."

"Yes Sir," Dean answered quietly.

Having said everything he thought there was to say, John started spanking the already pink bottom that was over his lap. After a few seconds, John could feel Dean's shoulders shaking with muffled crying. As Dean's butt changed from light pink to dark pink, John could hear Dean's quiet crying getting louder.

Dean couldn't take it anymore and called out through his tears, "I'm sorry! OW! Please Dad! I won't do it again, I swear!"

Thinking that Dean sounded sincere, John said, "Yeah, I know you won't," and finished up the spanking with four sharp swats to each of Dean's sit spots. Once he stopped, John rubbed Dean's back in slow circles and said, "Okay kiddo, all done."

Dean stood immediately and yanked his underwear and jeans up into place. Once they were on, he wiped at his face with his sleeve. John stood up as well and put a hand on Dean's shoulder. When Dean kept his eyes focused on the floor, John tilted his head up with a finger under his chin. "No more soliciting, especially under false pretenses. Right?"


John gave Dean a tight hug to let him know he was forgiven.

After a few seconds John said, "Time for bed. Tomorrow I'll ask around and see what kind of information the police really have."

Dean let go and said, "Okay. I'm really sorry Dad."

John kissed the top of Dean's head and said, "It'll be okay. Go on and get some sleep."

Dean turned and walked down the hall while rubbing his rear end. Stopping in the bathroom, Dean brushed his teeth while muttering curses at the news, and at people who wanted receipts for donations. He headed to the room he shared with his brother, went in, and shut the door behind himself. Knowing Sam wouldn't have been able to fall asleep; Dean flipped on the light to find pajamas.

Squinting, Sam leaned up on an elbow and said, "You okay?"

"I'm fine."

The room was silent for a few seconds while Dean found pajamas, turned off the light, and changed. He climbed into bed and lay on his side, facing away from Sam. Once Dean was settled Sam said, "Dean?"


"I'm sorry you got in trouble 'cause of me."

Sighing, Dean turned onto his other side so he was facing Sam and said, "I didn't get in trouble because of you, you little moron, I got in trouble because of me. You didn't even know what I was doing."

"Yeah, but the only reason you did it was…."

Dean cut him off, "Look Sammy, I'm glad you got to go to that class, and if I had to do it over again, I'd still find a way to get that money. I'd just do it differently. Don't be a chick and feel bad for me. Be happy you got to go. Okay?"

Frowning in the dark, Sam reluctantly said, "Okay Dean."

There was a knock on their door, and a second later John came in. He walked over to Sam, pulled the covers up to his shoulders and leaned down to give him a kiss on the forehead. "Go to sleep Sammy."

"Yes Sir. Night Dad."

John walked over and ruffled Dean's hair as he said, "You too."

"Yes Sir."

Walking out, John shut the door behind him, and went to call a friend of his in the police force to make sure no one had called in to give specific information about Dean in conjunction with the news report.

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