Author's Notes: This is just a quick little thing I wrote. This takes place in/after the episode of Supernatural that is about Bloody Mary. (Did any one besides me think 'Oooh, Sam's in trouble now!' when Dean pulled the car over in this episode? Just me? Well, now the rest of you will be thinking it too, if you see it on a re-run! LOL)
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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of an adult by a sibling.

Keeping Secrets

They were quiet for a few minutes as they drove. Then Dean spoke up; "You know her boyfriend killing himself isn't really Charley's fault."

Sam shrugged, "You know as well as I do spirits don't exactly see shades of gray, Dean. Charley had a secret. Someone died. That's good enough for Mary."

Dean reluctantly agreed, "I guess."

The car was quiet for a few minutes. Then Sam said, "You know I've been thinking. It may not be good enough to just smash that mirror."

"Why not?"

"Mary's hard to pin down, she moves around from mirror to mirror. So who's to say she's not gonna just keep hiding in them forever. Maybe we should try to summon her to her mirror and then smash it."

Dean sounded skeptical, "Well how do you know that's gonna work?"

"I don't. Not for sure."

Dean shrugged, "It would be worth a shot, but who's gonna summon her?"

Sam stared out the front window and said with conviction. "I will. She'll come after me."

Dean couldn't take it. He shook his head and was obviously irritated when he said, "All right. You know what? That's it."

Dean pulled the car over, parked it, turned off the engine, and turned to his brother with a serious look. "This is about Jessica isn't it? You think that's your dirty little secret. That you killed her somehow? Sam this has got to stop man. The nightmares, and calling her name out in the middle of the night is gonna kill you."

He paused while watching Sam who wouldn't make eye contact. Dean tried his best older brother voice and said, "Now you listen to me. It wasn't your fault. If you want to blame someone, blame the thing that killed her. Or hell, why don't you take a swing at me? I'm the one who dragged you away from her in the first place."

Sam looked at Dean with sincerity; "I don't blame you."

"Well you shouldn't blame yourself, there's nothing you could have done."

Sam looked away. "I could have warned her."

Dean lost his patients and yelled, "About what?! You didn't know it was gonna happen!"

He calmed down slightly and continued, "Besides, this isn't a secret. I know all about it. It won't work with Mary anyway."

Sam said quietly, "No you don't."

"I don't what?"

Sam looked at him. "You don't' know all about it. I haven't told you everything."

Dean glared, "What are you talking about?"

Sam looked away again. "Well it wouldn't be a secret if I told you about it now would it?"

Dean gave a short disbelieving laugh and said, "If Dad were here he would kick your ass for saying something like that."

Sam glared over and said, "Yeah, well if Dad were here, I wouldn't be! I'd be back in college where I belong!"

Dean took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He shook his head and said flat out, "No."

He waited a few seconds and then as if to reiterate what he had already decided he said, "I don't like it. It's not gonna happen. Forget it."

Sam gave Dean a pleading look and said, "Dean that girl back there is gonna die unless we do something about it, and who knows how many more people are gonna die. Now we're doing this. You've got to let me do this. Please."

Dean closed his eyes to the puppy dog look. He leaned back in his seat for a second and rested his head on the back of his chair. He didn't like the idea at all, but it was what he and his brother did. They took risks with their lives every day. And this seemed important to Sam. He sighed and said, "Okay, but on one condition."


"When this is over we talk about it, and you fess up."

Sam looked down. "I'll think about it."

Dean shook his head, "No. You'll do it, or we won't go."

Sam got irritated too and said, "Fine, let's not help those people, and then see if you can sleep at night when they die."

Dean yelled, "Damn it Sam! Why are you being so stubborn?"

Sam thought to himself that he learned it from Dean and their father, but said, "It's just really hard to talk about. But I promise I'll try."

Dean sighed and said, "Okay."

He started the car up. It was a quiet ride to the art dealers. Once they got there, Sam picked the lock. Neither one realized they had tripped a silent alarm. They went in search of the mirror. Sam found it first, and called Dean over. They both stood in front of the mirror with crowbars in their hands ready to smash it when Mary appeared. Dean said, "You sure man?"

Sam looked at his reflection and said, "Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary."

As they were waiting for something to happen, Dean saw someone was driving up to the front. He said to Sam, "Smash anything that moves. I'm gonna go check this out."

Dean peaked around the corner to see the front. He could tell it was police. He muttered, "Crap." and put his crowbar down. He walked out the front with his hands up and a smile on his face. He spent the next few minutes trying to convince the police he was the son of the owner, and when that didn't work, he just punched them both out.

While Dean was busy with that, Sam was watching the mirrors around him. Suddenly Mary appeared in a mirror that was to his left. He smashed it with the crowbar. Then she appeared in the mirror that was to his right. He smashed it too, and said, "Come on, into this one."

He kept his eyes on the big mirror that used to belong to Mary. He glanced at his own reflection and thought something seemed odd. Then he realized his reflection didn't have the same expression on his face that he had. He also realized his reflection didn't move when he did. His reflection glared at him, and some blood started to trickle out of the reflection's eye.

Sam was immediately thrown into some serious pain. He dropped the crowbar, and blood started coming out of his eyes too. He dropped to his knees while watching his reflection.

His reflection said with hatred, "It's your fault! You killed her. You killed Jessica.
You never told her the truth about the person you used to be, but it's more then that. Isn't it? Those nightmares you've been having of her dying. Of her screaming…. you had them for days before she died. Didn't you! You were so desperate to be normal. So desperate to believe that they were just dreams. How could you ignore them like that?! How could you leave her alone to die? You dreamt it would happen!"

Sam was choking and dying at the words that were killing him. Then Dean came from out of no where, and smashed the mirror. Dean couldn't hear or see anything in the mirror, but he knew Mary was there just the same. As soon as the mirror was smashed, he knelt down in front of Sam and said with concern, "Sammy? Sammy!"

Sam looked at him and croaked out, "It's Sam."

Dean gave him a slight smile and wiped some of the blood off his face. He said, "You okay?"

Sam gave a not very convincing, "Yeah." and Dean helped him up off the floor. He put Sam's arm around his shoulders to help him walk to the car. Then Dean felt more then heard something behind him. He turned and saw the image of Mary climbing out of another mirror. She came towards both Dean and Sam. This time there was no talking of wrongdoing; it was just revenge for smashing her mirror. As Dean and Sam both fell to the floor in pain, Dean saw another mirror beside him. He picked it up, and held it up so that Mary could see her own reflection. Suddenly the pain stopped for both Dean and Sam, and Mary's reflection started talking to her, condemning her for the people she had killed. She soon shattered into hundreds of tiny mirror pieces.

Sam and Dean stood again, and walked out to their car. The ride back to the hotel room where they had left Charley was quiet. They knocked on the door, and then went in. Charley was still sitting on the bed with her eyes closed, right where they had left her. As soon as she heard the door open she said, "Did it work?"

Dean said, "Yes, you're safe now. You can open your eyes."

She did, and then took a look at them. She said, "Oh! Your face! It's all bloody."

Dean nodded once and looked to Sam. He said, "Go clean up first."

Sam nodded, and went into the bathroom. Dean sat on the bed next to Charley and said, "We got there, and Sam summoned her to her original mirror. Once she was there, we smashed it. Then she still came after us, so I let her see her own reflection. That did her in. Or at least we're pretty sure it did. But I'll stand with you while you look in the mirror as soon as Sam's done."

Charley said, "Are you guys okay?"

Dean said, "We seem to be fine now."

Sam came out of the bathroom looking as good as new. Dean said, "No Mary?"


Dean got up and held out a hand for Charley. She put her hand in his, and went with him into the bathroom. She took a tentative look in the mirror, and saw nothing except her own reflection. Dean got a new washcloth, and washed the blood off his face. Then he said, "Try to summon her."

Charley was shaky, but nodded and said, "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

They both waited for about five minutes, and when nothing happened, Dean said, "Good. She's gone."

Charley said, "Thank you."

Dean looked at his watch and said, "It's almost one in the morning, and I'm spent. I know Sam is too. You mind if we all just crash here until morning, and then we can take you home?"

She nodded, "I don't think I'd even make it to the car before I fell asleep."

Dean and Charley walked out the door with Dean saying, "You can have the bed, and…."

He looked over to see Sam fast asleep on top of the bed already. Charley smiled and said, "I'll take the couch. You can have the other side of the bed."

Dean nodded and looked in the hotel closet for any extra bedding. He found a blanket, and handed it to Charley. He gave her one of the pillows off the bed, and she went to make up a spot on the couch for herself. Dean took off his jacket, put it on top of Sam, and then climbed under the covers on his side of the bed.

Three hours later Dean was startled awake when Sam called out, "Jessica!"

He turned to see his brother sitting up in bed breathing hard. Dean sighed and said, "Let's talk Sam."

Sam looked over at Charley who was still asleep, and shook his head no. Dean saw the look and said, "Okay, but no later then tomorrow."

Dean lay back down and muttered to himself, "A full nights sleep would be nice for a change."

Sam lay back down and stared at the ceiling trying not to fall back asleep. It was a loosing battle, and he woke everyone up at six in the morning by yelling, "Nooooo!"

Dean and Charley both sat up and stared at Sam. He looked pale, but as he saw both of them looking at him he looked embarrassed and said, "Sorry."

Dean got up and said to Charley, "You want to take a shower first, or do you just want to go home?"

She got up and said, "I'd really like to just go home."

A few minutes later after everyone had used the bathroom, gathered up their stuff, and checked out; they were headed back to Charley's house. When they got there, she looked at Dean and said, "It's really all over right?"

Dean nodded. She got out of the car and said, "Thank you again."

She started walking away and Sam stopped her by saying, "Hey Charley."

She turned to look at him. He said, "You shouldn't feel guilty about your boyfriend. You couldn't have known what he would do. It wasn't your fault. Sometimes bad things just happen."

She smiled and nodded once before walking to her front door. Once she was in, Dean tapped Sam's arm to get his attention. Sam looked over and Dean said pointedly, "That's good advice."

Sam didn't comment. Dean started up the car and headed out of town. A few minutes later Dean said, "Okay, now that it's all over, I want you to tell me what that secret is."

Sam said, "I'm tired. Let's talk about it later."

Dean said, "Fine. You lean back and sleep, and when you wake up screaming, then we'll talk."

Sam glared at him, but then did lean back. He stared out the window for a few seconds, and then abruptly sat up. There standing on the street was his Jessica. She was wearing a beautiful dress, and was smiling at him. He didn't feel like he could breath. Then when a lamppost obstructed his view of her for a second, she disappeared. Sam shook his head slightly and thought he must be so tired that he was hallucinating while he was awake.

Dean had noticed his brother's movements and said, "What was it?"

"It…. It was nothing."

"Riiiight." Dean shook his head and said with determination, "I think we'll talk now. I don't think it's good for you to keep this to yourself. You need to get it out so that both of us can get a decent nights sleep."

Sam sighed and said, "Look you're my brother and I'd die for you. But there's some things I need to keep to myself."

Dean scoffed, "What a huge load of bull Sam. You promised you'd talk, so talk."

"I didn't promise to talk, I promised to try."

"You better try damn hard, or we'll find a place to pull over."

Sam gave a snort and said, "Is that some kind of threat or something?"

"If you need it to be, yeah."

Sam lost it and yelled, "You aren't Dad, so stop trying to be!"

"I'm not trying to be! I'm trying to help you and keep you safe! I've been doing that my whole life it's nothing new. Who got you out of that haunted cave when you were eight? Who pulled you out of the river when you were five and couldn't swim? Who shot the werewolf right before he bit you when you were fourteen? Just because you've been on your own for four years doesn't mean that I can just switch gears and not care when I see you hurting."

Sam's anger had drained as Dean was talking. He looked down and said, "Dean…. I…. I'm glad you care. Really I am, but…. I just…. I just need to take care of this on my own."

Dean glared at the road and looked around for a place to pull over. They were just about out of the small town. They drove in silence for a little while, but Dean kept his eyes open. Five minutes later he saw a dirt road, and pulled off the main road. Sam noticed this and looked around. He said, "What are we doing?"

Dean gave him a grim look. "Taking care of this."

Sam glared at him and sneered, "Screw you 'Dad'. Even though you still seem to think I'm ten, I'm actually an adult."

Dean didn't have to go all that far to get away from the main road. Soon he couldn't see anything but trees and nature around, so he pulled over. He stopped, cut the engine, put the keys in his pocket, and turned to look at Sam.

"We aren't going anywhere until you talk."

Sam gave him a flippant, "Great. I needed a nap."

"You need a kick in the pants."

Sam slouched back in his seat and closed his eyes. Dean looked at his brother and wished for the hundredth time that his father were there. He wasn't sure what their father would do about something like this, but he would have had some kind of answer. He missed his father more then he let on, and times like these made him feel inadequate.

Dean sighed and thought, 'I guess it's gonna get physical. He can't keep it all bottled inside him, he'll go off the deep end. But I can't just haul off and punch him.'

That brought back memories of the only time he had punched Sam. He smacked Sam in the back of the head sometimes, and their Dad seemed to think that was okay as long as it was for a good reason, but punching was not acceptable. It had been when Dean was sixteen and Sam had been twelve. He didn't even remember what they were arguing about. Something stupid, he was sure. He had punched Sam before even thinking about it. Dean had just stood there staring with disbelief at his brother who was on the floor crying. Two seconds later their father was there, comforting Sam, and asking what had happened. Sam got out, "He hit me!!!" and Dean had felt both shame and fear at the look his father gave him. That night after Sam had gone to bed, Dean had been made to recount the whole incident to his father, and then he had gotten the last and worst spanking of his life. In fact it had been his only spanking as a teenager. The one before that had been when he was ten. But he didn't really think his father had been wrong to do it. Not even at the time, because he had felt so bad about what he had done.

Dean looked over at Sam. He knew the last time Sam had been spanked was when he was eleven. Dean closed his eyes for a second, not quite believing where this line of thinking was taking him. But he had to admit; it would probably shock Sam into talking if nothing else. Dean had a fleeting wish that he had grown up to be taller then his brother instead of the other way around. He made up his mind and got out of the car.

Sam noticed and cracked his eye open a slit to see what Dean was doing. Dean quickly walked around to the other side of the car, and opened Sam's door. Sam gave his brother a glare. "I was trying to sleep."

Dean said, "Get out."


Dean yelled, "Get out right now!"

Sam didn't quite have the guts not to do it. He slowly got out of the car and said belligerently, "What are you gonna do? Drive off and leave me here?"

Dean motioned for Sam to move forward a little, so he could shut the passenger side door. Sam rolled his eyes and moved. Dean shut the door, and walked to the front of the car on the passenger's side. He motioned Sam forward and said, "Come here for a minute."

Sam thought this was ridiculous, but walked closer to Dean. As soon as Sam was standing beside the hood half way between the passenger door and the front of the car, Dean walked around him so that Dean was now standing by the passenger side door. He leaned his hands on the roof of the car and looked over to the wooded area a few feet away. He said, "I don't think you have to tell me everything about your life. I don't mind if you keep things from me. The only reason I want you to tell me about this is because it's hurting you, and frankly it's causing you to be off your game when we're working."

Sam crossed his arms and looked off into the distance also. He said, "No it isn't. You're just overreacting to a few nightmares."

Dean knew he wasn't going to be able to coax the answer out of his brother, so he moved fast. He kicked his brother's feet out from under him with his right foot, and at the same time used his left arm to shove Sam's back down towards the hood of the car. Sam reflexively put his hands out to catch himself, but his chest still landed on the hood of the car with a thump. Before he had time to react and get back up, Dean leaned on Sam's back with the whole left side of his upper body. Sam struggled, but Dean kept kicking his feet out, and put enough pressure on his back to keep him in place. As Sam struggled he yelled out, "What the hell do you think you're doing?! Let me up!"

Dean brought his right hand down with a solid smack to Sam's backside and said, "I'll let you up after you tell me what's been bothering you!" while giving him another two swats.

Sam yelled with disbelief, "You're spanking me?! Have you been possessed or something? Or is this yet another lame attempt to pretend you're Dad?"

"Now you're just pissing me off."

Dean started spanking as fast and as hard as he could. Sam yelled, struggled, and called Dean all the names he could think of that used to get under his skin. After about twenty smacks the name-calling stopped, and Sam realized the pain was getting to the place where his pride was going to take a back seat. He was quiet for the next ten swats and then he said, "Dean?"

Dean had been waiting for some kind of response that wasn't angry, and he stopped in mid swing. He said, "Yeah?"

"I… I'll tell you."

"Good. So talk."

Sam meant it to be a statement, but it came out as a question. "Let me get up first?"

Dean shook his head, "Sorry Sam, but you're bigger then me now. I don't know if I could wrestle you back into place if you changed your mind. You'll have to talk like this, and it better be good, because believe me when I tell you that you'll run out of tolerance before I will."

Sam took a deep breath and said, "I… I dreamed about it."

"Dreamed about what?"

"Jessica dying."

Dean rolled his eyes and smacked Sam another five times as he said, "Tell me something I don't know!"

Sam grunted through the swats and then yelled, "I'm trying to!"

Dean waited and a few seconds later Sam said, "I…. The dreams….. They started three days before Jessica died."

Dean was just shocked and immediately let Sam up. He stepped back a few steps and said, "What?"

Sam was so guilt ridden over the whole incident he thought Dean was walking away from him because he was disgusted. Sam slowly stood and unconsciously put his arms around himself for comfort. Some tears started down his face as he realized his older brother, who had always looked out for him and protected him, was so unhappy with his choices that he was walking away. Sam was unable to turn and face his brother, but he blurted out, "I know! I know I should have done something, but I just wanted a normal life so bad! I pushed the dreams aside. Pretended they were just dreams, when really I knew. I knew she was gonna die, and I did NOTHING. I killed her! Jessica loved me! She trusted me, and I betrayed her! I knew what was going to happen, and I just ignored it!"

It took Dean a few seconds to wrap his head around what Sam was saying. He had never met a psychic who wasn't pulling some kind of scam, but he knew his father believed there were real ones out there. He just found it difficult to accept that his brother was one of them. But once he took a look at Sam standing there crying and hugging himself, Dean did believe it. And once he believed it, everything fell into place for him.

Dean understood why Sam couldn't sleep. He walked over to Sam and pulled him into a hug. Sam quickly hugged him back, needing the reassurance that his brother didn't hate him now. Dean said, "Oh, Sammy, I'm so sorry."

Sam broke down and cried some more. Sam still felt guilt weighing him down, but he did feel better now that his brother both knew about it, and didn't hate him for it. As Dean was holding onto Sam, he was thinking about how to make Sam feel better. A few minutes later Dean pulled back and put both his hands on Sam's shoulders to get Sam to look at him. Sam wiped at his face and looked at his brother. Sam thought Dean looked intense, and was wondering if he had read the situation wrong. Maybe Dean was about to tell him goodbye. But instead Dean said, "How many dreams of yours have come true?"

Sam shook his head a little and said, "What?"

"How many of your dreams have come true a few days after you dreamed them?"

Sam looked off into the distance and said, "Just this once as far as I know. But I get that sense of deja vu all the time. Like I know what will happen, because it's happened before."

Dean nodded and put one of his hands on Sam's cheek as he said, "Then you couldn't have known. It's not your fault, Sam."

Sam closed his eyes and shook his head no. Dean wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do or not, but he needed to help Sam get over some of his guilt, so he quickly turned Sam and shoved him back over the hood of the car. This time Sam didn't even try to stop him. Dean gave him another twenty swats, and when it was over, Sam was crying and saying he was sorry, but not what he was sorry for. Dean stopped and said, "I don't care if you don't believe it, I want you to say, 'Jessica's death was not my fault.'"

Sam yelled out, "It WAS!!!"

Dean gave Sam another ten very hard swats, and Sam was moving to get away as he cried. Dean said, "Say it, or we can just stay like this all damn day."

Sam shook his head no with force. Dean said, "Say it, or I start smacking you again."

Sam was guilt ridden, excessively tired from lack of sleep, and in quite a bit of pain. He said, "Okay! It wasn't my God damn fault, even though it was!"

Dean shook his head and gave Sam ten more even harder smacks. Sam cried out, and when Dean stopped again Sam said, "Okay! Okay! It wasn't my fault!"

Dean gave him another swat and said, "What wasn't your fault?"

"Jessica's death!!"

Dean got up and said, "Jessica's murder. And whether you believe it or not, it's not your fault."

Sam got up and couldn't help himself from rubbing his butt for a few seconds to try and get the burning sensation to cool down. Dean remembered what Sam had said about him always seeing Sam as a kid, and thought Sam did look about ten. He smiled fondly at his brother, but Sam missed it as he was looking down. Dean pulled him into a hug again and Sam grabbed Dean in a death grip while crying.

A few minutes later Dean said, "It's gonna be okay. I swear. We're gonna find the thing that did this to Jessica and Mom, and we're gonna make it suffer and then we're gonna make it disappear. As soon as we catch up with Dad, we can all put our respective knowledge together, and we'll find it. Dad couldn't do it before, because he was alone. But things will be different this time. You've got us, and unfortunately for you, you'll never be able to get rid of us. No matter what."

A few minutes later Sam let go of Dean, and again wiped at his face with his sleeve. Dean clapped Sam on the shoulder and said, "I'll bet you'll sleep uninterrupted for the next 300 miles."

Sam mumbled, "300 miles? I don't think I could even sit for ten. Why did you decide to spank me anyway? Dad wouldn't even do that."

Dean shrugged. "Dad might have, and at first I did it because you wouldn't talk about the things that were bothering you. But later I did it because you're full of guilt, and I thought it would help make some of it go away."

As Dean was talking, he opened the passenger side door, and lifted the passenger seat a little so Sam could get in the back. Dean said, "Get in the back and lay down."

Sam said, "I just got up an hour ago."

"And now you're gonna go back to sleep."

Sam glared and looked about to rebel. Dean said calmly, "I swear to God, if you don't get in the back and lay down, I'm gonna do it all over again."

Sam's eyes got bigger and he shook his head no. Dean said, "Your call. I'm counting to five in my head."

Sam looked at Dean for one more second, and then slowly walked over to the open door. He gave Dean a glare as he climbed into the back, and Dean was tempted to swat him, but refrained. A few minutes later they were back on the road. Five minutes after that, Sam was sound asleep. And Dean had been right. Sam slept for the next four hours straight, with no nightmares involved.

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