Author's Note: This story is a 'drabble' written for a friend on LJ. The prompt for the story was 'mishap' and the request was for a Supernatural story with no angst. Don't know if I succeeded in the no angst department, but I gave it a shot. Dean is 18 and Sam is 14.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a sibling.

Dean's Bad Day

Dean put a bowl of cereal on the table and yelled again, "Sam! We're gonna be late if you don't hurry up!"

Dean heard a noise and turned around. He was surprised to see Sam standing there already dressed and looking wide awake. Getting the milk out of the refrigerator Dean said, "You're up early."

Sam didn't comment, and sat down in front of his cereal. Dean set the milk in front of him and sat down in his own chair. Sam used the milk, and handed it to Dean before taking a bite of his cereal. Dean poured the milk, but it came out much faster then he was expecting, and the milk sloshed over the side of the bowl, and over the side of the table to land on Dean's jeans. Standing abruptly and scooting his chair back in the process Dean said, "Son of a Bitch!"

Looking at him with mild amusement Sam said, "Good thing we did laundry yesterday."

"Shut up."

Shrugging Sam went back to eating, while Dean put the milk away and got out some paper towels to clean up the mess. Dean left his cereal there and went to change pants. A few minutes later he came back with new pants and sat down to eat. When the cereal was gone, Dean picked up the bowl and held it up to his mouth to drink the rest of the milk in the bottom, but tilted it too far and milk dribbled out of his mouth and onto his shirt.

Sam broke down into laughter while Dean just sat and stared at the milk on his shirt with disbelief for a few seconds with milk dripping of his chin. He wiped his face with the back of his hand, and put his bowl in the sink. He glared over at Sam and said, "Yuck it up Samantha, if I'm late for school you are too."

His laughter died down slightly, but didn't go away as he watched Dean stalk into the bedroom to change his shirt. Sam got his backpack and went into the garage and stood next to the Impala to wait.

On the ride to the high school Dean relaxed and started singing along with one of his AC/DC tapes. As they were pulling into the school parking lot, the song suddenly stopped. Dean looked down and pushed the button to stop the tape and then hit play again. Nothing happened, so he pushed the button to eject the tape, but nothing happened again. Frowning in irritation he found a spot and parked. He pushed the eject button again, and the tape popped out. He pulled the tape out of the player, but found that there was a string of ribbon trailing from the tape to the inside of the Impala's player. Sam said, "Dude, it's not your day is it?"

Dean glared. "Shut up Sam."

Pulling gently Dean tried to get the ribbon out of the player. The ribbon snapped in half immediately. "Damn it!"

Dean tossed the cassette on the seat between himself and Sam. Sam got out of the car and said, "See you later."

Grabbing his backpack Dean got out of the car and headed into school thinking he would be spending the late afternoon pulling the player out of the Impala and working on it. He was quickly distracted by a group of three cheerleaders who were standing by the stairs that lead up to the school doors. He gave them what he considered a dashing smile and said, "Hello ladies."

Two of the girls giggled, and the other said, "Hi Dean."

He was kind of surprised that any of them would know his name, since he had only been at this school for three weeks. He knew their names, but then he usually made a point to know the names of all the cheerleaders within the first day of any new school. He stopped and turned to the one who had used his name and said, "Hi Ann, are you ready for the football game tonight? Got any new cheers for us out in the audience?"

She smiled and said, "We've been working on a new one all week. Are you coming to the game tonight?"

"Of course."

"Then maybe I'll see you there."

He winked at her and said, "Count on it."

The school bell rang, so Dean gestured towards the stairs and said, "Ladies first."

The girls smiled and went ahead of him up the stairs. Dean waited a few seconds to head up, so that he could be eye level with the backs of their tiny skirts. He went two steps and fell. Everyone around him turned to look, and quite a few laughed. Ann turned and went back down a couple of steps as she held out her hand to help him and asked, "Are you okay?"

Dean turned red with embarrassment and got up on his own. He muttered, "I'm fine." And hurried into the school.

Sam put another French-fry in his mouth and tried not to roll his eyes as his friend Kathy said, "I'll bet Dean would make an awesome football player."

Shaking his head Sam said, "No way. He's much too scrawny. Have you seen the other guys on the team? That guy Aaron has arms that are bigger then my neck."

Frowning Kathy said, "Why are you always so down on your brother?"

Sam put a bite of chili dog in his mouth and shrugged, but thought to himself, 'Why are you always so enamoured with him?'

The argument had started when Kathy brought up the fact that she had seen Dean fall on the stairs that morning. Sam had said Dean was always clumsy, but Kathy had defended him. Before their conversation could go any further, Dean was in front of them. Sam thought this was odd since Dean normally wouldn't be caught dead around his 'dork' brother during school hours. Dean grabbed Sam's arm and hauled him up out of his seat. Sam complained, "Hey!"

Dean looked at Kathy and said, "Sam will be back in a sec."

Keeping a hand on Sam, Dean headed them out of the cafeteria and into the closest boy's bathroom. On the way Sam said, "What the hell Dean?"

"I need to talk to you. Alone."

Sam swallowed nervously, and didn't fight as Dean pulled him along. Once they were in the bathroom, Dean quickly scared off the two sophomores that were already there, and turned to Sam. Sam backed up against one of the bathroom sinks getting out of reach and said, "What's wrong?"

Dean ran a hand through is hair and said with tired frustration, and a little fear, "I don't know, but we need to find out. Maybe we should call Bobby or Dad."

Sam breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Let's not jump the gun, tell me what happened."

Dean paced around like a caged animal and said, "What happened? What didn't happen? I think I'm cursed or something. You saw what happened this morning, and it's only gotten worse. First I fell on the steps on the way into school. In first period I dropped my pencil three times, the lead broke twice, and then my paper ripped while I was writing. In the middle of the class my book fell and made a huge noise while the teacher was talking. On my way to second period I dropped my notebook and my papers scattered all over the hallway so I was late to class. And don't even get me started on third period gym. Let's just say I have more bruises then the time I took down that werewolf in Arkansas."

Sam said, "Wow."

Dean stopped and looked at Sam. "I think we should go home and find out what's going on."

Shaking his head Sam said, "I don't know Dean, it sounds to me like you're just having a bad day. Do you really want to call Dad away from a hunt to tell him you've been clumsy today? I don't think that would go over very well."

Gritting his teeth Dean said, "I'm never clumsy. Something's wrong."

Sam thought about it for a second. "Okay, maybe you're right, but just because something's wrong doesn't mean it's something supernatural. Maybe you're getting a cold or an ear infection. Liquid could be building up in your ear and affecting your equilibrium without it hurting too much yet."

Dean wasn't sure if this was true or not, but Sam was generally right about that sort of thing, and he was researcher in the family. "Maybe."

Nodding encouragingly Sam said, "Why don't you go get some lunch, sit down, and relax for a few minutes. Eat some protein and see if that helps."

Thinking for a second, Dean slowly nodded, "Okay. Thanks Sam."

"No problem. You want to come sit with me and Kathy?"

Feeling a little better about the day Dean smirked, "And be seen with the geek squad? Not likely."

Glaring Sam said, "Just because Kathy and I like school doesn't make us geeks."

"Riiiiiight. And when did it become Kathy and I? Are you into her? Guess it makes sense since you're the same species and all."

Wishing he hadn't made Dean feel better, Sam stalked out of the bathroom and called over his shoulder, "Jerk!"

Dean smiled and said, "Bitch." More to himself then to Sam since he was already gone. Dean said, "Just a bad day Dean, stop making a big deal out of it, and get your act together."

He went to the cafeteria, waited in line, and soon had a tray with chili and cornbread in front of him. He headed towards his usual table where a couple of guys he had recently made friends with were sitting. As he walked his shoelace came undone, and he tripped on his own laces. He fell forward, and let go of the tray to catch himself as he fell. He found himself on his chest on the floor with hot chili seeping through his shirt. Some people clapped while others laughed. Dean turned red for what seemed like the millionth time that day.

He quickly got himself up, and picked up as much of the mess as he could. He threw his food and napkins away and stalked over towards Sam who was obviously amused. Grabbing his brother again he said to Kathy, "Sam will see you tomorrow."

Sam let himself be manhandled out of his seat and said, "Tomorrow? What do you mean?"

Dean started them walking towards the exit. Sam said, "Dean? Dean, at least let me get my backpack, I have homework."

Dean didn't say anything until they were outside near the parking lot. "Something's wrong Sammy, and it's not some liquid in my ear crap. You need to help me figure it out before something really bad happens."

Soon they were at the car, and Sam got in without much prompting. He sighed as Dean pulled out of the spot and headed for home. Dean pulled out his cell phone and started to dial. Sam pulled it out of Dean's hand. "What the hell Sam?"

"Let's at least try to figure it out ourselves before you drag Dad or Bobby into it. So you fell a few times. So what? Don't be such a baby."

Dean reached over and smacked the back of Sam's head. "Ow! What was that for?"

"Talking." Dean said irritably.

Two blocks from home, the Impala started driving unevenly. Dean slammed his hand on the steering wheel and pulled to the side. Sam said, "What's wrong?"

"Flat tire."

Dean opened his door, but Sam put a hand on his arm before he could get out. "Maybe you should let me change it."

Dean thought about it for a few seconds, and then closed his door again. He nodded in acceptance and leaned his head back against the seat and closed his eyes.

Ten minutes later they were parking at home. As they went through the front door Dean tripped and fell onto the carpet. Sam reached a hand down to help him up, and Dean took it. Sam said, "Why don't you go lie down? You take a nap, and I'll look into your problem. Let me see what I can find before you call someone okay?"

Thinking about it for a few seconds, Dean finally nodded. "Okay Sam. See what you can find. I'm going to go change my shirt again, and lay down. At least I can't hurt myself on my bed."

Patting Dean's shoulder in a comforting gesture, Sam said, "Good idea. I'm sure things will be better when you get up."

Looking at Sam closely, Dean said, "What do you mean things will be better?"

Sam looked away and said, "I mean that should give me enough time to come up with some theory on what's going on."

Sam missed the glare that Dean sent his way. Dean turned towards his room and said, "Okay. Come get me if you find something out."

"Sure. You bet Dean."

Dean made it to his room and shut the door behind him. He took off his shirt, and put a new one on. He took off his shoes, lay down on his bed, closed his eyes, leveled out his breathing, and waited. Fifteen minutes later his ears picked up the sound of his door creaking open and then closing again. He waited another ten minutes, and then got up as silently as possible. He patiently made his way to the living room without making a sound.

He heard Sam before he saw him. Sam was chanting in Latin. It wasn't one of the spells or phrases that Dean knew, but he knew enough of the words to get the general drift. His mouth took a grim line as he quietly headed towards his brother.

Sam finished the undoing spell and took a minute to look it over; making sure he did it all correct before blowing out the candle that he had sitting on the coffee table. He bit his fingernail nervously and tried to come up with a reasonable explanation that Dean would buy, when he felt himself being yanked up by the collar of his shirt. Sam let out a girlish squeak of surprise as he was pulled to his feet and turned towards his brother.

Sam knew he was dead as soon as he saw Dean's face. In that moment Dean looked a lot bigger and more muscular then Sam remembered him looking yesterday. He stammered out, "I can explain…"

Dean sat down on the couch and yanked Sam over his lap. Dean's hand came down in rapid succession, while Sam yelled and tried to squirm out of position. Once Dean was sure he had Sam's undivided attention, he paused and said, "Okay explain, and the jeans are coming off."

Close to tears Sam sniffed and said, "Don't you mean explain or the jeans are coming off?"

Swatting him hard Dean said, "No."

Squirming unhappily, Sam said, "It was just a harmless little bad luck spell."

Dean reached down under Sam to undo his jeans, and Sam quickly yelled out, "No!" and put some real effort into getting off Dean's lap.

Unfortunately for Sam, Dean was bigger, stronger, and just plain pissed off. Dean had the jeans off and was spanking Sam over his underwear in short order. Sam yelled out in pain, and after a few seconds of solid swats he said, "Please Dean! Please let me explain!"

Dean kept swatting and said, "Go ahead and explain. This should be good."

Kicking his legs, Sam said, "I did it because Kathy likes you!"

That stopped Dean's hand in mid swing. He turned to look at the back of his brother's head and said with genuine confusion, "What?"

A few tears went down Sam's face. "All she ever talks about it how great you are, and I guess… I wanted her to see that you aren't perfect."

Dean rested hand on Sam's back. "So you're telling me that you did this because you like a girl?"

Nodding his head Sam felt a few more tears go down his face, and he was sure Dean could tell he was crying as he said, "I really like her, and we have a lot in common, but she doesn't even see me. She just sees you."

This was the first time Dean had heard Sam say he really liked a girl, and found that he couldn't stay angry. "Well that was a pretty shitty thing to do to me, but I've done plenty of stupid stuff to get a girl myself."

Dean started spanking Sam again and said, "But you know better then to meddle with spells. Even if they seem harmless they can backfire."

Sam yelled, "Ow! I'm sorry! Ow Dean! I won't do any more spells!"

Believing that Sam wouldn't do it again, Dean stopped and helped Sam to stand up. Sam got his jeans back up first, wiped at his face a couple of times, and then rubbed at his butt once. It hadn't been a particularly bad spanking compared to others he had gotten. Sam wasn't sure why Dean had gone so easy on him, but he was sure that if his father had been around he would have gotten it much worse. And that made him wonder if Dean had gone easy on him because he planned to tell.

Once Dean saw Sam was done rubbing, he pulled him down to sit next to him on the couch. Draping an arm around Sam's shoulders in comfort, Dean sat with him and waited for him to calm down.

A few minutes later Sam asked, "Are you gonna tell Dad?"

"Of course not, are you crazy?"

"Thanks…. But why are you being so nice to me after I was awful to you?"

"Hey, I'm sure it's hard enough to be the little brother of someone as awesome as me. Why make it harder on you?"

Sam snorted a laugh at that. Dean went on, "I mean let's face it, I am the better looking brother, the more skilled hunter, I'm much better with women, and I'm basically an all around great guy."

Sam gave Dean a good-natured push.

Dean squeezed Sam's shoulder once and continued, "That's got to be hard to live with even when you can sit down, and trust me if I told Dad, you wouldn't be sitting for a while."


Dean let go of him and said, "So no more spells?"

"No more spells."

"And you're going to save up money and get me a new AC/DC tape and a new tire."

Standing up and rubbing his butt one more time Sam said, "You know you could install a CD player in the Impala instead."

Dean stood up as well and said, "That's not funny. Don't joke about that."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Okay a new tape and a replacement tire, though I don't know where I'm supposed to get the money."

"Get an after school job. Dad said we're gonna stay here until I graduate, because if we move again I'll have to repeat senior year, so you can keep a job long enough to make the money."

"Okay I will."

Dean said, "Come on, we need to go back to school."

"Aww come on Dean, have a heart. It may not have been the worst spanking ever, but sitting down isn't gonna be fun for the next couple of hours."

"Paybacks a bitch."

Figuring he did deserve it, and remembering he did have homework in his locker, Sam nodded and headed for the door. Dean headed out after him and said, "And then tonight when we get home…"

Sam groaned wondering what other unpleasantness Dean had up his sleeve. Dean continued, "….I'll tell you how to get Kathy to notice you."

"Really?" Sam asked hopefully.

"Yeah really." Dean smiled and headed for the car while thinking about trying to get some of his dignity back over the last two hours of school.

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