Author's Note: This story was written for a friend over on LJ. It is a 'drabble' with the prompt word of apples.
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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a child by a parent. I do not advocate spanking children in real life, only in fiction.

William Tell

The summer sun beat down on both boys. It was hot, but they had been banished from the small rental house while John was doing research, so they couldn't escape from the heat inside the house. Not that it was much cooler in the house, but at least they had a TV in there to distract them.

They were both sitting in the small amount of shade that the apple tree in the back yard provided when Dean had an idea. "Hey Sammy?"


"Wanna play William Tell?"


"You don't even know what it is."

"Do too!" protested the six year old.

Dean who was much wiser then his brother at ten, smirked and said, "Fine then tell me how to play."

"No, because it's stupid and I don't wanna anyway."

Dean picked up one of the apples that was on the ground and put it on his head. He said, "One of us has the apple on their head, and the other person tries to knock it off with an arrow."

"Oh." Sam thought about it for a few minutes. "Like with real arrows?"

"No dummy, like with your plastic arrows with the suction cups on the ends." Dean shook his head wondering when Sam was going to get some kind of common sense.

"Oh." Sam thought for a few minutes and picked up one of the apples off the ground. "Okay."

Sam got up and ran to the porch where they had left some of their toys, including a small bow and arrow set which had three arrows. He brought it back and saw Dean standing up straight against the tree with an apple on his head. "Go ahead Sammy. You get three shots, and then it's my turn."

Sam walked up and stood about six feet away. He took careful aim, and shot. The arrow hit Dean in the chest. Dean smiled and said, "That's one. Point the arrow higher."

Sam aimed higher and shot again. The arrow hit the tree above Dean's head. Dean was pleased with himself for coming up with this idea. Not only did it keep them busy, but it also was good weapons training for Sam. Dean said encouragingly, "Good try. Now try aiming somewhere in the middle of those two shots."

Sam aimed again, and the arrow hit Dean in the chest again. Dean took the apple off his head and gathered up the arrows. He walked to Sam and handed the apple to him. He said, "Okay my turn. Go stand by the tree."

Sam ran over and stood by the tree. It took him a few tries to balance the apple on his head. Once he did, Dean took aim and shot the first arrow, thinking that since he'd had some training with a real arrow he would be a better shot then his brother. The arrow went low and hit Sam in the eye. Dean was horrified and dropped the bow. He ran over to Sam who had let out a high pitched scream and was now holding his eye and crying.

Dean looked back towards the house hoping his father hadn't heard and kneeled down next to Sam. He said with urgency, "Don't cry Sammy. Let me see. It can't be that bad."

Sam continued to cry, and Dean started to panic, thinking maybe his father wouldn't see the whole William Tell thing as a good game to play. He patted Sam's shoulder and said, "Come on Sammy, please don't cry."

Dean heard the front door open and jumped away from Sam guiltily. John rushed over, kneeled down next to Sam and asked, "What happened?"

Dean gulped and stammered out, "Um.. Well…"

John had gently pulled Sam's hand away from his eye and said, "Let me see son."

Not seeing any blood, or anything obviously wrong, John forced Sam's eyelids open with his thumbs just long enough to see that there was no obvious damage. He picked Sam up and rubbed his back. He gave Dean an impatient look and said, "Dean!"

"It was an accident!"

John gave Dean a look that clearly said he wasn't happy and headed for the house as he said to Sam, "Let's get you a cold washcloth to put on your eye."

Dean felt kind of queasy and followed John in, hoping that Sam was okay, and that he wasn't in as much trouble as he thought he might be.

John got a washcloth out and got it wet while still holding Sam in one arm. Sam had stopped all out crying and was now sniffling. He said with hurt feelings, "Dean shot me with an arrow."

John shouted, "What?!"

Dean jumped to his own defense. "It was an accident, and you shot me first!"

John set Sam down in a chair and put the washcloth over Sam's eye. He said, "Hold it right there for a few minutes."

Once Sam was settled John turned to Dean and had to take a deep and calming breath before he said, "Tell me what happened."

Dean looked down at the floor. He did feel bad that Sam got hurt, when he was supposed to be watching out for him, and he knew that he was already in for it, so no need to drag Sam down with him. He muttered, "I talked Sam into playing William Tell with his toy arrow set. I was trying to shoot an apple off his head and missed. I think I need more target practice."

John just stood there for a second, not quite understanding how Dean could think this was a good game to play. "You… Why would you play that?"

Dean shrugged. "Seemed like a good idea at the time?"

John reached Dean with two steps. Dean held his hands up in front of him to ward his father off, knowing what was coming, but really wanting to somehow avoid it. John grabbed Dean's left wrist with his left hand and pulled him up so that Dean was mostly standing on his toes. John swatted Dean's butt with his free hand ten times in quick succession, and then let Dean go.

Dean yelled out, "Ow! Dad! Ow! Ow!"

Dean backed away a few steps and rubbed at his butt. He could feel the prick of tears in his eyes, but took a deep breath and didn't let them fall. John said, "I can't believe I have to actually tell you this Dean, but don't shoot arrows at your brother, fake or not."

Dean felt his face heat up in embarrassment at his father's obvious disappointment. "Yes Sir. I'm sorry."

John sighed and pulled Dean into a quick hug. He said, "Go get the bow and arrow set. Neither one of you get to play with it for a week."

Sam who had stopped crying all together said, "No fair!"

John let go of Dean and turned to his youngest. "Did you shoot arrows at Dean too?"

Sam's one eye got bigger at that, and his chin started to quiver as he nodded yes. John said, "Then it is fair, unless you'd rather have a spanking too."

Sam quickly shook his head. Then when his father looked back at Dean, Sam pouted, but didn't protest again.

Dean went to go get the arrow set and stomped a couple of the apples into mush on the lawn along the way muttering, "Stupid apples."

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