Author's Note: This story takes place during the episode 'The Homecoming', with some slight changes. Written - December 5, 2004
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a teen. Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parental figure.

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Ryan woke up happy to be where he was, like he usually did since moving in with the Cohen family. Today was to be his first Thanksgiving with them, and he was looking forward to it. He knew it would be nothing like Thanksgiving at his house. No one would be getting drunk and passing out. No one would be yelling and arguing. No one would be ruining the food because they were too busy fighting. And best of all, no one would be getting mad and beating up on him. He got ready for the day and was happy to walk into the kitchen.

He had fun watching Seth and Sandy try to talk Kirsten out of cooking, and even joined in. Then there was a phone call. Sandy answered, and said, "It's for you Ryan. It's your brother, Trey."

Ryan felt the usual sick feeling in his stomach that things were starting to deteriorate. He took the phone and went in another room. Ryan said, "Hi Trey. How ya doing?"

"Not so good little brother. I was really hoping that you could visit me today."

"I don't know. What about Mom?"

"She called. She's not coming. You know she doesn't really like Thanksgiving. I guess I just miss you and want to see you."

Ryan didn't think this sounded very much like Trey, but being in prison could have changed him. He looked at his watch and said, "I guess I could drive over to see you for about an hour, and still be home in time for dinner at five."

"That's great Ryan. I'm really looking forward to seeing you man."

"Me too."

Ryan came back to a silent kitchen. Everyone was looking to him for an explanation. He said, "My brother wants me to come visit him."

Kirsten said, "But it's Thanksgiving."

"I know, but I thought I could drive over and see him for a little while, and still make it back in time for dinner."

Sandy said, "That's fine Ryan. It'll be good for you to see your brother. Did you want some company?"

Ryan almost panicked at that thought. How embarrassing could life be? He didn't want anyone to see his brother and him visiting in jail. He said, "No. I don't think that would be good. I'm fine. I'll just go see him quick, and then come back."

Seth said, "Are you sure? I mean, legally we're kind of like brothers now too. It would be nice to meet your other brother."

"Trust me, it wouldn't be. He probably just want's something from me anyway. You don't know him like I do."

Seth seemed a little hurt when he said, "Yeah, you're right. I don't know anything about him, because you never talk about him."

Ryan felt a little guilty but said, "I'm gonna go get ready."

That same morning at Jimmy's house, Marissa and Jimmy were talking. Marissa said, "I don't know why I have to go see her. I'd rather have dinner with you and the Cohen's."

"Your mother loves you Marissa. You'll have to see her eventually, so it might as well be now instead of later."

Marissa didn't like it but nodded.

When they showed up at the Cohen's house Jimmy kissed Marissa on the forehead, and said, I'll come get you when we're done with dinner. Try to have a good time with your mom."

Marissa nodded her head, and started to head for her mother's house. Once she saw that her father was out of sight, she headed for Ryan's pool house, and hoped he would be there. She was happy to see that he was, and she went in to say hi. Ryan said, "I thought you were going to your mom's for dinner."

"Unfortunately I am, but I thought I would come say hi to you first."

They kissed, but soon Ryan pushed away. He said, "Sorry I have to cut this short. I was just about to go."

"Go where?"

"I'm gonna drive up and see my brother. I'll be back in time for dinner though, so maybe I'll see you later."

"Isn't your brother in jail?"

Ryan looked at Marissa and then she said, "Oh. Do you want someone to come with you?"

"No. It is better if I go alone."

Marissa said, "Come on, it would be nice to see your old neighborhood."

"You have to eat dinner with your mom, and she already hates me. Let's not make it worse."

Marissa nodded and said, "Okay then. I guess I'll see you tonight."

They kissed before she left. Ryan got the rest of his stuff ready, and went to tell the family that he was taking off. After fifteen minutes of good wishes, and listening to Sandy tell him to call if there were any trouble, and giving him the cell phone, the car keys, and some money, Ryan was finally ready to go. When he got to the car, he found Marissa in the passenger seat. Before Ryan could say anything, Marissa said, "I talked to my mom, and she actually thought it would be a good idea for me to come. I think she wants some alone time with Caleb."

Ryan thought about it. He really didn't want her to come, but at the same time, since they were a couple now, he thought he should be honest with her. He thought part of being honest was showing her how he used to live, so he finally nodded and headed out.

They had an uneventful trip to Chino. Marissa went into the jail with Ryan. Ryan and Trey hugged, and said hello to each other. Ryan was a little surprised to see that Trey had been beaten up recently. Ryan introduced Trey to Marissa. After that, Marissa went to the side and sat on a bench so the brothers could visit alone.

Trey said, "Good to see you little brother."

"I'm sorry I didn't come to see you earlier."

"That's okay. I know you've been busy. You've done pretty well for yourself in fact."

Ryan thought that comment was a little fishy, but wanted to give his brother the benefit of the doubt, so he said, "How are you doing?"

Trey shook his head, and said, "Not so good Ryan."

At that point Ryan knew that Trey didn't really want to see him, but wanted something from him. He was pissed, and disappointed. He said, "What do you need."

Trey tried to look offended and said, "Don't say it like that. Can't I just want to see you on Thanksgiving?"

"You tell me."

"Just forget it!"

Ryan sat and waited. Soon Trey said, "Okay, I didn't want to call you and get you involved, but I'm in trouble. When I got arrested, I owed some people some money."

"How much?"

"Six thousand dollars, and the problem is that these people have friends here."

Trey pointed to his black eye, and said, "It's just gonna keep getting worse until I pay them off."

Ryan hissed, "I don't have that kind of money."

Trey said, "I'm not asking for money."

"Then what are you asking for?"

"Just a favor."

Ryan sighed and waited for it. Trey said, "There's a car at Arturo's place."

Ryan nodded, and Trey continued. He said, "I picked it up right before coming here, and Arturo has been hiding it for me. I need someone to take it over to the guy I owe the money to. It is a nice car, and this should pay him back with some interest."

Trey sat and waited to see what his brother would say. He knew Ryan always took a while to make a decision. Ryan thought about Sandy and getting caught. He knew if he got caught in the stolen car, it would be the end of his time with the Cohen's. He knew that he should say no. He knew that it was illegal, and wrong, but he also couldn't just watch Trey get beat up if he could help it with one car ride. He couldn't ask Sandy for the money, because he already owed him so much he would never be able to pay him back. Soon he nodded his head and said, "Okay."

Trey smiled and gave him the address for the shop he would be dropping the car at, and the name of the guy to talk to. Soon Ryan and Marissa were back in the car. Ryan drove in silence. Marissa asked, "Where are we going now?"

"We're going to the bus station, and you're going to get a ride home."

Marissa was shocked, and very unhappy about this statement. She said, "I will not get a ride home on a bus. You're my ride home."

"Marissa, I have to do something for my brother, and I don't want you involved. I have to get a stolen car from a friends house, and take it to a chop shop to repay debt my brother owes."

Marissa just starred at Ryan like he was insane. She said, "Do you know what will happen if you get caught?!"

"Yes! Look, Trey is my brother. I can't just let him get beat up or killed in jail if I can help it. I know it isn't right, but I'm going to do it to protect my brother. I don't have any other choice."

Marissa made up her mind and said, "Well you don't have a choice about me either. I won't go on the bus. If you take me to the station, I'll just call a cab and have them follow you. You're stuck with me."

Ryan looked at her, and wasn't sure if he thought that was a really wonderful thing of her to say, or a very foolish thing. He decided to let her stay long enough to visit with his old friends.

Back at the Cohen's house, Marissa's mom, Julie, invited herself and Caleb over to dinner because their caterer couldn't make it. Julie was unhappy to see her soon to be ex husband sitting on the couch with a girl. Julie asked Jimmy, "Where is Marissa?"

Jimmy looked confused and said; "She's with you."

"No she isn't. She never showed up."

Jimmy looked at his watch, and said, "I've been here for almost two hours. When we got here, Marissa told me she was going over to your house, and I told her I would come to get her when dinner was over."

"How could you loose track of our daughter?!"

"How can you blame it on me when she doesn't want to see you?!"

The fight continued to escalate. Kirsten hated to see her father Caleb with Julie, and she really hated that they had invited themselves over to ruin her Thanksgiving plans, so she decided to have a few drinks.

Seth had invited Anna to dinner, and they were having a really good time until Summer showed up. Seth answered the door, and saw Summer before anyone else did. He pulled her into Ryan's pool house so she wouldn't see Anna in the house, and so that Anna wouldn't see Summer either. He kept going back and forth between the two of them and they were both coming on to him, which he found unnerving.

Ryan got to his brother's friend's house, and knocked on the door. A pretty girl answered the door and said, "Ryan."

Ryan got a little embarrassed and said, "Hi, Teresa. Um… is Arturo here?"

Teresa looked mad, and said, "I can't believe all you want is to see my stupid brother. What about an explanation for where you've been for the past months?"

Ryan looked at her and said, "Well…. Um…I…"

Teresa turned to Marissa and said, "So you're the new girlfriend?"

Marissa said, "Oh, so you two were…"

"On and off. I was the girl next door."

"So am I."

Ryan said, "So, is Arturo here?"

Teresa turned and went to look for her brother while Ryan and Marissa went inside.

Teresa's mom was making dinner, and when she saw Ryan she gave him a hug. They talked about how good it was to see each other. Arturo came into the room, and said hi to Ryan too. Ryan and Arturo went out to look at the car, while Marissa stayed in to visit with Teresa and her mom. As Ryan and Arturo were working on the car, Ryan's phone rang. It was Seth who wanted Ryan to give him some advice on what to do about Summer and Anna. Ryan said, "I'm a little busy right now. Can I call you back when Marissa and I get back on the road?"

Seth said, "Marissa's with you? Her mom has been looking for her, and yelling at her dad for losing her. Anyway, don't call me, I'll call you back if I get the chance."

Ryan hung up and thought about Marissa. He couldn't believe she had lied to him. She knew that he had problems with Julie already, and now she was making it worse just because she wanted to come on this trip.

Soon the car was ready, and Marissa and Ryan said goodbye to everyone. As soon as the door was closed, and Ryan and Marissa were alone, Marissa said, "Why didn't you ever tell me there was a Teresa?"

"Why didn't you tell me about your mom? You know we already have problems, and now you're putting this on me too!"

"I'm not putting anything on you!"

Ryan sighed and said, "Who do you think she's gonna blame?"

"I'll talk to her. It'll be fine."

Ryan shook his head and said more to himself than anyone else, "I never should have brought you."

Marissa was mad now and said, "I'm not going to let you do this alone."

Ryan glared and said, "So now you're my wheel man?"

Ryan knew that Marissa really had no concept of the kind of trouble they could get in, and tried not to get too mad at her. He handed her the keys and calmly said, "You go home. I'll take the bus when I'm done."

Marissa took the keys but said, "No I want to…."

Ryan cut her off with a very angry; "This is not a conversation. You lied to me."

Marissa looked at Ryan and could tell he was not at all happy with her, and that he was not going to budge about this. She yelled, "Fine!" and stormed off to the car.

Once Marissa was gone, Ryan got in the stolen car and thought about what he was about to do. He knew it was wrong, and that if he got caught he would not only be taken out of the Cohen's home, but that he would probably be in jail with Trey. He thought again about calling Sandy, but he didn't want to drag him into another one of his family's dramas. Ryan thought about leaving the car, and leaving Trey to his fate, but he knew that he just couldn't do that to his family no matter how awful they were to him. He started the car and tried not to throw up while driving it to the shop.

He got there, and parked the car. A man came up to Ryan as he got out of the car and said, "I can't believe Trey pulled it off."

Ryan handed the man the keys and said, "So what do you think?"

"What do you mean?"

Ryan was nervous about the situation and said, "Is it good enough to cover my brother's debt to you?"

"What about interest?"

Ryan shrugged and said, "This is all there is."

The man grabbed Ryan and pushed him up against a fence. Some other guys from the shop heard the noise and came out to help. The man said, "I think I'll take the interest out on you."

The man punched Ryan in the cheek, and Ryan fell to the ground. The man went to pick him up, and then they both heard a honk. Marissa pulled up, and motioned to Ryan to jump into her car. Ryan sucker punched the man, and ran as fast as he could to the car. He got in, and they were able to drive away without anyone following them. Ryan was breathing hard when he said, "What are you doing here?"

Marissa smiled and said, "I followed you of course."

Ryan didn't know what to say, but he knew she had saved him from getting beat up, so he said, "Good idea."

The more Marissa thought about it, the more pleased she was, and the more Ryan thought about it, the more unhappy he was. It was a quiet ride back to the prison.

At the jail, Ryan once more went to see Trey. Ryan said, "It's done."

"Thanks little brother."

Ryan was still pissed and said, "I could have been arrested or killed."

"I know. I'm sorry, I just didn't know of anyone else who would do it for me."

Ryan looked Trey in the eyes and said, "That's the last time."

Trey nodded, and said, "Okay. I get it. You have a chance for a good life now, and I shouldn't screw that up for you. I am happy for you ya know."

Ryan nodded and said, "I'll come see you soon."

"No, don't. You should leave Chino behind. It'll be easier that way."

Ryan looked at his brother and thought that was the best advice he had ever gotten from him. He nodded. Trey said, "Well, you've got people waiting for you. You should go."

Ryan gave Trey a hug, and said, "Bye."

As Ryan walked out of the prison, he didn't look back.

Back at the Cohen's house, everything was going down hill. Seth had tried to tell his mom in a discreet way that Marissa was in Chino with Ryan, but everyone ended up hearing. This made Julie even more irate with Jimmy. Jimmy was trying to defend himself, but was also thinking about Marissa, and how she had lied to him.

Kirsten had become quite drunk while trying to avoid talking to her father. Summer and Anna had found out about each other, and both of them had walked out on a very disappointed Seth. While everyone was in the kitchen arguing, they realized smoke was coming out of the oven, and that the Turkey was burnt. They ended up ordering Chinese food, while Kirsten passed out.

When Ryan and Marissa got home, Ryan said, "I want to talk to you alone before we go in."

Marissa smiled and nodded. She followed him to the pool house thinking that he was going to be kissing her, and thanking her for coming to his rescue. Once they got in the door, she was taken by surprise when Ryan said, "I am really angry about what you did today."

Marissa said, "What do you mean?"

"First you lied to me, and then you followed me after I told you to go home."

"But I saved you from those guys!"

Ryan nodded and said, "I know you did, and I'm grateful that you were there for me when I needed someone, but at the same time, it was dangerous. I couldn't forgive myself if something happened to you."

Marissa shook her head and said, "It was my choice. Not yours."

Ryan was really mad now. He said, "I can't believe you! First you lie to me, and to your parents. Then you decide to come with me on this trip, even though I wanted to be alone. But worst of all, after I tell you what I'm doing, and I tell you that I don't want you involved, you just decided to barge in and do what you want anyway. Did it ever occur to you that if the police caught me, and they found you following me, that you could get arrested as an accessory? Did you even think that those guys who were about to beat me up could have gotten to you and hurt you too? The more I think about it the more angry I am."

Marissa said, "You're blowing things way out of proportion. Everything turned out fine, so why can't you just let it go?"

"Because you don't realize what you did was wrong!"

"You know what I think?! I think you're just pissed off because I got to see a part of your life that you want to put behind you. I think you're ashamed of where you came from, just like my mom, and you don't want anyone to know about it. I think you were actually glad I was there, and you were glad that I followed you, but you're too proud to admit that you needed my help!"

Ryan glared at Marissa and said, "You're wrong."

"You're the one who's wrong. Next time you tell me something is dangerous, and that you don't want me there, I'll take that as a hint that you actually need my help."

Ryan had spent most of the car ride home imagining the guys from the shop beating up and raping Marissa in front of him, so when she basically told him, that she planned to follow him into danger whenever she felt like it, he snapped. Ryan grabbed Marissa's upper arm and pulled her to the bed. She tried to pull away, but he didn't let her. He sat on the corner of his bed, and pulled her face down across his lap. Marissa yelled, "You wouldn't dare!"

Ryan didn't say anything. He noticed her cute little butt and thought it was a shame that he wasn't doing something more fun with it. Then he brought his hand down with a loud smack. Her body jerked at the sudden sound and feel of Ryan's hand. She couldn't believe it was really happening. She thought, 'Maybe it's a dream', until she felt it again, and again.

After about six swats, Ryan flipped up Marissa's skirt. He noticed that she was wearing pretty blue panties, and then he had to try and concentrate on what she had done that had made him mad in the first place, so he didn't stop and admire them for too long.

Marissa felt Ryan pull her skirt up, and she couldn't do anything besides hold her breath to see what Ryan was going to do. Then she felt another hard slap, and let out the breath she had been holding in a loud OWWW!

Ryan set up a rhythm, and started alternating sides as he spanked. After a while he noticed that he could see part of his hand prints lower on her sit spots and upper thighs where her panties didn't cover her. Very soon Marissa was wiggling, and saying 'ow' pretty often. She said, "Ryan I'm sorry. Ow. You were right. Ouch! I'm sorry I lied!"

Ryan kept spanking and said, "What about next time?"

"Oww! Ryan! Owww! Stop!"

Ryan stopped spanking, and rested his hand on her butt. He said quietly, "What about next time Marissa?"

Marissa felt close to tears, and said, "I'll stay out of it."

Ryan couldn't help himself, and he rubbed her bottom for a couple of seconds before helping her to stand up. He stood up with her and thought she was beautiful even with a flushed face, and eyes full of unshed tears. He kissed her gently, and then said, "I was so worried about you getting hurt."

Marissa couldn't explain why, but she felt loved, and cared for. If someone had asked her yesterday how she would feel if her boyfriend spanked her, she would have gone on, and on about how that would be wrong, and how she would call the police. She knew she should be mad, and she should hate Ryan now, but she wasn't and she didn't. In fact she was happy. She kissed him back, and wrapped her arms around him for a tight hug. She quietly said, "I am sorry Ryan."

Ryan said, "I just don't want you to get into serious trouble because of me. I couldn't live with that."

They kissed for a few minutes, and then Ryan said, "We should go to the house."

Marissa said, "I don't want to, but I guess we should."

As they walked to the house, Ryan said, "I'm starving, how about you?"

"I'm hungry too."

They got to the house, but instead of everyone sitting around the table eating a nice Thanksgiving dinner, they found Julie and Caleb in the kitchen eating out of Chinese food boxes. Julie saw Marissa and said, "Are you okay honey?"

Marissa nodded and smiled. Julie said, "I can't believe you would just run off like that without telling us where you were going. Do you really think Chino is a good place to go?"

Before Marissa could answer, Julie turned to Ryan and said, "And you! How could you…"

Caleb interrupted with, "Come on Julie. Give the kids a break. It's Thanksgiving."
Ryan could tell that Julie really had to bite her lip to stop herself from going off on him and Caleb. Soon Julie was able to give a fake smile and said, "Your right. You kids must be hungry. Have some food."

Marissa and Ryan looked at each other not believing their luck. They took a few boxes of food, and went to go find Seth.

Seth was lying on his bedroom floor in misery, but when Marissa and Ryan came to join him with some food, he perked up a little. Seth told them both all about what had happened, and Ryan couldn't believe how much it sounded like a Thanksgiving at his house. When Seth asked them about Chino, they avoided the subject. They had been visiting and eating for about half an hour, when there was a knock at the door. It was Jimmy. Julie had told Jimmy that Marissa was home. Jimmy smiled and said, "Hey guys. Time for me and Marissa to be getting home."

Seth and Ryan walked them to the door.

As soon as they had backed out of the driveway, Jimmy said, "You lied to me, and took off without telling anyone where you were going."

This startled Marissa, who had been happily thinking about Ryan while trying not to squirm in her seat. She knew he was right, but was surprised that he would bring it up. Her mom was always the one to do the confrontations. Her mom would be the one telling the kids they had done something wrong. Her dad never did. She nodded and said, "I know Dad. I'm sorry. I just couldn't go to see her."

Jimmy was very nervous about this conversation, but he knew that it had to happen. He had seen his little girl in a hospital bed close to death because she felt abandoned by him, and he never wanted to see that again. "She is your mother Marissa, and even if you don't always like her, you do have to see her sometimes. If things got really bad with her, you could have come over to be with me, but you didn't even try."

Marissa didn't say anything, so Jimmy continued with, "I am very disappointed that you would lie to me, and then leave with Ryan, without telling me what you were doing. I was really worried about you when we didn't know where you were."

Marissa was still feeling kind of emotional about Ryan spanking her, and now that her dad, who never called her on anything, was making her face the truth of what she had done, she felt tears running down her face.

Jimmy couldn't see her crying because it was dark and he was driving. He said, "You are…you are grounded for a week."

Jimmy was quite pleased with himself for getting that out without backing down. Marissa still didn't say anything, so he turned to look at her. He saw the tears and felt really bad. He pulled over, and Marissa said, "I'm so sorry Daddy."

He parked, and pulled her into a hug. He held her while she cried. He rubbed her back and said, "It's okay sweetie. I forgive you. I know you probably didn't even think about it before you did it. And hey, there isn't even much to do in the apartment, so being grounded will kind of just be like what you do every day there anyway."

Marissa had stopped crying and laughed a little at that last statement. She said, "Let's go home. I'm tired."

Jimmy nodded and put both his hands on the sides of her face as he kissed her forehead. He said, "I love you."

"I love you too Dad."

The next morning Ryan, as usual, was the first one up. He got ready and went to the house to make some coffee. Sandy was the next one up, and as he got a cup of coffee he said, "How was your brother?"


Sandy had his coffee, and turned to look at Ryan when he said, "Just fine? Hey, what happened to your face?"

Ryan shrugged and said, "It's nothing."

Sandy said, "Looks to me like someone punched you."

Ryan said nothing and looked down at the paper. Sandy said, "Ryan. You know you can trust me right?"

Ryan nodded and said, "Yeah, I know."

"So why can't you tell me about it?"

"I would just rather forget it. My brother is fine. I'm fine, and I'm here now."

Sandy didn't like it, but he didn't want to push Ryan too far, so he said, "Okay, but if you ever do want to talk, you should know that I'll be happy to listen to you."

Ryan nodded and thought to himself, 'Yeah, he would be real happy to hear about yesterday. You bet.'

Ryan and Seth both had the day off, so they went to the pier to hang out. Kirsten stayed in bed for most of the morning, and wished she hadn't had so much to drink. Sandy enjoyed a rare day off and watched some sports. While he was watching a game, he got a phone call. He said, "Hello."

"Hi. Can I talk to Mr. Cohen please?"

"That's me."

"Oh. This is Trey. I…"

Sandy was pretty sure Trey had hit Ryan, so he cut him off with, "Ryan isn't here."

Trey had been feeling bad about making his baby brother do his dirty work, and he had wanted to make sure it hadn't screwed up Ryan's living arrangement. He had been worrying about it all night, and now that he heard Sandy's tone of voice, he thought for sure that Ryan had been tossed out for what he had done. He said, "Please listen to me Mr. Cohen. It's not Ryan's fault. You shouldn't make him leave just because he was trying to protect me."

Sandy didn't know where that had come from, but he was a lawyer. He was a good lawyer, which meant he was smart enough, and sneaky enough, to say, "I didn't get the whole story from Ryan. Why don't you give me your version, and convince me why I should let him stay."

Trey swallowed and hoped he could convince Sandy to let Ryan stay. He said, "When Ryan came to see me, he could tell that I had been roughed up. I owe a guy some money and…."

Sandy said "How much money?"

"About six thousand dollars. Anyway, I have this car from before I got put away, and I had Ryan drive it to a shop to repay the debt. That's it. Now it is over. Ryan is a good kid. He just did it to help me. He didn't even really want to do it. I really hope you can let him stay."

Sandy took a guess and said, "Ryan told me the car wasn't yours."

Trey swore to himself, and said, "Well, Ryan doesn't know when to keep his big mouth shut. Look Mr. Cohen, it doesn't change the fact that Ryan didn't want to do it. It's not like he's gonna be turning to a life of crime because of this one thing. If anything, it probably scared him away from that kind of life, since the guys tried to beat him up when he brought them the car."

Sandy said, "Is that all of it?"


Sandy said, "Okay Trey. I'll think about it. Why don't you call me tomorrow about this time, and I'll let you know."

Once Sandy hung up, he had no more interest in the game. He just sat and thought about Ryan. On the one hand he was shocked that Ryan could keep all that to himself, but he was used to Seth who never had much to hide. Then on the other hand, he knew Ryan didn't really trust him, and wouldn't tell him about illegal activities because he was worried that he would get kicked out. Sandy wasn't sure how to make Ryan feel like he was a part of the family no matter what, but he spent the next three hours thinking about it.

Seth and Ryan came home laughing and in a good mood. When they walked into the kitchen, Sandy said, "Seth, I need to talk to Ryan alone for a while. Why don't you go visit with your mom, and try to convince her to get out of bed to see the sun this afternoon?"

Seth and Ryan just stood there for a minute because they were not used to Sandy using that tone of voice. Seth said, "Um.. is everything okay Dad?"

"Yes. Everything is going to be just fine. I just need to talk to Ryan without interruption for about an hour."

Seth looked at Ryan with pity thinking about his dad's lectures. He said, "Okay. See you at dinner Ryan."

Seth walked off to find his mom, and hoped he could at least cheer her up.

Ryan looked at Sandy, and wondered what he found out about from yesterday. He hadn't thought that Marissa would tell anyone about it, but maybe she had been more angry about the spanking then he had thought, or maybe she thought it would be better for him if Sandy knew.

Sandy nodded towards the door to the pool house. Ryan nodded and swallowed nervously as he walked over. Once they got there Sandy closed the door, and Ryan thought it made a very loud click as it shut.

Sandy sat in a chair, and motioned for Ryan to sit in the chair across from him. Once Ryan was sitting, Sandy said, "I got a call from Trey today."

Ryan muttered "Bastard."

"No, it's not what you think. Trey was actually trying to make sure you were okay. He was worried that I would throw you out after finding out what you had done yesterday. And I let him believe that you'd already told me all about it, so he would be more open with his version."

Ryan wasn't sure what to say. He was surprised that Trey would even bother, but he wasn't surprised that Trey was dumb enough to talk about it with Sandy.

Sandy interrupted Ryan's thoughts with, "So now I want your version."

Ryan didn't know exactly what Trey had said, but he knew he should stick close to the truth. He said, "Trey was getting beat up in prison because he owed someone money. He had a car that would repay the debt, so he asked me to drive it to the guy, and I did."

Sandy looked at Ryan for a few minutes, and Ryan couldn't keep eye contact. Sandy said, "You aren't being honest Ryan."

"Is that a lawyer trick of yours?"

Sandy smiled a little and said, "Maybe, sometimes, but this time I know your not telling me everything."

Ryan sighed and sat back in the chair and crossed his arms. He looked at the floor and said, "The car was stolen, and I took it to a shop that would be 'fixing' it up for resale. The guy there didn't think the car was quite enough, and decided to beat me up. He didn't get the chance, because Marissa drove up and I was able to escape."


Ryan said, "I told Marissa to go home, but she didn't listen to me. She followed me there without my knowledge, but in the end saved me."

Sandy nodded and got up to start pacing. He said, "I've been thinking about this for a few hours now. I have lots of questions, but the one that I coming back to is; why don't you trust me?"

Ryan was surprised at that statement and said, "I do trust you."

"But the facts seem to tell me that you don't."

"What facts?"

Sandy thought about it, and sat back down. He said, "Let's go over this. What were your options when you were at the prison and Trey told you he was getting beat up over the money?"

Ryan thought this sounded like the beginning of a long and drawn out discussion aimed at making him feel guilty. He said, "Look, I know it wasn't a smart thing to do, and I don't plan to do it again. Can't we just leave it at that?"

"Absolutely not."

Ryan wanted to yell and storm out, but he knew that wasn't the way things were done in this house. He sighed and said, "I didn't have any options. I wasn't going to let him get beat up and possibly killed when I could prevent it."

"You had quite a few options. You could have told him no. He probably could have found someone else to do it, but I don't think that was a good option. The option that I can't believe you didn't see was calling me. Why couldn't you call me from the prison and tell me what was going on? You should know by now that I would have found a way to help."

"I did think about calling you, but you've already done so much for me, that I just can't ask you to keep doing things. You not only took my case in the first place, but you also brought me here to your house. You are feeding me, giving me clothes, a place to stay, and even a chance to go to a good school. You also helped convince my mom to let me stay here. My family is really fucked up. I can't keep calling you every time something comes up. I already owe you too much as it is."

Sandy couldn't believe that Ryan felt he owed him for helping him. Sandy said, "Ryan, you have it all wrong. You're a part of my family now. Do you think Seth feels like he should pay me back for giving him food, clothes, and a place to live?"

"He is your son. It's different."

"It's not different to me. You're our son now too."

Ryan didn't know what to say to that. It made him feel good, but at the same time he didn't really believe it.

Sandy said, "Okay, when you thought about calling me, what were you going to tell me? What did you think I would do?"

Ryan said, "I don't know. I guess I thought you would do the lawyer thing and try to get Trey some help so that he wouldn't get beat up."

"Probably, but I asked Trey how much he owed, and he said it was only six thousand dollars. You know that isn't all that much money to us. I could have just paid off the debt."

Ryan got mad and said, "That's something I thought about. Trey would never pay you back for that, even when he got out of prison he wouldn't try, and it would take me forever to pay you back."

Sandy said, "I would never ask you to pay me back for a debt that Trey owed me, and if you tried to pay me back, I wouldn't take the money."

Ryan yelled, "That's the problem!"

Sandy stayed calm when he said, "So instead of trusting me, and doing what you knew would be the right thing, you decided to handle things alone. You decided to do something illegal that would have gotten you put in prison if you had been caught."

"The chance of getting caught was low."

"So you think it was an acceptable risk?"


Sandy sat back and said, "Well it wasn't. I won't have you taking risks that might get you put in jail. We just got you, and we're not going to have you taken away from us without a fight. How do you think it would make us all feel to have you taken?"

Ryan was angry at the whole conversation. He didn't understand why Sandy couldn't understand where he was coming from. He said, "I think you would all be relieved to have me gone."

Sandy stood up and towered over Ryan when he said, "You are more wrong than I can even put into words. We would all be devastated if you were taken from us. I think you need some proof that you ARE part of this family."

Sandy reached down to grab Ryan's arm, and Ryan flinched and brought his arms up to protect his head, and his legs up to protect his stomach. Sandy stopped. He looked at Ryan, and then said in a very calm and coaxing voice, "Ryan?"

Ryan's heart was pounding, and he was breathing hard. He heard Sandy, and was really embarrassed for the way he had reacted. He knew in his mind that Sandy wouldn't be punching him, but his body still wasn't sure. He peeked out from behind his arm, and saw that Sandy was standing there with pity on his face. Ryan hated pity. He put his arms and legs down and stood up. He said in a cold and detached voice, "Do what ever you're gonna do. I'm sure I've taken worse."

Sandy reached out to take Ryan's arm again. Ryan closed his eyes. He kept his arms down even though it took all the will power he had. Sandy took Ryan's arm and pulled him forward into a hug. He wrapped both his arms around Ryan, and held him tight. Ryan stood there for a couple of seconds before wrapping his arms around Sandy too. His breathing and heart rate slowed down, and he kind of felt like crying with relief. Then when Sandy kept holding him he got embarrassed, and put his arms down. Sandy said, "Sorry I scared you."

Ryan shrugged and said, "You didn't"

Sandy put his hands on Ryan's upper arms and held him at arms length. He said, "Yes I did, and I'm sorry. I should have told you what to expect before I did it. I've been thinking about what you did since Trey called me, and now that you've told me about it yourself, I think I need to prove to you that you are part of this family. And I think I need to show you what will happen to you when you do something so unacceptable."

Ryan looked down. He knew Sandy wouldn't approve of what he had done, and he was ashamed of his family, and the things he did for them. Sandy said, "Look at me Ryan."

Ryan looked up. Sandy said, "I love you, Kirsten loves you, and Seth loves you. We're not going to let you do dumb things just because you don't feel like we're really your family. So, I'm going spank you."

Ryan's eyes got very big and he said, "W.. what?"

"If I spank you, I think you'll start to feel like a member of the family. And please don't tell me that you don't deserve it, because you do."

Ryan could feel his face get red as he looked away. He knew Sandy was right. He knew it would probably work. He even knew that if he were in the same situation as Sandy was, that he would do the same thing, but that didn't make it easy to accept. He gave a faint nod, and Sandy let him go. Sandy went to the bed and sat down. He said, "Come here, and drop your pants."

Ryan slowly walked to where Sandy was sitting. He couldn't help but think that just the night before he had been on the other side of things with Marissa. He got to Sandy's side and stood there. After a few seconds Sandy said, "Pants down Ryan."

Ryan thought about bolting, but he knew he would eventually come back, and he didn't think Sandy was the type of person to change his mind when he thought he was doing the right thing. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans with shaky hands, and pushed them down to his knees. Sandy took Ryan's wrist and pulled him over his lap. Once Ryan was over his lap, Sandy pulled down Ryan's underwear, and Ryan muttered, "Shit."

Sandy started spanking Ryan hard. He spanked each spot three times before moving to the next spot. Ryan was found it harder than he thought it would be to stay quiet. Sandy said, "Tell me why I'm spanking you Ryan."

Ryan was gritting his teeth, and trying not to think of anything except not making noise. Sandy stopped spanking for a second and said again, "Tell me why I'm spanking you Ryan."

Ryan took a few breaths and said, "Because I drove the car to the shop."

Sandy started spanking again and said, "What else?"

Ryan's body jumped a little when the spanking started again. He couldn't understand why Sandy wanted to talk during the spanking. He said, "Because…mmmff…I didn't ….uuhh….call you."

Sandy nodded to himself and said, "Yes, and what else?"

Ryan found it hard to concentrate. He couldn't help it when his body started to move around to avoid the swats. His voice was getting higher when he yelled, "Trust."

Sandy said, "Yes. What about trust specifically?"

Ryan groaned and wanted this to be over. He said, "Not…Oww…Trusting you."

"That's right. Smack, Smack, Smack. I want you to trust me… Smack, Smack, Smack, …to listen to you… Smack, Smack, Smack,… and help you when you need it."

Ryan was starting to be vocal against his will. He said, "Sandy…Oww… I'm sorry….Shit… Really, I am."

Sandy kept spanking and said, "I know son. You were sorry about it before you even did it. I don't need you to be sorry, I need you to make better choices next time."

Ryan yelled, "I will…OOWW…No more…AAHH….PLEASE."

Sandy concentrated the spanks on Ryan's sit spot, and lower thighs. Ryan couldn't hold in the tears any more. A few seconds after he started crying, Sandy stopped the spanking. He rubbed Ryan's back and said, "Okay son. I'm done. It's all over."

Sandy reached down and pulled up Ryan's underwear, and pulled on his arm a little to help him stand up. Ryan just stood there and cried. Sandy pulled up Ryan's pants, and then pulled Ryan down to sit in his lap. Ryan couldn't stop crying now that he had started. There were so many times that he forced himself not to cry that once the tears started to flow they were hard to stop. Other thing came to his mind. Other times he felt like crying but didn't. He thought about his life, and the way so many things had been messed up. Sandy just held him and let him cry.

Ryan tried to stop, but found he could only stop for a few seconds, and then the tears would come again. Sandy said, "It's okay Ryan. Cry all you want. I don't need to be anywhere else today."

This made Ryan cry even more, and he wrapped his arms around Sandy too. Eventually Ryan got out; "I hated my life."

Sandy said, "I know."

"I hate my family."

"I understand."

"Why do you want me in your family?"

Sandy thought about it and said, "Because you're better than your life, and your family. Because you're a good person, even though your life was miserable. You could have ended up like Trey, or your mom, but you didn't, and you deserve a chance for better."

Ryan was finally able to stop crying. Sandy said, "You're part of this family Ryan, and I expect you to give us the same trust and respect that we give you."

Ryan nodded his head, which was still against Sandy's chest. Sandy said, "If I find out you've done anything illegal that could get you taken away from us, I'll spank you again. Have I made that clear?"

Ryan nodded again. Sandy said, "Why don't you lie down and rest for a while. I'll come and see you before dinner, and if you don't want to eat with us, I'll bring you something to eat here."

Sandy helped Ryan to stand up, and Ryan crawled into bed, and lay down on his side. He fell asleep almost immediately.

Sandy sat by him, and watched him sleep for a few minutes before going back to the house to see how his wife was.

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