Author's Note: This is a fan fiction for a German soap opera called 'Alles Was Zhlt' – or 'AWZ'. I watched AWZ via YouTube with English subtitles thanks to 'eskimokissproject'. Unfortunately, all those episodes have now been deleted from YouTube, but I did save copes of the YouTube episodes related to this story. If anyone would like to see them, please contact me through email at This story has specific spoilers for Episodes 452, 453, 454, and 464. Written December 2009.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories.
Warning: Disciplinary spanking of an adult by a parent - dubious consent. Mentions of slash - This story is my usual father/son type of thing, and has no direct interaction between the two gay characters, but it does mention the two guys together more then once.
Quick Storyline of Deniz in the Show: When Deniz is introduced to the show he is 17. He moves in with his father, Marion, because his mom can't handle him anymore. There is lots of angsty teenage father/son stuff about Deniz coming out as gay. Marion doesn't take it well at first, not wanting a gay son, but eventually comes around. There is also a long storyline of Deniz falling in love with a figure skater named Roman. After Deniz and Roman are together for a while, Deniz falls in love with a girl named Vanessa. Deniz can't make himself break up with Roman, so lies to both of them, and secretly dates both Roman and Vanessa at the same time until he is caught and loses them both.
Other Show Info that pertains to this story: Deniz drops out of school when he gets a job as a model. He ends up partying a lot, doing cocain, and screwing whoever is willing. Marion comes home one day and catches Deniz throwing a party and having sex with Roman in Marion's bed. Marion kicks everyone out, and tries to ground Deniz, but Deniz walks away. Marion tries to stop him, and ends up slapping him for saying some pretty awful things. Deniz attacks Marion and punches him. Later, once the drugs have had time to go out of his system, Deniz tries to apologize to Marion, but Marion kicks him out of the apartment. A few weeks later, Deniz comes home wanting forgivness for the things he's done.


Deniz wiped the tears off his face, as he sat on the steps, unable to believe how far his life had sunk. He'd lost everyone he loved, and the only person he could blame was himself. Vanessa hated him so much, that she couldn't stand to be in the same room with him. Roman didn't want to be his friend, or his part time lover anymore. His father, Marion, had kicked him out of the house. Roman had kicked him out of his apartment. Even his coach, Ingo, had stopped trying to help him mend fences.

His mind wouldn't stop replaying the bad things he'd done over the past few weeks. He'd cheated on Vanessa, with Roman and a couple of other people. He'd lied to her repeatedly. He'd known that Roman was still in love with him, and he'd taken advantage of him, using him for a casual fuck, and for a place to stay. He'd like to blame the alcohol, and cocaine, but he seriously doubted either Roman or Vanessa would have cheated on him, even if they were the ones who'd gotten high. He shook his head, and tried to forget about the way Vanessa had looked at him, when Roman had told her the things he'd been up to while she was away. It didn't work.

Then there was the way Roman had been looking at him lately. The lingering glances and indulgent smiles were gone. Instead he got looks of anger, disappointment, and worst of all, pity.

He heard his father's car pulling up, and wiped at his face once more. He had no idea what he was going to say to the man. He knew there was nothing he could say to make up for what he'd done.

A week ago, Marion had come home early, and caught him throwing a party in the middle of the day. But that was just the tip of the ice burg. He'd been high, and fooling around with Roman in his father's bed, when they'd been caught. Then after his father had tossed everyone else out, he'd tried to ground him, but Deniz had insulted him, pushed past him and left. They'd come to blows outside, and Deniz being taller and more muscular, had won. Later that day, once he'd sobered up, he'd tried to apologize to his father, but Marion had kicked him out.

Marion walked up the stairs slowly, scrutinizing his son, taking in the tears, the slumped shoulders, and the downcast eyes. Once he got to the top, he stopped and waited to see what Deniz would do.

Standing, Deniz faced his father. He tried to keep eye contact, but couldn't. He tried to at least apologize, but the words were stuck in his throat. Marion surprised him, by pulling him into a hug.

Leaning his chin down on his father's shoulder, Deniz felt even more tears rolling down his face. Knowing that he didn't deserve his father's forgiveness, didn't stop him from being grateful for it. He hugged back, and tried not to break down into sobs.

After a few seconds, Marion patted his back and said gently, "Let's go inside and talk."

Deniz let go, wiped at his face again, and said, "Okay."

They sat down together at the kitchen table. Marion leaned forward and said, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Looking at his hands on the table, Deniz said, "I'm sorry."

After a short pause, Marion said, "That's not good enough."

Nodding in agreement, Deniz looked at his dad, and said, "I was a complete asshole, and you were right to kick me out."

Marion leaned back in his chair, and tried to decide what to do now. He'd known this moment would be coming eventually. Deniz was young, impulsive, and had trouble reigning in his emotions, but he had a good heart, and did feel bad about the things he'd done after the fact.

Watching his father lean back, Deniz took that to mean he was giving up on the conversation. Deniz was quick to say, "Please Dad, I… I want to come home."

Marion leaned forward at that and said, "This is my house, Deniz. You're eighteen now, I'm not legally responsible for you anymore."

Tears were threatening to fall again. "I don't have anywhere else to go."

"That's not true, you could stay with Roman."

"He kicked me out too."

Marion couldn't help being a little surprised at that. He hoped that Roman had realized he was doing more damage then good by indulging Deniz right now. Maybe Ingo had talked some sense into him. "What about Vanessa?"

"She knows what I did. She hates me now."

"You have a job. You have your own money. You said your room was a dump, so why don't you get your own place?"

Unable to admit how lonely he was, Deniz turned his eyes to the table, and whispered, "You don't want me here?"

Marion put his hand over Deniz's hand on the table and said, "I do want you here, but I won't let you live here, when you don't have any respect for me."

Making eye contact again, Deniz said, "I do respect you, Dad."

Shaking his head, Marion let go of his son's hand, and showed some anger for the first time that night. "No you don't. You were in my bed with Roman. My bed, Deniz."

Getting angry himself, Deniz glared, "So this is about me being gay again?"

"No! Gay, bi, straight, I don't care anymore. You don't screw anyone in my bed."

Turning away, Deniz blushed and stammered out, "I… I wouldn't normally do that… I was high."

Holding his hand up in front of his son, Marion put a finger up for each point he made. "You screwed someone in my bed. You brought drugs into my house. You threw a party without my permission. And when I tried to ground you for it, you insulted me, and fought with me."

Feeling awful about so many things, Deniz said the first thing that came to his mind, "You hit me first."

"I hit you first?" Marion asked in disbelief. He got up to pace around the kitchen, too angry to sit. He muttered, "I hit you first."

Clearing his throat, Deniz tried not to let his voice waver as he said, "If you hadn't slapped me, I wouldn't have…" he trailed off, unable to think of a way to say it that didn't sound horrible.

"You wouldn't have what, Deniz? You wouldn't have attacked me? Tackled me to the ground, and punched me in the stomach in front of our friends and neighbors? You ran out of the house after I told you to go to your room! You said that money was all that mattered, and that I was a loser because I didn't make enough! You told me to fuck off in front of everyone! I slapped you in an attempt to make you realize what you were doing!"

Deniz kept his mouth shut, and looked away. Marion walked to the table, and grabbed Deniz's chin in his hand, forcing the boy to look at him. "Tell me again how you respect me."

A couple of tears slid down his face, and Deniz said, "I'm sorry."

Marion took a deep breath and tried to calm down. He let go of his son's chin, and sat back down. "Sorry isn't good enough."

"What do you want me to say?"

After a pause, Marion said, "Do you really want to come home?"

Deniz nodded. While his father thought about it, Deniz said, "I'm done with drugs, and I'll go back to school. I'll be grounded for as long as you say."

Switching from German to his native Turkish, Marion said, "If you want to come home, I need some assurance that this won't happen again. I need proof that you respect me."

Responding in Turkish, Deniz said, "Okay. How can I prove it to you?"

Marion stood up, went to the kitchen counter, and grabbed a wooden spoon that had been left on the side of the sink to dry the night before. Holding it up for Deniz to see, Marion said, "By accepting punishment."

Caught off guard, Deniz switched back to German, "You can't be serious."

"I am," Marion said, switching back to German as well.

Deniz stood and backed away from his father a few steps. There was no doubt in his mind, what form of punishment Marion was talking about. His father hadn't been around much while he was growing up. His parents had divorced early in his life, and he'd lived with his mother in a different city. But he could clearly remember his father spanking him once when he was eight. Deniz cringed, when he realized that that spanking had been for exactly the same reason. Lack of respect. "You… You can't."

Crossing his arms, and leaning against the kitchen counter, Marion said, "Well, if you mean I can't force you, you're right. That's what makes it proof of your respect."

Deniz simply shook his head. Unable to agree, disagree, or move.

"Take a few minutes to think about it, Deniz. You want to move back in? You want forgiveness from me? You want help getting your life back on track? This is your only option. If you can't accept it, then you'll have to find somewhere else to stay."

Closing his eyes, Deniz did think about it. The parties, the drugs, the ache in the pit of his stomach every time he thought about Vanessa and Roman. The shame he felt when he thought about the things he'd done to everyone he knew. He felt emptiness in his heart, when he thought about living alone. Taking a shaky breath, Deniz opened his eyes and said, "Okay, I agree I deserve some kind of punishment. But not… this."

Taking a step forward, and pointing the spoon at his son, Marion said, "Yes this, because a spanking will also help reign in that huge ego of yours."

He cringed at that. "Shit," he muttered, and then made eye contact again. He could tell his father wasn't going to change his mind, and whispered, "Okay."

"Okay, you agree?"


Feeling proud of his son for the first time in weeks, Marion gave him a nod. He pulled a chair away from the table, and sat down. "Okay. Come here."

Deniz's eyes opened wide with surprise. "You… you don't mean…"

"What?" His father seemed genuinely confused.

"I'm way too big to… to go over your lap." He turned to the table and said, "I could bend over the table."

Rolling his eyes, Marion said, "Your ego is what's way too big. Come here."

Deniz glanced back at the front door, and considered leaving. He turned back to Marion, who sat patiently waiting. With a defeated sigh, Deniz took the few steps that separated them. He was tall enough, that he had to kneel on the floor beside his father, before awkwardly leaning down and across Marion's lap. He put both hands on the floor in front of him, and kept his face forward, not wanting to see what was going on behind him.

He felt Marion put a hand on his lower back, and it made him shiver, even though he wasn't cold.

Without a word of warning, Marion snapped the spoon down on the left side of his ass. Before Deniz had time to let out the 'ow' that was forming in his throat, his father had put a matching swat on the right side. "Ow! Fuck!"

His jeans didn't seem to offer him any protection at all. He was amazed at how much those two swats had hurt, and involuntarily moved his body forward, further over Marion's lap, and away from the pain.

Marion wrapped his entire arm around Deniz's waist, and hauled him back into place. Looking down at the back of his son's head, he said, "I want you to think about how you've been acting lately. Walking around here, playing at being an adult, when really you were behaving like a spoiled child, throwing a tantrum when you didn't get your way."

Before Deniz had a chance to respond, Marion had swatted him again. For the next few seconds, the only sounds in the room, were sharp cracking noises each time the spoon made contact with Deniz's butt, and the matching yelps they produced. Each time the spoon smacked down, Deniz's whole body twitched in response. Between the yelps and struggles, Deniz managed to get out a few pleas for his father to stop.

Ignoring his son's pleas for leniency, Marion kept a tight grip around his waist, and snapped the spoon down repeatedly.

Soon Deniz was frantic to get away from the sharp stinging pain, and put a hand back to cover as much of his ass as he could reach. "Please Dad! Please stop! I'm sorry!"

Shaking his head, Marion started swatting the boy's upper thighs instead. With a high pitched yell, at the fresh pain, Deniz moved his hand down to cover his thighs. Marion paused long enough to say in Turkish, "Move your hand!"

His chest felt tight, and there was a lump Deniz couldn't swallow in his throat. He shook his head, and left the hand where it was.

"Is this how you show me respect? You aren't accepting this punishment, you're fighting it."

"Bu… but it hurts!" Deniz tried, but failed, to keep himself from breaking down into tears.

"Yeah, it hurts. You think it didn't hurt Vanessa to find out you'd cheated on her? You think it didn't hurt Roman for you to use him the way you did? You think it didn't hurt me when you yelled at me and punched me in public?"

The guilt was too much for Deniz. His noisy sobs increased, and he moved his hand back to the floor in front of him, resting the top of his forehead, on the back of his hand.

Knowing he'd gotten his point across, Marion gave him ten more swats, and tossed the spoon on the table in front of him. Letting go of the boy's waist, he rubbed his back for a few seconds, waiting for him to realize it was over.

Deniz stayed where he was, too full of tears, remorse, and relief that it was over, to move. Marion patted his back once and said, "Come now Deniz, it's over."

The boy pushed up on the floor, to try and right himself, and felt his father's hand on his arm, helping him up. Once he was upright, Marion pulled him into a hug while he was still kneeling.

They stayed that way until Deniz's tears to slow down. When Deniz finally pulled away, he looked into Marion's eyes and said, "I'm sorry."

Marion put a hand on the side of his face, and wiped some of the tears away with his thumb. "Okay. This time it's enough."

A fresh tear went down his son's cheek, and Marion patted his shoulder once. He stood, and reached out a hand to help his son stand as well. Once they were both up, Marion said, "It's late. Why don't you go to bed? We can talk more tomorrow."

With a nod, Deniz walked stiffly into his room, surprised at how much the movement hurt. Once he'd shut the door behind him, he immediately took off his pants and underwear. Trying to look behind himself to assess the damage, he shook his head at the bright red splotches he could see. "Shit," he muttered.

He got some tissues and blew his nose a few times before flopping down face first onto his bed. He pulled some covers over his lower half, and wondered what in the world had possessed him to agree to let his father spank him. But the longer he lay there thinking about it, the more he realized he didn't feel nearly as guilty or as lonely as he had for the past few days. He fell asleep trying to decide how he was going to win Vanessa back.

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