Author’s Note: These ficlets were written for the May challenge on the LJ group spanking_world. All stories had to be under 600 words. Please read notes and warnings before each one.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.

FICLET 1: Focus

Note: This takes place after Season 2
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Warning: Non-consensual disciplinary swat of a teen by a werewolf.

“You’re late,” Derek said, glaring at his new Beta.

Jackson glared back as he walked into what was left of the old Hale house. “I had to stop at Lydia’s.”

“Pack business comes first,” Derek said, “especially when there’s a threat. Don’t be late again.” The Alpha made eye contact with Isaac, Scott, Peter, and Stiles. “That goes for everyone.”

Jackson rolled his eyes, and went to stand next to Isaac without comment.

Still hurt that Lydia was in love with such a jackass, Stiles leaned towards Scott and mumbled, “Do you think she even tries to help him with his homework? Nah, it’s probably easier for her to just do it for him.”

Jackson growled, “Shut up Stilinski.”

“What? Can’t handle the fact that your girlfriend’s a genius, and you’re a dumb jock?”

“Stiles...” Scott said, but Stiles spoke over him.

“Is that why you’re always treating her like crap? Damaged male pride?”

Jackson wolfed out, and lunged towards the human.

Before Stiles even realized Jackson was moving, Scott had stepped in front of his friend. The protective gesture turned out to be unnecessary, because Derek had grabbed Jackson by the back of his shirt in mid-lunge. Lost in his fury, Jackson snarled and shoved the person holding him back. Derek’s eyes turned red, his fangs distended, he grabbed the boy by the back of the neck and shook him. Derek let out a roar that shook the floorboards.

Stiles eyes went wide with shock, when Jackson and Isaac both visibly cringed and cowered. Before he could stop himself, a small laugh came out of his traitorous mouth. When Derek’s red eyes snapped to his, Stiles shrugged and said, “I can’t help it. It’s funny to see Jackson of all people cower to you. I mean, I get Isaac cowering, but Jacks…” Realizing what he’d just said, made him blush with shame. No one should have to suffer through the abuse Isaac had suffered, and he certainly hadn’t meant to bring it up, he’d just been too busy taunting Jackson to notice. He turned to Isaac and muttered, “Sorry man, I didn’t mean it like that. I just…” He trailed off, not sure how to explain himself.

Isaac shrugged as if those words hadn’t hurt.

Losing what little patients he had, Derek dropped Jackson, and reached out to grab Stiles, but a soft grunt of disapproval from his uncle stopped him. He knew without looking at Peter, that the older man was cautioning him against damaging the human. Derek glared at his uncle for even thinking he’d treat the human with the same force he treated his Betas. He was always careful with Stiles, even if the boy didn’t know it, or appreciate it. Derek reverted back to his human form, grabbed Stiles upper arm in one hand, and whacked the boy’s backside with the other.

“Ow!” Stiles yelped, going up on his toes, and trying to dance out of the Alpha’s grip. “What the hell, Derek!”

Taking into account Stiles fragile body, Derek gave him a tiny shake and said, “Our town has been over run by an Alpha pack! Nothing else matters right now! Stop derailing this meeting and focus!”

“Okay, okay,” Stiles said after the bone-jarring shake. “I’m focused.” Stiles rubbed his butt with his free hand. Derek let him go with a small shove to get him back beside Scott. With a hiss of pain, Stiles muttered, “That’s gonna bruise.”

Derek pretended he hadn’t heard that, and started laying out the plan for keeping his pack alive over the next few weeks.

FICLET 2: Challenge

Note: This takes place during Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Icepick’. The first few lines are from th show. This is how I wish the scene had played out.
Pairing: Derek/Scott
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary swat.

“You’re right, it is about power,” Derek said, and stalked across the ice rink to teach the teenage Beta a lesson.

It took every ounce of willpower Scott had to stand his ground when he saw the expression on the large Alpha’s face coming towards him.

Within seconds Scott was on the ground bleeding, and Derek had a foot on his chest.

Scott gave one more plea to Boyd not to let Derek turn him, and Boyd lifted his shirt to show the bite mark Derek had already put there.

Derek gestured for his three new Betas to leave, and said, “I’ll be out in a minute.”

As soon as they were alone, Derek took his foot off Scott’s chest, and hauled him up off the ice. Keeping a fist full of Scott’s shirt, Derek changed back to human form and said with quiet rage, “You don’t want to be part of my pack? Fine. But you need to stop challenging me in front of the other Betas unless you enjoy getting your ass handed to you.”

Still weak, Scott changed back to human form, and wiped some of the blood off his mouth. “I can’t just let you change them without trying to stop it.”

“Why do you have to be so stubborn?” Derek asked loudly, and shook the boy.

“Because it’s the right thing to do!” Scott answered, but Derek wasn’t listening.

Derek was busy trying to get over the fact that he’d just uttered the same phrase that his father had used on him several times while growing up. Usually right before turning him over his knee. With a glint in his eye, Derek focused back on the teen.

Not trusting the look aimed at him, Scott tried to extract Derek’s large hand from his tee shirt. “Uh… You can let go now.”

Derek pointed a finger in Scott’s face and said, “The next time you challenge me in front of my Betas, I’m going to spank you.”

“What?” Scott asked, not quite able to believe his own ears.

“In front of them.”

Scott could tell it was a promise, not a threat. He shook his head no, too shocked to come up with any kind of coherent response other than, “But… But… Why?”

“Because I’m the Alpha.” Derek let go of Scott’s shirt. “And you’re still a child.” He grabbed Scott’s upper arm in one hand, and smacked his backside as hard as he could with the other.

A grunt of pain came out of Scott’s throat, even though he kept his mouth clamped shut.

Pleased with his new solution to the problem, Derek let the boy go and started to walk away. Over his shoulder he said, “Get that scratch looked at.”

Scott waited until the man had left, before muttering, “I’m so screwed.”

FICLET 3: A Late Night Visit

Note: This takes place after Season 2. This is how I think the Sheriff might respond to finding out what Stiles has been up to.
Pairing: Sheriff Stilinski/Stiles
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by his father.

Stiles was torn out of a peaceful slumber by the sound of breaking glass. Jerking himself upright, Stiles saw Derek lying on his bedroom floor in a heap, along with shards of what used to be his bedroom window.


“Stiles.” The man’s voice was strained, as he tried to stand.

Stiles jumped out of bed, and rushed to help him get on his feet. He put an arm around the older man’s waist to hold him up. “What happened?”

“The Alphas caught me alone. Your house was closest”

As they were limping towards the bed, Stiles’ bedroom door burst open. Both boys turned to see Sheriff Stilinski pointing a gun in their direction. Within two seconds of taking in the scene, the Sheriff lowered the weapon.

“Dad…” Stiles said, not quite sure what else to say. To his surprise, his dad immediately set the gun down, and carefully helped get Derek on the bed.

“I’ll call for an ambulance,” the sheriff said, noticing all the blood.

Derek grabbed the older man’s arm, and his eyes flashed red. “No ambulance!”

Terrified and shocked, the Sheriff stumbled backwards. “Your eyes!”

Stiles shook Derek’s shoulder. “Hey, no need to go all Alpha, we’re trying to help. What do you need me to do?”

Derek’s eyes went back to normal. “Warn everyone. Then clean and bandage the wounds.”

“Okay. You’re not gonna die, right?”

“No.” Derek leaned back and closed his eyes. “Already healing.”

Stiles finally glanced over at his father, but couldn’t read his expression. “Um… I can explain?”

“This should be good,” his father said. “You make the calls, while I grab the first aid kit.”

# # #

Over the next hour, they patched up an unconscious Derek while Stiles told his father everything he’d been itching to tell him for months. The Sheriff listened without comment, waiting for Stiles to get it all off his chest.

When the last bandage was in place, and Stiles was done talking, the Sheriff grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, and pulled him away from Derek. The older man let go, took a couple of deep breaths and said, “So in a nutshell, all your friends are either werewolves or hunters, and you’ve been lying to me for months, while putting your life in danger almost daily?”

After a long pause, Stiles put a hand on the back of his neck and said, “Define daily.”

Instead of answering, his father’s jaw twitched a couple of times.

“You’re grounded,” his dad said. “For three months.”

“Three Months?” Stiles said indignantly. He’d never been grounded that long.

“And bring me the keys to the Jeep.”

“Not Betty, Dad, have a heart.” Stiles whined.

The sheriff’s eyes narrowed for an instant, before grabbing his son’s arm, putting a foot on a nearby desk chair, and yanking Stiles over his raised thigh.

“Dad!” Stiles said with panic. “What are you doing?” A harsh swat landed dead center on his ass, followed by several more. “Ow! You’re spanking me? Seriously? Ow! I’m not seven anymore!” He tried, and failed, to get out of his dad’s grip.

The sheriff kept swatting and answered, “You lied, you put your life in danger, and you gave me lip about it. Yeah. I’m seriously spanking you. You’re all I’ve got left, Stiles. I won’t lose you, too.”

The weight of his father’s words felt heavy in his chest, causing his vision to blur with tears. “I’m sorry.” He repeated those words several more times before his father finally stopped swatting, let him stand, and pulled him into a fierce hug.

FICLET 4: An Early Morning Discussion

Note: This takes place after Season 2. This is a follow up to my previous ficlet ‘A Late Night Visit’.
Pairing: Sheriff/Stiles & Peter/Derek
Warning: No actual spanking. Talking about a non-consensual disciplinary spanking that happened, and an implied future disciplinary spanking.

Stiles woke up disoriented for a moment, until he remembered he was on the couch. He groaned, and pushed himself into a sitting position. He shifted around a few times, trying to get comfortable, only to find he couldn’t. With a disgruntled noise, he stood up, and rubbed his butt a couple of times. “That’s just great,” he muttered, thinking about school.

Stiles heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind him, and whirled around to see his father and Derek sitting at the dining room. Derek was clearly trying to hide a smirk while taking a sip of coffee, and Stiles knew without a doubt that the werewolf hadn’t been unconscious for the entire night. Stiles immediately dropped his hands to his sides and said with a glare, “What the hell’s going on?”

“Breakfast,” his dad said dryly. “Go get ready for school.”

Stiles looked at each of them and said, “So we’re all good with the whole everyone knows everything plan? No one wants to kill anyone, right?”

Derek looked over at the sheriff, clearly uncertain about the answer himself.

The sheriff gave his son a reassuring smile. “It’s gonna be fine, Stiles. Go on, you’ve only got half an hour to go catch the bus.”

“The bus?” Stiles whined.

“The bus,” his dad said firmly.

Stiles headed towards the stairs and muttered, “That bites.”

Derek gulped down his coffee, and said, “Thank you for last night,” he started to stand, “but I really should be…”

“Sit,” the sheriff ordered.

Derek glared at the older man, who glared right back. A second later, Derek averted his eyes, and sat back down.

The sheriff sighed and said, “For whatever reason, my son thinks you deserve his friendship and loyalty, so I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and overlook some things. But from this point on, you have to keep me in the loop so I can help.”

Derek’s eyes snapped up, not quite believing what he’d heard. “Wait. You want to help me?”

The older man smiled. “Of course. I’ve known Scott for a long time, and I don’t want him in danger any more than I want the other kids you turned in danger. And no offence, Derek, but you’re not that much older yourself.” The sheriff ignored the young man’s glare. “Which is why I spent the early morning discussing things with your uncle before I woke you up.”

“You what?” Derek asked, not liking that.

The sheriff sat back and sipped his coffee. “You’re the Alpha. I get that. But you’re also young and inexperienced. You need to let me and Peter help you figure stuff out, so that you kids don’t all end up dead. I know trusting me will be difficult for you at first, but you’re going to have to try. I’ll be talking to Chris Argent about keeping me informed, too. Together we’re all going to run that Alpha pack out of our town.”

A tiny sliver of hope settled in Derek’s heart. For the first time since the Alpha pack had arrived, he thought maybe they’d all live through the year. “I… I don’t know what to say.”

The doorbell rang.

“Well, you’d better figure it out, because that’s Peter.” Sheriff Stilinski stood and patted Derek on the shoulder. “He wasn’t happy to hear that you went out alone last night with the Alpha pack in town. He said something about handling you the way your father would have.”

Derek’s eyes went wide, and he shook his head, while the sheriff went to answer the door.

FICLET 5: A Mid Morning Correction

Note: This takes place after Season 2. This is a follow up to my two previous ficlets ‘A Late Night Visit’, and ‘An Early Morning Discussion’.
Pairing: Peter/Derek
Warning: A few non-consensual disciplinary swats.

Derek found it surreal to watch Sheriff Stilinski and his uncle Peter shake hands and greet each other as if they were old friends, instead of near strangers. He wondered exactly how in depth their phone call had been earlier that morning. When he heard his uncle apologize on his behalf for any inconvenience, Derek decided he’d heard enough.

He walked over to them, stuck his hand out for the sheriff to shake, and forced a smile on his face. Once the older man had taken his hand, Derek said, “Thanks again, for everything.”

With a genuine smile the sheriff said, “You’re welcome.” He raised one eyebrow and added, “I expect you’ll use the front door from now on?”

Derek mumbled, “Yeah,” and let go of the older man’s hand, “and I’ll send you a check for the damages.”

“I’d appreciate that.”

After a slightly uncomfortable silence, Peter cleared his throat and said, “I’m parked out front if you’re ready to go.”

Derek glared at Peter, irritated that the man had come to pick him up, as if Derek were a runaway puppy instead of the alpha. He knew that Peter hadn’t done it out of any actual concern for him, he’d done it to get in the sheriff’s good graces now that the man knew what they were. But that wasn’t an argument to have in the Stilinski’s entryway, so he headed towards the car.

As he walked, he heard Peter telling the sheriff that he’d call later that afternoon to talk about the alpha pack. Derek clenched his jaw, crossed his arms, and stood by his uncle’s car waiting. Within seconds, the Stilinski’s front door was shut, and Peter was standing in front of him, mirroring his stance.

“Do you have a death wish Derek?” Peter asked mildly.

“What? No. Of course not.”

“Then please tell me what possessed you to go wandering around alone last night, with the alpha pack in town.”

Derek glanced back at the house, and tried to match Peter’s calm tone. “You can drop the act, the sheriff isn’t watching.”

Before Derek had time to process what was happening, Peter grabbed his arm, and roughly shoved him so that his stomach hit the side of the car. One of Peter’s hands pressed hard against his back, while the other slapped down onto his rear end four times in rapid succession.

It took all of Derek’s willpower not to wolf out right there in broad daylight for the neighbors to see. His eyes flashed red as he turned on Peter, grabbed the older man by the throat, and used all of his considerable alpha strength to slam Peter’s back into the hood of the car. Derek held him down, growled low in his throat, and ground out the word, “Don’t.”

Derek expected his uncle’s beta status to force some kind of submissive gesture in that moment, but Peter surprised him by maintaining eye contact and wheezing out the words, “You deserved it.”

Confused by that response, Derek’s hand loosened around Peter’s throat. Spanking wasn’t an entirely foreign concept to him. His parents had been known to give him and his siblings a swat or two for misbehavior when they were very young, but it hadn’t happened since he was six, and it had certainly never come from his uncle.

Peter’s eyes flashed blue. “Me caring about you is not an act. You’re the only family I have left, and I don’t want you dead.” Peter grasped Derek’s wrist, and pulled the younger man’s hand off his throat. He pushed Derek’s arm away, and sat up.

Frowning, Derek took a step back, struggling with his own reaction to those words. He knew Peter couldn’t really be trusted, but there were times when his need for a family connection was so overpowering, that he made the conscious decision to believe the man.

Peter stood, put a hand on Derek’s shoulder and said quietly, “You shouldn’t have been out alone, and you know it. If your parents were alive, they wouldn’t be happy with you either. Don’t do it again. Okay?”

His entire face turned pink at the gently scolding tone his uncle was using. He crossed his arms, trying to force his emotions down, and muttered, “Fine.”

Peter patted his shoulder, and then looked at the dent in his car with a frown. He walked to the driver’s side, and waved at the hood. “You’re paying for that.”

Sighing, Derek got in the car, and tried not to think about his parents while Peter pulled away from the curb. He spent most of the drive trying to figure out exactly why his uncle had decided that smacking his ass was a good way to correct him. He certainly hoped it didn’t have anything to do with advice from the sheriff, but after hearing what happened to Stiles the night before, he couldn’t rule that out. Derek was no closer to an answer when they pulled up in front of his loft, and there was no way he was going to ask, so he supposed he’d have to chalk it up to one of his uncle’s eccentricities and move on.

FICLET 6: An Afternoon Confession

Note: This takes place after Season 2. This is a follow up to my three previous ficlets ‘A Late Night Visit’, ‘An Early Morning Discussion’, and ‘A Mid Morning Correction’.
Pairing: Derek/Isaac
Warning: Non-consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by his alpha werewolf.

Isaac took a deep breath, trying to calm down before going up the stairs to the loft. He’d been trying for the past ten minutes, and it simply wasn’t working. He knew he was being ridiculous. He knew his fears were completely unfounded, but that knowledge wasn’t helping him to feel calm.

He was startled out of his self-reflection when his cell phone buzzed. He dug it out of his pocket, checked the text message, and swallowed hard. Derek’s growly capitals asked, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?’

He darted a glance up to the loft’s window, and saw Derek looking down at him with a raised eyebrow. Flashes of his father assaulted his brain, making his heart skip a beat. He muttered, “Sorry,” and hastily made his way up the stairs.

His irrational panic increased with every step, and by the time his hand touched the loft door, his claws were extended. He let go, and tried to force them back in, but couldn’t.

He heard Derek’s footsteps cross the room, and by the time the older man yanked the loft door open, Isaac was fully wolfed out.

“What’s wrong?” Derek asked with a concerned scowl.

Being able to see and smell his alpha had an immediate affect on Isaac, it just wasn’t the one he had been expecting. He’d assumed that seeing Derek would push his fight or flight mode into overdrive, causing him to either attack, or more likely to cower and run, but instead he finally felt some of the calm that he’d been trying to find all afternoon. His glowing amber eyes, fangs, and claws slowly receded, and he was able to take a calming breath that actually helped.

“Isaac?” Derek said.

“Sorry, I just… I had a bad day at school, but it’s okay now,” Isaac tried to sound confident in that statement, and failed miserably.

Derek’s eyes narrowed. “Sounds like something more than a bad day.”

The teen shrugged, and went into the loft to let the alpha’s smell surround him. He dumped his backpack beside the couch and flopped down onto it, feeling suddenly tired after hours of being tense and frightened.

Isaac leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He heard the door close, and listened to Derek walking over. The couch dipped down beside him as Derek sat.


Derek’s calm but commanding tone was the same one he used to wake Isaac out of his reoccurring nightmares. Isaac couldn’t ignore it, even if he wanted to. He reluctantly opened his eyes, and faced the older man. When he saw Derek’s concerned expression, he knew he couldn’t keep his worries to himself, even if confessing them was a terrifying prospect.

“Today at school, I overheard Stiles talking to Scott.”


“Stiles said that you showed up injured last night, and that he had to tell his father everything about us.”

“That’s true, but you don’t need to worry, the sheriff seems to be fine with it. He took the news better than I would have expected.”

Isaac nodded, and stared down at his lap.

After an awkward silence, Derek said, “That’s not what you were worried about.”

Isaac shook his head. “Stiles said that his dad… spanked him.” Isaac looked up at Derek with watery eyes, and said, “When I was accused of killing my dad, the sheriff was nice to me. He could have been mean, but he wasn’t, not even once. He was really gentle and kind.”

Derek nodded, and Isaac looked away, and continued in a whisper. “So hearing Stiles say that his dad had spanked him brought up memories of my father.”

Derek put a hand on the back of Isaac’s neck to help center the teen. “It wasn’t like that, Isaac, I was there. The sheriff showed amazing restraint in the face of Stiles being… well Stiles. Maybe it’s hard for you to know or understand the difference, but trust me when I say that it wasn’t abusive.”

Isaac shook his head again and said with sorrow. “No, I know it wasn’t like that, because his dad is a good guy.”

“Then why the tears?” Derek squeezed the back of the kid’s neck gently.

Isaac wiped the unwelcome wetness off his face, only to have more roll down his cheeks while he tried to explain. “Back when my brother was alive, and my father still… loved me, there were times when he spanked me the same way Stiles’ dad spanked him last night. Not because he was pissed and took his anger out on me, but because he was trying to teach me something. Back then I actually deserved it, and I didn’t end up with welts and bruises, or locked in the… in there.”

Derek nodded. The image of that freezer even gave him nightmares sometimes.

“So all day, I’ve been thinking about Dad, and how he changed, and then…” Isaac nervously looked into Derek’s eyes and small whimper escaped. He looked down at his lap and forced himself to say what he’d been worried about all day. “…I thought about how you just lost Boyd and Erica, and well… you already snap bones when you’re trying to teach me something.”

Isaac felt Derek’s entire body stiffen beside him, and froze in terror. He could smell the anger rolling off his alpha, and wanted to curl up under the couch to hide. He felt the grip on the back of his neck tighten, and he expected to be tossed across the room at any second. Instead, Derek pulled him close so that the side of his face was pressed against the older man’s chest, and soon both of Derek’s arms were wrapped around him in a tight hug.

Derek whispered fiercely, “If I could go back in time and stop your father from hurting you, I swear I would.”

Isaac sagged against the older man with relief when he realized that Derek’s anger hadn’t been directed at him. He slipped his arms around the alpha, and closed his eyes.

“I’m hard on you during training, because I’m trying to keep you alive, but I don’t want you to be afraid of me.”

“I’m not,” the teen said, but his own heart proved that he was lying. “I mean… sometimes I am, but I also feel safe around you, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I understand why you need me to learn to fight.”

“Would it help you to feel more secure if I promised to spank you instead of snapping a bone when you make a mistake during training?”

Isaac’s body stilled for a moment. “No,” he said, but again his heart betrayed him. He felt his face heat up, and he was sure Derek could smell the embarrassment wafting off him.

“Isaac,” Derek chided, “I’m the alpha. Don’t lie to me.”

“Fine, it would. But I’m sixteen,” he whined.

“Yeah? So what? Stiles is, too.”


“No,” Derek cut him off. “You screw up, you get spanked. That’s the new plan.” Derek patted Isaac’s back awkwardly a couple of times, and then let go.

The teen sat up with a frown.

Unfazed by his beta’s pouting, Derek said, “Do your homework, and then we’ll train for a while before dinner.” Once Isaac nodded in acceptance, Derek got up, and went to see if there were any leftovers in the mini-fridge.

Less than three minutes later, he heard Isaac’s heart rate go up again, and the unpleasant scent of fear hit him. With a tired sigh, he went to Isaac and said, “What now?”

Isaac set his math book beside him on the couch, and rubbed his palms against his thighs nervously. “It’s just that… well… you uh… you’re strong, and I don’t know exactly what you mean by a spanking, and Stiles was having trouble sitting still today, so…”

“Stiles has trouble sitting still every day,” Derek said as he sat next to Isaac again.

Before the teen had a chance to protest, Derek grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed him down over his lap. “This is what you can expect when you screw up,” Derek said, and then smacked the kid’s butt hard six times.

Isaac had grunted and hissed during the six sharp swats. He could tell from the force of the blows, that this had not been some kind of token punishment full of pity, his alpha was being deadly serious.

Derek let go of his neck, patted his back a few times, and said softly, “And that’s all you can expect when you screw up. Nothing more, nothing less, no matter what you do, or how upset I am. Okay?”

“Okay,” Isaac said, surprised by the sincerity in his own voice. Getting spanked would suck, but it wouldn’t be excruciatingly painful, and knowing exactly what was going to happen put all his lingering fears to rest.

Derek pulled at his arm to get him upright again. Once Isaac was sitting next to him on the couch, Derek put a hand on his chin, and pulled his head up to make eye contact. Derek looked him over for a few seconds, and must have been satisfied by what he saw, because he gave Isaac a small smile before letting him go.

“Finish your homework,” Derek said as he got up.

Isaac pulled the math book back to his lap, shifted in his seat a few times as his body healed, and then diligently worked on finishing his homework while feeling surprisingly content.

FICLET 7: Parental Guidance

Note: This after Season 5 Episode 5 ‘A Novel Approach’. This is a stand alone ficlet, unrelated to the previous ficlets.
Pairing: Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles
Warning: Non consensual swatting of a teen by his parent.

Mr. Stilinski heard screaming, and jumped out of bed. Stiles hadn’t had that kind of nightmare in months. He shoved his kid’s door open and rushed to the flailing body.

“Stiles!” he said firmly and put both hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Wake up, you’re having a nightmare.”

Stiles’ eyes opened wide, and he immediately stopped thrashing around. He looked around his room breathing hard, and then sank down onto his bed as the tension leaked out of his body.

“You haven’t had one of those in a while,” his dad said gently, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Wanna tell me about it?”

Maybe he was groggy with sleep, or maybe he just couldn’t keep it inside anymore, but once Stiles started talking about the way Donovan had tried to kill him, he couldn’t stop. He confessed all of it, including the 911 call, and the missing body.

He looked at his father with shame in his eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

His dad shook his head and pulled Stiles into a bear hug. “It’s not your fault, son.”

“I killed him, Dad.” Stiles said as he gripped his father tight.

“It was self defense. He tried to kill you.”

Stiles let his dad go and flopped back against his pillow. “I should have… done something… tried to save him.”

“What did Scott have to say about it?” his dad asked.
“I didn’t tell him,” Stiles gave his dad an exasperated glance. “Clearly you missed the part where I told you I killed Donovan.”

His dad scowled and swatted the covers where Stiles’ thigh was.

“Hey! What the hell was that for?” the boy asked while rolling onto his side to shield his thigh.

“For being an idiot.”

Stiles gave his father a blank stare. His dad sighed and said, “Stiles, Scott is your best friend, and an alpha werewolf. How long do you think you can keep this from him?”

“Um… forever?” Stiles said hopefully.

His dad swatted him with a little more force, catching his hip and a little of his backside through the covers.

Stiles covered his hip with his hand and glared. “Okay, that’s enough with the hitting! I’ve been through a trauma. You’re supposed to be comforting me.”

“I’m going to comfort you right over my lap if you don’t call Scott and tell him what happened.”

A snorted laugh came out of Stiles. “Oh my God, I can’t believe you just said that. It doesn’t even make sense.”

His dad raised an eyebrow and didn’t laugh.

“I know you wouldn’t do that, Dad.” Silence stretched out between them. Sounding less certain, Stiles said, “You wouldn’t, right?”

His dad grabbed Stiles’ cell phone off the nightstand and held it out to him. “Are you going to call my bluff, or are you going to call Scott?”

After a few seconds of staring each other down, Stiles mumbled, “He’s gonna hate me,” and then took the phone.

His dad kissed the top of his head and said, “Scott could never hate you, son, and you know it.”

The sheriff sat on the bed and listened while his son confessed everything to Scott. He knew Scott had reassured Stiles that it wasn’t his fault when he saw his kid sag with relief.

A few minutes later, once the conversation between the boys was over, the sheriff said, “Better?”

“Yeah. Thanks, Dad.”

“Good. Now let your old man get a few hours of sleep before I have to go back to work.” He ran his hand through Stiles’ hair, and stood to leave.

“Night,” Stiles said, suddenly very tired. “Love you.”

“I love you too son,” his dad said, as he closed the bedroom door.

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