Author’s Note: This story was written as an RPG between me and my friend Katt. It’s a fanfic for the show The Originals. I’m playing Elijah, and she’s playing Klaus. This is our take on what might have happened between the brothers during the gap in time from Season 3 Episode 5 ‘The Axeman’s Letter’, and Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Beautiful Mistake’. Spoilers for both episodes.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non-consensual spanking of an adult by his sibling.

When Klaus Bit Off More Than He Could Chew

Elijah sat sipping his drink, dreading the confrontation he suspected would be coming if that insane girl told Klaus what had actually happened all those years ago. He felt rather than heard his brother’s presence behind him, and knew without even turning around that Klaus was livid.

“She told you,” Elijah said. “How convenient to voice this ancient grievance in the very moment we need to stand united against our enemies.”

“You speak to me of enemies.” Klaus said. “When the greatest traitor of my life stands before me.”

Elijah pushed his glass aside and turned to face his brother. Klaus rushed at him, and the two exchanged punches, destroying every piece of furniture in their wake. Elijah got the upper hand for a moment and tossed Klaus across the room.

Klaus stood so he could see his sibling’s face. “What you did to Aurora, to me, you set my course!”

“I protected you.” Elijah desperately tried to get his volatile little brother to understand the reasons behind his actions. “I protected our family! Aurora was a disturbed lunatic, and a powerful lunatic at that. Father was in pursuit. What was I supposed to do Niklaus? Despite every one of your despicable deeds, I alone have always stood by you.”

“And why is that? Guilt,” he hissed. “You knew that your secret betrayal was the cause of everything I became.”

Unable to contain his ire, Klaus attacked again. They tumbled around the room, kicking and punching each other, until the two were face to face and Elijah was fending off Klaus with his forearm. Klaus extended his teeth and viciously bit Elijah’s arm.

“Ah!” Elijah growled at the unexpected attack, and doubled his efforts in the fight. He again tossed Klaus several feet away.

“All of this blame!” Elijah shouted while Klaus got to his feet again. “Will you ever look at yourself? I did not stay with you out of guilt, Niklaus, I stayed with you out of love. I protected you and kept you away from that woman out of love for you and love for our family. My ‘betrayal’ as you put it, is not the cause of everything you became. Your own impulsive, violent, and vengeful nature is the cause!”

He looked at the bite on his arm and shook his head. “Must you bite me like an unruly toddler every time we have an altercation, brother?”

“Must you treat me like a wayward and slightly backwards child, BROTHER?” Klaus sneered in reply. “You have an unusual definition of ‘love’, apparently you only find it possible if you are in complete control. And as you should have learned by now, I will NOT be controlled.” His face was dark with barely repressed anger as he leaned somewhat belligerently into Elijah’s personal space.

Elijah pursed his lips, and glared at his little brother. “I’m not trying to control you Niklaus, I’m trying to get you to control yourself. A task you seem to be incapable of most days.” He gestured to his bitten arm. “Maybe treating you like a wayward child is exactly what I should be doing.”

Klaus’ eyes narrowed and he regarded his brother suspiciously. Elijah had sounded just a little TOO serious with that comment. “Perhaps you’d like to take a leaf from Father’s book and beat me half to death?” He quirked a crooked smile. “Have at it then, brother, if you think you can. But I warn you, I will not make it so easy… after all, I am incapable of self control.” Every muscle in his body tensed, waiting for Elijah’s reaction, waiting for the inevitable swing of a fist or catapult into the nearest wall.

With a sigh, Elijah shook his head. “While I’m often tempted to beat you bloody, that would only pull us father apart at a time when we need to stick together the most. I am not father, and I am not your enemy. I am however your older brother, and as such it’s my duty to keep you in check at times.” Out of the corner of his eye he could see that the couch in front of the fountain was still intact, though several other pieces of furniture were destroyed. “I believe this is one of those times.”

He rushed at Klaus, but instead of a direct attack, he moved to the side at the last second, and grabbed his younger brother from behind in a chokehold. He started dragging Klaus to the couch as he said, “You and I are going to have a discussion about trust, self-control, and biting.”

Klaus was taken by surprise, he expected a full-on charge, not this oblique attack method. The pressure from Elijah’s arm around his throat made it impossible to talk, so he settled for struggling, somewhat futilely, against the solid force of his brother dragging him across the room. By lucky chance he managed to hook one foot around a large piece of debris, nearly sending them both tumbling to the ground. Elijah’s hold did not loosen however, and Klaus found himself clawing ineffectually at his brother’s restraining arms.

After almost losing his grip, Elijah was grateful to have made it to the couch. As he sat on the edge, he manhandled his younger brother into a face down position across his left thigh, and then clamped Klaus’ flailing legs down by tossing his right leg on top of them. Once that was done, he finally took his arm off Klaus’ neck, and instantly wrapped his arm around the younger man’s back to hold him down. He immediately started smacking the presented rear end with the flat of his hand.

Shock and disbelief had kept Klaus moderately constrained, right up until the point where Elijah’s strong hand landed with considerable force on his all-too-vulnerable behind. Vulnerable was not a feeling Klaus liked. It had been a very long time since he found himself in this position, and it was no more palatable now than it had been a millennia ago. “Enough!” he shouted. “You have no right, and I will not tolerate this treatment!”

Elijah kept his hand moving up and down in a steady staccato of slaps as he spoke. “We’re family. That gives me every right to teach you a lesson when you refuse to be reasoned with. And you’re in no position to tell me what you will and will not tolerate, little brother.”

“Family!” Klaus spit out, and then grunted involuntarily at a particularly effective swat. “You think you can do whatever you want in the name of ‘family’!” He lashed out desperately, unwilling to admit that Elijah’s actions were having any effect whatsoever on him.

“No, I don’t think I can do whatever I want in the name of family. But I absolutely can and will spank you when you deserve it, and you definitely deserve it tonight.” Elijah put as much force as he could into the next few slaps as he said, “There will be no more biting, Niklaus. It’s childish and uncivilized. Have I made that point clear to you, or do we need to step up this punishment by taking down your pants?”

Klaus caught his breath at the force of the blows; Elijah was definitely serious about this. Alright, so maybe biting him had been just a little bit over the top. But… wait, PANTS? Absolutely, positively, no way was… “OW!” He couldn’t help the sound that escaped as Elijah found a particularly sensitive spot, and it was probably a good thing he was in no position to see the small smile that crossed his brother’s face when he heard it. Perhaps some diplomacy was called for.

“Very well,” he ground out between clenched teeth. “You have made your point. You may cease this absurd performance at once.”

Elijah lessened the force of the blows marginally since Klaus was beginning to settle, but started alternating the smacks between his rear end and his upper thighs. “I have just begun to make my point, little brother. Next we’re going to talk about self-control. No matter what you want others to believe I know that you are perfectly capable of controlling yourself when you want to. When you’re upset with me, your first instinct should NOT be to engage me in a physical brawl as you did when you were still a pre-teen. Tell me what course of action you should have taken instead.”

Klaus nearly groaned aloud. Elijah actually expected a response from him? It was time to end this! “I should have daggered you and thereby avoided this whole bloody scenario!” He shouted, and then forced himself to calm down thus inadvertently proving Elijah’s point. “This becomes…” he paused for a quick intake of breath as Elijah reacted to his last comment, “tiresome, brother. I believe you are expecting <grunt of pain> me to engage in <muffled exclamation> a verbal dialog <”OW!”> rather than a ‘physical brawl’.” Klaus could tolerate a great deal of pain, but in truth the vulnerable position, the loss of control, and the utter helplessness were rapidly sending him into a state he had long since declared impossible. He was actually beginning to feel like the wayward child Elijah had labeled him, and to register that Elijah was acting out of concern, and… caring.

“That is correct.” Elijah finally paused in his continuous assault on his brother’s backside, and looked down at his bent head. “We’ve come to the last issue. Trust. You and I often disagree on the best course of action when a problem arises, but we almost always want the same end result; for our family to be safe and intact.” He rested the hand he’d been spanking with on the middle of Klaus’ back. “You disagree with my method of keeping you safe all those years ago. That’s fine. I understand, and I’m sorry. But surly you must believe that my intention was to protect you, not to hurt you.”

Klaus was still for a very long moment, and when he finally spoke, his voice was unusually soft, and perhaps a bit hesitant. “You have always wished to keep our family safe and intact.” He paused, and took a shaky breath. “I have not always been convinced that your intentions included me. But I do agree that our best course of action at this time is to put aside any differences and work together. For… our family.”

“I concur. As soon as we finish up here, we’ll talk about what our next step should be.” He pointed to a piece of a broken chair that was by his feet, the size and shape of a large ruler. “Hand that up to me, and before you even think about tossing it across the room in a temper, please remember why you’re over my knee. Show me that you can use your self-control and that you’re willing to trust me.”

“You know, you can be too bloody persistent sometimes!” Klaus grumbled, but he did reach down and hand Elijah the indicated item. Self-control… that depended on what was at stake at the time. Trust… that came a lot harder.

Pleased with the compliance, Elijah said, “Thank you, brother.”

He rested the plank against Klaus’ backside and said, “This part is just for the biting. I’m still very displeased with you for that, but because you handed this to me…” he tapped the wood on Klaus’ ass a couple of times, “…I’m going to be far less thorough then I might have been. Consider this is a taste of what will happen if you bite me again.” With that said, he raised the piece of wood and started spanking again, using much less force than before so that the wood wouldn’t break.

Klaus gritted his teeth, squeezed his eyes shut, and determined not to go completely postal and dagger his brother on the spot. When he thought about it (which was getting more difficult by the moment; Elijah was still using considerable force and that damnable piece of ex-furniture hurt like hell) he knew that Elijah was ALWAYS in protection mode when it came to his family. And while he vehemently disagreed with some of his brother’s actions he did recognize that his motivation was sincere. A small piece of him was willing to admit that Elijah actually cared. Although he did wish his brother would care without finding it necessary to play the role of aggravated parent, he also was becoming convinced that biting Elijah was not a tactic he was likely to try again.

After cracking the plank against his brother’s backside thirty times, Elijah let the wood drop back to the floor at his feet. Klaus hadn’t protested or struggled other than a few involuntary movements, which made Elijah believe that the lesson had been learned. He loosened his hold on Klaus, unpinned his legs, and gently squeezed the younger man’s shoulder. “You took that very well, brother. Do you need a moment to compose yourself, or shall we go share a drink and discuss our true enemies.”

Klaus rose to his feet a bit stiffly and as unobtrusively as possible scrubbed away a traitorous tear, which Elijah kindly pretended not to notice. “Drinks then, brother, and perhaps a little something to help heal that wound.” He nodded toward the bite mark with just the hint of a sheepish smile as they headed for the still intact dining room.

“Yes, it would probably be best if I weren’t out of commission with werewolf induced hallucinations for the next couple of days when our enemies are at our door.” He tried to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. Elijah grabbed a couple of glasses while Klaus got the alcohol, and then they both sat down to discuss Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora.

# # #

Freya walked across the destroyed room, getting flashes of her brother’s in a brawl. As she passed the still-intact couch, she got another flash that made her pause, a shocked expression on her face. Closing her eyes for a moment she searched, and sure enough THERE was a scene she had never expected to see. She was definitely storing that vision away for a time when she needed something to hold over Klaus’ head!

She found her brothers in the next room sitting together quietly at the table, both looking worse for wear with torn clothing and bloody skin. Niklaus was pouring some of his own blood into a glass, and Freya noted the large Klaus sized bite on Elijah’s arm.

“May I ask what happened?” Freya said, clearly annoyed.

“We had a little chat about the past,” Klaus said unrepentantly.

Elijah said, “I politely informed Niklaus that I am not his enemy, and though they entered the city under the guise of peace, Tristan and Lucian in truth are allied against us. A fact that required a little bit of gentle persuasion.”

Klaus added, “And so I reminded our brother who angered them in the first place.”

Freya sat down with them. “And after all of this civil discourse, what understanding did you come to?”

“That we expose and destroy our first sired,” Elijah said.

Klaus pushed the glass of his healing blood towards his brother, and said, “I couldn’t agree with you more.” He picked up his own shot of whisky and said to his sister, “You see gentlemen know when to call a truce and turn our fury in a more pertinent direction.”

Elijah and Klaus clinked their glasses and drank, satisfied that they were both on the same path again. Although they did both briefly wonder about the barely concealed smirk on their older sister’s face.

The End

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