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Alles Was Zählt
Making Noise

American Horror Story
Punished (Murder House)

Harper Finds a Home Chapter 1
Harper Finds a Home Chapter 2
Harper Finds a Home Chapter 3
Harper Finds a Home Chapter 4
Becka's Methods
Racing Ships

Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Universe
How it Should Have Been Chapter 1 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 2 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 3 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 4 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 5 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 6 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 7 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 8 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 9 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 10 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 11 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 12 (Angel)
How it Should Have Been Chapter 13 (Angel)
Public Punishment (Angel)
The People Cellar (Angel)
A Binding Contract (Angel)
Sore Loser (Angel)
That Once Part 1 (Angel and Buffy)
That Once Part 2 (Angel and Buffy)
Running Off (Angel and Buffy)
Angel's Family (Angel and Buffy)
Buffy & Angel Ficlets (Angel and Buffy)
Whipped Into Submission (Buffy)
Worth it (Buffy)
Moving Forward (Buffy)
Moving Forward Part 2 (Buffy)
Lust At First Sight (Crossover with As the World Turns)
The Charmed Angel (Crossover with Charmed)

Barely My Brother
Office Monkey
Expressions of Love

As The World Turns
Sobriety is Overrated
Lust At First Sight (Crossover with Angel)


Not Very Brotherly
Inconvenient Brotherly Concern

Being Human (U.S.)
The Change
Miscellaneous Ficlet 5: Being Family

When Work Comes First

The Boys
The American Way

Breaking In
Extended 21.0
No Means No

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Work Family

That Part

Home Again Chapter 1
Home Again Chapter 2
Home Again Chapter 3
Home Again Chapter 4
Home Again Chapter 5
Back In Time
Phoebe and Cole
In Control
The Charmed Angel (Crossover with Angel)

Dark Blue
After K-Town

Days Of Our Lives
Anger Management
Changing Behavior
Unmasked Submission
An Argument

Degrassi The Next Generation
Setting Things Right

Dukes of Hazzard
Luke's Birthday

The Sub Who Knows How To Fake It
The Mature Adult
The Mature Consultant
A Temporary Fix

Firefly / Serenity
Chapter 1 The Orange Death
Chapter 2 Daddy Will Come For Us
Chapter 3 Dreamwalking

The Flash
An Effective Punishment
A Difficult Punishment (Co-authored story)
A First Punishment (Co-authored story)

Game of Thrones
Hard Earned Respect

Getting to the Bottom of it

Good Behavior
The Price to Pay (Co-authored story)

A Man of His Word
A Promise
Know Thy Enemy

Harts of the West
Dead Man's Leap

Mama's Boy
Miscellaneous Ficlet 6: Hit Me
Twisted Fate Chaper 1 (Co-authored story)
Twisted Fate Chaper 2 (Co-authored story)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
An Accidental Adventure

The Terrible Fives

Jake 2.0
Little Brother

James Bond: Skyfall
A Fit of Temper

Another Hit
Post Traumatic Healing (Co-authored story)
No Running (Co-authored story)

Kyle XY

Dreams and Nightmares

Punishment For the Devil
Safety First
God's Guidance
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Brothers and Sisters

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
No More Lies (Co-authored story)

The Mentalist
Miscellaneous Ficlet 1: Together Again

Burning Shame

The Mummy (1999)
The Mummy's Gold

Visiting the Past
Turn the Tables
Miscellaneous Ficlet 2: A Distraction

The New Normal

Brother Therapy (Co-authored story)

The O.C.
Marissa's Issues
The Power of Mom
The Infamous Egg
The Not so Great Escape

Once Upon A Time
Dishonesty Comes with a Price
A Spell Gone Wrong Part One
A Spell Gone Wrong Part Two
He's Your Son
Magic Interrupted
Jump Ship
Captain's Orders
Once Upon a Time Ficlets
Lost and Found

One Tree Hill
Hit and Run
Taking Advantage
Learning About Marriage
Lucas and the Test
The Way We Used To Be
Dan the Man

The Originals
(See Below: Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies Universe)

Party of Five
I'm the Father

Penny Dreadful

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
Love And Honor

Prodigal Son
A Force to be Reckoned With
You Didn't Win

Playing Opossum

Quantum Leap
Kinky Leaping

Queer As Folk
Dreaming of a White Christmas
One More Job
One More Job (RPS version) (Co-authored story)
Needle Scare (Co-authored story)
Cancer Secret (Co-authored story)
Accepting Help (Co-authored story)

Schitt's Creek

Threats and Ruminations
Emotions Suck
Medical Issues

Friendship Chapter 1
Friendship Chapter 2
Friendship Chapter 3
Friendship Chapter 4
Friendship Chapter 5
Friendship Chapter 6
Friendship Chapter 7
Friendship Chapter 8
Friendship Chapter 9
Friendship Chapter 10
Friendship Chapter 11
Consequences for Your Actions
The Note
Regressed (Co-authored story)
Trust In Your Friends (Co-authored story)

The Sound of Music
Strict Adherence to Discipline

Spiderman: Homecoming
Failed Internship

Star Wars
A New Job

Stranger Things
No More Room

Crossing the Line
Surfing the Night
Bad Decisions
While Ava's Away

Superman and Lois
An Old Approach

Rookie Mistake
Keeping Secrets
To Hell and Back
A New Life
The Porn Channel
Playing Sorry
Set Straight
My Father's Meatsuit
Bad Charlie
Guilt, Lies, and Repercussions
Epic Redemption
Broken Plan
Dean's Bad Day
No Soliciting
Out of Hand
William Tell
A Double-Edged Sword (Co-authored story)

Teen Wolf
The Alpha's Pack
How to Train Your Werewolf
Teen Wolf Ficlets
The Sociopath
The Skittish One
Never the Kid That Deserves It
Sloppy Seconds

Terminator 2
Mission Parameters

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles
Memories of the Future

Terra Nova
Miscellaneous Ficlets 3: When Grounding Isn't Enough

Taking Work Home
Fairy Lights

True Blood
Dream Reform
Boiling Point
True Blood Ficlets
Dream A Little Dream (Co-authored story)

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies Universe
Shut It Out (Vampire Diaries)
Checked Out (Vampire Diaries)
Family of Choice (Vampire Diaries)
Vampire Diaries Ficlets
Broken Relationships (Co-authored Vampire Diaries story)
Taught a Lesson (The Originals)
Unexpected Confrontation (The Originals)
Violation of Privacy (The Originals)
Survivor's Guilt (The Originals)
Extended Family (The Originals)
A Healthy Dose of Fear (Co-authored The Originals story)
When Klaus Bit Off More Than He Could Chew (Co-authored The Originals story)
Tantrum (Co-authored The Originals story)
Reconnection (Co-authored The Originals story)

Veronica Mars
The Evidence
Working It Out
Death Wish

The Walking Dead
Cross the Line
Still Here
Miscellaneous Ficlets 4: What It Means To Be A Man

Will & Grace
Shock Therapy

White Collar
Chapter 1: It's a Start
Chapter 2: We're Partners
Chapter 3: You're the Only One
Chapter 4: If You'd Come To Me
Chapter 5: This Isn't Who You Are
Chapter 6: I Complicated Your Life
Chapter 7: Spousal Immunity
Chapter 8: The Price is Too High
You Really Let Me Down
Turn About Is Fair Play (Co-authored story)

The 4400
Finding Jordan

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