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Stand Alone Stories

Rookie Mistake - This drabble takes place early in Season 1. Dean is displeased with a mistake Sam made on a hunt. Posted July 2012

Keeping Secrets - This story takes place during the episode 'Bloody Mary' from Season 1, and it's the first Supernatural story that I ever wrote (way back in 2006). Dean forces Sam to tell him what has been bothering him.

To Hell and Back - This story takes place during Season 2, after the episode 'Bloodlust'. Dean is wallowing in dispair, and Sam prays for help. That help comes in the unexpected form of John Winchester.

A New Life - This is an Alternate Universe story. I wrote it during Season 2, so my take on the future is vastly different from what happened in the show. Five years after they've stopped the yellow eyed demon, Dean doesn't know how to be a normal person, so he lies to his family and leaves town. When John and Sam find out what Dean has been doing, they track him down.

Unprepared - This story was written for my own Prompt Challenge. It is set in Season 3 after the episode 'Fresh Blood'. By trusting Ruby, Sam goes into a situation unprepared.

Shame - This story is an alternate ending to Season 4 Episode 20 'The Rapture'. When Dean finds out Sam has been drinking demon blood and hiding it from him, he decides to take drastic measures to make him stop. Posted January 2018

The Porn Channel - This story takes place during Season 5 Episode 8 'Changing Channels'. This is my take on what could have happened if the boys were dropped into a porn channel. Please read the WARNINGS carefully before reading. Posted July 2012

Uncaged - This story is how I wish Season 6 had started. Spoilers for all of season 5, and season 6. I changed the timeline for things that happen in the last few minutes of 'Swan Song' at the end of season 5. Sam goes directly to Dean after getting out of the cage, and together they try to figure out if Adam got out too.

Playing Sorry - This story takes place during Season 7 Episode 21 titled 'Reading is Fundamental'. Dean is angry with Castiel for everything that has happened, and Castiel offers a resolution of sorts. Posted July 2012

Set Straight - This story is my idea of a 'missing scene' from Season 8 Episode 1 'We Need To Talk About Kevin'. Dean isn't happy when he finds out Sam turned his back on hunting. Posted August 2015

My Father's Meatsuit - This takes place during Season 10 Episode 9 'The Things We Left Behind'. This is what I wish had happened between Castiel and Claire in that episode. Posted July 2015

Bad Charlie - This takes place during Season 10 Episode 11 'There's No Place Like Home'. It's my take on what could have happened between Dean and Bad Charlie in front of the house. Please read the WARNING carefully before reading. Posted April 2015

Guilt, Lies, and Repercussions - This story takes place during Season 14 Episode 16 'Don't Go Into the Woods'. This is what I picture happening if Dean and Sam found out what Jack had really done while they were away. Posted March 2019.

Epic Redemption - This one takes place during Season 14 Episode 20 'Moriah'. This is how I wish things had gone down with Chuck at the end. Posted June 2019.

Pre-Series Stand Alone Stories

Party - Dean is 20, and Sam is 16. Sam decides to have a party while John and Dean are hunting.

Broken Plan - This story was written for Minx's writing challenge. Dean is 19 and Sam is 15. John is arrested, and Dean doesn't want to follow the plan his father has set in place to cover this possibility.

Dean's Bad Day - Dean is 18, and Sam is 14. Dean is unusually clumsy all day, and suspects foul play.

No Soliciting - Dean is 17, and Sam is 13. Dean tries to make money so that Sam can go to a school function.

Out of Hand - Dean is 16, and Sam is 12. The boys engage in a prank war while John is away on a hunt.

William Tell - Dean is 10, and Sam is 6. Dean talks Sam into playing William Tell.

Pranks - This story was written for my own Prompt Challenge. Dean is 3. Mary isn't happy when John has to go on a trip.

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