Miscellaneous Stories

Alles Was Zählt
Respect - This story takes place during episode 464. Deniz realizes he's messed up his life, and wants to move back in with his father, but Marion isn't so quick to let him come home.
Making Noise - This story takes place during episodes 795 & 796. Deniz and Roman decide to try something new in the bedroom.

American Horror Story
Punished - This takes place directly after Season One 'Murder House' and has SPOILERS for the entire season. Ben decides to try a new form of therapy on Tate.

Barely My Brother - This is a little blurb is a tag to S1E3, 'Lone Gunman'. This is my take on what Oliver should have done when his sister stormed off. Posted October 2012.
Office Monkey - This is a tag to Season 1 Episode 12 'Vertigo'. Oliver steps in to stop Thea from making some bad life choices. Posted September 2013.
Expressions of Love - This is my take on how things should have gone down between Oliver and Felicity in Season 4 Episode 6 'Lost Souls' when she was spiraling out of control. Posted December 2017.

As the World Turns
Sobriety is Overrated - Luke is drowning his sorrows in alcohol, and demands attention from Noah even though they are no longer together.
Lust At First Sight - This is a Crossover story with the show Angel. Noah is missing, and Luke hires Angel Invistigations to find him. As Angel and Luke get to know each other, they both find themselves unexpectedly attracted to the other.

Aftermath - This story takes place directly after the movie, and has spoilers for the ending. Pepper's reaction to what has happened. Posted May 2012

Not Very Brotherly - This story is a tag for Season 1 Episode 12 'Corkscrewed'. When Everett finds out Valentine lied again, he decides to do something about it.
Inconvenient Brotherly Concern - This takes place during Season 1 Episode 13 'Rock Bottom', and it's also a follow up story to my first Backstrom story 'Not Very Brotherly'. This is how I wish Backstrom had responded to Valentine's behavior when they were trying to capture a criminal.

Being Human (U.S.)
The Change - This story takes place directly after Season 3 Episode 13 'Ruh-Roh'. This is how I'd like to see the Aidan and Kenny storyline resolved. Posted May 2013
Miscellaneous Ficlets 5: Being Family - This story centers on Nora/Erin. Posted June 2013

When Work Comes First - This story takes place sometime between season 4 and 5. Liz feels guilty about missing Agnes' first Christmas and Tom helps her see things his way. Posted August 2018

The Boys
The American Way - This takes place during Season 1 Episode 2. This is a 'missing scene' - Homelander has words with The Deep after talking to Stillwell. Posted February 2020

Breaking In
Extended 21.0 - A continuation of a scene from season 1 episode 7 titled 21.0 Jump Street. Oz is irritated with Cameron for not getting the job done correctly. Posted March 2012
No Means No - This is a 'missing scene' from season 2 episode 4 titled Game of Jones. Cash keeps doing things after Oz tells him not to, and Oz decides to put a stop to it. Posted April 2012

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Work Family - This is a 'missing scene' from Season 2 Episode 5. Kevin takes exception to some of Jake's comments to Holt while they were working. Posted December 2018

Guidance - This story takes place two months after Season 5 Episode 11 'Under the Influence". In the episode Esposito promises to keep an eye out for teen thief Joey Malone, and my story is about what might happen if Joey got himself into trouble. Posted September 2013
That Part - This takes place between Season 4 Episode 23 'Always', and Season 5 Episode 1 ‘After the Storm’. This is my take on what ‘That Part’ might have been between Beckett and Castle. It’s a PWP ‘Porn without plot’. Posted November 2013

Dark Blue
After K-Town - This story takes place after the episode 'K-Town'. Dean almost gets himself killed on the job when he doesn't follow Carter's orders. Carter wants to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Days Of Our Lives
Anger Management - This little blurb takes place during the episode that aired on Decemer 6, 2011. Will and Rafe have a talk in Will's room. Posted December 2011.
Disrespect - This little blurb takes place directly after the episode that aired on March 16, 2012. Lucas isn't happy with the way Will treated him in front of EJ. Posted March 2012.
Changing Behavior - This is a tag to the episode that aired on May 22, 2012. Sami wants to change, so she can be a better mother, and Lucas suggests a way to make that happen. Posted July 2012.
Unmasked Submission - This is a tag to the episode that aired on May 30, 2012. Will desperately wants his job back, but EJ wants him to prove his loyalty first. READ THE WARNINGS INSIDE CAREFULLY. Posted June 2012.
Stalemate - This is a tag to the episode that aired on July 4, 2012. This is my take on how EJ might have responded to Will's blackmail attempt if EJ were just a little more evil. Posted July 2012.
An Argument - This is a tiny blurb from the episode that aired on April 4, 2013. This is what I would have liked to have seen happen between EJ and Sami during their little argument. Posted April 2013.

Degrassi The Next Generation
Setting Things Right - This is a tag to the episodes 'Not Ready to Make Nice' S11E37 & S11E38. Clare feels guilty about about the things she did, and Jake tries to help her feel better. Posted April 2012.

Dukes of Hazzard
Luke's Birthday - This story is set pre-series - Luke is about to turn eighteen. When a recruiting officer comes to the school, Luke decides to join the Maries. He's upset when everyone in the family seems to be against his decision, and even more upset when they suspect the recruiting officer is up to no good.

The Sub Who Knows How To Fake It - This story take place during Season 1 Episode 1. Joan is not pleased with Sherlock's behavior in the episode, and she takes measures to keep him in check. Posted December 2018.
The Mature Adult - This story takes place directly after S1E16 "The Red Team". It's my take on what I wish had happened to resolve the issue between Sherlock and Captain Gregson.
The Mature Consultant - This one takes place during Season 4 Episode 1 ‘ The Past is Parent’. This is my version of how the discussion between Gregson and Sherlock could have gone at the precinct. This is also a follow up to my story ‘The Mature Adult’, and you should probably read that one first. Posted May 2016.
A Temporary Fix - This story is my take on what could have happened during S3E9 'The Eternity Injection'. What if Joan had suggested calling Mistress Felicia instead of offering to spend the night? Posted January 2015

The Flash
An Effective Punishment - This is what I imagined happening during season 1 episode 8, ‘Flash vs. Arrow’, if things had gone just a little differently. How far is Dr. Wells willing to go to protect his vision of the future? Written February 2015.

Game of Thrones
Hard Earned Respect - This story is set during Season 3 Episode 2. It's my take on what might have happened if Brienne and Jaime hadn't been disturbed on the bridge.
Recovery - This story is set during season 7, and has spoilers for the entire season. It's an AU about what could have happened between Sansa and Petyr. Posted November 2017.

Confession - This story takes place during the episode 'Bad Reputation', and there are also direct spoilers for the episode 'Home'. Burt finds out about Kurt stealing the tape from Sue.
Getting to the Bottom of it - This story takes place during the episode 'Hold on to Sixteen' from season 3. Rachel feels guilty about what she's done, and Finn helps her feel better. Posted December 2011.
Failure - This blurb takes place during the episode 'Props' from season 3. Coach Beiste isn't happy with Puck's attitude towards himself. Posted May 2012.

A Man of His Word - This story is set sometime after S1E10 "LoveCraft". Oswald tries to blackmail Jim into releasing a prisoner from Arkham. His plan backfires.
A Promise - This is a tag to Season 2 Episode 13 of Gotham ‘A Dead Man Feels No Cold’. It’s my take on what might have happened when Bruce got home after Selina gave him a gun. Posted May 2016.
Know Thy Enemy - This story is a 'missing scene' between Ed and Oswald during Season 3 Episode 22, and has loads of spoilers for everything up to that point. Posted July 2017.

Harts of the West
Dead Man's Leap - This sotory was written by request. It's a 'missing scene' from the episode 'Dead Man's Leap'. Dave is less than thrilled when his children lie to him, and he's especially displeased with his oldest, Zane, for putting himself in mortal danger. Posted January 2023

Mama's Boy - This story takes place during the episode 'One of Us, One of Them'. Sylar has to face his 'mother' Angela after losing control at work.
Miscellaneous Ficlets 6: Hit Me - This ficlet centers on Peter/Sylar.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
An Accidental Adventure - This takes place after the events of the movie. Mutt has trouble adjusting to his new parent, and goes on an adventure. Posted April 2012

The Terrible Fives - Liv eats the brains of a bratty five-year-old, and Ravi has to deal with her new personality while they try to solve the case. Posted December 2017

Jake 2.0
Little Brother - When Jake finds out that his little brother plans to drop out of college, he persuades him not to.

James Bond: Skyfall
A Fit of Temper - This story takes place at the very end of the movie - spoilers for the entire thing. Posted February 2018.

Another Hit - This is my take on a 'missing scene' from Season 2 Episode 5 titled 'Meet the Parents'. Pawter thinks she needs another hit of Jakk to deal with her parents, Johnny doesn't agree. Posted August 2019.

Kyle XY
Vulnerable - A tag to Season 2 Episode 17 'Grounded'. Kyle breaks the rules when he's already grounded, so Stephen and Nicole decide it's time to try something else.

Dreams and Nightmares - This story takes place during the episode 'Fire + Water'. As the leader, Jack feels responsible for everyone in their group, and can't let Charlie go without punishment for setting the fire.
Kate - This story was NOT written by me. It was written by my good friend Jenna as a gift for me. This has spoilers for the episode 'The Hunting Party'. Jack confronts Kate for not following his orders.

Burning Shame - This story takes place during Season 1 Episode 10 and Season 2 Episode 11. Bill has to go fetch Holden, and he's not happy about it. Posted February 2020.

Miscellaneous Ficlets
Miscellaneous Ficlets - Six little ficlets I wrote in six different fandoms for a challenge. Some are erotic and some are punishment. Please read all warnings before deciding to read. The fandoms and central characters in the stories are as follows: The Mentalist - Wayne/Grace, NCIS - Tim/Abby, Terra Nova - Jim/Josh, The Walking Dead - Rick/Carl, Being Human (US) - Nora/Erin, Heroes - Peter/Sylar. Posted June 2013.

The Mummy (1999)
The Mummy's Gold - This story takes place directly after the 1999 movie 'The Mummy'. Rick, Evie, and Jonathan discover the gold in their saddle bags, and decide to sell it. Evie wants to be involved in the exchange, but Rick wants her to stay far away from the exchange, where she can be safe.

Visiting the Past - This story takes place during the episode 'Bloodbath'. Tim is frustrated with Abby for putting herself in danger, and uses his knowledge of their past together to make them both feel better.
Turn the Tables - Tony propositions Ziva and gets more than he bargained for.
Betrayal - Abby goes behind Gibb's back, and bends the rules for an old friend.
Miscellaneous Ficlet 2: A Distraction - This story is for NCIS, and centers on Tim/Abby.

The New Normal
Overindulgent - This story takes place about six months after the end of the series. Bryan goes way overboard with the gifts for Sawyer's first Christmas, and David steps in to curb that behavior. Posted December 2018.

Original Character Story
How to Save a Life - This story originated from something I was watching (Not a regular network show), but the characters and events are so vastly different, that I'm calling them original characters. Frank is just going through the routine of life after his wife dies, until he decides to sign up for the Big Brother Program. Kyle is a teen who spends most of his time alone or with unsavory friends, until his mother signs him up for the Big Brother Program. Over time Frank and Kyle form a father/son bond.

Party of Five
I'm the Father - This is a tag to Season 1 Episode 20, The Trouble with Charlie. The kids have been awful to Charlie and he decides to move out. Kirsten doesn't agree with that idea, and gives Charlie another option. Posted September 2013

Penny Dreadful
Repentance - An alternate ending to Season 2 Episode 7 titled 'Little Scorpion'. This is how I wish the episode had ended. Posted February 2018

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
Love And Honor - Will finds out what Elizabeth has done, and isn't happy.

Prodigal Son
A Force to be Reckoned With - This story takes place during Season 1 Episode 6. Jessica will do whatever it takes to help her son sleep, much to Malcolm's dismay. Posted February 2020.
You Didn't Win - This story takes place during Season 2 Episode 5. Malcolm is less than happy that Ainsley put her life in danger for a story and decides to treat her the same way Gil treats him when he's reckless. Posted January 2023.

Playing Opossum - This story takes place pre-series. Shawn doesn't want to go with his mom to visit a relative an fakes an injury so he can stay home. Henry isn't pleased when he finds out.

Quantum Leap
Kinky Leaping - Sam leaps into the middle of a 'scene' and has to play the part.

Queer as Folk
One More Job - This story takes place during the episode 'Just a Little Help'. Michal is upset to find out that Hunter has been hustling again.
Dreaming of a White Christmas - Justin tries to force Brian to spend time with him on Christmas.

Schitt's Creek
Closeted - This story takes place during Season 4 Episode 9 titled 'The Olive Branch'. Patrick lets something slip in the heat of the moment and David wants to talk about it.

Threats and Ruminations - A tag to S1E4 'Shorthanded'. Cabe makes a threat which Toby and Walter discuss. Posted October 2014.
Emotions Suck - This takes place directly following S1E22 'Postcards From the Edge'. Cabe confonts Walter about his recent behavior. Posted May 2015.
Medical Issues - This story takes place sometime shortly after S2E1 'Satellite of Love'. Walter is still hiding his medical issues, and Cabe finds out.
Insecurities - This story takes place sometime after S3E7, and before S3E8. It was written for the following prompt - "Tim and Cabe start working even more closely together on missions and Walter's insecurities kick into high gear." Posted January 2017.

The Sound of Music
Strict Adherence to Discipline - A 'missing scene' where Georg has words with all the children and Maria about not following the rules while he was away. Posted Jan 2023.

Spiderman: Homecoming
Failed Internship - A 'missing scene' between Tony and Peter in the movie - spoilers galore. Posted July 2017.

Star Wars
A New Job - Set after the original 3 movies. Han goes on a questionable mission and Lea is pissed.

Stranger Things
No More Room - This takes place directly following season 2. After talking with her friends, Eleven decides to change Hopper's mind about sending her to her room when she breaks a rule. Posted June 2018.

Crossing the Line - Takes place early in season one. Johnny grounds Bradin. Bradin goes out at night to have fun while he's grounded, and when Jonny finds out he decides to try a different punishment.
Surfing the Night - Takes place after my story 'Crossing the Line' in season one. Jay takes issue with Bradin sneaking out and surfing at night.
Bad Decisions - Takes place during season two. Bradin takes some drugs to enhance his surfing performance. Ava grounds him from surfing, so Bradin does it in secret. When Jay finds out he decides to step in.
While Ava's Away - Takes place during sesond two. While his aunt is away Bradin thinks he can get away with whatever he wants. Johnny doesn't agree.

Superman and Lois
An Old Approach - A 'missing scene' from Season 1 Episode 3 and anotehr from Season 1 Episode 5. Clark has had enough disrespect and bad behavior from both Jordan and Jonathan. Posted January 2023

Terminator 2
Mission Parameters - Sarah is angry with John for risking his life to come save her.

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles
Memories of the Future - This is a 'missing scene' from Season 2 Episode 8 'Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today'. Derek's response to John breaking the rules is complicated, because Derek sees John as his future commanding officer and as his nephew at the same time. Posted December 2013.

Taking Work Home - This story takes place during the Pilot episode. When Jack finds out his crew has been disregarding the standing rule of not taking alien artifacts out of the hub, he decides he will do everything in his power to avoid losing another member of his team.
Fairy Lights - This This story takes place directly after the episode 'Out of Time', and has spoilers for the episode 'Cyberwoman' too. Jack is second guessing a decision, and Ianto helps him understand why he shouldn't.

True Blood
Dream Reform - This story takes place directly after the Season 3 finale, 'Evil Is Going On'. Godric appears to Eric in a dream, and they discuss what Eric has done with Russell.
Revenge - This story takes place during Season 3, episode 8, 'Night On the Sun'. This is my take on what could have happened between Eric and Talbot before Eric takes his revenge on Russell. Please read the WARNINGS carefuly.
Boiling Point - This story takes place during Season 1, episode 10, 'I Don't Wanna Know'. This is a 'missing scene' between Sookie and Sam when she finds out he's a shape shifter.
True Blood Ficlets - Eight little ficlets I wrote for a challenge over on LiveJournal during May 2013. Posted July 2013.

Veronica Mars
The Evidence - This story takes place during the episode 'One Angry Veronica'. When Keith comes by to take back the evidence that Logan bought illegally, Logan doesn't want to let him have it.
Working It Out - This story takes place during the episode 'Normal is the Watchword'. Logan wants Veronica to trust him. Veronica wants Logan to be trustworthy.
Death Wish - This story takes place right after the end of Season 3, and has spoilers for the whole series, but specific spoilers for season 3 episodes 4 'Charlie Don't Surf' and 20 'The Bitch is Back'. Logan's life is in danger, and Keith is hired to protect him. Keith decides to ask Logan's brother Charlie if they can hide out at his house until the threat on Logan's life is over. Posted April 2016.

The Walking Dead
Cross the Line - This is a tag to the episode '18 Miles Out'. Maggie is fed up with Glenn trying to put distance between them, and does something about it. Posted June 2012
Peaches - This story takes place between Season 2 and Season 3. Beth and Maggie are both too hungry to think straight, and make some bad decisions. Written by request. Posted May 2018.
Still Here - This takes place over the course of Season 6 Episodes 7, 8, & 9. It was written for a friend who wanted to see Glenn take a firmer stand with Enid when trying to convince her to come home. Posted July 2018.
Miscellaneous Ficlets 4: What it Means to Be a Man - This story and centers on Rick and Carl.

Will & Grace
Shock Therapy - This is a tag to the episode 'Bed, Bath, & Beyond' which was Episode 7 from Season 4. Will tries to shock Grace out of her negative mood. Posted March 2012

The 4400
Finding Jordan - This takes place directly after Season Two. Shawn uses Maia's help to find Jordan. Tom and Diana aren't happy that Shawn has to ditch his security team and Maia has to ditch her babysitter to accomplish their tasks.

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