Katt's Fan Fics

I write mostly to amuse myself, but occasionally I get brave enough to share. If youíre not familiar with some of the fandoms, itís because Iím older than dirt and have been doing this for years. Feedback is better than champagne (okay, not really, but itís almost as good). You can email me HERE

Disclaimer - I don't own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories. These stories are meant for people 18 years of age and older.

The A-Team Story

Following Orders

Criminal Minds Story


Haven Story


Killjoys Story

Plan B

Lord of the Rings Stories

It's My Funeral and I'll Die if I Want to


Part 1 - If You Can Give It...

Part 2 - ...I Can Take It

When the Possible Becomes Probable

The Magnificent Seven Stories

When Cowboys Collide

Gambler's Luck

Confession is Good for the Soul

The Originals Stories

No Detours


Scorpion Stories

The Desired Effect

He Knows I Need This

What Were You Thinking

Supernatural Stories


What Should Have Happened

X-Men Story

Remy's Christmas Gift

A-Team picture courtesy of Fanpop. Criminal Minds picture courtesy of Criminal Minds Fan Forum. Killjoys pictures courtesy of Screencapped.net. Lord of the Rings picture courtesy of Fanpop. The Originals pictures courtesy of Originalscaps.

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