Author’s Note: X-Men Marvel Comic Universe. Pairing: Logan/Remy Written a long time ago, so Logan is not dead. Although I could see him coming back from the grave to deliver a spanking….
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non-con disciplinary spanking of an adult.

Remy's Christmas Gift

Remy flinched when he heard the knock on his door. He’d been expecting it, anticipating it, but certainly not looking forward to it. It came again, more insistent this time, and with a resigned sigh he called, “C’me in, Logan.”

Logan entered, and shut the door behind him. Quietly. Remy’s anxiety level went up a notch. Logan was not normally quiet about anything unless he was really pissed. He couldn’t bring himself to meet Logan’s eyes, so he continued to amuse himself by flipping cards into a hat, occasionally giving one just a touch of a charge so it disintegrated in midair. The silence built until you could cut it with the proverbial knife. Finally Remy asked quietly, “She gonna be ok?”


He saw Jubilee, lying still and pale on the floor of the jewelry store. Shards of glass littered the area around her for several feet in each direction. Alarms rang, lights flashed, the thunder of approaching feet could be both heard and felt. Remy leapt forward, scooped the girl up in his arms, and dashed out the door. Almost as an afterthought, he pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket and tossed it on the counter. This whole thing had gone horribly wrong.

It had all started this afternoon, when they got back from an emergency mission. Remy had been nervous as a cat on the way home, checking his watch every few seconds. When it became obvious that their arrival was going to be very, very, late, he slumped in his seat in dejection.

It was Christmas Eve, and he had been on his way to the mall when the alarms rang out and the X-Men had all piled into the blackbird for an emergency mission. He had finally—FINALLY—found the perfect gift for Rogue, a gorgeous sapphire choker, and was on his way to buy it when they were all summoned away. Now, it was too late, the store would be closed. Tomorrow was Christmas, and he had no gift for the most important person in his life.

Why, today of all days, did this have to happen? Couldn’t the evil mutants take even one day off this holiday season and give them a break?

Jubilee plopped down in the seat next to him. “What’s wrong, Rem? You look like you just lost your best friend.” She asked, snapping her gum noisily.

“Mebbe did.” Remy lowered his voice. “Wanted to get something special for Rogue. She saw a necklace, fell in love with it, and decided to buy it for her. Make her happy, Remy t’inks. It’s too late now, the store be closed for the night,” he spoke glumly.

Jubilee thought for a minute. “Well, maybe we can do something about that. Just because the store is closed is no reason not to get the present. What store is it?”

He told her. When she outlined a plan for breaking into the establishment, he objected vehemently.

“Look, Rem, it’s not like we’re going to STEAL it or anything! We’ll leave the money, take the necklace, and everybody will be happy. It’ll only take a few minutes; I can slip in through the vent like before and we’ll be out before anybody knows what happened. It’ll be cool.”

Jubilee was very experienced in sneaking in and out of malls, since she had lived in one for quite some time. She knew what she was talking about.

“You know what happen last time. Mebbe not stealing, but Logan still make you wish you hadn’t done it!”

Jubilee winced briefly, remembering. The sting had seemed to last for weeks after Logan had made his point about breaking in and taking things that didn’t belong to you.

“Yeah, Wolvie wasn’t real happy with me. But this is different, Rem, it’s for Rogue. And it is CHRISTMAS! Nobody will be around; we won’t get caught. It’ll be fine, you’ll see!”

So Remy had caved, altogether too easily. He had after all been raised as a thief, and it wasn’t at all out of character for him to break into a jewelry store. With his knowledge of alarms and Jubilee’s intimate knowledge of the mall, it should be a snap to get in and out with the sapphire choker.

Things went well at first. As soon as they got back to the mansion they had hopped on Remy’s motorcycle and headed for the mall. When they arrived the parking lot was deserted, even with extended Christmas Eve hours the mall had been closed for quite some time. Remy felt a twinge of nervousness and should have listened to his instincts, but it was too late to turn back now. His code of honor as a thief required him to continue with the plan.

So Remy made quick work of dismantling the lock on the loading dock doors and they slid underneath, then closed it behind them. They made their way through the silent mall, sticking to the shadows, with one eye out for security guards, but the way seemed clear. Remy picked the store lock, they stepped inside, and he disabled the alarm wires before they could trigger an alert.

Remy was concerned as he did not immediately see the necklace, but after a moment he spotted it in a different display cabinet. He checked the back for alarms and didn’t see any, so he opened it and scooped the necklace into his pocket. Then he started to look for a gift box to put it in. He had found one and put the necklace in it, slipped it into his pocket, and was reaching for the money when Jubilee hissed a warning and they both heard the sounds of running feet heading in their direction.

Remy cursed under his breath and muttered something about a second alarm. Jubilee whispered, “Back door! We’ll go out the service corridor.”
Just as they started to make a run for it, one of the guards stepped into sight and yelled, “Freeze!” pulling his gun.

Jubilee had tried to step in front of the door to blind the guards with her fireworks at the same time Remy grabbed an empty jewelry box, charged it, and flung it towards the door as a distraction. Disaster happened; the glass door exploded right in front of Jubilee. The guard was knocked to the floor unconscious. Remy scooped up the also unconscious Jubilee and threw her over his shoulder, noting with relief that she was at least breathing regularly.

A brief call to the mansion had alerted the X-men to the return of a wounded team member, so when Remy got back to the mansion with Jubilee in his arms, he was met at the door by Logan and Rogue. Logan had instantly relieved him of his burden and rushed Jubilee down to Hank, who had been busily preparing the medlab for her arrival.

“Remy, what happened?” Rogue asked worriedly. “How’d she get hurt? Were ya attacked?”

“Non. Not attacked.” Hesitantly, Remy had explained the whole sordid situation.

“Ya did WHAT??? To get a present for me? Sugah, are ya out of your mind?” she demanded incredulously. Remy hung his head in shame.

“Rem, I don’t care if ya give me a present or not. I don’t need anything, except you. Don’t you know that yet? Don’t you know me well enough to know that?” Rogue’s voice was full of disappointment, and Remy wanted to crawl inside a hole and never come out again. Rogue touched his cheek gently.

“It’ll be ok. Jubes will be fine. You’ll get past this. But please, Rem, try ta believe in me. Just a little bit.”

With a choked cry, Remy reached out for her and pulled her close, hugging her tightly against him. She hugged back, hard, willing him to understand and accept.

“Sorry, Rogue. So sorry.”

“I know that, but it’s not me you’re going to have to deal with. You know how Logan’s going to feel about this.” She tried to make the words soft, but he flinched anyway. “Fuck. Just kill me now, oui?”

Rogue laughed and wrapped him tightly in her arms and held him for a long time, until finally he pulled away with a wry smile.

“Need some time to think now. See you later, ok Chere?”

She nodded, and reached a hand up to smooth the tousled auburn hair away from his face. “Ah’ll see ya later, Sugah. And, Rem…” she paused and punctuated her words with a soft kiss, “Ah love ya.” One final pat to his cheek, and she was gone, leaving Remy to make his lonely, guilt-ridden way to his room.

<end flashback>

“Yeah, Gumbo, she’s gonna be ok. Hank said aside from a couple of burns on her hands and some cuts and scrapes she’s just fine. Lucky most of the glass missed her.” Logan’s steady gaze never wavered an inch from the boy’s face; he could smell the guilt and grief as well as see it written plainly all over his countenance.

“Logan, you have to believe dis: Remy never meant for de petite to get hurt.” The pain in his voice was clear, and when he finally looked up his eyes were deep red pools of anguish.

“Well, it happened anyhow, didn’t it?” Logan replied unsympathetically. “Lemme get this straight. You pulled a jewelry heist, took Jubes along with ya for the ride, and she ended up in the Med Lab. That about right?”

Remy hesitated and then nodded.

“And she got hurt, whether ya meant it or not.”

Remy winced, and blinked back the tears that were welling up in his eyes. He curbed the impulse to blurt out that it had been Jubilee’s idea in the first place.

“I know dat, Logan. It was all my fault. Never should have let de petite get involved, never should have asked her to help.” He blinked rapidly, and looked back towards the hat full of cards. Logan could feel the waves of guilt rolling off him, despite his apparently calm demeanor.

“Then we ain’t got nuthin’ more to talk about, do we Cajun? We can get right down ta business.” Logan strode across the room, seated himself on the edge of the bed, and waited. Remy looked up, eyes wide.

“What…what you doin’, Logan?”

“Gettin’ ready ta blister yer butt,” Logan replied grimly, hauling the younger man forward across his lap. There was a brief struggle as Remy instinctively fought back; but he was in an awkward physical position, and Logan was a good deal stronger. When he felt his pants pulled down around his knees, however, the struggle began in earnest.

“Non! Remy not a little kid, ta be treated like dis!” Remy lurched out of Logan’s grip and grabbed a glass from the bedside stand, charging it without thinking. The resulting explosion shredded Logan’s shirt, burning his chest and arm. Logan ignored it.

Remy was now on his ass on the floor, scrabbling frantically backwards and thoroughly hampered by his half-removed clothing. Logan growled low in his throat and went after him.

“Try that again, boy, and yer butt will be the least of yer worries,” he threatened. Yanking Remy up off the floor, he easily pinned both arms behind him and shoved him towards the bed. This time, when Remy went over Logan’s knee, his arms were firmly restrained behind his back in a grip of iron.

Logan didn’t bother with a lecture. He simply brought his calloused hand down with considerable strength on the bare bottom over his lap. Remy yelped, and then emitted an impressive string of curses in two languages.

“That ain’t gonna help ya none, Cajun.” Logan responded, delivering a blistering series of spanks straight to Remy’s tender sit spot. “Any more comments ta make?”

“Non!” Remy gasped out between clenched teeth. “Mon Dieu, Logan, enough!”

The burly X-Man chuckled. “We ain’t hardly started yet.” Moving his attention back upwards, Logan proceeded to administer hard, rhythmic spanks randomly across the rapidly reddening cheeks. Remy quickly began to feel the discomfort and soon was having all he could do to hold back the tears. Small moans escaped despite himself.

Logan monitored carefully, gauging the effect his efforts were having, and moved his powerful spanks to Remy’s upper thighs. A few minutes of that had Remy crying in earnest. His pale thighs reddened rapidly, and he began kicking despite all his resolve not to. Logan once again peppered his sit spot with furious whacks, and Remy began to wail.

“Enough, Logan, enough!” he cried out between sobs.

“I’ll decide when it’s enough, kid. And that ain’t yet,” Logan replied grimly. The bottom over his lap was radiating a lot of heat now, and every inch of cheeks and thighs was a vivid crimson. And still Logan spanked. Every time he thought about stopping, the picture of Jubilee pale and unconscious on the hospital bed downstairs intervened, and he continued.

Finally, Remy simply collapsed across the muscled thighs, weeping with abandon in complete surrender, and at last the punishing blows ended. Logan’s heavy hand began rubbing small circles on the young man’s back, soft and soothing, while he shuddered with exhausted sobs.

“All right, Kiddo, all done now. It’s over, yer ok, it’s alright…” Logan murmured quietly.

“S..s..sorry, Logan, Remy sorry….so so s…s…sorry,” he gasped out.

“I know, Kiddo. Ya didn’t mean for her ta get hurt, I know. It’s ok now. She’s ok, she’s gonna be fine. You made a mistake, you paid for it. Time ta get over it now. Shhh, Rem. It’s ok now.” The litany went on for a long time before Remy calmed enough to hear it; quieted enough to let the older man’s words sink in and take root. When Logan thought he was calm enough, he tipped him back onto his feet and helped raise his pants, then pulled him back down to a prone position on the bed. Stretching out next to him so he could keep close physical contact, Logan continued to rub Remy’s back and whisper comfortingly.

Red eyes stared at him blearily. “Don’ get it. A minute ago you were blisterin’ my butt. Now you say it’s ok and you’re makin’ me feel better…” he murmured wearily.

“That’s cause it IS ok now, Kid. That’s what a spankin’ is for, ta get yer attention and correct the problem. When it’s done, it’s done. Over. Ya screwed up, ya paid for it, and now ya start again fresh. That’s how it works.”

“Logan, never had this happen before. Been beat plenny times; never been treated like this afterwards.”

“Way it’s supposed ta be, Rem.” Logan replied seriously. “Everybody screws up. You pay for it and move on. That’s what I just did for you. Made ya pay, so now you can move on. Not make yerself sick with guilt and worry. Get on with the next part of life.”

He stroked Remy’s hair with a gentleness seldom seen in the Wolverine.

“Speakin’ of movin’ on, there’s somebody down in Med Lab wants ta see you. You feel up to it?”

Remy nodded slowly. “Oui. Need to talk to de Petite; see for myself dat she be alright. Tell her sorry.”

“Be sorry, Rem. Be sorry enough never to do it again. Let it go, but don’t ever forget it. Learn the lesson, and move on. Best way to live yer life; learn the lesson and move on.”

Remy nodded again solemnly. “T’anks, mon ami. For…caring.”

“No problem, Kiddo. Yer easy enough ta care about.”

Together they headed down to the Med Lab to see Jubilee, and if Remy walked a bit closer to Logan than was strictly necessary, neither of them commented on it. Logan clapped him on the shoulder in the doorway, and left him there with a smile.

“See ya later, Kid. Give Jubes a hug for me.”

“I will, Logan. Got plenty of hugs to share now, me.” Remy smiled with a ghost of his old irrepressible grin. As he disappeared through the door, Logan turned and headed for a bottle of scotch. Sometimes it was a gamble, doin’ the right thing by these youngsters. This time, he’d won. Next time…well, he’d do his best and then move on. That’s how it worked.

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