Author’s Note: This story takes place after the television series ends. Pairing: Chris/Vin
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Warning: Graphic slash, and disciplinary/erotic spanking.

When Cowboys Collide

Chris Larabee gritted his teeth, growled to himself, and slapped the saddle on his horse’s back. Startled, the animal shied away, and Chris paused a moment to rub his nose and speak softly to him. Wasn’t the Black’s fault Vin had high-tailed it out of town just moments ago, leaving nothing but dust behind him. Chris finished saddling his mount more carefully, then swung up on his back and headed out of town as fast as the horse could gallop.

He knew perfectly well that if Vin got much of a head start, he’d never be able to find him. The tracker had lived with the Indians long enough to know their ways well, and he could lose even the most experienced follower. Chris had to catch up to him, fast.

Catch up to him, and then knock some sense into him. Damn fool had taken offense at a stupid comment Ezra had made. Vin never had handled ridicule well, and Ezra had a tendency to go overboard with the sarcastic remarks. This time, he had made a snide comment about Vin’s literacy…or lack thereof…and Vin had stormed out in a huff, grabbed his few belongings, and taken off.

Chris had followed him, sensing that this was not just a brief escape into the wilderness to work it off. He’d be damned if he’d let the man leave them just because of some idiot remark the gambler had made. On his way out the door, he had growled at Buck to “Do something about Ezra and his mouth!” and allowed himself a quick smile of satisfaction as he caught a glimpse of Buck hauling Ezra off by the back of his collar.

“Wish I could be a fly on the wall to see what happens to Ezra!” He thought to himself as he urged the Black to an even faster pace. Then he forgot all about Buck and Ezra and concentrated instead on simply catching up to his quarry.

Vin only had a few minutes’ head start, and he wasn’t expecting to be followed. Chris spotted him fairly quickly and rode up beside him. Vin obviously saw him coming, but made no attempt to avoid him. He slowed to a trot and allowed the gunslinger to keep pace with him.

They rode in silence for a few moments, Chris staring fixedly at Vin, who was staring just as fixedly straight in front of him.

“You can’t let Ezra get under your skin like that, cowboy.” Chris finally said.


Great. The one-word reply meant that Vin had no intention whatsoever of talking about this.

Chris tried again. “Vin, we all have a lot of respect for you. You can’t go runnin’ off just ‘cause somebody says something stupid. Ezra didn’t mean anything by it, he just lets his mouth get away with him sometimes.”

Vin was silent, still staring straight ahead. Chris began to lose his patience.

“Vin, for Crissakes he’s said worse about all of us one time or another! No need to take it personal. You’re no little kid, to be runnin’ off and poutin’ cause you got called a name!”

Vin stopped and turned his head to survey his companion from top to toe. “You got no right ta tell me what I cain and cain’t do, Larabee. Y’ain’t my boss, and ya sure as hell ain’t my pa. Leave me be.”

Chris faced his friend, eyes suddenly snapping with anger. “Maybe not, but I’m your friend and I can damn sure tell you when you’re actin’ like a fool! Now come on back to town with me, knock Ezra on his ass, and be done with it.”

Vin responded by whirling his horse and riding away at a gallop.

“Son of a BITCH!” Chris swore under his breath, wheeling the Black and taking off after him. “When I get my hands on that stubborn, pigheaded, ornery bastard I’m gonna kill him!”

Vin had a start, but the Black was bigger and faster than Peso. Chris caught up to him, leaned over and grabbed Peso’s bridle and slowed them both to a halt. Vin was steaming.

“Let go of my horse, Larabee, or I swear I’ll…”

“You’ll what, Vin? You wanna take me on; go ahead and try.” Chris’ ice blue eyes issued a challenge. In an instant both men were off their horses and grappling in the dust.

It was a pretty even match. Vin was damn good in a scuffle, but age and treachery had the advantage over youth and skill. Didn’t take too long for Chris to have the tracker pinned beneath him.

Breathing hard, he panted, “You ready to come back home now?”

“Not hardly.” Vin arched up underneath him, taking the older man by surprise and nearly throwing him off completely. He twisted and scrambled to his feet, moving in the general direction of the horses.

In desperation Chris flung himself forward, grabbing at an ankle. He got lucky, and Vin hit the ground, hard. “You aren’t goin’ anywhere except back to Four Corners with me!” He ground out.

Vin was mad enough to spit nails. “I ain’t goin’ nowhere with you! Ain’t no way you cain make me!”

“Oh, yeah! Watch me!” Chris levered himself up over Vin’s prone body, twisting the younger man’s arm painfully behind his back. “You wanna act like a spoiled kid, Tanner, you’re gonna get treated like one!”

Planting one knee firmly in the center of Vin’s back, and keeping a vise-like grip on his arm, Chris reached with his free hand toward the buckle of his belt. In an instant he had it undone and yanked it from the loops. As he raised his arm high in the air, it suddenly occurred to him what he was doing, and he stopped dead.

Slowly, his fingers loosened and the belt dropped to the ground. His grip on Vin’s arm relaxed as well, and Chris rose shakily to his feet, holding out one hand to the other man to help him up. Somewhat to his surprise, Vin took the proffered hand and pulled himself to his feet.

For a few moments the two men just stood there, staring at each other. Then Chris mumbled an apologetic, “Sorry Vin. I had no right to act that way,” turned and walked rather unsteadily towards his horse.

“Chris?” He heard the uncertainty in Vin’s voice, and stopped walking, but he didn’t turn around.

“Chris.” This time there was urgency in the voice, and reluctantly Larabee turned to meet the wide blue eyes looking at him searchingly.

“What the hell is going on here?” The tracker asked softly. His eyes locked with the gunslinger’s, and Chris couldn’t have looked away if his life depended on it.

“Didn’t want you to leave is all.” Chris muttered reluctantly.

Vin took a step forward. Chris swallowed hard and held his ground.


One word…and so hard to answer. Figuring it was all or nothing, Larabee responded with the truth…or at least as much of it as he could manage.

“Couldn’t take the emptiness if you left.” He paused, and when Vin said nothing plunged recklessly on.

“I’ve lost too much in my life…Sarah, Adam, the life that went with them. Now…you. You…filled some of the empty spots. Showed me how to smile again. I can’t…I can’t lose you too.”

Chris closed his eyes; sure that Vin would simply turn and leave in sheer disgust. Instead, he felt a soft movement of air and opened his eyes to see Vin standing just inches away, staring intently into his face.

“You mean that, cowboy?” Vin’s eyes searched his. Barely able to respond, Chris nodded slightly. Then, when the tracker continued to stand staring at him, he tentatively reached up one hand to brush it softly against Vin’s cheek. In a heartbeat, Vin wrapped his arms tightly around his companion, and held on as if he would never let go.

In a sudden flood of relief and joy, Chris’ lips sought blindly for Vin’s, and the two met in a blazing flame of passion that threatened to engulf them both, and the rest of the world be damned.

Suddenly mindful of their exposed position, Vin half-dragged Chris to the shelter of a rock overhang, and then kissed him again. Wordlessly the two fell to the ground, tearing frantically at each other’s clothes.

Months of ignoring, denying, and being guilty about their feelings for each other were stripped away in a few minutes of groping, frantic lust…then they slowed, coming to the realization that no one was going to take this away from them. If it was possible, the lust, the longing, the passion increased as they slowed their pace and took time to start learning each other.

Hard calloused hands stroked gently over responsive, quivering flesh. Hungry mouths traveled over skin turned exquisitely sensitive. Chris worked his way up and down Vin’s throat, nibbled gently at his collarbone, descended lower to suck and nip at a dusky nipple and elicited a reluctant groan from his lover’s lips.

“It’s alright. Just you and me now. Nobody’s gonna hear. Just let yourself go, and let me make you feel good…” Chris’ tongue trailed lower, swirled briefly around a taut belly button, and kept descending until it met the heated hardness of Vin’s ready cock. The tracker’s body once again arched beneath the gunslinger, but this time there was no attempt to throw him off. Chris grinned and continued his ministrations.

Several minutes later, groaning with frustration, Vin finally succeeded in turning onto his stomach and thrusting his firm ass up against Chris’ raging erection.

“Fer crissake, cowboy, will ya DO somethin’?!?” Vin ground out between clenched teeth.

Larabee grinned. “Oh, I’ll do somethin’ alright, pardner.” His hand smacked down, hard, on the bare ass being offered in front of him. Vin yelped.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Was what I was gonna give you before.” Another hard slap followed the first. “Seems you needed a lesson about runnin’ away.” A third slap. “And by the way, I DON’T like bein’ called ‘cowboy’.” Another very hard slap.

“Jesus!” Vin’s body was throbbing with need; panting and biting his lip, he could barely talk at this point.

“Chris! Knock it off and…just…goddddddddd,” he moaned, as one of Chris’ hands smacked down on his ass while the other reached around to grasp his balls.

Vin moaned again. Chris kept it up, playing with him with one hand, and smacking the other down hard against Vin’s bouncing, wiggling ass. He wanted that ass. Wanted it more than anything, but he was gonna be damn sure Vin was ready for him first.

Vin lost all track of time and space, lost awareness of everything…everything except the hand between his legs, and the hand blistering his ass. The sting of the blows blended with the rapture of the gentle caresses until he thought he would die, right then and there, if Chris didn’t….

Just at that moment, Chris did. Pressing close against his partner, he slipped his fingers into Vin’s mouth, letting him suck on them until they were warm and wet. He slid first one finger, then two, into the hungry, thrusting ass in front of him. Vin groaned, pressing hard against the questing hand, wanting more…needing more…

Just when he thought he couldn’t stand it any longer, Vin felt him draw back, position himself carefully; and then finally there was the firm, hard thrust of Chris’ cock against his ass.

The first thrust spread him wide, sent waves of concurrent pain and pleasure coursing through him. Then Chris began moving, slowly, easing the fullness in and out until Vin had time to adjust…to accept…to demand more.

With a sudden upward surge that caught Chris unawares, Vin ended the gentle introduction by impaling himself firmly on Chris’ rigid cock, forcing the length of it into him in one quick thrust and feeling himself surge over the edge in wave after wave of shaking ecstasy.

Responding to the shattering release of the man beneath him, Chris pumped once, twice, into the warm slick opening being offered…and reached his own explosive climax almost instantly.

Collapsing together in a heap of shaking fulfillment, the two men lay silent for a long time.

“Don’t run from me again, Vin.” Chris growled at long last.

Vin allowed a slow smile to spread across his face. “Hell, cowboy,” he said with deliberate emphasis on the word ‘cowboy’, “I’ll run from ya whenever I want.” One hand reached over to push a stray lock of hair from Chris’ eyes. “Just gonna make sure ya catch me, that’s all.”

Chris grinned at him. “You need another lesson, Tanner?”

“Uh-huh.” Vin rolled over, covering Chris’ mouth with his own, and let the lesson begin.

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