Teen Wolf Stories

Stand Alone Stories

The Alpha's Pack - Five times Stiles got smacked when he wasn't expecting it, and one time he was expecting it, but didn't get smacked. Posted June 2012

How to Train Your Werewolf - Stiles decides to try an experiment on Derek. It backfires. Posted May 2013

Teen Wolf Ficlets - Four little ficlets I wrote for a challenge. Posted June 2013. Three More fliclets added after that.

The Sociopath - Written in response to a prompt. Peter is irritated with the teens running around town at all hours of the night, and decides to do something about it. Posted December 2015

The Skittish One - A few people asked for a follow up to my Teen Wolf story 'The Sociopath'. This story takes place directly following that one. After making a bad decision Isaac is afraid to go home and face Derek. Posted February 2016.

Never the Kid That Deserves It - Written in response to a prompt. Derek wants Jackson as a beta and little brother, but Jackson feels so guilty about not helping Isaac, and he doesn't show up for the pack gift exchange. Posted December 2015.

Sloppy Seconds - This is my take on what might have happened between Ethan and Jackson at the end of Season 6 Episode 20. Posted December 2017.

Teen Wolf pictures courtesy of Home of the Nutty and Screencapped.net

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