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Stand Alone Stories

Tijuana - This story takes place in the middle of the episode 'The Escape'. Summer is a brat, and Seth wants her to knock it off.

Thanksgiving - This story takes place during the episode 'The Homecoming'. Ryan doesn't want to bother the Cohens with his family's problems, and tries to take care of a dangerous situation on his own. Sandy finds out, and convinces Ryan that he is truly a part of the Cohen family, amd that his problems can't be kept to himself.

Marissa's Issues - This story takes place during the first season's Christmas episode called 'The Best Chrismukka'. Ryan sees that Marissa is spinning out of control, and encourages Jimmy to be less of a friend and more of a father to her.

The Power of Mom - This story takes place during the episode 'The Power of Love'. When Seth continues to disregard the restrictions his parents have tried to put on him, Kirsten gets fed up and takes matters into her own hands.

The Infamous Egg - This story takes place during the episode 'The Risky Business'. This story has references to my story 'Thanksgiving'. Ryan tries to cover up his brother's mistake, and in the process he puts both himself and Seth in danger. When Sandy finds out, he isn't happy.

The Not so Great Escape - This story takes place during the episode 'The Aftermath'. This story will have references to my stories 'Thanksgiving' and 'The Infamous Egg'. Ryan tries to run away instead of staying home to face his trouble with the law, and Sandy tries to convince Ryan to confide in him before things get out of hand next time.

The O.C. screencapture pictures courtesy of me - I did them myself.

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