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Punishment For the Devil - This story takes place during Season 1 Episode 6, ‘Favorite Son’. Chloe is worried that Lucifer is going to get himself killed if she doesn't step in and make him start listening to her when they're working together. Posted May 2016.

Safety First - This story takes place sometime during season 1 after Lucifer finds out he can be hurt, but before he finds out what is causing it. Chloe and Lucifer get a case involving a murder at a BDSM club, and drama ensues when Lucifer tries to take matters into his own hands. Posted July 2017.

God's Guidance - This story is my take on a ‘missing scene’ from Season 2 Episode 16 titled ‘God Johnson'. God isn't happy with the way Lucifer is speaking to his mother. Posted August 2018.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - This story takes place sometime after the begining of Season 3. It's a Christmas themed story. Lucifer is grumpy about Christmas in general and makes a few impulsive decisions during a case. Chloe is not pleased when she finds out he put himself in danger. Posted January 2018.

Diva - This story takes place during Season 3 Episode 17. Lucifer and the singer, Axara, have a chat about her bad behavior while he was playing bodyguard. Posted May 2018.

Brothers and Sisters - This story takes place sometime after Season 3 Episode 25, and has spoilers for that episode. Lucifer starts to see Ella as a little sister, and when she risks her life to help solve a case he treats her the same way her older brother would have. Posted July 2018.

Acceptance - This story takes place directly following Season 4 Episode 4. This is what I think should have happened between Lucifer and Eve after he found out about the necklace. Posted August 2019.

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