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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of adults by a parental figure.

The Resurrection of John Winchester

Jensen Ackles got to the door of the trailer and was surprised to find it already open. He cautiously stepped in, leaving the door open in case he needed to call for help. A quick sweep of the room with his eyes, made him wonder if Jared had been robbed. He had rarely seen such a mess in his life. Looking towards the couch he found his co-star's long frame stretched out there, dressed in yesterday's clothes with a pillow over his face.

"Jared, dude are you all right?"

His heartfelt, quiet question elicited a groan from the figure on the sofa. "Man stop shouting and shut up."

Jensen now had some real concerns. He took a step closer and the smell of alcohol hit him hard. "Aww Gawd Jared, did you take a freakin bath in that shit?"

The pillow moved slightly and he saw a small glimpse of blood shot eyes. "Why are you stillllllllll here, go away and let me die in peace."

Jensen would have liked nothing better. Any time Jared got too loaded the night before and shooting had to be called off, he got a day off as well. But something really big was on the horizon and they needed to figure it out together. "Dude, look we got bigger problems than a hangover."

Again a groan from the couch. "GOOOO AWWWWWWWWWWAAAAYYYYYYY."

Angrily striding over he ripped the pillow off of the younger actors face. "He's coming back. If you hadn't been dead to the world this morning you would have picked up the next episode script on your table and seen it."

Jared squinted. "Who's coming back?"

Something about the look on Jensen's face had him concerned and he carefully sat up. "John Winchester that's who."

Jared couldn't help the look of horror that crossed his face, but still he didn't believe it. "No way he's freakin dead and giving orders to the bad little soldiers in heaven dude."

Jensen shook his head. "Only he's not. Kripke resurrected him, and he's free from all those nasty commitments that he had."

"What the fuck does Kripke have against us? Like *why* would he bring him back. What's dead should freakin stay dead dude."

"I don't know what the deal is with Eric, and by the way Jared, that was my line. All I know is that the fans had some kind of petition involving a lot of begging, and all kinds of freaky shit, and he's coming back."

Jared wracked his brain trying to come up with something. "Wait!! I know, we'll just sign an agreement where we'll take our shirts off in every single episode. That ought to do it. Of course you may want to plan some extra days at the gym. And if that doesn't work, hey it'll be like months before he even gets here. His schedule is like crazy, what the hell that is all about beats me though."

Satisfied that he had solved the problem he plopped back down on the couch on his stomach and covered his head with his arms. "Now I solved your fucking big problem Jensen, so go away. Jeff is hardly a threat."

He heard a rumbling sound and shook his head thinking he had to be wrong. "Oh Jared I think you might just be off base with that one kiddo, cause Daddy's home." He lifted his head just in time to see Jeff land a hard swat on his too available butt. Which not only stung like crazy, but made his pounding head hurt even worse. "Now get up, get sobered up and get your ass on the set unless you need more convincing."

On his way out the door Jeff stopped and gave Jensen a warm hug. "Hey kiddo, great to see you."

Jeff actually grinned at Jensen with the dear in headlights look he had on his face. He walked out thinking that maybe, not only did Sam and Dean need their father, but these two did as well.

# # #

It was an hour, a pot of coffee and three showers later when a still rather green Jared appeared on the set. He found Jensen already in his Dean set of mind having an intense discussion with Eric. He stomped over to where the creator of the show stood; hating how much worse his head was suddenly pounding again.

"What the fuck Eric? John is back? Like just what the fuck?"

Jensen while upset, fought a grin at the fact that Jared was so upset, that he was going in circles. Eric however had the upper hand and they all knew it.

"It's best for the show Jared; remember the thing that pays your salary. Why does John being back have you so worked up anyway? It wouldn't be because of a rumor that I heard about Jeff taking both of your sorry behinds to task over some things now would it?"

Suddenly both actors were sporting red faces and it was Jensen who answered. "Dude that was just all bullshit. It never happened."

Having a strong suspicion that that comment was the bullshit, Eric pulled back not wanting to rattle his stars. "Yeah that was what I figured. Look boys Jeff is a great guy, a tremendous actor, and a good friend. Bottom line is he stays for as long as I can make that happen." Having said his piece Eric wandered off to attend to some more details.

Jared turned to Jensen with a sneer. "Well *that* went well. Thanks so much for stepping in and helping me convince him. What happened to 'we have a problem.'?"

Now Jensen was just plain angry. "Well if you could ever learn to behave, then I'm thinking things would go a hell of a lot easier for the both of us. And I have about had it with your crappy, self centered fucking attitude Dude. And I do *not* need to go to the gym more."

Jensen pushed chest to chest against the taller actor and Jared was suddenly ready for him. "Oh just bring it on Shorty."

Seeing red for just a moment Jensen made up his mind. "Let's just go at it then, okay?"

"Fine by me."

"Step away from each other." Both turned to see Jeff standing with arms crossed looking furious. Neither one wanted to be the first to give in. "NOW!"

Both of them did exactly as they had been told, too nervous about the harsh command to ignore it. "After this scene is done. Both of you meet me in Jensen's trailer and if you know what's good for you, you will get your butts there immediately."

Having given the directive he waited to hear an identical set of "yes sirs."

"Now I will stay here and watch this scene and if I see any funny stuff between you two, both of you will regret it." Sending hateful looks at each other both actors walked back into the scene and waited for it to be readied for them. Jeff pulled up a chair and wondered just how in the hell he was going to even have time to act with these two around.

# # #

Jeffrey Dean Morgan watched as his two television sons finished the scene that they had been working on. The director yelled cut and everyone rushed in to congratulate them. Eric even came back down from the writer's trailer where he had been working on a new script. He had, as always been very pleased by what he had seen.

"Hey guys that was just amazing, I think you both had the tension between Sam and Dean just high enough. I hadn't written that as a tense scene but it really worked the way. you played it. Great job."

Jared turned to Jensen with an insincere smile. "Jerk."

Returning the smile, insincerity and all Jensen responded. "Bitch."

Eric laughed and turned to Jeff. "These two they are just too damn funny, always in character. I swear they both deserve an Emmy?"

If the dark scowl on his face was any indication, Jeff definitely didn't agree. "Hey Eric do you mind if I borrow these two talented guys for just a bit? I promise I'll return them good as new." Eric nodded and walked away happily humming. It prevented him from hearing when Jeff leaned in, with a raised eyebrow and in a low stern voice added something. "Almost as good as new anyway."

# # #

Walking towards Jensen's trailer Jeff noticed that both of them were still glaring at each other. They also looked as if they were going to the gallows. Which immediately made Jeff wonder what exactly had been going on in his absence. He waited patiently while Jensen opened the door.

In direct contrast to Jared's hurricane decorating, Jensen's trailer was neat. His reading glassed lay in the center of his new script, which showed Jeff that he had been preparing. Reaching over his gave Jensen's broad shoulder a squeeze to let him know that he was pleased with how well he had been taking care of himself and doing his job.

"Kiss ass."

Jeff turned to Jared with amazement. "Did you just say something?"

Jared shrugged and tried to look innocent. "No I just sneezed. I seem to be coming down with something."

Jeff counted to ten in his head. "Yeah well unless the thing you want coming down is my hand on your butt, I suggest that you straighten the hell up."

He couldn't have missed the broad grin on Jensen's face. "Something funny? Cause the way I see it Jensen, you aren't too far away from that possibility either."

Now he could see the denial on his face. "Me, what the fu….. I mean what'd I do? I haven't done anything."

Feeling as if he was in some sort of tennis match he heard Jared snort. "No he hasn't done anything, and that included taking Cyclops out for that date you made him promise to. He just paid Doug off with a thousand dollars."

Again Jensen stepped in so that he was chest to chest with Jared. "Why don't you just shut the fuck up? What are you the freakin town crier?" As if his words weren't enough Jensen reached out and shoved Jared.

Jeff quickly stepped in between the two, knowing that the fight that started on set was about to escalate. Not expecting him to do that, Jared came at Jensen hard, and ended up slamming into Jeff's back. Jeff turned around and stared at him, suddenly angry himself.

As if to protect himself Jared took two large steps backward out of Jeff's immediate reach. Jeff was stunned to hear Jensen laughing and taunting the younger boy.

"Oh man, now you are soooo gonna get it Jared."

Jeff shook his head as if to clear his mind. There couldn't actually be any doubt in anyone's mind just how much both of these kids deserved to get their butts blistered.

"You are *both* about to be on the receiving end of some serious justice. Jensen take a walk."

Both looked horrified, and Jensen got the door before he stopped. "But dude this is like my trailer. You can't throw me out of my own trailer."

Jeff turned to him with a raised eyebrow and a furious look and he back pedaled. "On second thought a walk sounds realllllllyyyyyyyy good. You guys have a good time. Later."

Jeff crossed his arms over his chest, pointing to the couch. "Sit. Down. Now."

Even Jared couldn't have missed the fury, or frustration that he'd said it with. "Now little boy, you and I are gonna have a nice discussion about your attitude, behavior and anything else that you want to share with me."

He suddenly saw Jared do Sammy going all deer in headlights. "By share, do you mean anything else that you force me to tell you while you're blistering my behind?"

Jeff smiled, pleased that at least the kid knew that much. "Exactly what I mean."

He watched as Jared hung his head and groaned. "Oh fuck."

"I couldn't have said it better myself Kiddo."

Jeff sat deep in thought for a moment. "Do you want to tell me, or should I just start making educated guesses? And if I have to guess, it isn't gonna go well for you."

Jared kicked the side of Jensen's couch; the very action reminded Jeff of a giant four year old. But he gave it all up.

"Okay so there's been some drinking, okay make that lots of drinking, and some gambling, okay make that lots of gambling. I'm pretty good at poker actually. I haven't been too great about my lines, and last week I used a cheat sheet which I hid in the Impala. And I might have missed work a few times too cause of the drinking. Well okay….."

Jeff struggled to keep a straight face. "Let me guess it was actually lots of times right?"

Now Jared frowned which made it even harder to stay stern for Jeff. "Okay then you know what I have to do about this. You remember what I told you would happen if you didn't stop the self destructive crap?"

Jared put on the worst case of puppy dog eyes that Jeff had ever seen. "Ohhhh come on I'm sorrrryyyyy. I won't do any of that again. That was just nasty the last time you did it, and my head still hurts and I think I'm getting a cold with the sneezing and…."

Jeff struggled to remain stone faced. He sat down on the couch next to Jared and simply patted his lap. "Jeans down too Kiddo. This isn't the first time I've had to teach you this lesson."

Jared stood but looked panicked, and was shaking his head. "Please I'll follow the rules now I swear to God I will. Man that really hurt the last time. My butt was on fire for like hours."

"And yet, here I am about to do the same thing, for the same reasons. Now Jared."

He still hadn't moved and Jeff thought that a run for the door was entirely possible.


He saw Jared's eye's get as large as saucers, and any other time or place he might have laughed. "Two…and when I get to five, everything is coming down."

Still nothing but deer in headlights from Jared.

"Three, Four." Now honest dread was written all over him.

"Dude who counts like that?"

Jeff raised an eyebrow in warning. Before he could open his mouth again Jared had stood and unzipped and pushed his jeans down. Taking his wrist he fought a groan as Jared's not insignificant weight landed on his lap.

"We'll talk about this again after it's over."

With no other lecturing, about any of it Jeff just concentrated on swatting. He kept the spanking hard and steady, slowly covering every inch of legs and behind with stinging, hot swats. Jared went from trying to remain calm, to squirming very quickly.

Finally unable to stop himself Jared threw back a hand trying to keep Jeff's hand from finding its target. Never missing a beat Jeff pinned the hand to the small of his back and if anything resumed spanking even harder. Shortly after that the promises and pleas began. And Jeff actually smiled at some of the things this kid was promising. Apparently he hadn't even gotten the half of it yet. He just took notes and continued to spank, thinking that maybe that would be his new full time job from the sounds of it.

He knew that he work was almost done as Jared had just given up the struggle, and had his face buried in the couch cushions crying quietly. Now was the time to make some points. "So, are you going on any more drink like a rock star nights out?" He punctuated his question with a hard swat.


"Okay then how about missing work, giving it less than your all, or gambling?" Each bad choice again was marked with a stinging smack to his very warm behind.

"Nooooooo. I promise, please……."

"How about fighting with Jensen and calling him names like Shorty? Gonna be anymore of that?"

"Noooooo. I'll apologize to him, I swear just please stop."

"Okay then Pal, just a few more so you remember this." He lifted his hand, and landed it hard again five more times, feeling awful at the wails that produced. He hoped no one was around outside or they would think he was killing Jared.

"If you don't keep your promises to me, you're gonna end up here again. And I can always call Texas if I have too."

Apparently that was all that he needed to hear as he put his head back down and sobbed in earnest. Knowing that his task was finished Jeff rubbed his back and waited till the storm had passed. "It's okay Champ, we're all done now."

He pulled the exhausted kid back to sitting not surprised by the increased crying when his butt hit the couch. He rubbed his back, and waited for him to calm down. But when he did instead of looking chastised Jeff saw some anger.

"That just sucked, and you suck too. You aren't even my father, what the fuck gives you the right?" Jeff sighed unhappy that his job apparently wasn't finished. The older actor was thankful that Jared wasn't as coordinated as his alter ego Sam was. Before he even knew what had hit him, he had Jared back over his knee with both jeans and boxers down.

By the time he realized what it was about; Jeff had his hand pinned behind his back. "I may not be your real father, but I'm the closest that you have right now, as I'm Sammy and Dean's father. And the fact that I care about you gives me the right. Now that attitude is going to stop, immediately." He said no more but let his hand do the talking. Ten, hard swats later he noted that Jared had resumed wailing and he figured that he'd made his point.

"Am I gonna get any more attitude out of you little boy?"

Being too distraught to speak Jared simply shook his shaggy head vigorously. "Good this is a reminder about how much I hate the curse word that you seem to love to use. Next time think about this before you use it." He landed his hand ten more times and knew that both the job and the boy were finished.

As gently as he could he eased up clothing. He patted the kids lower back, realizing while it was a comfort it hardly did anything to put out the fire lower down. And truth be told that suited him just fine. As much as he hated to do it, he would be glad if he never had to repeat it again. Finally the crying started to cease and he eased Jared into a sitting position which he struggled against.

"Just calm down kiddo."

"But it huuuurrrrrttttssss."

Jeff fought a smile at all six feet four of Jared sounding like a six year old. "It was supposed to hurt, that just means I did my job well."

"Yeah well bully for you."

Again not wanting to give into the urge to smile, he sent Jared a stern look. "Didn't I make my point clear about attitude?'

Again he thought of a child when Jared nodded and mumbled 'Yes sir. M'sorry."

"Good boy, now John and I are both going to be around for a while. At least the rest of the season. These things we talked about had better change, or you and I are gonna have a repeat performance of today. Many if necessary. Do you understand me?"

He saw tears course down the lean face again and something tugged at his heart. He knew that this was a good kid, but fame and money at such a young age were hard things to handle. He was glad that he could be here for both of his television sons. He threw an arm around the broad shoulders when Jared nodded his understanding. They sat together like that for a while. Finally he told the younger actor to go into Jensen's bathroom and splash some water on his face. He sat for a long moment with his head in his hands thinking about just how differently he had thought coming back today would be.

He heard the ring of a cell phone on the coffee table and answered it with the thought it might be Jensen. "Hello. Hey Mr. Padalecki its Jeff. Yeah I'm back for the rest of the season. No, I'm glad about it too."

Jeff looked up and saw Jared standing in the doorway with a sick look on his face and the long pause followed as Jeff listened. "No, he's in the bathroom. Aww nah, he's really good. No problems at all, always a professional around here. Yeah you too, I'll tell him you called." As he snapped the cell phone shut, he looked up to find Jared staring in surprise, with a hint of tears in his eyes again.

"Why didn't you tell him?"

Jeff stood and looked eye to eye with him. "Because I handled it. And you have to realize that you can trust me. Both to keep your confidence and to keep my word. There was no reason to involve your dad unless you don't plan on keeping your word to me. Or if this behavior continues after today's butt warming session. It isn't going to is it?"

Jeff couldn't help but smile at how wide Jared's eyes got at that question. ."Are you kidding me dude?"

Walking the four steps to where he stood Jeff embraced the boy in a hug. "Good, I'm glad to hear it. Now go on out and find Jensen and send him in. I'll come by your trailer in a bit to check on you. Maybe the three of us can go out for dinner since that was your last shoot of the day."

Jared stopped at the door and looked at Jeff mischievously. "I'll apologize to him, but then can I have some fun?"

Jeff shook his head but found himself saying 'yes". He hoped as he watched Jared grab a bottle of water and douse himself with it and mess up his hair that that decision didn't come back to bite him in the ass.

# # #

Jensen Ackles stood with booted feet crossed leaning against a wall not far from where his trailer was placed. Jared's own trailer was close. Not too far behind them were the trailers used by the make-up, hairdressers and finally the writers. He was glad that he had insisted on some distance between his trailers and the others. His reasoning was that if he wanted privacy for activities of the female kind he would have it. This had never even figured into the equation. Not even in his wildest dream, or maybe nightmare.

If the sounds currently coming from his trailer were any indication, Jeff was thoroughly pissed. He actually cringed as the sharp sound of swat upon swat continued to fall. 'Oh God, if it's this bad with Jared what the hell's gonna happen to me?" He had every intention of taking out Doug's hideous sister in law, just as he had promised he would. But then, he'd started dating this really great girl. He hadn't wanted it to get back to her that he was dating someone else.

He snorted as he thought about how that had turned out too. She had just been Supernatural obsessed and had actually slipped and called out Dean's name in a moment of passion. Great he couldn't even get laid without Dean Winchester. That had totally been his luck of late. And now courtesy of JDM he was about to get transported to the age of twelve, and get a good ass whippen…..again!

He realized that he had let him down. He had it drilled into him from birth that a man keeps his promises. If he were to call his father and complain he was sure that he would hop on an airplane in time to pat Jeff on the back and pat him on the ass again, nice and hard, lots of times, real fast. Just fuck.

Jared Padalecki stood at the door and fought to get into character. He was a pretty damn good actor (if he did say so himself) and crying on cue while hard, wasn't impossible. And his ass was still smoldering so there were still some emotions on the surface. So he did his usual thinking about things that were sad. He started with how much his ass hurt, then puppies that got hurt, and finally a world without candy or hot chicks. Soon the tears were just brimming.

He opened the door and stepped down hoping Jensen was close. As well as hoping no one else was around. He spotted his co-star immediately, and reached a hand around and looked pained, as he rubbed. It wasn't hard to do as Jeff had really lit a fire, one which he didn't think he would forget anytime soon. He caught Jensen's eye, and the look on his face when he did a head to toe appraisal was priceless. Jared attempted discretely to wipe his eyes on the sleeve of his shirt, and for a moment he though Jensen was gonna toss right there.

He walked slowly and carefully towards the other actor, remembering to wince occasionally. The look of horror on his face was just poetic justice. If Jensen had come to him sooner when he found out that Jeff was coming back this could have been avoided. "Hey Jensen, look man I'm sorry about what I said earlier." He paused for effect and to let a single tear slide down his cheek. Thank God it would only be one take.

Jensen still stood there like a statue with panic written all over him. "Was it that bad Jared?"

Jared choked on a little sob. "Worse, you had better go in now. You don't want him to get any more upset with you. And do you forgive me?"

Jensen looked to him as if he were speaking a foreign language. "Huh?"

"I said can you forget what I said; you know calling you Shorty and all. I mean you really aren't that short." He didn't think Jensen was even listening as he was just staring at this trailer.

"Yeah, yeah whatever Dude."

He clapped him on the back. "Well you had better go on. I…I ….just remember it'll be okay in the end."

Now Jensen looked at him with wide eyes and just shook his head no. Jared gleefully gave him a little push towards the door, barely able to keep the grin off of his face.

# # #

Jeffrey Dean Morgan sat on the sofa in Jensen's trailer and waited. He knew that Jensen was a good kid, honorable almost to a fault. He had no doubt that he would come through that door and accept what was about to happen. He would be unhappy about it, but he would accept it. He heard the door slam open and there he stood.

But unlike the usual relaxed, calm Jensen this guy seemed to be breathing fire. He raised an eyebrow and wondered what had happened in the short time he had been busy with Jared. The younger actor shoved his hands angrily into his pockets.

"What the hell did you do that to him for?"

Jeff squinted as he tried to figure out if he was talking about the spanking that he had just dished out. "Come again?"

"He was devastated. It looked like he'd been crying hard for a long time. So he had a few too many last night, or even a lot of nights. What in the hell would possess you to hurt him like that?"

He could tell by the intensity of the green eyes that were staring him down that he was serious. "Did he tell you that I hurt him Jensen? Other than a spanking would."

Now he actually snorted much like Dean would. "Like he fucking had to. One look was all that I needed. And he said that it was bad, worse even. Who the fuck do you think you are anyway John Winchester? What with the giving orders and consequences and all that shit. Jared's a big kid but he's harmless. You however are……"

Jensen was interrupted by Jeff standing and holding a hand up. "I'm gonna stop you there before you say something that you'll regret later. Take out your cell phone and call Jared. Tell him to come back in here for a minute."

Jensen looked at him as if he were crazy. "Why so you can yell at him some more and swat him some more and……"

Jeff just shook his head. "So this is what I get for telling Jared he could have some fun. What the hell was I ever thinking? The kid is an actor Jensen and a damn good one too. I want you to remember that. Just do what I told you to do."

Jeff was glad to see that Jensen had enough respect for him even in his anger to call Jared. He could tell from the older boy's side of the conversation that Jared wasn't quite sure what was going on, but he agreed to come back. Jeff decided to try and talk some sense into a still angry Jensen while he waited.

"So kiddo the last time, when you made the promise to me, did you think the punishment was abusive? Did it damage your psyche?"

Jensen's face colored. "No, mostly just my ass."

Jeff nodded pleased at the response. "Well thanks for being honest with me. Do you think that I'm the kind of person who would be abusive? Or the type who really cares about you guys?"

Jensen rolled his eyes and Jeff could see some of the anger dissipate. "The second one I guess, although you're pretty damn bossy, and big with the orders shit. Just like John."

That comment relieved Jeff's mind somewhat as he knew that Jared and Jensen both realized that the character of John Winchester loved his sons. And he knew that both of them loved and respected their own dads as well. So if he was being grouped in with those men then he was happy.

"I give you orders because both of you often make pretty damn stupid choices. Just like your real dads and John Winchester it matters to me what kind of men you both become. It just seems like you need a reminder from time to time that's all, no more, no less.

"Still you didn't have to be so harsh with Jared. I've never seen him that upset." As if on cue the door opened and he walked through it. Jeff noticed that his hair was combed, his face was dry and yet he was looking down at his feet, not meeting Jeff's eyes.

He walked over to the tall actor and raised an eyebrow. "So Jensen here tells me that you are just devastated by the horrible thrashing that you just received. So much so that maybe you might be needing some therapy to recover. I'm thinking that making Jensen think that was a pretty nasty trick and the therapy that you could really use would be some more of my hand to your butt."

Now Jared actually squirmed and Jensen turned to look at him with disbelief. "Dude you didn't really do that did you? I mean that's just cruel, you wouldn't have made me think that would you?"

It escaped no one's notice that Jared was inching back towards the door looking sheepish. "Come on dude it was just a joke. I didn't think that you would go all Dean to my Sam here. I thought we could laugh about it later."

Jeff could see Jensen's blood pressure rising. He stepped in again chest to chest with the younger actor. "I am so gonna kick you sorry ass Jared."

Jeff realized that he couldn't let this affect their relationship and that he needed to set it straight. He stepped between the two much like he had on the set before. He shoved them both apart. "Now Jared, you go and get lost for a while. I still need to talk to Jensen. And tomorrow, I'll come and find you and once again blister your behind, because apparently you still have the desire to be an extremely tall brat."

Knowing that Jensen had to be righted he turned to him now. "Will that take care of your hard feelings Pal?"

He watched amused as Jensen crossed his arms in a very Dean pose. "Only if you promise to swat hard, fast and a lot."

Jeff almost laughed at the wide eyed expression on Jared's face. "But Dude c'mon..."

Jeff nodded his head. "Done." He then took a hold of Jared's arm and walked him out the door still protesting.

Coming back into the room he looked again at Jensen who was sporting a red face. "Hey Jeff what I said before, I'm…."

Jeff just nodded. "I know it's really okay that you stood up for him. Even if he is a pain in the butt. You're a good kid Jensen."

Jensen again was looking at his feet too embarrassed to look Jeff in the eyes. "Hey speaking of pains in the butt, about tomorrow…."

Jeff knew he was going to plead Jared's case after all he had said and done.

"What I said before, I just wanted him to know that he couldn't play me. I didn't mean it."

Jeff crossed his own arms and fixed the boy with a stern look. "Yeah well I did."

The older actor was pleased that Jensen let that go without an argument. He walked back over and sat down on the couch. "Now let's talk about you making a promise that you had no intention of keeping. Did you want to explain yourself?"

Jensen shuffled his feet a bit and grimaced. "I was kind of involved with someone and I didn't want to ruin that. But after a couple of dates it didn't exactly work out."

Jeff sighed. "You know Jensen I would've understood that. Why then when I called did you tell me that you had done it, and had a wonderful time?" He didn't think the younger actors face could get any redder.

"I just didn't want you to be disappointed that I didn't keep my promises. I know I shouldn't have lied about it, and then paid Doug off. And I'm sorry, really I am."

Jeff was still not sure that Jensen was ready to be receptive to a lesson at this point, especially after what Jared had just done. So he attempted to see if he could change that. "What would your dad do if you broke a serious promise?"

He saw resignation on the handsome face. 'Look, I know that I deserve it. Just go ahead and get it over with. In fact let's call my dad and tell him so that he can fly up here and do it again as well."

He watched as the broad shoulders slumped and realized that guilt over this was alive and thriving in Jensen. For him to suggest that they call his dad made Jeff realize that he understood already the gravity of his error. Jeff went from wanting to straighten him out to suddenly not wanting to. But how to teach him the importance of keeping a promise by not keeping his.

"Hey, this doesn't involve your dad. It really is just about you and me. I see no need to call him. We can take care of this and then be done with it."

He saw a glimmer of hope in the green eyes. "Like you could just yell at me, or maybe have me go back to the soup kitchen or….."

"Or you could just come over here and get it over with."

"C'mon Jeff be reasonable. We are building a nice relationship here. You don't want to ruin that do you?"

Jeff shook his head. "Nope but you need to know that I keep my promises and you should too. If that upsets you, then you will just have to get over it. Cause it ain't gonna change. I am one minute away from counting and I really don't want to have to go there with you."

Jensen blushed and walked to where Jeff sat feeling embarrassed beyond belief when Jeff pointed to the snap on his jeans. "You really don't think I'm going to make that much impact on you through the denim do you? And as I told your tall friend I believe this is the second time I have had to make my point to you like this."

Jensen thought he might just die from embarrassment but he did as he was told. He grimaced as Jeff none to gently put him into the hated position. Before he had anymore chance to consider how sucky this was the hard hand descended. And from the speed and bite of the swats it was getting lots suckier. Jensen fought not to squirm but Jeff was just setting a fire with his hand. He lectured as he smacked about making and keeping promises until Jensen was sure he couldn't take one more swat.

The hand stopped and Jensen exhaled relieved that it was over. "Think about this the next time Jensen."

Before he had a chance to figure out what Jeff meant by that he felt briefs being tugged down and then an explosion of pain on first one side and then the other. He knew that it was just Jeff's hand but it hurt so much that it took his breath away. He couldn't and didn't fight the sobs of distress. He squirmed using every ounce of his strength to try and get away from that iron hand. But it didn't help there seemed to be no escape.

Finally he just dropped his head and sobbed as the fire behind him grew to epic proportions. Jeff noted the change in the boy's position and the absence of struggle and knew that they were almost done. He placed six hard swats on his upper thighs and heard the distress escalate. He just readjusted clothing and rubbed his back waiting until his breath stopped coming in great hitching sobs.

"Now I know that your dad has told you that a mans word is his bond. It is really all that you have Kiddo. Are you gonna remember that the next time you make a promise.

"Yes Sr."

He helped Jensen to sitting which produced another groaning sob from the well punished kid. He put an arm around his shoulder much like what he had done with Jared. He could see Jensen fighting to regain control of his emotions.

"I guess it would be stupid of me to ask if you missed me?"

Jensen snorted sounding and looking just like Dean. "No shit."

Jeff raised an eyebrow at the comment and Jensen immediately picked up on it.

"I mean yes sir we sure did miss you and these fun times that we all have together."

Being completely amused Jeff squeezed his neck and pulled him close planting a small kiss on the side of his temple which Jensen immediately wiped off.

"I am still proud of you Jensen. You are so many good things. You would be a son to make any father proud." He was pleased to see that Jensen's eyes misted up a bit at the compliment.

"So how about we give Jared a dose of his own medicine?"

# # #

Jared Padalecki paced the floor of his trailer and tried his damnedest to study his script. But it had been two hours since Jensen had gone in to face Jeff. He was getting the distinct feeling that something was really wrong. I mean he and Jensen were friends and even though he knew that the prank that he had played on Jensen was rotten, he didn't expect any hard feelings. Just like he knew the threat from Jeff had been an empty one. He rubbed his still aching butt and hoped like hell that it was anyway.

Hearing a knock at the door of his trailer he yelled out to come in. He thought it was probably one of the caterers coming to refill his candy supply. He was surprised when Jensen came in and he looked horrible. For starters he had obviously been crying and he wouldn't look Jared in the face.

"Hey Man I have been frantic, where the hell have you been?"

Jensen just shrugged. "I had to do some things. And now I have to tell you something."

The older actor raised his head and looked at Jared. Jared gasped as he saw an impressive bruise on his right cheek. "What the hell happened to you?"

Now he saw honest to God tears shimmer in his green eyes. "I fought him. It just was so awful, it hurt so much. And then he hit me and made me submit to the punishment." Jared sat down hard, forgetting for the moment his sore behind and not quite believing what Jensen had said. But he wouldn't lie; Jared was the prankster not Jensen. And the bruise looked awful and the tears were worse.

"I went to Kripke and I quit. Dean is gonna die at the end of this season. Then it will just be you and John. And Jeff already told me that he plans on straightening your ass out too. Just promise me that you won't fight him okay? And don't bother with the puppy dogs eyes either; he said that they don't even faze him. They just make him swat harder."

Jared was horrified when Jensen said that and squeezed his shoulder. And worse than that he couldn't imagine even doing the show without the older actor. "No dude Eric won't let you do this man." His terror kicked up a notch when Jensen shook his head.

"Already done."

Just then there was a knock on the door and Jensen immediately went to the window with his back to the door to hide his bruised face. Jared feeling like he was in an episode of their show went to the door.

"Is he here?"

Jared stepped back and allowed an irate Jeff to enter. It reminded Jared of the time the demon had possessed John Winchester. He pushed angrily by Jared and headed straight for Jensen.

"You can't possibly believe that I am gonna let you do this." Jared sighed glad that at least some one had some common sense and wanted to stop this run away train.

"Thank God Jeff."

"You will stay and finish out your contract. I've already talked to both of your fathers as well. And discipline around here is gonna get pretty tight. I am talking about daily training, healthy food, no candy or sweets, absolutely no women, and for a while corporal punishment on a daily basis. Both of you are gonna become intimately acquainted with the hair brush and the paddle."

"What…?" Jared's mouth hung open in absolute and complete horror. He didn't even know where to start. "Noooooooo you can't do that. And you talked to my dad?"

He actually took a step backward when Jeff turned to face him. "Oh but I can little boy, and I have. Get used to it. And neither of your fathers are too pleased with you both right now." Turning back around to Jensen he gave him another harsh look.

"And you young man aren't going anywhere, except back over my knee so that I can finish what I started earlier. Unless you want even more I suggest that you get your ass over here now."

Jared felt like he was in some slow motion horror movie. And he looked to Jensen and was horrified to see that he was laughing. And then he shook his head as he heard Jeff join in.

"Sorry dude I blew my next line."

Jeff just shrugged. "Hey it happens." He handed Jensen a tissue and Jared watched amazed as Jensen wiped his 'bruise' off. And suddenly he had a horrible thought.

"Did you guys just do a little fucking dinner theater for my benefit? Cause if you did I am so not speaking to either one of you bastards ever again."

Jeff raised an eyebrow. "Well now you know how it feels to be played don't you son? And I think your bill has been paid with me as well. But if you really want some more just call me a bastard again and continue to swear."

Jared tried to shake off his fury. "So he never hit you, you never quit, you never fucking talked to Eric at all, and someone from make-up did the nice bruise for you?"

Jeff advanced on Jared and turning him to the side swatted him hard four times. "I warned you about that language Pal." Jared reached back to rub and turned towards Jensen still furious. "Well did you have make-up do your bruise?"

Jensen smiled. "Yeah it was Nicole I think she has a thing for me."

Jared turned to Jeff, clearly trying to fight his anger. "Did you even punish him at all?"

Jeff sighed and crossed his arms. "Of course I did, and I can tell you that now that I'm back some things are going to change. Maybe not the training, or the no girls thing but both of you are on notice that I'll expect better behavior. And no pranks from either one of you."

Jared thought for a second. "What about the candy and the corporal punishment bullshi…I mean thing. What about that?"

Again Jeff reminded them both of John Winchester by crossing arms over his chest and giving them a hard stare. "Way I see it that depends entirely on the two of you. Now let's go and get some dinner. Hey maybe we can even sneak into a movie. What do you think?"

Jeff didn't wait for an answer and headed for the door. Jared shot Jensen a look that would have injured a lesser man. "Dude you soooo suck."

Jensen stopped and grinned. "Yeah but you know what sucks more?"

Jared glared and made a rude gesture at his co-star, as Jeff stuck his head back in the doorway.

"Sometime today ladies." They both stared at his retreating back.

"That does."

Jared just nodded in agreement and followed Jensen out of the trailer.

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