Author's Note: This is a 'Real Person Story', which is a fictional story about real people.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, and I'm not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of adults by a parental figure.

The Deal Sequel

Jeffrey Dean Morgan looked into the eyes of the beautiful blonde sitting across the table from him and sighed. He wondered how he had gotten so lucky. But there was something odd about this. He tried to focus on what she was saying but he just couldn't. The distraction was some kind of noise which continued until finally he opened his eyes to find Bisou sitting on the side of his bed, and barking. He looked in the direction that she was looking in suddenly realizing that the phone was ringing.

Reaching over he rubbed the soft fur between her ears. "Good girl even if you did ruin a damn good dream. Wouldn't be jealous now would you?"

Her only answer was to whine and tilt her head as if she understood exactly what he was saying which he swore that she did. Leaning further he grabbed the telephone and gruffly answered. "Hello."

As he looked to his digital clock he hoped that who the hell ever was calling at two a.m. had a really good excuse otherwise it was gonna get ugly. "Jeff, its Eric I'm sorry to call so damn late or early or whatever but I have a problem."

Jeff sat up wondering what could possibly cause Eric to call him at this hour but at least he had the actor's full attention. "I'm listening."

"Well remember when you told me that you were going to be like a big brother type influence on Jensen and Jared?"

Now Jeff nodded before he realized that Eric couldn't see that. "Yeah why is that relevant now?"

"Because I just got a call from one of our production people who had been in a group that went out with the guys. He said that Jared and Jensen are completely drunk and disorderly and he and a couple of the guys couldn't even drag them out of the dive that they were drinking in. Apparently Jensen was channeling Dean and even punched one of these guys. Do you think that if you went over there you could change their minds?"

Jeff swore assuring Eric that he would do just that and after getting the name and address of the bar got up. He tiredly pulled on an old pair of jeans, and a pullover. Grabbing a comfortable pair of loafers he explained to the brown eyed, furry female in his life that he would be back soon. He even explained that he would probably have company. As usual she looked as if she understood. Walking to the car he wondered if these two had a death wish as it hadn't even been two months since everything had gone down on the set with both of their real dads as well as their television dad coming down hard.

He drove to the address that Eric had given him, not liking what he saw. "Son of a bitch….."

What was up with these two they had no business in a seedy dive like this in this part of town. They looked like exactly what they were two actors. And while both Jensen and Jared were pretty well built and worked out he doubted if either could even throw a punch. Well he amended that thought as Jensen had already managed to punch someone. But being able to punch someone versus being able to hold your own in a bar fight in a place like this were two different things. He wondered if these two had begun to think that they were Sam and Dean.

And maybe that would be just fine if they did as he was once again preparing to do his John Winchester so maybe it would work out. He parked his car, headed into the bar and couldn't believe the clientele of the place. A very drunk woman with no front teeth approached him and came on to him. He gently pushed her aside and walked away muttering, "Not enough alcohol in the world."

He saw both Jared and Jensen sitting at a table littered with shot glasses. And as usual there were girls hanging off of both of them. They both looked up and one of their female friends squealed. "Oh my God it's John!!"

He rolled his eyes and looked to his young co-stars noting the exact moment when they saw him standing there arms crossed looking for all the world like his alter-ego John Winchester. Jensen who was the less drunk of the two had a flicker of worry cross his face. But Jared just smiled and pulled out the chair next to him. "S'down old man."

Even in his drunken state Jensen had enough good sense to slap a hand over his mouth at the younger man's comment. Jeff looked at the gaggle of girls and turned to his television sons. "So I thought the shows doctor told you both no girls until the antibiotic kicked in. I understand syphilis is highly contagious."

All of the girls suddenly were murmuring quiet goodbyes and disappearing. He smirked satisfied and looked down again at his television sons but apparently Jensen wasn't too happy with his comments. "What the fuck Jeff? How's Eric gonna feel when thas in the National Enquirer?"

His words were slurred from all the alcohol on board. He leaned in so that he was nose to nose with Jensen. "How is Eric gonna feel when the head line is 'Supernatural stars receive ass blistering from television father in seedy bar?' Think that will sell any copies?"

Jensen paled but remained silent and Jared answered. "Juts fuck."

He then put his head down on the table. Jeff reached over and shook him and got absolutely no response. He felt the beginnings of a huge headache and he looked to Jensen. "It appears Sasquatch over there has passed out. You stay right here while I go and find eight or ten people to drag his sorry ass to the limo."

Jeffrey walked twenty feet to the bar where a group of the shows production people sat. One of them held a bag of ice to his face. Jeff correctly assumed that he was the person that Jensen had punched. He approached the bar and took out his wallet. "Hey guys tonight's party is on me. And Doug since Jensen punched you; I think he owes you more than that. I'm thinking tomorrow when the alcohol wears off he'll be anxious to apologize, and do whatever it takes to make it right."

Doug looked dubious and shrugged. "Yeah well I have an ugly sister in law how about he takes her out for a date."

All the guys hooted and laughed and Jeff simply nodded. "Just let me know where and when."

Surprised Doug now smiled and Jeff moved in for the kill. "I see that Jared has hit the wall over there. Do you suppose a couple of you could drag him to the limo for me?"

Four of the bigger guys in the group volunteered for the task. Jeff watched less than amused as they none to gently drug the almost unconscious actor to the limo and tossed his tall frame inside. He then asked one of them if he would drive his car back to his apartment so that he could ride with Jensen and Jared. Luckily the guy agreed and he handed him the keys and walked back into the bar and over to Jensen who was sitting exactly where he had left him and still drinking. "C'mon kid. Time to go home."

Just as he had known he would Jensen shook his head. "S'not, I say when it's time."

The younger actor tossed the comment in a hateful way and Jeff had had enough. He reached down and grabbed the back of Jensen's shirt and hauled him to his feet. Grabbing his upper arm in an iron grasp he started for the door with the boy in tow. "Owww that freakin hurts."

Jeff leaned down and whispered quietly in his ear. "Just be thankful that we are in a public place little boy or your arm wouldn't be the only thing hurting."

"Yeah right."

By this time they were at the door and Jeff looked around to see if anyone was watching and when he found that they weren't he turned Jensen to the side and landed two hard swats over his jeans. "What the….."

Pulling the younger actor nose to nose with him he stared him down. "You say the word fuck Pal and it'll cost you two more."

Jensen paled but still attempted to appear belligerent. "Dude you are just insane."

Jeff chuckled at this comment. "Not actually the first time that I have heard that either, now get your ass into that limo."

Jeff got them both settled in the limo and luckily got back to his apartment without incident. He and the limo driver had to practically carry Jared in while Jensen laughed like it was the funniest thing that he had ever seen. Upon seeing his guests Bisou went crazy as she loved both of these guys.

He thought that when tomorrow came and the consequences began he might have to consider locking her in the spare room. He smiled to himself as he thought that just like all females everywhere even his damn dog adored these two and wanted to protect them. And after tonight's little party they were going to need protection for darn sure.

The limo driver had helped him put Jared on the couch and even Bisou licking his face didn't do anything for him. To Jeff's amusement he said something in response to the face washing. "C'mon not now I'm drunk."

Jensen surprised him by agreeing to go into the spare room and go to sleep. He put a garbage can by the bedside and took off his boots and threw a blanket over his already sleeping co-star. As he went to leave the room he whistled for his furry friend and much to his consternation she remained on the end of Jensen's bed. Shaking his head he gave her a fond glance as he headed for the living room. "Damn fickle woman."

Repeating the process he removed Jared's boots and covered the boy up placing a comforter over him and rolled him onto his side in case he threw up. He snagged the garbage can from the kitchen, putting it on the floor by his head. Grabbing another comforter for himself he stretched out in the recliner and covered himself. With a watchful eye on Jared he finally fell into a light sleep. The next thing he knew he heard was a groan. Sitting up Jared looked confused.

Throwing the blanket off he stood, helped the boy to his feet and propelled him into the bathroom. They barely made it as Jared leaned over and vomited. He spent the rest of the night with a gentle hand on Jared's back as the boy threw up most of everything that he had drunk, again and again and again. As his young co-star leaned his forehead on the rim of the toilet he thought of the scene that Sam and Dean had done that had looked just like that. He got a cool washcloth for the back of his neck hoping it would help. Jared needed comfort now every bit as much as he would need to be taken to task later.

Finally he stood and stretched realizing that it was probably noon at least. Hearing a noise he turned around and found Jensen standing there looking sheepish next to Bisou. "Umm good morning and did you swat me last night in the bar, oh please God let that be a hallucination from the alcohol?"

Jeff put his hands on his hips and frowned. "No it was no hallucination although God knows you had enough alcohol. Help me get him into the bed that you and my dog just climbed out of please."

They each took a side and lifted Jared to his feet. He immediately woke up and groaned again. "Oh God I am just gonna die my head is killing me."

Jeff snorted at his complaint. "Wonder why? Could it be the gallon of alcohol that you drank last night? C'mon lets get you to bed for a while."

They got him onto the bed and as he rolled onto his side Bisou again climbed up and settled herself next to Jared. He closed his eyes and threw an arm around her. Jeff just shook his head, walked out of the room and firmly closed the door thinking that the dog would be better off where she was.

He gave Jensen a look that should have worried him more than it did. But he did notice that Jensen also grabbed his head and moaned. "Hung over this morning Jensen?"

He received an angry look as his response. "Don't be mad at me Pal you're the one who drank like a rock star last night."

Still not receiving an answer he went into his kitchen and prepared toast and a cup of tea. He brought it out and put it on the coffee table in front of his co-star. "Eat this and drink the tea."

Jeff didn't ask he commanded and for a split second he thought that Jensen was going to give him a hard time about it but finally he picked up a piece of the toast and nibbled on it. He placed a large glass of water and two aspirin next to the tea cup. "Take these and I want every drop of that water gone."

Jensen shot him an angry look. "You have no right to tell me what to do."

Jeff had had about all that he could tolerate. "Oh really well first of all I paid for last nights little debacle and then there is the little matter of a promise that I made to both of you a few months back. You may have forgotten it but I sure as hell haven't. Drink it all."

This command earned him a hateful look. "Fine but don't complain to me when I puke it back all over you."

Jeff just ignored the remark as Jared had already managed to do just that several times during the course of the early morning. Gagging Jensen did as he was told, and for a few minutes Jeff thought he might just indeed throw up. Finally he seemed to get it under control. Jeff pushed the plate with the toast towards him amused at the groan that it earned him. But after he had eaten Jeff was pleased to see that his color had improved. He left him alone while he cleaned up the small breakfast mess.

Afterward he waited about half an hour before entering the living room again. Jensen looked much better which pleased Jeff but he knew that feeling better wasn't going to last long. Putting the object in his hand down on the coffee table he sat down next to his younger guest. Jensen raised an eyebrow, looking to Jeff with a puzzled expression. "What the hell is that for? Are you gonna brush my hair now, Mom?"

Jeff sat down next to Jensen on the couch. "Nope, but I am gonna tell you a long, boring story which will eventually make you understand."

Jensen just rolled his eyes which immediately made Jeff think of Dean. "Okay so when I was growing up I could be a handful. I didn't have a father, and so my mother was the law in our house. And if my transgressions were bad enough, spanking was a place that she wasn't afraid to go. That worked fine until I got to be a teenager, and physically much bigger than she was."

Jeff could see that Jensen was curious. "So why was that such a big deal?"

Jeff ignored the sarcasm and continued. "Well let's see now, you're older than twenty one but yet two months ago your father blistered your behind now didn't he?"

Ignoring the blush that came across Jensen's face he got to his point. "But if it had been your mother you might not have just accepted it. I thought that when I got big enough that she couldn't force me and also that she couldn't really hurt me with her hand anyway."

He paused and picked up the brush for effect. "But that was where I was wrong. She decided that if she felt I needed and deserved it, it was gonna happen. And if it happened it should be something that would work as a real deterrent. So hence the brush. I learned really quickly that this was something to be avoided. Now you and your pal in the other room have been called on the carpet and punished by me, John and your real fathers for unprofessional behavior. And yet it continues. So I think that its time to call in sterner measures and that brings us to the brush stage of the situation."

"Dude, you can't possibly be thinking what I think you're thinking!"

Jeff looked unimpressed by the panic in Jensen's voice. "Oh I don't know about that. I think its pretty clear what I am both thinking and intending to do." 

Jensen sent him a look that was a combination of disbelief and sheer terror. "Look Jensen the fact is that less than two months ago we danced this little dance, and it didn't seem to change anything. So now I'm thinking that I just need to up the ante. This you are going to remember for a while, maybe forever."

As he said that he picked up the hair brush, happy to see some real anxiety on the younger actor's face. He hoped that this time would do the trick, and this would be the last time he would have to do this. At least with Jensen, Jared was going to take some additional work, no doubt. He began to shake his head side to side and Jeff knew he needed to take control right now. "Come over here."

Instead of following his order, Jensen actually moved further away on the couch. "Don't make this worse. You have exactly two options. One is to just get it over with and learn a lesson. Two is for me to force you to take your medicine making no mistake that it will be a big dose, and then when I'm done I will call your father to explain what happened and why. Believe it or not, he and I had a good deal of time to talk when he visited you a few months ago. He's a great guy, kind of strict though. I don't think I would want to be you if I had to call him."

He was pleased by the groan that this comment provoked. "Just fuck."

Jeff shook his head. "Do you want extra for swearing?"

Jensen hung his head and mumbled, "No sir."

Jeff tried to look stern. "Did I or did I not tell you that this was gonna happen again if you didn't straighten some things out?"

Jensen got red faced but just nodded. "Then you can't be all that surprised now can you?"

Not waiting for a reply he grabbed the boy's upper arm and yanked him across his lap. Not wasting any time he simply started landing his hand in swat after stinging swat. He wanted this to be something that Jensen remembered for some time so he was methodical in his approach. Soon there wasn't an inch of behind or legs that he hadn't warmed up. Jensen was trying hard to remain stoic, reminding Jeff of Dean but it was quickly becoming a difficult task. The boy had just started to make small sounds of distress when Jeff hardened the swats, cracking his hand down again and again.

He could tell that Jensen was becoming more and more uncomfortable and beginning to squirm. Not wanting to prolong his discomfort and needing to make a harder point he reached underneath the boy, unsnapped jeans tugging them to his knee's and resumed swatting. The difference in Jensen's response was marked. His struggle became fiercer and he was owwing with each solid, hard swat. He even began telling Jeff that he had learned his lesson and asking him to please stop.

If that wasn't bad enough it was about that time that Jeff could hear whimpering at the door of the spare bedroom. He knew damn good and well that Bisou did not approve of his treatment of their young guest, and wanted out to fix the situation. Landing six more stinging swats he took it to the next level for the good of everyone involved.

He trapped Jensen's free hand behind his back and yanked the briefs down. Jensen fought him, but was unable to free himself. Jeff tucked the arm a little more tightly behind him. "Settle down Jensen, or it'll be worse. Just stay still and accept your punishment, and we will be done."

Hearing the stern words Jensen stilled and Jeff smacked the brush down on an already reddened behind. Jensen arched his back, and attempted unsuccessfully again to break the hold that he had on him. "Or not Jensen, we can do it all like this."

Jeff went side to side being heavy handed with the wooden brush leaving no spot untouched in his bid to teach this hard headed kid a lesson. Jensen had forgotten his promise to himself to stay quiet and was sobbing unable to escape the fierce sting of the brush for even a second. Bisou was actually throwing herself at the door in an attempt to get it open to get out into the living room. Jeff hoped that he would get Jensen to the point that he needed before the door gave way.

With this thought in mind he placed several hard swats on his upper thighs. He knew that he had accomplished his goal as he felt Jensen go limp, and bury his head in his arms, crying hard. Maybe it was the scorched behind, or maybe it was his pride, or maybe it was a combination but Jeff was pretty sure that he wouldn't have to repeat this fatherly chore anytime soon. With a couple more swats that were actually just pats he stopped.

Reaching down he re-adjusted clothing and began rubbing circles on Jensen's lower back. He gave him some time to get a grip on his emotions. Within a few minutes the crying had slowed down to sniffles and he helped him to sit up. He wrapped an arm around the younger actor's shoulders. "Hey now, that is all over and done. Next time you'll make more responsible choices right?"

Jensen looked at him as if he were crazy. "Ya think?"

Jeff couldn't help smiling and reaching a hand up, affectionately squeezed Jensen's neck. It was hard not to notice that something other than the obvious still seemed to be on his mind. "Come on kiddo, out with it."

Jensen wiped the back of his hand over his eyes and then dried his face on the sleeve of his shirt before speaking. "You aren't gonna really call my dad are you?"

Now Jeff knew exactly what his concern had been. "No I think you got a pretty tough punishment for what you did."

He again wanted to grin at the sigh of relief that pronouncement got. "But there is one more thing Jensen. Do you remember hitting Doug in the mouth last night?"

A look of recognition dawned on Jensen's face. "Oh fuck yeah…"

With one look at Jeff he changed his mind. "Oh I mean yeah I kinda do, I was thinking that I was Dean or some shit…I mean something like that."

Jeff was glad to see that Jensen now seemed worried enough to watch his mouth. "Well as part of your punishment you are going to take his wife's sister out for a date."

The wide eyed look he received after hearing that was almost comical. "Not Cyclops!!"

Now Jeff was confused. "Excuse me?"

Jensen just hung his head. "On day he brought her to the set and introduced her to everyone and he calls her that. And it really does seem to fit."

Noting the unhappy look on the older man's face he tried again to explain. "She has this mole thing kinda in the center of her forehead and it looks like a third eye and……"

Seeing that his explanation wasn't buying him any mercy he groaned putting his head into his hands. "Please…."

Jeff just shook his head resolute that Jensen was going to learn a lesson. "No, c'mon anything but that."

Jeff thought for a minute. "Okay then either that or I just keep spanking until you do agree. So what's it gonna be?"

Jensen looked at him as if he were insane. "Like that's a freakin choice."

Just shrugging Jeff waited for an answer. "Oh fine then but I am NOT kissing her goodnight or going out in public or picking her up or…."

Before he could continue Jeff had him back across his knees and started placing gentle swats again. Normally they wouldn't have hurt, but in this case they were already re-igniting a fire. "A normal date, do we understand each other?"

Jensen apparently knowing when he was defeated just gave in and nodded, happy to be pushed back to a sitting position even though it hurt. Jensen gave him a wounded look which reminded him of a four year old. "You are such a hard ass, no wonder they picked you to play John."

Raising an eyebrow he returned the look. "Yeah well you are going to be doing a lot of things standing from now on if you didn't just get the message. For whatever reason I have grown quite fond of you, I am not going to stand by and watch you screw up. Too many really good actors have climbed into the bottle or the drugs and never climbed out. Or they think for some reason that they are God's gift to the world and make stupid choices career wise. Not that I don't think that you and Jared are smart enough. I just want to help you along. Kind of like a guardian angel"

"Or a prison guard with a brush."

Jeff did smile at that putting his arm back around Jensen's shoulders. Feeling fatherly he even went so far as to place a small kiss on the side of his forehead. "Whatever it takes Pal."

Jensen still didn't look too pleased but he did at least give Jeff a small smile. "I got it now. I'm positive, last time I swear."

Jeff nodded and they both heard a huge crash and Jared burst into the room with Bisou. "Dude something is wrong with your dog. She has been going nuts in there."

Jeff was surprised to see Jensen grin as he turned to him. "So I suppose this is gonna be a twofer again?"

Jeff just nodded. "Don't suppose you'll let me watch, after all last night was all his big assed idea."

Jeff shook his head no and gave an order to Jensen. "Take Bisou out for a walk. Take her for a long walk."

The younger actor grimaced. "But I don't wanna…."

Employing a stern tone Jeff pointed to the closet where the leashes were kept. "Not asking buddy boy, telling."

None too happy the actor who was the embodiment of Dean Winchester did as he was told.

# # #

Jared Padalecki rubbed his temples and grimaced. "Like what was up with the dog man? It sounded like she thought someone was trying to kill you out here. What the hell was her problem?"

Not even dignifying the question with an answer, Jeff walked to where he stood. Taking an arm he guided him into the kitchen. He pointed to a chair, and spoke softly. "Sit."

The young actor looked at him and grimacing. "Dude stop shouting, my head is killing me."

When Jared still didn't move Jeff pushed him down into a chair, putting more bread into the toaster. Ignoring the look of disbelief that the young actor was sending his way, he made him the same breakfast that Jensen had just eaten. Putting it down on the table Jeff noticed that Jared just shook his head. "I don't think so Jeff."

Now Jeff raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms, speaking slowly. "Eat…it….all."

Jared crossed his own arms and shook his own head. "No, I can't. I don't feel good and besides you aren't the boss of me anyways."

Jeff had the thought that Jared had sounded like a four year old, and his patience slipped. Grabbing an upper arm he pulled the lanky kid out of his chair. He bent him over the table and landed six hard swats. He then pushed him back down giving him a stern look. "I am done screwing around here Jared. Do it!"

His co-actor looked at him as if he had lost his mind. "But you…….you……"

Jeff fought a smile at the fact that Jared *still* didn't get it. "Yeah Big Guy, I swatted you and that is just the tip of the iceberg here."

Now he counted in his head as the point dawned on the young man in front of him. "Is that why the dog went nuts? Did you already do that to Jensen?"

Jeff didn't answer just waiting while Jared connected the dots.

"Is that why you sent him out to walk the dog, so I could have a turn?" He couldn't keep the growing horror from his voice.


Now Jared simply looked dazed. "It's Yatzee you know, what Dean says."

Jeff snorted. "Makes no difference here Pal, Bingo, Yatzee or even Monopoly aren't gonna save your butt this time."

Again Jared looked at him with amazement and Jeff simply couldn't believe that even he could be this dense. "But man my head is killing me you can't….." Now he even looked like a four year old as he whined.

"I can, and I am going to. And if you don't seem to get the message, I may be repeating this often, for a while. Now eat all of your breakfast, and take these aspirins. This whole glass of water should be finished as well."

Jared actually whined but picked up his toast and nibbled at it. Thirty minutes later it occurred to Jeff that the kid had stalled long enough. He hoped that Jensen had walked Bisou a really long way. "Okay enough let's just get it done."

Now Jared gave him the wide eyes that Sam used so often. "But you *said* that I had to finish it all. I still have toast left."

Jeff suddenly was very glad that he had no children of his own. "Well regardless of what I *said* I've changed my mind. Living room now!"

Jared said the word 'fuck' under his breath, but did as he had been told. Jeff took a seat on the couch and patted his lap. Jared attempted one last tactic before he gave up. And with the amount of alcohol that he had consumed last night it wouldn't even be a stretch. He groaned and grabbed his stomach. "Ohhhh God I feel like I'm gonna be sick."

Jeff rolled his eyes. "You're not that good of an actor Jared get your ass over here now."

Jeff almost laughed at the furious expression on his co-actors face. "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"Okay then pal you just bought yourself ten additional swats for that mouth. I meant that I know darn good and well that you are attempting once again to get out of being punished. Ain't gonna happen. I will tell you what I told Jensen. We can do this now and be done, or we can do this now and then I can call your father."

He wasn't surprised at the horrified look he received. "What the hell kind of choice is that?"

Jeff shook his head once again amazed at the depth of stubborn this kid possessed. "Okay then, fifteen more for the mouth, wanna try for twenty?"

He saw the exact moment that Jared understood. "No sir."

Not saying anything else, he pulled the kid across his lap. "Now I want you to remember this the next time you decide to do something stupid enough that Eric has to call me in the middle of the night."

Jared didn't say anything more until Jeff unbuttoned his jeans. Yanking them down, he wasted no time and began swatting hard and fast. He knew it must have felt as if Jared had landed behind first in a bee hive but he continued.

First the squirming intensified, and then the pleading began. If this hadn't been such a hard task he would have laughed at the boys promising everything from not drinking to being nicer to Jensen. His hand continued to punish until finally all that was left were small heartfelt sobs. He stopped and rubbed the boys back a bit. "I want you to remember this for a really long time. I have reached my limit of tolerance for your childish behavior. If you're gonna act like a four year old then you are gonna get spanked like one each and every time."

Jared lifted his head from the sofa cushion where he had it pressed for most of the spanking. Unfortunately it was just in time to see Jeff pick the hairbrush off of the table. Knowing exactly where this was going he started shaking his head from side to side and begging. "Please…..please….no I promise you won't ever get a call from Officer Kripke about us again."

The begging combined with the 'Officer Kripke' line made Jeff chuckle, which he hid behind a well placed cough. "Oh trust me Pal after this I don't think I'm gonna have any more trouble with Jensen. And if you're as smart as I think you are, I won't have to do this too many more times with you either."

As Jared was thinking that over, he used the moment to yank down briefs. "This is for getting so tanked that you actually passed out. God only knows what could have happened to you."

He brought the brush down and started side to side, setting an impressive fire behind his young co-star. If Jared had been struggling before, he became almost impossible to even hold onto. Jeff tightened his grip and swatted harder with the brush until finally he felt the boy just give in and go limp. Landing four more light smacks which he knew must have hurt like the devil he asked a question. "Are you going to be back here anytime soon?"

He wasn't surprised at the wailed answer of, "No sir."

He sighed knowing that it wasn't quite finished yet. "Okay then, we're all done here, except for the swats for the smart mouth. I believe it was fifteen."

Jared immediately began crying hard not wanting anymore. Jeff put the brush down on the table as he didn't want the boy to think he would be punished with that again. Taking his hand he landed fifteen light swats. But as red as the behind he was spanking looked, he knew that to Jared they had been anything but light. He wished that he hadn't promised the kid extra, but he knew that he needed to keep his word to them both and so he did. Not sure Jared even heard him over the sobbing he stopped. "Okay then buddy we're done here."

He readjusted clothing, and helped Jared to a sitting position. He then wrapped both arms around the kid who was still crying hard. Just like with Jensen, he told Jared that he had grown very fond of him, and was surprised to hear a chuckle. "Something funny son?"

Now Jared rolled his eyes. "No, if that's how you treat people who you like, I sure as hel.. I mean sure as heck wouldn't wanna be on your shi…I mean on your list."

Jeff fought a chuckle at Jared's sudden aversion to cursing. Pulling him close he planted a kiss on the kid's forehead. It occurred to him that he really had grown fond of these two, and it would just about kill him if anything happened to either of them. "Promise me that this crap stops here and now."

He didn't miss the fact that Jared's eyes went immediately to the brush on the coffee table. "I promise."

He sighed and hoped that it was true. Hearing Bisou scratching and a knock on the door he stood. He pulled it open to reveal Jensen standing there looking sheepish. "Umm, we're done Dude, she hit everyplace in the neighborhood. Are you umm finished?"

He smiled at his usually verbose co-stars sudden inability to express himself. Reaching down he gave his dog's ears a scratch. He then nodded that it would be okay for Jensen to come in. Both dog and Jensen entered. Bisou made a bee line for Jared and began covering his face with kisses. He would have called her off, but he thought that maybe Jared could use the comfort. Looking again at Jensen who was sending sympathetic looks towards the couch, he motioned for him to sit down. The look of horror was priceless. 'What….but why?"

Not wanting to give up control he growled his answer. "Cause I said so that's why now move your butt."

He then stood in front of them both sitting on the couch. He had purposefully left the brush is full view on the table. He noticed that occasionally one or the other would look at it and grimace. "Now I think that we need to discuss the next phase of your punishment."

He wondered if eyes could get any wider than theirs got. It of course was Jensen who spoke. "Next phase, like what the fu….okay like what the hell Jeff? Like that little ass warming exercise with that freakin brush wasn't enough?"

Now Jared looked at Jensen and grimaced. "Dude he used that thing on you too?"

Jensen simply nodded and looked at it as if it were some medieval torture instrument. Jeff wanted to get the conversation back to where it needed to be. "We are all going to the soup kitchen to volunteer this afternoon so that you two 'stars' can see what it's like to not have everything handed to you."

Again his young co-stars looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Jared broke the silence. "But what if like our fans see us doing that? It'll damage the careers that you seem to be so 'fond' of!"

Jeff fixed him with a harsh look. "The people, who go there my friend, don't usually have televisions, so it won't matter. And God forbid someone should see you doing something charitable. Finally, the only thing damaged is gonna be your ass again if you give me a hard time on this one."

Both of them sighed and stood up apparently correctly guessing that there really wasn't any other choice. As they headed for the door, Jared raised an eyebrow and shot a look in Jeff's direction. "So I bet you know about this soup kitchen thing, cause you like go there all the time between dying on every show you're ever on."

Jensen looked as if he though maybe Jared had lost his grip on reality and even stepped away from him. Jeff reached him in two steps and grabbing his arm landed two really hard swats, which after the earlier spanking made Jared cry out. "Any more smart assed comments Jared?"

He didn't even speak; he just shook his head no. Jensen smirked at his recently swatted co-star. "Dude you really had that coming."

Jared made no comment, just rubbed his throbbing behind for a moment. "Now, we are going down there and have a good afternoon, where we focus on people less fortunate than we are. Understood?"

Their combined 'yes sir' made Jeff smile as he realized this must be why John Winchester loved it so much when they both obeyed him. But as with John the goodness didn't last to long as Jared spoke again to Jensen in a quiet voice. "I liked it better when Sam and Dean didn't know where their father even was. Do you suppose Eric would write him out again?"

He put a hand on each shoulder and pushed them through the doorway fighting a smile again. "Not a chance boys, not a chance."

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