Author's Note: This is a 'Real Person Story'. That means a fictional story about real people.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, and I'm not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of adults by parental figures.

The Deal

Jared Padalecki knocked briefly and opened Jensen's trailer door ducking to get through the doorway. He found Jensen sitting at his table with script in hand. His co-worker looked at him with a horrified look on his face. "Did you see this shit? Did Kripke tell you what this chick wants Jeff to do to us?"

Jared grimaced. "Yeah I did and yeah he did and just fuck. Jeff thinks for half a million dollars though it is worth it."

Jensen looked at him with disgust. "Well no freakin kidding he thinks that. In this script he isn't the one getting his ass beat. That would be you and me. He is the one doing the beating. From his point of view I'm sure that it really does sound like a good time. Add to that he hasn't exactly been thrilled with us on several occasions lately. Like after the last episode of the first season and you got tanked at the wrap party and puked all over his laptop."

Jared used Sam's puppy dog eyes and for a minute it freaked Jensen out. "Coulda happened to anyone dude. And you were the one who made that banner about 'Thank God Denny finally took a dirt nap' and put it in his dressing room after his Grays character got written out of the show."

They both sat silent with the vile script in front of them until finally Jared spoke again. "Look half a million dollars to go the breast cancer fund it pretty impressive it seems like a small thing to do. My aunt had breast cancer and it is really a tough disease."

Jensen snorted and shook his head. "You came from Texas boy same as I did- did you not ever get an ass beating before? Trust me it is not a small thing."

Jared snickered and raised an eyebrow. "Well I did but apparently not as much as you. Who knew with all the soap opera acting and modeling that you were a juvenile delinquent?"

Jensen actually smiled at that as if he were proud of that. "Well not exactly a juvenile delinquent but sort of a handful. How do you think I know how much Dean hates being the good soldier cause I always did too. Let me guess you were a perfect angel right?"

Now Jared shook his head. "No not exactly and my dad did do that before. I was a pretty normal kid and got into some shit that I shouldn't have."

Jensen raised an eyebrow. "Normal? Jared how is the jolly green giant normal?"

Instead of getting angry about being teased which Jensen always did Jared just smiled. "I am not green."

Jensen picked the script back up. "Yeah well if we agree to this both of us are gonna have a red face to say the least. I won't be able to ever look anyone in the eye again around here."

They both had been so involved in their conversation that neither had heard Jeff enter the trailer. "Kripke has promised limited crew besides us and no one other than the Dutch girl and some of her friends will ever see it."

Both of the stars of the show groaned at even the sound of that. "Look it won't be like the real deal okay. It's the magic of television. Probably all you are actually gonna get is a couple of smacks each. It's a half million dollars guys for a very good cause."

Suddenly Jared had a thought. "Hey we could use ass doubles. My stunt guy is exactly my height and build and so is yours Jensen."

Jeff always the voice of reason shook his head. "No it stipulates in the contract that it has to be me and it has to be the two of you."

Jensen put his head into his hands. "Oh god this is terrible. Does it say that it has to be a certain period of time or amount of smacks or Christ this is just nuts."

Jeff put a consoling hand on the younger mans shoulder. "No Jensen but we do have to follow the script that Eric came up with."

Jensen picked up the offending script and read a few passages aloud and groaned again. "This is gonna just suck. But that is a hell of a lot of money for a really good cause and so I guess that I'm in."

Jared looked at both of his co-stars and felt cornered. "There is nothing down for any of these scenes right?"

Jensen swore under his breath. "Dude did you even read the script?"

The younger actor looked sheepish and avoided Jensen's eyes. "Sort of. I had a busy week. Just count me in too."

Neither one really liked the smile that suddenly came across the face of their television father.

# # #

Eric Kripke walked from one side of the farmhouse set to the other being hyper-vigilant that everything was done correctly. Both of his stars were less than pleased to be shooting this scene today. But they were fulfilling their part of a deal and he wanted it to be as easy as possible for all concerned but he also wanted it to be realistic. Truth be told he had never confided in the boys that they got tons of mail saying that one or the other of their characters deserved just what was about to happen. He was sure if this tape ever was put on prime time it would get the highest ratings they had ever gotten. But even knowing that was never going to happen he still wanted this to be right.

His cell phone rang and it was his secretary who said that the guard at the lot had a visitor requesting permission to come on set. It was Jensen's father and he granted permission and was pleased hoping that this would make the day easier for his young star. Jared while an amazing actor could be unpredictable due to the fact that most of the time he was behaving like a large four year old. But Jensen was the consummate professional and from time to time his brilliance came with the price tag of difficulties. Especially when he and the writers and directors didn't see eye to eye about where the script took Dean emotionally. Eric hoped that having his dad here would help with this difficult thing that they were about to do.

It wasn't long before all the necessary people were in place including Jensen, Jeff, Jared and Jensen's dad. Jared didn't actually shoot in this scene but he apparently wanted to give Jensen moral support although Eric personally thought he just wanted to watch. Eric had been surprised that Jensen hadn't seemed all that happy to see his dad and he was sure that it was due to the content of what they were working on today.

Alan Ackles had been surprised when his son explained what the shoot today was about. He had to admit that his son was growing into a fine man to put his own feelings on hold and to use his talents to help others in this odd way. He and Jensen's mother didn't get to see him as often as they would have liked now that he was a big star. But he was always going to be their boy and they were thankful that he remained as humble and kind as he had always been.

They started shooting the scene and within the first five minutes Jensen stopped everyone and had a small discussion with the director. Alan knew that the boy must be nervous about the situation but he had never seen his son quite so belligerent. He was amazed when Jensen shouted at the director. "Fine I will be in my trailer until both you and the writers can figure out how to do your jobs." And then he had stormed off the set.

There were two lighting people who must not have known that Alan was Jensen's father as they shook their heads about the situation. "Here we go again. This is the third time this month. Last week we wasted the whole day with him in his trailer and I didn't get home to my damn kids until after midnight. I swear they call me "daddy who" now."

His co-worker laughed. "At least that wasn't as bad as the time we had to cancel shooting because Jared had a stomach ache from too many sweet and sour gummy worms."

Almost not believing what he had heard Alan then noticed Jeff heading towards Jensen's trailer and he put a hand on the arm of his son's television father. "No Jeff why don't you let me go. I'll send him out in just a minute. And when you shoot again I have one little suggestion for a change."

Jeff's eyes grew wide at what Alan told him but he nodded. "Yes sir I sure will."

# # #

Alan Ackles found his son sitting on the couch in his trailer arms crossed and both the position and demeanor reminded him of a four year old having a tantrum. "So something wrong out there son? Or does it just amuse you to keep all those people waiting while you play the part of the big star?"

Alan was not happy at the indignation that he could read on his son's face. "You don't understand how it is dad with a big show like this. This is the way it works."

He felt no small amount of anger at his son's disregard for his opinion. "Oh yeah hot shot well let me tell you something. I have been an actor since you were in diapers and I do know how it goes. I also know when someone has gotten a little too big for their britches. And that someone pal is you."

He could see his son bristle at the criticism and yet he didn't care and he continued. "So is it true that the Jensen Ackles temper tantrum is a regular feature around here?"

His suspicion was answered by the blush that immediately became apparent on Jensen's face. "It is important to me *dad* that things get done correctly around here."

He emphasized the word "dad" and it sounded like a curse. Alan had heard just about all that he thought he wanted to hear. "Well that's really good then buddy boy because you are really gonna be thrilled with this then."

Alan pulled a chair into the center of the room and sat down. "Come over here and let's do a little rehearsing for the next scene."

Suddenly he noticed that Mr. Hollywood didn't look quite so sure of himself. "What????"

Now having been a father for years he simply put on his sternest demeanor and motioned for his son to come to him. He didn't think that he had ever seen the boy's eyes quite so wide. "Now!"

He barked the command and watched as Jensen did as he was told with an astonished look on his face. "But dad I am twenty seven years old."

He shook his head committed to see this through. "So?"

He could read real fear in both the look and body language and he smiled to himself. He and Jensen had had many hand to butt discussions over the years and Alan believed much to his son's unhappiness that a good spanking should be both hard and fast and clearly even at twenty seven Jensen still remembered that. Jensen still resisted coming within reaching distance and tried again to reason with his father. "C'mon dad I'm like the star of my own show now and…."

Alan refused to let him get the upper hand and stared him down. "Have you actually forgotten what happens when I have to tell you more than once to get over here?"

He saw the boy shake his head from side to side that he indicated that he had not forgotten but still he remained frozen to the spot. "Okay then have it your way."

Using surprise as his weapon he half stood and leaned and grabbed a wrist using it to pull Jensen across his lap. His stubborn son knew better than to fight him, and while he hated the position he remained still, if for no other reason than respect. Alan reached under the boy and unsnapped his jeans and tugged them down muscular legs. It had been quite a few years since he had punished Jensen in this way and he noted that finally the lanky teen that he had been was gone. And in his place was a strong and strapping young man who was about to get a lesson taught and taught well. And still his obstinate son attempted to get out of it. "Dad please….."

His response was to bring his hand down sharply on first on side and then the other. "Did you want me to do this on bare skin pal?"

Alan was not surprised when his son shook his head and choked out a "no sir."

He resumed spanking and within a very short amount of time his son was making small sounds of distress but still remained still accepting being punished. And Alan made his mind up that as old as Jensen was that this should be something that he remembered for a while and he sat about to make sure of that.

# # #

Jared paced on the set wondering what they were going to do about Jensen. He had backed himself into a corner when he had agreed to do this and then stomped off. Jared had a great deal of affection for his television brother and he had to agree that this just sucked. He headed for Jensen's trailer hoping to be able to help him through this and just get it done as he wasn't looking forward to his scene any more than his co-star had been.

He got to the door and put his hand on the knob when he heard it. He stood still for a moment barely breathing and thinking that certainly it couldn't be what he thought. But the sound of Jensen crying out accompanied each smacking sound and Jared had been himself in that uncomfortable position enough times to recognize what it sounded like. But certainly that couldn't be it, it *must* be something else. Then he heard the sound of Mr. Ackles lecturing as he smacked and a lot of Jensen saying "yes sir". He actually grimaced when he heard Jensen begging his dad to stop.

He walked away back to the set and just stood wide eyed and thinking about what he had heard. He didn't even notice when Jeff walked over and stood beside him. "So kid are you practicing the whole Sammy goes deer in headlights thing for our scene?"

Not quite sure what to say he just nodded. "Did you talk to Jensen yet? His dad is a pretty no nonsense guy I hope he can convince him to do this."

Jared looked to Jeff and struggled not to appear horrified. "Oh I think he's probably convinced him. I'm sure he'll be here really soon."

It wasn't more than fifteen minutes when a very red faced Jensen appeared and apologized to everyone. Within very short order they had the scene re-set and everyone was in place and Jared had a thought. It would be bad enough to shoot this thing but if Jensen had already gotten it from his dad and *then* Jeff that would be awful. He felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket and he walked off in the middle of the dialog between John and Dean to answer it.

"Hello. Oh hi dad how are you? No I'm good."

Much to his amazement his father launched into a pretty harsh lecture as his facial expression went from amazement to horror pretty quickly. "What?? Sweet and sour gummy worms? No, but I …no but I…no you can't do *that*. I'm twenty three pop please……."

He held his cell away from his ear and could still hear very well each and every word. After doing a lot of yes sirring he finally could hear the lecture coming to an end. "No sir I understand and I know you mean it. I'll come home for a visit then soon."

He hung up and vowed never to set foot in the state of Texas again as long as he lived. He walked back on set where the scene between John and Dean was going from bad to worse in terms of Dean's character's situation. He stood next to Mr. Ackles and still was feeling like he had fallen into the Twilight Zone or maybe an episode of their show. Jensen's dad looked him over and for some reason he smiled. "Something funny Mr. Ackles?"

He asked it in a rather hateful voice. He couldn't help but wonder what had the man so amused and he was still angry at what he had done to Jensen. "Did you think that there were a lot of Padaleckis in the phone book son? And if that attitude doesn't change I'll just call him back."

Jared swallowed what felt like a grapefruit, and shook his head knowing that one ass beating from his old man would be more than enough. "No sir and I'm sorry."

Jensen's father simply nodded and resumed watching his own son begin the most difficult part of his scene.

# # #

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was deep into the character of John Winchester. It was never an easy place for him to reach. But once he was there the absolute power of the mans personality overtook him and it was as if he became him. He preferred the character of Denny who he personally felt was closer to the man that he really was. But even as it was hard for him to transform into John with all of his passion, commitment and dedication to the cause he understood the character inside and out.

He knew that John loved his sons above all else and that the other driving force in his life was his need to find and put an end to the demon that had killed his beloved Mary. And both of those causes were so intertwined that he often didn't know where one stopped and the other began. After doing scenes as John, Jeff was often just exhausted by the amount of intensity that he needed to project for the role. But he was as protective and careful with his character as Jensen was with his Dean.

This whole thing with the request for Jeff while in character to spank both of the younger actors had him in a quandary. While on one hand trying to define his motivation as John wasn't difficult but then there was the other side of the equation. He was a bachelor and he had never spanked anyone. His own mother was a believer in the positive attributes of spanking and he had definitely experienced it from the other end. But giving and receiving were two totally different things.

But he knew that with his military background and the type of hands on father that he was that John had undoubtedly been a spanker. Just the way the boys respected his character showed him that. In fact he had felt that the episode where Sammy had stood chest to chest with him and shouted in his face would in fact have resulted in the boy getting spanked if Kripke had stayed true to character. So he understood that it would probably be something that John would employ.

And even if this one never made it to prime time which he knew that it wouldn't it was well written and dead on. It was definitely one of the writers better efforts and maybe even golden. John had come back from the dead to find that some important things had changed with his sons and he was none to happy about it. John had tried to step back in as the strong father that he had always been and it hadn't worked. Both boys were angry at him for letting them think that he was dead. And they had disobeyed a direct order which had almost gotten John killed for real this time and he was going to put a stop to it all and damn fast.

Jensen was amazing as always with his role as Dean and he had actually come onto the set with tears in his eyes. Privately Jeff wondered what exactly had gone on between Jensen and his dad but he focused on the scene. "I am getting really tired of all this attitude Dean. I have told you more than once that I had no choice that day at the hospital, and I have apologized for the need to make that choice. But I am getting nothing but mouth from you and I know a way to change that really quickly. And when I am done with you I am going to give Sammy a turn too."

Jeff had to give Jensen credit for being one hell of an actor because when John said the words in a stern tone he actually went pale under his tan. He could feel John's emotion and his desire to let both of his son's know in no uncertain terms that he wasn't going to tolerate this behavior any longer. He pulled a chair out and sat down on it and motioned for Jensen to come to him. Or rather for Dean to come to John. The next line was Jensen's and he said it with exactly the right amount of fear and defiance. "Yeah well that's what you think."

Knowing just how angry that would have made John, Jeff growled low in his chest and shook his head
. "Get your butt over here and now Dean."

Again for some unexplained reason he could see fear in Jensen's eyes and was again amazed at his acting skills. Following the script Jeff began to count. "One…"

The look of absolute horror that 'Dean' sent him again had him wondering. "Two…"

This was the point in the script were Dean was supposed to give in and come to him but for some reason he continued to stand there and shake his head no. Jeff could see the producer shaking his own head as if to question what the heck Jensen was doing. Going even deeper into John's character Jeff simply went with it and growled. "Three and I suggest you get your ass over here now boy."

Jensen's eyes widened in surprise and whether it was from the deviation from the script or the threat Jeff wasn't sure. Jeff went to stand to grab his television son and 'Dean' moved in closer and he roughly nodded his approval.

Kripke was fascinated by whatever it was that was happening between John and Dean or even Jeff and Jensen and he gave the producer the nod to just be quiet and let it evolve. "Take those jeans down now son."

Jensen looked horrified and Kripke wasn't sure that he had heard Jeff correctly. "I am your father and you will do as I say Dean."

Now Jensen hung his head and Jeff wondered if he would stop the scene here and walk off but much to his amazement he did as instructed and Jeff yanked him across his lap.

It crossed Eric Kripke's mind how a seasoned bachelor like Jeffrey Dean Morgan was such a pro at spanking but he appeared to be. The spanking that he was delivering had every one on the crew just squirming with its intensity. Jensen was staying in character and trying to be stoic and tough it out but Jeff was just blistering the kid. After about twenty solid swats they all watched both enthralled and uncomfortable as Jeff again deviating from the script stopped. "So Dean do you think we are going to need to have any more discussions like this about who is in charge here?"

For his unscripted answer Jensen simply hung his head and sobbed. "No sir."

And still Jeff's hand resumed landing hard even though Jensen was crying.

Jared had been standing next to Mr. Ackles during the whole thing with his mouth actually hanging open at what he had just witnessed. Jensen's dad didn't seem to be all that unhappy with what he had seen as he stood with arms crossed and never said a word. Jared thought for just a moment that he was going to throw up. It looked like Jeff had just handed out one of the hardest ass whippens that Jared had ever seen and the best of all was that he was next. He quietly turned and walked off the set towards his trailer where he planned to lock the door and never come out.

He got almost to his destination when his cell phone vibrated again in his pocket and he pulled it out cursing when he saw who it was. He debated for a moment pretending that he had never gotten the call but he knew better. "Hello. No, not yet."

He listened to his father ask the question that he didn't want to answer. "No I was just going to my trailer first because I …..I…..for some reason I just don't feel so well."

He rolled his eyes as he listened to another scathing lecture and cursed the fates that he was such a lousy liar. If that wasn't bad enough his father then ventured into the 'when a man makes a promise' lecture that he had memorized. And that was followed closely by the 'what happens when you lie to me' promise. Jared did as much ass kissing as he could stomach and finally hung up the phone. Shaking his head it occurred to him that at the ripe old age of twenty three that he was about to get his behind blistered by Jeff once and now his own father twice more. Suddenly he wondered what it would take to get into the witness protection program.

But knowing better than to make it even worse he headed back to the set where apparently John was just finishing up with Dean. And just the way Jensen looked was enough to twist Jared's gut. He thought that he would like five minutes alone with the young girl who had thought this whole crazy idea up and for a second wished he had never even heard of Eric Kripke. 'John' was tugging 'Deans' jeans back into place and either Jensen was the best freakin actor he had ever seen or he was just miserable.

With another look at Jensen he realized that it was the second option and actually groaned which earned him a dirty look from the sound guy. Jeff waited patiently while Jensen stood still in character refusing to look his television father in the eyes. The script was written that way because Kripke knew that Dean would be afraid to show emotion at this vulnerable time and it was dead on. 'John' place a hand under 'Dean's' chin and forced him to look into his fathers eyes. "Now that is all behind us son and I love you."

'Dean' felt himself being pulled hard into a loving and forgiving father's embrace and more tears followed. Jeff was surprised at how hard Jensen was hugging him and he noticed Mr. Ackles quietly leaving the set and heading for Jensen's trailer. The next line was Jensen's and he pulled it off to perfection. "No dude it's all behind me."

He followed it with a Dean eye roll and snort and Jeff pulled him into another hug and whispered in his ear. "Good job Jensen. I am really proud of you."

He said it softly so that no one heard except Jensen and much to Jeff's surprise he saw new tears spring into his eyes. The director just let the two actors take their time finishing the scene as after the unscripted dialog he wasn't sure what other surprises they had in store for him. They finished their lines with 'Dean' leaving and sending 'Sammy' in and before he did that Jeff threw them another curve. "Dean come here son."

No one looked more worried or surprised than Jensen but again did as Jeff told him. Jeff put a long fingered hand on each of the younger actor's shoulders. "I love you Dean and you are a good son."

He placed a gentle kiss on 'Dean's' forehead. And every one in the room fought back laughter as Jensen wisecracked in perfect 'Dean' style. "Don't ever say that again Dad. Sammy is the chick here not me."

Jeff just laughed as John and turned Jensen and sent him off with a gentle swat to his behind which still made Jensen wince. The director yelled cut and Eric congratulated each of his actors on the amazing performance that he had just seen. Jensen graciously accepted his compliments and another small hug from Jeff and went back to his trailer. Jeff made an offhand remark about going back to his dressing room to soak his hand and Eric wished with all that he had that he could show this damn tape to someone other than the young girl who had made the deal. And then he hoped and prayed that Jared would be as easy to work with on this as Jensen had been.

Kripke shook his head as he overheard two of the sound guys discussing just how hard Jeff had been smacking on Jensen's 'Dean'. And he almost smiled because he certainly agreed with them but the thing that amused him the most was almost instinctual. Jeff had been so deep into character of John. Kripke himself had created the character but it was as if Jeff had actually become John and the words no longer needed to be scripted. 'John' had given 'Dean' exactly the spanking that Eric had envisioned and the unscripted dialog was as good as anything Eric could have written. It was almost scary.

Jensen walked back to his trailer with as much dignity as he could and waited until he got inside and shut the door before trying his damnedest to rub the sting out from Jeff's hand. He felt like his ass was just on fire and it had hurt worse than anything he could remember. But then he had always been a fast learner and his father had never had to spank him more than once and certainly not one right after the other. Speaking of which, he looked up into the sympathetic face of his dad. "Pretty bad huh?"

He nodded and fought the tears that threatened to spill. He was twenty seven for Christ sake he needed to get a hold of himself. Just as he had that thought he saw his father open his arms and he bolted into his warm embrace. He just held on while his dad rubbed his back and softly told him what a fine man he was becoming. Which made the urge to cry even worse. But at the very least it was done and he would remember what it felt like to be put over his own father's knee again for a very long time. Because one thing was for sure that had been the last time no matter what it took.

# # #

Jared paced the small confines of his trailer feeling like an animal in a cage. He heard a knock and he yelled that the door was open. It was his hairstylist with a plate of food for him. He knew the cast and crew were taking a lunch break before they shot his scene and he wondered how anyone could eat. When he had come back here he had noted that both Ackles men were absent and he wondered if Jensen was sitting in a tub full of ice right about now. "Fuck."

Sherrie looked at him oddly. "Well Jared most people just say thank you but whatever babe."

Jared looked at the food and again had the distinct impression that he was going to throw up. "No really not hungry."

She stood on tiptoes to feel his forehead. "Not hungry you….are you sick?"

He walked over to the sofa and sat down putting his booted feet on the coffee table. "I wish."

Sherrie wondered what his problem was as this was unusual behavior for even Jared. And then she pulled her magic secret out which was sure to perk him up. "Taa Daa!"

She saw him look at the bag of sweet and sour gummy worms for a minute and then to her amazement he ran for the bathroom and she heard him throwing up. She let herself quietly out and went in search of Eric to tell him that maybe Jared wasn't well.

# # #

The Next Morning Jensen knocked on the door of his co-stars trailer and let himself in. "I freakin knew it. I just knew it."

Jared dropped the gummy worms that he was eating and looked at Jensen sheepishly. "What?"

Jensen walked over and actually smacked the back of his head just like Dean would have done to Sam. "I freakin knew that you weren't sick you little faker. Eric almost had himself worked into a frenzy and everyone else with him."

He turned to look with disgust at the huge 'get well soon' flower arrangement on the table. Now Jared smiled at him and attempted to look innocent. "Look I tried to tell everyone that I was fine. But I did really throw up yesterday."

He again did the innocent Sammy look and Jensen got even madder. "And anyways Jeff said he didn't mind waiting to shoot my part."

Shaking his head and fighting the urge to shake his co-star the older actor seethed. "Yeah no doubt and could that be because he almost wore his hand out beating my ass yesterday?"

Jared couldn't avoid the smile that came across his features. "Probably."

Deciding that cutting to the chase wouldn't be all that hard Jensen tried a different approach and sat down calm and relaxed next to the younger actor. "So how long are you gonna keep up the pretense of really being sick?"

He ground his teeth when Jared smiled and actually laughed. "Dunno. Maybe a couple of days."

Considering his options Jensen was startled out of his thoughts when the cell phone on the table rang and seeing that the call was from Jared's father he dove for it actually knocking Jared's long arm out of the way. He leapt to his feet and answered the call. "Hello, oh Mr. Padalecki how nice to hear from you. Are you calling because Jared is sick? Oh no he didn't actually shoot that yet. They closed down production yesterday because he tossed his cookies. Or maybe it was his gummy worms."

He paused listening to the irate sound of Jared's dear old dad and grinned. "Oh sure you can talk to him he's right here playing video games."

He placed a hand over the phone. "Here you go kiddo and have fun. See you on the set in about an hour. I'll go and tell Jeff to start doing some hand exercises."

Laughing he handed the phone to Jared. "Oh I am soooo gonna kick your ass Jensen."

Walking out of the trailer Jensen threw another grin over his shoulder. "Bring it on Junior…..anytime. You giant dork."

Jared sent a furious look in his direction. "Soap Opera actor!"

And much to his disgust he could hear Jensen laughing all the way out the door.

# # #

Pulling Sam's baggy shirt over his head Jared knew that he had stalled as long as he possibly could. He needed to walk out of his trailer and onto the set and just do this damn thing. But he didn't *want* to, really, really didn't want to. But thanks to Jensen and his big freakin mouth everyone knew that he was feeling much better. Add to that his father had threatened him with something really terrible if he didn't "cut the crap". He once again remembered to stay the hell away from Texas for a very long time.

He walked on set and noticed his old pal Jensen leaning back with his shoulders against the wall flirting with the prop girl. Seeing him Jensen smiled and gave him a little salute and it took every ounce of restraint that he had to not give him a completely different kind of salute in return. His hairdresser walked over and repaired the damage to his hair that pulling Sam's shirt over his head had done. He looked up to see Jeff walking onto the set and wondered with dismay if his hands had always been that damn big. "So Jared are you ready to do this thing?"

He looked at Jeff and wondered if he was kidding. "No but I guess we are anyway."

Jeff gave him the warm fatherly nod and walked over to the director to discuss some things and Jared thought for a moment that the last thing in the world he needed was two fathers. And worse than that both were currently thinking about smacking his ass. Sometimes life just sucked.

It took them another fifteen minutes to get everything set and then Sam made his big entrance. The script had an extra scene where Dean told Sam what John had done and he sent him in for his turn. They were shooting out of sequence and would shoot that one tomorrow but since no one would be warming up his behind for that scene he had no issue with it. He made his entrance with Sam's usual suspicious look on his face. The boy really did have issues with his father. If Jared had a dad as tough as John was he was sure he would have been a real angel, but Sam always wanted to pick a fight. "So what in the hell did you do to Dean Dad?"

Jared asked the question in the most hateful voice that he could. "Exactly the same thing that I intend to do to you buddy boy. I have had it with this new attitude that both you and your brother have and it stops right now. I am thinking that in your case especially a good ass warming is long overdue."

Jared didn't have to use any of his acting skills to come up with the horrified look on his face at Jeff's dialog. And then when Jeff walked over to the chair and sat down Jared took an unscripted step out of his reach. The director was motioning wildly for Jared to move closer into the shot as they had rehearsed it. If that wasn't enough it was about then that Jeff turned back into John Winchester. "You know Sammy I really love you but this thing where you test me every chance you get is done. I am also done tolerating the mouthy disrespect and the attitude. And I don't care how old you are if you ever get in my face again like that night when you cut me off in the car I will blister you right then and there. Sorta like what's about to happen now."

The director looked to Kripke with a 'what the hell' expression as none of that entire speech had been scripted. Once again Kripke was enthralled with Jeff's seeming transformation into his character of John and he merely nodded not wanting to stop it and make them stick to the script. Jared did take a step closer but he starting shaking his head from side to side and softly saying, "No, no."

This was another deviation from the script but Eric made a rolling motion with his hand to the director so that he would let it play out. "Once more Samuel over here now."

Jared was again doing the deer in headlights look that he used so often for his character of Sam but Eric had the feeling this one was genuine. Every one on the set including Jensen was holding their breath to see what happened next and if they had blinked they would have missed it. Jeff waited but a moment after the command and leapt to his feet grabbing his television son by the arm and flung him face first over the motel bed which was part of the set. The actual script had the spanking occurring in the chair as it had with "Dean" but apparently this one was going to be improvisational.

Everyone in the crew was grimacing when Jeff as John none to gently bent Jared's arm behind his back to hold him in place. And Jeff was careful to make sure it was not the injured wrist. Jared was in a blind panic and was fighting both the hand holding him into place and the position with all he had and getting no where which only intensified the struggle. "Settle down Sammy or I swear we can do this on the bare."

Everyone including Jared became motionless at the unscripted words and 'John' used the moment to get Jared's jeans down around his ankles. Eric would never know if it had been Jared or Sam but one and possible both of them began pleading to be let up and to stop it and 'John" ignored it all. "I want you to remember this little event every time you sit down for a very long time little boy."

Kripke almost smiled at Jeff calling Jared a little boy as the boy was a towering six foot four but it seemed to fit both Jared and Sam. And there wasn't a crew member or cast member watching including Jensen who didn't flinch at the sound of 'John's' hand cracking down on 'Sam's' behind.

It only took six good, solid, blazing swats before Jared was done for. He resumed his struggle and begging not quite believing that his ass was already on fire to the degree that it was. "No, no I don't want to do this."

No one could force him to do it; he was just an actor and not actually John Winchesters son after all. As soon as the words were out of his mouth he felt Jeff's hand at the waistband of his boxers. "Last chance Sam, one more time. You will accept this punishment and apologize or we will do this on a bare butt. What's your choice?"

Feeling completely confused at this point but knowing that 'John' had no intention of letting him up he put his head down into the bedspread and mumbled. "I'm sorry."

His television father's response was two sharp cracks of his hand. "And you are going to accept this punishment Sam?"

Already miserable and wondering just how much more 'this punishment' consisted of he nodded his head and tried to think of anything but how much his ass hurt already.

"Good boy." And in direct contrast to the kind words 'John' resumed swatting hard and fast and Jared felt like he was being set on fire.

Eric Kripke watched with both fascination and horror at the spanking that 'John' was dishing out. He had to give Jared an immense amount of credit because he was holding still and accepting what looked like an intense lesson. He thought maybe both of his young stars might be needing some bonuses like maybe new expensive cars after this. He looked over to Jensen and noticed that he was actually kind of green and had the same horrified look that everyone else had. And 'John' kept the punishing swats coming and soon the only sound was 'Sam' sobbing and the crack of a palm on thinly covered skin.

Jeff paused in his hand to butt motion and everyone stilled wondering what was next. "Are we going to have any more problems with an attitude from you little boy?"

'Sam' shook his head vigorously and sobbed out an answer. "No sir."

'John' looked as if he were relieved as was everyone watching. "Good then the next time you want to yell in my face I want you to remember this."

He brought his hand down hard four times on the backs of Jared's legs some of which was not covered by the material of his boxers. 'Sam's' reaction was an immediate wail and then sobbing and 'John' gave him a moment to compose himself. Kripke was sick to see that the boy actually had part of a hand print visible on the back of his right leg.

'John' rubbed his lower back for a moment and then gently tugged his baggy jeans back up and even Jeff felt sick at Jared's heartfelt tears. He sat down on the bed next to his television son and pulled him to sitting and wrapped him in a warm embrace. If anything it only made the tears even worse and 'John' just waited them out. Kripke wondered if maybe they might actually use some of the script that he had painstakingly written. "Now I am sorry that had to happen and I love you Sam but no more."

Kripke exhaled a relieved sigh at finally hearing something that he had penned. Jensen watched as the scene played out and had some real admiration for his co-star. The pain was visible on his face and while Jensen knew that Jared was one hell of an actor he also knew that that part wasn't acting. He noticed 'Sam' squirming trying to get comfortable and he knew from the other day that comfort wasn't going to happen for a while. Jeff continued to comfort his television son and while hugging him told him that it was all right, and that he would do better which were all words from the script.

What no one else could see was Jeff whispering in Jared's ear that he was a great kid and he was proud of him just as he had with Jensen. And Jeff realized that even though he was only a television father to these two that he was going to have to follow this up with some honest talking to both of them. While this had just been an 'episode' of their show he felt like some of it had actually been Jeff and Jensen, and Jeff and Jared and he needed to make sure that they both understood his motivation. But that would be in the very near future as for now he just continued to finish the scene and comfort the kid.

Finally Jared began to settle down and Jeff worked to bring the scene to a conclusion using Kripke's scripted words. "Okay then son as long as you are up to it let's go and find your brother and get back to work. We always do our best work together don't we?"

'Sam' nodded and went to stand up and before he did 'John' had another unscripted moment. He pulled his son towards him as he had done with Dean and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. "I love you buddy and I am very proud of you."

The tears that slid downs Jared's lean cheeks could have been his or Sam's but in closing it made one hell of a shot. The director yelled "cut" and they were finished. Just as after Jensen finished congratulations were being exchanged all the way around. Jared and Jeff walked off set together and the older actor threw an arm around Jared's broad shoulders. "Well you're a little on the quiet side son. I know that was pretty tough I'll just bet you're glad that it's over now."

Jared looked to him and rolled his eyes. "Yeah like no shit Jeff and I'm also glad that you weren't my real father."

Instead of being insulted Jeff just laughed. "Me too kiddo otherwise I'd probably have no feeling left in this hand at all."

Jared just stopped and looked at him not liking that answer at all. They parted company and Jared headed for his trailer and while he felt relieved to have things over he still felt about as bad as he ever had. Looking over his shoulder to make sure no one had followed him and that Jeff was gone he allowed himself the comfort of rubbing his scorched behind and was dismayed to find that even that action hurt. This wasn't by any means the first time that he had experience this but Jeff must have some kind of special talent in the corporal punishment department because he didn't think he would forget about this afternoon ever. He wiped the sleeve of Sam's baggy shirt over his eyes and opened the trailer door.

All that he wanted to do now was crawl into his bed on his stomach and go to sleep. Forgetting about Jeff and John Winchester and stupid Dutch girls with too much money and no sympathy at all. He had gotten exactly three steps into the room when he saw a familiar tall, dark haired figure sitting on his couch. "So surprised to see me? I figured that you would be smart enough to avoid coming home for a while. So I thought I would come to see you."

He felt his stomach twist and he thought for a minute that he might just toss again. "Dad?"

He fought out and out panic as he tried to figure it out. "But you were just on the phone a couple of hours ago how……?"

He wasn't reassured when his father smiled. "I was actually calling you from the airport. So how was it that you didn't film this yesterday like you told me that you would?"

Jared just stared at his father not wanting to answer it and knowing that his father already knew the answer anyway. "Was it because you were 'sick'? And while we are on that subject how sick were you? And how many times have you halted production because you ate too many gummy worms and how many times do you suppose I am gonna smack your butt for that?"

Jared felt as if he had been run over by a train with no brakes. "Whoa dad wait a minute I didn't …you can't… he just."

Frustrated he took the bull by the horns. "I am a twenty three year old man and you can't do that anymore."

Crossing his arms and assuming a belligerent stance he tried to look intimidating and was doing quite well with that until his father stood up. "You may be twenty three son but you are acting like a little boy who needs to be taught a lesson. And yes you have halted production because you have a candy problem and yes I certainly can tan your butt and I don't care if Jeff already did. So there."

Jared slowly backed up casually attempting to get to the door. "You go out that door boy and when I catch you I surely will blister your ass on the spot and while everyone out there has seen Jeff do it already no one has seen me do it. But head for the door and they will."

Jared hated the threat but knew damn good and well that his father meant it. So he used another tact. "So that's what you came all this way for then? Just to abuse me?"

He didn't at all like the way that his father rolled his eyes. "Looks to me like you chose the right profession and all with the drama thing going on son. Now when have I *ever* abused you? What I have done is spank your well deserving behind when you have needed it and today is gonna be another example of that."

Jared grimaced and tried another tact. "Pleeeeaaaseeeee dad don't. Jeff just did and it huuurrrrrrrrtttttttt."

He knew that he sounded like a whiney four year old but at this point he was getting desperate and would do just about anything to make sure this didn't happen. Instead of looking sympathetic his father just smiled. "Good then it won't take me too long to get to the point of the spanking where you are listening real well."

Jared closed his eyes and shook his head hoping that this was some demented dream and when he opened his eyes he would be in his bed and have a good laugh. But unfortunately when he opened his eyes all he saw was his still furious father who was not sitting on the couch and motioning for him. His behind was still throbbing and he couldn't imagine how much worse it was going to hurt after his dad was done. He had gotten a few spankings over the course of growing up and his father always spanked hard and long to make his point. He no longer cared that he was twenty three he just didn't want so much as one more smack on his already tender behind. He felt his eyes fill with tears. "Please dad…."

He noticed that while the harsh look on his father's face softened he didn't cave. "Over here now Jared."

He stomped his feet as he walked to where the elder Padalecki sat. He swore that he was gonna make it his personal goal to find this Dutch chick and give her a taste of what he was about to experience. He didn't care if it took him twenty years he wasn't gonna stop till she cried like a girl. Okay so she was a girl but even still. Rolling his eyes he allowed himself to be pulled across his fathers lap and felt ridiculous. That feeling only lasted until the hard hand landed the first time. Then he just felt miserable.

The heavy hand continued to rise and fall and he felt himself being set on fire all over again. Even through the heavy denim the swats stung and he was squirming attempting to get out of the path of fire that his fathers hand was blazing. Finally not knowing what else to do he hung his head and gave into sobbing. His father continued to apply correction and scold as he did so. "Are you ever going to indulge in so much candy that you get sick again?"

Jared could barely get the 'no sir" out around the sobs. Much to his surprise he felt his father stop and using his arm push him to standing. "Good now you go over and put your nose in that corner and think about it for a while."

His mouth actually hung open at this directive. "What!! You can't think I'm gonna…."

All it took was for his father to stand up and give him a look, and he headed for the corner, swearing to himself that he was gonna kill this Dutch chick, Jensen, and then maybe Jeff and Kripke too, depending on if his ass had cooled down or not by then.

# # #

Jensen walked around the set one more time feeling restless. He had watched Jared and Jeff's scene and instead of feeling vindicated he actually had felt awful. 'John' had just given it to 'Sam' and much to Jensen's surprise his 'Dean' older brother instinct had kicked in and he had to fight with himself to not step in and ruin the scene and stop 'John'. Now he wondered if Jared would even talk to him again.

Well he figured that he needed to just take whatever his co-star would throw at him like a man and he headed over to his trailer to do just that. He got almost to the door and he heard what sounded like what had just happened on the set and he stopped dead in his tracks. As if one cue the noise also stopped and he wondered if he had imagined it. He stood on tiptoe to look into the trailer under the mini blinds and almost gasped at what he saw. Before he could recover he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Turning into a peeping Tom are you Jensen?"

Jensen turned around still amazed to see Jeff standing there. "But dude he's…….."

Jeff just shook his head and cut Jensen off. "C'mon lets you and I take a walk I need to talk to you anyway."

They walked away from the trailers and down through the sets and actually over to the lot where the Impala was stored. The mechanics had been fixing a small engine problem and just finished with it. Jeff turned to a confused Jensen. "Get in."

Now Jensen could feel himself getting angry. "No, maybe I don't want to."

He didn't like the look on Jeff's face at all. "Not a request buddy boy more like an order."

This concerned Jensen somewhat but he didn't let it show. "Who are you now John Winchester?"

His anxiety went up an entire notch when Jeff crossed his arms. "I dunno wanna find out."

Knowing the answer to that question was a definite no Jensen just shut up and got into the car and watched as Jeff did the same. "Okay now believe it or not we need to talk about some things."

Jensen just shot him a defiant look. "Whatever dude."

Jeff shook his head unable to believe that the kid still didn't get it. "I am getting weary of this crappy, smart ass attitude that you seem to get from time to time."

Apparently this made Jensen even madder. "Oh yeah and what the hell do *you* think you're gonna do about it?"

Jeff shook his head still not quite believing what he was hearing. "Do you really suppose that the ass whippen I gave you was just John and Dean? Didn't you feel alittle bit of Jeff is tired of you acting like a brat with an attitude in there?"

He could easily have smiled as the look of recognition dawned on his younger co-star. "What?? What the fuck Jeff you aren't my dad."

Now Jeff did smile. "No I'm not and from the fact that your behind was already warm when John *started* in on Dean I'm thinking that your dad hasn't been too thrilled with your behavior lately either."

He knew that he had scored a bull's eye from the red flush that crept up Jensen's face at that remark. And he decided to just jump right in now that he had the boy's attention. "Now you are a remarkable actor and I think you know that. What you need to do is stay away from the whole being temperamental thing. You may not do it often but a little of that goes a long way. So consider what you got on set as an incentive to not let it happen again. Cause if you do I will be around to help you remember that it's a really bad idea. Just like the other day. The only difference will be the absence of cameras."

Jeff could tell that his entire speech wasn't sitting well with Jensen. "Just like I said Jeff you are not my father. So just fuck off."

Jeff sighed already tired of the fact that Jensen refused to see things his way. "Look buddy boy I may not be your father but what I am is a big brother to you and even if you don't currently deserve it that isn't going to change. But tell me to fuck off ever again and I guarantee you will spend the next few hours after standing up."

Jensen didn't say a word and Jeff knew that he was thinking about what he had said. He once again tried to clarify things for him. "Look kiddo you understand Dean inside and out right?"

He waited patiently until Jensen nodded his head and answered 'damn straight' with no small amount of pride. "So then Sammy goes into a situation where his welfare is on the line. You have warned him more than once and he has ignored you and even told you to fuck off. Finally you are afraid for him and seeing no other option you blister his butt for him. Now just tell me that Dean wouldn't do that if Sam's well being was at stake."

"No shit Jeff. We both know Dean would and hell probably has."

Not really wanting to but knowing that he needed to Jeff drove the point home. "Consider me Dean to your Sammy, start acting like a spoiled television brat again instead of the professional that I know you are and usually act like and I will blister first and ask questions later. I care far too much about you and even your career to let anything happen to either one. Got it?"

He was pleased when Jensen dropped his head and mumbled, "Yes sir."

Jeff reached around pleased to find that the keys were still in the car and turned over the engine. Jensen looked at him with surprise. "You can't really be thinking about driving off the lot in this can you?"

Jeff smiled back at him. "Well hell yes I'm thinking about it and we are gonna do it. I'm just sorry that Jared can't come with us."

Jeff noticed that Jensen's face got red again. "Yeah well his dad is here and I think he may not be available for a while."

Jeff nodded and put the car into drive. "Good if anyone ever needed a wake up call it was that one."

Now Jensen smiled back. "So are you planning on also being a big brother to the Jolly Green Giant?"

Jeff fixed Jared with an intense look as he drove to the large doors, which opened to the lot. "I don't know you watched his spanking scene what do you think?"

Jeff wasn't surprised to hear Jensen laugh. "Well now that makes me feel ever so much better."

Jeff grinned back and pointed to the doors. "Get out and open them for me please."

Jensen did as he was asked and walked away much to Jeff's amusement muttering to himself. Although he didn't catch all of it he did hear 'bossy, jerk, big brother' and his personal favorite 'Grey's extra'. He mentally calculated how much time he could keep Jensen away and wondered how much hell to pay there would be when they found the Impala gone.

# # #

Jared stood in the corner feeling absolutely ridiculous and completely chastised. The fire in his behind was like a living breathing entity and he was worried about the fact that his father had promised him two punishments. And if there was one thing that his father and John Winchester had in common it was that they both always kept their promises. He had realized somewhere around the time he had begun begging his dad to stop that he father might have had a point.

His behavior lately had been a little over the top. But making him stand in the corner had just been an awful idea and he hadn't been made to do this since he had gotten spanked when he was in the sixth grade and had been hateful to his mother. She had taken away his stash of sweets because she said it was making him hyper (which they tended to do) and he had gotten angry and thrown a book at the door as she went through it. It had resulted in one of the harder spankings that he had ever received from his dad including being made to stand in the corner and think about it much like today. He rolled his eyes and thought that even then candy had been a bad thing for him.

"Okay pal come back over here."

He knew just from the tone of his voice that his father had more spanking in mind and just the thought of that made his stomach twist in apprehension. He turned and tried Sam's puppy dog eyes. "Please dad that was enough I get it. Really I do. Please…"

His father rolled his own eyes and Jared thought that really was a smart assed gesture. "Oh you're gonna get it all right Jared the point and the spanking now come back over here."

Jared walked slowly back to where his father sat wondering how at twenty three and a huge television star he was back in this position again but he was. His father motioned towards the button on his jeans and he groaned but knew better than to argue. He pushed his jeans down his legs and leaned across his fathers lap and resigned himself to just accept whatever his dad was planning on dishing out. He knew that there would be no changing his mind and that the only way through this was just to take it and say yes sir a lot and promise Sainthood and beg for it to stop. And the first time his father's hand landed on his already sizzling behind he realized that none of those things would be difficult to do.

As always his father spanked hard and fast and within a very short time he was squirming across his knee. He felt his fathers grip tighten and he threw a leg over both of Jared's to hold him in place. And the heat from his punished behind kept increasing with each swat as did his panic. And as usual his father scolded as he spanked and Jared realized sometime around the time be began begging his father to stop that he had let everyone down with his cavalier attitude about his commitments.

The world was reduced to the rhythm of the hand that kept falling on his behind with alarming regularity and his father's words until finally he just gave in and sobbed. "I'm sorry dad please….no more…..I'll do better I promise!!"

He all but wailed the words but he honestly meant them and felt sorry that it had come to this. "If you don't son I'll be back on a plane and you'll be back in this position again understand?"

He nodded his head and was relieved to feel himself being released and he stood. Realizing that he was not a child anymore he tried to avoid rubbing and appear unfazed by what his father had just done to him. But all it took was for the elder Padalecki to stand and hold open arms and he dove into them sobbing much like he had when he was five. His father pushed his head down onto his shoulder and stroked his hair telling him that it would all be all right now. Jared doubted that as he knew that he would
never be able to sit down to film shots in the Impala again so at the very least his career was shot. And most likely his ass as well.

He tried to pay attention to what his father was saying but he couldn't seem to stop crying. He hated this feeling. While he knew that his father forgave him and he had paid the price for his mistakes he just felt raw and knew that he did need to change some things. He caught the tail end of something that his father was telling him. "Okay you'll do that right?"

He nodded and promised that he would not sure what he had just promised to do but knowing that whatever it was he didn't want to cross his father again for a very long time. "Good you can talk to Jeff then after you take a rest."

He squinted and looked at his dad as if maybe he hadn't heard correctly. "Jeff?"

Now he definitely didn't like scowl on his father's face. "Have you even been listening at all?"

Jared looked down at his feet and refused to look his father in the eyes. "My butt hurts."

Now his father snorted and gave him another small swat. "Good. I said you will apologize to Jeff for any unprofessional behavior that he has had to put up with."

Now Jared widened his eyes in horror. "You said I'll what?"

He couldn't help the defiance that had crept into his voice, and he completely didn't like the look on his father's face. "Have you not had your ass smacked enough yet boy?"

Now the young actor could feel his heart rate pick up at the words his father had spoken. "Yeah, oh yeah really I have. I just don't want to apologize to him he just spanked me really hard and he didn't have to. Can't we just call it even?"

Noting the stubborn look as his father shook his head he felt his heart sink. "You're gonna make me do this aren't you?"

"No Jared if you don't want to I can just blister you again until you change your mind."

Stamping his foot he ground out 'fine' between clenched teeth and felt iron fingers wrap around his bicep. "What did you just say little boy?"

With a frustrated sigh he dropped his head suddenly finding the carpeting to be of great interest. "I said no sir I'll apologize to him."

He could see that that answer had appeased his father somewhat. "Good now go on in and crawl into bed for a little while before it's time for your next scene. I'll wake you."

Jared did as he was told rubbing his behind every step of the way. He had gotten to the door before he heard his father speak again. "You know that I love you right son? You are my pride and joy even if you do need to be put on the right path once in a while."

Jared couldn't help the grin that stole across his face. "Tell that to my ass."

His father laughed and then looked stern. "What did you just say?"

Jared tried to look innocent. "I said love you too dad."

Both men chuckled and Jared went into the bedroom of the trailer and stretched out on the bed on his stomach and hoped like hell the next scene didn't require him to sit down at all. In fact he hoped the whole next episode would involve him standing and Kripke owed him that much at least.

# # #

Jeff took long strides and attempted to pick up his pace. He had run an errand and now he was late getting to makeup for the new scenes. The thing with the Dutch girl had taken longer to film than Eric had counted on and now they were behind on their regular shoot schedule. He walked past the garage where the Impala was and he grinned when he noticed that it was now under the watchful eye of a security guard. He was still chuckling when he saw Jensen approach him. "Hey no need to hurry there was a glitch in the script and the writers are having at a re-write. According to Eric it may take all afternoon."

Jeff slowed down and noticed Jensen looking towards the Impala and smiling as well. "Apparently they didn't like our little field trip."

Jeff nodded. "I guess not."

He was surprised when Jensen suddenly got serious. "So I heard through the grapevine that you told Eric that you kidnapped me and I had nothing to do with it. I also heard that you got a pretty serious lecture about the whole deal."

Jeff just shrugged his broad shoulders. "Wasn't the first time and I am sure that it won't be the last time either."

He was surprised when Jensen still looked like he didn't get the point. "Look kiddo all that stuff about me feeling like your older brother wasn't just some bunch of crap that I said at the time. I meant it. I made the decision that we were gonna take the Impala and I took the heat."

He watched as Jensen seemed to really think about what he had just said and then he smiled. "And yeah I meant the rest of it too before you ask."

He smiled back at Jensen's scowl. "Shit somehow I just *knew* that."

They walked on through the sets in companionable silence for the next few minutes. Finally not able to avoid it any longer Jeff turned to Jensen. "So did his dad go home?"

Jensen nodded. "I saw him leave this morning but I haven't talked to him yet."

Jeff was surprised at the younger actor's grimace. "I know I need to I just kind of don't want to."

Jeff could at least put his fears to rest. "Me first pal he and I need to clear the air."

Smiling and looking relieved Jensen shrugged. "Well if you insist I think I will just do it your way as I now have some serious nervousness about getting on your bad side."

Chuckling Jeff threw an arm around the younger actor's shoulders and gave him a one armed hug. "Good then you are as smart as I thought that you were."

The both looked up to see Jared coming towards them with an unhappy look on his face. Jensen gave Jeff another nod and walked off leaving his two co-stars alone. Jeff wondered if Jared knew what he wanted to discuss as his usual big smile was noticeably absent.

Jared looked to Jeff and actually grimaced not wanting to do this. But he had a sudden flash back of his father asking him if he had swatted his butt enough and he knew that want to do it or not he *had* to do it. "Hey Jeff could I talk to you for a minute?"

Jeff nodded and they walked by the catering table set up with lunch. "Grab some lunch kid and let's go outside. There is a picnic table set up where the lighting crew all eats lunch. There isn't anyone out there now."

Jared did as he was told positive that he wouldn't be able to swallow even a bite of what he put on the plate. Jeff smiled when they walked by the candy on the table and Jared actually flinched.

After a short hike much to Jared's surprise he found them seated at a pleasant picnic table under a tree at a place Jared didn't even know existed. After a few minutes Jeff pushed his food away and looked at his young co-star who was busy playing with his food. "So something you want to share with the class kiddo?"

Jared sighed. "No....yes....I just I guess so."

Jeff fought a smile at the way he said it. "Well you go first because there is something that I want to talk to you about too."

Jared looked as if that was the last thing in the world he wanted to do but he started anyway. "I umm......I need to tell you that I'm sorry if I have acted unprofessional in any way since we have worked together."

Jeff was surprised at how red the younger actor's face had become. "Did your dad have anything to do with this apology?"

He saw Jared look down at his plate not meeting his eyes. "Maybe he mighta kinda made a threat or two about it."

Jeff couldn't resist this and much to Jared's annoyance he grinned. "S'not funny."

The older man chuckled. "Actually pal it kind of is…. a threat or two? But I accept your apology and oddly enough that was that exact thing that I wanted to talk to you about."

He saw that he had peaked Jared's interest as the boy raised his head and looked him in the eyes. "I don't know if you figured it out or not but some of the spanking that Sam got was for that very behavior. Only it wasn't for Sam it was for you."

The look on Jared's face was disbelief mixed with anger. "Well that just sucks then! You had no right to do that."

Jeff became resolved to not let this run away train get away from him. "I had every right then and now if necessary. You need to start thinking of me as an older brother who isn't afraid to warm up your behind if you need it. And also one who isn't going to sit by while you ruin a damn fine career with your four year old antics."

As if he needed further proof Jeff watched amused as Jared made a pouting face. "I do not have four year old antics."

Once again the older man chuckled. "Yeah well that would be easier to sell to me pal if you hadn't just whined it."

Jared crossed his arms over his chest and looked belligerent. "Are you also gonna be on Jensen's case all the time?"

Jeff tried to look stern and wondered how Jared's father managed. "Yes I am."

He could almost see the wheels turning. "Good cause if I have to put up with it so should he."

Jeff again shook his head at the fact that both of them had wanted the other guy to be in trouble too. Amazing just how much of the little boy still existed in each of these two. "And you and Jensen did something special. You stole the Impala what about me?"

At first the older actor was surprised that Jared was jealous of his field trip with Jensen but then he realized that the affection that he felt for his youngest co-star was returned. He took a few minutes and thought long and hard and came up with a pretty decent idea. The first thing that they needed to do was to find Jensen and get him on board.

# # #

Jared and Jeff walked into Eric Kripke's office and waited until he looked up at them from behind his desk. "Hey Jeff, Jared what's going on?"

Both actors managed to look uncomfortable and finally Jared turned to Jeff. "I can't tell him. Please can you just do it?"

Now for some reason Eric felt worried. "Tell me what? What is he talking about Jeff?"

His anxiety was made even worse when Jeff looked grim. "Oh God Eric I feel so bad about this."

Eric was sure that his blood pressure shot up a bit at that. "Tell me what Jeff?"

Jeff sent a distressed look in Jared's direction. "Man you gave me a chance and I *hate* to do this to you."

Now Eric was on his feet. "Do what exactly?"

There was a long pause as both actors seemed unable to speak and again Eric thought his heart was beating way too fast suddenly. "Do what!!??"

It was Jared that spoke this time. "It was just such a good career move for us both. Our own show and we are so convincing as father and son that was why it was written for us."

Kripke though for a moment he was gonna blow a gasket. "What in the hell are you both blathering about and what in the hell was written for you?"

Jeff exchanged another meaningful look with Jared. "My friend who wrote the first show for me the one that didn't get picked up has written another one. And I am going to star in it and so is Jared. She offered both of us twice what we make now. We couldn't pass that up and this is on a regular network too not the CW like Supernatural."

"But….you….and Jared….. this isn't…. you both have a fucking contract here boys no one and I mean NO ONE is going anywhere."

Now Jeff just shrugged. "She has hired the best entertainment attorneys in the business. They found a loophole."

Eric sat down hard upon hearing this and didn't even seem to notice when Jensen walked in. "Hey dudes what's going on?"

Kripke turned to look at the actor with amazement evident on his face. "They are both talking about jumping ship and having their own show."

Jensen appeared unfazed and casually sat down on the end of Eric's desk. "So let 'em go Dean can carry the whole show no problem."

He picked up an apple which had been on the desk and took a big bite. Eric looked to Jensen as if he had just said he could fly. "Absolutely not!!"

Now to his distress Jensen turned around to stare at him. "Are you saying that I couldn't carry the show?"

For just a moment Eric was sure that his heart had stopped. He knew that telling Jensen that Dean alone couldn't carry the show was going to come back to bite him in the butt big time but he didn't know what to do. "I…I….I…"

He couldn't even formulate a thought and then he noticed all three of his stars were grinning. Why would they be smiling? Jeff walked over and put a hand on his shoulder. "I guess we got ya Eric. Just consider that payback for not telling that crazy, rich Dutch girl that you wouldn't even consider her offer."

Now Eric felt such fury that he was actually dizzy for a moment. "You all planned this. You all got together and decided to torture me for some fun?"

Before he could finish Jared laughed. "And don't forget the revenge too Eric."

Clearly this didn't sit well with Eric who turned to his youngest actor with fury written on his face. "Oh yeah well do you know what I have in this rolodex Jared? I have a certain number of a certain father who would just love to hear that you are being a shit again."

Now Jensen chuckled at Jared's horrified look and Eric turned to him. "And as for you Mr. Ackles I also have your father's number and believe me I would love to call him too."

Now it was Jeff that smiled. "I know damn good and well that you don't have my father's number in there Eric. I've never even met him."

Eric stood up and looked over the actor who personified John Winchester. "No but I do have the number for your mother and while I have only met her several times I got the distinct impression that she said jump and you asked how high."

Ignoring the smiles of both of his co-stars Jeff looked at Eric seriously. "Well you are supposed to respect your mother Eric."

But both from the change in attitudes to the looks on their faces Eric knew that he had prevailed. He pointed to the door. "All three of you get out of here and go and learn your lines or I swear to God I will make good on my threats."

They all three left together and got almost back to Jensen's trailer when they started laughing about how upset Eric had been. But Jared was the one stupid enough to make the mistake and turned to Jeff. "Dude he threatened to call your mother and tell on you."

Jeff responded by landing a hard swat on the seat of his jeans. "Owww that hurt."

"Good." Now the older actor turned to Jensen. "How about you? Do you have any smart ass remarks for me?"

He could see that Jensen was struggling to stay serious. "No I'm good."

Jeff reached over and gave Jensen a hard swat anyway. "Now both of you go on and do what Eric said."

He watched as each of them nodded and did exactly that and thought that he hadn't had this much fun in a long time. He felt alittle like John as he realized just how different his life would have been without his two onscreen sons. And he was glad for John and Eric and Sammy and Dean. He just hoped in the future to be able to limit his swatting to his fictitious sons.

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