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The Winchesters Visit Smallville

Dean pulled the Impala onto the main street in Smallville and drove for a block. Sam looked out the window and whistled. "Man talk about the town that time forgot. Maybe this is some time warp thing."

To which his brother snorted. "Or maybe just small town America. Hey there's a coffee place let's stop and get directions to the Kent farm."

Sam waited until his brother pulled the long black car into a parking space and then got out watching while Dean fed quarters into the meter.

Looking at the sign above the coffee shop Sam smiled "The Talon- I kind of like that."

Dean pushed by him "whatever" and went inside. They hadn't even really gotten into the door when a petite and very beautiful brunette flung herself into Dean's arms. "Oh my God Jason, you really aren't dead after all."

And without giving him a moment to do or say anything she began to hug and kiss him. Sam was surprised and noticed that his brother resisted for all of two or three seconds before bending his head down and kissing back. "Dean….Dean….DEAN!"

Grabbing his shoulder and physically pulling his brother off of the beautiful girl he turned towards her. "His name isn't Jason, its Dean."

She looked somewhat puzzled. "No its Jason he didn't die after all."

Turning towards Dean she wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest. "Remember in my room upstairs when I offered myself to you and you refused. I was only wearing one of your white dress shirts and nothing else and the candles were the only light in the room Jason?"

With a sigh she continued "And you refused to make love to me…..well we could make it right this time darling, we could do what we should have done then."

Dean placed a finger under her chin and tilted her face up so that he was looking into her eyes. "Oh yeah baby we are definitely gonna make it right, several times at least."

And he kissed her again. Grabbing Dean by the back of his army fatigue jacket Sam yanked him away from the girl and got into his face. "Don't make me use the rock salt again Bro."

Dean looked regretfully towards the petite brunette and sighed. "Damn."

When she looked quizzically at him he had no choice but to explain. "I'm sorry Miss but my name isn't Jason its Dean and this is my brother Sam and we are just looking for directions to the Kent farm."

Neither brother saw a cute blonde approach. "Oh my god Lana is that Jason?"

Lana continued to look as if she didn't quite believe it but said, "No he says his name is Dean and this is his brother Sam they are apparently looking for Clark's farm Chloe."

Chloe extended her hand for Sam to shake. "Hi I'm Chloe Sullivan and you are?"

Dean looked her over carefully and knew that she was fishing. "I'm Dean and this is my brother Sam."

Chloe nodded and continued to probe. "And do you and Sam have a last name Dean?"

Not taking well to women with a mission Dean nodded his head. "Yeah we do now how about those directions."

Chloe looked suspicious but gave the two of them the directions that they had come for and they prepared to leave. Unable to resist Dean gathered Lana into his embrace one last time. "If you ever get over this Jason dude and want to try a real man just let me know."

And bending his head he left her with one last, scorching kiss.

Getting into the car and driving away Sam continued to stare at his brother. "What?"

Sam nodded his head and smiled "What the hell was that Dean?"

Dean gave him an impatient glance. "What the hell did it look like she was gorgeous and all over me, what did you expect me to do man?"

Sam just stared out the window none to happy with his brother. "Okay Mr. Testosterone we'll just chalk it up to an unexplained event."

Again Dean shot him an intimidating look. "I can't help it Sammy if the chicks just love me."

The rest of the way to the Kent farm was driven in silence with little to see but fields of corn in all directions. Arriving there they pulled down the driveway and found the farmer busy working on the fence. And for some reason he reminded Dean of someone. As he walked towards them Sam noticed a now familiar reaction. "Jason how can you be alive, how is that possible?"

Dean rolled his eyes and looked at Sam. "Here we go again."

They were surprised to see the farmer walk back into his barn and come out holding a shotgun. "Unless you want to be dead for real this time Teague get the hell off of my property!"

Both Sam and Dean took a step backward. "Hold the phone Mister I'm not Jason my name is Dean."

Just then a tall, handsome dark hair teenager came out of the barn. "What the hell- we all thought you were dead."

Before anyone could move the boy had rushed to where the brothers stood and picked Dean up by the front of his shirt lifting him up until both feet were actually off of the ground. "Dude I am not Jason my name is Dean…Dean Winchester my driver license is in my right coat pocket man."

Reaching in and finding what he was looking for the boy released his grip on Dean. Sam watched Dean attempt to straighten his clothes and regain his dignity. "So much for the whole protect our identities at any cost thing Dean. You showed him your driver's license? Man I am sooo telling Dad."

His brother just glared at him as the farmer put down the shotgun. "We are looking for the Kent farm."

"This is the Kent farm and I'm Jonathon Kent and this is my son Clark. Now what did you want?"

Both Sam and Dean exchanged a look as this wasn't exactly how they usually went about conducting their business. "Well I guess as long as you know our real names then we can tell you the truth. We investigate things that are supernatural in nature with our father. And there was something in his book about a meteor shower and some strange events and your son's name."

Both Clark and Jonathon exchanged a look. "Well there was a meteor shower some years ago and some strange things have happened since then. Look why don't you come into the house and we can sit down at the table and talk about this. Just let me go in first and tell my wife about your resemblance to Jason so that it doesn't frighten her."

They watched the farmer walk away and then it struck Dean. "Hey Sam do you remember that old show about the orange car. That's who that guy reminds me of the dude from that show."

Sam looked puzzled "The Dukes of Hazzard?"

Dean nodded "Yeah that one- remember we used to watch the re-runs?"

Dean shook his head. "No you were the one with the car issues I never watched that show, in fact I thought it was stupid."

Turning towards Clark Dean asked him the same thing. "Doesn't your dad look like the blonde guy on the Dukes show?"

Clark looked like Dean was insane "No he doesn't look anything like that guy. Come on he's calling it must be okay to go on in. And if you're lucky my mom will be baking cookies."

Walking into the warm and cozy kitchen which smelled like cinnamon and vanilla Sam felt like he had died and gone to heaven. "Hi I'm Martha Kent and you must be Sam and Dean."

Dean felt uneasy as she looked him over closely. "It really is remarkable you know- the resemblance that is. Why don't you both sit down and would you like something to drink and some cookies maybe?"

Dean was impatient to get to the truth and the last thing he wanted was cookies. "No thanks" he all but growled.

Sam was watching the beautiful redhead and couldn't keep the smile off of his face. "I would love some cookies please, and maybe a glass of milk too."

Dean turned to look at his brother wondering if maybe he had somehow been possessed between the car and now. "Sam?"

Dean found himself on the receiving end of a rather nasty look. "Shut up Dean."

And before he knew it they were both seated at the Kent table with both milk and cookies in front of them and much to Dean's horror Sam was eating cookies and making little moaning noises. "Oh these are the best cookies that I have ever eaten Mrs. Kent."

Mrs. Kent walked over to where they both sat and putting her hands on Sam's shoulders she gave him alittle pat. "Why you are much too thin Sweetheart I think you could use some good home cooking."

Again Dean looked to his brother and found the sappiest grin he had ever seen on Sam's face and couldn't help himself. "Sam get a hold of yourself for the love of God dude."

And all he received for his advice was a kick under the table. "Look Mr. Kent do you know any reason why my father would have your name in his notebook?"

Jonathon Kent looked to his wife and then explained about the meteor shower that hit Smallville and all that it involved. Dean asked many questions while Sam continued to keep Martha occupied with fetching cookies and milk and finally she pulled out the left over fried chicken from last nights dinner for him. Now totally frustrated with his younger brother Dean glared at Sam. "So Junior are you full yet and maybe might want to- I don't know participate in this conversation."

The warning tone in his voice was completely missed by Sam as smiled at Mrs. Kent. "Boy Clark sure is lucky you are the best cook in the world."

He was rewarded by her giving him a kiss on the top of his head. Finally Dean was convinced that nothing abnormal was going on in Smallville and that it had been a lead that just hadn't panned out. They thanked the Kent's and stood to leave. Martha hugged first Dean and then Sam. "Shouldn't you be wearing a jacket Sweetheart it is kind of chilly outside today."

Now Sam beamed back at her. "Yes Ma'am I have one it's in the car and I will put it on as soon as we leave."

Martha nodded her approval and Jonathon, Clark and Dean all rolled their eyes. "Here Sam is a little lunch I put together for you for the road. I figured you might get hungry again in a little while."

Sam hugged her tightly again. "Thanks so much I'm gonna miss you."

Dean grabbed the back oh his sibling's shirt and propelled him towards the door all but tossing him down the stairs. They walked to the car and got in with Sam waving at Mrs. Kent and smiling all the way to the main road. They had just turned onto the highway when Dean reached across the smacked the back of Sam's head hard. "Hey what the hell?"

Dean turned an angry glance towards Sam. "That is exactly what I would like to ask you dude."

Now Sam couldn't resist smiling. "She was all soft and warm and she smelled like sugar cookies man."

Shaking his head again Dean drove on in silence. After they had gone about five miles each deep in their own thoughts Sam spoke. "Did you ever think about what our life would have been like if we had been a normal family like the Kents? I mean nothing unusual going on, one day just like the next. No family secrets to protect."

Dean thought about it for a minute and smiled. "Yeah we'd both be bored to death and you would weigh like five hundred pounds Bro."

Sam nodded "I guess you're probably right." And they drove on in silence for the next fifty miles.

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