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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a pseudo older brother.

The Kents Weekend Away Part 1 - Lex

When he saw the patrol car with the flashing light he swore and pulled the silver Porsche directly behind it. He quickly scanned the crowd looking for a glimpse of tall, dark and oh you are in so much trouble Clark. All it took was a glance towards the officer and there he was. The teen was standing next to a crying Lana, answering Ethan's questions and nervously looking around to see if Lex had figured out that he was gone and had come to find him. Which was exactly what Lex had done.

On the fast drive over here Lex mentally berated himself for getting so soft that a teenage boy actually gave him the slip. And his emotions swung between praying that Clark was not hurt and thinking up ways to kill him if he was all right. And all of this was made so much worse with the thought that Mom and Pop had trusted him to take care of the precious Kent heir while they were taking a rare long weekend away. And clearly that trust had been misplaced.

He reached the youth in question in just three long and angry strides and used his supreme self-control to keep from shaking the boy. Lex could tell from the way Clark dropped his gaze that he knew exactly how much trouble he was in. Lex took a deep breath and addressed the sheriff in a cool voice before turning to Clark and Lana. "Ethan, so nice to see you."

The sheriff looked appropriately uncomfortable to see Lex. "Mr. Luthor how are you, and what exactly are you doing here this evening?"

Lex gave him the 'I'm a Luthor and I don't have to explain anything to you stare.' But then he replaced that expression with a smile. "Well I came home from college to spend the weekend with Clark. The Kent's are out of town and I promised I would look after Clark for them."

Lex punctuated his sentence with a harsh look at Clark who responded by dropping his head again. Lex then took the sheriff by the arm and walked him away from the patrol car. "Is there a problem officer or can I just take Clark home now?"

Lex had changed a great deal since he had been staying with the Kent's and didn't often use the Luthor name or clout anymore to get what he wanted. But in this instance he would if he had too. Ethan fixed Lex with a hard stare. "You have been spending a lot of time with the Kent's as of late Lex. If I didn't know better I would swear that it had done you some good. You'll make sure that Jonathon knows about tonight?"

Lex nodded his head yes and then held his breath waiting for the sheriff to continue. "Actually the Kent boy saved the day. If he hadn't of shown up I'm not sure what would have happened to Miss Lang. But he put himself directly in harms way to help her. It was a bad idea even though it worked out all right."

Lex knew that the last thing they needed was for the sheriff to become suspicious of Clark and his abilities. Lex looked towards Clark and Lana and saw that the girl was upset and still crying. He knew that Clark had feelings for Lana and he himself thought she was a nice enough girl, but he never saw anyone that seemed to constantly need saving like she did. And Clark always rushed right in and saved her regardless of the consequences for himself.

Lex thanked the sheriff and they walked back over to the teens where Ethan told them that they were both free to go. Clark looked at Lex with a rather guilty expression and said hello. They all turned as another car pulled up and Nell Potter came running to Lana. As Lana and her aunt embraced and immediately began talking about the situation, Lex directed a furious glance in Clark's direction. "Lex…I can explain."

Lex just shook his head at the teens attempt to enlighten him. "We will discuss this at home."

Suddenly feeling very much like Jonathon, Lex ushered Clark to the car and opened the passenger door for him. Once the teen was safely inside Lex gave a curt nod of his head to the sheriff and got behind the wheel of the Porsche. Several times during the ride home
Clark attempted to talk to Lex about what had taken place. Each time Lex cut him off with the words "at home." The millionaire was glad to see that Clark was looking more and more worried the closer they got to home. Lex thought that he should be thanking his lucky stars that Jonathon wasn't home tonight.

When they arrived at the farm they both walked up the stairs and into the kitchen where Lex put his car keys on the table and turned to Clark with fire in his eyes. "What the hell did you think you were doing tonight?"

Clark looked properly chastised and replied "I didn't have a choice."

Lex practically roared his answer at the teen. "The hell you didn't."

Lex counted to ten in his head attempting to get control of his temper. He knew that no good would come of him yelling at Clark but he knew that he needed to get his point across. "Did it ever occur to you that if you keep showing up at just the right time and saving everyone that eventually someone will figure out that you're not exactly normal?"

For once in his life Clark remained silent.

"Isn't Pop always trying to impress upon you the responsibility that goes with your gifts?"

Clark nodded his head to indicate that what Lex had said was true. Lex had just found out about Clark's unique situation a year ago. At times he still could not believe it even though he knew it to be true. He thought of all the things that Mom and Pop had done for him trusting him with Clark's secret had been the most important.

Not only had it shown him that they believed him to be a real member of their family but it also showed him that they trusted him implicitly. If anyone knew how Clark and his abilities could be exploited it was the son of Lionel Luthor. His biological father would do whatever it took to have the knowledge about Clark that Lex possessed. And if anything that made him all the more determined to keep Clark's secret and to help Mom and Pop protect him.

Lex could see that Clark wasn't happy about being lectured on the subject. "Look Lex don't try to be Dad here okay because you're not."

With that Clark moved to walk up the steps to his room clearly tired of this topic. Lex put his hand on the teen's bicep and turned him so that they were face to face. "We are so not done with this Clark, and while I may not be Pop I am the closest thing to him right now and you are going to sit down and be quiet and listen to me."

Clark didn't look too happy with the situation but he sat down in the nearest chair at the table and stared at the wood grain as if he had never seen it before. Lex continued to stand and look down at Clark trying to decide just what to say and what to do about the situation. "Look, let's just go over the facts about tonight all right? For starters Mom and Pop told you that you weren't to go off by yourself while they were gone. And I told you that you couldn't leave tonight either and you went right ahead and did it anyway."

Clark continued to stare at the table. "Even the sheriff said that you put yourself in harms way tonight."

Clark fixed Lex with an angry stare. "So, I saved Lana didn't I?"

Lex felt his temper flair at the teen's words. "Is that how Pop is going to see this then?
It doesn't matter how many rules you broke or lies you told as long as you saved the day?"

Clark was beginning to look less comfortable and more anxious with the mention of his father. "Look Lex we don't have to involve Dad in this. I get the point- I should have listened to you both. But hey I'm fine and so is Lana, so basically everything worked out."

Clark sent a weak smile in Lex's general direction. Lex not only didn't return Clark's smile but he also shook his head. "We are telling Pop the entire truth about tonight."

Clark began to squirm in his chair. "C'mon Lex you know he'll just be mad we don't have to tell him."

Lex looked grim. "Not telling him is the same thing as lying by omission, and in case you forgot I was on the receiving end of several ass smackings in which lying was a central feature. And one was with the hairbrush, so forgive me Little Bro but I think I'll be telling Pop the truth- about this and everything else."

Lex could see Clark's eyes tear up and while he felt sorry for him he knew that there was a lesson that he needed to learn here. "If you call and tell him you know it will just ruin their trip and he will probably come home. They never get a chance to get away by themselves."

Lex realized that what Clark had just said was exactly true, even though he probably said it to save his own hide. "You would think that you would have considered that before you snuck out tonight wouldn't you?"

Lex was glad to see that Clark was beginning to look more and more contrite. Lex began to pace the length of the kitchen thinking about his options. One thing that he knew for sure was that he didn't want to ruin Mom and Pops trip. And he also knew that calling them and telling them about tonight would do just that. He looked over to bad decision boy and could tell that he was feeling more and more miserable by the minute. It would have served him right if he was made to wait all weekend for Pop to come home and punish him.

He also had no doubt about what form that punishment would take. Clark had been told in no uncertain terms the last time he pulled this little stunt that if it ever happened again he would be on the receiving end of another spanking. And in as much as Lex knew that he knew that Clark knew it too. That was the reason Clark didn't want Pop to know about tonight. But Lex knew that keeping this a secret was out of the question. He had been thoroughly convinced of the evils of lying with that damned hairbrush and he completely had gotten the message.

Standing at the sink and looking out of the window Lex gave the whole situation some meticulous analysis. He had really begun to feel like a member of this family and he was pretty sure that Pop would support whatever he had decided to do about Clark. He didn't want to ruin their little romantic getaway but he also felt Clark and his issue's deserved to be dealt with now.

Lex knew that he had an IQ that was sky high and that things of an intellectual nature came easily to him. However this was emotional and family dynamics were still difficult for him to grasp. That had pretty much been guaranteed by the blatant dysfunction in his own biological family. So as important as it was for him to develop his brilliant mind it also became a priority to work on the emotional side and dealing with everyday issues.

He genuinely loved Clark as one would a brother. And with that love came the desire to protect and care for him. He knew that if anything bad were to happen to Clark that his life would be forever altered. He suddenly wondered if this was the way Mom and Pop felt about him. And he remembered back to the night Pop brought him home drunk from a college bar in Metropolis.

It had resulted in the worst punishment that he had ever gotten. And Pop had told him with tears in his own eyes that the thing that scared him the most was that he could have ended up in the morgue. Lex was humbled by this realization of the love that Jonathon and Martha Kent had for him. And if anything he strengthened his resolve to be the kind of son that they both would be proud of. The kind of son who would make the right choices- even about Clark. And in that particular instance Lex knew just how to handle Clark and his disobedience.

Lex saw that Clark still had not looked at him and was staring at his hands. Lex looked at the teen with sadness knowing what was ahead. He also said a silent prayer that what he was about to do wouldn't ruin the wonderful relationship that they had. But more than he loved the relationship- he loved the kid, and he wasn't willing to let him self destruct for any reason. Lex took a deep breath and just went for it.

With a sharp look at the teen Lex told him to go into the living room. Clark looked puzzled but did as he was instructed. Lex went to the hutch and took out the small box which held the piece of meteor rock. He knew that this was how Pop was able to punish Clark and he completely understood its use. The whole idea was so intriguing to Lex's sharp mind that when he had been told Clark's secret he had not stopped asking questions for weeks.

He came into the room and as soon as Clark saw the box he knew what Lex had in mind. He began to shake his head from side to side. "No Lex, this isn't right. You can't do this. I'm too old for that. Dad won't like this."

Clark was becoming more and more agitated. Lex disputed his statements. "Yes Clark it is right and I most certainly can do this. You are far from being too old and if Pop were here he would be doing this not me. But he isn't here and we need to deal with this now. After it's done we will call the hotel and tell them what happened. And if Pop isn't happy with my decision I will accept whatever he wants to do about it."

Lex saw Clark's eyes fill with tears and he knew that of all the things Clark could do to avoid this punishment that crying would work the best. Both of them knew very well that Lex became upset whenever Clark needed to be punished. And seeing that Clark was already crying and they hadn't even started yet made Lex feel sick to his stomach. But he was strong in his belief that this was the right thing to do for Clark and so he forced himself to just begin before he lost his resolve.

Walking over to the couch he sat down and placed the dreaded box on the coffee table.
Clark was standing on the other side of the room and shaking his head from side to side clearly unable to believe that this was about to happen. While Lex was still firm in his resolve he was shaking inside but willed himself to continue. "Come over here Clark- now."

He could see the emotions warring on Clarks face. He was fairly confident that even though he didn't want it the teen would accept his punishment. But for the moment he held his breath. Clark finally gave in and with tears streaking down his face walked to where Lex was sitting. "Please Lex- no."

Lex looked into tear filled eyes and realized that if this were going to be effective he needed to get the upper hand with Clark and fast. Luckily being able to put on a good poker face was one of the things that Lex had learned early on from his biological father. So even though he felt worse than Clark did about this punishment he put his smooth, cool, in control Lex face on and forcefully said "yes."

He then patted his lap and waited holding his breath. Clark looked for all the world like he had no intention of doing what had been asked of him. Lex however was very good at the whole strategic maneuvers concept and waited a little longer. Finally when Lex thought he was going to have to open the box just to get Clark in the punishment position the teen relented and did what was asked of him. And while he didn't really want to have to do this, all he had to do was remember the danger that Clark had willingly put himself into tonight. That thought alone was inspiration enough. Lex adjusted Clark's weight across his knees so that the boy's chest was resting on the couch.

Then Lex reached across Clark and opened the box feeling distressed himself as he heard the teen groan from the effects of the meteor rock. And he thought with no small amount of unease that soon he would be groaning for a whole different reason. Lex saw no reason to postpone the inevitable and raised his left hand and brought it down hard on Clark's behind. He began swatting the boy first one side and then the other as Pop always did when he was being punished. And before long he had generated some real heat.

He had thought that perhaps he wouldn't be able to deliver as good a spanking as Pop did and he worried about that. But within a few minutes Clark was moving around on his lap trying to dodge the swats. And Lex noticed that his hand already hurt like hell. But he continued to swat the very deserving bottom in front of him. Finally after he had administered about twenty swats he was pretty sure that both Clark and his hand had been punished enough and he stopped.

His earlier fear of not being hard enough was put to rest as he listened to Clark's sobs. As Pop had always tried to comfort him after it was done, he rubbed the teens back and told him that it was all over. As his crying began to lessen Lex helped him to his feet and then sat him on the couch next to him. Clark let out a yelp when his punished behind came into contact with the couch but he didn't try to get up.

Lex put his arm around the teens still shaking shoulders and pulled the boy to his chest.
"It's over now Clark; it's going to be all right."

If he was worried that the boy would be angry with him those thoughts were dispelled when he heard Clark say, "I'm so sorry Lex- please don't be mad at me?"

It was then that he realized that he had forgotten the most important part of this whole process. "I forgive you for your bad choice tonight Clark and you have most definitely been punished for it. And when Mom and Pop hear about what just happened they will forgive you too."

Clark rested his head on Lex's shoulder and continued to let the tears fall. Lex let him cry for a few minutes and then reaching for the tissues handed him several and told him to blow his nose. Clark did what was asked of him and then Lex turned his face so that they were looking directly at each other. "It will be okay Clark, really it will."

Much to Lex's surprise Clark put his head into his hands and began to wail. Lex let him cry for a few more minutes before he said "C'mon Little Bro it wasn't that bad was it?"

Clark began to vigorously shake his head. "Don't call me that."

Lex looked to the teen with even more surprise. "I always call you that Clark. You never minded before."

Still not understanding what Clark was thinking Lex continued to look at him in bewilderment. After a moment he spoke again. "After what I did I don't deserve for you to call me that. Mom and Dad left you in charge and I intentionally snuck out and did just what Dad and you told me not too. I'm a terrible person. I don't deserve for you to be nice to me now, or a brother."

The billionaire who was confused only the moment before was now just plain old furious. "What an absolute load of shit that is Clark. In case you forgot you just got your very deserving butt blistered for your disobedience and when Pop finds out you may just get it again. You are about as far from a terrible person as you could get and I personally don't care if you deserve me or not because you are my 'Little Bro' and you always will be. Right about now would be a good time to tell me that you understand and agree because I'm thinking that maybe I need to smack your misguided little ass some more. And if you're not feeling punished enough I know a hairbrush that will help."

Lex was not surprised to see Clark break down into tears again and once again he pulled him into a hug. "What's it going to be Junior, do you get the idea and I can close the box or do you not and I can get the hairbrush?"

Clark nodded his head to show that he did indeed understand Lex's point and he exhaled a sigh of relief when Lex had closed the box.

"Do you really think that I'll get it again from Dad?" Clark asked Lex in a very worried voice. Lex was beginning to regret his outburst and wished for once that he had kept a hold on his temper. He was unsure as to what Jonathon Kent would do once he heard about tonight and he hoped that he wouldn't punish Clark again. But for all he knew he might just punish him again and maybe Lex too.

That was a thought which Lex sincerely wanted to be erroneous. It had been a full year since he had spent any time across the farmers lap and he had been hopeful that he had finally outgrown that particular punishment. But being as he hadn't even gotten spanked the first time until he was eighteen he was pretty positive that the regular rules didn't apply in his case. But even if that was the way that this was to end he still felt that he had made the right choice as far as Clark was concerned. He just prayed that Pop saw it that way as well.

Lex realized that he still hadn't answered the teen's question. "Well I know for sure that he won't be happy about tonight but you have already been punished. If there is one thing that I know about Pop it's that he's fair and I think that will come into play. Try not to worry Clark."

Clark still didn't look too convinced and continued to wipe at the occasional tear which was streaking down his face. Noticing this Lex told him to go upstairs and wash his face and brush his teeth and he gave the chastised teen one last hug before he went.

Lex sat staring at the metal box on the coffee table for a moment and finally summoned his courage and went into the kitchen. "No time like the present" he said essentially to himself as he picked up the telephone. Knowing all the things that he had been through in his life he was somewhat amused at the fact that he was actually nervous about calling Mom and Pop. While Lionel's opinion of him no longer mattered he cared greatly about what the Kent's thought of him. And then there was always the self preservation issue in regards to his own behind.

He chuckled as he thought, 'this will be the last babysitting job I ever have.'

He dialed the hotel number and asked for their room and held his breath until Mom picked up the phone. She was delighted to hear his voice which made him feel even worse than before. He exchanged pleasantries with her actually glad to hear that they were having such a nice time. As soon as he asked to speak to Pop he could tell that she knew that there was something wrong.

Pop got on the phone and Lex wasted no time in explaining the evening's activities to him. Lex could tell that Pop was very unhappy with Clark. And he waited until Pop said that Clark was deserving of a good spanking for tonight before he jumped in. "Well regarding that very thing…"

Lex paused and wondered why his voice suddenly sounded like it had when he was thirteen. He was after all about to graduate college and at the top of his class no less. He mentally shook himself for actually being worried about a little thing like being spanked. And for a second he went with that thought but then the reality of it all kicked in again. Anyone who had ever been on the receiving end of a few swats from Pop would be a fool to ever want to go down that path again. And he was an intelligent person who definitely didn't want to take any chances but yet here he was.

He heard Pop saying his name and realized that he was caught up in his thoughts again and as much as he didn't want to he told the truth. "Well actually I already spanked Clark. I didn't think it should wait until you got home and I didn't want you to have to come home early. And I knew without any doubt that would be how you would handle it."

Lex waited for a reply with his stomach feeling like he had eaten a large helping of ground glass for dinner. After what Lex thought was a very long pause Pop spoke. "You spanked him Lex?"

Lex swallowed a huge lump in his throat and answered yes to the question he had been asked. "Did you really spank him, or are you just telling me that to get him out of trouble?"

Lex eyes widened as he realized that Pop thought he was lying to him. "I swear to you I'm telling the truth I would never risk another encounter with the hairbrush again for lying. I gave him about twenty swats and both his butt and my hand were feeling pretty miserable by the time I was finished."

Lex's brain went into overtime as he digested the though that he had never even considered. Pop thought he was lying to keep Clark from being punished. That thought hadn't even occurred to him. He had to convince the elder Kent of that. "Look Pop honestly I would never lie to you again. That was a message that I got loud and clear. I didn't want to have to punish Clark, but I did. In fact I think I hated it almost as much as he did."

Lex was very relieved to hear Pop say "I believe you Lex. I know how hard this must have been for you and although I would have handled it myself when we get home I appreciate that you didn't want to spoil out trip. I would ask you how it felt to be the disciplinarian but it sounds as if you enjoyed it about as much as I do. How is he doing?"

"He's upstairs washing his face- he was pretty upset about the whole thing. But he had enough respect for me that when I told him what was going to happen he didn't challenge me on it. How do you do this more than once? I feel like my heart is broken- listening to him crying and knowing that I was the cause of his pain." Lex was horrified to find that he was near tears himself.

"You do it because you love the kid and want him to get the message, but it's never easy. And no matter if it is Clark or you Lex I always feel just like you're feeling now."

Lex was very surprised to hear this and asked in awe "Every time?"

Jonathon chuckled and answered "Every time. I'll bet you thought that you were the only one who didn't sleep well the last time I punished you. Well I don't think I slept for five minutes the whole night. I just worried that maybe I was too tough on you and maybe I shouldn't have been so hard with that damn hairbrush."

On a night full of surprises Lex was once again surprised. "You shouldn't have worried I think I needed something that was not too subtle to make me understand about lying. I won't pretend that it didn't hurt like he…. well hurt a lot, but I have a habit of being resistant to guidance."

Again Lex was surprised to hear the farmer laugh. "I am well aware of that Lex."

The conversation was going better than Lex had anticipated and he didn't want to ruin that but he had to ask the obvious question. "Is Clark still in trouble over tonight?" and almost as an after thought he added "Am I?"

Lex waited for the answer and held his breath surprised to find that his heart was doing double time. "The real question you're asking is if there will be any more spanking when I get home. Isn't that it Lex?"

Lex's voice sounded odd even to his own ears. "Yes sir."

After what Lex thought was a very long pause Jonathon answered his question with another question. "I know why you would think that I might spank Clark again, but what do you think that you've done to deserve a spanking?"

Lex immediately thought 'Oh shit', knowing that if he expressed something that Pop hadn't thought of that he might just get himself in deeper. But knowing how Jonathon felt about lying he didn't want to be deceptive in any way. This was indeed the rock and the hard place dilemma.

Jonathon prodded him "Lex…"

Lex just decided to not try to over think it and just answer. If he provided Pop with the ammunition that would result in him receiving the Dad version of what Clark had just gotten then so be it. "Well for starters when you left I don't recall that you gave me permission to paddle Junior's butt. And other choices were to just wait until you got home or call and have you come home. Both of which in my infinite wisdom I chose not to do."

Lex was surprised to hear Pop ask him why he didn't do either of those things. "I didn't call because I didn't want to ruin your only trip away in a very long time. And I didn't just wait until you got home because of Clark."

"He knew what he had done was wrong Lex. And I know that he knew just what to expect from me in the way of punishment. I am honestly surprised that you decided to punish him, but we both know that he deserved it. And your decision to just get it over with and then call me was based on your wanting to make this easier for everyone including Clark."

There was a pause and Lex was still holding his breath. "I see nothing that you have done that should result in any punishment."

Suddenly Lex felt as if someone had taken the weight of the world off of his shoulders. "But being the Dad is a hard job and there is no need for you to do that for Clark. I'm perfectly willing and able to give him all the guidance that he needs. I wouldn't want you to jeopardize your relationship with him for anything."

Lex though about that for a few seconds and then replied "our relationship is very important to me, but I want Clark to understand that he can always depend on me, even if it's to come down hard on him when he needs it."

Lex was surprised to hear Jonathon chuckle at this comment. "Something I said was funny?" he asked.

"No, Lex it's just that you sound a lot like a father now that's all. In fact I think you and I have that same conversation several times." Lex smiled as he realized that was exactly true.

He looked up as he saw Clark come into the kitchen and look at him with wide eyes when he realized that Lex was talking to Pop. "Well Clark just came down do you want to talk to him now?"

Lex ignored the fact that Clark was vigorously shaking his head no and handed the phone to him. He saw Clark's face drain of all color and heard him say "Yes sir" several times in a row. And then Clark looked towards him and said "Yeah he did."

Lex could see that Clark looked like he might cry again. After along pause Clark said, "I hated it as much as when you do it." And then Lex felt even worse.

Apparently Pop was giving Clark a serious lecture because Clark continued to listen for what seemed like a long time. And when he was finished Clark was in tears again. He then handed the phone back to Lex who almost felt as if he had betrayed him twice now, first by spanking him and secondly by handing the phone to him so that Pop could verbally reprimand him for his behavior.

"Lex are you there?"

"Yes, I'm sorry I'm here."

Clark was looking at him now with those big sad eyes which were still filled with tears, and Lex felt like a real shit. And he realized that Pop was talking to him about the situation and telling him that he had also grounded Clark for pulling this while they were away. And as much as he didn't want to ask he did anyway "and that's all?"

He was relieved to hear Pop answer that it was. The only way this could get worse was if Pop wanted to come home and spank the kid again. But Clark could handle being grounded and if he didn't like it tough. "Lex I am so proud of the hard decision that you made. Just don't let Clark guilt you about it, he had it coming."

Lex was surprised that his eyes filled with tears upon hearing those words. It always amazed him when the Kent's told him that. His own father had never said he was proud of Lex in his whole life. And it made him realize that Clark did deserve what he had gotten, and that he had made the right choice. "We love both you guys and we will see you on Sunday night." Mom got back on the phone to say basically the same thing and then they said goodbye.

Lex hung the phone up and turned to Clark who wasn't looking too happy. "So you're grounded too?"

Clark just nodded. "Well that's better than getting it again Sunday night right?"

Clark sighed and nodded again and Lex decided to take the bull by the horns. "Look I wasn't happy about spanking you and you weren't happy about getting spanked. But the good thing is that it's all over and done and other than being grounded for a week the whole thing is finished and forgiven."

Clark looked forlorn and Lex couldn't tell if he was mad or upset. But he had a good idea of what he needed to do to get their relationship back on track. "Hey since neither one of us has had dinner how about we get into the car and drive to that new pizza place in Grandville. It's only forty five minutes away and they have some cool video games we could play."

He saw Clark struggle with not becoming excited. "I can't go I'm grounded remember."

Before Clark had the thought out Lex already had the number dialed. "Hey Mom it's just me again I was wondering if I could take Clark out and get a pizza. We're both hungry and I just don't feel like making anything."

He covered the mouthpiece of the phone "She's going to ask him."

In a few seconds Lex heard Pop's voice. "You know that I just grounded him right?"

"Yes sir but I wouldn't ask if it weren't important." Lex hoped that Pop would read between the lines with that comment.

"Do you think that this will help set things right between the two of you then?"

Lex smiled glad that Pop had understood. "Yes sir I certainly hope so."

Pop told him to go ahead and take Clark and Lex smiled and thanked him and hung up the phone.

"Go and get your coat and let's get some pizza and see how many video games we can play in one night." Clark let out a war hoop and high fived Lex on his way to get his coat. And Lex was so grateful that this evening and the spanking hadn't ruined their relationship and that they were both back on the same side again.

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