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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a pseudo older brother.

The Kents Weekend Away Part 2 – Clark

I still am unsure how these things always happen to me. One minute I was spending the evening playing video games with Lex and the next I was standing in an alley with a crying Lana and the sheriff. And if that wasn't great enough out of the corner of my eye I saw Lex get out of his Porsche and I could tell with one look that he was in furious Lex mode. He has only been like a few times in my presence but it always scared the hell out of me.

He walked over to where we were standing and just glared at me. After a short conversation the sheriff let me go and Lana's Aunt Nell from next door showed up and I found myself being escorted to Lex's car. The thought crossed my mind that as soon as I could explain it to him he wouldn't be mad anymore. But every time I tried he just held his hand up and told me we would discuss it at home. I was beginning to get the familiar feeling of being in trouble and suddenly was reminded of Dad.

And that thought made me realize just how lucky I was that it was Lex and not Dad who came after me. If I were being honest with myself I would have to admit that was probably the reason that I was brave enough to sneak out tonight. Because Lex was like my brother and I knew that no matter what he would protect me. So it wasn't like I had done this when Dad was home, even if he had laid down the law before he left.

He and Mom were away on a trip to Metropolis for their anniversary. They never went away or spent any time on themselves and I was really glad that they had this little trip.
Lex had agreed to stay with me and personally I didn't see any reason why he needed to. I am after all fifteen and a half now and perfectly capable of staying by myself. But I didn't mind Lex's being here because in the last three and a half years he had become Mom and Dad's second son and my brother in every way and I enjoy his company.

That had all started when I was twelve and Lex somehow lost control of his car and hit me with it. If I had been an ordinary person I'm sure he would have killed me. But lucky for me with all the super powers the only thing that happened was that I got to go for a swim. Then I pulled Lex out of his mangled car and probably saved his life. And dad told him that he had saved us both and Lex believed that.

But then Mom had come up with this crazy idea that he should spend the summer with us as some kind of lesson. Knowing now how much she loves Lex I can't help but believe that even then she wanted a chance to take care of him. Most people would think that this would have made me jealous or angry but it didn't. You could tell that Lex had never had a real family with two parents and all. And it wasn't just about him- the honest truth was that I was lonely before Lex and have not been since he came into our lives.

That first summer when he stayed with us I was twelve. And while it was great to have him living with us it was also hard to not be able to tell him about my abilities. Finally last year Dad told him and much to my surprise he didn't seem all that impressed or freaked out or anything. He just accepted it and things didn't seem to change much. Of course being Lex he asked like a zillion questions but we just answered them and that was as they say that.

Being an only child I never knew what it would be like to share your life and parents with a sibling but I think that now I do. Lex has always been the one person that I could go to for anything. He would help me in any way that he could. And having some one to be able to confide in about all my differences has been amazing It is one thing to discuss things with your Mom and Dad but to be able to talk all this stuff over with Lex is just the best thing ever. It makes me feel as if I'm not alone anymore. And he really listens when I talk and always gives me advice which helps me to see things from a different point of view.

When he first came to stay with us he had some difficult times. My dad can be tough about things like rules and responsibilities. For the record he still is and unlike most dads of today he is very old fashioned. I have never had any other father (not that I can remember anyway) and so it has always been this way for me. But Lex was really surprised to suddenly have rules and consequences at eighteen.

And by consequences I mean anything from extra chores to being grounded to the one that we hate the most which is spanking. The first time my dad spanked Lex I was sure that he was going to just leave and never come back. But I guess that maybe he needed someone to set some limits for him. Because he didn't leave and that was not by any stretch of the imagination the last spanking he got.

Like most brothers his room is next to mine and when he's in trouble I can usually hear just about the whole thing. It doesn't sound like dad goes any easier on his butt than on mine. But I also know that dad hugs him after it's all over and tells him that he is forgiven and that he is loved. And the saddest thing that I have ever heard is that once Lex told me that his real dad has never said those words or that he was proud of him in his whole life. So part of me understands why Lex is a part of our family. I guess he needs us as much as we need him.

One time a few years ago Lex actually lied to dad to try and get me out of trouble. I didn't know he was going to do it and dad knew right away what was going on. Turns out we both got it that day and dad used grandpa's wooden hairbrush on Lex. It sounded horrible and I felt like it was my fault. But later Lex told me that he made his own choices and the responsibility was on his shoulders. But I still felt awful about it. The spanking I got that day was nothing compared to having to listen to Lex get his. And I learned to speak up and take what I had coming before Lex tries to rescue me again.

So as we were driving home silently I was fairly sure that I wouldn't have to worry about Lex. I figured he would lecture me pretty good and maybe even make me stay around the farm until the folks came back. Lex has always done anything he could to help me stay out of trouble and I knew that this time would be no different.

And if worse came to worse I could just get emotional. I know that sounds rotten but I know that Lex cannot stand it when I cry. So much so that the last time I got into trouble dad sent Lex into town so that he wouldn't have to listen to me crying like a girl when he smacked my butt. Which is exactly what I did. Dad doesn't seem to have a problem with me crying however. I think he feels as if he's making his point if I am crying. I always swear to myself that I won't cry but I always do in the end.

After a long and silent car ride we finally arrived home. Lex went into the kitchen and I followed and was genuinely surprised when he turned and yelled at me asking me what the hell I thought I was doing. I tried to explain that I had no choice but unlike what I thought would happen he just yelled at me "the hell you didn't!" And even worse he suggested that if I keep showing up and saving everyone at the right time that someone would figure out my secret. And of course then came the whole responsibility of my gifts lecture which I've heard from dad at least a million times. As if I don't already think about that every single day.

And that was when I felt my own temper start to go. I wasn't about to stand there and let Lex yell at me and tell me what to do. They say the best defense is a good offence and I told him to stop trying to be dad and went to walk up the steps to my room wanting to just be done with this. I was amazed that he actually grabbed my arm and said that he was the closest thing that I had to dad now and that I should sit down and shut up and listen to him.

I was beginning to become uneasy at this point. First was the fact that he was far from a choir boy and he was yelling at me. And then there was the whole grabbing my arm- it didn't hurt but it really pissed me off. Gone was the best bud and in his place was a guy who reminded me a lot of dad. So it's fair to say that I was both worried and angry at this turn of events. I gently slammed down one of the chairs to the kitchen table and sat in it. I wasn't happy with Lex for his treatment of me and I just stared at the table and refused to look at him.

If I thought that Lex playing the role of dad was done I was dead wrong. He continued to say all the things that I knew dad would have said. Even when I pointed out that I did save Lana he got even angrier and asked me if dad would think that it was okay all the lies that I told as long as I saved Lana. It was at this point that I began to panic in earnest.
There was no doubt in my mind exactly how dad would feel about this. Or exactly what he would do about it.

I had already figured out that I needed to prevent Lex from spilling the beans about tonight any way that I could. And I was again amazed that Lex didn't want to just forget about it. That combined with his talking about dad had me worried. "Look Lex we don't need to involve Dad in this. I get the point- I should have listened to you both. But hey I'm fine and so is Lana, so basically everything worked out." I followed this up with the most endearing smile that I could muster. But Lex didn't even return my smile and he shook his head no – damn.

"We are telling Pop the entire truth about tonight."

I tried to remain calm but I knew that I was squirming in my seat at the prospect of telling dad. "C'mon Lex you know he'll just be mad we don't have to tell him."

Lex looked grim but also determined. "Not telling him is the same thing as lying by omission, and in case you forgot I was on the receiving end of several ass smackings in which lying was a central feature. And one was with the hairbrush, so forgive me Little Bro but I think I'll be telling Pop the truth- about this and everything else."

I fought the tears, which sprang to my eyes when Lex mentioned the spanking that he got with the hairbrush. I hadn't thought about the fact that his not telling dad would actually be lying. And as much as I wanted to avoid being punished again I really didn't want to get Lex into trouble. I knew that it had been almost a year since dad had spanked him and I had thought that maybe he had finally gotten to old for that. But with dad who knew? And I really didn't want to be the reason it happened again.

So with the thought that at least I could postpone the inevitable I appealed to Lex's feelings for Mom and Dad. "If you call and tell him you know it will just ruin their trip and he will probably come home. They never get a chance to get away by themselves."

"You would think that you would have considered that before you snuck out tonight wouldn't you?" My heart sunk as I realized that this was exactly true and if their trip was ruined it would be my fault.

And if that wasn't bad enough the alternative was to just wait until they got home. The thought of waiting the rest of the week-end knowing what would happen when they came home just made me sick to my stomach. Already I was feeling some serious remorse for deciding to leave. Yeah I had saved the day once again but I also managed to put Lex in an impossible position and given dad a reason to come home and use the- his hand to my butt form of logic. Some really stupid decision making on my part yet again.

Lex was still standing at the kitchen window looking out and now that I had figured out just how seriously I had screwed up I was just staring at my hands. I knew that Lex must be trying to decide how to handle all of my mistakes tonight. After a short time he gave me another angry look and told me to go into the living room. I was pretty sure that some more yelling was coming my way but I did as I was told.

I didn't have to wait long before Lex came into the room and as I looked up and saw what he was holding my heart just about stopped. In his hands was the small metal box which contained a piece of the green meteor rock. And for a moment I just stared not understanding what this meant. But then I knew that there was only one thing that it could mean. And I started to shake my head from side to side. "No Lex, this isn't right. You can't do this. I'm too old for that. Dad won't like this."

I was trying anything and everything to change his mind. Because as soon as I saw the box I knew that Lex had brought it out because he knew that the meteor rock was the way that dad was able to spank me. And knowing that much I also knew that it meant that Lex intended to spank me himself. And as much as I didn't want to have to wait to be punished until dad got home I really didn't want Lex to do it. Not because I thought it would be worse but because Lex was just like my brother. I looked up to him in all things and this would just suck.

I could tell with just one look how determined he was. And I felt my eyes fill with tears and I didn't have to fake it either. I wished and not for the first time tonight either that when I had heard Lana crying out for help that I had just turned up the volume on the video games instead of rushing out to help her. When we're at school she barely knows who I am but yet every time she finds herself in danger I am always there.

And if I were being truthful I would have to admit that yes I wanted to protect her from harm but I guess that I always figured that someday she might look at me and actually see me. Mom says that I'm too young to know exactly what love is all about yet but I swear I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. Lex says that I should try to find a girl who doesn't always get me into trouble and then he smiles like he knows some private joke about the whole situation.

I guess maybe he might know more than I think, cause I do seem to be back in trouble again, and I definitely don't like Lex's idea about how to handle the situation. The truth is that I should have told Lex that I was leaving and what I needed to do and he probably would have been okay with that. Like I said before he helps me in any way that he can.
But I didn't do that and now I wish that I had. Because from the look of things he had made his mind up. And Lex is just like Dad when it comes to stubborn.

"Yes Clark it is right and I most certainly can do this. You are far from being too old and if Pop were here he would be doing this not me. But he isn't here and we need to deal with this now. After it's done we will call the hotel and tell them what happened. And if Pop isn't happy with my decision I will accept whatever he wants to do about it."

And from the somber and unhappy look on Lex's face there's no doubt that he's dead serious. Which means that he's actually willing to get it himself from Dad after they come home if Dad didn't agree with Lex's punishing me. Part of me has gotta admire his commitment to the cause- too bad the cause is me getting my butt smacked.

Lex walked over the couch and put the box down on the coffee table and sat down. "Come over here Clark- now."

I was fighting within myself at this point knowing that I should listen and do as I had been told but really not wanting to. There were already tears on my face and I made one last attempt to get out of this. "Please Lex- no."

Unfortunately that didn't seem to change his mind and he looked even more calm and cool than before and said "yes" in his Lex is in charge voice. (Which just for the record I now hate.) And then he actually patted his lap and I just stood there wishing with everything that I had that this wasn't going to happen. But of course it was and it did. I walked over to Lex feeling about as bad as I have ever felt in my life. He took my arm just like Dad always does and pulled me over his lap. It was weird though he pulled me across his lap facing the opposite direction than Dad always does. And then I remembered that Lex is left handed. Thinking of all these stupid things was the only thing that was keeping me from a total panic.

And just as I thought that maybe I would get back up again and try to talk Lex out of it he opened the box. I felt it immediately as I always do and I groaned partly because of the way it made me feel but also because I knew that now Lex was going to get down to business. And he did. I had figured that he wouldn't be able to spank as hard as Dad does- because Dad has had so much practice but I was dead wrong. It hurt right away and it seemed as if it went on forever. I was moving around on his lap trying to avoid the swats and crying from the beginning. It didn't seem like it was ever gonna end and just when I was getting ready to wail Lex stopped.

I just stayed where I was for a minute or two and cried. My butt felt like it was on fire and not being used to any kind of pain it just felt horrible. Lex was rubbing my back like Dad always does and soon he helped me to stand up and then sit down on the couch next to him and even that hurt. Lex put an arm around me and I just cried some more. It seemed like that helped. "It's over now Clark; it's going to be all right."

I was feeling so many things – pain, regret and worst of all I wondered if Lex was mad at me for all of this. "I'm so sorry Lex- please don't be mad at me?"

Lex hugged me a little tighter. "I forgive you for your bad choice tonight Clark and you most definitely been punished for it. And when Mom and Pop hear about what just happened they will forgive you to."

I put my head back on his shoulder again and just continued to cry until finally Lex gave me some tissue's and told me to blow my nose. "It will be okay Clark really it will."

Hearing him trying to comfort me made me feel even worse and I just wailed like I used to do when I was a little kid and I was upset. "C'mon Little Bro it wasn't that bad was it?"

I began to vigorously shake my head at his use of his nickname for me. "Don't call me that."

I could see that Lex was surprised by what I had just said. "I always call you that Clark. You never minded before."

Yeah well I had also never been such a brat that he had had to spank me before either. "After what I did I don't deserve for you to call me that. Mom and Dad left you in charge and I intentionally snuck out and did just what Dad and you told me not to. I'm a terrible person. I don't deserve for you to be nice to me now, or a brother."

It was so hard for me to say that but it was the honest truth. I looked at Lex and didn't like the look that he had on his face. If it were possible I think that I might have just pissed him off even worse. "What an absolute load of shit that is Clark. In case you forgot you just got your very deserving butt blistered for your disobedience and when Pop finds out you may just get it again. You are about as far from a terrible person as you could get and I personally don't care if you deserve me or not because you are my 'Little Bro' and you always will be."

Lex was no longer calm and cool Lex and I took a deep breath. "Right about now would be a good time to tell me that you understand and agree because I'm thinking that maybe I need to smack your misguided little ass some more. And if you're not feeling punished enough I know a hairbrush that will help."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth I was crying again. I definitely didn't want any more punishment and for sure not with the hairbrush. I had only been spanked with it twice in my life and neither time was something that I wanted to relive. Lex was still holding the hard line with me. "What's it going to be Junior, do you get the idea and I can close the box or do you not and I can get the hairbrush?"

I nodded my head that I understood and thank God Lex reached over and closed the box. As soon as it was done my butt felt just fine again although I was still an emotional mess. But I think my head might have cleared as I thought about something Lex had just said. "Do you really think I'll get it again from Dad?"

Lex told me that he knew Dad wouldn't be happy about tonight but that I had already been punished and that Dad was always fair. And he told me not to worry. Which he should have known that I'm of course gonna do. Thinking about that started the tears again and I hated myself for being such a baby. Lex told me to go upstairs and wash my face and then gave me one more quick hug. I think he wanted to give me some time to get myself back together and I was grateful for that and did as he suggested.

I splashed some cold water on my face and brushed my teeth and combed my hair. Looking at myself in the mirror I thought that you would never guess that being the hero had once again gotten my behind blistered. There must be a message in that thought somewhere. Quietly I went back down the stairs and heard Lex on the phone. When I came into the kitchen he was actually smiling and then I realized that he was talking to Dad.

I began to shake my head as hard as I could because the last thing that I wanted to do was find out that Dad was planning on expanding on what Lex had just done. I knew that he meant it when he said that we would call Dad and tell him everything when this was all done but I sure had hoped that he hadn't meant right now. "Well Clark just came down do you want to talk to him now?"

And ignoring the fact that I clearly didn't want to talk to Dad Lex handed me the phone. "So I understand that you were on the receiving end of a spanking this evening. Is that right Clark?"

I could feel the color drain out of my face and even though I didn't want to answer I had no choice. "Yes sir."

"And had I not told you when I left that under no circumstances were you to use your powers while we were gone."

Oh shit. "Yes sir."

"And still knowing that you went right out the door the minute Lex turned his back and managed to get involved in a situation with Lana and the sheriff. Is that right?"

My heart was pounding and felt like I had run to Metropolis and back. "Yes sir."

"And did Lex have to actually go and find you and bring you home?"

I was so dead now for sure. "Yes sir."

"And am I to understand that Lex actually felt so strongly about what you had done that he actually spanked you himself."

I could feel the tears again and looked towards Lex. "Yeah he did."

"I know that being on the receiving end of that kind of punishment from Lex couldn't have been pleasant."

I wanted to cry again so badly. "I hated it as much as when you do it."

Then Dad started to lecture me and I was fighting as hard as I could not to cry again because everything that he said was true. He told me that I was grounded in addition to the spanking that Lex had given me. And then he told me if I ever pulled this kind of thing again that he would spank me again himself when they came home and it would be with jeans down. Just the thought of that and I felt the tears start again. The disappointment in his voice was almost too much to bear.

And if all of that wasn't bad enough then he told me that they forgave me and that they both loved me. Now I was feeling like the worst son in the world. I said goodbye and handed Lex the phone and I'm pretty sure that they were telling him the same thing. Although Lex had told me earlier that he didn't think Dad would spank me again I heard him ask Dad 'and that's all?' So he must have really thought that Dad would spank me too. I swear I am never gonna get myself into this kind of thing again.

I saw Lex's eyes fill with tears and I knew that Dad must have said something like he was proud of Lex or that they loved him cause that always gets to Lex. I guess living with his father for most of his life must have been really hard. I've noticed that any little loving thing that Mom and Dad do for him causes him to get emotional. That's one of the reasons that I never mind when they do stuff for him because I know just how much it means to him.

Lex hung up the phone and turned and looked at me and for a moment there was just uncomfortable silence. "So you're grounded too?" Lex asked me and I just nodded.

"Well that's better than getting it again Sunday night right?" I just sighed and I guess Lex being Lex and all he just wasn't gonna let that go.

"Look I wasn't happy about spanking you and you weren't happy about getting spanked. But the good thing is that it's all over and done and other than being grounded for a week the whole thing is finished and forgiven." I couldn't help it I just felt so miserable and like I had ruined our relationship and screwed up when everyone had trusted me.

Through my fog of emotions I heard Lex say something about the new pizza place in Grandville. I knew about the place because Chloe and Pete had already been there. I would normally have loved to go but I was feeling so bad now. "I can't go I'm grounded remember."

I figured that would end that. But before I even had it out Lex was back on the phone with Mom and Dad. And I'm still not sure why but Dad said that we could go.

Immediately I got excited just because that seemed like a thing that Lex and I would have done together in the past- before tonight. I let out a war hoop and high fived him and was relieved to actually see him smile again. Maybe he really had forgiven me. I hoped with all my heart for that to be true. Lex's friendship is one of the things that I cherish the most although I never could actually tell him that.

We both got our coats and headed for Lex's car. We were almost there when Lex took my arm and I looked at him in surprise. He opened my hand and pressed the keys to the Porsche in it. "Just to the main road, only on Pop's property okay?"

I had been driving the farm equipment since I was nine or ten but this was a whole different ball game. "Are you sure Lex?" I asked in amazement.

He just smiled and nodded and I climbed behind the wheel of his vehicle.

Driving a fifteen year old tractor can't compare to a car like Lex's Porsche. The feeling was like when I run really, really fast. I got to the end of our road and I was smiling so widely that my face hurt. I went to get out and Lex put his hand on mine on the wheel "Turn it around and drive back to the house and then back here again."

I couldn't believe it- a chance to drive it again!" "Are you sure Lex?" I asked again.

He actually laughed at my expression. "Yea I'm sure just go easy on the accelerator this time because I don't want whiplash again."

I nodded and did just as he told me and when I got back to the house I made a wide circle and came back up the road and put the car in park. Lex and I exchanged places and I still couldn't believe that I had driven his car. "That was so great but why did you let me drive Lex?" I asked because I was honestly confused.

Lex turned to look at me and had a very serious expression on his face. "Because Clark despite what happened at home a little while ago I trust you. Hell I'd trust you with my life-this car is just a thing. I know that you're feeling pretty bad because I have been in the same position as you were with Pop many times. I just wanted to make sure you know how much you mean to me and that I honestly forgave you."

For a few minutes I didn't trust myself to speak because I could hear the sincerity in
Lex's voice and I know that he doesn't say things that he doesn't mean. "Thanks I feel the same way about you Lex. I'm sorry that I left and didn't tell you and then that I was such a baby about your punishing me."

"Hey no big deal if you notice when Pop spanks me I don't always handle it too well either. I think all that emotional stuff is just part of the deal. So just how many slices of pizza do you think you can actually eat?"

I smiled at Lex knowing that the last question was his way of letting me know that the conversation had ended. "I don't know maybe eight?"

Lex made a sound that sounded suspiciously like a snort. "Eight- oh please I've been at the table with you before and you eat like a truck driver. I'm betting you can eat at least ten. Last month didn't you eat an entire pie in one sitting?"

I nodded quite proud of myself as it had been cherry which happens to be my favorite. And then something occurred to me. "Hey Lex if this is just a car then when I start to date then I can borrow it- a lot?"

Lex looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Looks like I've created a monster here."

I smiled again "you still didn't answer."

I could see that he was thinking about his reply. "We'll see when we get there Little Bro."

The rest of the ride was just like any other time we were together, comfortable and easy. And before I knew it we were in Grandville.

The pizza place turned out to be as cool as Chloe had said it was. Lex and I played video games until Lex said he actually had a headache. But we both enjoyed it. And for the record I can actually eat twelve slices of pizza and two orders of wings. Lex said I was incredible but I don't think he meant it as a compliment. He however, wimped out at eight slices and no wings at all. Light weight.

We walked out to go home and I was feeling a lot better about everything. I knew that Lex and my relationship wasn't damaged by what happened. And the honest truth was that I also had a new respect for him. The next time Mom and Dad went out of town I sure as hell was gonna stay put and do what I was told. Because clearly he had shown me that he wasn't afraid to be Dad if he had to. But the thing that I found to be the most important was that I sure was glad that Lex was my brother.

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