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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parent.

The Thespian

Martha Kent stood in her kitchen with her hands in the cookie dough. She had found it easier to just do by hand than with the fancy food processor that Jonathon had bought for her birthday. His reasoning had been that it was a practical gift that she could use for her business. But she couldn't get used to not doing it the old fashioned way and so it sat on the counter unused. The Talon was doing very well now under her management and she could well afford to buy gourmet cookies to sell but somehow she just couldn't make herself do that either. Especially since she knew hers were so much better than the one's Lana used to purchase.

Currently she had Hawaiian Pineapple cookies in the oven and she was making Chocolate Chip Supreme. The pineapple ones were Chloe's favorite so she always put several of those in the freezer for when the young woman was over- which was a lot. She smiled thinking of Clark's girlfriend. Chloe had always been a part of their lives but only recently had she become the official girlfriend.

And it had happened in the strangest way too. She had been investigating Clark once again and he had gotten mad at her and had spanked her. Jonathon had walked in on the tail end of their conversation and after much discussion between the farmer and his wife they had decided that Clark deserved the same. Jonathon had spanked him and then sent him to Chloe's to apologize and tell her what punishment he had received. Which much to his great embarrassment he had done. What they hadn't known was that he would also tell Chloe that he had feelings for her which he had. And that had been the beginning of their relationship. And it was so wonderful for both Jonathon and herself to watch them together. Neither one had ever been happier.

Clark would come home from school singing and laughing and Martha tried not to watch but he spent a fair amount of time in Chloe's car kissing her too before he came in. As if they knew what she was thinking she heard Chloe's little car pull up. And for some reason Clark got right out and came up the path. She hoped that the kids hadn't had a disagreement or anything. She heard Clark open the door and saw him throw his book bag all the way across the room where it landed on the couch with a thud.

"Hi honey, how are you?" She went to kiss him on the cheek and he dodged her kiss.

"So whatcha doin Ma baking those stupid cookies again God don't you ever get tired of all the damn baking you do?" Martha looked closely at Clark wondering why he was talking to her like that.

"I mean it isn't like they even taste good, whose dumb idea was it to put pineapple in cookies. What a bunch of losers, people need to get a life." Martha fought back tears as a lot of people loved her pineapple cookies.

Then she had a thought that all but took her breath away. "Clark you haven't been around any red rock have you?"

Being unable to help herself she stood on tiptoe and felt his forehead. Clark slapped away her hand and snorted. "For Christ sakes Ma every time I don't act like a boy scout you think it's the big bad red rock….oh my."

Martha went to the screen door and opened it and yelled for Jonathon. "Oh shit is it time to call in Super- Dad already?"

He picked up an already baked cookie and went into the living room and sprawled on the couch muddy boots and all. Jonathon came running at Martha's frantic call. "What's the matter sweetheart?"

Clark was nonchalantly eating his cookie and humming. "It's Clark something is wrong with him it's like when he has been exposed to the red rock Jonathon. He's being a smart ass and swearing and he's got his boots on and he's lying on the couch"

Jonathon looked at Martha like he couldn't quite grasp what she was saying. He went into the living room. "Clark is something going on here?"

Clark laughed "Ain't nothin ever goin on here old man other than back breaking, endless mind numbing work."

Jonathon looked to Martha with confusion. "Has he been like this since he came home from school?"

Clark made a disgusted sound "Hellllllooooo being invisible ain't one of my many powers Pops I am sitting right here and hell yeah I been feelin like this since I came home."

Jonathon felt his forehead as Martha had just done. "What is up with you two geez get you paws offa me already I don't have a fever in fact never felt better."

Jonathon and Martha just looked at each other unsure of what to do. Clark stood up and went back into the kitchen pulling open the refrigerator. "What crap were you planning on serving for dinner tonight there Martha cause I'm kinda hungry and I don't think your lousy cookies are gonna do it."

Jonathon didn't miss the tears that sprang to Martha's eyes upon hearing what Clark had said. He walked over and gripped Clark by the upper arm. "I don't know what the hell happened to you today son but you will not talk to your mother that way."

Clark pushed the hand off of his arm as if he were swatting a fly. "Whadda ya think your gonna do about it?"

Jonathon looked directly in Clark's eyes. "I think you know damn good and well what happens when you make bad decisions. And unless you want to be on the receiving end of getting your butt whipped I suggest you apologize."

Clark just laughed. "Yeah Jonathon think you could catch me? How fast can you run?"

Clark snickered, "Yeah I didn't think so."

Jonathon sat down hard at one of the chairs in the kitchen. He felt Martha put her hand on his shoulder. He thought for a moment about what he should do now.

The sound of the phone ringing startled Jonathon out of his thoughts and to his amazement he watched Clark walk over, pick it up and say hello as if it were a normal day. "I did, I really got it! Oh man Chloe that's the best news ever thanks."

Clark hung up the phone and turned to them with a huge smile on his face. "I got it, I got the part!"

He walked over and picked Martha up in a hug and swung her around. "Didn't you hear me Dad I got the part?"

Jonathon still hadn't moved a muscle unsure of what was happening with Clark now. "What part would that be Clark?"

Clark was still grinning and grabbed another cookie. "You know the lead in the school play. I didn't tell you I was going to try out because I didn't want to get your hopes up."

Jonathon and Martha exchanged a look and Jonathon was becoming angrier by the moment. "When you came home from school today son what was that all about?"

Clark laughed out loud "I was pretty good wasn't I? Had the both of you fooled."

Martha walked to where Clark stood "You were pretty good at what son?"

Clark smiled trying to look humble. "You know acting Dad."

Jonathon finally made the connection in his head and felt his temper start to go. He stood up and walked over to the counter that Clark was leaning against and grabbed both of his arms. "Oh so let me make sure that I get this right. You were acting? All of this was just trying out your acting skills then? Do I understand that correctly son?"

Clark looked puzzled as to why his father had a death grip on his arms and nodded his head. "Well I told Chloe that if I could fool you and Mom I could fool anyone."

Jonathon turned to look at Martha who still had tears in her eyes. "And it doesn't bother you that you made your mother cry?"

Clark looked at Martha and smiled. "Sorry mom but I had to know if you would buy it or not? I told Chloe that I could be a bad guy and she said noooo I was to sweet and innocent but looks like I won doesn't it?"

Jonathon released Clark's arm and looked harshly at his son. "Oh you've won all right I'm just not sure that you're gonna be too pleased with the prize."

The farmer turned to look at Martha who was still standing looking at Clark as if she had never seen him before. "Sweetheart why don't you wipe off your hands and go out for a walk? It's such a beautiful afternoon, I think some fresh air would do you good especially after the shock that you just had."

Jonathon turned to look again at his son who just looked confused. "Dad Mom doesn't have to go anywhere. She's baking cookies and…."

It looked to Jonathon as if Clark had connected the dots and come up with the whole picture. "Staying here right now is just going to upset her more son she really should take a walk."

He could see that Clark was starting to panic. "Mom you don't need to take a walk now, we can talk about this. I said that I was sorry and I didn't mean to scare you."

Martha dried her hands on the dish towel and reached over and stroked Clarks face. She could see him visibly relax at her touch knowing that she forgave him. "I think a walk would be just the thing right now."

She turned and walked out softly closing the door behind her. Jonathon caught Clark's amazed eyes once again. "In the living room, now Clark."

The boy was becoming more and more panicked. "But Dad we really don't need to go into the living room I didn't know it would upset you guys so much. I just wanted to try out my acting skills is all."

"Well fine now you can try out your skills and act like someone who isn't about to get his behind blistered." Jonathon didn't think Clark's eyes could get any wider.

"But Dad I'm too old to be spanked." That argument might have held water if Clark hadn't whined it in the exact same way he had when he was five. The farmer simply put his hand out and pointed to the living room. Finally Clark gave in and went but Jonathon didn't think the matter was settled with the boy just yet.

The elder Kent used the next few minutes to take some calming breaths and try to get a hold of his own hot temper. He couldn't believe that Clark had just put them through that especially Martha. She was the most wonderful mother and their son had no right to play with her emotions like that. And the worst part of it for him had been that he had felt so powerless against Clark just now.

Even if their son had been acting he still needed to re-enforce to him that he was the father here. And that while the boy was much stronger physically that he would ultimately have to submit to what ever punishment Jonathon decided upon. When Clark was growing up as soon as his powers of strength and speed had become apparent Jonathon always knew that he had to maintain the upper hand. Thankfully if he said it was time for a trip to the woodshed Clark had never fought him on it. And it needed to remain that way for both of their sakes.

But the way he and Martha had just felt had been much like the feeling they had when he was exposed to the red rock. And even though he knew that Clark hadn't realized how he had made them feel he knew that his son still deserved to be punished for his thoughtless actions. But like most teenagers Clark often didn't think about things he just did them. But he had to be shown that he couldn't hurt his Mother like that without some consequence.

Jonathon walked into the dining room and retrieved the small metal box, which held the piece of meteor rock and went into the living room. Clark was sitting on the edge of the couch looking very nervous. "Please Dad don't do this I really am sorry."

Jonathon sat down beside him on the couch and shook his head. "No Clark what you just did was thoughtless and even cruel. You deserve this little boy and you are going to get it."

"But Dad I'm not a little boy anymore that's the whole point."

Jonathon smiled at this protest. "An adult would never have pulled the little stunt that you just did son. And especially with knowing how hard it was on us every time you were under the influence of the red rock. I don't plan on debating this with you any more, I said it is going to happen and it is. Come here."

Clark looked like he wanted to try and talk his father out of his plan and then suddenly he smiled. "Oh I get it Dad you're just *acting* like you're going to punish me I understand. No problem it really worked I won't ever even think of doing anything like that as long as I live."

Jonathon rolled his eyes. "Nice try Clark over my knee now."

And again the boy protested. "Daaaad."

"Every second that passes with you not across my lap I'm gonna add five more swats. One…" He didn't ever make it too two before Clark used his super speed to get into place.

Jonathon fought a groan at the weight across his legs. One of two things had to happen, either Clark would stop needing this type of punishment or Jonathon would have to find another way to do it because the boy barely fit on his lap anymore. Taking a deep breath the farmer opened the box and felt a shudder go through the boy. Not wanting to prolong it for Clark he raised his hand and brought it down in a stinging smack.

And before long he was swatting side to side and Clark was already squirming trying to avoid his hand. He began swatting harder and heard the little ouches and oww's that he knew from experience would soon turn into crying. Jonathon Kent was a pretty smart guy and he realized that some swats on the behind of a sixteen year old over his jeans wouldn't be exactly abusive and he swatted as hard as he could wanting to make his point both understood and felt.

He could sense the difference because Clark was becoming more frantic and actually started begging him to stop. Soon he heard Clark begin to cry and he knew because his hand was hurting that Clarks behind had to be feeling at least that bad if not worse. "Are you ever planning on having a repeat performance of this afternoon other than on stage?"

Clark shook his head no and then just sobbed.

"Here are the last five for not doing as I asked you Clark." With that he laid five very hard swats onto his son's backside.

Clark cried like his heart was broken and like he always did when he had to spank Clark, Jonathon felt like crying too. But instead he just rubbed the boy's shoulders and back and let him cry. After a few minutes his crying slowed down and Jonathon helped him to first stand up and then sit back down on the couch next to his father. The farmer put his arm around Clark and lifted his chin up so that they were eye to eye. "I love you Clark and hate to have to punish you but that was just ridiculous and we both know it."

He wasn't surprised to see Clark's eyes fill with tears again. "I know Dad I'm sorry, I didn't really think you or Mom would even believe it. I'll apologize to her too. I just wondered if I would be a good enough actor to pull off a part so different from who I am."

Jonathon chuckled, "Well they say you need to suffer for your art."

Clark shook his head finding the comment anything but amusing. "That is so not funny Dad."

"Now I don't need to tell you what will happen if you debut any more rolls around here do I."

Clark shook his head no. "Good then, I love you son but sometimes you need to think about these things a little more."

Clark nodded again. "I know I'm really sorry."

Jonathon gave his shoulders a squeeze and reached over and closed the box. "Go on out and find Mom and make things right with her."

Clark stood up and wiped the tears off of his face. "Yes sir."

As he watched his son walk out of the room Jonathon fought the urge to laugh. Of all the things Clark had ever done this one must win some sort of prize. He then went back out to finish whatever thing he had been doing prior to this insanity.

Later that evening:

Clark was in his loft working on his homework and thinking about how lousy today had been. He couldn't believe that he had made his Mom cry and earned himself a spanking. That hadn't happened since the night with Chloe and he had hoped it would never happen again. And then as if that wasn't bad enough his Dad had made some lame joke about suffering for his art. He felt a light touch on his shoulder and jumped to his feet.

"Geez Clark it's just me. Why don't you peel yourself off of the ceiling and join me?"

Clark looked into the eyes of his girlfriend Chloe. "Sorry Chlo I was just doing homework."

He could see that she was giving him the close look that meant she was trying to figure out what was going on with him. "Well aren't you at least glad to see me Kent, after all you didn't even get your daily ration of kisses in the car cause you were so anxious to run in and do the Brad Pitt thing."

Now Clark was just confused. "'The Brad Pitt' thing Chloe?"

"You know Clark acting and how did you do? Did your folks buy it and what kind of reaction did they have?"

Clark felt himself blushing and really didn't want to tell his girlfriend that his father had the reaction of smacking his sixteen year old butt. "Oh, they thought maybe I was sort of convincing."

Chloe snorted. "Okay could you maybe vague that up a little bit for me there Clark."

Suddenly he made a decision. "Well if you must know you win they totally didn't buy that I was a bad …you know."

Chloe threw back her head and laughed. "Of course they didn't buy it you can't ever make yourself say the word ass…..a bad ass Clark."

And as much as he wanted to tell her the truth he also didn't want to. Having to tell Chloe that he got spanked once in a lifetime was enough. "I guess you're right Chloe and that means that you win. What was the bet again?"

He was delighted to see her smile broadly. "That now you have to do whatever I want for one whole week. Ya better hope I don't want to make you my love slave Kent."

Now Clark was the one who was smiling broadly. "And that would be punishing me how exactly?"

Chloe smiled again "Maybe there's hope for you yet Clark in the bad boy department."

And then she rewarded him by her throwing her arms around his neck and standing on her tiptoes to kiss him. He wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her up so that he had more access to her wonderful mouth. He loved how petite she was. She threaded her fingers through his hair and held on tightly as she continued to return his kisses. Stopping she pulled back and looked into his face. "Don't worry Kent not all girls go for the bad boys some of us like the sweet farm boys." Clark resumed kissing her and thought that for her he would be willing to be whatever it was that she wanted.

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