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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of an dult by a parental figure.

Reggie Visits Lex

Lex squirmed trying to find a comfortable way to remain in the position that he was in. But then he realized with no small amount of chagrin that this position was not about comfort. He waited for Pop to start and he already felt the tears spilling down his cheeks. He made up his mind though that he would just take this like a man, but that decision was immediately called into question as he felt Pop's hand tug down both his pajama pants and his boxers. Oh shit, this was going to be the real deal.

How he wished he had just made the right choices and consequently missed this whole experience. He had no more time to contemplate the situation as he felt Pop's hand land on his bare behind in a stinging smack. Damn it that hurt, and there was certainly much more to come. And he realized that he had without doubt earned it, and somehow that made it worse. He felt the farmer land a solid smack on the other side. The sting was already something to be reckoned with, and Pop was just warming up.

"I want you to think about why this is happening Alexander. Because when it's over we are going to discuss it, and if you don't have the right answers there will be more. Understood?"

Lex just nodded his head not trusting himself to speak. He was torn between feeling guilt about what he had done and feeling apprehensive about what Pop was in the initial phases of doing. He couldn't have spoken if his life depended on it. And so he did what he was told and thought about what it was that had landed him in this position.

# # #

Lex walked into his condo and threw his leather over the shoulder book bag on the couch. It had been a long and tiring Friday. He thought that the classes were all long and most were actually boring. Lex didn't mind courses as long as they were challenging, which none of today's had been. Luckily he could have slept through this semester and still pulled decent grades. Which were of no consequence to him other than the knowledge that good grades made Mom and Pop happy and ultimately keep him from
being on the receiving end of another "discussion" between Pop's hand and his behind.

He looked over to see that there had apparently been messages left on his answering machine. He hit play and sat down on the couch to listen. "Hey Lex it's Pop. I hope everything is going well with you and your new classes. Give me a call tomorrow and we can talk about it. Clark and Mom also want to talk to you. Remember we love you kiddo- bye."

Lex smiled and thought that Pop really must be a mind reader. The next message literally wiped the smile off of his face because it was from his father. "Lex it's me. I'm just calling to tell you that Andrew and Reginald are in town. I'm sure that you will be receiving a call from Reginald. Regardless of what's on your agenda I want you to make time to spend with him this evening."

As always Lionel only called when he wanted something. "It is imperative that you remember how key The Kingston family is to Luthor Corp. So if that means you need to baby sit young Kingston then so be it. But that shouldn't present a problem for you son because the two of you are old friends. Ah I feel another evening of drinking and debauchery coming on, while you compare your hatred for your fathers."

Lex stared at the phone sickened by the contempt in his father's voice and still he continued. "For once Lex don't screw it up, whatever Reginald needs see that he has it. And make sure that the night doesn't involve either or both of you being arrested."

With that pronouncement his father ended the message. Lex was still staring intently at the phone and thinking about what his father had told him. He had stopped expecting kindness from his father long ago but any more he couldn't help but compare the hateful way that Lionel treated him to the way loving way that Pop did.

It was true that Lex and Reggie had known each other for most of their lives and ordinarily he would have been excited to see his old friend. But Lex realized that in the last year of having the Kent family in his life that he had changed dramatically. He really no longer craved the wild life style that he had once had. He didn't really even drink that much any more and hadn't done any drugs in a very long time. Part of this was because he knew first hand what would happen if he did, but it went deeper than that.

Lex knew that he had been searching for his place in the grand scheme of things. He had been searching for all the answers to the questions that all kids who grow up with little or no parental involvement ask themselves. And when his father was around there was nothing but disdain and hatred and physical abuse. The only time that Lionel wanted anything to do with him was times like today when he needed something from Lex.

Before Lex had a chance to explore the situation any further the phone rang again. He grabbed it hoping that maybe it was Pop calling again. Lex could discuss the situation with him and he would be able to help him decide the best way to handle it. "Hello?"

"Hello Lex, this is Richard. Your father asked me to make sure that you had enough supplies for this evening. So I dropped by your condo and of course found that you had nothing."

Lex was sorry that he had picked up the phone. The last person in the world that he wanted to talk to was his father's assistant. He had a long standing hatred of Richard who he was sure would have sold his own mother if it meant getting into Lionel's good graces.

"And when you 'dropped by' my condo how in the hell did you get in?" Lex inquired through gritted teeth.

"With a key of course how else would you think I got in? Looking at your complete lack of anything alcoholic makes me wonder just what is going on in that little bald head of yours." Lex took a deep breath trying to calm the vision that he was having of putting his fist into Richards face.

"Anyway I had the liquor store stock your bar, and the deli around the street delivered some of Reginald's favorite snack food. So the only question that remains is did you need any additional entertainment- say a certain thing that Reginald has a fondness for or do you still at least have a stash of that?"

Again Lex was amazed by Richards's nerve. "Why, if I said I didn't would you be a good little lap dog and run down to the corner and score for me?"

Lex could tell that he hit a bulls eye with that comment by the long pause. "Unlike you Lex, I like to make sure that I do what ever your father asks of me. I guess that accounts for the fact that he prefers me to you. Although I would have thought with you being his own son and all that it would have been the other way around."

Lex grimaced as the bastard actually chuckled. "Oh really I thought that the reason he liked you better was because you always have your face attached to his ass."

He paused for the indignant exclamation that he had known was coming. "Good bye Richard and make damn sure you throw away your key to this place because I'll have a locksmith here within the hour to change the lock."

Having said that, he hung up the phone. "Ah the privileges of being a Luthor – having someone willing to go out and buy your drugs for you" Lex said to the empty apartment.

The phone rang again and Lex seriously considered not answering it, but he knew that it was probably Reggie and it was. They talked for a few minutes with Lex giving him the address and them setting a time. When he got off of the phone he had to admit that even with all the changes that he had made, it still felt good to talk to his old friend.

Lex and Reggie had agreed to meet at the condo at seven o'clock. That gave Lex about three hours until his guest would arrive. The first thing he did was to call a locksmith and offer him triple his usual fee if he would come and install new locks. He also asked for a special security lock and key that could not be duplicated. He knew that if his father wanted in he would do what ever it took to get in but at least it made him feel better that he was making it as difficult as possible.

He then showered and changed into a very expensive pair of designer black linen slacks and a light violet shirt. He couldn't have Reggie and his father thinking that Lionel couldn't afford the finest clothes for his son. He laughed to himself as he thought that he should have worn the pants and heavy shirt that he always wore when he and Pop mucked out the stalls in the barn.

Lex walked over to the bar and saw that Richard had apparently bought out a liquor store. If Pop were to come in and find him with all this alcohol he would be dead for sure. Well at least the bottles were unopened. And as far as the 'certain thing that Reginald has a fondness for' went, he also didn't have any of that. Reggie had a real love of cocaine. Being that his father was one of the richest men in England he could afford such indulgences. But Lex hadn't done any drugs in a long time and didn't intend to restart now. He was sure that Reggie would have more than enough for several people with him.

Lex stared out at the beautiful scene of the sun setting on the city and thought about his life. There were times when he felt as if he lived two totally separate lives. His father thought that it was perfectly all right to have his assistant call him and ask if he needed any cocaine to please the son of one of his associates. The other father figure in his life was strict and held him accountable for his mistakes and to the family rules, going so far as actually spanking him if he deserved it. Opposite ends of the spectrum for sure.

Even though he felt as if his lives were completely different he never seemed to have a problem deciding which one was real and which was false. He had never felt any love from his biological father and he knew that he never would. And the Kent's loved him with everything that they had and he knew that he was hanging on to that love like a man thrown a life line in a tsunami.

But because of these stark differences in the two areas of his life he had the most trouble when this situation arose. When he was called upon to be the old Lex. He was not the same angry, lost, explosive time bomb that he once had been. The old Lex tried to drown out his pain with drugs, alcohol and even sex. The new Lex wasn't walking the same tightrope any more and had little need for the excesses that had filled his life before.

And try as he might he couldn't convince himself that it would work if he just pretended that he hadn't changed. He almost felt as if one could see the changes just by looking at him. He hoped that Reggie would accept the new Lex because he really wasn't going to put on a dog and pony show for anyone- and not especially for Lionel. But if Reggie didn't accept the changes then so be it. Because Lex wasn't about to pretend for anyone, and duplicity was Lionel's game- not his.

While he was waiting for the locksmith he spread his homework out on the dining room table and started on it. Doing something that was mundane and routine really helped him to relax. And being that his classes were very easy for him, he actually had it all finished by the time the new locks were installed. He put it all back into his over the shoulder bag and put that away in his bedroom. No sense advertising that he was turning into an honest to God student.

Then he made some preparations for his guest. He set some food out on the coffee table in the living room and opened up a bottle of Bombay gin and sliced both lemons and limes. Lex also opened the bottle of nine year old Bookers Nob Creek bourbon and set out shot glasses and made sure there was cola. Although he knew that he wouldn't be drinking he didn't want Reggie to know that. And it gave him something to do. He couldn't believe that he was nervous but he was, and that feeling was unusual for him.

Before he knew it, seven o'clock had arrived and Reggie was ringing the doorbell. He threw open the door and a real smile lit up his features. "Reggie, damn it's good to see you."

He pulled the Englishman to him in a returned embrace and led him into the living room. "Nice place Lex, although I must say that I wasn't expecting any less. And look at all the provisions already set out. Do you have a shapely and beautiful housekeeper that I can personally thank?"

Reggie said this with a leer and Lex had to laugh at how some things never change. "No afraid not Reg, unless you want to hug me again."

Reggie smiled back at him. "I hope you don't mind if I pass on that old chum once was quite sufficient."

They both laughed as they sat down and immediately started in on the small feast on the coffee table. Much to Lex's surprise and delight it didn't seem that different then when they used to get together. They spent the first hour eating and catching up on each others lives. Reggie was one year ahead of Lex in an exclusive college in England and was also being groomed to take over his fathers businesses some time in the future. And just like Lionel, Reggie's father was a king of industry who refused to fail. It made no difference what it took- he would prevail. And like Lionel if he had to use people to do that he really had no problem with that concept. And while Lex really had nothing but disdain for Andrew he genuinely thought of Reggie as his friend. They simply had always had too much in common to ignore. Or at least they used to have a lot in common.

"And now that I'm no longer famished how about a little refreshment?"

Lex knew that moment of truth had arrived. "I'm not really ready yet but let me get you something. Let's see gin and tonic with lime correct?"

Reggie smiled and shook his head yes as Lex went to make and then bring him his beverage. When he sat back down they continued to catch up on each others lives. And Reggie continued to drink. Finally Reggie went over to the bar area and poured two bourbons and coke and brought one to Lex. "Here let's drink to friendship."

Lex looked at the drink in his hand knowing just how much trouble it could get him into. He looked up to find Reggie starting at him with a half smile on his face. "If I didn't know better Luthor I would think that you've turned into a choir boy on me."

Issuing a challenge to Lex was not unlike waving a red flag in front of a bull. He took the drink from Reggie's hand and drank it quickly and then immediately was overcome with regret. But he realized that it did ease his anxiety and he thought to himself that it was only one little drink right? So he got up and made them each another. It wasn't like Mom or Pop would know about this and he wasn't driving either.

It was somewhere around the fourth set of drinks that he made for them that Reggie brought out the cocaine. Even as inebriated as he was, Lex knew that he didn't want to use cocaine tonight or any other night. "Good stuff Lex, I brought it especially for you. You have to try it; it will rock your world."

Lex noted that Reggie laid out his cocaine paraphernalia and proceeded to snort and then motioned for Lex to do the same. Lex stood up and walked to the bar and this time didn't bother with the coke or the bourbon he simply poured two shots of Jose Cuervo Gold tequila and brought them to the table. "I think if you don't mind I'll stick with this as my drug of choice tonight Reg."

Lex threw back the shot and sucked on a lime wedge. "It's your funeral old boy. You know no good ever comes of you drinking tequila, and mixing it with bourbon you're going to wish you were dead tomorrow."

Lex smirked and handed a shot to Reggie. "If I didn't know better Reg I'd think you turned into a choir boy- or a wuss."

Lex laughed as Reggie gave him the finger and downed the shot of tequila. The phone rang and as Lex stood back up again he realized just how drunk he was becoming. The room swayed slightly as he walked over to the phone. "Hullo?"

"Lex is that you?"

Oh shit it was Pop, Lex tried to pull it together with everything that he had. "Uh yeah I was just sleepin alittle bit."

Oh god please let him believe that. "Well Martha and I are unexpectedly in Metropolis and we thought we would stop by to say hello if you don't mind."

Lex felt like the tequila was going to come right back up again. "I juss have a headache and I think I better juss go back to bed or somethin."

Lex could feel Pop's suspicious mind working that over. "Okay Lex if you're sure?"

Lex fought the urge to giggle- oh I'm sure all right. I'm sure that having you anywhere near me before I sober up is a way bad idea. A small laugh escaped him.

"Lex are you sure that you are okay?"

"Yup juss thought of somethin funny that's all."

"We will call again in the morning son, try to get some sleep."

Lex said goodbye and put the phone down and congratulated himself on that close call. He walked back to the couch and with a more sober disposition realized that he needed to stop drinking right now. "Hey Reg wanna order some dinner from thiss fabolus Thai place around the corner? They deliver."

Reggie laughed at Lex "Only if you mean fabulous Lex."

"Yea thass what I said, wasn't it?"

Reggie shook his head no and they both gave in and laughed until their sides ached. They called and placed their order and Reggie continued to drink and again tried to share his coke with Lex. Lex was pouring water into his shot glass and pretending to drink tequila and Reggie was far enough gone that he didn't question it. Lex was still pretty inebriated but he was beginning to feel slightly better.

The doorbell rang and Lex was glad that the food had arrived because he knew that would help neutralize the alcohol even more. He stood up and even though the room still swayed it wasn't as bad as before. He walked to the door and threw it open reaching for his wallet. And he found himself staring into the faces of Jonathon and Martha Kent. For a minute Lex thought he was going to throw up on Pop's shoes.

"Well I can see that we were worried for nothing Lex. It doesn't look to me like your sick at all."

Lex felt the blood rush to his face and realized that he had just been caught red handed by the one person who he would have wanted to keep this from. Lex heard Reggie call from the other room "Bloody hell Lex how long does it take to answer the door?"

Pop looked at Lex with a stern expression. "You have company Lex?"

Lex didn't trust himself to speak so he merely nodded. "Is he drinking also?"

Even though he had drunk quite a lot Lex still realized that this was a trick question and if he answered it he was going to hang himself, but what the hell? "Yes he is."

Jonathon nodded and put his hand on Lex's shoulder. "You have until midnight to make sure that he is gone. And whatever you do don't let him drive himself home."

Maybe it was the alcohol but Lex just didn't understand. "Whas gonna happen at midnight?"

"I'll be back."

And having said that, he and Mom turned and walked down the stairs. Jonathon turned and looked at Lex. "And if I were you Alexander I would be damn sure that I did as I was told. Understand?"

Oh shit both his full name and a swear word in one sentence. Lex felt his hands shaking. "Yes sir."

Lex just stood there watching their retreating backs as if it had been a dream. Actually more along the lines of a nightmare. He was still standing there a minute later when the delivery boy came into view. "Dude did you order Thai?"

Lex just woodenly nodded his head. "Let's see that'll be twenty seven fifty."

Lex reached into his wallet and handed the kid a fifty. "Hey dude I don't have change for a fifty."

Lex responded by just shutting the door in the kids face. He could hear the kid on the other side yelling thanks. He took the food and walked into the living room. "Jesus Lex, I thought maybe you went to Thailand for the food."

Lex just laughed although he still wasn't completely sure that he wasn't going to throw up. And suddenly he didn't feel so drunk anymore either. He went into the kitchen to get plates and put a pot of coffee on knowing that he needed to try and drink as much of it as possible before Pop came back. He also drank a glass of water which he fought to keep down.

Carrying the plates and cutlery for their meal he walked back into the living room where Reggie already had the cartons open. Instead of smelling appetizing Lex thought for sure again that he was going to throw up. "Smells damn good mate!"

Lex wondered how it was that Reggie had drunk as much as he had and had been snorting cocaine and still wasn't even slurring his words. Then he realized that Reggie was used to drinking and drugging like this and Lex wasn't anymore.

Lex forced his food down and Reggie ate like it was his last meal. Finally Reggie went to go the bathroom and Lex headed for the phone in the kitchen. He looked up and then dialed Richards's number. "Hello Richard thiss is Lex."

Lex heard him chuckle, "Are you drunk Lex – well thank heavens that you at least got that right."

Lex was losing his patience. "Look I need you to have a car here complete with a girl at eleven o'clock tonight. A very, very beautiful girl who has blond hair. Reggie always loved blonds. And then have the car take them to some trendy club or something."

"And what about you Lex? Weren't you asked to baby-sit Reggie tonight? What would you like me to tell your father about this? And while we're at it, why would I ever help you?"

Lex sat down on the stool at the breakfast bar. "I'll tell Reggie I have a migraine headache and I don't give a fuck whas you tell my father. And you are gonna help me because it's your damn job to do whas Luthor's tell you to do. Or I could juss tell the old man how you used your position at Luthor Enterprises to force just about every gay man on the payroll to sleep with you. Lord knows they wouldn't have if they had a choice."

"Why you little prick…." Lex could hear the fury in Richards's voice and while he would have loved to continue to taunt him he knew it served no purpose, and he tried a different approach.

"Okay then juss think how much fun you're gonna have tomorrow telling the old man how you saved all our asses again because I'm suss a fuck up." Lex could almost hear the wheels in Richards head spinning.

"Yes Lex that does sound like a lot of fun for me. So because of that and only that I'll do it. And you really are a fuck up Lex."

"It takes one to know one Richie." Lex was not surprised to hear the phone being slammed down in his ear. But he didn't care because he at least knew that Richard would do what Lex had told him to do and Reggie would be gone by the time Pop returned.

Walking back into the living room he saw that Reggie had set out more shots for them both. Looking at the clock on the table in the foyer Lex realized that it was already ten thirty and he needed to tell Reggie what was going on. "So Luthor when are we headed out clubbing and to find the fairer sex? If this turns out like that time in Barcelona it'll take me a week to recover"

Lex shook his head. "Look Reg, I suddenly got a hell of a migraine headache and I don't think I'm up to another evening like that one was."

Reggie smiled a warm smile and Lex was confused. "Is it a girl Lex- are you in love? Is that why you're not drinking much and why you turned down the coke and why you don't want to go out and stay out all night?"

Lex shook his head no. "C'mon mate we have been friends since we were wee ones, what is going on with you. You can tell me, it won't go any further- I swear Lex."

Lex struggled with telling Reggie a lie, while what he really wanted to do was tell him the truth and if anything the alcohol only loosened his tongue. "Look I can't explain it very well I juss have a family now."

Reggie looked shocked, "Like a kid?"

Lex shook his head and thought maybe the migraine thing was not such a lie because he could feel a headache lurking behind his eyes even as he spoke, "No Reggie like a real Mom and Dad and even a brosher. I can't say how it happened or even why but they love me and get upset if I do stupid shit like drugs."

Much to Lex's surprise Reggie looked wistful. "And you do family dinners and Christmas and all that crap?"

Lex laughed and nodded his head. "Yep and Pop gets upset if my grades are lousy and Mom cooks for me and all that stuff. And loss of times they tell me how proud of me they are, but probably not tonight."

Lex wished in his somewhat drunken state that he could explain it better than that. "Wait a bloody minute was that the pair that came to the door before?"

Lex thought he must be slipping because he hadn't even noticed that Reggie had seen them. He nodded yes in response to Reggie's question and the Englishman began to laugh. "Wass so funny Reg?"

"He seemed rather pissed Lex; he must have his hands full with you for a son."

Lex didn't respond to that remark because it knew it to be true. "Does Lionel know any of this?"

"Not mush and I would like to keep it that way. You know how he is."

Reggie nodded this time. "Just like my old man- he doesn't really want to be a father but he doesn't want anyone else to be close either, and he's as dangerous as a snake if he is crossed."

They might have continued to talk but it was at that moment the doorbell rang and Lex stood up and swayed slightly and went to the door. One thing was for sure Richard had earned his paycheck today because the girl standing there in the shortest skirt Lex had ever seen was gorgeous. If Lex hadn't had a lot of experience he never would have guessed that she was a prostitute. But looking closely Lex could see the harshness around her eyes and mouth.

"Hiya handsome are you Reggie?"

She wrapped her arm around Lex's waist and he pulled out of the embrace and led her into the living room and handed her off to Reggie. "I just hope this makes up for me bailing buddy."

Reggie didn't even take his eyes off of the beautiful blond when he responded to Lex. "Bloody hell Lex bail on me all you like. I won't even notice that you're gone. Come along now beautiful creature, the night life awaits us."

They all walked to the door and Lex pulled Reggie aside again. "Here are the keys and address to the Luthor Corp. condo juss in case she gives you the time of day and you need a place. It was really great seeing you again Reg and call me if you're in the States any time soon."

The two embraced again and Reggie looked at Lex with a smile on his face "Good luck with the whole family thing Lex I'd love to stick around and hear you talk yourself out of this one with your new furious Daddy but duty calls. And this just proves what I've thought my whole life- that you are the luckiest bastard I have ever seen."

Lex watched them walk down the steps and he felt anything but lucky. He knew that Pop was furious and with good reason and he also knew just what was going to probably happen now. His stomach was still rebelling due to the alcohol he had drunk. He quickly went into the bathroom barely making it before he threw up twice. He then brushed his teeth and went into the kitchen feeling slightly better. He managed to keep down a glass of water but his head was beginning to pound.

He sat at the breakfast bar and thought about how tonight had gone so wrong. The pounding in his head got even louder and after a few minutes he realized that someone was knocking on the door. He went to the door and opened it to find himself once again face to face with Pop who if the expression on his face was any indication, was as angry as he had been earlier. "Is your friend gone Lex?"

Lex nodded that he was and Pop walked into the condo. Lex just stood there as if in a daze and Pop closed the door and taking a firm grip on Lex's upper arm propelled him back into the kitchen. Looking at the half empty coffee pot he turned towards Lex. "Is this fresh?"

Again Lex nodded. "Have you been drinking it?"

"Yes sir, what I can keep down I have."

Pop motioned for Lex to have a seat at the breakfast bar and began making two slices of toast and poured Lex both a cup of coffee and a glass of water. Lex looked towards the toaster. "I don't think I can eat that."

Jonathon looked resolute. "Oh you'll eat it all right."

Shit this was going to be even worse than Lex had thought. He was really glad that he had a high tolerance for alcohol because at least Pop wouldn't know exactly how much he had drunk. He was still feeling woozy but at least his slurring was improving.

Lex felt a wave of nausea as Pop placed the dry toast in front of him. "Take a few sips of the water first son."

Lex fought the tears that sprang to his eyes at being called son and for once did as he was told. After he knew for sure that the water would stay down he picked up a slice of toast and took as small a bite as humanly possible. He looked to Pop to see if he was going to try and force him to eat more but he only saw encouragement on his face.

"I know it's hard, your stomach doesn't want to accept it, but you need to eat it anyway. I have been in the place you're in many times Lex, I know how you feel."

Lex looked up hoping against hope that if Pop had gotten drunk before then maybe he would understand and not punish him and as if Pop could read his mind his next words crushed that hope. "But not before I was legally old enough to drink. And if I had been on the receiving end of the last spanking you received for just this thing, I sure would have thought twice about repeating the mistake again tonight."

Lex pushed the plate with the toast aside and laid his head down on the table. "Less juss do it now and get it over with."

It almost looked to him like Pop was trying not to smile. He felt the farmer's hands on his shoulders and they lightly massaged his neck. "Not tonight Lex, you are still far too inebriated we will deal with this tomorrow. I'm staying the night so that I can keep an eye on you. Martha went on home to Clark. We will join them tomorrow after we have our little talk."

Lex looked at Pop again and tried to change his mind. "Please I juss hate for you to be mad at me- why can't we juss do it now?"

Lex saw the stubborn look cross Pop's features and he knew that there would be no changing his mind. "We can't do it now because you are clearly not up to it. And I want your mind to be sharp and clear so that you can commit every…single…stinging…swat to memory so that I don't have to repeat this lesson again."

Lex swallowed hard at the way Pop emphasized the words and looked down at his toast. "Oh fuck."

For once Pop didn't call him on his language and Lex continued to pick at the toast and sip the water. His head was still pounding and after he had eaten most of one piece of toast Pop gave him two aspirins which he must have brought with him as Lex knew that he had none in the condo. Finally he felt Pop pull him to standing and turn him in the direction of his bedroom. With a good grip on his upper arm again Pop accompanied Lex into his room.

Going through his dresser Pop found a pair of pajama bottoms and helped Lex take off his shoes and get his trousers and shirt off. Then Lex managed to actually put the pajama bottoms on and Pop held the covers open so that Lex could climb in. He covered Lex up and sat on the edge of the bed next to him. Lex felt his eyes fill with tears as they spilled down his face. "I'm sorry that I'm suss a terrible son."

If possible he thought he might have made Pop madder. "You are a great son Lex. You just seem to need a lot of reminders about what the rules are."

Lex dried his face off and chuckled "I juss hate your reminders."

Jonathon smiled fondly at Lex and tucked him in. "Get some rest tomorrow is going to be a hard day."

Lex swore that he wouldn't be able to sleep but as soon as he closed his eyes he was out for the night. Lex was having a strange dream that someone was trying to cut into his forehead with a rusty saw. And then there were the jungle drums beating in the background. "Lex it's ten o'clock, time to get up now."

He opened his eyes and groaned. Holy shit why did his head hurt so bad, and why was Pop here? Then he remembered last night and everything about it. He wondered if he could just hide under the covers and maybe Pop would just give up and go away.

"You have ten minutes to brush your teeth, wash your face do whatever else needs to be done and get your butt out here." Apparently Pop wasn't going anywhere.

Lex sat up and immediately put his hands to his head. Had he really been drinking both bourbon and tequila- what, was he insane? He did as Pop had told him as gently as possible and as quietly as possible because even though he was no longer asleep he was still hearing the jungle drums. He opened the door and walked into the living room where Pop was sitting on the couch. He must have been awake for some time because the entire room had been cleaned and all the alcohol was back behind the bar.

Pop motioned for Lex to sit down on the couch and went into the kitchen. Lex chose a spot as far away from where Pop had been sitting as possible. Pop returned with more toast and two more aspirins and a cup of coffee. "I want you to eat this toast and drink the coffee and then you can have the aspirins."

Lex did as he was told and the toast seemed to not want to go down but he washed it down with the coffee and only gagged twice. Pop sat back down on the couch. "Tell me exactly what happened last night and don't leave anything out, and I want the truth Lex."

Lex could tell from the look on his face that he meant business. He started by telling him about Lionel's phone call and demand and even let him listen to the message. "So you and Reggie have been friends for most of your lives then?"

Lex nodded his head yes. "And I take it that you often got into trouble together then?"

Again Lex nodded. Lex could tell from Pop's expression that he didn't understand the friendship. "We have always had a lot in common because his father is very much the same as Lionel. And I guess we both understood how it felt to be raised by a father who only cared about power and money."

This time Jonathon nodded and Lex went on to tell him about the phone call from Richard and how all the alcohol got into the house. He left out Richard's offer to buy drugs for them because he knew if Pop knew about that he would go postal. "When all of this was going down Lex why didn't you call home? We might have been able to help you sort this out."

Lex wished with everything he had that he had called home for help. "It all just happened so fast. When Richard called I thought it was you calling back and I was so glad because I knew that you would have some suggestions. But after that call and I knew that I had enough liquor for a mini-mart here I was afraid to call."

Lex was near tears and Jonathon reached over and lifted his chin up. "As long as you tell us the truth Lex you never have anything to be afraid of son."

He told him about having the locks changed and Reggie's call and doing his homework and getting ready for Reggie to arrive. He explained that he had really tried not to drink, but finally he had succumbed to the challenge Reggie had presented and had started drinking bourbon, and then eventually tequila. Pop just shook his head at this admission. "You mixed bourbon and tequila Lex? Were you trying to make yourself ill?"

Lex wondered about that himself. "And then you called and I lied about being asleep and then you showed up because you were worried about me. And I wasn't sick I was drunk. Then I called Richard and had him send a car and a girl for Reggie and he did and they left. And you know the rest."

Pop looked as if there was something else on his mind. "And that is all there is to it Lex- you're sure that you have left nothing out?"

Lex's heart was about to beat out of his chest but he couldn't tell Pop the real truth. "Yes sir, I swear."

Jonathon stood up and reached into his pants pocket and took something out. "Then how in the hell do you explain this then?"

Lex looked down at Pop's open hand and saw the small vial that had held Reggie's cocaine. Lex closed his eyes and wished that he were dead. "Was it yours?"

Lex could feel tears already sliding down his face. "No sir."

"What was in here?"

"Cocaine, Reggie brought it. He always liked drugs. In the past I have done my fair share of illegal substances too."

Pop's gaze cut through him like a knife. "In the past Lex?"

"I swear I didn't do any last night- I haven't since you've been around. I know how you feel about drinking and I know how badly I got my ass beat last time I did that, I would never do drugs. You would kill me. And besides I just haven't felt the need for that stuff since we've been a family."

Pop looked at Lex as if he didn't believe him and Lex became frantic. "I swear to you I didn't do any drugs last night."

Lex noticed that Pop had tears in his own eyes now. "That might be a little easier to believe Lex if you hadn't just lied to me and added a pretty little 'I swear' to the end of it."

Lex put his head into his hands and gave into the urge to cry. And Pop just stood there and let him cry, no comforting hand on the shoulder or anything. Lex knew there was a really strong possibility that he had ruined everything by not being honest with Pop when he had the chance.

"Reggie tried several times last night to get me to snort cocaine with him. I didn't- please you have to believe me. I didn't even really want to drink but I just couldn't resist the temptation, but please believe I refused the cocaine. I could go to the free clinic and use another name and have them do a blood test for drugs. They could do several I swear to you I'm clean. I don't do drugs anymore. Please don't stop loving me because I lied to you and didn't tell you about the cocaine."

Pop sat down on the couch and hugged Lex who was sobbing again and he let him cry for a few minutes. "No one is going to stop loving you Alexander. Not now and not ever. Lying to me about the drugs was a very stupid mistake and one which we will address shortly. But for what ever reason I believe that you're not taking drugs. What I don't understand is why didn't you just tell me the truth when I asked?"

"Because I didn't want you to think badly of Reggie, he's using drugs and alcohol to try and fill a void in himself. Probably because no one has ever really loved him. He's never had the kind of love that you and Mom have given to me."

Jonathon smiled at Lex. "Well your about to be on the receiving end of some serious love son."

Lex was so glad that Pop believed him that while he didn't want to be punished, he would accept what ever he had coming gladly. Well maybe not gladly- but he would accept it. Pop gave Lex one more hug and taking his arm positioned him across his lap with Lex's upper body and head resting on the couch. Lex was thankful for that at least as the thought of his head hanging down right now was enough to make him sick again. And in as much as he knew that he deserved this he hated this position and everything that happened to him while he was in this position, and today was not looking too promising.

# # #

Lex laid his head down on the couch and sobbed. Pop had just administered a pretty hard spanking on his bare butt no less, and now his headache was the least of his problems. "Why did I just spank you Lex?"

There were several answers and Lex hoped like hell that he had picked the right one. "Because I drank last night."

"That's right son and what is the next one going to be for?"

Oh shit- the next one? "Because I lied to you on the phone, and then I didn't tell you about the cocaine?"

"That's right Lex; every time you decide to lie to us I want you to remember this."

Lex felt him unbuckle his belt and he started to cry even harder. That would explain why Pop didn't let him get up because it wasn't over yet. The only thing Lex hated worse that being spanked was being spanked with the belt. It hurt like hell and his butt already felt like there was a fire back there. He felt Pop get a tighter grip on his waist and way before he was ready he brought the belt down hard. Lex let out a loud anguished wail but it didn't stop what was happening to him.

Each lick was so hard and it stung so badly that Lex could do nothing but cry. And Pop was giving him this punishment with no time in between licks either. Lex tried to stay still and just take it but the force behind the swats was something to be reckoned with. Soon he was both squirming trying to avoid the belt and sobbing as hard as he could. Pop gave him a particularly harsh swat and put the belt down. "Do you think you ever are going to lie to me again son?"

Lex could barely speak because he was still crying so hard. "No sir."

Pop then gave Lex five more hard swats with his hand which Lex thought hurt as badly as the belt had. He continued to sob into the couch cushion and he felt Pop rubbing his back. He hoped with everything he had that it was over because he knew he couldn't take any more.

He felt Pop pull up both his boxers and his pajama bottoms and help him to his feet. He felt himself being pulled into a hard hug and he continued to wail while Pop tried to comfort him. He tried several times to tell Pop that he was sorry but the farmer kept telling him to hush and just kept hugging him. Lex felt so emotionally raw and every part of him was sore. He didn't know if it was from the spanking or the alcohol or what but he felt like he would never be able to stop crying.

As if Pop sensed his discomfort he led him back to his room and gestured for Lex to climb back into bed. "But I thought we were going home this morning? Don't you want me to go to the farm with you?"

Having asked that question Lex felt another emotional storm coming on and he began to weep again. "Of course you're coming home with me Lex, right after you have about a two hour nap. You're exhausted and hung over and I imagine your butt is hurting like hell about now. We can go home after you've gotten some rest, now get into this bed right now!"

Lex obeyed and crawled in on his stomach. Pop pulled the covers over him and sat down on the bed next to him and rubbed his back. "No drinking until you are twenty one years old and no drugs ever."

Lex nodded his tired head. "And this had damn well better be the last time you ever lie to me or I will spank you until you can't sit without a pillow for a month of Sundays."

Lex started to cry again and Pop resumed rubbing his back. "I'm so sorry…"

"Hey, I know that you're sorry and it's all over now so please close your eyes for a few minutes okay. We love you Lex and you really are a good person."

Lex thought that even though every part of him hurt that maybe he would close his eyes for just a second or two. He couldn't believe that he hadn't just told Pop the truth. He should have realized that Pop would have been on his side. He closed his eyes and within moments he was asleep.


Jonathon walked back into the living room and sat wearily down on the couch. He had hated with all his heart punishing Lex but he had had no real choice in the matter. It was important to he and Martha that both boys developed a strong sense of right and wrong. Unfortunately they had gotten a rather late start with Lex and were still working through that. Jonathon felt as if he was a hundred years old. He had so hoped that Lex would trust him enough to tell him the truth about the drugs. When Lex had looked him dead in the face and lied it had cut through Jonathon like a knife.

He had known right then and there that he needed to make a point that Lex wouldn't soon forget. For some reason he knew that Lex hadn't used drugs last night. It might just be a gut reaction but in the course of his life he had learned to trust his gut. And he knew that Lex never would have volunteered to take a drug test if he had been using drugs.

Jonathon searched for and found Lex's keys and used them to let himself out of the condo. He took a small walk around the corner to a deli and bought a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich which he ate while reading the newspaper. When he left the deli he noticed that the sky was cloudless and blue and it looked like the start of a beautiful day. He walked back to Lex's condo and used Lex's keys to open the door.

He was walking toward the phone with the intention of calling Martha and telling her all about this morning. He had talked to her once last night already and knew that she had gotten safely home. Before he got to the phone it rang and Lex must have had his answering machine set up to pick up after only one ring because he was a light sleeper. After listening to Lex's message he heard the menacing voice of Lionel Luthor.

"Well Lex are you sleeping off your pretend migraine? It is amazing to me that someone with your genetic material is such a total waste of human space. One fucking thing that I ask of you – just one. Just spend the evening with Reginald doing the things that you two have always done. Drinking and drugs and whatever else it took to make the son of one of Luthor Corps most valuable allies happy."

Jonathon could hear the venom in Lionel voice. "And can you do that- oh no. Thank God that Richard saved the day for me. As always you are nothing but a huge disappointment to me and of absolutely no value. I am ashamed to even call you my son."

With that he slammed down the phone and ended the tirade and left Jonathon standing and staring at the phone. Fury ran like blood through the farmers veins at the hateful and unjust way Lionel had just attempted to hurt Lex. Jonathon waited a moment for the red haze to clear and wished with all that he had to have ten minutes alone with Lionel. Making the point to Lionel that maybe asking your underage son to go out drinking and drugging for the good of your company might just be immoral, sounded good to Jonathon. He would like nothing better than to make that point by putting his fist into Lionel's face – a lot.

Jonathon reached the phone in two steps and found the erase button and erased the message. He realized that his face was wet with tears and he reached up and wiped them off on the back of his hand. "Pop?"

Jonathon turned around to see a pale Lex standing in the doorway of his bedroom. "It's all right I heard. It isn't anything I haven't heard a million times before. But thanks for erasing it."

Jonathon didn't trust himself to speak yet. "But isn't that kind of like a lie? I mean erasing the message with you thinking I was still sleeping and all."

The farmer found himself at an unusual loss for words at the truth in what Lex had just said. After all he had just spanked the boy for the same thing – telling a lie. "I was making a parental decision to protect you from something that might harm you, and yes it was sort of like a lie. But there was a big difference between that and what you did."

Jonathon hoped he sounded convincing. "And besides didn't I tell you to go to bed for a few hours?"

He put his stern father face on and hoped it worked. "I couldn't sleep my butt was hurting way too much. Every time I feel asleep I would roll over onto my back and then wake myself up again. Can't we just get ready and go home now?"

Lex sounded like Clark used to when he was about six and used to beg to go Pete's house in the summer. "Go and take a shower and I'll call Mom and tell her that we're leaving within the hour."

Jonathon was delighted to see a smile on Lex's tired face. Lex turned to go back into his room and Jonathon spoke to his retreating back. "Your father is wrong Lex. He has some serious issues and I don't think that he's capable of loving anyone. Martha and I are proud to call you our son."

Lex turned to look at Jonathon "Thanks Pop I love you guys too and maybe on the way back to Smallville you can tell me again how that wasn't a lie. I seem to be a little foggy on that."

Jonathon couldn't help the smile that crept across his features. "Get your ass in that shower now Alexander!"

Lex was also smiling and then he got serious. "Pop can you drive the Porsche today; I don't think I'll be too comfortable driving."

Jonathon nodded. "I think I could do that. Go on and shower and get dressed."

Jonathon walked to the phone to call Martha and tell her that they were coming home.

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