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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of an adult by a parental figure.

Reggie's Return

Lex came back to consciousness slowly. As he awoke he realized that for some reason everything seemed to hurt, his head and his back the worst. And where was he? He felt like he was lying on the ground. He slowly opened his eyes and even that slight action made him wince. But when he looked around he realized that he wasn't sleeping on the ground but the floor of a bathroom.

Lex pulled himself into a sitting position and immediately his stomach lurched and luckily he was within reach of the toilet bowl where he quickly threw up. It was coming back to him in bits and pieces now. Reggie had come into town again and the two of them had decided to go out to several of the new clubs in Metropolis. He must be in Reggie's hotel suite from the looks of things. At least he hoped.

He looked down and saw that he was indeed still wearing last nights clothes. He smiled to himself thinking that when you wear really expensive trousers that even a night on the floor of the bathroom doesn't cause them to wrinkle. Unfortunately even the act of smiling hurt. He leaned forward and threw up again. And then he remembered the drinking, although all the vomiting should have been a clue.

He slowly stood up and splashed some water on his face gazing at his reflection complete with dark circles and bloodshot eyes. What the hell had he been thinking last night? He vaguely remembered telling Reggie that he didn't want to drink and Reggie telling him that it was no big deal. But somewhere along the line he must have changed his mind and rationalized that how bad could one little drink be? In fact if he thought about it he could actually remember what club they had been in at the time.

And of course he couldn't actually have just drunk one drink and left it at that. On no, the over achiever had taken over and he had done it up right. Or at least he thought that was what had happened. He took a new toothbrush out of the medicine cabinet and put toothpaste on it and brushed his teeth gagging several times during the process. He straightened his clothes as best as he could and went in search of Reggie.

Walking out into the obviously expensive suite he knew this must be where Reggie was staying as it looked like the type of upscale establishment he preferred. Walking into the kitchen area he saw his old friend sitting at the table completely dressed and actually reading the newspaper. "What the fuck Reg?"

He had intended for his comment to be said harshly but its delivery was somewhat diminished by the fact that he whispered it. The bastard actually smiled at both him and his discomfort. "Morning Lex, I thought you were going to sleep away the whole day on the bathroom floor."

Lex dropped into the nearest chair and put his head into his hands both out of frustration and agony. "We went… and then we drank… and now…"

The Englishman actually laughed out loud at Lex's statement. "Articulate as usual my friend."

Lex simply shook his head and groaned. "I thought we weren't going to drink last night."

"Well the best laid plans and all. At least I didn't bring home a girl."

Lex's eyes widened at hearing this. The only thing that would make this worse would be if he had slept with someone while he was drunk. "You have to be fucking kidding me!"

Reggie actually laughed at this comment. "Well actually I am kidding you Lex."

Lex fixed his friend with the kind of Luthor stare that would have struck fear into the hearts of the bravest of men but Reggie laughed again. "Good heavens Lex spending the night on the bathroom floor certainly has done little to improve your sense of humor. You are positively surly this morning."

Lex glared at his friend yet again and Reggie poured him a cup of coffee. The smell made Lex gag. "Come on Luthor you know you will feel better after you drink this."

Lex gave him the look once more. "What are you suddenly my Mother?"

Reggie chuckled at his friend's apparent discomfort. Lex put his head back in his hands and wondered how he could have done the whole drinking until you pass out thing. How stupid could he possibly be? Why was it that he couldn't just go out with Reggie without drinking and drugs? Oh my God had he done drugs as well last night? "Reggie I know that we drank but did we do anything else last night? And please be honest with me."

Reggie shook his head. "Do you mean something like perhaps drugs Lex, or more specifically cocaine?"

Lex nodded his head both wanting to know and not wanting to know the answer to the question. "Well you made me promise somewhere around the third night club that I wouldn't do any illegal substances and I wouldn't let you do any either."

Lex still didn't have the answer that he was looking for. "So we didn't then?"

"No Lex we didn't, apparently you were rather concerned about how Papa Kent would feel about all of this. And we can have a friendship you know without drugs and alcohol. Well at least one without drugs we will have to re-try the without alcohol thing."

Lex felt as if he had taken a blow to the midsection. Oh fuck Pop, he hadn't even thought about that. Lex's mind was whirling with thoughts. Like what had happened last time Reggie had been in town. And the promise he had made to Pop about drinking and drugs. And even though he didn't want to think about it what Pop would do if he found out about last night. There was no doubt in Lex's quick mind about that. And knowing that Lex also knew what would happen if he chose not to tell Pop and then Pop found out that he had lied by omission.

"You seem to be awfully quiet old pal, contemplating explaining all this to the father figure in your life?" Lex looked suspiciously at Reggie who seemed to know a lot about his life with the Kent's.

"And what do you know about any of this Reg?" he asked giving his friend a hard look.

Reggie laughed again. "Relax Luthor I know about it because you couldn't stop talking about all of them last night. How much Martha loves you and takes care of you and what it's like to have a younger brother like Clark. And the conversation
did turn to Jonathon as well."

Lex held his breath hoping with all his heart that he hadn't related to his friend how he always seemed to get himself into trouble and what Pop did about that. If he had told Reggie that he got spanked on a fairly regular basis he knew that he would just die of embarrassment. "I still am unsure of what this simple farmer has done to make you want to change you life but clearly you both do and have."

Lex exhaled a relief filled sigh upon hearing this statement and realizing that he must not have told Reggie. "And of course Lex I'm sure that knowing he will blister your arse when you need it is a good incentive to behave and stay away from self destructive behavior."

Lex felt his face burn with embarrassment as Reggie said this and for once in his life Lex was speechless. "Look Lex don't be embarrassed, I consider it an honor that you confided in me. All I can see is that you are happier now than you have ever been and we have known each other all of our lives. I envy you the fact that you have a family who loves you now. I would give anything for that even if it meant I had to follow someone else's rules. And back home in England we have a cook who believes strongly in a firm hand. So my life has not exactly been without the occasional hiding."

The room was quiet as Lex contemplated what he had just been told. He would never have believed that Reggie had gotten spanked by anyone-ever. "Are you talking about when you were small?"

Reggie just shook his head. "Yes, and when I wasn't so small like about a year ago. If you think someone's hand hurts try being on the receiving end of a large wooden spoon."

Lex continued to think about what he was being told and wondered if that were true why then did Reggie continue to do drugs? "I'll bet you are thinking about why that never straightened me out aren't you? Well the difference is that Jonathon Kent obviously fills a place within your heart Lex. You want to excel for him and to be the kind of person he would respect. Like I said before you are the luckiest bastard that I have ever met."

Lex felt his eyes fill with tears as he realized that what his friend had said was true. And even though he knew today would be unpleasant he also knew that he needed to just come clean and accept whatever Pop wanted to do about it.

Reggie had room service send up some eggs and toast which Lex forced himself to eat some of and he continued sipping on the coffee. The telephone rang and the Englishman answered it and after a short conversation hung it back up. "Your car is down in valet parking Lex. I had someone bring it round from your condo this morning, as you insisted last evening that we limo because you refused to drive."

Lex remembered refusing to take his car and was thankful that he had stuck by his promise to Pop about drinking and driving at least. The old friends continued to talk and Lex tried to eat as best as he could. After he had eaten an entire piece of toast he washed down two aspirins with a sip of orange juice.

Reggie left him sitting in the kitchen trying to force down more toast and he went to pack. Lex knew that Reggie and his father were flying back to England this afternoon. They used a private air strip not far from Metropolis that Lex was familiar with because Lionel used the same one for his company jet.

Lex walked into the master bedroom of the suite and gently threw himself down on the bed watching Reggie pack. "Your father never minded about the cook Reg?"

Reggie made a sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a snort. "My father, old pal just like yours could care less about me or what happens to me. He just warned me not to anger cook so much that she left as good cooks are difficult to find."

Lex felt really bad for his friend and wondered if the cook ever hugged Reggie after it was said and done. "I'll take you out to the plane when you need to go."

Reggie nodded his head. "And then you're headed to Smallville correct?" Lex hadn't thought about it but he knew that was what he had to do. He didn't want to, he really didn't want to, but he knew that if he didn't and Pop found out somehow it would be so much worse. "Yea I'm headed to Smallville."

"Do you think that sometime in the future I might be able to meet these people Lex?"

Lex smiled at the thought. "Yes I think that would be a great idea."

Reggie laughed "Good because I can't wait to see you being a good little boy or else. That would just make my day in fact it would make my entire week."

Lex's only response was to throw a pillow at Reggie. "Smart assed bastard."

The rest of the morning went quickly and far too soon Lex was dropping Reggie off at the airstrip. He got out of his side of the car and went around to Reggie and hugged him. Lex wanted to leave before Reggie's father showed up as he felt as much dislike for him as he did for Lionel. "Why the hell don't you jump the pond and come and see me soon Lex."

"Maybe I will just do that Reg- I would love to meet and talk to your cook." The good natured barbs were always a part of their relationship and they both enjoyed them.

"Yes well I'll think of you this afternoon when I'm flying home and you're facing the music with the farmer."

Lex laughed but inwardly he felt his stomach drop because he knew that was exactly what was going to happen this afternoon. After a few more minutes of conversation Lex hugged Reggie again and got back into his car and waved as he drove off. He thought about going to his condo first to shower and change clothes but he was afraid that if he did he would loose his nerve and decide not to tell anyone about last night so he just drove.

He actually made it to Smallville in record time and without speeding as well. Doesn't it just figure he thought to himself- the one time I really don't want to get here quickly and the miles fly by? He pulled the Porsche into his usual spot and got out of the car. Walking into the barn he found Pop right away working on a small piece of farm equipment. It always amazed him how Pop could fix just about anything mechanical.

Lex just stood there for a moment and watched Pop wishing he didn't have to tell him about last night. He hated the look of disappointment that Pop got when ever he did something wrong. He almost hated it as much as being spanked which he really hated with a passion. But he was not stupid and he realized that in some way he had always yearned for a father who set limits and enforced rules because he loved him. Lionel had never been that man but Jonathon Kent was all that and more.

"Son what are you doing here?" Lex felt himself being pulled into a loving hug and then Pop looked puzzled. "Are you already finished with your interview with the honor society? I though that was at two o'clock."

Oh shit- the interview. In all of his hangover haze he had totally forgotten about the interview that they had set up. He noticed Pop was looking at him with a scowl on his face. "Tell me you remembered about the interview. We discussed at length how important this was."

Lex felt his stomach hit his shoes and knew that this was going to make it even worse. "I guess I forgot about the interview. I'm sure that they will reschedule it for me, after all my father built an entire wing of that damn college."

A furious look crossed Pop's face and Lex watched as he struggled with it. It was then that Lex realized that of all the things that he could have said that was the worst choice. "Oh I see so their time is of little value because you are a Luthor and all."

All he had wanted to do was come here and confess and take what ever was coming his way, but every time he opened his mouth he made it worse. "Why are you here Lex and not at the interview? And as long as I'm asking questions what is going on you look like you slept in that shirt."

Lex though about how hard this was going to be to confess what he had done, and it occurred to him that what did it matter anyway? It wasn't like he was their real son or anything. Maybe what they expected of him was too much. Lex drew himself up and gave Pop a disdain filled look. "It looks that way because I did sleep in it. And I'm here because I forgot about the interview because Reggie was in town and he and I went out to the night clubs last night."

Lex tried not to panic and maintain his arrogant posture but when he saw the look on Pop's face his heart rate picked up and he fought to maintain his composure. The farmer got a good grip on Lex's upper arm. "Did you drink Lex?"

Lex struggled to continue acting like this was all just no big deal. "Yes that's what I came all this way out here to tell you. I got drunk, so drunk that I ended up spending the night on the floor of Reggie's hotel room."

Pop nodded and Lex was somewhat relieved when that answer didn't earn him a swat. "And what about drugs Lex, did you do any of those?"

Lex answered sarcastically before he fully thought things out. "Well I took two aspirins this morning if that's what you're asking me."

Pop drew his hand back and swatted Lex hard enough that he fought to keep from crying out. "Wrong answer son. Did you do any drugs Lex?"

Lex fought the tears that sprang to his eyes and looked into the farmers face. "No I wouldn't let Reggie do any and I didn't do any either."

Jonathon seemed pleased with that answer but continued to question Lex. "And how about driving did you do any of that?"

Lex never knew where the things that popped into his head came from and he wished he could control them. "As a matter of fact I drove my car here and it's parked on the other side of the barn."

That response earned him two very hard swats and he did give in and cry out then. "Last night Alexander, did you do any driving last night?"

He was tempted to continue to be difficult and sarcastic and not answer but he re-thought the whole thing as he was sure that last swat had left an actual hand print on his ass. "We took Reggie's limo. I got the whole not drinking and driving thing memorized now."

"I believe you Lex and it's a good thing because if you had been drinking and driving you and I would be having a very serious discussion about it."

"Is that a euphemism for you would be beating on my ass a little?"

Jonathon tightened his grip on Lex's arm "Language Lex, and yes it was a euphemism only not a little, a lot."

Lex wondered why he came out here and confessed. Why hadn't he just gone to the condo and gone to bed? He knew why even if he didn't want to admit it. He needed to be honest with Pop; he needed to accept responsibility for his actions no matter what form they took. Although if he hadn't have known his already throbbing behind should have clued him in about that. And finally he needed to be forgiven and know that they still loved him. Even if he wasn't their real son.

"So lets see Lex, you went out last night and got drunk and then missed your interview this afternoon because you forgot about it. And let's not forget that you suggested that everyone will just forgive you for wasting their time because you are after all a Luthor. Does that sound about right?"

Lex thought that that sounded like about enough to get his behind blistered but he didn't say that. So he just nodded his head. "Go on into the house and say hello to Mom and then go upstairs and take a shower and put on some clean clothes and go to your room and wait for me. I don't think I need to explain what's going to happen then."

Lex for once did as he was told and left the barn. Walking into the kitchen Mom was delighted to see him and asked him what he was doing here. "It's a long story and the bottom line is that I got drunk with Reggie last night and missed my interview today."

"And you came out here on your own to tell Pop about it, knowing full well what would happen?"

Lex thought again about just how warped that decision had been but he replied yes to the question. "Was it that you felt bad about it honey, or were you worried that Jonathon would find out anyway?"

Lex knew that his reasoning had actually been a little of both and he told her so. He found himself being wrapped in a large hug. "I am very proud of you Lex. I know that it must have been difficult to come out here and tell the truth to Jonathon but you did
it and you did it for the right reasons. We have always wanted you to feel that you could
come to us with any problems in your life and we would help you get through them. I am so very glad that you are trying to do that."

She kissed his cheek and hugged him again. "It will be all right son, really it will."

Lex nodded and headed upstairs thinking that it would be anything but all right. At least the next hour or so would really suck. He got his clean clothes out of his dresser and walked into the bathroom. He wondered where Clark was and then he remembered that this was the weekend that he and the Ross's were going camping. Lex had over ridden Pop's objections and bought Clark a few fancy camping gadgets. He honestly hoped that he was having a good time. At least one of them should be happy.

He stripped and stood under the shower, the hot water feeling like heaven on his sore muscles. He turned to look at his behind and sure enough he did have a light Pop sized hand print back there. Great he thought just the first of many. He didn't stay in the shower long and after washing and rinsing off he stepped out onto the bathroom rug and toweled off. He quickly dressed in boxers, tee shirt, and sweats. He smiled when he thought that this farm was the only place in the world where he would be comfortable in these clothes, but he was.

He took his tooth brush out of the medicine cabinet and brushed his teeth again. Picking up the bathroom he put his wet towel in the hamper and walked into his bedroom. He felt sick when he opened the door to find Pop sitting on his bed waiting for him. He had apparently already put the desk chair in the center of the room and Lex suddenly wondered why in the hell he had thought that this would be such a great idea to tell Pop all about last night.

Pop motioned towards the chair and told Lex to "sit" which he did. "I think we need to talk a bit about last night before we get down to punishment. Do I understand correctly that you got drunk last night and ended up sleeping on the hotel floor all night?"

Lex nodded yes to that question. "And am I also correct that you forgot about your interview this afternoon. An interview which could have a very important impact on your future?"

Lex looked down at the floor. "Yes sir."

Jonathon stood up and walked over to where Lex was sitting and taking his arm pulled him to a standing position. The farmer wrapped the trembling boy in a hug and sat down himself. "Okay Lex you remember what to do now"

Pop made the statement with a raised eyebrow, and for the life of him Lex couldn't make himself move except to shake his head no. Jonathon patted his lap and gave Lex a hard stare. "Let's not make this any harder than it has to be son- come on now."

Lex fought the urge to laugh; it was as if Pop expected him to just bend over with great joy. Lex remembered both this position and what happened in this position with great enough clarity to definitely not want to go there again and tears sprang to his eyes. Damn he should at least wait to be smacked before he started bawling like an infant. Pop must have seen the tears and he gently reached over and took Lex by the arm and guided him into the dreaded position. Lex felt him gently rubbing his lower back for a minute and it helped him to relax.

And then he felt Pop's hand at the waistband of his sweats and thought oh shit this is going to be as embarrassing and painful as always. Wasting no time Pop pulled down his sweatpants and Lex held his breath waiting for his boxers to follow. But for some reason they didn't and while Lex was contemplating the meaning of this he felt the first swat and as usual it got his full attention.

It was followed closely by the second and third swats and they stung like hell. Pop was alternating side to side and tears were already freely flowing. But if he had been made to admit it Lex would have had to be honest and say that it wasn't because it hurt. Oh it did hurt, but it was the thought that he had let Pop down again and here he was being spanked for it like he was about six. It made him feel very young and very vulnerable. Not a frequent feeling for a Luthor.

After a few more minutes of his behind taking hard swats from the farmers hand, he began to rethink the whole not crying because it hurt. His butt was already throbbing and he began to move from side to side trying to avoid the hand that was smacking him.
"Alexander stay still or I will start spanking even harder."

Lex knew then that he was finished. He put his head down and sobbed. Pop gave him five really hard swats which hurt so badly that it took away his breath for a moment. And then for some reason he stopped. Lex stayed in the same position crying and waiting for whatever was to come next. He knew that there was no way that the spanking he had just received was all that he had coming. He hoped that it wasn't the belt or god forbid the damn hairbrush as he hated both of those options with a passion. After a second or two longer he realized that Pop was rubbing his back again like he always did after the punishment was over. "Pop- are you done? I mean is it over?"

He heard the farmer chuckle at his question. "Why didn't you think that was enough Lex?"

And for some reason, that made Lex cry all the harder. Pop must have felt Lex shaking with sobs and he pulled him to his feet, stopping only to pull his sweatpants back up again. He then pulled Lex into another bone crushing hug and held him while he cried. After a little while he led them over to the bed and sat them both down.

Lex winced as he sat down on the soft bed and thought he really needed to get his emotions under control. For the love of heaven he was not a five year old girl, but the tears continued. "What is going on Lex, I have given you many a spanking a heck of a lot harder than that one was. What has you so upset?"

Lex fought to regain control and get the words out and finally he did. "I deserved more than that. I'm a poor excuse for a son."

For the first time since the barn Lex detected anger in Jonathon. "Damn it Lex why do we always have to play this game."

Lex looked at the farmer with a puzzled expression. "What game?"

"The one where you try to point out how we shouldn't really love you because you are such a terrible person. That damn game Lex. What you just got was a reasonable punishment for what you did. And if you think I'm going to be whaling on your ass just so that it will make you feel better because you screwed up, you're dead wrong. You made a bad choice and you were punished and forgiven for it. End of story."

Lex tried to feel convinced but as usual he just couldn't let it go. "But this wasn't the first time I got drunk after you told me I wasn't allowed to drink anymore."

He could see that Pop's anger had run its course and he felt him put a soft hand on his shoulder. "That may be true Lex but you came to me and told me that you had done it. That took courage because you had to know exactly what I would do about it. And you didn't drink and drive and not only did you stay away from drugs but you wouldn't let your friend use them either."

Lex thought about that and realized that Pop was right. He could have done a hell of a lot worse and not even told Pop. "The last time with Reggie I was angry because you didn't confide in us about it all. And you lied about him using drugs. While I'm not happy that you got drunk last night and missed your interview I still am proud that you came home and were open and honest. That tells me a lot about how much you trust Mom and I. So the spanking you just got while not harsh was appropriate."

Lex felt himself relax and he dried his tears off with the sleeve of his sweatshirt and again felt like a little kid. He suddenly realized that in a back handed way he had made Mom and Pop proud and he felt really good about that. Pop must have noticed his change of emotions because he smiled at Lex again. "Feel better now son?"

Lex gave him a look of disbelief. "You mean other than the throbbing contest which is currently being held between my ass and my head?"

Pop gave him a stern look. "As I recall Alexander you asked for both of those problems."

Lex had to admit that Pop was right about that. It wasn't as if he didn't know the evils of drinking a large amount. And it wasn't as if he hadn't known just what was going to happen when he confessed either. But it had felt good to be able to tell Mom and Pop about making a mistake and knowing that they still loved him anyway. He spent another moment thinking over what Pop had told him.

"And by the way Pop, if you're whaling on my ass, it isn't going to make me feel better at all if anything…."

Pop just shook his head at Lex. "You know what I meant at the time."

Lex nodded because he did know exactly what Pop had meant and he thought that many of his self destructive tendencies where his way of trying to punish himself. What was it about a trip over the farmer's knee that always made him so insightful? "Did you want to rest for a while Lex?"

Pop asked him as he stood up and Lex shook his head no. "If it's okay I think I would like to visit with you and Mom for the rest of the day. I don't have to go back until Sunday night although I didn't bring any clothes or my books. Unless you guys don't feel like company."

"No we don't feel like company but you are our son and you belong here."

Pop said it with such emphasis that Lex though maybe he was going to get swatted again. "Okay Pop I get it I'm sorry."

They both stood up and walked out of the room with Pop shaking his head at Lex. "What?"

"How could you be so brilliant and so dense at the same time son?"

Lex pretended to be insulted. "I am not dense."

"Thick as a brick sometimes Lex." Despite everything he couldn't help but laugh at the obvious truth in that statement.

He followed Pop through the kitchen and out into the yard on their way to the barn. As he got about half way he heard an airplane flying over and he shielded his eyes and looked up at the sky. He knew that it wasn't Reggie but he thought about their conversation prior to his leaving. And he realized that Reggie was right about his being lucky. He had found everything that he had been yearning for here on the Kent farm and he wished for the same for his friend.

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