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Clark and Lois

Clark lay down on the old couch in the loft. He didn't completely fit because he was too tall. But none the less it felt good to just be relaxing with the whole day stretched out before him with nothing to do. He had gotten up extra early and super sped through all the chores of the day and then had a game of fetch with Shelby who now lay on the floor beside the couch. The dog would occasionally lift his head and nudge Clarks hand and he would reach down and rub Shelby's ears. And it would have been hard to say who was happier Clark or the dog.

Looking out he could see the beautiful blue sky from his window and was so glad that finally spring appeared to have arrived. It was his favorite season and he took a deep breath and was reminded of how much he loved the smell of freshly cut grass. It always made him feel about six years old again and reminded him of all the hours that he and Pete had spent playing out in the yard. He really missed Pete more than he ever could have imagined.

He heard a light tread on the step and he thought that it was probably his Mom bringing up some lunch for him. That was really a sweet thing for her to do, but then she was always doing that kind of thing for him. And once again he realized just how lucky he and his Dad were. His ultra sensitive hearing heard the footsteps momentarily pause and then a sneeze. Oh crap, he thought that could only mean one thing.

"Hey Smallville what are you and Clarkie doing sleeping on a gorgeous day like today?"

She walked over and pushed his feet off of the couch and sat down herself. Shelby looked up at him with mournful eyes and whined. He reached down and patted the dog's head and felt a lot like whining himself. "I'm not sleeping Lois and neither is he, and his name is not Clarkie. And don't you live in Metropolis now and go to college there and all?"

"Yup I do but this is spring break and since the general is still doing the whole tough love thing and won't cough up for a sandy beach somewhere I thought I would come and
visit Chloe."

"Really cause I don't see Chloe here in this barn anywhere."

Lois punched him on the shoulder. "Well duh Clark, Chloe is working today and most of this week." She gave Clark a look that clearly said he needed to keep up.

"And that brings you here why again?" If it had been anyone else Clark might have worried that he would hurt her feelings but this was after all Lois.

"Because Smallville, I think it's high time we got you off of this farm and had a little fun. Come on big boy." She grabbed his hand and attempted to pull him to his feet.

"Wait Lois I can't go anywhere I have….chores and all kinds of stuff." Clark threw in his most apologetic little boy look for good measure. The one that always worked on his Mom.

"Nice try I already asked your Mom if you could go with me and she said that you had already finished all your chores. Farmboy."

Clark would have to remember to thank his ever so helpful mother later. And as he stood up he realized that there would be no getting out of this with Lois. Almost before he knew what had happened he found himself in the passenger seat of her car and on his way to who knew where. "Where did you say we were headed again Lois."

She sent a devious smile in his direction. "I didn't say."

Clark felt as if he were being kidnapped. She must have caught the look on his face and she rolled her eyes. "Relax Kent and enjoy the ride I promise not to make you do anything against your will okay?"

Clark mumbled that she already had under his breath. "And I heard that too, you big baby."

Before he knew it they were out of Smallville and on their way to Grandville a slightly larger town about forty five minutes away. "Will you at least tell me what we're going to do today Lois?"

She shook her head "Nope."

Clark crossed his arms over his chest and promised himself that he would never again get in any way involved with a woman as stubborn as Lois obviously was. And oblivious too, because as he sat stewing she turned the radio on and began to sing in an off key voice to the current song.

Just as he began to think that they were going to drive right through Grandville she turned off of the main road and pulled into a long driveway. Clark's eyes got wide when he saw where they were. "Miniature golf Lois- we're here to play miniature golf?"

She turned a dazzling smile in his direction. "Well yeah."

She parked the car and walked over to his side and opened the door. "C'mon Clark you have to get out to play. Now be a good boy and let's go."

He got out of the car and she started to walk towards the entrance. "Wait Lois I…."

She turned to look at his face puzzled at his expression. "You what Smallville?"

"You are just going to laugh at me when I tell you so I'm not going to tell you."

He leaned against the side of the car with his arms crossed and thought she wasn't the only one who could be stubborn. She walked back towards him and put a hand on his arm. "Come on Clark I would never laugh at you- what is it?"

Clark looked skeptical at this turn of events. "You promise Lois?"

She looked at him with the most somber of expressions. "I promise."

"Well I've never played miniature golf before."

A huge smile crossed her face. "You mean to tell me that you are seventeen years old and have never played putt- putt, ever in your life?"

Clark just dejectedly shook his head no. "No biggie, it isn't exactly brain surgery I think that I can teach you."

She took his hand and pulled him in the direction of the entrance. When they got there Clark was surprised to see that the theme of the place was candy. The small house where Lois paid and got their golf clubs and golf balls was a gingerbread house complete with candy cane lights and little gum drop trees lining the walk way. Clark could not imagine any place more unlike Lois than this and he smiled. "What's so funny Clark?"

"I was just thinking that when I think of Lois Lane I certainly don't think of gum drops and candy canes."

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. "We all have our secrets Clark."

She turned to him and smiled and he smiled back thinking how nice her smile was. When they got to the first hole Lois gave Clark a small tutorial on how to play miniature golf and then she showed him how to do it. He stepped up and put the golf ball on the small indentation on the rubber mat which was shaped like peppermint.

Being fully aware of his strength he just barely tapped the ball and was dismayed to see it fly over the fence and off into the wild blue yonder. Lois turned to him with an amazed look on her face. "What the hell was that?"

Clark tried to look surprised, "Beginners luck maybe?"

Lois continued to shake her head all the way back to the little gingerbread house to get another golf ball for Clark. But for some reason Clark's gaze stayed on the long slim legs and he gave himself a mental shake. This was Lois for heavens sake.

He took his turn for a second time and managed to tap the golf ball lightly enough that it didn't become airborne again. It took a lot of concentration but finally after several tries he was able to putt it into the cup. Which true to form was also a peppermint with the hole resting in the center. Lois was the self appointed score keeper. "That's six for you Smallville and two for me, one under par I might add."

"Don't hurt yourself with all that stretching to pat yourself on the back" he dryly observed.

They continued to play with Lois trouncing Clark and then bragging about it. Usually it would have annoyed him but for some reason he was enjoying watching her have such a good time. And he wondered why that was? Why was it making him so happy just to see her smile and laugh and why wasn't it making him mad that she was teasing him? They were waiting to play the sixth hole when a thought struck him. Was he starting to have feeling for Lois? No that couldn't be it. Maybe he was developing a new power or something. He looked at her and she leapt to her feet.

"Well it's all about kisses now" He stood up himself "No I wasn't….it isn't…you don't…." he sputtered.

She put her hands on his chest and turned him to face the direction she was facing. "Kisses they are everywhere Clark, and by the way- weird much?"

When he turned around he saw that she had been referring to the chocolate kisses that apparently were the theme of this putt-putt hole. She was right they were everywhere. The steps were chocolate kisses, the obstacles were large kisses, even the fence surrounding this hole was made of kisses, and boy did he feel silly.

She went over and putted and in true Lois style got a hole in one and she immediately jumped up in the air and walked over and grabbed Clark in a hug. It was as if time had frozen as he felt his arms around her and she was looking up into his face and smiling again. It took every ounce of restraint that he had not to just bend down and kiss her. Just as he was loosing the battle she stepped back out of his reach.

"Well then I guess it's your turn then." She said it in a very casual way but she sounded like she couldn't quite catch her breath.

"I guess it is." He took his turn and as usual it took him six strokes before he finally gave up. They continued to work their way down the course consistently with Lois getting a great score and Clark barely managing to get the ball near the hole.

They were again waiting to play the twelfth hole and Clark was seated on a little bench made entirely of plastic lollipops. Lois who of course had taken the more dignified bench was sitting across from him on another bench which appeared to be made of hundreds of plastic gumdrops. "Clark could I ask you a question?"

Clark frowned at the intent look on her face. "If it has anything to do with this stupid bench I'm sitting on…" he warned.

"Why didn't things work out with you and Chloe?"

He looked at her still not trusting the question. "Are you asking me Lois?"

She nodded yes and continued to look at Clark with a serious look on her face. "Honestly?"

She moved over to the lollipop bench and sat down beside him and said yes in a very soft and unlike Lois voice. He noticed that their legs were actually touching, which for some reason was a distraction.

"My Dad gets this look on his face when my mom comes into the room. It's as if no one else exists for him- he just lights up. Sometimes at night before I fall asleep I can hear them in their room giggling and laughing. I want that, and it isn't fair to Chloe or me to pretend that I felt that if I didn't. When I fall in love I want it to be that." Clark dropped his head clearly embarrassed by just how much he had revealed to Lois. "I know pretty farm boy corny right?"

He was surprised to feel her hand cover his and looking into her eyes he was even more astonished to see tears there. "Nah I just didn't realize that you were a romantic Smallville."

Again he was overcome with the urge to just kiss her. What the hell was going on here he wondered. He didn't have much more time to think about it as a stray ball came whizzing by his head and he stood up and retrieved it for kid who had hit it. When he came back to the lollipop bench Lois was already on the green preparing to take her shot.

Much to his amazement she managed to putt the ball and it zigzagged around four lollipops and went right down the lollipop path and into the hole. "Where did you learn to do that Lois?" he all but shouted.

"Remember me I'm an army brat. The one thing every base has is a putt-putt course. It's the American game Clark." He would have been able to keep a straight face if she hadn't chosen that particular moment to salute him. He couldn't help the laughter that escaped him.

He stepped up and went to putt and managed to send his golf ball sailing again only this time it landed in the shrubbery and he couldn't help the curse word that slipped out. "Shit."

Lois laughed "No biggie Clark I'll get it for you, geez what a baby."

She walked over and leaned into the shrubbery to try and find the golf ball. As soon as she did that Clark's super hearing picked up a few catcalls and rude remarks from the two guys playing next to them who were watching her attempt to retrieve the ball.

Clark felt his temper flair and he shot them a scorching look and actually thought about using a very tiny amount of heat vision to set the bushes in front of them on fire. He counted to ten in his head and convinced himself that wouldn't help. Apparently they got the message and moved on. He stalked over to where Lois was still searching and had to admit that she really had such a cute…Wait a minute, hold the phone, this was Lois! What was wrong with him? She finally found what she was searching for and walked over to where Clark stood still in somewhat of a daze.

He felt her snap her fingers in front of his face. "Earth to Kent-hello anyone in there?"

"What?" he wondered if there was some meteor rock around hidden as candy? Maybe he should look.

Lois stood on tiptoe and put her hand on his forehead as if to check for a fever. "Clark really what's going on?"

"Nothing actually it's just that those guys were checking you out." He figured the truth (or some of it) was the best way to go here.

"Really were they cute?"

He turned to her with an indignant look on his face "Lois!"

She gave him her stunning smile "Well were they, and here take your shot."

Clark took the golf ball from her and managed to sink it in only five strokes this time. When he turned around Lois was applauding for him. "Way to go big fella."

He just rolled his eyes and they moved on to the next hole. Lois smiled when she saw hole fourteen as it was ribbon candy. "Hey I used to love this stuff when I was a kid. I ate miles of it."

Clark laughed at her. "What?"

He shook his head "I'm sorry Lois I just can't imagine you as a little person. I would have bet that you were drinking black coffee by the time you were walking."

Instead of being insulted she just laughed. "Yea well I can't imagine you as a baby either Clark -what did you weigh like twelve pounds." He looked hurt. "Oh don't go and pout now I was only kidding."

They played the hole and as usual Lois only required three strokes while Clark needed six and still didn't manage to sink the ball. He was even tempted to give to a little help by way of his super breath skills but unfortunately Lois was watching him like a hawk. What was she worried about anyway it wasn't like he stood any chance of beating her. And did she have to do a little victory dance every time she finished. If she didn't look so damn adorable doing it he would have put his foot down for sure.

Finally they were on the last hole which was a small lagoon complete with a candy bridge and a fountain. The shot was straight across the bridge and probably the easiest of the entire eighteen holes. And of course Lois nailed it. "C'mon Smallville I know you can do this- just focus."

Clark concentrated with everything he had and somehow managed to sink it on the first stroke. Lois let go with a war hoop and jumped up and threw her arms around him and he picked her up. "God I don't believe you actually did that cause you really suck at this game."

That wasn't exactly what Clark had been expecting her to say. And he was very aware that his arm around her waist was the only thing holding her up as her feet were no longer touching the ground and they were eye to eye. "That's it you're going in Lane."

He transferred his hold on her so that he had one arm under the back of her legs and the other arms around her back. And she still was clinging to his neck as if for dear life. He walked to the waters edge and she realized just what he had in mind and started to both struggle and scream.

Clark took both things in his stride and got to the water's edge and continued to let her think that she was going in. "Say you're sorry Lois or it's time for a swim."

"Put me down you big dumb Neanderthal."

Clark shook his head and actually held her out over the water. "I'll repeat, say you're sorry Lois."

She struggled all the harder which had no effect on Clark but he realized that she didn't know that. "Careful wouldn't want me to drop you."

Clark saw her eyes get wider at that thought. "Okay Farmboy I'm sorry that you suck at putt- putt."

Clark shook his head "Afraid that's not gonna do it here Lo say it."

He pretended to drop her and she grabbed his neck even harder. "I'm sorry Clark okay?"

He walked over to the grass and set her on her feet.

"Well maybe you won that round Smallville but let's just tally up our scores shall we?" She asked him with an evil grin.

And of course she not only beat him but she bested the lowest score of the day so far, and they wrote her name on the small blackboard on the front of the gingerbread house.
Clark watched amused as she did the largest victory dance of the day and he did nothing to stop it, although he did stand in front of her so that only he could enjoy the view. And when he wondered had he started thinking of Lois as the view? He had a panicked realization that something was changing between them and he wondered if it was just him or if she felt it to.

They turned in their golf clubs and golf balls and even stopped at the candy store next to the gingerbread house and bought some sweets. Much to his surprise Lois found some dog biscuits which were covered in white chocolate which she bought for "Clarkie" and finally they turned to walk the winding path to the car. He felt the need to say something to her and he hoped it was well received.

He turned her so that she was facing him and he put his hands on her shoulders. "I had a really great time with you today Lois. Being here with you was a lot of fun."

He saw the surprise on her face but she smiled and hugged him. "Me too Clark."

They turned and walked down the path and he left his arm around her shoulder and much to his surprise she left it there. They were laughing about something and they almost ran into Lana and Jason who were just coming in. Clark noted with amusement that Lana was wearing her new uniform. A black halter and long silver earrings. While she looked as good as always Clark wondered when she had started to try so hard. She and Jason were holding hands and she especially seemed rattled to see him.

"Hey Lana and Jason how are you both?"

Clark didn't miss how quiet Lois had become but he made no move to take his arm from around her shoulders. "Were fine Clark, what are you doing here?"

If he hadn't have had super hearing he would have missed the soft snorting sound Lois made. "We just played a pretty interesting game of miniature golf, isn't that what you're here for?"

Lana nodded and looked uncomfortable "Yea well I just didn't know that you played miniature gold that's all. Hello Lois."

All she got in response from the usually verbose Lois was a quiet hello.

There was a long pause and Clark didn't want Lois to feel however she was feeling that was causing her to not speak. "Well it was great to see you guys have a fun game."

And he nodded to Lois and they walked back to her car. Clark knew that Lois was upset but he couldn't concentrate on that because he was too busy thinking about Lana. For the first time in just about forever he realized that he didn't have any feeling when he saw her.

He wasn't jealous about Jason or wishing he was her date or anything. It was like he had seen anyone else that he knew. No big emotional sadness or happiness. He had thought that he was in love with her for such a long time and could it be that he was attracted to her but never really loved her. Because if he had loved her he wouldn't be over her now. He couldn't believe that he just thought that, but it was the truth. He was not in love with Lana Lang.

They got to the car and he realized that he still hadn't spoken to Lois. "You can take your arm off of my shoulders now Clark they can't see us anymore."

He mentally swore as he realized that Lois thought that was done for Lana's benefit. He looked at her face and he couldn't believe that she had tears in her eyes. He felt a hope in his chest that maybe; just maybe she had some feeling for him as well.

"I didn't do that for Lana, I did it because I wanted to. Just like I want to do this and have all day."

With that said he leaned down and kissed her. And he actually held his breath for the first few seconds and then she kissed him back. He hadn't known it was possible to kiss and smile but he did. "You shouldn't have done that Smallville,"

He looked at her and hoped she was kidding. "Why is that?"

"Because now I gonna think that you like leisure sports and I do have all week you know. Tomorrow we're gonna try bowling so rest up."

He groaned and she lightly punched him in the arm again. "Get into the car Farmboy and let's go home so that I can give Clarkie his treats."

Clark tried hard not to smile. "His name is not Clarkie."

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