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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parent.

A Lesson Revisited

Martha and Jonathon sat in their kitchen anxiously awaiting the return of their son. Earlier in the day he had been shot with a bullet made of the meteor rock and they had thought for sure that they had lost him. But Jonathon had managed to get the hand made bullet out and Clark had recovered and slept for several hours.

After he had awakened they had forbidden him to do anything but rest. But he was insistent about finding the person who had done this and who now had Lana. So when the police officer had been talking to his parents Clark had used the distraction to disappear. Both of his parents were upset but Jonathon was especially displeased.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity they heard him opening the kitchen door.

Martha ran to him touching his arms and chest just to make sure with her own hands that he was unharmed. Jonathon remained at his spot standing in front of the counter and called upon his reserve of tenacity to stay put. In actuality what he wanted to do was stride over to where Clark stood and throttle him

Martha pulled back from Clark and took a good look at him. She was horrified at what she saw. "My God Clark, are those bullet holes in your shirt?"

Jonathon didn't fail to notice that his son turned a nervous gaze in his direction before he answered his mother's question. "I'm okay, Mom really. I made a lead shield that I wore and the bullets didn't hurt me. I saved Lana, and they caught the guy who was did it too. So see, everything is really just fine."

Clark sent a weak smile in his father's direction. "So everything is just wonderful then right son?"

Jonathon closed the distance between he and Clark in three steps, until he was nose to nose with him. "Well son, answer my question."

The teen looked down at his feet and said "I know that your upset with me again Dad."

Jonathon is not about to let this boy off the hook easily, if at all. "And why would that be Clark?"

Clark didn't answer his father's question. "Is it because you disobeyed me again? Or is it because you used the first diversion you found tonight to sneak out of the house to do what you had decided was best?"

Clark remained silent looking remorseful as his father lectured. "Or is it because you could have been hurt or even killed tonight? You knowingly took a risk with your life, and all this after I had forbidden you to do so."

Jonathon felt Martha move to stand behind him, and she lightly rubbed his back. He knew her well enough to know that this was her way of supporting what he was saying. Clark continued to stare at the floor knowing that what his dad had said was true. "After I brought you home from Metropolis I gave you a pretty good spanking. Have you already forgotten about that son?"

Clark looked at his dad in amazement. "How could you think that I "forgot" about what happened that night Dad? I won't ever forget about being punished that night."

Clark was feeling sick to his stomach at the mere mention of that night. But his father was unwilling to just let it go at that. "Well what else am I supposed to think, it doesn't seem like you learned any lessons from that punishment, and in fact you went back out and did exactly what got you put over my knee in the first place."

The teen continued to stare at the floor and could not believe that how just hearing his talk about that night made his stomach tighten and his heart race. And as much didn't want to think about being punished that night, he was also afraid that his dad thinking about more of the same. And he wanted to avoid that at all costs. Clark couldn't believe that with all of his powers that he was actually afraid of being spanked again, but the truth was that he was. Although it had made him feel much less guilty afterward, the actual punishment had been horrible. He had felt so helpless and vulnerable lying across his father's lap.

And then Jonathon had pulled down his briefs expose his bare butt. He had been totally embarrassed but he had also begun to have real worries about how much his dad's belt was going to hurt. And hurt it did, the first stroke took his breath away and his dad had actually asked his mother to bring the meteor rock closer. Finally he had settled into a pattern and Clark could still remember what each "lick" felt like. He had had very little experience with pain to compare it to, but each time his father had laid the belt down on his exposed behind it had felt like a streak of fire.

And if all of this wasn't bad enough it was only made worse by the fact that he knew it would not stop until his father had decided that he had learned his lesson. Clark was lost in his thoughts and did not hear the question his father asked of him. "Clark are you even listening to me? Aren't you already in enough trouble here?"

Jonathon was very upset with the choices that his son had made tonight. He was also very frustrated with being in this position again with Clark so soon. He was sure that the spanking that he had given Clark had had a serious effect on the boy. But here they were again with Clark making the wrong decisions on his own and ignoring what he was told.
Perhaps he needed to be harder with his son.

"Do you actually want another spanking with the belt? Will that keep you from disobeying your mother and me?"

Clark lifted his head to look at his father and Jonathon was surprised to see that his eyes were filled with tears. He felt Martha take a step closer to Clark and he put his arm out to stop her. If this was what it took to get the message across to their rather stubborn son, then so be it.

"Please dad no!" Tears rolled down Clarks face and he shook his head from side to side. "Please don't I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disobey you and Mom."

Jonathon could see that the teen was becoming frantic and he wasn't surprised to see another set of tears streak down Clark's face. The teen swiped at the tears with the back of his hand, and while Jonathon felt badly about the tears he knew that he needed to continue to push the boy.

Jonathon reached out and put his hand on Clarks shoulder and actually felt the boy trembling. "Tell me exactly what I spanked you for, and let me make this perfectly clear that a lot depends on this answer son."

He then gave his son one of the stern looks that he reserved for times when he needed to be firm with Clark. Clark recognizing both the look and the tone became even more nervous, and again looked down at his feet searching for the right words

"If you choose not to answer me son that is an answer in itself. If you need the lesson repeated I will repeat it for you."

Clark's face became flushed and he looked at his father in a blind panic. "No Dad please I got it the last time. I know all the wrong choices that I made- I ran away, I put you and mom in danger and she lost the baby, I decided to destroy the ship and I did. And then I let Lex down and I used Pete's friendship and I put on the red ring. And the worst thing was that I made all of these decisions without coming to you or Mom. You were the only people who could really help me and I turned my back on you."

Clark dropped his head and sobbed and Jonathon also heard Martha crying behind him. "I deserved the punishment that I got, and I understand that even if I hated it I still deserved it. And you told me that if I started making bad decisions again- you would…."

Clark stopped unable to continue. "I said that I would spank you again son and I meant it."

Clark tried to plead his case. "Please Dad I understood then and I still understand but I don't see how tonight broke those rules."

"Let's see- you snuck off and almost got yourself killed with bullets made of the green meteor rock. And you made that decision once again without consulting either your mother or me. And the reason we weren't consulted is because you knew damn good and well that we would have said no. Isn't that right Clark?"

Clark stared again at his feet and knew what his dad had said was true. He sighed a deep sigh resigning himself to what was about to happen again. For he had been Jonathon Kent's son for most of his life and he knew that Jonathon always kept his promises, and the promise of a spanking would be no different. "Answer my question son, is that right?"

The teen answered his father's question in a shaky voice, "Yes sir."

Jonathon stripped off his belt and went to the hutch, which contained the box with the meteor rock in it, and placed it on the table. He looked towards Martha and saw that like Clark she was already crying too. He tried to send her a telepathic message that this would be all right. He had already decided that while Clark deserved to be punished he didn't deserve to be spanked as harshly as last time.

He almost wanted to tell this to his crying son as well, but he didn't. He knew that the boy still had a lesson to learn over his knee and he wanted to make sure he learned it this time. Jonathon then looked into the sad face of his beautiful wife and knew how hard this would be for her. "Martha, honey why don't you go upstairs for a while" he suggested to her fully expecting her to refuse.

Much to his surprise she nodded her head yes, and walked over to Clark and put a soft kiss on his wet cheek. Then she walked by him and also placed a soft kiss on his cheek whispering in his ear, "Don't be too hard Jon please."

He squeezed her hand in response and watched her go up the stairs to their room. As always he was somewhat overcome by the intensity of his love for her.

He picked up both the belt and the box and walked over placing them on the coffee table. He then sat down on the couch and motioned Clark over. When Clark got close enough he pulled him over his lap just as he had the night he brought him home from Metropolis. If Clark was surprised that he was allowed to keep his pants up he didn't show it. He was too busy crying and trying to prepare for what was to come.

All too soon he felt his father reach across him and open the box and pick up the belt.
Clark groaned as he felt the effects of the meteor rock and his father gave him a moment to adjust. The first swat brought new tears to his eyes, and although his jeans acted as somewhat of a buffer it still hurt. After a few more swats Clark couldn't help but squirm on his father's lap to dodge the blows.

The farmer tightened his grip on the boy and told him, "Settle down son, you've got this coming, and you're just going to make it harder if you fight it."

Clark immediately quieted down but gave into the urge to sob. Jonathon then proceeded to give Clark a thorough spanking, using the belt in a systematic manner on both behind and upper legs. The teen was finding it harder and harder to remain still and just accept his punishment. Soon he was both struggling again and begging his dad to stop.

Jonathon stopped and set his belt down on the coffee table. "Are you ever going to put your life in danger son?"

Clark's head was hanging down and he was still sobbing. When he got no response to his question he smacked the weeping teen on the behind with his hand. "Now would be a good time to answer me Clark, are you?"

The teen began shaking his head and sobbing, "No, no, no."

"You will come to Mom and I when you need to make important decisions." and with this pronouncement he gave Clark five more hard swats with his open hand.

He felt the boy just give in and wail across his lap. He could actually feel the heat coming off of Clarks behind through his jeans and as much as he knew this was necessary he still felt terrible about having to do it. But he loved his son very much and he also realized that he had no choice.

And now that it was all over his primary concern became helping his son get over the trauma of his harsh punishment. He helped the teen to his feet and immediately both hands reached behind him to try and rub out the fire that his father has placed there. Jonathon turned Clark and tried to pull him onto his knees, but he resisted and earned himself another swat from his father.

As he was being pulled onto his dad's lap he softly mumbled, "But I'm too old."

Jonathon smiled and replied "If you're not too old to go over my knee then you're not too old to sit on it."

Jonathon tried to arrange Clark's position so that his bottom was resting in the open space between his legs. He continued to hug his still sobbing son "It's all over now Clark, your mother and I forgive you."

After a minute or two Clark buried his face in his father's neck and shoulder and continued to cry, wetting the collar of Jonathon's shirt with his tears. Jon just held Clark and let him cry, rubbing his back and trying to comfort the teen. Soon the force of his crying calmed down and Clark was left with only sniffles.

Jonathon looked up and saw Martha coming back into the room. She smiled when she saw her husband so tenderly holding their son. "Mom, could I have some tissues please?"

Jonathon asked of his wife. Martha walked over and handed her husband a clump of tissues which he placed up to Clark's nose. "C'mon son blow", he instructed the teen.

Clark shook his head no. His father said his name again in a voice thick with warning. Clark recognized both the unspoken warning and the seriousness in his father's voice. Feeling much like he did when he was six years old he blew into the tissues, and allowed his father to wipe his face. Then he leaned back again, against his father's broad chest. "Good boy Clark."

The farmer reached up and began rubbing his son's neck and shoulders. "Now we need to discuss what just happened a little bit. Do you understand why you were spanked?"

Clark dropped his head and nodded, but unfortunately this was not good enough for his father. "I need to hear you say it son."

Clark answered in a very soft voice. "You punished me because I put my life in danger again, and I didn't talk to you or mom first."

Still Jonathon continued to push "And will you ever do it again?"

Clark looked into his father's eyes and seeing the determination there shakes his head no. "Say it son."

The teen replied, "No sir."

"And what will happen if you do?" Jon was not surprised to see tears rolling down Clark's face again.

"I'll get spanked again."

Jonathon rubbed Clark's shoulders a little harder and continued with this very tough lesson. "That's right Clark and next time it will be with jeans down, again. I don't want to have to do it son, but I will."

Clark nodded his head to show his father that he did understand and Jonathon looked first at Martha and then at the box. Understanding her husband's gesture she walked over and closed the box, and the teen instantly healed.

Martha then walked over to where her son was still sitting on his father's lap. She held out her arms and Clark stood up allowing her to pull him into a tight hug. "We love you Clark and are so very proud of the fine young man that you are."

Clark looked down at his feet and shook his head no. Martha became angry at the teens response. "Clark Jerome Kent don't you shake your head at me- we are proud of you. I know that tonight was painful for you, but we love you son and are proud of you always".

The boy still did not respond and Martha reached up and tugged on his hair. "Clark….."

Clark answered by looking down at his mother and giving into tears again. Martha wrapped her arms around his large frame and held him while he cried. All the while whispering "It's all right baby, let it go, and we love you" into his ear.

Jonathon was watching this scene play out with tears in his owns eyes. Seeing Martha tenderly comfort their son was a wondrous thing for him, and he knew that later she would have the same tender affection for him. Every day his love for Martha seems to grow and Jon was always thankful for and amazed by it. After a while Clark quieted down and Martha looked to her husband.

"Dad, could we have some tissue's here please?"

Just as she had done for him, he handed her tissues, which she put up to Clark's face. "C'mon son blow" she instructed the teen who rolled his eyes and smiled a small smile and then did as his mother had told him. He was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek from his mother and an arm around his shoulders from his father.

Martha looked from one handsome face to the other. "Let's go into the kitchen and fix some sandwiches, and then we can discuss everything a little more."

Both father and son nodded their heads and followed her into the kitchen. For once she was happy that both of her men seem to be in agreement. And as she was each and every time they were together as a family she was thankful for them both.

Jonathon was also feeling thankful for their family. While punishing Clark was never easy he realized that the teen must be made to understand that all actions have consequences. And sometime those consequences were both unpleasant and immediate. He was relieved that Clark understood the lesson and hopefully would remember it for the next time. For if there was one thing that he knew it's that with his son there was always a next time.

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