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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parent.

Jor-El's Gift

Clark Kent used his power of super speed to streak through the farmhouse and into his bedroom. Within seconds he had changed into his sweatpants and the old t-shirt that he liked to sleep in. Now ever so quietly he carefully made his way to the bed knowing from practice just which floorboards squeaked and which one's didn't. One more step and he was home free. He was leaning in to pull back his covers when the light was turned on to reveal Jonathon Kent lying on his son's bed fully dressed and apparently none to pleased.

"Well it appears that our son is home. Hello Clark and how was your evening and night and early morning?"

The question was asked in a very conversational tone but Clark would have been a fool to think that there was anything casual about it. "Dad I was just coming to bed I musta fallen asleep in the loft again. What are you doing here?"

Although Clark tired to get it out in a very relaxed way he noticed that his voice was simply not co-operating and it came out sounding much as it had when his voice had started to change.

Jonathon Kent swung his long legs over the side of the bed and fixed his only son with a hard stare. "What am I doing here Clark? Well it appears that I am sitting here watching you try to lie your way out of my question. I guess you don't even feel that you owe me the dignity of the truth."

The farmer stood up and got almost nose to nose with his son. "Now let's try that again. Where the hell have you been all night and it had better be the truth this time. And just for the record your mother and I searched everywhere last night and I know damn good and well you weren't in the loft."

Instead of cooling down Clark felt like his father was getting angrier with every thing that he said. He had been Jonathon Kent's son for most of his life and he knew him well enough to know that if he was adding liberal doses of cursing to his sentences that his patience had run out. Regrettably he realized that he was going to have to just confess about where he had been and take whatever heat that generated. He felt bad about making his folks worry but sometimes that just came with the territory.

Out of habit he found himself taking two steps back so that he was out of the farmers reach before answering. "Okay dad so we both know I wasn't in the loft last night."

Now he fought the urge to move even further away when he saw the look in his father's eyes. "No shit Clark now where exactly were you?"

Clark couldn't understand just what his father was so angry about. "Geez Dad I'm all right it isn't like a really big deal or anything."

He was stunned when his father closed the distance between them and backed him up against the door. "Oh really well I am glad to hear that you think it is no big deal here then Clark. You get your ass out to the loft and you and I will discuss just how wrong you are."

Having said that for some reason his dad then went and stood in front of the window and Clark suspected that he was trying to cool down. Wasting no time he quietly let himself out the door and walked downstairs and up into his loft. Sitting down on the couch he nervously waited for his father to come up so that they could just get this lecture behind him.

He waited longer than he had thought he would have too as it was a good half an hour before he heard his fathers step on the stair. Hoping to prove that he knew he was in the wrong he stood up and started to talk. "Look dad I know that I shouldn't have…"

His speech was interrupted when his father pointed to the couch and said in a very low and dangerous voice "Sit…down."

Clark did as he had been told becoming more worried by the second about what his dad was so upset about. "Now I will ask you questions and you will answer the questions. Do you understand that Clark?"

Clark nodded that he did still very unsure of where this was leading. "Now where have you been all night?"

Clark sort of squirmed in his seat and avoided looking his dad directly in the face. "I was sort of with Lana. And before you say anything I know how you feel about…."

"Enough!" The exclamation was like the sound of an explosion and suddenly Clark was feeling uneasy.

"I told you to answer my questions Clark and that is far from the whole truth. Now what time did you get to Chloe's apartment last night?"

Clark was surprised to find that his dad already knew about his adventure with Chloe last night. "Well we had arranged for me to meet her there at about midnight."

Clark knew that he was dead now, he was gonna be grounded until he was a hundred. "And what did you go to meet her for?"

Maybe there was a chance. "She just wanted to talk to me dad; she's been having a rough adjustment with her job and all."

Clark was horrified when his father slapped his hand down hard on the coffee table. "Bullshit Clark- now this is your last chance to tell me the truth."

Not exactly sure what his dad meant and certainly not wanting to find out he knew he had to just tell him the truth. "There was this story and she was afraid to go and meet the contact alone and so she asked if I would go with her."

"And you didn't ask me if you could do that because?"

Now Clark looked at his dad as if he must be kidding. "Because what Clark?"

Dropping his head he mumbled the answer more to his feet than to his father. "Cause I knew that you woulda said no."

Now Jonathon looked angrier than before. "Well at least that is the first time I have heard the truth tonight. Continue."

Clark looked like that was the last thing that he wanted to do but he did anyway. "So the guy didn't show and I took Chloe back to her and Lois's place and dropped her off. I made sure she was safely inside first and then I headed for Lana's."

Clark wondered what all of this was about and how his dad knew about Chloe at all. "And how did the blood get onto your shirt that Lois found in Chloe's apartment and whose blood was it?"

Now Clark actually squirmed and couldn't believe that his father knew all of this. "Well okay so the guy did show up and he got rough with Chloe and I sort of punched him and his nose started to bleed and grabbed a hold of Chloe's hand and he got blood all over her and she freaked and so I took off my shirt and gave it to her to wipe her hands with and it wasn't like I didn't have another shirt at Lana's anyway."

If Clark hadn't known better he would have thought that made his dad even madder. But then Clark was struck with a horrible thought. "Did something happen to Chloe?"

He was terrified to see the look on his father's face as he nodded his head. "The guy followed you and doubled back and broke into Chloe's apartment. If Lois hadn't of come home when she did he probably would have killed her and who knows what else. In the struggle Lois and Chloe had with this guy Chloe hit her head and was out cold. She is currently spending the night in the hospital courtesy of a concussion. So when Lois saw your shirt on the floor covered in blood she called us."

Absolute fear grabbed Clark "Is Chloe gonna be all right?"

Now he saw his fathers features soften for a moment. "Yeah she came around in the ambulance and told them that you had left before this guy showed up but we didn't find that out for hours and your mother was as close to hysterical as I have ever seen her."

Now Clark looked around the loft as if his Mom would mysteriously appear. "Well did she go to bed?"

He was not happy to hear his father snort. "Not too damn likely with her precious son missing. Do you know what I did after three hours or listening to her sob her heart out Clark?"

Suddenly Clark didn't even want to know the answer to that question. "No."

"She told me that she had a headache, and I told her that I would get her an aspirin. But instead I got one of the pain pills that the doctor gave me when I threw my back out and gave it to her and within minutes she was sound asleep."

Clark could feel his eyes widen in surprise. He couldn't believe that his father had done that and if anything that told him more about his mother's condition than anything else his dad had said. And he felt tears fill his eyes. "You drugged Mom? Oh man she is gonna be so mad tomorrow."

Now he saw his father nod and for some reason looked even more resolved. "Yes but she was exhausted and I was starting to become worried about her. And I will take the consequences of my choices later today without any complaint, as will you."

Now Clark just felt sick about all of this and yet his father continued. "And so if you were at Lana's how is it that someone answered her phone at two a.m. and said that
neither of you were there?"

Now Clark just looked horrified. "Oh God dad I never thought about it we weren't there, she is house sitting for a friend of her Aunt Nell's and we were there."

Now the anger he saw in his father's eyes made him take stand up and take a step away from the couch. "Did you for some reason think we were done her son? Cause actually we are just warming up."

Clark sat back down again. "And then the icing on the cake is that Lana's cell phone was turned off?"

Clark actually put his head in his hands for his one. "Oh God she turned it off because the people she was house sitting for have a dog and every time it rang it started barking and got all worked up so finally we just turned it off."

Clark watched his father pace the floor anger evident in his body language as well as his face and he realized that he had totally and completely screwed up everything that he had touched tonight. And his dad's earlier statement about consequences hadn't fallen on deaf ears he knew that he was probably gonna be doing extra chores and staying in the house until his grandchildren were grown.

"And if all of this hadn't of happened then I can just assume that you would have crawled back into your own bed and we would have been none the wiser?"

Clark didn't reply to that because he knew good and well that was exactly the truth of the situation. "Well I will take your silence as a yes then Clark. And that makes me wonder how many nights you have done this that you mother and I know nothing about."

Now Clark dropped his head and grimaced having know this line of conversation would lead here. "Look Dad you either trust me or you don't."

Now Clark saw that that had been an unfortunate thing to say as he saw his father walk to where he sat and bend over until they were almost nose to nose. "And you have been so worthy of that trust lately now haven't you Clark? Well there is only one way that this morning is gonna end. Stay put."

He watched as his father walked away and down the stairs and was puzzled as to what he had in mind. He sat there afraid to make things worse by moving and waited. He knew that his dad was as angry as he had ever seen him and he still couldn't believe that he had given his mother something to make her sleep. Boy was he gonna get it when she woke up. That would have made him smile if he hadn't have been so worried.

He heard his father before he saw him and he felt his mouth go dry when he saw what was in his hand and immediately started backpedaling. "Look dad you can't use that thing, it isn't right. It's letting him have a say in our lives, it'll screw with the time space continuum."

He saw his father shake his head and snort. "No Clark you have just been watching way too much Star Trek. The only thing it's gonna screw with is your ability to sit down for a few days. And I didn't make this choice you did. When you did all of these things and made all of these bad decisions. You also decided at that time that this was going to happen, and guess what it is."

It had been a lot of years since he had been spanked the last time had been when he was twelve and he still had the ability to feel it. Well if you didn't count what Jor-El had done about six months ago. And while Clark had hated that he knew that Jor-El hadn't spanked him nearly as badly as his dad would have. His father believed in spanking and that it should by design be something unpleasant and humbling. Clark had been secretly delighted when he had become impervious to pain and that spanking was no longer an option for his dad to use. But now he knew that was no longer true and he started grasping for the things kids say to get out of this situation.

"But I'm way too old for this. I'm a man now."

Again a snort from his father. "You will be a man when you start acting like a man Clark."

Now Clark racked his brain trying to find something to derail this train. "I'm really, really sorry and I learned my lesson and won't ever do it again."

Now he saw his dad raise his eyebrows. "Well you aren't really, really sorry yet but let's just say its coming."

Now Clark felt genuine panic at that pronouncement. "But Dad!!"

All he saw on his father's face was resolve. "Enough it is gonna happen so just face it. After all the mistakes you made tonight and the fact that you though of no one but yourself I can't believe that you would even try to convince me to let you off the hook."

Jonathon walked to the couch and using his son's arm pulled him to standing and sat down himself. Clark took a big step backward well out of Jonathon's reach and he saw the farmer shake his head. "Do you really think that that is gonna help? You will get your butt over here and over my knee right this instant or I am gonna spank you so hard that every time you sit for the next week you're gonna feel it."

Clark felt his stomach sink at those words and the tone in which they were delivered and he did as he was told. "Jeans down son."

Now he looked at his father with eyes wide with horror. "Down?"

Jonathon just nodded and saw tears already fill Clark's eyes. He didn't tell Clark but the reason for his request with the jeans was that he wanted to make sure that he didn't harm the boy. He had no idea what the strength of this gift that Jor-El had sent was and he didn't wish to injure his son. He needed to be able to deliver a few swats across the backs of his legs so that he would know how hard to use it. He saw Clark comply with his demand with shaky fingers and he tried to calm himself. He didn't want to punish his son in anger but he still wanted the point to be well felt.

Clark was still standing there shaking his head from side to side and Jonathon was sure that he was in complete denial, which was a place he visited on a regular basis. "You have five seconds to get across my lap son or those boxers are coming down too."

He felt a whoosh of air as Clark super sped into the position that he hadn't been in for a while. Jon groaned at the weight across his legs. And he moved Clark around a bit so that the majority of his tall and muscular son was resting on the couch. "There is nothing else for me to say other than you richly deserve this son."

He brought the belt down twice across Clark's behind and then laid two swats on the backs of his thighs and was surprised to see red lines appear. If Clark's reaction was anything to go by he was really hurting. He immediately eased the force a little and continued to spank his nearly grown son amazed to be doing this fatherly chore again. Clark was squirming and crying right out of the starting gate and soon that turned to cries of oww and then promises of better behavior and then finally begging for the punishment to stop. While the farmer really hadn't spanked Clark too long he knew that it had had a huge effect on the boy and he delivered the last five with just a little more force and felt his son give in and wail.
He set the belt down on the table and had a thought that there was no way that his son was gonna fit on his lap now. So using his arm he guided him to sit down on the couch next to him and pulled him into a hug. He let Clark cry for a while and finally he seemed to calm down. "Now the days of your pulling this kind of crap are done. Unless you want to make coming up here to get your behind spanked a regular event."

He saw Clark's eyes go wide and he vehemently shook his head. "Good then from now on I expect you to follow the rules and use good judgment. I love you son and I forgive you but I won't ever stand by and watch you put your mother through something like this again."

He sat with Clark a few minutes longer and noted with amusement that he was still squirming in his seat pretty good. Clark caught his eye and must have noticed the smile. "Not funny Dad."

Now Jonathon just nodded. "Nope not funny at all son. Why don't you go on up and crawl into bed for a few hours and we can start chores then."

He saw Clark nod with relief "Thanks dad."

Leaning in he placed a kiss on his son's forehead and followed him back into the house. He made a cup of cinnamon tea and taking a deep breath he went upstairs carrying the peace offering for Martha and went to face the music. He had been married to his fiery redhead for a lot of years and he had no illusions that this was going to be anything but unpleasant at best. He sat the tea down and sat down on the bed next to her and gently awakened her. "Oh Jon I feel asleep, I'm so sorry."

Then he could see reality drawing on her. "Oh God Clark is..."

He silenced her by putting his finger to her lips. "Clark is home, punished and now sleeping on his stomach I'm sure."

He saw her give him the hard look that he hated. "Jonathon….."

He shook his head at her admonishment of his choice. "He deserved it and even he knew it. You know darn good and well I couldn't have forced him into that position if he hadn't co-operated."

Now she stretched. "I just can't believe that I fell asleep. One minute I was hysterical and the next I'm out cold, it's just strange."

Now Jon looked down at the floor wishing the next few minutes of his life were already over. "Well about that…hey did you see I brought you some tea?" It was weak and even he knew it.

He sighed and looked at her. "Let me say first of all that I am so very sorry. Not that I did this but that you are going to be upset with me. And whatever you want to do about it I will agree to as long as it isn't to divorce me because I know that I couldn't live without you."

Now Martha looked puzzled. "Jon you are scaring me."

Jonathon Kent had dealt with many hard things in his life and he handled this one the same way, just tell the truth and accept the consequences. "Well when you said you had a headache and I gave you an aspirin it wasn't really an aspirin it was one of those pain pills from when I had my problem with my back a few months ago."

He could have counted down until realization hit and in a steely calm voice she asked him a question. "You drugged me Jonathon so that I would go to sleep?"

Like Clark had done earlier he moved further away from her although he knew she wouldn't hurt him physically (or at least he didn't think so.) "Look sweetheart I'm sorry but I was so worried about how upset you were and I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Now he watched as she got out of bed and walked to the window. "I get to decide if I can handle something or not Jon not you."

She said it in a soft voice but he could hear the tears and the steel behind it. "I know- I'm sorry Martha. I meant what I said about accepting whatever punishment you think I deserve so that you can forgive me."

He gave her his best I'm sorry look and he hoped that she would buy it. But she gave him an intensely angry look. "Oh just don't think I won't either buddy."

Jonathon though for a moment just how much he hated for her to be mad at him. He was her knight in shining armor, her best friend, her love, the one person in the whole world that she gave that smile too. He would do anything it took to get back into her good graces.

She turned to him with an evil look and crossed her arms. "Okay then Jonathon I think that you will take me out to dinner at the French restaurant that I love in the city."

Now Jon felt his eyes get wide. "The one with the snooty waiters and the French food?"

She simply nodded. "In fact you will take me there in a suit and tie once a month for the next three months."

The farmer looked at her hoping that she was joking and groaned when he saw that she was not. "Well we can go sometime soon sweetheart."

Now she made a sound that he thought sounded suspiciously like a snort. "No you will take me tonight for the first time and again every thirty days until it has been three times."

He sat on the side of the bed broad shoulders slumped and looked dejected. "But Martha I hate that place can't you think of some other punishment?"

Now she shook her head. "Punishment isn't supposed to be pleasant Jon don't you listen to anything that you tell your son?"

Now he sighed and gave in knowing that she was right. "Okay I guess I will just go and start the chores and look forward to that French food tonight. Could I at least have a kiss and hug I always hug and kiss Clark after I lower the boom."

She opened her arms and he pulled her close. "Never again Jon."

She felt him nod and then she kissed him and he went out to start the chores wishing he hadn't even remembered that he had pain pills in the house.

# # #

Jonathon was standing at the sink getting a drink of water when Clark came into the room having just gotten up. "Hey Dad."

The farmer nodded. "I talked to Mom and apologized about last night."

Now Jon gave his shoulder a squeeze "Good boy."

Now he saw Clark look at him closely. "Did you tell her?"

He saw his dad flinch. "Yeah."

Now Clark was very interested. "Lots of fireworks?"

Jonathon just shook his head "Not so much, but I have to take her to the French restaurant three times, once a month starting tonight."

Clark looked horrified. "Le' Petite Puke?"

Jonathon grabbed his arm and turned him so that he was looking into his face. "For the love of heaven Clark don't let your mother know that's what we call it. I am already in deep enough!"

Now Clark couldn't help the laugh that escaped. "I would have rather gotten what you got."

Grimacing Clark reached back and rubbed. "I doubt that Dad and by the way just how long is it gonna feel like this anyway?"

Jon reached out and rubbed his neck. "For a while longer Clark."

Now Clark smiled his broadest smile. "Yeah well one thing for sure I don't think it's gonna last for three months."

Jonathon rolled his eyes "Tell me about it."

And each of them stood silently for a moment thinking about paying the price for mistakes and swearing to never make the same ones again.

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