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Warning: Coerced disciplinary M/F spanking between teens, and non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parent.

Chloe's Choice

Jonathon paced in front of the table where both Martha and Clark sat. "So let me get this straight in case my ears were deceiving me – you thought that a good way to make sure Chloe did what you told her to do was to spank her?"

Clark looked acutely uncomfortable. "Actually Dad it was to make sure that she stopped doing something."

Clark definitely didn't like that look on his father's face when he turned back. "Oh well Clark, Lord knows that I wouldn't want to not have the facts absolutely correct here. What exact thing was she doing that was so crucial that you stop?"

Clark was struggling to try and make his father understand what he had overheard. "She has been investigating me again. She read all my e-mails from Dr. Swann and she even took a trip to Metropolis to try and see him. And if she doesn't stop who knows what she could find out."

Martha picked this moment to chime in. "And that's when you decided to spank her Clark? And who were you trying to be- her father, her mentor, her brother-who?"

Clark was puzzled by that question and didn't answer and it was a good thing because his mother apparently wasn't finished yet. "And where did you get the idea that a man spanks a woman like she was a child anyway. Have you ever seen you father and I resolve our differences like that?"

Clark looked to his father who he could tell was fighting a smile and using his super hearing he heard him mumble something under his breath. "Not if I would like to continue breathing."

Martha apparently had excellent hearing and sent a long hard look towards her husband who was still fighting a grin. "Jonathon that is not helping this situation! Clark spanked Chloe, do I need to remind you of that fact."

Apparently not, as the farmer turned and glared at his son again. "And how about how Chloe reacted to your unusual motivation to make her stop investigating you. Are the police going to show up and arrest you for assault? Or maybe Gabe Sullivan will just come out here and demand that we have you committed to Belle Reeve"

"I just spanked her Dad I'm not crazy!"

Martha shook her head at the incredulous nature of this conversation and looked to Jonathon for an answer. "And besides she was sorry and she admitted that she shouldn't have continued to stick her nose into my business."

Jonathon resumed pacing and stopped again in front of his son. "And you don't suppose that admission had anything to do with the fact that you were swatting her on the butt at the time that she made it do you?"

Clark put his head into his hands in sheer frustration and he was beginning to doubt the wisdom of his choice to spank Chloe. In fact he still wasn't sure why he had chosen that particular form of expressing his disapproval. He had just been so damn frustrated with her, and yes for once he wanted to have the upper hand with Chloe.

He knew damn good and well that she had him matched in intelligence and even with all of his super powers the girl always seemed to be one step ahead of him. And instead of being impressed by his physical size she was always commenting on what a large dork he was. No damn wonder he had spanked her.

Suddenly a thought appeared out of nowhere. Did he have feelings for Chloe, like boy- girl kind of feelings? Had he been trying to show her that he would make the decisions for them both? Is that why he had spanked her? It did seem as if she was able to get under his skin in a way that no female even Lana had ever done. And she was the one that he always seemed to turn to when he needed someone. Oh no- if this had been some "I'll pull your pigtails cause I really like you thing" he was going to look like such an idiot.

Suddenly his father was standing in front of him again looking anything but pleased. "I still didn't hear an answer Clark."

Clark had been so lost in his own thoughts that he couldn't remember what he had just been asked. "What was the question again Dad?"

He saw his mother jump to her feet out of the corner of his eye and stand directly in front of his father and between the two men in her life. A place where Clark had seen her place herself many times before. "You need to think things over son and your dad and I need to discuss what we want to do about this, so you stay right there and we are going to take a little walk."

She all but drug his father out of the back door by the hand and while she had said her little speech in a calm and well modulated voice he could feel the anger pulsing off of her in waves.

"Shit" Clark said to no one but himself and he remained seated at the table and thought about how the events of today had come together or more accurately how they had fallen apart.

# # #

Earlier in the loft:

"Clark, are you up here?"

Clark was standing by the window and had seen Chloe coming for some time and had actually heard her coming for even longer. He tried this best to calm down but he was furious with her and her most recent unwelcome intrusion into his life. "Yeah Chlo come on up."

She stepped onto the landing and unlike Lana who would have been wearing a different version of the same basic pink combination, Chloe as usual was pure cutting edge style.

Clark was not a fashion conscious guy but he defiantly liked what she was wearing. The jeans were hip huggers and were held up by a trendy and shiny belt and the top was off of her shoulders. He had to admit that he really liked her new hairstyle and it suited her personality very well. And her bright smile was almost enough to make Clark forget the fact that he was absolutely furious with her. Almost but not enough.

"Hey, what was so important that I needed to drive all the way out here Clark?" Clark walked to where she stood and towered over her.

"Oh nothing important Chloe I was just wondering how your visit with Dr. Swann went? And while were on the subject have you read anything interesting in my e-mail lately?" He saw her visibly pale and if it were possible she seemed to get even smaller than before.

"What are you talking about?"

Before he realized it he had grabbed her by the upper arms, not hard enough to hurt her but hard enough to let her know that he meant business. "I am talking about the fact that once again you have been trying to investigate me and put your reporter's nose in my life. I thought the last time this happened with the adoption inquiry that I made you understand that this was not acceptable."

Chloe looked like she was going to cry and pulled out of Clark's grasp. "Even you have to admit Clark that the fact that this reclusive genius is interested in a Farmboy from Kansas is bazaar. And I just read your e-mail because I wanted to make sure there wasn't something that you had missed, or something that you might not have seen."

Clark snorted and shook his head. "Nice try Sullivan and especially ridiculous after you jumped on Lana because she opened one piece of your e-mail, but you think that reading all of mine is just fine."

Chloe was apparently fighting her own anger at Clark's last statement. "Oh for crying out loud Clark is that what all this is about? Is it about Princess Lana and how she probably came crying to you about mean old Chloe?"

Clark struggled to remain calm and not give into his anger. "This has nothing to do with Lana and she didn't come 'crying' to me about it. This is all about you and how you feel that any means justifies getting the result you want in the end. I can't continue to allow you to spy on me. I can't and I won't because you seem to be making decisions that will hurt people and the only one that you're thinking about it yourself." Clark was surprised at how much he sounded like his father.

Chloe looked as if she realized just how far she had stretched their friendship with her last assault on Clark's privacy. "Look Clark I know that I probably shouldn't have read your e-mails or gone to see Dr. Swann but it isn't like he would see me, I didn't find anything out, so basically nothing has changed."

This was the last straw for Clark. "So you think that makes it all right because you didn't get what you went for? I haven't even heard you say that you're sorry."

Silence hung in the air as Clark waited and hoped Chloe would apologize for her actions and then at least he would know that she understood. "I would suggest to you Chloe that you tell me that you are sorry, and that you mean it."

He saw her take a defensive posture, and he became even angrier. "Or what Clark you will stop being my friend again. How did that work the last time you tried it."

Clark closed his eyes and counted to ten while thinking about what she had just said. She was totally correct that the last time he had been angry at her about snooping into his life it hadn't lasted long. And he knew now that she had learned from that experience that she could do as she pleased in regards to him. And suddenly he had a thought. "Well Chloe if you don't want me to completely sever our friendship then you will let me decide how to deal with your poor choices."

The blond reporter looked skeptical. "Clark you know I don't want to ruin our friendship. Believe it or not it means a lot to me- you mean a lot to me."

Clark crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. "I wouldn't ever guess that Chloe by the way you behave and the way you treat me."

Now honest tears ran down her face. "I'm sorry Clark there has to be something I can do to make this up to you."

"It isn't about making it up to me Chloe it is about learning a lesson. There are some things that are just out of bounds. And your friends should be the last place that you are looking for dirt for a story. This seems to me to be something that you should have learned a long time ago. Pete, Lex and I all have been under your microscope at one time or another and it needs to stop."

Chloe was openly crying now and while Clark wanted to comfort her he knew that he had to be harsh with her or this would never end. And even if he did have secrets he shouldn't have to constantly be investigated by his own best friend. "And as far as paying for this mistake I'll give you a choice. Either you can just walk out of the door and out of my life or I'm going to spank you to teach you a lesson. You are acting like a four year old who is only considering what you want and so I think that's fair."

Clark had never seen Chloe's eyes so wide, and then she laughed. "Good one Kent, you really almost had me there. Now what can I do to get us past this? There has to be something."

She had taken a step closer to Clark and placed her hand on his arm. "There is something and you just heard it. So what's it gonna be Chloe- out the door or over my knee?"

Chloe looked as surprised as Clark had ever seen her and he could see that she was beginning to understand that he was serious, but of course she wasn't going to give in easily. "Look Captain Dork I realize that you probably have a kinky little fantasy life, but I'm am not going to be the guest star in any of the movies in your thick head anytime soon. And if you're looking for a fem fatale to play the role of the dim bulb in your perverse dreams I hear Lana Lang is available. Although maybe not to you."

Clark closed his eyes and fought again to not just shake the little blonde. He remembered how his father had always been careful never to spank him in anger and he now understood that better than ever. He looked closely at Chloe and underneath all the attitude he knew that she was uncertain. "Enough talking about it, make your choice Chloe."

Now her eyes filled with tears again and she looked at him imploringly. "Don't make me make this choice please Clark."

"You are the reason this is happening not me. Now what is it going to be?"

Again she flashed him the sad face and quivering lower lip that had always worked so well in the past with him. "You wouldn't really kick me out of your life would you?"

Clark knew that again he needed to be tough. "Yes I will now what's it gonna be Chloe?"

She stamped her small foot in both frustration and anger. "Damn it Clark I can't believe you actually mean this."

Clark walked over to the couch and sat down. "I can't believe that after all we have been through that you are once again spying on me either but you were. And the fact that you haven't walked out the door yet tells me what your decision is. Now come over here and let's just get it done."

Chloe hesitated for a long moment and then walked to where Clark sat. "You had better not hurt me you big ape."

"That's sort of the point here Chlo- you know a deterrent, something unpleasant to remember the next time you want to invade my privacy."

Clark knew she was paying attention because she made no objection and he pulled her across his lap taking a moment to enjoy the view before he brought his hand down on her behind. Having been in this position himself he knew that it didn't take much to get the point across. And he just wanted to punish her for making such rotten choices not to brutalize her and so he went fairly easy.

He could tell that she was crying from the first swat and he continued until he got to ten. Other than sobbing and squirming she didn't react as he had thought she might. He had thought that she might put up a fight once he began but the fact that she didn't spoke volumes about her knowing that she was wrong. The sound of her crying was just about breaking his heart and he had a real sense of admiration for his own father all of a sudden. By the seventh swat she was telling him she was sorry.

He stood her back up and tried to pull her into a hug and that was when she slugged him. "You bastard, that hurt and I have decided that maybe I don't want to be your friend anymore now. So the next time you want to go all daddy and spank someone call Pete or Lex. And by the way you big dumb Neanderthal consider my bill with you paid in full."

She pulled out of his grasp and rubbing her behind with a great deal of dignity she turned and stomped down the stairs still crying.

He went after her and got as far as the bottom of the steps when he ran into his father who was staring at him with eyes wide in surprise. He heard Chloe get into her car and drive away and felt his father poke him in the chest with his finger. "Did you actually spank her Clark?"

Before Clark could formulate an answer his father poked him again and this time raising his voice asked the same question "Did you spank her?"

Clark could feel his face getting red and he attempted to get an answer out. "Well dad you see it's sorta complicated, I…"

He felt Jonathon actually shove him "get your ass into the house now and make sure that when I come in you have some acceptable answers for me."

Clark tried to talk to his dad again and he was alarmed when Jonathon growled, "House. Now."

He obeyed and suddenly wondered how good of an idea this had been. Not only had Chloe not responded like he had assumed she would, but now his dad seemed really pissed. All in all not a good day.

Clark knew with one look at his father's face that he was in big trouble. He had been sitting at the kitchen table and thinking about what had happened with Chloe for at least an hour. His parents had taken a "walk" to talk about what he had done and the teen knew from experience just by looking at his dad that this wasn't going to go well. He glanced towards his mother hoping to see that maybe she disagreed with the farmer but she looked equally grim. Damn.

"Your mother and I have discussed this at length Clark and we still can't believe that you made such a foolish decision."

Clark jumped in trying to save the situation. "But dad I thought-"

His father cut him off in mid sentence, which was never good. "I don't really care what you were thinking Clark, you are Chloe's friend or you were – and you didn't have the right to enforce punishment on her."

"But she was wrong Dad!"

Jonathon gently pulled out a chair and sat down on it and Clark could see that he was struggling with anger. "That makes no difference. You had the right to not be her friend anymore, or to be mad at her but not to punish her and especially not to spank her for God's sake."

By the time the farmer was finished he was actually yelling which sent Clark to a whole new level of worry. "Sometimes I wonder where in the hell you get these ideas?"

"I had to make sure she stopped investigating me, it isn't right. And nothing else I had tried had worked, and I knew that this would."

Martha snorted "Yeah it worked all right according to your father she doesn't even want to be your friend anymore. And what if now because she's mad at you she decides to step up her investigation? What about that Clark?"

He had a moment of absolute panic because he hadn't even thought about that possibility.

His father reached over and cupped his chin and turned his face so that he was looking directly into a set of very determined blue eyes. "A parent spanks a child because you are trying to make that child see the error of his ways and make him understand that whatever behavior he exhibited will not be tolerated. You are neither her parent nor someone representing her parent. So all in all that was a very bad choice on your part today, and your mother and I have decided that we simply can't let it go."

Martha looked at him and he knew that whatever she had to say was not going to be pleasant. "And Clark it was simply inappropriate for you to spank her what with you being a boy and her being a girl. I mean you must know that some people in romantic relationships use spanking as sort of a…"

Clark thought that if his mom got any redder you wouldn't be able to tell her skin from her hair, and his dad took over. "What your mother is trying to say is that some people think spanking is a sexual…well." Now his dad was as red as his mother.

"Dad I know that some people use that as a sexual turn on thing, I mean we do have the internet on our computer and all I've learned lots of stuff." He saw his parents exchange an unhappy look and mentally swore.

"And that is a conversation that you and I will be having tomorrow son. About what is appropriate to view on line and what is not."

Clark put his head down on the kitchen table and groaned out loud- could this day get any worse? "It wasn't like that I swear to you both, I just wanted to teach her a lesson."

"Regardless you will be punished for that choice."

"So I guess that means that I'm grounded again right?" He looked at his father and was unsure what he saw on his face other than to know it made him uneasy.

"No Clark you are not going to be grounded this time. Your mother and I have discussed this at some length and decided that there is a more suitable punishment for this." Clark looked from one parent to the other with confusion.

"We think that since you decided that what Chloe could use was a good spanking that your punishment should be no different."

Clark let that sink in for a moment before objecting. "Dad come on I'm sixteen years old now."

"And how old is Chloe, Clark?" That comment had come from his mother who was usually his staunchest ally but for some reason today was in agreement with his dad.

"Mom that was completely different!"

She just shook her head. "We don't think so son and truth be told you're the one who said that a spanking is an excellent way to stop someone from continuing bad behavior."

Clark began to become frantic, as he hadn't been spanked in a very long time and had no wish to be in the same position that Chloe had been in earlier. "C'mon Dad please you can't mean that. You haven't spanked me for years."

Jonathon continued to look at his son. "That's right but you're the one who brought this whole topic up today with your behavior towards Chloe. And it is sort of fitting that your punishment for spanking her is a spanking."

Clark was afraid that he was going to be unable to convince his parents that he was too old for this. "Please dad don't do this." He tried his best pathetic and sad voice but he could see that it had little effect on either parent.

"And that's not all Clark." He could tell from the resolute look on his father's face that he meant business. "After I have punished you today, you will drive to Chloe's and apologize and tell her what punishment you received."

Clark thought for a moment that his dad must be kidding but looking at his face again he had the absolute certainty that he was serious. "You want me to tell Chloe that I got spanked?"

Clark's brain went into overdrive when his father nodded that yes that was what he wanted. The teen really didn't want to beg but at this point he would if necessary. "Oh please dad don't make me tell Chloe that. I'll do anything if you don't make me tell her that you spanked me- please. Do you have any idea just how humiliating that will be?"

His father looked like it wasn't up for discussion.

"Yea, about as humiliating as being spanked by a boy that you have had a crush on forever." His mother would pick now to bring that up.

"And that's not all either."

Clark looked at his father as if he had lost his mind – there was more. "What else could you plan to do to me, beside spanking me and making me tell Chloe about it? That will ruin my life for sure right there."

His father shook a warning finger in his face. "You're already in enough trouble here little boy don't make it worse. After you tell Chloe about getting spanked you will also tell her that if at any time in the future you lay another hand on her behind you will receive exactly the same thing from me."

The teen put his head into his hands and actually moaned out loud. "Enough talk son let's just get it done."

It didn't escape Clark's notice that those words were exactly what he had said to Chloe earlier. His father grasped his upper arm and pulled him out of the chair. Even though he knew that his strength was so much greater than the farmer's it never failed to make him feel intimidated when his dad took charge like this. His mother planted a soft kiss on his cheek and went out the back door and Clark felt like a man being led to the gallows.

His father told him to go and sit on the couch and the teen knew that he must be getting the little box that held the piece of meteor rock out of the hutch. His guess was correct as he saw his father set it down on the coffee table and then pushed the table a good distance from where Clark sat. Clark couldn't believe that this was actually happening.

It had been a long time since he had been spanked and he had been sure that he had outgrown that particular form of punishment. But apparently someone had failed to tell his parents that. But the good thing was that now that he was almost grown it wouldn't be the same. He was sure that it had only hurt as bad as it had because he was just a kid then. This would be no big deal. After all when he had spanked Chloe she had just cried a little, it hadn't been like she was begging him to stop or anything. He would just let his dad do this and get it over with. He even supposed that in a way he had it coming.

Before he had any more time to think about the situation his dad reached over and opened the box. Instantly he felt weak and a shudder ran through him. His father sat back down and pulled him over his lap and Clark was chagrined to find that this was as humiliating a position as he remembered. His entire chest was resting on the couch but his behind was in the right position and it seemed more embarrassing than ever.

But that didn't seem to bother his father who was clearly in control. "I will not have you be a bully Clark. You need to learn how to deal with things in an appropriate manner and not continue to make stupid choices."

Clark knew from experience that all that was required at this point was to listen and learn. "How many swats did you give Chloe?"

He hoped that he hadn't heard correctly and just didn't answer.

"Clark?" There was no mistaking the warning in his dad's voice.

"Umm….I don't exactly remember?"

He felt his dad rest his hand on his all too available butt. "Now is not the time to lie to me young man- how many?"

Clark pushed his face into the couch and groaned. "Just ten."

He felt his father lift his hand off of his behind. "Okay then we'll just double that for starters and then when we get to twenty we'll see if that's enough."

Clark couldn't believe the casual way his dad had said that as if they were discussing where to go for lunch.

Clark didn't have any more time to think as his father's hand came down on his behind in a stinging swat. The teen tried to remain still and tell himself that it didn't really hurt, but it did. His father continued to swat side to side and soon Clark was squirming just as Chloe had trying to avoid the hand that was punishing him. And soon after that the tears came. As hard as Clark had tried to fight them he just couldn't help it. Being spanked was embarrassing and it really hurt and he kept thinking that he had made Chloe feel this way.

Soon he put his head down on his forearms on the couch and sobbed. He knew that his dad had said twenty but it felt as if he had already smacked Clark a hundred times. His entire butt and legs stung. He felt his father stop and place a consoling hand on his lower back, so they must at least be at twenty. "Does that make my point or do we need to continue?"

Between sobs Clark managed to say that he got the point.

"Tell me what that point is first Clark."

The teen just hated it when his father asked him questions during a spanking it was hard enough without having to hold on a conversation. He tried to get his crying under control and he answered the question with what he had just been thinking. "I hate being spanked, it hurts and it's really embarrassing and I had no right to do this to Chloe."

That must have been the correct answer because his father pulled him up to a sitting position on the couch next to him. He felt his dad pull him into a hug and he hugged back and gave into the urge to cry again. Jonathon pushed his head down onto his shoulder and just let him cry for a few minutes.

"I'm so sorry Dad." So much for the whole this won't hurt cause I'm so grown now thing he thought to himself. If anything it seemed worse because he knew that his parents were so disappointed in how he had behaved.

A few minutes after that he heard the screen door open and close and looked up to see his mom standing there with tears in her eyes as well. She sat down on the couch next to him and getting a nod from his dad she closed the box and the fire in his behind went away. "I'm so sorry, Mom. I don't know what I was thinking. I just wanted to make her stop."

Martha nodded and patted him on the back. "You will figure out how to deal with Chloe and this time it will be in a more appropriate way."

Clark nodded but he had his doubts about that. He used his sleeve to dry the tears off of his face and looking from one parent to the other he swallowed a lump in his throat. "I never believed that you would spank me again. That was awful."

His saw his parents exchange a look. "We love you son and no matter how old you get we won't stand by while you make terrible decisions. It's our job to keep you on the right path and if spanking is involved – oh well."

Clark looked at his father and sighed, knowing that what he meant was that there could be more of this in his future if they thought he needed it. Shit.

"Now go on upstairs and wash your face, because part two of your punishment is coming up."

Having said that his dad stood up and walked over to the bowl where they kept the car keys. Taking the truck keys he came back over and handed them to Clark. "Dad please…."

Jonathon shook his head. "Either you're going back over my knee and then to Chloe's or you're just going to Chloe's the choice is up to you."

Clark took the keys and put them in his pocket. He slowly walked up the stairs to the bathroom and then splashed cold water on his face, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. All the while his thoughts were centered on how he would have to tell Chloe what had just happened. He knew that she was furious with him and just getting her to talk to him wouldn't be easy.

Walking downstairs his heart was heavy as he thought about the events of the day today. And why did Chloe get under his skin so badly? And why hadn't he just stopped being her friend like his mother had suggested? He knew that if he were being honest with himself that he would have to admit the answer was that he couldn't imagine life without his feisty Chloe.

His mom gave him a hug as he walked out the back door and still he couldn't shake the feeling that there was something odd about the fact that he thought of her as "his Chloe". Well none of that would matter, as his life would be over as soon as her Torch article about him getting spanked came out. He would probably have to change schools. Thank God he could run really fast. He wondered how close the nearest High School was.

As he got behind the wheel of his father's truck he thought that this was going to be the most embarrassing day of his entire existence. Not only had he been spied on, but then he had gone all parental on Chloe who had promptly thrown him out of her life. And then he had gotten the deluxe over the knee experience himself and threats of more of the same from his very pissed off father.

And now here he was on his way to tell Chloe all about it, so that she could tell everyone that he had ever met that he got spanked like a four year old. And worst of all he was beginning to think that maybe she made him so mad because he had feelings for her. Like maybe besides strangling her he might like to kiss her. Without a doubt today will go in the record book as the worst day of this or any other year. And yet as much as he didn't want too, he found himself headed in the direction of Chloe's house.

Clark drove slowly knowing that the longer it took to get to Chloe's the longer before life as he knew it would end. He seriously considered just driving over to the football field and sitting there watching them practice for an hour and then going home and telling his still angry parents that he had talked to Chloe. But he knew his father well enough to know that lying was the worst sin one could commit and he was sure this afternoon's punishment would turn out to be just a warm up if his dad found out he was not being honest. And frankly as much as today had sucked he didn't want to take that chance.

He parked the truck about half a block down from her house as he knew that if she saw it she probably wouldn't answer the door. And he used his super speed to get to the door for the same reason. He rang the doorbell as when he usually came to visit he always used a silly knock that they had come up with when they were kids. He knew that the doorbell would throw her off. Suddenly the door was flung open and there she was.

It gave his heart a little twist to note that her face was blotchy from crying and her usually sparkling eyes were red rimmed and swollen. "Well if it isn't the Marquis De Sade, I thought I made it perfectly clear that I never wanted to see your big, dumb, dorky face again."

She tried to shut the door in his face but he was to fast for her and pushed his way into her living room. "Chloe please I really need to talk to you."

She turned her back to him. "Tough luck Kent- now just get lost. I believe you know the way out."

He walked over to where she stood and tried to place a hand on her shoulder. He was totally amazed when she pulled back in fear. "Chloe please I would never hurt you."

He watched as two tears rolled down her face, and the sight nearly broke his heart.

"Tell that to my ass Kent." If she hadn't of been so upset he would have laughed because that remark was pure Chloe Sullivan at her best.

"Look I have to talk to you about this and then if you still want me to leave forever I will."

She gave him her long, hard look and he knew from experience that she was trying to tell if he was telling her the truth. She must have determined that he was and she nodded her head. "Fine so talk."

Clark hated how she wouldn't even look at him when she spoke and he realized that he really might have ruined both their friendship and any chance he had with her. "Well this isn't going to be easy for me to say."

She flashed him a look of total loathing. "Oh poor Clark, having to say something difficult, my heart just breaks for you."

He walked over and sat down on the couch and motioned for her to come over and sit down and she shook her head no. Clark used his sad little boy begging look and motioned again. She snorted and stomped over and when she sat down he noticed with horror that she winced. And for a minute he was too heartsick to speak.

"Well did you just want to sit here all day and have tea dork or did you want to spill your very important news." Normally that would have made him mad but he knew that he deserved all of her attitude.

"Chloe I am so sorry that I spanked you today, I didn't have the right to do that and I should have found some other way to make you understand that you can't continue to investigate me."

She shot him a look filled with venom. "Don't worry about it Clark cause I no longer care enough about what you do to waste my time investigating you or anything about you. Now get out."

Clark took a deep breath and decided to just go for it. "That's not all Chloe."

She rolled her eyes and he couldn't help but think about how damn cute she was – fury and all. "My dad overheard a part of what happened this afternoon."

Her eyes got wide in pure horror. "Oh God and he knows that you spanked me. Well just when I had thought that this situation couldn't be any worse or any more humiliating I find out that I was wrong."

He was horrified to see a tear streak down her face and he reached over to wipe it away and she pulled back still furious. "Don't touch me. Is that it?"

"Well that isn't exactly what I needed to tell you either, you see my dad was very upset that I punished you and he and my mom decided that I should also be punished for making a stupid choice which hurt you."

He saw her head snap up interested in what he was saying. "And then after they punished me I had to come here and tell you about it as part of it."

Chloe shook her head at him again. "Oh so they grounded you and now you're supposed to run over here and tell me and of course I'll feel so sorry for you that I will just forgive you and everything will be just dandy. Not likely."

Clark wanted with everything he had to just agree and let it go, but the image of his fathers face kept creeping into his head and he knew no matter how horrible this was he just had to do it. "I didn't get grounded Chloe, I got spanked. My folks thought there was some twisted justice in that."

The blonde looked amazed and then much to Clark's dismay she smiled. "Your dad spanked you Clark? All six foot three of you? Did he put you over his knee?"

"Chloe please…"

Her smile got even wider. "Answer the question Clark."

Clark swallowed what felt like a grapefruit in his throat and groaned. "Yes he did, happy now?"

Chloe smiled again. "Not happy but definitely feeling less rotten that a few minutes ago. So tell me did it hurt?"

Oh God this was worse than he had thought it would be. "You've seen the size of my dad's hands what do you think?"

And then if that wasn't bad enough she giggled. He put his head in his hands and when he looked up she was looking at him with a serious look on her face. "Did you cry?"

He stood up in frustration and walked to the door. "I'm done here Chloe."

But of course his blonde reporter friend wasn't about to let it go. "If part of your punishment is to tell me about it I'm sure that you're supposed to answer my questions."

Clark shook his head. "No, I won't."

Chloe stood up herself and walked to the telephone. "Maybe I'll just call Mr. Kent and ask him if you're supposed to provide me with details. And maybe then I'll mention that you are refusing. I wonder how he'll feel about that- seeing as he's in a spanking mood and all."

With as much dignity as he could muster given the circumstances he walked back over to the couch. "Okay Chloe if this is what it takes here goes. Yes I did cry, I always cry as a matter of fact I think that my dad doesn't think he's finished until I'm crying and usually begging him to stop."

Chloe looked as if that answer hadn't made her as happy as she had thought it would. "And here's the last thing my dad wanted to make sure I told you. He said that if at any time in the future I spanked you again that he would do the same thing to me."

Clark watched a small smile come across her face. "I always did love your dad Clark."

Chloe sat back down on the couch and for a minute no one spoke.

Clark's mind was spinning with any number of things that he wanted to say to her and finally he knew that he needed to tell her the rest. "And there's something else I need to tell you about too. And after I'm done then if you still want me to I'll leave."

Chloe smirked, "Boy if there's something else besides the whole 'Clark gets spanked' thing I gotta say your dad must be tough."

Clark fought the blush he could feel coming across his face. "I have feelings for you Chloe, I think I always have and that's the reason that I got so upset because you are still investigating me. I mean I still think it was wrong, but it hurts that you refuse to trust me. After what happened at the formal and you said you just wanted to be friends I should never have let it go at that. I didn't want that – then or now."

Chloe looked as if she was going to cry again and much to his surprise she slugged him on the shoulder. "Don't say that Clark, just don't."

"Why not Chloe, if it's what I feel."

She once again got to her feet and crossed her arms. "You are just saying that to get yourself out of this mess. We both know that I am not the person that you have feelings for; I wish I was but I'm not. So don't worry I think that your dad and his "twisted justice" thing worked out fine, and we can just go back to being pals again. You know like you and Pete."

Clark wanted to shake her but he knew that wouldn't help. "I don't lie in bed at night and think about Pete, I don't wonder what he's doing or where he is and hope that he's safe. And I sure as hell never wanted to put a kiss on his bare shoulder the way I do with you right now."

Clark was sure that her eyes couldn't get any larger and he prayed for the courage to continue to be honest with her.

"Please Kent I wish that were true but its Lana…"

Clark felt anger sing through his body and he stood up and walked a step to where she stood. "It isn't Lana Chloe and it hasn't been for a long time. Who do I tell everything to, and who do I share my hopes and dreams with. Who makes me laugh and who has the ability to make me cry?"

Chloe was crying now.

"Well besides my dad that is." Clark was relieved to hear her laugh.

He sat back down on the couch and turning her around took her hands in his. "Its you Chloe and I think you'd know that if you weren't so afraid of being hurt by me."

He tried to pull her onto his lap and she resisted. "It's okay Chlo please."

He was relieved when she sat down and put her arms around his neck. "Now you have a choice here Miss Sullivan. You can try to let me be your boyfriend or you can throw me out of your life. But the friendship thing is pretty much done for because I have very different feelings now."

He could see that she was resisting and that worried him a great deal. "Why now Clark?"

He smiled at her "because I realized today when there was a good chance that you might just walk out of my life forever that I couldn't imagine my life without you. I have acted like a big jerk all day and I know I don't deserve it but please forgive me."

She paused for a moment as if to think about all that he had said and his heart stood still. "So then it's my choice?"

He nodded and held his breath.

"Then I choose you – even knowing that you are a big dork and might have some issues with having to be the authority figure."

He smiled at her and then laughed out loud because he knew that this relationship was just what he wanted. And then he leaned in and kissed her and it was all that he had imagined it would be. And much to his surprise Chloe threaded her fingers through his hair and kissed him back.

He was thinking of a million things as she kissed him, the most important one being that he really loved kissing Chloe when he heard a cough. Pulling apart they both looked up to see Mr. Sullivan standing by the couch. "Dad, we were just…."

Clark noticed that while Chloe seemed nervous she made no move to get off of his lap.

"Yes I can see very well what you were doing. Hello Clark" Clark reached over Chloe and shook her fathers hand.

"No don't get up I can see that you have a lapfull of my daughter." Clark was unsure if he should laugh or make a dash for the car.

"Dad!" Clark could tell that she was using her disapproving voice and her father must have been used to it.

"All that I have to say Chloe is that is certainly took the two of you long enough to figure it out." Having said that he climbed the stairs to his bedroom leaving the teens staring at one another with amazement.

"So how about I rent some movies and come out to the farm and we can watch them tonight? Or are you grounded too?"

Clark smiled "Nope, and I'll see if my mom wants to make us some of your favorite cookies."

Chloe beamed at Clark for his thoughtfulness. "Do you think they will be surprised about us?"

Clark laughed "No I think this afternoon's surprise qualified as the big one of the day."

Chloe hugged him close, and he did what he'd been wanting to do all day, which was place a small kiss on her soft shoulder.

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