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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen and an adult by a parental figure.

Blackmailed Chapter 1

Lex climbed behind the wheel of the black SUV that he had brought from the mansion. He had purposefully parked it on the other side of the barn, so as to not attract attention when he left. He had lied to Pop, and said that he needed to run over to the mansion for a book that he had left in his room there. Telling Pop even a small lie was very hard for him and he all but broke a sweat. He knew both what Jonathon Kent thought about lying and what he did about it.

Lex had arranged to meet the people who just called him at the old factory just outside of the Smallville city limits. He would have preferred to meet with them somewhere nearer the college, but they had refused. They originally wanted to come to the Kent farm, which had simply been out of the question for him. As he drove, he took turns worrying, and mentally berating himself for all the mistakes he had made as of late.

Just how in the hell did he get himself into this situation? While he knew that being blackmailed was out of his control, he also knew that almost everything else that had happened had been a direct result of his lousy choices. That was one of the reasons that he had agreed to this guy's terms. He smiled as he realized that even in his head he was starting to sound a lot like Jonathon Kent. The smile turned to complete panic when he realized what Pop would do if he ever found out about this situation.

While he definitely wasn't crazy about the possibility of ending up back over the farmer's knee again, that actually wasn't his biggest concern. That would be his knowing that if Pop found out about all of this, that he would realize what a low life he was, and he would be unceremoniously kicked out of the Kent family. When his mother had died he had yearned for her. And sometimes he still did. So he was familiar with loss, but he knew for sure that losing the Kent's would kill him. He simply wouldn't want to go on anymore. He wiped tears from his eyes with the back of his hand, and cursed himself for becoming a sentimental fool.

What had made him think that getting really drunk at a party and then…shit! He didn't even really want to think about it. A movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. He whipped around to see a familiar mop of dark hair. "Clark, what in the hell are you doing hiding in the back seat of this car?"

Clark returned Lex's angry glare with an equally defiant one and for a moment they just stared at each other.

"I heard you when you were on the phone. I heard that guy threaten you if you didn't bring "the money". I'm not going to let you go alone to do something stupid and dangerous."

Lex could not believe what Clark had just told him. "You must have the hearing of a bat if you heard me on the phone because you weren't even in the room."

Clark refused to look into Lex's eyes. "So sue me, I have really good hearing that's all."

Lex was now enraged at his unexpected guest. "So sue you? Oh I think Pop will do a little more than sue you if he finds out about this. And what do you plan on doing if I run into trouble? Clark you're fourteen years old. I won't have time to baby sit you when this goes down." Lex looked at Clark, who now had a very hurt look on his face.

"Oh fuck Clark, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. It would just kill me if something happened to you because of some stupid decision I made. Do you think you could just forget what I just said?"

Clark turned to Lex with a stern look on his face that suddenly reminded Lex of Pop. "If you tell me what this is all about."

Lex thought to himself that it really sucked to be blackmailed twice in one day. "I got drunk and got this guy's fiancée drunk, drove her back to my place drunk and slept with her, and then the next morning told her she was nothing more than a one night stand."

"Shit Lex" Clark said in an awed voice, and Lex couldn't fight the grimace that crept across his face. Please don't be impressed by that Clark or Pop will kill me for sure Lex thought. "And now they both want to hurt me, and did I mention that somewhere in there she called and broke off their engagement. That was before I called her a one night stand and a few other things that I'm not very proud of."

Clark looked puzzled. "Why did you sleep with her if you didn't like her Lex?" Out of the mouths of babes.

"I was drunk and I just wanted ….you know the physical part of it."

Clark sat there opened mouthed and stared at Lex for what seemed like a long time. "I'm not stupid Lex. I know all about sex and stuff, and I'm not surprised that you're- well doing it but…"

Lex knew that whatever was about to come out of Clark's mouth would make him feel like even more of a heel than he did now, but he asked anyway. "But…"

"I always figured that it would have to be someone special that you really liked, and maybe even might bring home so that we could meet her. I never figured that you were just picking up girls that you didn't even like to do it with. Mom always says that as men we have to respect women and not exploit them, and that sex is a gift to be shared between two people." Clark looked embarrassed after he finished lecturing the adopted older brother that he adored.

Lex was right, he did feel worse. He actually was just on the receiving end of a sex lecture by a fourteen year old. He continued to drive and just think about what Clark had said. He knew exactly why he didn't find some wonderful girl like Clark had just suggested. Because if he gave her his heart, she could just tear it to pieces and hand it back to him. And his life had been nothing but losing people that you loved or not being good enough to be loved. He wasn't going to volunteer for more of the same if he could help it.

It almost amused Lex to realize that he had never actually dated someone that he had cared for, and he knew that was no accident. More often than not, the situation would be exactly like this one. Picking some girl that he was physically attracted to, and with no emotional investment sleeping with her. Then pushing her out the door the next day and never calling again. Oh he might send her some little piece of jewelry thanking her for a lovely time, but he would definitely never call her back. He never thought about that being a pattern, but he knew for sure that it was.

"Lex, are you listening to me?" Lex turned to look at his teenaged Dr. Ruth.

"What were you saying Clark?"

"I asked what they are threatening to do if you don't pay them off." Lex didn't really want to answer that question but he did.

"Apparently sometime in my short one night relationship with this girl, when I was too drunk to remember, I must have told her all about your family."

Clark interrupted again "Our family Lex."

"Yeah well our family, and now her boyfriend is threatening to go to my biological father and tell him all about our arrangement. And they supplemented the information that they had by spying on all of us."

Clark looked to be deep in thought and Lex was again surprised by how much better he felt just talking about it with Clark. "So then, this didn't just happen?"

"No this was about a month ago that I made the mistake of sleeping with this girl." Clark looked and Lex once again wide eyed.

"That is gonna make this so much worse with Dad. This has been going on for a whole month and you didn't tell him. Not only did you not tell him about the drunk thing, and the driving drunk thing, you also didn't tell him about being blackmailed. And the blackmail part involved the whole family. He is gonna kill you."

If it were possible Lex felt even worse than before but he had a thought "What did you tell the folks about going with me? And aren't you still grounded?"

Clark blushed and looked down at his feet, and Lex knew the answer. "You didn't ask them did you?"

Clark shook his head to indicate that he had not. "As far as they know I'm still in the loft doing my geometry homework."

Lex thought about the way that Pop would react to finding out that Clark had lied and snuck off to get himself involved in this, and he swore again. As if everything that he had done just wasn't enough to worry about. "Well one thing for sure, we can't ever tell him any of this. Lying to Pop is never a good idea let's just hope he never finds out anything about today at all."

Clark nodded grimly and they drove the rest of the way in silence. Once they got to the deserted parking lot of the old plant Lex saw the other car and its occupant already waiting. He turned towards Clark with a dead serious look on his face. "Do not under any circumstances move out of this car, or I will go straight to Pop and tell him everything. Even if it means I have to hang myself, I will do it to see that you get your butt blistered for putting your self in harms way. Understand?"

Clark didn't look at all happy but he replied "Yes."

Lex opened the door to the car and got out. As he did, the occupant of the other car did the same. When they were about six feet from each other the blackmailer spoke. "Where is our money Luthor?"

Lex just shook his head. "It was supposed to be the both of you Toby, not just you. I don't trust that you haven't lied to her and told her everything was off so that you could keep the whole amount for yourself."

Toby just laughed. "No way Luthor- fucking with her head is totally your game, not mine. But then considering all the secrets you have, fucking with everybody's head must be your thing."

Lex refused to allow himself to be pushed into a fury by this guy. (Even if he thought that maybe there was some element of truth to what he had just said.) "How do I have any guarantee that you won't take this money and go to Lionel any way? It isn't like I could trust your word."

Toby moved even closer to Lex. "If one of us is a lying scumbag, I think that would be you. From the first thing you said to her, to your parting comments, there probably wasn't any truth at all, other than when you were talking about your brand new family the Kent's."

Just hearing that name on his lips made Lex's temper surge. "Jillian said that you just couldn't stop talking in your drunken stupor about how much you looovvveee them."

Lex knew he was being taunted, but he couldn't resist rising to the bait. "Really, because actually Jillian and I didn't spend that much time talking. Mostly we were just busy between the sheets. She's quite a little firecracker that one is; I don't know how you manage with her full time. She just wore me out."

Lex knew that he had hit the right button when Toby grabbed him by the front of the shirt. "You meant nothing to her Luthor, and she said you were nothing in the sack either."

Lex actually laughed because he knew that this guy was bluffing. "I was enough that she dropped your sorry ass now didn't she."

Lex didn't see the punch coming, but he felt bone connect with his mouth, and it threw him several steps back. Lex had not been involved in a lot of fights, so he was not that experienced. But the adrenaline was pumping, and his damn mouth hurt. He landed a punch of his own and drew blood.

The next thing Lex was aware of was Clark standing in between the two of them, and then he felt Clarks hand on his chest and he was flung backward. He landed on his butt in the gravel, and looked up just in time to see Clark give Toby a good shove, and he also flew backward almost landing on the hood of his car. But that wasn't possible, Clark was just a kid. As he struggled to his feet he saw Clark approach Toby who appeared to be cowering, and Clark spoke to him. Lex couldn't hear every word but it seemed to be that Clark was threatening Toby. Something about if he didn't leave them all alone. Lex shook his head to clear his vision. Toby must have hit him harder than he thought.

And then Toby was scrambling for his car, and leaping inside he turned it over and all but peeled rubber leaving. Lex just stood for a moment staring and still couldn't figure out what had just happened. But one thing was for sure, he had told Clark to stay in the car, he had even threatened Clark to stay in the car, and here he was. Right smack dab in the middle of the fight between he and Toby.

Clark ran to where he was standing with a concerned look on his face. "Lex are you all right?"

Lex nodded that he was and Clark hugged him hard and Lex hugged him back and then grabbed him by the upper arms and gave him a little shake. "What in the hell did you think you were doing? I told you to stay in the car. And how in the hell did you send that guy sailing? God Clark do you know how I would have felt if he had hurt you? Do you know how Mom and Pop would have felt?"

Clark looked upset at the amount of anger that Lex was sending his way and didn't reply. "You had better answer me and answer right now Clark."

Clark dropped his gaze and spoke in a soft voice. "He hit you Lex, and you were bleeding."

Lex shook his head. "That's not a good enough excuse. I told you to stay in the car, and I thought I had made myself perfectly clear."

Clark's eyes filled with tears. "Are you gonna tell Dad?"

More than anything Lex did not want Pop to know about any of this, but on the other hand he thought Clark might actually deserve a good spanking for today. But then again if he kept quiet, and Pop ever found out about this, he could add being responsible for corrupting Clark to his list of sins. "Tell me why I shouldn't keep my promise and go right, straight to Pop."

Clark thought about it for a few minutes. "Because I'm sorry, and I know that I should have listened to you in the car. In fact I should have just stayed in the loft and really done my homework. I promise I won't ever eavesdrop again, and I'll try to stay out of your business. Even if you are making stupid decisions and doing dumb things."

Lex thought that Clark was right about the stupid decisions and dumb things part. "We can go back to the mansion, and hopefully I can change my shirt into something with a little less blood on it. Then we can go home and try to sneak you back up to the loft. Even thought I know I should tell Pop, I'm not going to."

Clark's face broke into a huge smile and he hugged Lex again.

"But you know that I should, and so help me Clark if you ever do anything like this again I will tell. I appreciate that you wanted to help me out and you did, but it isn't your place to save me. You're just a kid, a great kid but a kid no less. And if you ever try anything like this again you're going to be a kid with a very sore butt. And if Pop doesn't do it, I will."

Clark looked surprised, horrified and his face got red. Then he mumbled "thanks Lex" in a soft voice.

They both got back into the car, and Lex's heart felt like it was about to pound out of his chest. He wondered how badly he had hurt things with his negative commentary about the girl that was involved. As if he were reading his thoughts Clark asked a question. "Those things that you said about that girl- were you just trying to make him madder?"

Lex nodded his head yes. "Because how did that help? All it did was to make him mad enough to punch you."

Lex turned his gaze on Clark, "Well, I lost my temper, and that was a stupid mistake. So while we're on the subject- when you were standing over Toby, what did you say to him?"

Clark looked around nervously and replied "I lost my temper and that was a stupid mistake?"

Lex just shook his head and fought a smile. "I hear you."

They drove on in silence while Lex considered all the options. What Toby would do, and if he went to Lionel, what Lionel would do. What Pop would think, or say, or God forbid do.

Lex felt that while helping Clark sneak back into the loft might save Clark, he still wanted the boy to understand some things. "Clark I want you to know that those things I said to Toby were wrong. I said them just to make him mad and hurt him because of what he is doing to me. Mom is right about respecting women, and that includes not discussing intimate things with other people. And sneaking out of the house and lying to Pop is definitely wrong."

"And I know that I shouldn't have kept this from Pop, but I was and still am ashamed of what I've done. I didn't want him to throw me out when he found out what a terrible person I really am." This was hard for Lex to say and he was stunned by Clark's reply.

"What a load of manure Lex!"

Lex turned to look at Clark. "You are not a terrible person, and he's not gonna throw you out. They both love you. You don't have to be perfect. He probably would beat your ass pretty good though. Is that what you are really trying to avoid?"

Lex was once again stunned at just how well adjusted, smart and insightful this kid actually was. And while he still thought that if Pop ever found this out, their relationship would be over, he had to admire Clark's straightforward approach. He realized with a catch in his throat just how much his relationship with this kid meant to him. "Isn't that what you're trying to avoid Little Bro?"

Clark hit him with that mega- watt smile of his, "No shit Lex."

They both laughed, and it felt so good and normal to laugh and feel happy, that for a moment Lex forgot about his worries over Toby going to Lionel and all of it. They continued the rest of the ride in silence but the closer they got to the mansion the more all of his worries about the situation returned. He and Clark would make a quick stop there while he changed his shirt. Lionel was out of the country, so he had no reservations about taking Clark there.

His butler James had never said as much, but he suspected that James had some idea about his relationship with the Kent's. He had brought Clark there with him many times, and he knew that James liked and respected Clark. He also knew that James was discreet, and did not confide his comings and goings to Lionel. In fact he knew that Lionel didn't really care for James, but was so impressed with his high quality of work that he still kept him on. And by and large Lex also liked James.

As Lex drove he continued to think about all the things in his life. He knew that Clark had a point about the girls that he dated. Maybe after all this was over, he would give some thought to all that. He silently prayed that all of this would work out and he wouldn't have to lose his relationship with Mom, Pop, and Clark, because he knew that they were the best things in his life. And he knew that he could never tell Mom or Pop anything about this situation.

As they entered the hallway of the mansion, Lex gave Clark a small push in the direction of the living room. "Just go and wait in there while I change my clothes, and pray that I have another pair of slacks and a shirt that looks just like these do."

With that said, Clark suddenly looked as panicked as they both felt. Lex gave the younger boy a squeeze on the shoulder as he walked by, hoping that he could get them out of this.

They were both surprised when the double doors leading to the main living room opened. "Master Lex, I thought perhaps we would be having the privilege of your company today. And of course yours as well Master Clark."

Before Lex had a chance to contemplate what his butler meant, he saw a very familiar figure in a blue plaid shirt, jeans, and work boots standing in front of the massive stone fireplace with arms crossed.

Lex felt his stomach drop into his shoes. "Oh shit." He muttered to himself before he realized that cursing would not help the situation. He looked to Clark to find him wearing his deer in headlights expression, and knew not to expect any help in that quarter. Looking at the unhappy expression on Jonathon's face as he walked towards them, he forgot that his butler was also in the room. "Pop, what are you doing here?" he feebly asked.

If James was surprised to hear Lex call Jonathon "Pop" his face didn't show it. Looking from one boy to the other, the farmer replied in a steely voice. "The better question might be exactly what are the two of you doing here Lex?"

Lex's quick mind blindly searched for an answer that would lessen the impact of them both standing in the foyer of the mansion while they were supposed to be back on the farm. One of them was actually grounded at this very moment. A fact which Lex was sure wouldn't escape Pop's memory. "We just thought we would take a little drive for some fresh air and happened to drive by?"

Lex knew that answering in the form of a question was a sure sign that he was lying, but it just came out that way. Jonathon reached Lex in about four steps and took a hold of his arm. "Do you think that this is funny son?"

Lex vigorously shook his head to indicate that he did not. And as he had been afraid he might, Jonathon used his arm to turn him to the side and landed four really hard swats on his behind.

It took all he had to not cry out as his behind was being assaulted, but he managed not to. Clark was standing there with tears in his eyes already. And fuck, he had forgotten that James was also in the room watching him get his ass smacked. He snuck a glance at the butler to make sure that he wasn't busy calling the police to report that some crazed farmer had broken into the mansion and was busy warming up "Master Lex's" behind. But to his amazement he found that James seemed to be fighting a smile. What the hell….?

His gaze returned to a pair of very angry, blue eyes. "We can do this all day Lex if you want. Or you could just honestly answer my question."

Lex often didn't know where the impulses he had came from, but to his horror he heard himself reply. "Are there any other options, because those both suck."

And he earned himself another four swats for the smart mouth. And this time he couldn't help but cry out. He swore to God that Pop had the hardest hand of anyone he had ever seen. They were only swats, but damn they hurt, and he was surprised to find himself fighting tears already. But he knew that he couldn't ever tell Pop what they had been doing.

"He had to go and meet someone because he's being blackmailed for money."

All three sets of eyes turned to look at Clark. "I'll tell you whatever you want to know Dad; just don't swat Lex any more."

Jonathon let go of Lex's arm and he rubbed first his arm and then his behind. "What is he talking about Lex?"

Lex ignored the question and turned towards his partner in crime. "Good going Little Bro, now he's going to do more than swat me and guess what, I'm sure you're going to get the same thing done to you when my turn is over."

Much to his surprise Clark just shrugged. "We had to tell him and you know that. And even if he hadn't found out now, he would have found out later. I'd rather just get it now than worry every day about this. Besides if he knows, maybe he can figure out what to do about this jerk and his girlfriend."

Lex once again felt Pop holding his upper arm, and it took every once of resolve he possessed to keep from covering his very vulnerable behind with his hands. "C'mon Lex, let's go back into the living room and we can discuss this, and Clark you too."

James followed them into the room, and Jonathon asked him to close the doors. Lex noticed that James didn't leave as he usually did, but stayed positioned at the door. He was unsure whether that was to protect Lex, or to make sure he couldn't get away. From the look on his cultured British face Lex would guess it was the second option.

Pop sat down on the black leather couch and motioned for Lex and Clark to do the same. Lex noticed that they both chose to sit on the couch opposite of where Pop was sitting, and just slightly out of reach. "Lex, I want to hear this from you son. Who is trying to blackmail you and why?"

Lex stared at his hands and knew that there was no way that he was going to get out of telling Pop the truth- and losing both his respect and his love.

"Some guy from school has a serious grudge against me, and he's brave enough to try to extort money from me."

Jonathon leaned forward and looked directly into Lex's face with an impatient expression. "Lex, I want to know and know right now just what this is all about."

Inside Lex felt as if his heart were breaking knowing that he was about to lose the only family he had ever loved.

"Look why don't you and Clark just go home now. We've had fun playing house, but now it's time for all of us to get back to our real life. I could never be the son that you want. I could never be as good or as innocent as he is."

Looking towards Clark he directed his next comment to him. "I'm sorry that this whole brother thing didn't work out. It was great while it lasted."

Lex was momentarily distracted by the tears in Clark's eyes again, and the fact that he was shaking his head from side to side in response to Lex's earlier comments. He brought his gaze back to the farmer, and found him to be dangerously still and quiet. He figured it wouldn't last long and it didn't.

"None of us were "playing house" Lex, and while you might imagine that the little speech you just gave might get you out of this, it will not. If anything, it's going to get your behind an even more serious dose of my hand. No one expects you to be like Clark, or like anyone other than Lex, and you are a good person, just somewhat misguided. Being a member of this family is not something that you can just walk away from. Not now, not ever Lex."

The farmer then turned this gaze to his son. "Clark tell me what happened."

Lex jumped to his feet clearly agitated. "No Clark!"

Jonathon also stood up and looked over at Lex who suddenly felt as if he might throw up. "Sit down now Alexander, unless you want to have before, during, and after explanation spankings."

Lex did as he was told knowing full well that Pop was capable of doing that and more. He looked quickly at James who was nodding his head as if he totally agreed with everything Lex had just been told.

Clark turned another teary glance his way. "I'm sorry Lex."

Lex just nodded feeling sorry himself, because he was pretty sure that when Pop had the whole story, he would probably change his mind about things, and be too disgusted to even allow him around Clark. "Some guy is going to tell Lex's real dad all about us and Lex if he doesn't pay him off. He's really mad at Lex cause he sorta….."

Jonathon's face was a study in fury and he nodded for Clark to continue. And for some reason Clark was blushing. Lex was staring at the floor, the walls, any place but Pop's face. "Because he sorta….."

Clark seemed to be incapable of finishing the sentence, and Lex wished that the earth would swallow him up. Jonathon was puzzled and prompted his son. "He sorta what son?"

Lex couldn't watch Clark struggle any more, and he finished the sentence for him. "I got drunk, got a gril drunk, and slept with her. Then she thought that meant I had feelings for her, and she broke up with her fiancée, who is now blackmailing me."

Lex watched Pop stand up and begin to pace, considering what he had just been told. It was so odd for Lex to see him here in this house, and still acting very much the father in charge. Lex swallowed hard, because he knew that he was getting to the part of the story that Pop would have the most difficulty with.

He paused, not wanting to continue, and he felt Pop's hand on his shoulder. "Explain this in a little more detail please Lex."

"In the meantime, she and her moronic boyfriend got back together, and now she is actually helping him in this extortion, because they both want me to suffer."

Jonathon looked more puzzled than ever. Lex looked tiredly into Jonathon's eyes and sighed. "She hates me because I apparently talked her into sleeping with me, and afterward I didn't exactly remember."

Jonathon looked harshly at Lex. "Did you have any feelings at all for this girl son?"

Lex shook his head to indicate that he didn't and sighed. Lex was not surprised to hear Jonathon swear. "So you met this girl, and where did that happen?"

Lex knew that he was in deep but answered anyway. "At a party we were both at."

"Who's party was it Lex?"

Lex softly mumbled that he wasn't sure.

"And then she drank with you, and then you both decided to sleep together, so then you got behind of the wheel of your Porsche drunk and drove her to your condo?"

Lex just grimly shook his head yes. "I think so. I don't remember a lot of it because of the alcohol."

He could tell by the look on his face, that Pop was extremely disappointed in him, and for some reason that was even worse than getting swatted. "What happened next?"

Lex really didn't want to continue, but he did. "I guess we continued to drink, and at some point in the night I must have told her all about you, Mom, and Clark, and how much I…..well just how things are. And then the next thing that happened was that she got on the phone the next morning while I was still asleep, or passed out, or whatever, and broke off her engagement. And I was very hung over that morning, and barely remembered the ride home the night before much less any thing after that. So I sort of suggested that she was crazy to think that she would ever be anything more to me than a one night stand. And I might not have put that too kindly."

Jonathon swore again, and Lex dropped his head honestly ashamed of what he had done and how he had acted. "So I guess I was right. Now that you know the truth, you don't want me to be a part of your life anymore."

Lex felt sick to his stomach as he said it. Jonathon sat down again on the couch opposite of both boys and fixed Lex with a hard stare. "Let me tell you something young man, you are dangerously close to being put over my knee right here and now for a spanking that you will remember for a very long time. One more remark about how we don't want you, and it will happen, on this very couch in this very room. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Lex definitely didn't want that to happen here (or any where), and definitely not in front of Clark and James, so he said "yes sir."

If he didn't know better he could have sworn that Clark the Boy Scout was holding his breath. Lex knew with a look that Jonathon was far from finished. "So where exactly did you lie to me and leave to go today, and why was Clark with you?"

Lex took a deep breath. "I was supposed to meet with them today and pay them both off. And I took Clark with me for back-up. He didn't want to go; I begged and pleaded with him." Lex said this is his most convincing voice knowing that it was a huge lie.

As soon as he got the words out, Clark was on his feet. Lex sent the younger boy a warning look. "Clark….."

"That is such a lie Lex; I hid in the back seat of the car and you didn't even know that I was there until we were almost at the meeting place, and then you were as mad as heck at me."

Lex looked from Clark to Pop who was glaring at him again. "And what happened when you got there?"

"She didn't show up, only her boyfriend did, and I wouldn't pay just him. I had no guarantee that this won't continue. Things got heated – he threw a punch and I threw one back, and Clark actually stepped in before it was a brawl. And by the way, he is incredibly strong for a kid his age. I swear he threw this guy like ten feet. He got up dazed and then he ran to his car and drove off."

Jonathon sent Clark a very sharp look, and Lex noticed that Clark's face got really red again. "That's how you got the split lip and the bloody shirt then?"

Lex just nodded. "I guess this isn't exactly a Hallmark moment is it?"

Lex could tell that his last remark had been the cherry on the sundae for Pop. He could almost see him counting in his head to get control of his temper. Lex was sure that he must have gotten pretty close to one hundred before he spoke again. And he focused his entire and furious attention on Lex.

"We need to discuss a lot of things Lex. Like for instance, how you have been lying to both Martha and I about all of this. And why you didn't seem to have a problem with not telling me the truth. In fact, you just sat right there and lied to my face about Clark going with you. I guess I'll have to think of a good way to emphasize to you how wrong lying is."

Lex could see that Pop was genuinely upset and that made him feel like crying.

"Of course we could also talk about how you were in trouble, and in your infinite wisdom you decided to handle it alone without coming to me or Martha. The two people who could help you the most, and yet you didn't trust us enough to come to us with your problem, and this isn't the first time that's happened either."

"And then we move on to being involved with a girl sexually that you had no feelings for at all and didn't even know. And you and I will be discussing at some length what it means to have a sexual relationship with someone. Because clearly you have the mechanics down, but do not understand the emotions and seriousness of the choices that you are making."

"Then maybe Martha can help me make you understand that a one night stand is as wrong for you as it is for the young lady. And I'm sure she will have some opinions on the way you treated this girl."

Lex was sick at the thought of Mom knowing how he had behaved towards this girl, and he was ten shades of red at the prospect of enduring a sex talk from his adopted parents. He actually groaned and saw Clark give him a sympathetic look.

Lex was hoping that this was going to end sometime soon, but apparently not. "We have had the no drinking and driving talk before, and you have been on the receiving end of consequences for that very thing. But apparently you have either forgotten or just don't care anymore. I'll see what I can do about that later at home too."

Lex looked towards James, who was actively nodding his head in agreement. Lex sent the butler a nasty look. "Lex….." Jonathon warned the teen in a low voice before he continued.

"And then there is the sneaking out of the house to go and meet this couple while you were supposed to be coming back here for a book that you forgot. This guy could have had anything in mind, and for you to face him alone without me or even James was just damn stupid and dangerous."

"He's right Master Lex, this young man could have had anything from robbery to murder to kidnapping in mind."

Lex shot the butler a look filled with malice, and turned back to see Jonathon walk over and pull him off the couch. After administering two more firm swats, he sat Lex back down.

"That will be enough of that attitude young man. Apologize now."

Lex wasn't really mad at James, he was angrier with the way that he had screwed this up, and did what Pop had told him to do.

"Thank you for that Master Lex." Then he really felt horrible, because James had never been anything but kind to him and didn't deserve to be treated badly. Lionel did enough of that for both of them. He turned to look at Pop as he continued the very long list of things that he had done. He was talking about Clark again.

"I don't blame you for taking Clark along, because that apparently was his choice. An interesting one, considering that he was grounded already. But obviously grounding isn't going to be the punishment of choice when we get home."

Lex saw Pop send Clark one of his stern looks, and he felt even worse knowing that Clark was going be punished ultimately because of his rotten choices.

"And lastly, you came here to try and change clothes so that no one would know what you had really been doing, although I would have liked to see how you would have tried to explain the fat lip. When we get home we need to discuss all of this in some length and with Martha as well. This has been far from your most shining hour - do you have anything to say for yourself Lex?"

Lex just once again hung his head. "No sir, I'm just very sorry that Clark got involved, and I know that I was wrong all the way down the line."

Jonathon sighed softly and walked over to where Lex sat and pulled him to his feet again. Lex was afraid more swats were on the way, but Jonathon wrapped the boy in a hug, and Lex hugged back without hesitation, tears rolling down his face. After a few minutes Jonathon held him at arms length and looked into his eyes.

"When we get home son, you are in for a world class spanking. In fact I would say several, but don't worry, we will get through this- as a family."

Lex wasn't sure whether he should laugh or cry.

"And also enough lectures to qualify for a college course." Lex knew that he was trying to lighten the mood, but he was already so dreading what was to come, that it just wasn't possible. He absolutely hated it when Pop spanked him.

But as always seemed to be the case, just knowing that Mom and Pop were on his side and would help him see this through, made all the difference in the world. He was still horribly worried that this creep would tell Lionel about the bond he had with his new family, and that he would do something to hurt them. That had been the one reason that he had gone along with any of this. He couldn't bear the thought of Lionel doing anything to ruin or hurt this family. His family now, just like Clark had said.

Jonathon let go of Lex and pulled Clark to his feet and hugged him as well. "I'm sorry dad- for everything."

Jonathon nodded, "I know son, I know. We can and will discuss all of this at home. Lex go on up to your room and change your shirt- we wouldn't want to upset Martha any more than that fat lip and all the rest of this will."

Lex replied with a 'yes sir', and immediately did what was asked of him. As he walked by James, he turned and again apologized for his earlier rude behavior. He didn't do it just because he had been swatted, he actually was sorry for his attitude. Lex was very surprised when his usually stiff and very formal butler actually gave him a hug. He shook his head as if he couldn't believe it and went upstairs.

"Mr. Kent, perhaps you wouldn't mind accompanying me to the kitchen for just a moment. Master Clark, if you wouldn't mind waiting here?"

Jonathon followed James into the kitchen, and again was amazed at how beautiful and large and lonely this house was. Once in the kitchen, James went to a large stainless steel freezer that had a door covered in the same beautiful and rich cherry that was evident throughout the house.

Reaching into the deep recesses of the freezer he pulled out two large Tupperware containers and placed them in a large bag. "I would be very honored if you would take these home to your charming wife Martha."

Jonathon looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face but accepted the offered gift. "Master Lex asked me to instruct Cook to make a picnic lunch once last summer for your family as a surprise."

Jonathon nodded his head and smiled at the memory. It had been a lovely Sunday. "And very shortly after Master Lex had taken everything, I received the most delightful thank you note from your wife. She raved about the crab cakes. I recently asked Cook to make several batches and I hoped that at some point I would have an opportunity to give them to you or Lex to take to her. She is a lovely woman, and although Master Lex guards his relationship with her carefully, I know that he adores her."

Even though it had been a tough day, and looked to get tougher Jonathon smiled. "Thank you, I'm sure she will enjoy these."

James looked like he wanted to say something but stopped. "James, if there is something that you want to say, please feel free."

"It isn't my place but I feel a need to say something to you. What you and Mrs. Kent have done for Lex has changed everything in his life. The way that you shower him with love, respect, attention and even discipline, has been exactly what he has needed for all of his life." The butler paused before continuing.

"I will not speak ill of Mr. Luthor other than to say that he has left a lot to be desired as a father. And Master Lex is brilliant, strong willed, and sensitive, and has required so many things that his father has been unwilling and unable to give. I thank the very heavens for you and Mrs. Kent. Lex is now becoming the man that we all knew that he could be. I'm sorry I didn't mean to get so personal, I apologize if I have tread on hollowed ground."

Jonathon used his free hand to reach out and take James hand in a firm squeeze. "Not at all, I thank you for your kind words. But truth be told, Lex has saved us as much as we have saved him. And I am so glad to find out that he has someone who cares very much about him right here in this house. I'm sorry if today with the boys made you uncomfortable in any way. It wasn't something that could have waited."

James shook his head and smiled. "Not at all. I love Master Lex, but I've always thought he could do with a good hiding. I'm rather glad to see that he is about to get it."

The farmer wearily added "again" to the statement just made, and they both walked back to the living room where both Lex and Clark was nervously waiting in the foyer. Lex had changed his shirt and looked a little better.

Jonathon turned towards the man who had been so gracious to both he and Martha. "My wife and I would be honored if you would come and have dinner with us some evening."

James returned the invitation with a large smile. "I would love that, and thank you so much." Again they shook hands and Jonathon looked to the two boys.

"Go out and get into the truck, I will be right behind you."

Clark immediately started out the door, but Lex stood still. "Pop, I drove- remember?"

Jonathon smiled at Lex. "That's right drove, as in the past tense. The truck Lex…now."

Lex got a very unhappy look on his face and said "shit" under his breath, but he went and Jonathon followed.

There was a lot of silence on the ride back to the Kent Farm. And rarely had Jonathon seen these two individuals be less talkative. He knew that they were both dreading what was to come. The truth of it was that he too was not looking forward to this afternoon. And as far as Lex was concerned, the farmer calculated how long they had before he was due back at college. He wondered just how many spankings he could reasonably fit in before Tuesday.

He was very disappointed at all the choices Lex had made. He would have sworn that spending the last two summers with them had changed him. But here he was making all the wrong decisions again. But even James had said he had seen a change in Lex. Maybe he just hadn't re-enforced things enough with the boy. And here was the biggest thing of all – maybe they had given him too much freedom. Well that would certainly stop until they saw some big improvements in his behavior. If he had to, he would drive to Metropolis once a week just to blister his butt for him.

But that wasn't the thing that had him so heartsick. That would be the fact that Lex went through all of this right up to the blackmail attempt, and had not confided in them or asked for their help. He had been too afraid that they would stand in judgment of him and stop loving him. Jonathon just couldn't believe that after all they had been through that Lex still didn't know that they loved him. Or maybe he was afraid to believe it.

And then there was Clark. What in the hell had he been thinking when he hid in Lex's car, and then rushed into the middle of things with Lex and his would be blackmailer? Plus Jonathon heard Lex's amazement about how Clark managed to throw this guy ten feet. Lex was just too sharp to miss that. He and Martha had someday planned to tell Lex the whole truth about Clark, but not until they had some of Lex's issues straightened out. And after today it looked as if that day might be very far away.

But even knowing how much trouble they were in, Clark stepped right up and told him what was going on. And he told Lex that Jonathon would know how to help. He was so glad that Clark was coming to him with his problems so that he might help. Now all he had to do was figure out a way that would convince Lex to feel safe enough to do the same.

He had been proud of Clark today even though he was still in a lot of trouble. And even knowing that his confession would result in a spanking, Clark still told the truth. Jonathon himself had been raised by a father who believed in spanking, and had many times been on the receiving end of the situation. And while like Clark and Lex he had always hated being punished like that, he knew even as a child that his father was fair about it.

He had known that he could always trust his father to keep his promises, even if the promise were of unpleasant consequences. And his own son knew the same. But he like Clark had always known that once it was over, all was forgiven and done. Hiram also always took time after the punishment to show him affection and love. He always knew that the worst that would happen would be that he would end up over his dad's knee with a sore butt. But then it would be a clean slate.

Lex was still afraid that every time he screwed up, it would result in his being unworthy of their love. Jonathon had to convince him that it was simply not true. He knew that Lex thought that if they ever saw him for who he really was they would no longer love him. What the boy failed to realize was that they did see him for who he was, and that's why they loved him. But the first and most important thing was to make damn sure Lex stopped making decisions that put his very life at risk.

They pulled into the driveway, and he saw Martha hanging the sheets on the line. As always, his heart quickened at the sight of his beautiful wife. Today would be one of those days when he was ever so thankful to have her at his side. He saw her glance up and smile at him, and then her smile turned to one of puzzlement when she saw the boys. They all got out of the truck, and she walked towards him with a questioning look on her face.

"Jonathon, what are Clark and Lex doing in the truck? I thought that you had driven over to the mansion to see where Lex had gotten off to. And Clark, weren't you up in the loft studying?"

Jonathon saw Clark stare at his feet and not respond to her question. "Clark, please answer my question?"

At her prompting their son responded in a very soft voice "I went with Lex and managed to get myself in a whole bunch of trouble."

Martha knew that Clark wasn't far from tears. And at fourteen she rarely saw him cry anymore. Jonathon decided that he needed some time to talk to Martha about today before he dealt with either boy. "Why don't you both go back up to the loft and work on Clark's homework for a little while. Lex, it's geometry, and I know that math is your strong suit, so if you wouldn't mind helping him?"

Lex looked at him as if he had lost him mind but to his credit he nodded his head yes. As the boys turned to go, he reached out and gave Lex's shoulder a small squeeze. Lex turned and looked at him with tear filled eyes. "I'm sorry."

Jonathon nodded his head. "I know son – go on for now, we'll talk about it in a little while."

Lex sighed and followed Clark into the loft. He turned his gaze and met Martha's green eyes. "Jon, what is going on here? What did the boys do?"

Jonathon just shook his head and sighed. "Let's go into the house and talk about it. I could really use a cup of your coffee."

They turned to walk in to the house and Jonathon stopped. "Oh wait a minute I almost forgot."

He turned and walked back to the truck and brought out the package that James had given him for Martha. As he handed it to her she reacted with surprise.

"What is this?"

"Lex's butler James sent these crab cakes for you. He said you really liked them at the picnic and he had "Cook" make several batches for you."

Martha just beamed. "What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do."

Jonathon mumbled "yeah". Martha smiled at him this time. "Jon your not jealous are you?"

He shook his head this time. "No if I got jealous every time you charmed some guy, I wouldn't have time to farm."

She chuckled at his response and leaned in to kiss him.

"Come on Mrs. Kent, I have quite a story to tell you about your two boys."

Half and hour later they were still sitting at the kitchen table, and Jonathon was on his third cup of coffee. "He just picked this girl up and slept with her? And he drove them both home drunk?"

Jonathon nodded yes and Martha got very quiet which worried him. "Sweetheart are you all right?"

She stood up and walked over to the sink, looking out of the kitchen window. "He could have killed them both Jonathon. He could be dead and buried right now. How could he have such little consideration for his life or hers? And speaking of her, what kind of girl just goes home with some guy, and then breaks up her engagement after one night?"

She paused and Jonathon started to answer but she cut him off. "I'll tell you what kind of girl, the kind that sees Lex Luthor as a large paycheck. And what the hell was he thinking?"

Again the farmer attempted to answer the question that his wife had just asked, but he was again cut off. "He wasn't thinking, because clearly if he had been, we wouldn't be in this position."

She began to pace the floor, and her husband just watched her knowing that she was working things out in her own way. "And for a month he has been dealing with this girl and her boyfriend and he has never mentioned one word to us. And on top of that, knowing Lex, he has probably been worried sick about them making good on their threat. And all this time he hasn't said anything at all to us."

Jonathon stood up and took his cup to the sink and wrapped his wife in a hug. "He was afraid that we would stop loving him if we knew about all this."

She turned in his arms to look in amazement at his face. "He said that? He really said that?"

"Pretty much." Upon hearing this she put her face into his shoulder and cried. He took her by the arm and walked them both to the table where he sat down in the chair and pulled her onto his lap.

He just let her cry knowing that she was crying for the lost little boy Lex was. The one who felt he never deserved to be loved. After a few minutes her crying slowed down and she raised her head and looked into his eyes, and he could see the determination there. "Make him understand that we love him Jon. Tell him that there is nothing he could ever do that would make us stop loving him. And then blister his disobedient butt until sitting down is just a fond memory."

He fought the urge to smile at his amazing wife. Only Martha would be telling him to profess their love for Lex and blister his ass in the same breath. But as opposite as those two things seemed, it was exactly what Lex needed, and exactly what he was going to get. "Just so you know sweetheart, it's going to be more than one spanking. I figure one this afternoon, another in the morning, and then one Monday night should about cover it. Lex is going to wish he had brought a pillow home with him for the ride back."

She nodded her approval of his plan. "Hopefully he will wish that he had made better choices about all of this."

He gave her one last hug, walked into the dining room, and retrieved the small box that held the meteor rock. "I'll send Lex to his room until we're ready to talk to him, and meanwhile I'll take care of you know who."

Martha didn't look too happy about that prospect. "You know honey he did tell the truth to you about Lex."

He smiled at his wife's attempt to get Clark off easy. "I know sweetheart. I'll take that into account."

With that he walked out onto the porch gently shutting the screen door behind him. As he walked across the sunny yard, he thought about just how much he hated to do this. When he got to the loft he softly took the stairs and was surprised to find both boys actually working on Clark's homework.

Upon hearing his step, they both looked up at him with equally grim expressions. "Lex go on in the house and go up to your room. When I'm finished "talking" with Clark I'll come and get you. Then you and I and Martha are going to sit down and discuss all of this at some length."

Lex silently obeyed Jonathon's command but when he got to the steps he turned and looked at Clark. "This is my fault that you're in trouble now. If I hadn't …."

Jonathon reached him in three steps. "That will be enough Lex; Clark knows very well the difference between right choices and wrong choices. He made these decisions not you. Isn't that right son."

Clark looked down at the floor and then looked to Lex. "Dad's right Lex, I knew exactly what was gonna happen when I hid in your car. It's all right."

Lex looked as if he might cry, but he walked down the steps, and Jonathon went to the window and watched him go into the house before turning back to Clark. "Do we need to talk about this Clark? You went off with Lex without telling us where you were going, you used your powers in front of Lex to hurt another person, and you didn't come and get me or your Mom when you overheard Lex's conversation. Is that about it?"

Clark replied in a small voice "I eavesdropped on Lex's phone call."

And once again Jonathon was proud of his son and the courage he possessed. Jonathon walked over and sat down on the old couch that was in the loft putting the small box on the table. "Come over here son."

Clark did as he was asked and Jonathon pulled him across his knees. He opened the box, and could actually feel the effect that the rock had on Clark. He felt a tremor go through the boy.

Raising his right hand he brought it down sharply on Clarks behind. And his hand continued to rise and fall until Clark was squirming on his lap, and he could feel the heat coming off of the boy's punished bottom. He gave Clark four more hard swats and he felt him give in and sob. And he knew that he had been punished well enough.

The farmer let his son cry for a few minutes, and then lifted him to his feet and pulled him onto his lap as he always did. He just held onto the teenager whispering words of comfort to the boy. He also stroked his back and rubbed his shoulders although Jonathon knew that the pain was a little lower down. When the tears had subsided he lifted Clarks chin and looked into his red rimmed eyes.

"Do you know why I didn't spank you with your pants down today?"

Clark shook his head no. "It's because even though you made some wrong choices today, you also made some right choices."

Clark looked puzzled as he continued. "You told me the truth about Lex today, and about you hiding in his car and eavesdropping on him. Even though you knew that it would result in you getting a spanking. And you told Lex that he should come to me so that I could help him figure things out. That took a lot of courage Clark, and your mother and I are proud of you."

He hugged the boy tighter and Clark hugged back. After a moment or two Clark began to squirm. "It doesn't feel like you're proud of me."

Jonathon smiled knowing that the boy was referring to his aching behind. "Well I am. And you got the message about the wrong things you did today right? Because your mother and I wouldn't be able to go on living if anything ever happened to you."

Clark gave his dad a weary slightly smaller version of his usual smile. "I got it Dad."

"Good" reaching over Jonathon closed the box and felt a sigh go through the boy, but he made no move to get off of his father's lap. They sat there for a little while, both deep in thought, and enjoying the closeness when Clark spoke.

"Dad I'm worried about Lex. He's afraid that he's gonna do something to make you and Mom stop loving him."

Jonathon hugged the fourteen year old on his lap tighter, and thanked God that at least he knew that the love they had for him was unconditional. And the teen continued, "I think he's scared- about a lot of things."

Jonathon felt tears come to his eyes at how perceptive and kind his son was. "I know he is. But I want you to know that your Mom and I will take care of Lex. We will tackle all of his issues one at a time. So don't worry."

Clark nodded his head and looked relieved but then he looked sad again. "What is it now Clark?"

Clark waited a few minutes before answering. "You're gonna spank him right?"

Jonathon replied with "What do you think?"

Clark responded with a somber question "More than one time?"

Jonathon sadly nodded his head yes and he saw Clarks eyes fill with tears. "Poor Lex" Clark said mournfully.

Jonathon looked at Clark and said, "You need to remember that Lex deserves all that he is about to get. And just like you, he had to know before he did this stuff how it would end. And you have to admit that while it's not fun, a spanking isn't exactly the end of the world. And maybe he'll figure out that instead of not loving him anymore, that bad decisions will just end up with him taking a trip over my knee."

Clark thought about what his dad had just said, and realized that it was true. "Okay dad, I trust you to do the right thing for Lex."

Jonathon actually laughed out loud at this comment, but he tucked it into the corner of his heart where he kept all his precious memories. "Well thanks buddy, I'm glad about that."

Clark stretched and signaled that this emotional interlude was over. Jonathon helped him to his feet and stood up himself. "Your mom and I have some serious talking to do with Lex before I get to the spanking part. Do you mind staying up here and finishing your homework while we do that? It could take a while."

Clark told his dad that he didn't mind at all and Jonathon gave him another quick hug and went down the stairs and into the house. Martha was waiting in the kitchen with a sympathetic embrace for him. "Is he all right? You weren't two hard on him were you? Did he cry?"

The farmer smiled at his wife's interrogation of him. "Yes, no and yes. Are you ready to deal with Lex?"

She answered by going to the stairs and calling for him to come down. Lex entered the kitchen and looked with sadness at both Jonathon and Martha. Jonathon pulled a kitchen chair out and gave the boy a simple command "Sit!" which Lex obeyed.

Martha reached across the table and took Lex's hand. "First we need to discuss the situation with the young lady."

Lex immediately looked uncomfortable. "Jonathon tells me that not only had you just met this girl, but that you had no real feelings for her. Is that true Lex?"

Lex all but groaned and answered ashamedly "yes ma'am."

"And yet you shared something as intimate as sexual relations with this girl?"

Lex's face became very red as he considered what she had just said, and he was sure that this just couldn't get any worse. "Did you at least use protection?"

Lex did actually groan at that question, and turned to Jonathon who had taken a seat next to Martha. "Can't you just take me up to my room and beat me now?"

Jonathon actually bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing out loud at both the question, and the pained way Lex had delivered it. The farmer then stood up and walked the short distance to the window and looked out trying to keep Lex from seeing his smile. Under no circumstances did he want the boy to get the idea that any of this was funny.

But Martha was far from done. "Well did you Lex?"

Lex looked absolutely mortified but answered. "I'm sure I did."

Martha continued to be relentless, as she wanted this young man to be held accountable for his poor choices. "But being as you were so drunk that you don't actually remember, how can you be sure?"

Lex sunk even lower in his seat. "I'm sure I did….I think."

Martha fixed him with her hardest mother's stare. "But you don't really know for sure, and in fact this girl could be pregnant right now."

Apparently with the blackmail and all Lex had not considered that, and he put his head down on the table. "Oh God."

"Alexander, look at me." Lex brought up his head to do as he was told.

"We are far from done here. Sexual intimacy is a gift to be shared between two loving, committed, responsible people."

Lex nodded, and without looking either of them in the eyes said, "I know Clark told me that too."

Both of Clark's parents exchanged a look of pure astonishment.

"You are too young, and no matter what you think, too immature to rush into a sexual relationship, much less one with a stranger. There are entirely too many dangers to worry about. Sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and oh yeah blackmail. You saw this as an opportunity for physical release, and she saw hearts and flowers and possibly dollar bills."

Lex was both embarrassed and tearful. "I'm sorry."

Martha looked long and hard at the young man she had begun to think of as her son. "Sorry isn't going to cut it this time buster. Not only did you jump into bed with this girl while you were drunk, but in the morning when the alcohol wore off you showed not one once of sensitivity when she told you she had broken off her engagement to be with you. What do you have to say about that?"

"There's nothing to say. I really screwed this whole thing up. And I know sorry isn't going to change it."

Martha shook her head, "No but the next time you are in a situation with a female, I expect you to be at the very least a gentleman. And think about the meaning of that word Lex. How would you feel if you had a sister and someone treated her that way?"

She saw fire in Lex's eyes. "I'd kill the guy."

Martha just nodded and continued. "And Lex, you have had the last name Luthor for all of your life. You must know that there will be females out there who will be willing to do anything to get their hands on your family's wealth. And that shouldn't stop you from being romantically involved, it just should make you extra careful. Something you definitely can't be when you're drunk."

Lex dropped his head again clearly aware now of just how badly he had behaved.

Martha again put her hand over his "This is all very personal stuff Lex, and Jonathon and I can try to help you make better decisions but that's all. Your romantic life is a private thing and other than expressing our displeasure over your choices, that's about as far as we can take it. So other than knowing how much you have disappointed us, there won't be any punishment for this."

Lex looked to Martha with tears rolling down his face. "Great like that's not punishment. I'd rather have you do anything than say that."

Martha just shook her head no, and Lex looked as if his heart were about to break. With tears streaming down her own face she stood up and walked over to Lex and wrapped him in an embrace. "We love you Lex now and always."

He shook his head as if he didn't quite believe it.

Jonathon watched the scene with tears in his own eyes. He wiped his hand across his face to get rid of them, because he knew it was time for him to get tough. He had agreed to allow Martha to deal with the girl situation and all that entailed, because he knew she could get through to Lex. And she had done a beautiful job of being both tough and tender. But now he needed to deal with driving drunk, and that was something he needed to make sure Lex got the message on.

"There are quite a few things that you have done that you do deserve to be punished for however Lex."

The boy turned his gaze to meet Jonathon and definitely didn't like what he saw there. "Let's start with drinking, and then drinking and driving, and my personal favorite, drinking and driving with a passenger in the car. Do you have anything to say about any of those things other than "I'm sorry, I really screwed up"?"

Lex stopped looking heartbroken and just looked plain old scared, and shook his head no. "Well son I'd say you're in for a serious ass whippen then."

Lex swallowed hard and looked to Martha who was holding his hand again. "Yes sir"

Jonathon didn't say anything else other than to point to the stairs, and Lex stood up with a sick look on his face and went. As soon as he heard Lex close the door to his room Jonathon sat down at the kitchen table and sighed heavily. "Damn it, I wish these two would stop getting into trouble. I hate days like today."

Martha sat back down on his lap again and hugged him. "He knows that he deserves it honey, or he wouldn't have given in so easily."

Jon nodded in agreement. "I know he needs it, and I need to do it, but that doesn't make it any easier."

He lifted her to her feet, and stood up himself unbuckling his belt and pulling it through the loops. Martha wiped a tear off of her face and watched with sadness as her husband climbed the stairs and went into Lex's room.

Jonathon opened the door, and could tell that Lex was in a panic, and his demeanor didn't improve any when he saw the belt in Jonathon's hand. The farmer pulled out the desk chair and sat down in it, never breaking eye contact with the boy. "You could be dead right now, as could that girl that you drove home. I intend to make it very clear that drinking and driving is something that you never want to do again. And as far as everything else goes, you will also be on the receiving end of two more spankings, one tomorrow and another one Monday before you go back to school."

As upset as Lex was, he was looking at Jonathon like he had lost his mind. "Today plus two more? I won't even be able to sit in the car to drive home."

"That'll work too, because you're being driven. You are not taking a car back to school, or driving until your next semester break. Part of your punishment."

Lex could tell that Jonathon was serious, and he felt sick at the thought of all the retribution he had to make for his sins. But deep inside he kept telling himself that at least they weren't telling him to go away. So he guessed that he would just have to take what ever was coming his way. And as good as that sounded in theory, he felt like his heart was going to pound out of chest. And he had thought that the tongue lashing and embarrassing lecture from Mom had been horrible.

Jonathon could see that Lex was deep in thought, and he motioned him over. Lex walked haltingly to where he sat, never taking his eyes off of the belt. "Pants down Alexander."

Lex felt his eyes fill with tears, and he had no doubt that this was going to be much worse than just a few swats. "Now son."

He would try to just take it like a man. He unsnapped the slacks that he had on and let them fall to the floor.

Jonathon responded by reaching out, taking Lex by the arm, and pulling him across his lap. Once he was in this position, Lex felt Jonathon pull his boxers down to join his pants at his ankles. And way before he was ready or had himself prepared, Jonathon snapped the belt down on bare flesh. The sting was so strong that Lex arched his back, and the farmer placed one hand between his shoulder blades and pushed him back down.

Jonathon was primed to give Lex a spanking with the belt that would stay in his memory for some time to come. He kept thinking about how they would never be happy again if Lex were resting in some cemetery because he had killed himself driving drunk.
So again and again he brought the belt down, until Lex's behind was a deep shade of red. He could feel the boy fighting the sobs from the first swat, and somewhere in the middle he stopped long enough to tell Lex it was all right to just let go and cry.

And for once Lex took his advice. He started crying, and then sobbing, and by the time Jonathon figured that he had had enough, Lex was wailing. Jonathon threw the belt on the bed, and rubbed the boy's back, and told him how much they loved him. Lex cried until Jonathon became worried. Finally the crying eased and Jonathon gently pulled Lex's boxers up and helped him to his feet.

And as he always had done he very gently sat the boy on his lap and wrapped both arms tightly around him. Even though his crying had eased, his breath was coming in short choppy bursts. Jonathon rubbed his neck, and pulled the understandably upset boy's head down onto his own broad shoulder. And they stayed that way for some time with Jonathon telling Lex how much they loved him.

Finally Lex's breathing returned to normal, and Jonathon could tell that he was beginning to recover a little from his harsh punishment. "You will be all right Lex, it's over now. Martha and I forgive you. But you must promise never to drink and drive again. I wouldn't want to have to do this again."

Lex's eyes filled with tears at the thought of doing this again. "Please let's not."

Jonathon felt the boy tense up again, and he resumed stroking his back. After a little while, he felt Lex relax again, and he heard him softly ask a question. "Will tomorrow be this bad, or the day after?"

Jonathon lifted the trembling chin up to look into Lex's eyes. "Today was definitely the worst one. I won't use the belt again tomorrow."

Lex dropped his gaze and said, "I know that I deserved it."

Jonathon nodded at his comment. "Yes son, but I still got no joy from doing it. I'm sorry that it had to be so hard. But I had to make sure that you understood about drinking and driving."

Lex lifted his head up and looked into Jonathon's face. "No problem, because I am absolutely sure that I won't ever be able to sit down again, so driving is pretty much out of the question. And after the embarrassing discussion with Mom in the kitchen, dating and God forbid anything else is also a thing of the past. Too many pitfalls."

Jonathon smiled at Lex's viewpoint on all of this, and was ever so relieved that he had maintained his sense of humor about it all.

"We love you Lex, and we are not ever going to stop. No horrible or misguided thing you do is going to make us not want you to be a member of this family. And if you really want to avoid getting your behind smacked again, you would do well to remember that and accept it. Understand?"

Lex felt the tears falling again but quietly answered yes to the question at the end of Jonathan's statement. They remained in that position for a little while longer and finally Lex stood up.

Just by looking at him Jonathon could tell that he was worn out. "Why don't you lie down and take a short nap son you look exhausted."

Lex shook his head no. "I promised Clark that I would finish helping him with the math homework. I can do that standing up. That's all right isn't it?"

Jonathon smiled at the fact that even after being harshly taken to task, Lex just wanted to get back into things. "Yes son that's just fine."

Lex went into the bathroom and washed his face and went down stairs first. He spent a fair amount of time being comforted by Martha. She told him almost word for word the same things that Jonathan had told him.

Jonathan watched this, and as always watching Martha and knowing what a good mother she was, just made him want to weep. Both of his boys were very lucky.

After Lex went outside, she resumed her position of sitting on his lap and trying to make him feel better about what he had just done. And despite the fact that it had been a hard day for all of them, he still felt that they were the luckiest people in the world. Tomorrow would be another tough day with more of the same, but he knew that it all would work out because he had faith in all four of the people in this family.

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