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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of teens by a parent.

A Tangled Web

Dean sat behind the steering wheel of the Impala brow furrowed in concentration. Turning to look at his younger brother Sam he tried to keep from a full blown panic. "Come on dude think. You're this big brained geek so use it man."

Now he saw Sam's eyes widen and he shrugged apparently without even the simplest of ideas. "Dean I don't know. I can't come up with a damn thing that sounds plausible and are you sure that's such a good idea anyway?"

Suddenly Dean leaned towards him with menace written all over his face. "What in the hell are you talking about Francis?"

He watched as Sam squirmed a little in his seat. "Well Dean don't you remember the last time?"

Dean shook his head in amazement at what his brother had just said. "Why in the hell do you think I want to come up with something? The last time…. well let me tell you the last time sucked."

Now Dean stopped him with a look. "Not that last time Dean I mean the last time we both lied to dad together."

Sam looked over in time to see his brother actually grimace. "Oh yeah *that* last time."

Now Dean looked kind of pale. "You mean when we were like kids right?"

And Sammy shook his head. "Oh man that was a whole world of suck."

Sam nodded trying to resign himself to the situation. "So you wanna just go back to the motel and tell him?"

He saw his brother look at him closely. "Do you?"

The silence was overwhelming in the interior of the vehicle. And Dean made an executive decision. "Okay then try and come up with a cover story."

Sam looked at Dean as if he had lost his mind. "Didn't what happened back then teach you anything?"

Dean bit his lip "Apparently not Dude and that's why this time we need a good lie."

# # #

Years earlier:

Dean snuggled deeper under the covers and smiled in his sleep. He had just killed a demon with his dad and standing behind him was a very hot chick in very few clothes. "Oh Dean you are the strongest, most handsome guy I know. You saved me…how can I ever thank you?"

She wrapped her self around him in a hot kiss and his senses went into overdrive. But her phone was ringing. "Hey the phone is ringing."

He sat up in bed with a start and realized that he had been dreaming about the hot chick and he groaned. "It figures." And he went to answer the phone wondering why dad would be calling in the middle of the night. "Hello."

For a moment he heard nothing but silence. "Hello whoever this is I just gave up a hot chick to answer the phone…" he said in a very annoyed voice.


Now he sat straight up in bed because he could hear the fear in his brother's voice. "Sam where the hell are you?"

Again there was a long pause as if he was trying to find a way to say it. "At the pay phone next to the bleachers at the football field. Can you come and get me?"

Dean had his jeans and shirt on before he hung up the phone and went barefoot carrying his shoes to the car. It didn't occur to him until he was halfway down the street that Sam should have been in his bed asleep and looking at his watch he realized that it was three a.m. "Oh I am so gonna kill that kid."

He made it to the football field in record time and there looking small, scared and all together too vulnerable for Deans liking was Sam. "Get your ass in this car and be really glad that I'm not some sexual pervert looking for a new toy."

He couldn't believe it when Sam rolled his eyes. "Just save the lecture Dean."

Now Dean reached across the seat and smacked the back of his head. "Oww Dean that hurt."

"Yeah well be really thankful that I can't reach your butt."

"You had a hot chick in your bed Dean?"

For a moment Dean thought maybe Sam had lost it. "What?"

"When you answered the phone you said you gave up a hot chick."

Dean tightened his grip on the steering wheel and closed his eyes for a minute. "I was dreaming about a hot chick Sam now would you like to tell me what the hell you are doing at the pay phone by the bleachers at three a.m.? Cause I think that would be a fun and interesting story to hear."

Sam went to roll his eyes but was stopped cold by a warning look that he knew from experience better than to ignore. "Well I went there to meet some friends."

Dean nodded "Oh so like its normal for you to meet with your friends at three a.m.? None of your geeky friends would be brave enough to go out in the middle of the night Dude, so who did you go to meet."

Even in the poor lighting of the car he saw Sam blush. "Some new friends."

Knowing that was definitely the case Dean snorted "Yeah well not for long little bro. Now who the hell were they and if you were having such a grand time why call me to come and rescue your ass?"

"It was the some of the guys from the football team you know Tyler Prescott and those guys."

Dean looked disgusted "Sam those guys are a bunch of honest to god testosterone driven morons and they think they are better than everyone else to boot."

Not liking what he had just heard Sam gave him a nasty look. "Yeah well they asked me to come out with them tonight okay?"

With one look at his older brother Sam knew that his patience was running out. "Again Sammy if you were having such a freaking fun time why did you just call me then?"

Sam hung his head knowing what his brother was going to think about what he was going to tell him. "Cause they were smoking and they wanted me to and I wouldn't."

Now Dean looked to him with a puzzled expression. "They were smoking cigarettes and that's why you left?"

Sam shook his head. "Not cigarettes Dean."

Reality dawned on Dean and he saw red and took a couple of deep breaths trying to calm himself. What he wanted to do was to turn the car around and drive back to the place where he had picked Sam up and pound on some junior high school jerks until they bled. He looked long and hard at Sam and wasn't surprised to see him squirm. "I am really glad that you didn't Dude but you are just in a shit load of trouble."

Sam fixed him the puppy dog eyes. "Do we have to tell Dad? Oh please don't tell him, please?"

Dean tried to keep his eyes on the road and ignore Sam and the begging and the sad eyes. He knew he should tell their dad but he also knew that he would go ballistic and Sam would catch hell for it for sure. But as they got close to home his mind was taken off of the dilemma by something else. "Shit."

He turned to look at Sam with a frantic expression. "We suddenly have bigger fish to fry than that. That car ahead of us is Dad."

He saw Sam's eyes get wide and he turned off onto the street behind theirs. "What are we gonna do Dean?"

Dean thought for a minute and pulled in front of the house that was directly behind theirs. "Just cut through their yard and climb back into the window of your room and get under the covers. And for God's sake remember to take off your shoes or he'll notice when he checks to make sure that you are in bed."

Sam was shaking his head. "But Dean he'll know that you're gone when he sees that the car is missing."

"Hey it'll be no big deal I'm seventeen that's what I'm supposed to be doing is sneaking out. He'll just ground me. Now get your ass out of this car and into the house. I'll stall him for a few minutes...now go."

Throwing a grateful look over his shoulder Sam made a dash for their house and Dean drove around the block just in time to see dad pulling his car into the driveway.

Dean pulled the car up in behind his dad just in time to catch the surprised look on his face. He got out and tried his best to look nervous. "Uh dad what are you doing home?"

Now he saw his father fix him with a harsh look. "The better question would be what exactly are you doing coming home at three fifteen in the morning Dean? And where is Sam? And is this the kind of thing you often do when I'm away?"

Years of having a strict father made Dean realize that this wasn't some little thing to his dad. He depended upon Dean to keep his word and follow the rules, Sam too for that matter. Knowing that though he wasn't above sneaking out or even lying he would just never be stupid enough to get caught. He groaned inwardly when he realized that he was likely to be grounded for a really long time.

"No sir, it was just tonight and I don't know what got into me, I'm really sorry." He tried Sammy's puppy dog eyes but it didn't look like they worked to well in his case.

"Inside we will discuss all of this tomorrow. It's late and believe it or not I am tired and I had the misguided thought that coming home tonight would be great."

Again Dean fixed him with the sad eyes. "Sorry dad."

He saw his father point to the house. "Go."

And as he walked away he was halted by his father's voice. "Dean why aren't you wearing any socks?"

For just a moment Dean was speechless. Leave it to dad to notice something so
obscure and he struggled to come up with an answer. "Well cause it's the just what we do now Dude. Nobody wears socks any more."

In a blind panic he did the one thing that he knew would divert attention. "Maybe if you were born before the turn of the century you might know some of this shit."

Judging from the look on his dad's face he though he might have overshot the mark just a little and might actually get a smack but dad just pointed towards the house. "Inside now Smartass."

He went into the house with his dad following and carrying the weapons. He figured now would be as good a time as any to find out how many years he was grounded for. "So how long am I grounded for dad?"

He saw something flicker on his dad's face that he didn't think he liked. "We will discuss it tomorrow. Go to bed Dean."

His dad gave him a quick kiss on the forehead and turning his shoulders pointed him in the direction of his room. And somewhere in the pit of his stomach Dean had a little twinge and he wondered why dad didn't just answer his question but he did as he was told not surprised to see his dad head into Sammy's room.

John sat down on the side of the bed of his youngest and kissed him on the forehead watching as he sleepily opened his eyes. "Dad, your home."

Now John smiled and pushed the boy's unruly bangs back out of his eyes. "I missed you guys."

Now Sam smiled his angels smile. "Aww thanks Dad we missed you too."

"Go back to sleep sweetheart I will see you in the morning." John stood and got as far as the door. "Sammy?"

Now Sam could feel his heart pounding in his chest. "Yeah?"

"Do the kids at your school not wear socks?" Now Sam thought he must have heard that wrong but he wondered if it had something to do with Dean.

"Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't." Sammy thought to himself that was a good way to vague it up.


Sam prayed that he would just stop asking questions or he was gonna screw it up for sure. "Yeah Dad?"

"Do you think that I'm old?"

Sam thought that this certainly was the weirdest conversation that he had ever had with his dad and that was saying something cause they were usually talking about demons and ghosts. "Not really dad."

Now he saw his father smile. "Good and goodnight buddy."

Sam waited until he closed the door and leapt to his feet and yanked his clothes off and threw them in the hamper and put on his sweat pants and baseball shirt that he slept in and crawled back into bed sure that with the amount of guilt he was feeling he would never be able to sleep a wink.

Sam opened his eyes and stretched. His first action was to smile as he smelled the bacon that his dad was making for breakfast because he loved bacon. But then he remembered. He sat up in bed and threw off the covers going quietly to Dean's room, where his brother was still sleeping. He sat down on the bed next to him and shook his shoulder. "Dean, Dean wake up."

He saw his older brother open one eye just slightly and frown at him. "Yeah I'm awake, what is the house on fire?"

Now Sam became impatient with his brother. "Damn it Dean what happened with you and Dad last night?"

He saw Dean open his eyes all the way. "He said we would figure it out today. He wasn't too happy but a lot less ballistic than he would have been if he had caught you sneaking in and keep using that kind of language and you are liable to get swatted."

They both looked up as they heard their father knock on the door. "Dean time to get up son."

He shoved Sam off of his bed and sat up and stretched. "Great the first day of solitary confinement, bread and water and no going anywhere or doing anything. I'll be ready to sneak out for real by like….tonight."

Now Dean watched as Sam hung his head. "I'm really sorry Dean I swear I am."

He turned to look at his brother and one look at those sad eyes and Dean was a goner. "Aww Sammy it'll be okay. But you need to promise me that you won't even talk to those jerks again. And if I ever find out that you've been sneaking out again I'll turn you in to Dad myself after I blister your tail first. Got it?"

Sam swallowed hard knowing that his brother meant just exactly that. "Got it Dean."

"Okay so then we're good. Let's go and eat." They headed for the kitchen.

Dad had made an excellent breakfast for them all, and they enjoyed the meal but Dean could tell that something was on their dad's mind. Finally after the dishes were done John went to the sink and handed Sam a list. "Hey Champ could you get dressed and take your bike and go over to the library for me and get some of this information?"

Now Sam nodded his head. "Sure Dad but how bout if Dean just drives me cause he had some books he needed for a project at school too."

Dean felt like he might just see breakfast again when his father shook his head no. "Dean and I need to have a little talk this morning."

Now Dean looked at his dad hoping he hadn't heard that right. "I don't need a talk dad really I'm good. And I'm seventeen that's way too old for a talk really. Honestly I can take Sammy to the library."

Now his father turned to him and again in a voice that booked no resistance simply said "No."

Dean was trying his best to just be calm about it all but for some reason it wasn't working. "Look dad I know I screwed up last night but I promise…"

"Enough Dean we will discuss this when Sammy leaves."

Sam turned a panicked look in his direction and then turned to their father. "But dad you can't!"

John was puzzled by Sam being so upset about Dean being punished. "Yes son I most certainly can and I most certainly will."

Dean watched Sam's reaction and realized that if he didn't just accept it Sam was going to confess rather than let him take the fall. So as much as he didn't want this to happen he knew he had to just face it. "Look Sam really no big deal go to the library."

Now he saw the amazement on his little brother's face. "But Dean!"

He shook his head. "No Sammy it'll be okay just go."

Now Sam's eyes filled with tears "Are you sure?"

He nodded that he was and squeezed Sam's shoulder. "Just go Francis."

John watched as Sam took the list and went back to his room and got dressed and then headed for the garage to get his bike. He saw the tears even as he was leaving and wondered exactly what was going on between his sons. "What was that all about?"

Now he saw Dean shrug. "Kid loves me what can I say I am his hero you know."

John wondered if that was all there was to it but he turned to the matter at hand. "So do you have anything to say in your defense about last night?"

Now Dean shrugged playing the role of the defiant teen to deflect his father's suspicions. "Well for starters I didn't know you were coming home or I woulda come home earlier like two a.m. for example."

He knew that dad had forgotten all about Sam when he saw the little vein throbbing in his forehead. "Where did you go and what were you doing and how often do you do this? And I want the truth Dean."

Now Dean smiled even though he felt anything but relaxed and happy. "Why are you gonna drag the lie detector out from the garage and strap me to it?"

Now he could tell that his Dad was counting in his head, which was never a good sign. "Answer my question Dean."

Dean knew that he had pushed hard enough that dad was no longer thinking about Sam or anything really other than smacking his butt which in some retarded way had been his goal.

"I just rode around for a while cause I got tired of being stuck in the house. And then I went to a party that Suzette Myers was having at her house and then I came home. Last night was the first time I ever snuck out when you were gone. I don't like to leave Sammy here alone it worries me. But hey I guess I just screwed up. Great party though." Dean figured that would have been just about enough to hang himself and from the look on his dad's face it was. Dean felt his heart sink when his dad drug a kitchen chair out into the center of the living room and sat down.

"Well I think you remember son what happens now."

Dean swallowed what felt like a grapefruit in his throat. "Yes sir. But how about if I promise never, ever, ever to do it again?"

He saw his father shake his head.

"Yeah I didn't think so but I had to give it a shot." His father made a come here motion with his hand and Dean did as he was asked and kept thinking that it was better him than Sam. He knew in his heart that this was the right thing to do. He felt his dad tug him across his lap and was thankful that nothing was coming down for this little talk. But he swore when he realized that he was still in pajama bottoms and wished he had been smart enough to get dressed before breakfast as jeans would have helped at least a little.

He felt extremely uncomfortable at his age and size being over his dad's knee but he knew that was part of the lesson. He braced himself on the floor with his hands and wished that it was over. But for it to be over it had to start and all too soon it did. Dad
was smacking hard and fast and already the sting was fierce. Just his luck to have a father who had a hand the size of a catcher's mitt. He struggled to remain quiet but soon small noises of discomfort began to escape and then he moved right on into the owws that always arrived right about this point.

He was fighting tears with all that he had and dad just kept on going. He tried to focus on anything but the inferno that his ass had become. He thought about how to assemble and disassemble the weapons and how Suzette Myers legs seemed to go on for like miles, and how much he wished Sam had just stayed the hell in bed. "Oww Dad please stop."

Why in the hell wasn't his hand getting tired it seemed as if he had been smacking Dean's butt for an hour and it was hurting so much. "Please Dad I'm sorry."

Dean thought after he said it that with how pathetic he sounded he deserved what was happening. He bit down on his lip and refused to make another sound. It was about that time that his father took down the pajama pants and Dean just gave in and sobbed when he felt the intensity of the first swat. If he had thought it had hurt before what was being done now was no comparison. Through his sobs he heard dad's voice lecturing him about the situation but all he could do was feel. As quickly as it had started it finished.

He felt his father adjust his clothing and pull him to his feet and he was too ashamed after his emotional display to even look at his father in the eyes. His dad stood up and with an arm guided him to the couch where he pushed him down to sitting and Dean fought standing back up again with every ounce of pride that he had. For Christ sakes he was seventeen years old not some snot nosed four year old that got spanked for having a temper tantrum. But it hurt so fiercely that even knowing he had done it for Sammy brought him no comfort.

He struggled to get the tears under control and just to ignore how much his butt hurt and then his father wrapped him in a hug and pulled him to his chest and fighting his emotions became an almost impossible battle. "I'm sorry Dean I know that was unpleasant and seemed really harsh."

Now Dean was both laughing and crying, "Ya think?"

But he finally surrendered when his father told him that he loved him. All the sobs that he had been choking on were released and he just buried his face into his father's broad shoulder and cried. To his dad's credit he sat there with Dean for a long time before Dean got it under control again. "Are you okay son?"

Now Dean made a sound that his father often heard when he was going to make a smart assed remark. "You mean other than my ass dad?"

Now John dropped his head so that Dean wouldn't see the smile he was fighting. "I mean all the way around son."

Dean just nodded in reply.

"I didn't have a choice son sneaking out in the middle of the night is not something that I'm just gonna forget about. Are we are once again clear about the rules around here?"

Again Dean nodded. "Yes sir."

"Good now I love you, and I forgive you but I want you to make sure that I never have to do this again. Will you work on that for me please?"

Now Dean actually looked amazed. "Word of honor dad."

John sat with his arm around his son for a while longer and finally he knew Dean was feeling a little better. "Go on back to bed now for a while please."

Dean stood up and looked like he wanted to protest but he was still feeling too punished to disobey. John kissed him on the forehead one last time, watched his son walk down the hallway to his room and he shook his head. This whole thing was just so unlike Dean. He was always so careful about protecting Sam. John just didn't understand it.

He went into his den coming out only once to look in on Dean and make sure that his son was asleep which he was. He had just gotten back to work when he heard the doorbell ring. Going to the door he found a guy who he recognized from school functions but didn't really know. "Can I help you?"

The man looked uncomfortable but nodded. "Is this the Winchester house?"

Now it was John's turn to nod. "My name is Wesley Dennison and well my son goes to school with your son and apparently last night the boys were out running the streets at three o'clock in the morning."

"My wife and I found our son was missing and we had been searching for hours when we found them at the football field by the bleachers."

Now John sighed. "I am aware of that I have already had a discussion with my son about it."

Now he saw the other father relax. "Look I don't mean to be a hard ass about this it's just that there were about ten kids there and of the ten at least half of the parents don't care."

John shook his head. "That wouldn't be me. Dean has been punished and will be kept on a short leash for a while until I know that I can trust him again."

He couldn't figure out why suddenly Mr. Dennison got such an odd look on his face. "Dean? My son told us that your son's name was Sam. Do I have the wrong house?"

John thought for a moment that that couldn't be right but suddenly it all made sense. "No I also have a son named Sam and I thank you for letting me know this."

He shut the door and leaned against it. "Son of a bitch."

Walking back into his den he picked up the phone and called Suzette Myers whose number he got from Deans address book. He found out that there had been no party at the Myers household last night and he sat down wondering what exactly he was going to do now about his two sons who had set about to deliberately lie to him.

# # #

Sam came into the house with an armload of books and sitting them down on the
kitchen table found a note from his father. He scanned it and even though it said specifically for him to not go in and wake up Dean that was exactly what he did.
Walking into his brother's room he found Dean asleep on his stomach and he was still in his pajama bottoms and tee shirt from this morning. He gently put a hand on his shoulder. "Dean are you awake?"

He watched as his brother carefully rolled onto his side and then climbed out of bed. And if that hadn't of worried him enough Dean's eyes were all swollen like he had been crying or something. He felt his own eyes fill with tears again and he cursed himself for not just telling their dad the truth and leaving out Dean all together. Now he saw Dean look him over closely.


He wanted to just cry because he felt so bad about what Dean had done for him. "Don't go there Sammy it was no big deal just a couple of smacks. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think it was right."

Now Sam could feel his lower lip trembling. "But you look like you were crying your eyes are all swollen and red."

Now he saw Dean look out the window. "Allergies Sam that's all. It's spring time you know that's the worst time for my allergies. The talk with dad was nothing really."

Sam wanted to believe what he said with all his heart but he wondered. They heard the sound of their dad's car in the driveway and Sammy's eyes got wide. "Shit I'm not supposed to be in here. He left a note and it said I was supposed to leave you alone until he got back."

Now Dean pushed him towards the door. "Then get back out there I'll take a shower and pretend that I just got up."

As soon as Sam was out the door Dean reached back to rub and hoped like hell that it stopped hurting sometime soon.

John Winchester walked through the door to find Sam standing at the kitchen table looking guilty as hell which is exactly how he should have looked. "Hey Sam did you find everything at the library?"

He was surprised to see his younger son who was usually the sweetest kid ever fix him with a hateful look. "Yeah I guess so."

He watched as Sam picked up a tennis ball that belonged to Dean off of the floor and bounced it against the wall knowing full well that he wasn't allowed to do that in the house. John knew that Sam must have gone in to see Dean and now he was mad at John. And John at the moment was also less than happy with Sam.

"Is Dean awake?" Now Sam attempted to look clueless which John knew meant that he had already been in to see Dean as Sammy never was that good of an actor.

"I dunno I think I heard the shower running, you told me in the note to not go in and so I didn't."

John frowned not liking his son's tone in the least. "Go and knock on his door and tell him to come out to the living room please."

Now Sam fixed him with another hateful look. "Why?"

And John had had about enough. "Maybe cause if you don't you are gonna get your butt swatted how's that for a reason?"

Sam shot him another look over his shoulder and did as he was told. Soon both boys were seated on the couch and John felt sick watching Dean try to find a comfortable
position knowing full well how hard he had been on him and realizing that in all
likelihood he had just been going out to bring Sam home.

"Well I picked up a video that I thought you guys might like to see." He picked the VCR tape up off of the table and popped it in. He heard Sam make a gasping noise when he saw that it was a security video from the football field and bleachers. And then to make matters worse there was a clear shot of a group of boys walking up to almost a perfect position in front of the camera. And there in the center of it all stood Sam right under the date and time in the right hand corner.

For several long seconds no one spoke and finally John turned off the television and faced his duplicitous sons. "So I'm guessing the reason that Dean was out had nothing to do with a party. Would one of you like to tell me the truth now?"

Still he was met with silence and shook his head giving both sons a rather menacing look. "This is bad boys and getting worse unless someone speaks up and right now."

Now he saw Dean look to Sam. "Maybe the tape was doctored."

He sighed knowing that with Dean it was never easy and the kid simply never gave up.

"It was a security tape and no it wasn't doctored and I also have another credible witness that puts Sam with those kids at three a.m. Did he call and ask you to bring him home Dean?"

And again John could tell from the way he tightened his jaw that it wasn't going to be easy to get to the truth. "Well I could just start swatting until I got to the truth."

Dean never even blinked. "So go ahead then."

Sam stood up and faced John. "I went out with some kids from school and Dean didn't know that I was gone until I called and asked him to come and pick me up."

John heard Dean swear and he looked to his younger son "And how is it that you were in bed when I came in and Dean wasn't?"

"He saw your car in front of us and dropped me off at the Henderson's and I came in the back way and got into bed."

He saw Dean nudge him and he wondered what else he didn't know. "Tell him the rest Sam."

His younger son shook his head no. "TELL him."

He could see that Sam was near tears now. "They were gonna smoke marijuana and they wanted me to and I wouldn't so I called Dean to come and get me."

John thought for a long moment about the new information that he had just heard and once again turned to Dean. "And so you decided rather than tell me- Sam's actual father you figured that you would just lie to me and let me blister your behind instead."

Dean didn't say anything and Sam finally spoke up. "He just thought you would ground him."

John looked long and hard at Dean and debated about what to do now. "What I should do is anytime one of you gets into trouble I should just spank both of you and that way I would absolutely know that the guilty party was punished."

At least now both of his sons looked appropriately uncomfortable. "Sam go to your room I will be in in a few minutes and make no mistake you will be getting a spanking."

He watched as Sam just nodded resigned to his fate.

"But Dad…"

Now he looked to his elder and more stubborn son. "Don't Dean I am the father and I say what happens not you. Clearly that is something that you need to be reminded of. Go out to the garage and wait for me there."

Dean gave him an incredulous look "The garage what are we gonna do change the oil in the car?"

John looked at Dean just amazed that after the spanking he had gotten this morning and all the trouble he was in that he would be still be pushing it. Using a version of the age old "because I said so" he just pointed to the garage and said "Now."

He all but sighed with relief when his son finally had the right answer. "Yes sir."

He stood rooted to the spot as he watched both of his sons depart in different directions and he again thought long and hard about how to handle the rest of this situation. Finally making up his mind he headed out to the garage to deal with Dean first. He sat down one end of the work bench and motioned for Dean to sit down on the other end and for once his stubborn son did as he was told. "Now some of this I suppose is my fault. I have asked you to protect him since he was a babe in arms. And Dean I appreciate so much the way you have loved and cared for him."

"Yeah let me guess there is a but coming?"

John simply nodded. "I am his father and I am the one who decides if something is important or not just the same as with you. I am the one who needs to have all the information so that I can make an educated decision every time."

Now Dean looked down at his hands and realized that while he had thought he had been right, maybe it hadn't been such a wise decision. "I need to know what he's doing and what choices that he is making and it really wasn't fair that I punished you this morning for something that you didn't do. And we both know that it was a pretty bad spanking too."

He was surprised to see tears in Dean's eyes. "That's why what I am about to do is going to seem really unfair."

Dean looked up with wide eyes and John could tell he was holding his breath. "I am going to consider what you got this morning as punishment for the lying to me about last night but I am going to spank you again now for not coming to me to tell me Sammy might be headed for trouble. You could come to me with anything and I would listen and help you and yes there might be punishment but to keep something this important about your brother from me is not acceptable son".

"Come over here." John could see that Dean was attempting to resist the urge to run with all he had. Finally he stood up and walked the step to where John sat.

"Dad please..."

John steeled his heart to the plea from his son and pulled him across his lap and as easily as he could place ten swats onto his behind. He stopped and knew that Dean was crying and pushed him to his feet and then turning him pulled him back down onto his lap. "Dad please not in front of the car she'll never have any respect for me again."

John beamed at the resilience of this son of his. "I'm sure she'll get over it. Are you

Now he was relieved to see Dean nod that he was and they just sat there for a while with John rubbing his back and Dean leaning his head on his shoulder. "I love you kid and I am proud of what you tried to do for your brother this morning even if it was
the wrong choice. I know it couldn't have been easy especially because I came down pretty hard on you."

He kissed his son on the forehead and once again was amazed at how courageous this boy was. They sat in companionable silence for a few more minutes and John could tell the boy was starting to feel better. Suddenly Dean looked at him as serious as he could be. "Do you really have to spank him dad?"

And with an equally solemn expression he nodded. "It is my job Dean to make sure that both of you grow up to understand that things like lying and sneaking out of the house and doing drugs are wrong. I know that Sammy apparently turned down the drugs but even still. And you can't protect Sam from those lessons he needs to learn them and figure it out on his own just like you did. And you shouldn't try to protect him from me. Because sometimes getting spanked is a good way to make you realize the mistakes that you have made and even learn from them. For example tell me some lessons that you have learned from being put over my knee."

He almost laughed at the expression on his son's face. "You want me to talk about it? Wasn't it bad enough that I had to live through it? And that I'm sitting here on your lap?"

John allowed Dean to stand up and he stood up himself but shook his head in warning. "Dean…"

Now he saw his son drop his gaze and suddenly he found the hem of his shirt to be interesting. "Come on and answer my question son."

He saw Dean frown and still not looking him in the eye started talking. "I learned to not leave Sammy alone and go and play video games."

There was no way that John could fail to miss the pain that flickered over his face even after all these years at that admission. "I learned not to pour cherry jello in the neighbor's pool."

John couldn't help the smile that came to his face on that one. "I learned to not flush the foods that Sammy doesn't like down the john."

Now even Dean was smiling. "I learned to have respect for the weapons and to always know which one to use."

John nodded encouragingly. "And I learned that it really pisses you off if I taunt whatever baddie you're killing as you're killing it." Here John just shook his head.

"I learned to not sneak a girl into my bedroom late at night." John rolled his eyes at that one, as that had been a near disaster. "But gotta say Dad on that one, if I have the chance again I'm thinking it might just be worth it."

Now John frowned. "At the risk of being here all day what was today's lesson?"

He saw a flicker of emotion again cross Deans handsome face. "To let Sammy take his own lumps in the future?"

He asked it in question form and John nodded his head encouragingly. "Yeah son pretty much, and why?"

Now he saw Dean look somewhat guarded but he couldn't fault the boy as he answered. "Cause he needs to."

He pulled his son into a warm hug glad that at least on this day with this son he was finished. "Okay I think for the moment we are done here."

Reaching into his wallet he pulled out a twenty and handed it to Dean. "Here go play
some video games while I talk to Sammy."

Knowing that the best thing for both of them was to assure Dean was out of the house while he punished Sam he also handed him the keys to his car. "Take my car and I'll see you in about three hours."

He saw the struggle going on with one look at Dean's face. "Trust me son…please."

And he felt a swell of pride when his hard headed, over protective son answered "Yes sir" and went out the door to the car.

Dean drove his father's truck and like each and every other time he was behind the wheel he totally adored both the look and the power of the vehicle except for one slight problem. He was still smarting from the "talk" that his father had just given him and while he knew that his father had been right it still didn't take the discomfort out of the situation. And worse still most of it had been for nothing as Sam was still going to be punished. But he realized that there had been a lot of truth in some of the things that his dad had said to him. But hey the way he said them had really sucked.

Stopping at a four way stop Dean looked ahead and saw a kid that looked remarkably like Sam walking alone. He though to himself that he must have Sam on the brain and he really needed to stop with the big brother mode for a while. Pulling closer he realized of course that it was Sam. He hit the accelerator and sped up next to where Sam was and then hit the brake. Throwing the truck into park he got out and went around to the sidewalk. "What in the hell do you think that you are doing Sam?"

He saw Sam give him a look. "I'm not going home until dad cools off. You heard what he said he was gonna do to me."

Now Dean fought for control of his temper. "Yeah well poor you I've already gotten my ass beat twice today because of this crap."

Sam looked regretful. "Dean really I'm sorry. I just can't go home now. Just help me to keep out of his way for a few days until this blows over."

It was at this point that Dean realized that sometimes being a good big brother doesn't always mean being the hero. And he had the realization that dad had been totally right and Sam hadn't really learned anything from his taking the blame.

"No can do Sammy now get in the truck."

He saw a defiant look on his brother's face. "No Dean just leave me alone then."

He tried to walk away again but Dean blocked his path. "Oh so I can help you when it involves me taking the blame huh?"

Now Sam looked hurt. "Go away."

Dean made up his mind that he loved this kid to much to let him grow up and never face the consequences. "In the car Francis or I'll put you in the car."

Sammy tried to make a run for it and within a split second he found himself picked up,
thrown over Dean's shoulder and deposited in the passenger side of his fathers vehicle. Dean got in and hit the door locks and turned to his brother. "You are going home to face the music."

Now Sam turned to him and gave him the big, sad eyes full force and Dean felt a tug in the area of his heart, but he turned his face away. "No way kiddo that isn't gonna work this time. You are going home and facing Dad period."

Looking to Sam he was amazed to see that he was mad. "You're my big brother and you are supposed to help me. You suck Dean."

Now Dean just felt sad. "I am helping you Sam you just don't know it yet."

They arrived back at home in record time without Sam saying another word. Dean pulled the car into the driveway just as their father was backing Dean's car out probably to go and look for Sam. He turned the car off and got out and for once Dean was glad that he wasn't the one on the receiving end of the furious look. Walking to where Sam was getting out of the car he grabbed the boy by the arm and gave him two hard swats and a small shake. "Do you have any idea just how worried I was when I found that you were gone?"

Much to Dean's relief he saw Sam nod his head. "Yes sir."

"You go to your room and wait for me now." Sam did as he was told and looked over his shoulder at Dean with disgust evident in every feature.

"Well so much for me being the hero huh?"

He felt his father put an arm around his shoulder and squeeze. "It means a lot to me that you brought him home to me son."

Now Dean shrugged. "Well with the way he eats I could have stowed him for about six hours and then I woulda needed a loan for food."

John smiled at the truth of that statement but knew his oldest son the well enough to know that the look Sam had sent him must have hurt. While Dean was tough there was no doubt about the fact that he had a very soft spot for his younger brother and would do anything for him and was proud of the fact that he looked up to him.

"He'll feel differently son, don't let it get to you."

Now Dean looked down and if John didn't know better he would have sworn that tears weren't far from the surface. "I'll try."

John wrapped this son of his in a big hug only to have him pull away. "Geez dad what'll the neighbors think?"

Now John smiled. "That I hug my son?"

Dean continued to look horrified. "Exactly dude."

"Get into the car and go son." With a small smile he watched amused as Dean did exactly that.

John walked with purpose into the house wanting to just lay into his youngest son but fighting against the urge to do just that. He knocked briefly on Sam's door and entered his youngest son's room. He could see tears already and wondered briefly if they were simply because he knew just how deep he was in this time. "Sit. Down." He used his no nonsense voice which both son's knew well and wouldn't dare to disobey.

"Frankly Sam I don't even know where to start with you. You waited until I was gone for the night and snuck out to meet a bunch of kids who aren't even you usual group of
friends. And then you let Dean take the punishment that was meant for you and to top it all off I send you in here to wait for me and you do a disappearing act. Oh young man you are in so much trouble." John paced the floor trying again to calm himself and it occurred to him that maybe between he and Dean Sammy had become somewhat spoiled. He intended to turn that around and damn fast.

"So who were these kids I didn't recognize a single one of them."

Sam looked at him with a defiant look on his face. "Apparently a bunch of jerks according to Dean."

Now John shook a warning finger in his face. "Leave Dean out of this we will get to him later. How do you know these guys from school?"

Sam looked like he wasn't going to answer. "I tutored one of them in algebra."

John's patience was wearing thin. "And….."

"And they asked if I wanted to come out with them and they run the school and so I thought why not."

Now John shook his head. "Oh I'm about to show you why not Sam."

For the first time since this started Sam began to look worried. "I didn't know that they had pot or smoked pot, and as soon as they asked me to I walked away and called Dean."

John knew this was a good time to discuss Dean. "And I take it he was mad at first."

He watched as Sam nodded. "Yeah but then when we saw your car he told me to sneak in and pretend that I had been asleep."

The former military man decided it was a good time to clue his son in. "Well that decision cost him Sam because I spanked him hard and on his bare butt no less. And he took it all and never said so much as a word because he was protecting you. And that look you shot him in the driveway was a really nice way to say thank you."

He watched as Sam's face crumbled and he put his head in his hands and cried. John sat down on the bed next to him and put an arm around his shoulder but in no way intended to let the tears deter him from his duty as a father. "And how was it that you left the house after I had told you to just wait for me in here?"

Uncertainty was evident on his face. "I was mad at you. I don't think it's fair that you are gonna spank me."

John sighed and wondered and not for the first time how much easier his life would be if his children weren't so stubborn. "But it was okay that I spanked Dean?"

"But I didn't know that was going to happen."

John could tell just from the way that he said it that it didn't ring true. "At any point when I was sending you to the library you could have said 'No Dad, Dean didn't do this I did.' You knew at that point that he was going to get his butt blistered, but you didn't. You might have felt badly about it but you didn't tell me the truth. And even with Dean probably telling you that it was no big deal you knew better. And you should have just stepped up to the plate and been honest and accepted whatever was coming. Because now you have made it much worse for yourself."

John tipped the chin up so that he could look his youngest son in the eyes. "You are going to be punished and I am afraid it is going to be something that you remember for a
long while. Then you are going to be grounded until I am sure that this was a one time only event. And make no mistake you will apologize to your brother, not about the fact that you allowed him to be on the receiving end of a spanking because that was partly his choice as well but because you were so hateful to him today when all he has ever had at heart were your best interests. And then you and I are going to have some conversations about your attitude of late. Some things are going to have to change."

Sam looked up at him and squirmed. "By conversations do you mean actual talking?"

John just shook his head. "Yes Dean Jr. that is exactly what I meant. If I had meant spanking I would have said spanking. Your brother is the only one who uses the code word for spanking."

John sighed just wanting this to be over. "Stand up Sam."

Sam looked at him with eyes filled with tears and for a moment he felt his resolve wane. But finally the boy did what had been asked of him and John unbuttoned and pulled his jeans down and saw the tears spill down his cheeks already but tried his best to ignore it as he knew that this was a lesson he needed Sam to understand.

He pulled him across his lap and tucked him tightly to him effectively trapping his arm on that side. Getting a good grip on his waist he tugged the boy's briefs to his knees despite Sammy begging him not to. The last insurance he took was to grab Sam's other hand and hold it gently out of the way. He felt bad that his son was sobbing and he hadn't even yet given him a single swat. It was almost easier to punish Dean who always seemed to go out of his way with the sass and the smart ass to make sure he was good and frustrated before he began. But this with Sammy was going to be different.

He raised his hand and brought it down sharply ignoring the wailing that his son was already doing. If he was having a difficult time all he needed to do was to think about the kinds of things that were out and about at three a.m. and could have encountered his boy. He spanked side to side and hated what he was doing but never debated the need to do it. Sam was sobbing now as if his heart was broken as he continued to spank and soon there was not an inch of skin that didn't have a nice rosy glow.

This was not the first time that he had ever had occasion to spank his son. But usually the really harsher spankings involved Dean and he guessed it must be a sign that Sam was getting older that he was on the receiving end of this one. "The next time you sneak out young man I promise it will be even worse."

Having made that ominous statement he delivered four hard swats to the under curve of the boy's behind and winced at the pained sobbing from his son. Knowing he needed to finish it for both of their sakes he gave the boy six more hard swats and stopped glad to have it done.

He left Sammy where he was and encouraged him to take some deep breaths. Finally he pulled up his clothing and helped him to standing and was surprised when his son all but launched himself into his arms. "I'm so... so... sorry Dad."

John pulled the still sobbing boy onto his lap and held him tightly. "Shhh baby it's over now. We're all done, it's over."

He let his son cry on his shoulder while continuing to murmur softly into his ear small words of comfort and rubbing his back. "I forgive you Sammy but you need to promise me that this won't ever happen again."

This gentle chastisement brought fresh sobs but Sammy agreed in between tears. John continued to hold onto the distraught boy and gently began to rock him unaware at first that he was even doing it. Finally he realized that Sam had cried himself to sleep and something about that tugged at his heart strings. He placed his son gently on his side on the bed and pulled the comforter over his sleeping form. He wasn't sure who that had been harder on the son or the father. He walked into the living room and sat down in the chair wanting to think about things for a bit.

It was sometime later when Dean arrived home and immediately approached his father with a concerned look on his face. "Is he okay?"

John stood up and nodded still not looking too happy. He held out his hand for the car keys and when Dean handed them over he told him that he was going out to run an errand for a few minutes. Dean sat down in the chair that his father had just vacated and thought about things with Sammy and how lousy today had been. He hadn't been sitting there long when the door to Sammy's room opened and he came out.

Dean could tell with one look that he had been crying and from the looks of it hard too. Even though he was still upset about how ugly Sam had been to him it killed him to see his brother looking so punished. "Dean?"

Dean looked up and frowned. "Yeah?"

Now he could see Sam struggling with something. "I'm sorry about the things I said to you. I'm sorry that I let Dad spank you when you didn't deserve it. And I'm sorry that I was so hateful. Could you forgive me?"

As he made his plea his voice broke with emotion and Dean just stood up and held out his arms, which Sam gratefully stepped into. He held on to his little brother for dear life and just let him cry. "Bad huh?"

He watched as Sam nodded. "Well that sucks doesn't it?"

Now he saw a small smile. "More than you know. I'm grounded too."

Now Dean winced, "Ouch. He really musta let you have it. I guess sneaking out isn't something that you want to try again soon?"

Sam had an honest smile on his face. "I don't know think you're gonna step up and take my punishment again for me?"

Dean shook his head. "Not one chance in hell Francis, screw up again and your butt is on the line not mine."

The brothers pulled apart and Sam saw Dean grinning. "What about this could possibly be funny?"

Now Dean actually chuckled. "Well dude someday when we're older we are gonna look back at this and laugh."

Sam frowned, "Do you really think so I mean dad laid into you twice today."

Dean shook his head. "Sammy these kinds of things are always funny later on. It'll be a great story someday and we laugh about it, you'll see."

Back to present day

Dean stopped the car and looked still frantic to Sam who was in the passenger seat.
Sam had spent the entire drive back to the motel thinking, and of course he had been remembering the last time or rather the first time that they had teamed up to lie to their father. It had been more of Dean's idea than anything and once Sam got over being mad at his brother that day he always felt badly about what had happened. "So Einstein got any theories?"

He looked at Dean and realized that he knew exactly what he needed to do. "Yeah I'm good to go when we get there just agree with what I say and when I tell you to go to the diner do it."

Now Dean frowned "Are you SURE Junior that this will work?"

Now Sam nodded "Oh yeah I got it covered all right."

Luckily Dean didn't ask any more questions of Sam and all too quickly they arrived at the motel where they could see their father pacing through the window. Dean got out of the car and looked over at Sam "I hope like hell you got the answer little bro."

Sam walked confidently to the door just to throw Dean off. *Show time* he thought to himself. They walked into the room and John Winchester threw each of them a deadly look. "Where in the HELL have the two of you been? Do you have any idea just how worried I have been? And did you kill it?"

Dean started to speak and Sam silenced him with a glance. "Working, probably not and sorry but no we didn't."

The younger brother then made a big casual deal of shrugging out of his jacket and stretching, finally laying down on his bed, hands stacked behind his head. He would have been hard pressed to say which facial expression was more interesting his father's face which was a study of quiet fury or Dean who looked as if he had just witnessed Sam levitating.

"What??" he could tell that that had pushed his father just one step closer to the edge.

"Tell me what happened Dean?"

Now Sam jumped back to his feet again. "No!"

He knew that he should have been worried about the look that he received but he wasn't. "Dean was the good soldier just like always Dad. Boy you sure got that right at least he's John Jr."

Now he saw that his brother obviously didn't like that comment. "Hey what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Sam just shrugged "That you are too programmed to have blown things tonight, that was pure me. You know the son who is always disappointing you and screwing up. I let the demon we were chasing get away cause I just wasn't ready and dropped the damn weapon even though Robocop here had warned me several times to prepare."

Sam saw realization dawn on Dean. "Sammy no…don't."

Now he called upon his background in drama to pull it off. "Don't what Dean tell the truth? This is one time when you aren't gonna save my ass big brother I made the mistake that cost us the hunt and you damn well know it."

Now he watched as their father turned to Dean. "Go and get something to eat Dean."

Dean shook his head "Sammy no…"

Sam just ignored the warning look and the pleading "Go to the diner Dean."

Now he could see that Dean's temper was going to make an appearance. "No I'm not gonna go."

Now Sam saw their father turn to Dean with a warning look. "This doesn't involve you any longer son so just go."

Dean turned to Sam and again started to say something and was surprised when his father planted a hand in the center of his chest and propelled him to the door. "But dad…."

John then put a large hand on his shoulder and turned him and opened the door and as he was pushing him through it he planted a hard smack on his behind. "See you later Dean." And he closed and locked the door and turned to Sam.

"So do you at least have a reason for not being prepared knowing that it could have cost you Dean's life or you own?"

Now Sam tried not to flinch as the words hit home because that was exactly true even if the circumstances were false. "Geez Dad don't you ever get tired of all this hunting shit. I mean come on…."

Now he knew that he had hit pay dirt and he saw the amazement on his father's face. "I don't know what has gotten into you Samuel but I know exactly what to do about it."

Bingo there it was the very thing that Sam had been pushing for and how come it suddenly didn't seem like such a prize? He actually took a step backward when his father leaned in towards him.

"I'm thinking that maybe it's been too long since you have had a reminder of what happens when you disobey my orders. It's been awhile since I've put you over my knee. Do you think that'll help?"

Now Sam swallowed hard. "If I say no will you not do it? And I'm thinking hurting yes and helping not so much. And do you ever ask that question and get a yes please answer?"

John was angry and upset but as always Sam managed to almost make him loose his composure and crack. "All right smart guy then that is my answer."

John sat down on one of the beds and motioned for Sam to come over. And really not wanting to but knowing that this was the only solution he did anyway.

"Take them down Sam I'm sure that you remember how this goes."

He felt his stomach take a huge dive when he heard what his father had said but he complied just wanting it over. He felt his father grasp his hand and pull him across his lap and even with most of his upper torso on the bed he still felt completely uncomfortable. Add to that the fact that very soon someone was gonna kick the uncomfortable up a whole notch or two. As always the first swat stung like hell and tears filled his eyes. He wished he was more of a tough guy like Dean but the truth was that he wasn't. He hated every second of this position and what happened in this position. And if dad didn't stop going at with every ounce of strength he possessed soon he was going to be begging for him to stop.

But of course his dad had no such intention and within a very short time besides the squirming which was achieving nothing he was also trying to impress his father with the sincerity of the ouches that he was vocalizing. "Samuel are you paying attention?"

Sam hated it when dad asked him questions and this one was a doozey. He knew that his father wanted nothing more than an affirmation of the fact that he was aware he was being punished. And boy was he aware. His entire ass felt like someone had flayed skin off, and he knew real tears and repentance were just around the corner if dad didn't stop and soon, which of course he didn't.

"Please Dad I'm sorrrryyyyy." He tried to fight with all that he had but the sobs came anyway and for some reason the hard hand continued. He never understood how this position and what happened here always reduced him to a little boy again but it did.

"Are you going to disobey an order again Sam?"

He stopped struggling long enough to answer the question worried about dad's hand which was now resting on his left thigh and he hoped with all he had that it was done for the evening. "No sir, please Dad…"

The pleading apparently did no good as he resumed swatting and Sam knew he was done. He hung his head and sobbed feeling miserable and lost and soon his father stopped. He felt himself being pulled up and sat down and again that started a fresh torrent of tears as his ass was just on fire. It helped to be pulled into a dad hug but he still felt punished which he supposed was the point. "It's okay Sammy boy, I know that hurt."

If he hadn't been crying before his father's gentle words and tone would have done it. He allowed himself to be comforted and cry until the tears stopped which he was surprised to see took a while.

"Now next time what are you gonna do differently?"

Sam didn't trust himself to speak for a moment and when he finally did his voice sounded small even to his own ears. "I am going to be prepared and not make any dumb mistakes and follow your orders."

He was rewarded for knowing the right answers with another dad hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Good boy that's right. I am proud that you told me the truth about all of this too son."

Sam felt a stab in the regions of both heart and conscience upon hearing that because what he had just told his father bore little relation to the true story but he didn't need to know that now or ever.

"Thank you sir." He felt like such a liar even saying that much but he knew now as he had known before that the story he told was the only way to go. And while he had hated being punished somehow it felt like he had paid back a debt that was years old by keeping Dean completely out of this. Father and son sat for a while until Sam was feeling more like himself again.

"Okay I have some errands to run are you really all right Sammy?"

Ordinarily he would have reminded his father that now it was just Sam but the nickname felt like a gentle caress. "Yes sir, I'm okay."

He watched as John stood up and placed another kiss on the top of his head. "You know that I forgive you right?"

Sam nodded and suddenly became concerned about someone else's forgiveness. John went out the door and within seconds Dean had come in. Sam figured he must have literally been standing outside the door the entire time. Which made Sam feel worse considering that he had cried like a baby through most of his punishment. "What the hell did you think you were doing Sam?"

Sam could tell from the way his older brother stood there clenching and unclenching his fists that he was furious. "You told me to take care of it Dean, so I did."

Now he watched as Dean paced. "I meant in a way that would get us both off the hook and you freakin well knew that."

Now Sam felt his own temper make an appearance. "Well you're very fucking welcome big brother. Glad that I could help."

He couldn't believe it when Dean actually leaned in so that they were almost nose to nose. "Don't take that tone with me Junior."

Now Sam actually laughed. "Or what Dean, your gonna show me how wrong I was to let Dad beat my ass by beating my ass again yourself? Good plan."

He pulled back alittle when he saw the look on Dean's face, and thought maybe he ought to just try to make peace with him. "Look in the car when you said to think about the last time we lied to Dad together and I did. You got it good that time twice in one day and while I didn't get off Scott free I got off easier than you did."

He saw the anger fade and Dean sat down defeated. "Yeah Sam but I'm the big brother Dude I am supposed to be protecting you not the other way around."

Sam dropped his head and smiled thinking about just how seriously Dean took that responsibility to him. "Hey Dean that's the way it is and always will be this was just a one time deal really."

His brother gave him an intense stare as if trying to figure out if he was really all right or not. "Do it again and I will kick your ass myself after Dad is done Francis."

Now Sam rolled his eyes. "Yes Mommie."

Dean shook his head appearing to be disgusted with his brother. "Where does all that smart ass come from with you?"

Sam chuckled and realized that Dean was serious again. "Hey Sam really you shouldn't have but thanks it didn't sound like it was any fun at all."

Sam didn't answer but Dean didn't fail to miss the shadow that crossed his face. "Yeah well at least it's over and done with."

Both brothers sat lost in their own thoughts and then Dean smiled. "But at least this time he didn't figure it out so we must be getting better at lying."

Sam was amused that that thought brought Dean so much happiness. "I don't know Big Bro I swear he's still got a lie detector somewhere that he can strap you to I wouldn't push it too far."

Dean stood up and faced Sam "Lying to dad is a piece of cake Dude and you know it's true. He'll buy any story as long as you deliver it with some serious emotion."

Sam's eyes widened and he shook his head vigorously from side to side, which Dean either didn't understand or ignored. "Dude you know that it's true."

Finally Dean got an odd look on his face and then his own eyes got wide as John leaned in close to Dean's ear. "So you think lying to me is easy do you Dean?"

Now Dean closed his eyes and took a deep breath wondering why he could never just quit while he was ahead. "No sir."

He felt rather than saw his father nod and winced as his hand connected with his behind twice and hard. "Good then go out and clean out the car."

Dean did as he was told and John fixed Sam with a hard look. "Something else to tell me son?"

Sam shook his head and tried to remain calm.

"Good then." John walked over to the dresser and picked up his wallet which he had apparently forgotten. It wasn't until Sam actually heard him drive off that he realized that maybe just maybe he had gotten away with lying to his dad this time.

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