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Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of an adult by a sibling.

Hide and Go Seek Sam

Dean rolled over onto his stomach in the motel bed and stretched. Lifting his head to look at the travel alarm he noted with some panic that it was eleven o'clock. "Damn how did I sleep this long?"

He quickly glanced at the bed where Sam should have also been still asleep and found it empty and neatly made. Standing up he rubbed a hand over his bare shoulder where he still bore the bruises from their latest encounter with whatever had been yesterdays evil special of the day. "Where the shit is Sammy? And why an I talking to myself?"

Shaking his head at the futility of that he went into the bathroom to shower stripping off boxers as he went.

Coming out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist he grabbed his usual uniform of jeans and a soft shirt and started to dress. While he was gently attempting to pull the shirt over his painful back and shoulder he had remembered that Sam always carried his cell phone with him. Using his own cell phone he anxiously dialed the number only to hear it ringing and to realize that it was on Sam's nightstand. "Where the hell is he and why would he leave his cell phone here?"

The familiar feeling of icy fingers twisting in his gut was returning. Twenty five minutes later he emerged from the hotel room showered, shaved, hungry and more than a little anxious about where Sam was.

It hadn't been all that long since their encounter with the Benders and Sam had disappeared for real. Dean choked down the panic that this was going to be like that. There had to be a logical explanation for where he was. And not every logical explanation involved demented psycho hunters who kidnap and then hunt men to their death. And speaking of death when he found him if he was having a nice little late breakfast with a hot waitress he was gonna be doing some demented murdering all of his own. He hoped that maybe he had just gone to the diner up the street for something to eat.

He walked into the diner that was exactly like every other diner next to every other motel that they stayed in across the United States. And like in every other diner the waitresses never seemed to mind when he stopped in. Taking a seat at the counter he ordered a coffee and looked for the petite blonde that had taken such a shine to little brother. Within two minutes she stopped by and told him hello. "Hey Susie!"

Dean mentally thanked god for the invention of name tags. "Hey."

"Look I was wondering if you happened to notice if my brother was in here earlier?"

He watched as she got this far away look in her eyes. "Yeah he sat right on that stool over there and he had two eggs scrambled and extra crispy bacon. I told him he ought to try a waffle today but he said too much dairy early in the morning makes him queasy."

The way she said it like Sam was a god among mere mortals and she was hanging on to every single word made Dean suddenly feel queasy. He had a quick thought one more word about Sam said in that adoring voice and he was gonna puke.

"Yeah, yeah no dairy in the morning that's our boy all right but did you notice where he went when he left?"

She smiled at him again and he realized that she was really quite a beauty. Ah so many women and so little time. "He left with one of our regulars Dave Williams I saw him get into his car and they drove off."

Dean was just speechless for a minute. "He did what!!"

He actually roared the question. The waitress took a step back from Dean clearly thinking now that he was some psychopath. "Hey look I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell. Do you have any idea where this guy works?"

Still giving Dean the wounded puppy eyes she wrote the name of a business and a general location out on one of her order pads and pulled it off and handed it to Dean.

Thanking her he left and walked towards the car overwhelmed with fury. He had gotten into a car with some stranger? What the hell was he thinking? He wondered for a moment if this was how his dad had felt when he had heard about Dean hitching. Oh man Sammy was so dead when he got his hands on him. Dean was opening the door to the car when he heard a feminine voice call his name. He turned and leaned against the car and smiled as his favorite waitress approached him. She was a petite brunette and her name was Kathy and he didn't need to look at her name tag to know it either.

"Hey Dean."

He couldn't resist a smile looking down into her beautiful, smoky doe eyes and inspecting her full mouth. "Hey yourself."

She leaned closer to him and he could actually smell the sweet perfume that she wore and he found it to be intoxicating. "Are you done for the day already?" he asked her when he felt he could catch his breath again.

"Yeah I had the early shift today and I thought maybe you could come home with me and I'll make us some lunch. Okay?"

As she asked him he was alarmed to feel her take her knee and rub it ever so gently against the inside of his thigh. Sam, Sam I need to focus on Sam although just thinking it didn't seem to be helping. In fact he was suddenly thinking that Sam was probably just fine wherever he was, but the fact was that he wasn't sure of that. And if he was in trouble Dean knew there was no time to waste. "I can't I would really love to but I just can't."

She sighed regretfully and leaned in and whispered in his ear "Are you sure?"

And then she surprised him by pressing against him and pushing him back against the car and kissing him hard. He felt like a drowning man for a moment and oh God she tasted like strawberries. Unable to resist he threaded his fingers through her soft and silky hair and pulled her even closer to him. He chuckled when she made a soft yearning sound in the back of her throat clearly as lost as he was. He continued to kiss her letting her know that he was kissing her and not the other way around his mouth being hard and insistent to prove his point.

Suddenly he had a flash of seeing Sam in the cage when he had found him the last time. So with a groan of frustration he pushed her away from him and just out of his reach. "Oh baby you will never know just how sorry I am but I have to go."

She smiled and turned to walk back to her car stopping once to look over her shoulder at him standing there watching her walk away. He got into the car and wiped a hand across his mouth amazed to still taste her there. "Shit. Sam if your not dead I am gonna kill your sorry ass for sure."

He drove in silence the rest of the way to the location he had been given. Walking into the business he was greeted by the receptionist. "Can I help you sir?"

Feeling positively surly now he asked to speak to Dave Williams and within a few minutes he was standing face to face with the guy. "What can I do for you?"

"You picked up a rider at the diner this morning. Well he is my brother and I want to know where the hell he is."

He said it through clenched teeth and he realized that he was actually pulsing with fury. If this guy had done anything to Sam he would….. "I dropped him off at the library."

Dean leaned into his personal space "The library?"

Now Dave Williams was starting to look worried. "Yeah- that's where he wanted to go. He's a nice kid."

Dean relaxed wondering what the hell he was supposed to do with all the adrenalin coursing through his veins now. "The library that I just drove by?"

Now Dave Williams just nodded not sure what was going on at all. "Okay well then thanks Dude."

Dean walked out feeling the stares of this guy and the receptionist and feeling like a giant ass. Dean made it to the library in record time and it didn't take long to find Sam with his nose in a book completely oblivious to the world. Dean was torn between wanting to hug him or strangle him. Striding to where he stood he opted instead for yanking the book out of his hands. "Hey!"

"Hey…that's all you have to say for yourself?"

Dean reached out and smacked the side of Sam's head. "Oww!"

A librarian walked to where they stood and putting a finger to her lips shushed them both. Quietly as he could Dean growled at Sam "Get your shit and let's go."

Sam started to speak but he was cut off by a furious look from his brother. "But Dean I'm not done."

"Oh you are so done that done is just a dot in the rearview mirror to you pal." Sam just gathered his stuff and followed Dean to the car.

Several times in the car Sam tried to talk to Dean but each and every time he just shook his head no and kept driving. They were close to the motel when Dean turned to Sam anger still evident on his face. But Sam saw something else in his eyes too and if he didn't know better he would think it was fear. "Do you have any idea how it felt when I woke up and you were gone? It felt just like the last time and then to find out you had gotten into the car with some strange dude neither one of us knows. No matter what else you might have been thinking man I didn't deserve that. Back with the Benders I told you I wouldn't come after you again and what I shoulda said was that I would always come after you but that I shouldn't have too."

Sam's argument died on his lips and he could have sworn that Dean was fighting tears but that just couldn't be. They arrived at the motel and Dean waited for Sam to go in first. Putting a solid hand on his back he paused until Sam sat his laptop down on the bed and he gave him a hard shove. Sam lost his balance and fell onto the bed face first which was just what Dean had in mind.

Using the element of surprise in his favor Dean grabbed Sam's arm and twisted it behind his back. He knew it wasn't hurting Sam at least as long as he didn't try to move. "What the hell are you doing Dean?"

"You've been in this position enough times Junior. Don't you know?"

Now reality dawned on Sam and he began to struggle in earnest and Dean put alittle more pressure on the arm he was holding behind Sam's back. "Settle down Sam, don't make it worse."

Rather than soothing Sam this made him resume his struggle with renewed vigor. Knowing that holding him down while punishing him with his other hand would be difficult if not impossible Dean unbuckled and stripped off his belt with his free hand. Knowing that Sam recognized the sound of that action he felt him pause in his struggle to free himself. "Dean?"

Now Dean felt bad at the fear in his younger brother's voice but it didn't stop his actions. If he needed motivation all he had to do was think about how he had felt while searching for Dean this afternoon. Not wanting to prolong things he quickly re-capped the day. "You went off without even so much as a note and you hitched a ride with a guy you had just met and you didn't even bother to take your cell phone or even try to call me to let me know that you were all right. Now that's enough talk let's just do it."

Getting a firmer grip on Sam's arm he raised the belt and brought it down hard. Sam responded with a loud yell. "Get the hell off of me Dean or else!!"

Dean ignored Sam's threats, which continued for several minutes, and he just concentrated on lighting every inch of Sam's behind on fire with the belt. Dean could tell that Sam was tiring of the struggle but he still continued to fight the pain and giving in. So for some extra incentive Dean started laying blistering swats across the backs of his legs. He could hear a change in Sam. The strangled cries he was fighting were finding their way out and small sobs were turning into large sobs. Dean hated this job as much as he had when Sam was younger but he knew that unless he finished it Sam would just be totally angry. And when he had been younger it wouldn't have been a problem because Dean would have just spanked him again. But now he didn't think he was gonna get a second chance at getting Sam in this position again, so as much as he hated it he continued.

Finally he heard the change that he had been waiting for and felt Sam just give in and sob and he even let go of the arm that he had been holding. "Never again Sammy."

Having made that pronouncement he gave his brother five more smacks which he knew were not overly hard. Dad always made the last few the worst but Dean just didn't have the heart because he knew that Sam's butt was already feeling miserable. He sat down on the bed next to his brother and reached over and rubbed his lower back. "It'll be okay buddy."

Sammy lifted his tear streaked face off of the bed and glared at Dean. "I hate you."

Now Dean sighed "I know you do. But I had to do that and you know that too. And if it had been dad it woulda been worse and we both know it. It isn't like the first time I have smacked on your behind either Bro."

Even though Sam continued to glare at Dean he made no move to still the hand that was rubbing comforting circles on his back. "You had to know at some point that going off and not even letting me know where you were was just stupid and dangerous. I spent the whole freakin afternoon wondering if I was ever gonna see your ass again. And why the hell did you not take your cell phone with you and why would you ever get into a car with somebody that you didn't even know? You know how Dad whaled on my ass for that same thing. Did you think I was gonna feel differently about it?"

Again Dean found himself looking into eyes filled with tears. "I just screwed up that's all. And where's all that bullshit that Dad always says about 'I forgive you and I love you' and all that crap?"

Now Dean fought off the urge to smile. "Dude do I look like dad to you?"

Sam pushed to all fours and climbed off the bed rubbing his recently assaulted behind. "No but you sure as hell felt like him a minute ago."

Now Dean did smile unable to deny the truth in that statement. "Well I do forgive you Francis but if you think this is gonna turn into a chick flick moment with tears and hugging and all that crap you are dead wrong. But if you go in and wash that sad little face I would be willing to take you out for ice cream. And don't worry the place is just up the street we could walk no sitting would be required."

Now Sam appeared to be thinking over the offer. "Anything that I want?"

Dean smiled at how easily manipulated he was. "I suppose."

Sam dried his eyes on his sleeve and nodded his head. "Okay then."

He started towards the bathroom and stopped and looked back at Dean with sadness etched on his handsome features. "Dean, I really am sorry that I made you worry, I just didn't think about it."

And just when Dean had thought they were home safe without any more physical contact he looked up to see two fat tears streaking down Sam's face. "Oh for Christ sake."

He grabbed his brother and hugged him and let him cry again for a few more minutes. Finally he sent Sammy into wash his face and Dean looked towards the diner. "And I gave up a waitress for this crap."

Within minutes Sam came out of the bathroom looking much more like the usual Sam. Dean turned to him and thought it was about time to get things back on track. "So that waitress you like what is her name again?"

He saw Sam blush. "Susie?"

Now Dean grinned using his best sharks smile. "Yup that's the one. She tried to hit on me this morning."

Sam looked at him and shook his head. "She did not."

But Dean would not let it go. "Oh little bro but she did."

Now Sam snorted "She hates your type."

"My type you mean handsome and witty and sexy?"

And now Sam actually laughed out loud. "No I mean arrogant and conceited."

Dean put a hand over his heart "Oh man now that one hurt."

But the truth was that it didn't hurt at all in fact it felt so very good that everything was once again normal between the two of them.

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