Author's Note: This is a fic that happened during the time that Sam was gone and Dean was living with Lisa and Ben. It makes the logical guess that Ben actually is Dean's son and Lisa just hasn't admitted it yet. (One can hope okay!!). I own none of the characters and make no money off of this or any other story about them. This contains spanking and if that offends please don't read. If you do read, please enjoy.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, and I'm not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a preteen by a parental figure.

First Time Father

Dean slipped his key into the lock of the rental house, letting himself in. He scanned the living room as he always did, happy to find nothing more threatening than Lisa's fuzzy slippers in the middle of the floor. He couldn't resist a grin at the thought of her putting her ice cold feet onto his warm legs every night when they crawled into bed together He knew that he must really be crazy for her because he thought that even that was sexy.

He looked around the room, realizing that in the short time that they'd lived here she'd already made it a home for them. Ben's pictures lined the walls, along with pictures of the two of them. He couldn't believe that the guy smiling down at the beautiful brunette in various settings was the fierce, emotionally detached and fucked up Dean Winchester. But she seemed to have a way of healing all the painful things that had been with him almost since birth.

Suddenly he wondered where she was. Another shot of adrenaline kicked in. He'd done all that he could to protect Lisa and Ben, including moving them several times But he knew that if anything happened to either one of them because of his line of work, it would be the death of him. Hell itself would have nothing on the torture that that would bring to him.

He found her sitting at the dining room table and was filled with relief. But that was short lived when he saw that she'd obviously been crying. When he entered the room, she'd had her head down on the table. He watched as she lifted her head off of her arms, tipping her face towards his. He could see her attempt to pull herself together not wanting to worry him.

She was a warrior, this woman of his. She wiped a hand across her cheeks trying to erase the evidence of her tears. He knew that she was tough. He admired her for that, but even given that he still wanted to find the thing that'd made her cry and crush it under his hand. She didn't cry easily or often, and it always evoked an emotional response from him. He pulled a chair over and sat down next to her.

"Lis? Baby talk to me?"

He could see that she wanted to but again he saw some resistance. Damn it why couldn't she just let him handle the problems? Why did he always have to pull things out of her? He knew from the degree of her response that this was something big. He took her hand and pulled her to standing. He then put his hand on her lower back and guided her to the living room. He settled them both down on the couch before sliding an arm around her and pulling her to his chest.

Inhaling deeply he placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. He even loved the way that she smelled. She felt so soft and fragile in his arms. But he knew her to be anything but. She was probably one of the strongest women that he'd ever known. It was sort of a prerequisite to being with him, he supposed.

"Talk to me Lisa."

He used his dad voice, the same tone that John Winchester had used time and time again to force either he or Sammy to confess something that they hadn't wanted to. And of course, just like then it worked like a charm.

"It's Ben."

Terror seized Dean somewhere in the vicinity of his heart. He hadn't even thought about Ben when he'd come in and found Lisa crying.

"Is he all right?"

She nodded and Dean allowed himself to take a breath again. Still she didn't elaborate, but he waited knowing that she was working up to telling him the
whole thing.

"He lied to me again Dean."

Dean swore. What the hell was with this kid anyway?

"It's the third time this month. He never used to lie to me Dean." Dean shook his head, clearly unhappy. He knew that all the moving had been hard on Ben. While he felt bad about that, he had no choice but to keep them safe. Ben would just have to adjust. And lying to his mother was something that Dean would never accept.

"Have you talked to him?"

The brunette beauty rolled her eyes at him. "Every single time. And haven't you mentioned it to him at least once."

Dean just barely resisted cursing. He had indeed talked to Ben about lying. He'd thought that the conversation had gone well. At least that's what he'd thought then.

"So have you grounded him yet? Like no video games, no television, no cell phone?"

Again Lisa fixed him with the look. The one that meant she couldn't believe what had just come out of his mouth. He hated that look.

"Of course I have, just last week in fact."

Dean didn't like the sound of that at all. He thought back to his own misspent youth and shook his head.


Lisa looked at him closely. "Crap?"

"Yeah crap. What I need to do is have a discussion with Ben."

"You already did."

Dean shook his head, wishing he was wrong, knowing that he wasn't.

"Not that kind of a discussion. A `discussion' discussion, you know….. a talk." Now Lisa was looking at him as if he'd completely lost his mind.

"Dean what exactly are you talking about?"

Dean fought off the urge to squirm. "Well you see when Sammy and I were growing up that was my dad's word."

He could still see the confusion on her face.


"Having a discussion with my dad never had anything to do with talking."

He could see Lisa trying to process his words. Then her eyes widened.

"Are you talking about what I think you're talking about?" He wished he could deny it, but it was the truth.

"You're dad used to spank you?"

Now Dean could feel the heat pounding in his face. He shrugged trying to regain his sense of tough guy.

"Well more Sammy than me. In fact he almost wore his hand out on Sammy's behind. Me I was the good son, the good soldier, almost perfect."

He really wasn't all that amused by the big, smirky grin on her face.

"Oh yeah I can just imagine how almost perfect you were. So was this something that happened frequently or only once or twice?"

He hated the fact that she knew him well enough to know the answer before she'd asked the question. There'd never been any woman in his life that he'd been more open and honest with. But there was something about her that just made him need to share. As a result she had a pretty good grasp on who he really was. The real Dean, the one that he'd never allowed anyone to get to know.

To him that was scarier than any of the things that they fought. Allowing himself to be vulnerable enough to let her in. And knowing that anytime she could take Ben and walk out the door. What the hell was wrong with him? He'd never cared enough to want to spend more than a night with a woman before. But the problem was that he loved Lisa. And the bigger problem was that she loved him back. So just like anything else he believed in, he was willing to go to hell and back to make it work.

He took a deep breath and prepared to answer her question. He wished that he could just tell her whatever he need to in order to salvage his pride. But that wouldn't be much different from what Ben was in trouble for right now.

"Okay so it mighta happened a lot. I kinda had a smart assed attitude. As I matured that really got much better."

The sound of her delighted laughter filled the small living room. He loved it when she laughed. She had a deep, sexy full laugh and he realized that just the sound of it had made him hard.

"Well thank God it improved and you're now a respectable pillar of the community Dean."

He growled and pulled her to him crushing her mouth under his. His hard kiss was interrupted when she pulled away and smacked him on the upper arm. He was dazed and it took a moment for him to realize why she'd stopped him.


"We were talking about Ben, and the lying."

Dean didn't want to stop kissing her, in fact he wondered just how long it would be before Mr. Liar, Liar Pants on Fire came home from school. He'd bet that they had just about enough time to….

"Dean, are you even listening to me?"

With one look at Lisa's beautiful but worried face he pushed all of that aside.

"Yeah Baby I'm listening. I'll talk to him when he comes home."

She looked confused again. "Talk as in using words or talk as in what you were just talking about?"

"And you wonder why men never understand what the hell women are talking about."

Again she punched him in the arm. "Owww, what's the deal here with the sudden hitting Lis? One minute you're kissing me then the next you're smacking me. You know you're sending mixed messages all over the place here."

She didn't reply and he knew that she was thinking about Ben again. He also knew that he needed to finish their discussion. "If I felt I needed to punish him would you have a problem with that?"

He knew that it would require a great deal of trust on her part to allow him to deal with Ben in his own way. Any other time with any other woman he would've stepped back and damn fast too. But this wasn't any other woman; this was Lisa, his Lisa, and Ben. Aw hell now he could see tears in her eyes.

"He's never been spanked before Dean."

Dean couldn't resist rolling his eyes and snorting. "No kidding, that might just be part of the problem."

Lisa immediately became indignant. "I've been a good mother Dean! How dare you imply otherwise."

Dean ran a comforting hand down her back. "I wasn't implying that Lisa. It's just that boys often reach a certain age and they start testing limits. Add to that all the moving around that Ben's done in the last year and it's easy to understand. Plus suddenly there's a man in your life, and in his. We just need to present a united front and let him know that there are things that we refuse to accept."

His speech was rewarded with a beautiful smile from the brunette. "How is it that you've never had any children and yet you know so much about being a parent?"

He shrugged almost embarrassed by her comment. "Well you see our father was a real hard ass about some things. But basically he was a good dad. I learned from the best, I guess. And the truth was that I was as close to a father to Sammy as you could get when we were growing up, so I've already lived through those angsty teen age years once thank you very freaking much."

Despite it being wrapped in sarcasm he still felt a stab at the mention of his younger brother's name. He missed him so damn much. The ache got a little easier as time went on, but Dean knew that it would never completely go away. As if she knew this, Dean felt Lisa place a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Do you really want to take on this responsibility Dean?"

Looking at her beautiful face, noting the worried lines around her eyes, Dean would've moved heaven and earth to make her happy.

"Yes Lisa, I don't just want to be in the background with Ben, I want to be a part of his life. I want to be a part of your life too Baby."

"Oh Dean."

To his surprise Lisa stood up and took his hand. "C'mon big guy. I want to spend some quality time with you before we have to deal with all of this."

Dean followed her to their bedroom wondering what he'd ever done to deserve this life and this woman. It was the total opposite of how his life had been before. He missed the hell out of his brother, but the life that they'd led he didn't
miss at all.

# # #

Lisa paced the small living room.

"Where is he Dean?"

Dean's own anxiety was climbing as he was afraid that something of the supernatural variety had happened to the boy. He was making a mental list of all the terrors of the night when Lisa spoke again.

"School let out two hours ago. The bus driver said that he rode the bus home."

Dean had already done a search of the neighborhood with not a clue. He grabbed his leather jacket again and headed out again. As he grabbed for the door, it


Lisa ran down the hall and grabbed the boy in a hug. Dean could actually feel his blood pressure rising.

"Where the hell have you been?"

For just a split second Dean couldn't actually believe how much his bellowed words had sounded like John Winchester. But they had. Ben looked appropriately nervous.

"At school."

Dean couldn't actually believe that the kid was going to take that tact with this, but of course Lisa was willing to believe it. He could see it just by looking at the relief on her face.

"Doing what Ben?"

Dean couldn't believe that she even asked him that question. He was getting ready to just pile one lie onto another. This was gonna get them nowhere fast. He went to step in, but Lisa stopped him with a gentle hand on his arm. She prompted her son to answer the question.


"I was just at school, that's all Mom. Why do you have to make a federal case of everything anyway?"

Dean exchanged an `I told you so' look with Lisa before moving her aside and stepping in.

"Maybe she's making a federal case out of of this because you've actually got the nerve to stand there and the lies just keep on coming. And maybe she's making it a federal case cause by the time I'm done here it's gonna be a federal case, Wise Guy. We already know that you were at school today and came home on the bus. And oh yeah we already know that was hours ago. So cut the crap and tell your mother where in the hell you've been."

Dean couldn't believe it when Ben crossed his arms over his small chest and spoke. "Or what?"

For once Lisa remained quiet, obviously shocked by what her son had just said. Dean had a fleeting moment of something that was almost pride. This kid was up to his eyeballs in it and yet he was trying to take the upper hand. Oh yeah, Ben definitely needed a reality check. Dean stepped even closer to the boy.

"Or what? Did you just `or what' me? Are you freaking kidding me Ben? I'm losing my sense of humor here Buddy. Where've you been?"

Ben must've known that Dean was through with any semblance of patience and he looked nervous for the first time since he'd come through the door.

"Just out, like with my friends and stuff. Why do I hafta always tell you guys where I've been and crap? What's with that?"

Dean could see Lisa losing her grip on her own temper now. "What has gotten into you Ben? You've always known that we had rules in this house."

Lisa stopped mid rant and turned to Dean. "He's been with that kid again, hasn't he?"

Dean knew exactly who `that kid' was. Just two weeks ago Lisa had grounded Ben for defying her and spending time with someone that he'd met at school. Ben had brought him home the first time and immediately Dean and Lisa had disliked him.

"He has a name Mom. His name is Devon."

Dean could feel his blood pressure rising again, and wondered just how his own father had kept from killing either he or Sammy.

"I don't give a good rat's ass if his name is George Washington, Ben. Your mother and I told you to stay the hell away from this kid. One look told me that he was trouble."

"And you know everything right?"

Dean couldn't believe the words that he'd just heard come from Ben's mouth. "I sure as hell know more than what you've learned in twelve years of life. And I know that your relationship with this kid is stick a fork in it, done."

Ben puffed his small chest up again. Dean knew that it was time to put this to an end.

"Enough. No more discussion. You're done breaking the rules, getting mouthy with your mother and especially lying. By the time I'm done lying will be the last thing that you want to do."

"Who's lying?"

Dean's eyes widened at Ben having the audacity to stand face to face with him and try to go the distance. If he'd ever had any doubt as to who this kids father really was, that alone put it to rest. Only his son would be either that brave or that stupid. Knowing this conversation was going no where fast, he held up his hand.

"That is the last thing you get to say about this. This part of the conversation is finished. Go to your room."

Dean could see that Ben didn't want to listen, but that he knew better than to push it any further. Sending a pathetic look in the direction of his mother he pushed past them both and headed up the stairs. With one look Dean knew that Lisa had crumbled. He moved towards her and enfolded her in his arms, pulling her against his chest.

"It'll be okay Baby. He's just testing us both."

She looked up at him with huge brown eyes filled with tears. He felt lust sing through his veins again. What the hell was wrong with him? In the middle of a crisis for God's sake? This woman just affected him like no other ever had, and ever would. He forced himself to be satisfied with a chaste kiss that he placed on the top of her head.

"Promise me Dean."

He nodded and sighed, knowing that he would've promised her anything at any time if she looked at him like that. Hell he'd hand her the freaking world on a plate if she wanted it. How hard could it be to handle one little rebellious teenager anyway?

"I promise Lisa. I promise."

She wiped the tears off of her face, and stood up on her tip toes to kiss his mouth. It was a soft kiss, but it had the opposite effect on him. He was sure that she meant it as a loving gesture, but it sent his libido into overdrive. He really needed to focus on the issue at hand here. Once again he gently pushed her away, and straightened his shoulders preparing for the battle at hand. The battle of one twelve year old who needed to be educated about the evils of lying.

He gently knocked on the door to Ben's room. Stepping inside he was once again overcome with just how normal it was. He and Sammy had never had anything that looked remotely like this. A part of him ached that he hadn't been able to provide this for Sammy. He knew that it hadn't been up to him, but damn it all he wished that it'd been different for them both.

Ben was sitting on his bed looking both defiant and scared. Dean sure as hell could relate to that. He'd been on that side of this equation enough times to have it memorized. Only Dean knew that Ben was going to fare a lot better than he ever had. John had handed out some blistering spankings over the years. And Dean had hated each and every one. Deserved them all right, but hated them all the same.

"So what do you want me to do now? Do you want me to say that I'm sorry? Cause I'm not sorry for having a friend. And if I have to lie because you and Mom won't accept that, then I guess I just do."

Dean ran a hand over his face in an attempt to calm down. Ben needed to just shut up before he turned into John Winchester and started blistering. About one more little speech like that one ought to do it.

"No Ben, I don't want you to say that you're sorry now at all. That'll come in time, believe me. I want you to understand that as parents we just know more and we can see things more clearly."

"Yeah except you aren't my parent."

There is was out in the open. The words hung in the air for what seemed like a long time. But Dean was ready for them.

"Close enough. Who taught you how to throw a curveball? Or how to knot a tie? Or who told you about the birds and bees?"

Ben did a good impersonation of Dean and rolled his eyes. "I already knew that, you just filled in some blanks."

Dean chuckled. "Yeah well those were some pretty big blanks and some pretty important ones too. Anyway my point is that that qualifies me for the position of stand in parent. And you don't get a choice about that either."

Dean pulled the desk chair into the center of the room and sat down. In some ways it felt odd for him to be doing this. But in another ways it felt just exactly right. Ben had made all the decisions that had led them both to this. He hadn't been left with a lot of choices here. Damn but the further this thing progressed the more he was sounding just like his old man. How many times had his father said those exact words? He could see the confusion on the boys face now. In just a few minutes he was sure things would become crystal clear.

"Okay kiddo this is the part that neither one of us is going to enjoy. You more than me, actually. Your new friend is now your previous friend. And you've told your last lie. Period. You can go through all the normal teenage crap except lying is gonna get you here every time."


Dean patted his lap. "Ever hear the phrase Liar, liar pants on fire? Ever think about what that little saying actually meant?"

Ben's eyes got so wide that Dean was hoping that they didn't fall out of his head. "No way!"

Anxious to get it over with Dean nodded. "Oh yeah way. If you just go with the flow and accept it, it'll go easier. But on the other hand if you decide to make a run for the door, or involve your mother, things are gonna get ugly."

"Mom doesn't believe in spanking."

Dean could hear the desperation in the kid's voice. Having been there himself before he completely understood it.

"Correction, she didn't believe in it." Dean wondered why even as the father in the equation he still couldn't say the word spanking. Ahh childhood, the gift that just keeps on giving.

"Please Dean!" Ahh crap he was using the sad eyes. If he hadn't just seen Lisa's tears he might have let that have some effect on him. He needed to just get this thing done before he caved.

"Now Ben."

He watched as Ben approached him much like one would walk up on a werewolf or a hungry vamp, all wide horrified eyes. But he had to give the kid credit; he did it. Dean yanked him over his lap, trying to make this as easy as possible. Damn he didn't want to do this.

"Lying is not acceptable." He brought his hand down hard side to side. He was surprised to see that it actually stung his hand. It didn't take long before he was getting yipes out of the young man across his lap. Instead of easing up he started landing even harder swats. Ben was becoming more vocal, but Dean just took that as an indication that he was starting to get the point across.

The sounds that Ben was making were starting to break Dean's heart. He had no real desire to hurt the boy, but he knew that in order to be effective he had to make it something that Ben would never want to experience again. Thinking that they were getting near the end, he began laying down some John Winchester swats. Within ten he could hear the difference. He knew that his job was pretty much done. He felt like someone had reached in and squeezed his heart. This was no fun at all. He stopped long enough to ask a question.

"Are you done lying?"

The sobbing was a general yes. Dean wanted to just quit, but he knew that these last few would have a huge impression on Ben. With his heart hurting as much as his hand Dean landed ten very hard swats on the already hot behind. The sound of the boy crying was almost too much for him to bear.

He was just disgusted with himself. He could kill things that go bump in the night, go to hell and back, be the meanest soldier in the army and yet he was completely undone by a few tears. He pushed Ben back to standing and then pulled him close. Thankfully the boy allowed him the embrace.

Rubbing his back, he murmured all the soft reassurances that his father had used after a spanking. He thought for a moment about how to phrase what was going to come out next. He needed to say it, wanted to say, but just didn't know if he actually could say it out loud. He cleared his throat.

"Ben, I think I've made my point here."

The boy pulled back and looked at Dean as if he were crazy.

"Ya think?"

Dean fought the chuckle that threatened to escape knowing full well that this would be a really bad time to laugh. Besides he needed to get to the heart of the discussion, before he lost his nerve.

"Well it's just that you need to know that….."

Dean couldn't believe that his voice had just cracked like it used to when he was Bens age. What was his problem? Why couldn't he just say it? He'd give it another try.

"Look Ben, your mother and I have a lot at stake here. It would kill either one of us if anything ever happened to you. That's why we have to be on you about things like the former friend known as Devon and your really sucky decision to practice the art of lying every chance you got."

Ben didn't say a word but Dean could see that he was paying close attention. He took a deep breath and just went for it.

"We love you very much Ben."

Dean was extremely proud that he'd been able to say it out loud. That pride lasted for about ten seconds until Ben stuck his finger down his throat and made a gagging noise. Dean was absolutely floored. He'd just poured his heart and soul out and that was the thanks that he'd gotten.

Grabbing Ben's arm he turned him to the side and landed a really hard swat onto his behind.

"Oww what'd you do that for? I was only kidding."

"Well for your information Ben sarcastic humor is not all that funny."

Dean couldn't believe the words that he'd just uttered. He'd made sarcasm his stock and trade. In fact sarcastic retorts were the very foundation of his existence. What the hell was happening here? Was he really turning into his father? Were the old myths true that you eventually become your parents? He racked his brain looking for something sarcastic to say and came up empty. Damn.

"I'm sorry Dean, you're right. I've really been pushing things lately. That spanking thing was awful. I'll try to reign it in. But do I really have to get rid of Devon?"

"Do you want me to blister your ass some more? Cause I got nothing but time. I'm thinking my hand is gonna last a lot longer than your butt though. Especially if those pesky jeans aren't in the way."

Dean breathed a sigh of relief as his sarcastic banter returned. He was pleased to see the color drain from the boys face.

"No way. You've got to be kidding."

Dean crossed his arms over his chest. "Wanna find out?"

Ben vigoursly nodded his head. "No thanks, I'm good. No Devon, no lying and I think I'll apologize to Mom now too. Sound good?"

Dean smiled as he realized that not only did his son have his smart ass gene, but he also had his self preservation gene. Actually quite a good combination.

"That sounds good to me Ben."

He stood and gave the boy another warm hug. Ben wiped the tears off of his face and headed for the door. He stopped in the doorway and turned to look back at

"You know Dean I might have acted like what you said was no big deal, but the truth is that it means a lot to me. That was why I made fun of it. Does that make any sense to you?"

Dean grinned thinking that it made all the sense in the world.

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