Author's Note: This story takes place during the episode "Dead Man's Blood."
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, and I'm not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of an adult by a parent.

The Confrontation

"You were just pissed off cause you couldn't control me anymore." Sam screamed the words at his father as they stood chest to chest. He saw Dean move in to try and separate them and Dean found himself on the receiving end on a hand planted firmly in the center of his chest and a shove.

"Stay out of this Dean, this has been coming for a long time and it's gonna happen."

Sam continued to breathe heavily with mouth clamped in fury. John let go of the front of Sam's jacket but kept both hands on his chest. "Give me your car keys."

He said it in a way that made Dean's eyes widen and he actually felt sick recognizing that there was nothing good that was associated with that tone.


Dean swung his head to look at his brother and thought than maybe Sam had some kind of brain injury because for the love of God no one would challenge dad when he spoke in that growl. He watched amazed as his father reached down and smacked Sammy's hand that had been holding the keys hard against the car and he dropped them. "Now pick them up and hand me the damn keys Samuel."

Dean started to say something, anything to stop this roller coaster that they were on and he felt the full weight of his father's furious gaze. "Shut it Dean."

Now he turned back to Sam. "If I were you I would pick up those keys and hand them to me and do it damn fast too."

Dean saw his brother hesitate not wanting to give in to his father's demands and yet being too afraid of consequences to totally disregard what he had been told. Sam's chest was heaving in fury and the moment hung in the air for what seemed like to Dean a long time. Finally when Dean had actually begun to fear for Sam he saw him bend down and pick up the keys and hand them to their father. "Here are the fucking keys Dad why don't you take 'em and shove 'em?"

Dean's eyes widened to the point of amazement and he wanted to say with all that he had "what the fuck are you doing Sammy?"

"You are going to be so sorry that you said that young man. Trust me on that."

Sam actually bit back a laugh. "I doubt it Dad."

And Dean felt his heart rate pick up at the hateful way Sam said the word dad. Dean was beginning to fear for more than his brother's ass here. John's only reply was a cold, mirthless chuckle. "We'll see about that son."

Then Dean watched amazed as his father pulled Sam by the front of his shirt away from the car and opened the door. And his brother as strong as he was looked like a large doll and Dean knew then for sure how pissed their dad was. "Now Sammy you can either get into the front seat of this car or I can put you in. Either way doesn't matter to me."

Again Dean could see Sam struggling with his own fury and he didn't look like he was in any mood to compromise. "Fuck you dad."

Dean swallowed hard knowing that the shit was about to hit the fan now for sure. It happened so quickly that Dean wasn't even sure later that he had seen it. Dad had turned Sam around and had his arm behind his back, opened the door and shoved him into the car. Reaching into his own pocket John produced his truck keys and handed them to Dean. "There is a coffee shop about two miles down this road. Go there and wait for me."

Not wanting to disobey his furious father but having grave concerns about his brother's safety at this point he had to ask. "But dad Sammy..."

He was alarmed to see his father reach him in one step and place a warning hand on his arm. "As of right now Dean this doesn't involve you but if you want to be a part of it that can be arranged."

"No, no really Dad no freakin way do I want to be a part of this."

He watched as John looked back at the car to make sure Sam was still there and then turned back to him. "Make damn sure you are at that coffee shop when I get there or you can also have a little one on one time with old dad. Did you want that?"

Dean had an insane urge to laugh but even he wasn't that crazy. "No sir."

"Well good then."

He watched as his father walked back to the car and got in and drove away with his brother. "Oh Sammy you are so fucked buddy."

John Winchester drove about half a mile and turned off a dirt road and put the car in park. Turning to his still furious son with no small amount of his own anger he growled at him. "Get out."

To his amazement the boy sneered at him and said, "No."

He sat for a moment trying to get a grip on his emotions and then opened the door of the Impala and walking around the car opened Sam's door. "Last chance kid. Get out."

Sam merely shook his head clearly not understanding how deeply he was in. John reached in and grabbing two handfuls of shirt and jacket pulled Sam out and away from the car and shut the door with his foot.

"Now I realize that life for you has been rough lately Sam. And I realize that the things you wanted in this life haven't exactly worked out the way that you planned. And I'm sorry. But I will not ever stand by and allow you to talk to me like you just did."

He was surprised that his son still hadn't backed down. "Why Dad truth hurt?"

And if the words hadn't been enough at the end of it Sam smiled and laughed bitterly. John realized that he needed to get a hold of his anger or he might just hurt the boy. And while he fully intended to punish he had no desire to injure.

"Okay well we can discuss all of this later because right now we have some things that need dealing with." And years of being a hunter and the training and strength came into play and before Sam even knew it his father had him bent across the hood of the car with an arm pinned behind his back.

"Let me go!" Sam struggled and got no where and John knew that for all his bravado he was in a full blown panic.

As if in answer to his question John reached under the boy and unsnapped his jeans and in a hard yank had them around his lower legs. "Noooo you can't do this."

"Yes Samuel I can do this and oh yes I am going to do this."

He held the boy firmly in place with one hand and unbuckled his belt with the other. "And then after we are done we can discuss some of the things we need to talk about like your attitude."

Sam struggled for all he was worth but got exactly no where.

"I love you Sam but I will not listen to any more of this." He swatted his son on the behind hard and could see that Sam refused to even give him the satisfaction of letting him know that it hurt. By the time he had gotten to five the struggle became more difficult and by ten almost impossible. He watched as the boy shifted in his grasp trying to get away from the stinging swats but he just held him tight and continued.

"Are you ready to be civil to me now?" He landed a particularly harsh swat across the back of Sam's legs and waited for an answer.

"I don't know dad are you still a power crazed jerk?" John sighed knowing where this was now headed. He had been Sam's father for the entirety of his life and he knew that at times he tended to be more stubborn than even Dean was because he often threw emotional things into it.

"Sorry about this Sam but you are asking for it and I think even you know it." Having said that he reached over and yanked Sam's briefs down to mid thigh. He brought the belt down hard and fast five times and could immediately see the difference in Sam's response.

With another five more he was glad to see that Sam finally gave in and cried. "Still feel that way son?"

He landed two harsh swats and thanked God when Sam shook his head from side to side. "What was that young man?"

"No sir. Please Dad- please…" John knew that his son was asking begging even for this to be over but he knew that he needed to stay strong no matter how much it hurt his own heart.

"You can disagree with me and even argue but screaming in my face and trying to get physical with me will get you here every single time." Having gotten to the heart of it he laid down five more with the belt and just felt heartsick at how hard Sammy was sobbing now.

He stopped glad to be done with this fatherly chore and rubbed his back for a moment and then readjusted his clothes. Sam made no move for the comfort of his father's arms and instead just remained where he was bent over the hood of the Impala sobbing. John left him that way for a few minutes and then grasping his upper arm pulled him upright and then into his arms. He felt Sam stiffen and he thought that perhaps he was still mad but it made no difference to him he continued to hold onto his son.

"It's all right big guy Daddy's got you now." And as if that was all he needed John felt the boy relax and just wail. And he would have stood in that spot all night addressing the emotional needs of his son if that was what it took.

But in a short time the heavy crying stopped and Sam was left with mostly just sniffles. He pulled away to look into the tear stained face. "You okay?"

Now he watched amused as Sam rolled his eyes. "Is that a stupid question or what?"

John gave him a little swat with his hand and wasn't surprised to see even more tears. "Samuel didn't I just blister your behind for attitude?"

"Yes sir."

John waited for him to get a hold of his emotions again. "Are you okay?"

John was almost undone to see Sam's face crumble again as he shook his head no. "I know buddy and I'm sorry but you didn't leave me a hell of a lot of choice here."

Sam looked down at his feet. "I know."

John squeezed his shoulder and watched as he wiped the tears off of his face. "Do you want to sit in the car so that we can discuss this a little more?"

Now he fought a smile at Sam's expression. "Um no I'm thinking standing here to discuss things would work for me."

John just shook his head. "Okay then we can stay right here. Now tell me what's got you so pissed at me Sammy."

He saw the tears reappear and roll down Sam's lean face and he waited until Sam had a minute to compose himself before pushing. "C'mon you can tell me."

Sam wouldn't even look him in the eyes and he could see the anger returning. "In most normal families dad it isn't such a big deal when the kid goes to college and in some families hey they might even be glad about it. But I guess that wasn't the deal with us now was it."

John put a hand on his shoulder only to feel it shrugged off again. "You have to know that we aren't exactly a normal family Sam. And just because I was scared as hell for you being alone doesn't mean that I wasn't proud of you son. And just because we fought about it doesn't meant that I didn't love you then and now."

He could tell by the tight line of Sam's mouth that he didn't believe him. He leaned back against the Impala and sighed, knowing he had to tell him the rest of it. "Look the night you were inducted into the national honor society you had on a blue suit with a striped tie and a white shirt and the day you graduated you sat next to a tall girl with long brown hair who spent the whole ceremony staring at you as if you hung the moon. You know like the waitresses and Dean that look."

He paused as he felt his own voice go alittle more gravely than usual. "And when you walked up to accept your diploma you stumbled right after you got to the top step."

Now he watched as his son turned to him amazed and he used that opportunity of silence to finish his thought. "So don't ever tell me about proud son or about your accomplishments or even your talents okay?"

John struggled with his own tears and found himself face to face with an angry son yet again. "If you were there then why in the hell didn't you tell me or find me or I don't know give me a fucking clue dad?"

John sighed again wishing that just for one single time that something could go the easy way with either of his sons. "You could have made me so happy if I had known that you were there but of course you wouldn't have wanted that to happen."

John had heard enough and with a yank on his arm pulled Sammy so that he was bent over the car again and he landed eight of the hardest swats he could. It was quick and over before Sam really realized what had just been done to him. He stood back up crying once again and reached around to try and rub out the fire that the swats had re-ignited. "I couldn't risk letting you know that I was there in case I had been followed. It was too dangerous and it broke my damn heart but I did it because it kept you safe."

He watched as the realization of the truth of what he said hit Sam and he started to sob. John pulled him into a hug and held on tightly not ever wanting to let him go. "I'm sorry that I couldn't share all those things with you in the normal way Sammy. But I was then and still am proud as hell of you."

This made the weeping worse and while John hated to hear it it was better than the fury that had been directed his way in the last few hours. Finally Sam seemed to settle down and he looked at John with shame. "I'm sorry Dad I swear I am. I didn't mean to be disrespectful and hateful to you, I was just mad."

John wrapped him in another hug. "I forgive you Sam but you have to know I meant what I said that kind of behavior will bring this result every time do you understand me?"

Now Sam nodded "Yes sir. I do."

Patting him on the back once more he looked him over again. "So are you okay?"

He was glad to see a small smile on Sam's face. "Yes and no I guess."

Again John nodded "Kinda goes with the territory son. Is there anything else that we need to talk about then?"

Sam looked like all the fight had gone out of him and he again reached around to try and rub out the fierce sting. "Guess not."

The hunter walked over and opened the door to the passenger side of the Impala. "Well come on then get in."

He saw Sam squirm a bit at the suggestion. "Like get in and sit down Dad?"

John bit the inside of his mouth to keep from smiling. "That's usually the way that it works unless you have a better idea."

Sam shook his head and climbed in ever so carefully and actually groaned when he sat down on the seat. "Well this is just miserable I had forgotten just how much it sucks."

John did laugh then. "You remind me of Dean when you say that and believe me he ought to know."

When they got to the diner Dean was outside and pacing like an expectant father and John knew that as far as Sam was concerned that was often the case with his oldest son. Immediately Sam was out of the car not wanting to stay seated any longer than he had too. "I have to go inside for a minute and then I'll be right back."

Dean walked to where Sammy stood and looked him over. "Man I never thought I'd see you again what the fuck got into you today? Have you lost your freakin mind? Were you trying to get your ass beat Dude?"

Now Sam squirmed still uncomfortable. "I was mad."

Dean snorted. "Yeah funny thing Francis I picked up on that right about the time you said 'fuck you' to Dad. And for some reason he didn't look all that happy either. So did he do it?"

Sam just rolled his eyes "No of course not Dean he gave me a medal for being the best son ever."

Now Dean said no more but reached over and gave Sam just a little tap on the butt. "Owww what the hell Dean?"

He immediately reached around to rub. Dean smiled and shook his head. "Yeah thought so medal my ass."

They both stood in silence for a few minutes with Sam still rubbing. "So are you still mad or did him lighting up your ass calm you down?"

Sam shot his brother a hateful look. "Well sort of and then we talked and maybe I was being too hard on him."

Dean knew that wasn't an easy admission for Sam to make. "Yeah well from the look of things sounds like he returned the favor."

"Yeah no shit and then some."

"Hey guys let's go. Dean take my truck and Sam and I will follow you in your car. Are you both ready?"

They both said "yes sir" in answer to his question.

"As long as Francis doesn't have to attack from the rear that is."

"Oh that's just it." Sam reached over and smacked Dean hard on the back of the head.

"Hey what the hell?" He stepped towards his younger brother and suddenly both boys felt a large hand grasping the backs of each of their jackets.

"This is gonna turn out badly for both of you if I don't see people following my orders and damn fast." For a second John thought he was going to have knock a couple of heads together and then much to his relief they both went to the vehicles and John got behind the wheel of the car shaking his head and thinking that they hadn't even fought the vampires yet and already he was at his wits end. This was going to be a very long night and no surprise it was just that.

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