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Duke Meets Kent

Martha noticed the pick-up truck as it drove onto the farm. There was really nothing unusual about it and it looked just like the trucks that several of their friends owned. And it was very similar to the one that they owned as well. There appeared to be two occupants but the sun was shining so brightly that she couldn't see who they were. And then she noticed that the truck had Georgia license plates.

It pulled to a stop over by the barn and she walked to where it was parked and waited. The driver got out and he was a handsome dark haired man with the most piercing blue eyes. "Is this the Kent farm?"

Martha smiled at him and put out her hand. "Yes it is and I'm Martha Kent, how can I help you?"

The man smiled and took her hand and shook it. "I'm Luke Duke and me and my cousin Bo are here about some farm equipment that you had for sale."

As soon as he spoke she couldn't help but notice the soft southern drawl he spoke with and found it to be charming. He leaned into the truck and spoke to the other occupant. "This here's the place Bo."

She watched as a tall, blond man got out of the passenger side of the truck. He walked towards her and cast her an appreciative glance. "Nice to meet you Ma'am."

She still couldn't see him completely because of the sun but she had the oddest feeling of something being familiar with him. His build was just like Jonathon's and his loose easy walk reminded her of something or someone. She took three steps closer so that she could see his face without the sun in her eyes and she gasped. "Jonathon?"

Bo turned to look at his cousin with frustration. "Why does everyone in this here state keep calling me Jonathon?"

Martha couldn't help herself and she took her hand and touched the face that was so familiar. She was rewarded with the same dazzling smile that she had fallen in love with. "I ain't sure who Jonathon is darlin but if you keep lookin at me like that I would be happy to be him."

The thick southern drawl snapped her back into reality. But the resemblance was nothing short of miraculous. Unable to help herself she gazed into the cornflower blue eyes for a long moment. "Mrs. Kent are you all right you look like you seen a ghost."

She realized that the other stranger was talking to her. Just then they all heard a deep voice calling for her. "Martha, sweetheart where are you?"

Martha turned to see her husband walk out of the barn and looking between the two she felt slightly disoriented. "Jonathon these are the ….I'm sorry what did you say your names where?"

Luke looked puzzled but answered her question. "Bo and Luke Duke Ma'am."

Martha couldn't have continued even if she had wanted to. Jonathon had walked over to where Bo stood and the two of them were looking at each other as if they couldn't be seeing what they were seeing. Bo moved closer to look at Jonathon and they both stared looks of astonishment evident on both faces. They were the exact same height and the widths of both sets of shoulders were equally broad. And two sets of identical blue eyes were wide with amazement.

Luke appeared to be in shock as much as Martha was and he circled Jonathon slowly checking him out from head to foot shaking his own head all the while. He was also the first to speak. "Dang cousin at least we know why everyone keeps calling you Jonathon."

Four stunned individuals just stood staring. Finally Martha was the first one to come to her senses. "Look let's all go inside and get a cup of coffee and we can talk."

The four went into the house with Jonathon in the lead followed closely by Bo and then Martha and finally Luke. Martha was again surprised to see that Jonathon and Bo even had the same walk and she made a mental note that she really needed to start buying Jonathon jeans that were tighter. As the men sat down she quickly poured four cups of coffee and put them down on the table. She noted Jon and Bo sitting directly across the table from each other and she felt as if she were looking at two sides of a coin.

"So were you really interested in our farm equipment or did you know how much you looked like me?"

Luke quickly responded. "No sir Mr. Kent we are really here to see about the trail cutter that you are selling. The other is just pure coincidence."

Martha could tell with one look that her husband was still suspicious. "And how was it that you even heard about this? I noticed that the plates on your truck are from Georgia."

Luke stepped in again to answer his questions. "We were in this part of the state for a farming convention being held not far from here. There was a bulletin board with ads for farm equipment that was for sale. And yours was on there and me and Bo just thought we would check it out on the way home. We been clearing out some of our acres and we thought that the trail blazer would make the job easier. Me and Bo still run our farm just by ourselves."

Their explanation sounded plausible to Martha and she knew that Jonathon himself would have been at that convention but Clark had had a football game yesterday and Jonathon refused to miss it for anything. She was startled out of her thoughts by Bo. "Dang how is it that we look so much alike? Are you sure you ain't a Duke?"

And of course Jonathon wasn't about to be outdone. "Yes, I'm sure but are you sure you aren't a Kent?"

They exchanged a hard look and Luke chuckled and turned to Martha. "Well they both appear to have equal amounts of stubborn too."

Martha suddenly wondered with as much as Bo looked like her husband if he kissed like Jonathon. She felt a blush cross her face and looked up to see Jonathon watching her as if he knew just what she had been thinking. She willed herself to stop speculating but before she did she wondered if they were the same everywhere.

"Pie, how about we all have some pie?" She jumped to her feet and walked over to the refrigerator, and all but ripped the door open. "What would you like apple or cherry or …."

Her question was interrupted by both Jonathon and Bo saying 'cherry' at the same time. Her hands were actually shaking as she sat the pie on the counter. She cut the slices and placed them on the table in front of everyone. Jonathon just pushed his away. "The resemblance is really remarkable."

Bo just smiled. "Yea just like this here pie. Did you make it yourself?"

Martha didn't trust herself to speak so she just nodded her head yes.

"Well this here is the best cherry pie that I've ever had, so not only are you beautiful but you can cook too. Dang that's quite a combination."

Martha knew her husband well enough to know that it was going to be real easy to pick out which one was Bo as he was going to be the one with the black eye if he didn't stop trying to sweet talk her. Trying to change the subject she asked a question. "What part of Georgia are you from?"

Luke spent the better part of the next half an hour talking about Hazzard and their family there. For the most part Jonathon and Bo just watched each other as if they couldn't believe their eyes. Martha heard all about their cousin Daisy her husband Enos and their three children. Luke also told them about their farm and the uncle who had raised them all as his own. Even though she had never met their Uncle Jessie he sounded like a wonderful man. He had passed away five years ago and Martha was touched to see tears shining in Luke's eyes as he spoke of him.

Martha realized that these were simple, kind and loving people and she already liked them quite a lot. And she could feel Jonathon's tensions about the situation slipping away. She told them then about Clark and their life and finally Jonathon opened up and started talking about the farm and finally a little about his own father. They started talking about possible connections which would explain the amazing resemblance when Luke had a thought. "You know Uncle Jessie had a much older sister that broke off from the family when she was just a teenager. We never knew much what happened to her. Do you suppose that could have been you father's mother Jonathon?"

They all agreed to look into the possibility that they might just be related. "Well Luke did you still want to look at that machine?"

Luke stood up and followed Jonathon out to the barn marveling at the uncanny resemblance to his cousin still. Martha turned to look at Bo and again found herself staring. He shot her the dazzling grin that had all the women in Hazzard eating out of the palm of his hand. She felt herself blushing again. 'I'm sorry it's just that you look so much like my husband I don't mean to stare."

Bo laughed at her discomfort. "Ain't no big deal really, they say everyone's got a twin. I guess most folks just don't get the chance to meet theirs."

She nodded in agreement. "So you're not married Bo?"

Bo smiled back at her. "I ain't yet met a woman as fine as you Martha, but when I do I surely will marry her. Jonathon's not only a good looking cuss but a lucky one too."

Martha ducked her head to hide the blush on her cheeks and couldn't believe that she was flirting with Jonathon again. But that was exactly what it felt like- flirting with Jonathon, only it wasn't Jonathon. She mulled this over and heard the screen door open and saw Clark coming in from school with his back pack slung over his shoulder and his usual grin on his face.

"Hey Mom."

He looked with a puzzled expression at Bo. "Hey Dad, what did you do to your hair. It's longer sort of and is it blonder too?"

Martha walked over to where Clark was standing. "Honey that's not your Dad that's Bo Duke."

Clark looked as if he didn't believe her. "C'mon Mom what is this some weird meteor rock thing? Of course that's Dad!"

He put his hand on her forehead as if to check to see if she had a fever. "No you don't feel like you have a fever. Maybe you should go and lay down, tell her Dad."

Bo stood up and put out his hand "Nice to meet ya Clark."

Clark ignored the outstretched hand and turned again to his Mother. "Okay it isn't April fools day or Halloween although I gotta give you credit for the accent. Bonus points for sure it is as phony and as corny as they come."

Martha looked at Clark horrified by what he had just said. "Clark apologize to Bo right now."

Clark smirked and turned to Bo "Okay dad so sorry I made fun of your really lousy fake accent."

Bo just smiled at Martha. "Unless I miss my guess this one's a handful ain't he?"

It was at that moment that Luke and Jonathon returned from the barn. Martha wished that she had a camera to record Clark's expression when his father walked into the room. "What in the hell is going on here and why are there two dads?"

Jonathon put a calming hand on Clark's shoulder. "It's all right son he just looks like me that's all. We might be related- maybe."

Martha knew that Jonathon was just trying his best to re-assure their son. "Looks like you Dad; he could be your twin. You guys have the same eyes and the same nose and the same face and….."

Martha stepped in trying to calm her son. "Clark it's okay really, I know it seems unsettling but you'll get used to it. Now don't you think you owe Mr. Duke an apology?"

Clark looked down at his feet and then to Bo. "You look just like my dad!"

Martha gave his shoulder a little push "Clark……"

"Okay I'm sorry I made fun of the way you talk."

"Ain't nothing to be sorry for Clark you thought I was your Dad just playing a prank. It's nice to meet you and this here's my cousin Luke."

Luke and Clark shook hands. Clearly amused by the boys amazement Bo turned to his cousin. "So Luke are we all set with everything?"

Luke told him that they were. "Well Martha me and Luke want to thank you for everything today. I don't know who was more surprised you or us?"

Martha smiled and wrapped an arm around her husband's waist. "Not all surprised are bad Bo. Just think we might just be family."

He smiled at Jonathon and wasn't surprised to see an identical smile back. "As precious as kin is, that would be a wonderful thing for sure."

Suddenly Martha didn't want them to leave. "Are you sure you couldn't stay a little longer like at least for dinner?"

Luke shook his head. "I wish we could but we have to drive bout halfway cross the country to get home and we have a farm to run too."

Jonathon nodded in agreement. "It is a tough job but there is nothing like it."

Bo smiled at him. "Ain't that the truth?"

They exchanged addresses and promised to keep up with any new developments in the search to find out if they were actually related. And then they all walked to the car with Martha, Clark and Luke still shaking their heads in amazement. Bo gave Clark a hug and then passed him on to Luke to hug. Luke laughed when he hugged Clark "Your mama feeds you real good, cause you are as solid as a rock son!"

Martha smiled at that and then wrapped Luke in a hug. And then she hugged Bo and for all the world it felt like hugging her husband. She actually pulled away from his embrace to look at his face in wonder. "Remember now darlin if'n you ever decide to forget Kansas and give Georgia a try I'm all yours."

She smiled widely even though she could see Jonathon frowning over her shoulder. And then Bo and Jonathon embraced and while it seemed odd at first, there was no doubting the connection between the two men. Bo leaned in towards Jonathon "It's been a pleasure meeting you cousin."

Luke was watching and remarked to Martha, "Well if that don't just beat all." And she had to agree.

They got back into their pick- up truck with smiles and waves and drove down the driveway. Clark turned and super sped into the house as he hadn't had his after school snack and was hungry.

Martha felt Jonathon reach for her hand and hold onto it. "Don't think I didn't notice the way you were lusting after that farmer from Georgia."

Martha snorted, "Yes instead of lusting after the farmer from Kansas."

Jonathon looked at her with a wounded look. "Woman you cut me to the very quick."

Martha stopped in her tracks. "Jonathon he looked just like you!!"

He stopped her with a held up hand. "He looks just like you!!!"

Much to her surprise he just laughed. "That he does, Martha that he does."

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