Author's Note: This fiction was written as a challenge for a friend. It takes place right after the episode of Smallville called Sacred where Clark and Lana go to China following Lex and Jason.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I am not making any money from these stories.
Warning: Non consensual disciplinary spanking of a teen by a parent.

The Note

Clark looked at the house from a few feet away. He didn't really want to confront his parents, but he knew he had to do it sometime. He took a deep breath entered the house with his overnight bag in his hand. He wasn't exactly surprised when he saw both of his parents sitting together apparently waiting for him. He immediately decided to use his amazing abilities of distraction, as they usually worked well with his parents. He said, "I know that going to Shanghai and only leaving you a note is grounds for a serious lecture, but I just had to go."

His father held up the note for Clark to see and read, "Gone to Shanghai. Be back in a few days. Love, Clark"

Clark got a little red at his father's tone and said, "I was in a hurry?"

Martha joined in with, "Clark, that's not a note, it's a cryptic scribble."

Jonathan said, "Son, since when do you go off to another country without at least talking to me or your mother in person? And please don't tell me that you didn't have time, because we both know you could have zipped over to wherever we were to tell us what was going on. And even if you didn't do that, the least you could have done was leave a detailed note with some specifics."

Clark knew they were right. He hadn't told them, because he knew they wouldn't have agreed to him going, and then he would have gone anyway, and there would have been an argument. Clark decided more distraction was in order. He said, "We found the second stone. I had it in my hands for a few seconds."

Both his parents asked, "What happened?"

Clark turned to hide his smile at how easy his parents were to lead off track. Then when he thought about what really did happen, he lost his smile. He told them the whole story including how Lana had changed into the witch again. When he was done his father said, "If the stones were meant for you, why would there be Kryptonite there?"

"I don't know Dad. But what worries me the most is what happened to the stone."

Martha said, "Didn't you say the stone called to you. Made some kind of noise?"

"Yeah, just like the ship, and the other stone."

"Then I suppose when you need it, the stone will call to you again."

"You think so Mom?"

"I do."

Clark smiled and said, "Thanks mom. That really makes me feel better."

Clark got up and started to go upstairs to his room. Jonathan said, "Where do you think you're going son?"

Clark turned and gave him a blank look and said, "I was going to my room."

"We aren't done talking about the note yet. Take a seat."

Clark didn't think this was good. Maybe his distraction abilities had gotten damaged in his fight with Isabelle. He reluctantly sat back down and said, "I wonder if Lex is doing better. He was in pretty bad shape from the torture. Maybe I should go see him."

Jonathan stood up and said, "Clark, while you were gone, your mother and I had a serious discussion about you."

Clark really thought this sounded bad. He said, "Oh?"

"Going off to China……well, it's just another thing in a long line of things that we never really dealt with."

"I'm sorry, I don't follow you Dad."

"What did your mother and I do when you ran off to Metropolis?"

Clark was now kind of confused as to where his father was going with this line of questioning. He said, "You made a deal with my biological father, so you could be strong enough to make me come home."

"Yes, but when you got home, what did we do about you running off in the first place?"

"Um….lectured me about putting on the red Kryptonite in the first place."

"And what did we do when you had a party here at the house when we spent the night in Metropolis?"

"You decided not to spend the night away anymore."

"And what about when you were eavesdropping on me and the discussion I was having with my doctor about my heart surgery. What did I do about that?"

"You told me not to do it anymore…..again."

"And what did I do when I told you that you couldn't play football, but you decided to do it anyway…twice."

"Um, you came to the game, and…."

Clark had to look down as he said, "You gave me that look that said you were disappointed in me both times…."

"Well at least that seems to have stuck with you. What did we do about it when you ran off to get married in Vegas?"

Clark got defensive; "She put red Kryptonite on me! I told you that."

Martha surprised both of them by saying, "Yes, and we could maybe forgive you for sleeping with her because of that, but not marrying her."

Clark got bright red and said nothing. Jonathan said, "The point is son, that your mother and I feel that we have been…..a little lax in our parenting. And we think you need a wake up call."

Clark couldn't believe his parents were being so…..parental. Where was the smile and the hug? Where was the comforting platitude? Or at least where was the pat on the shoulder and the reassurance that things were okay? He said, "Wake up call? I'm not sure I understand."

Jonathan said, "You will soon. Go on up to your room and put your stuff away. I'll be up in a minute."

Clark gave his parents an uncertain look and then took his bag upstairs. Jonathan looked at Martha, and she said, "Are you sure Jonathan?"

Jonathan nodded and asked, "How about you?"

Martha looked at the table and nodded too. Jonathan walked out to the loft and looked around for the little box. He wondered again why Clark liked to keep it out there, and also why he wanted to keep it at all, but today it was to his advantage. Jonathan found it, and picked it up. He walked back to the house and up to his son's room. He found Clark sitting on his bed looking at the floor.

Clark, being who he was, now felt pretty guilty about things. He saw his dad and noticed the box. Clark looked scared and disbelieving when he asked, "You're gonna hurt me with the meteor rock?"

Jonathan shook his head and said, "No, but I am going to use it to help me punish you."

Clark swallowed hard. He didn't know what to say. Jonathan looked over at Clark's dresser, which was against the wall. He opened the small box and set it there. He turned to Clark and said, "Can you feel it?"

Clark nodded. Jonathan said, "Is it debilitating?"

Clark shook his head no. Jonathan said, "You can still get up and walk around right? You just feel a little weaker then usual."

Clark nodded again. Jonathan walked over to Clark and said, "Hold out your hand for me."

Clark held his hand out palm up. Jonathan turned it over and slapped the back of Clark's hand hard. Clark snatched his hand back and held it with the other hand as he said with disbelief, "Hey."

Jonathan nodded and said, "Stand up."

Clark wasn't sure he should, but he did stand up. Jonathan sat down where Clark had been and then looked up at Clark. "You know your mother and I love you Clark."

Clark nodded and said, "Yes, I love you too Dad."

"And you know that we expect you to grow up to be a good man who does the right thing even when that may be the difficult choice."

"I know."

"Well, I want you to know that I don't really want to do what I'm about to do, but I think it's the right thing for you. You have to stop running off and doing things that are potentially dangerous without telling us about it. I know for a fact that you don't have a passport. I know you got into China because of the private jet, and I know you didn't run into any trouble, but did you even think about what might happen if you got caught there without a passport? I mean I'm sure you could get away no matter how many men tried to detain you, but then your secret would be out. You need to talk to your mother and me about these things, because we have more life experience, and we might have a perspective you can't see from where you are in life."

Clark didn't know what to say, but what came out was, "Yes sir."

Jonathan said, "Give me your hand."

Clark looked sad, but didn't hesitate to hold out his hand, palm down this time. But instead of slapping it again like Clark was expecting him to do, Jonathan gave him a yank, and pulled him over his lap. Clark knew exactly what the position meant, even if he hadn't been in it before. He thought it was kind of awkward since he was as tall as his father was, and he didn't fit well over his lap. Jonathan brought his hand down before Clark was really ready for it. Jonathan was spanking as hard as he could, knowing that his hand over jeans on a seventeen-year-old boy wasn't really going to make an impression otherwise. Clark made a couple of grunting and hissing noises for the first couple of swats, and then tried to be quiet. His mind was reeling with all the things his father had said to him, and with what he was feeling both inside and out. He was close to tears, but not so much from the pain. It was because his parents were both so disappointed in him that they had resorted to this. He blurted out, "But I left a nooooote."

Jonathan was unimpressed and continued the spanking. Very soon Clark was squirming around and said, "Dad! Dad, I'm sorry! I'm sorrrrrry!"

Jonathan heard Clark's voice break and knew that Clark was crying. Jonathan gave him two more swats and stopped. He patted Clark's back and said, "Okay son, you can stand up."

Clark pushed himself up and stood. Jonathan stood up with him and pulled him into a hug. Clark kept crying and Jonathan said, "It's okay Clark. Your mother and I love you more then anything else in this world. No matter what happens, you can always count on us to be here for you."

Jonathan held Clark for a few more minutes, until Clark was done actively crying, and was down to some sniffles and a few stray tears. Jonathan let go of him and went over to the dresser and closed the box. Clark felt better as soon as the box was closed and couldn't help but put his hands behind him to rub his butt once to make sure it was back to normal. Jonathan said, "All better?"

Clark nodded, but didn't look at his father. Jonathan said, "Come on down stairs then."

Clark didn't want to do anything, besides maybe crawl in his bed and hide for the rest of the day. He said, "Could I…..just stay in my room? Please?"

Jonathan shook his head. "Your mother has something for you to do."

Clark didn't want to face her at all, but his father was motioning for him to follow, so he slowly did. When they both arrived downstairs Martha was also teary eyed. She gave Clark a hug and he said, "I'm sorry Mom."

She squeezed him and said, "I know honey."

She let him go and there was an uncomfortable silence in the room until Clark said, "Dad said you had something for me to do…."

"Oh, right. It's over here on the counter."

Clark walked over and saw a few blank pieces of paper and a pen. She put another piece of paper beside the blank ones and said, "I want you to copy this for me ten times please."

Clark looked at the paper his mother had written on. It was a page long note, and as Clark read it, he realized she had written the note he should have left. It was very detailed, and even explained how to get in touch with him through Lana's cell phone along with a made up number. Clark sighed and gave her his 'puppy eyes' when he said, "Ten times?"

Martha didn't fall for it and said, "Yes please. I think you need practice leaving a proper note"

Clark sighed again and started writing. Behind him Jonathan said, "And make sure that's at normal speed too."


Clark couldn't believe his powers of distraction were gone. He was sure he was going to miss them.

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