RPG Stories

Stories written as a consolidated effort between me and my friends.

The Flash RPG Stories

A Difficult Punishment - This story takes place during Season 1 Episode 4 'Going Rogue', Dr. Wells thinks that Cisco needs more than a stern warning after the cold gun incident. This story takes place prior to, but in the same universe as, my previously written story 'An Effective Punishment', which can be found on my Miscellaneous Page.

A First Punishment - This story has spoilers for Season 1 Episode 11 'The Sound and the Fury'. Dr. Wells has warned both Hartley and Cisco to stop fighting, but instead of trying to get along, they both escalate the fight. This story takes place prior to the story above 'A Difficult Punishment'. Posted January 2016

The Flash pictures courtesy of Screencapped.net

Good Behavior RPG Story

The Price to Pay - This story takes place directly after Season 1 Episode 5. Javier suspects Letty of stealing, and tries to get a confession out of her.

Good Behavior pictures courtesy of Kiss Them Goodbye

Heroes RPG Stories

Twisted Fate Chaper 1 - This takes place at the end of Season 2. Sylar meets up with a woman who's power changes his body to that of a child. Peter takes him in, against Sylar's wishes.

Twisted Fate Chapter 2 - Sylar grows to accept living with Peter, but outside forces try to take him away.

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Killjoys RPG Story

Post Traumatic Healing - This story takes place directly after Season 1 Episode 7 'Kiss, Kiss, Bye, Bye'. This is how I wish the characters had reconciled after the trauma they'd both been through.

No Running - This story is an alternate ending to Season 2 Epiosde 10, 'How to Kill Friends and Influence People'. When Lucy sees John packing his stuff to run away, she calls D'avin instead of Clara. Posted June 2018.

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Man from UNCLE RPG Story

No More Lies - This story takes place after the movie, and contains spoilers for the movie. Illya follows through with the threat he made to Gaby.

Numb3rs RPG Story

Brother Therapy - This story takes place directly after the episode 'Money For Nothing'. Don decides that Charlie needs to make up for something he did when they were kids.

Numb3rs pictures courtesy of Numb3rs Online

The Originals RPG Story

A Healthy Dose of Fear - This story takes place during Season 3 Episode 12, and has spoilers for the episode. This is how we wish Klaus had responded to Cami's behavior in the episode.

When Klaus Bit Off More Than He Could Chew - This story takes place during the gap in time between Season 3 Episode 5 ‘The Axeman’s Letter’, and Season 3 Episode 6 ‘Beautiful Mistake’. This is how we think Elijah should have settled things with Klaus. Spoilers for both episodes.

Tantrum - This story takes place during Season 1 Episode 11. This is how we think Marcel should have delt with Davina's little tantrum in the begining of the episode.

Reconnection - This story takes place pre-series. Daggering Kol every time he misbehaves isn't working, so Elijah decides to reinstate the punishment that used to work. Posted June 2018.

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Queer as Folk RPG Stories

Needle Scare - This takes place during 'Episode 307'. Ben is upset with Michael for putting an infected needle so close to his skin.

One More Job (RPS version) - This takes place during 'Episode 401'. While they're on the road, Michael finds Hunter hustling for money, and isn't happy about it.

Cancer Secret - This story takes place during Season 4. Justin finds out that Brian had surgery for cancer without telling him about it.

Accepting Help - Justin doesn't want to accept Brian's help. Brian doesn't want to see Justin throw his life away.

Queer as Folk pictures courtesy of
QAF Screen Grabs

Smallville RPG Stories

Regressed - This takes place during Season 2. A meteor freak makes Lex revert to a teen mentally. Clark brings Lex home to the farm until they can find out how to get Lex back to normal.

Trust In Your Friends - This story takes place sometime during Season 1. When one of the teens in Smallville starts acting strange, Clark and Chloe decide to investigate. During the investigation, Clark tries to keep his friend Lex out of the loop, but Lex keeps getting involved anyway, and puts himself in danger in the process. Clark decides drastic measures are needed to keep his friend safe.

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Supernatural RPG Stories

Cheating Always Hurts - This story takes place pre series when Dean is 19 and Sam is 15. Dean talks Sam into cheating on a test.

A Double-Edged Sword - This story takes place during Season 7 Episode 7 titled 'The Mentalists'. Sam isn't happy with the way Dean's been dealing with his guilt, and calls him on it.

Supernatural pictures courtesy of Supernatural TV and Screencapped.net

True Blood RPG Story

No Room At the Inn - This story takes place pre series. Eric defies Godric's instructions one night, and has to pay the price.

Dream A Little Dream - This story takes place during Season 2 Episode 10: New World In My View. This is our take on what Sookie's dream of Eric could have been.

True Blood pictures courtesy of Fanpop

Vampire Diaries RPG Story

Broken Relationships - This story takes place after the episode 'The House Guest'. Caroline goes to Damon for help after Matt discovers she's a vampire.

Vampire Diaries pictures courtesy of Vampire Diaries Web

White Collar RPG Story

Turn About Is Fair Play - This story is set sometime during Season 1. It was written for a prompt: Five times Peter swats Neal, and the one time Neal swats Peter.

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X-Men The Movie (2000) RPG Story

FormidableAttraction - This story takes place direcly after the movie. It's slashy crack fic between Logan and Scott.

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