Author’s Note: Specific SPOILERS for Season 10 Episode 21 ‘Dark Dynasty’. A short story, written because I hate that Charlie died! This is what should have happened instead.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making me any money.
Warning: non-con spanking of adult female by an angel. Cas/Charlie. I wish.

What Should Have Happened

Charlie was gone. Cas looked around in utter disbelief; but Charlie and her laptop were obviously, totally, completely missing. He did the only thing he could; he called Sam. From there...well, it could only go downhill. In desperation, Cas turned to Rowena.

“Find her!”

“I am not a bloody detective service! How do you expect me to find the girl?”

“You’re a witch! Do something…witchy.” Cas demanded, out of patience with babysitting recalcitrant females.

“If I do,” she asked shrewdly, “will you release these chains?”

“Of course not.”

“It seems you do not really want her found, then.” Rowena turned back to her study of the book.

Cas rolled his eyes in exasperation. “If we don’t find her, you will spend the rest of eternity trying unsuccessfully to decipher this codex…and I guarantee that Sam will not let you leave until it has been done.”

Rowena considered for a moment. “Very well. Bring me something belonging to her.” Cas quickly scrounged up a candy wrapper Charlie had left on the table, and Rowena held it, closed her eyes, and began to recite. After a very brief time, she opened her eyes and nodded at Cas. “Black Horse Motel, room 602.” In a breath Cas was gone.

He popped into the motel room just in time to find Eldon Styne pounding on the bathroom door. In a heartbeat he had drawn his angel blade and plunged it deep into the man’s back. He collapsed to the floor in a flash of light.

Cas strode to the bathroom door and called, “Charlie! It’s Cas. Are you alright?”

Slowly the door opened an inch or two, to reveal the very frightened face of Charlie Bradbury. Once she verified that it truly WAS Cas, she flung open the door and he saw the blade she was clutching. “You can put that away now.” He nodded toward the corpse on the floor. “The threat has been nullified.”

Charlie nodded slowly, looking from him to the dead guy and then back again.

“Wow. Uh…thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Now just what did you think you were doing, leaving like that?” His voice suddenly became even deeper than usual, and quite stern. “Why would you choose to put yourself in such danger, instead of staying where you were safe to do your research?” There was genuine curiosity in his tone, but it was overlaid with more than a little annoyance.

“I…I just…Rowena was making it hard for me to concentrate, and I really needed to concentrate! Figured I’d be better off someplace quiet.” She paused. “I…didn’t really think they’d come after me.”

“Well, they did. And it’s about time we left.” Without so much as a by-your-leave, Cas snapped them back to the bunker.

“Whoa!” Charlie looked a little dizzy and put out a hand to steady herself. “That was a trip…in every sense of the word!”

Cas looked a bit confused, but he had other things on his mind so he dismissed it for the time being. First, he had to call Sam and let him know Charlie was safe. Then…he figured the next order of business was to ensure that she didn’t try that again. Ever. At least not on HIS watch.

The call to Sam took a bit longer than expected. “Yes, she’s fine. No, undamaged. Yes, we are. Sam, is that really necessary? Of course. No, I do NOT want to talk to Dean. I will deal with the situation. Yes, of course. Sam, I am not an idiot! We will talk later.” Castiel was more than mildly annoyed by the time he hung up the phone. And suddenly that annoyance was focused on Charlie.

“We need to …discuss…your abrupt departure.” Cas was actually frowning at her. “You were safe here, with me, and yet you left without so much as a word.”

“Well, if I had said something, would you have let me go?” She snorted. “I needed space, away from THIS, to concentrate. And it was worth it; I got the key to the decryption. We can give it to the witch now and let her finish the job!” She waved her laptop in Cas’ face triumphantly. He reached out slowly but firmly and took it from her, placing it carefully on the table. His eyes never left her face.

“Worth it?” Cas growled, and Charlie backed up a step. She’d never heard him sound angry before. “Are you saying you could not possibly have broken the code here?”

She shook her head. “I would have gotten it eventually, but it probably would have taken longer….”

“You came very close to being killed, distracted Sam and Dean at a time when they could not afford to be distracted, and brought me away from my task of guarding Rowena to chase after you, rescue you, and bring you back. All to save a little time?” Cas REALLY sounded angry now. He took a step forward, and Charlie realized that she was about six inches away from the wall and going nowhere. From the look on his face, anywhere would have been better than here.

“Uh, Cas? Personal space?” Charlie tried, tentatively.

“This space is about to get VERY personal.” Cas replied, eyes locked on hers as he grabbed her arm and pulled her with him back to the chair.

“Wait, Cas, what…?” Charlie started, but before she could finish he had seated himself and pulled her down over his lap. At that point, coherence fled and she simply squealed.

“You acted like an irresponsible, thoughtless child,” Cas commented as he raised his right hand high over his head, “and I believe this is a suitable retaliation for such behavior.” His hand descended with a resounding thwack on the seat of her jeans, and Charlie yelped, her body jerking involuntarily at the strength of the blow. Cas paused for a moment, considering, and the next smack was slightly less forceful…but only slightly. Charlie yelped again, and started squirming.

“Cas for Pete’s sake you can’t…OW! (as another smack landed) can’t DO this!” shock and disbelief echoing in her voice.

“I most certainly can.” Cas responded calmly. Now that he had determined the proper force to use he continued steadily, making sure that each new blow landed in a slightly different spot than the last. Charlie continued to struggle futilely, his hand held her easily in position over his lap even without the assistance of his angel powers. “I mean to ensure that you will not ever again attempt to run off on your own while you are under my guardianship.” He increased the tempo somewhat, and nodded in satisfaction when he noted her response…which was a small sob, followed by a larger sob, followed by what could only be classed as a wail.

“Cas, stop!” She sobbed. “You’re not supposed to SPANK people!”

“Really?” He replied. “Because you aren’t supposed to run away while I am trying to keep you safe.” He changed from randomly placed spanks to concentrating fiercely on just one spot at a time, and Charlie rapidly lost the ability to talk at all, instead descending into tears and shaking sobs as the pain in her backside blazed more intensely with each swat. Cas was apparently not impressed, and simply continued to spank, peppering every inch of her backside and the tops of her thighs with incredibly painful swats. Charlie finally stopped struggling and simply hung limply over his knees, sobbing as if her heart would break. Cas slowed the spanking, assessed her current emotional state, and decided it was over. He stopped…and had no clue what to do next.

He just sat there for a couple of minutes, while her sobs diminished, and eventually he helped her off his lap to stand next to him…and then Charlie solved his dilemma for him by simply throwing herself into his arms and clinging to him, crying softly and occasionally whispering that she was sorry she worried him, sorry she caused a problem, sorry she WAS a problem. At that, Cas stopped her, gently lifting her chin so that she was forced to look into his wide blue eyes; eyes showing concern, and…affection.

“Charlie, YOU are not a problem. You never were, you never will be. We…Dean and Sam and I…just want to protect you from at least some of the dangers out there…the dangers that will seek you out because of us, who we are, what we do. We all just want to keep you safe.”

She smiled tearfully up at him, reached back to rub her butt, and said, “Not sure I want this kind of protection!”

Cas smiled back at her. “I’m afraid you don’t have a choice.”

She buried her face in the ever-present trench coat, hugging him tightly. “I guess I can live with that.”

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