Author’s Note: A short story about what should have happened in episode 17. Pairing Cabe/Happy. I may not own them, but I have fun playing with them!
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non-con disciplinary adult spanking.

What Were You Thinking

There were a few times in Walter O’Brien’s life where everything ran smoothly, like clockwork. This was not one of them.

They were in a crappy little town in beautiful cartel-infested Mexico, trying to track down a kidnapped girl with very little luck, and with no ransom money…because it had just been stolen. It was not one of Walter’s best days.

Cabe was being patient, really he was. He had hardly yelled at all about the missing ransom money. He had barely grumbled over Walter’s supreme lack of progress in cracking the 30-digit tracking code in less than 3 minutes. When Happy slipped out to “talk with the locals”, completely against orders, he may have slammed his fist into his palm in frustration, but that was about all. However, by the time she came straggling back in, looking quite a bit worse for wear and dragging a frightened-looking young man with her, Cabe’s patience had pretty much expired.

He crossed the room to her in a couple of quick strides. “What were you thinking!” He demanded, about two inches from her face. Before she had a chance to really respond, he gripped her arm firmly and dragged her back out into the hallway with him, slamming the door behind them. The rest of team Scorpion, and one very confused and frightened young Mexican, were left in the hotel room to…deal.

“Are you alright?” Cabe asked sharply, his expression wavering between angry and concerned.

“I’m fine. A little lump on the head; otherwise no damage. Now let’s get back in there and…”

“Good. I’m glad there’s no damage. Because I am about to do some of my own!” He was barely containing his fury. “You were told not to go out on the street. Walter warned you how dangerous it was, but you took off anyway. What were you thinking?”

She opened her mouth to respond, but he stopped her with an upraised hand. “Never mind; I don’t want to know. All I want to know, is that you won’t pull a stunt like this again.” His eyes searched her face, and he knew without a doubt that, given the same circumstances, Happy was going to make the same choices.

“OK, we’ll do it the hard way.”

At the end of the hall sat a straight-backed chair with a brightly colored serape draped over it. Cabe unceremoniously grabbed Happy’s hand and towed her down the hallway towards it. About halfway there she balked, and started to struggle against him, but he was having none of it and easily hauled her the rest of the distance before dropping into the chair and pulling her down over his lap.

“Time for a little talk about obeying orders, and staying safe, and not getting yourself bashed over the head and kidnapped by some kid with delusions of grandeur.”

Happy squirmed in her very undignified position, attempting to regain her feet, but at that point Cabe ceased talking with his voice, and began talking with the palm of his hand. She let out a surprised yelp.

“You can’t do this! Who do you think you are, anyway!” She protested loudly, earning herself another onslaught of angry smacks.

“I THINK I’m the one who’s going to teach you a lesson about following orders.” The staccato crack of his hand echoed down the empty hallway. “I THINK I’m the one you better listen to next time you’re told NOT to do something. And I THINK you’re damn lucky this is not a whole helluva lot worse.” He punctuated the last statement with two extremely hard whacks, and then set her back on her feet.

She was staring at him in disbelief, one hand going back automatically to rub her stinging backside.

“The last time somebody tried something like that,” she growled, “was the last time he tried anything.”

“Yeah, well, do your worst, kid. You earned a licking; I gave it to you. If it keeps you from going off half-cocked and getting yourself hurt, then it’s well worth it in my book. Now I’ve got work to do.”

He walked briskly down the hallway, yanked open the door to their room, and stepped in to be greeted by various expressions of shock and disbelief. He looked from one face to the next—Walter’s hands were completely still on the keyboard and his eyes were even wider than usual, Paige’s mouth was hanging open, Sylvester looked like he wanted to be anywhere in the world other than here and now, and Toby…well, Toby almost looked approving. Cabe raised an eyebrow.

“One of you wanna be next?”

Instantly, everyone became totally occupied with some vitally important task. Happy chose that moment to slip back into the room behind him, and as she did so he wrapped a quick arm around her waist and pulled her close for a brief hug. Then without a word he released her, and turned his attention to the matter at hand. Happy’s eyes followed him, with an unfathomable expression that might have been resignation, or speculation, or acceptance. But for the next several days she would have a rare aura of peace and tranquility, and a distinct lack of her usual prickly attitude. And every once in awhile, the look in her eyes when she saw Cabe enter the room, was almost…happy.

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