Author’s Note: This is a ‘missing scene’ from Season 2 Episode 1 of Killjoys titled ‘Dutch and the Real Girl’.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Warning: Consensual spanking of an adult.


Dutch couldn’t recall the last time she’d felt this way. Like a child. Not like an eight-year-old murderess, but like the child she should have been if fate (and Khlyen) hadn’t intervened. She hated the feeling. Maybe…or maybe not…

* * *

It had started on the bridge.

“Let's go save my dumb-ass brother.” Johnny sounded half pissed and half resigned.

“Status?” Dutch asked.

“Armed the shit out of a probe. Full sensors, liquid cam the works. And on a side note: I remain amazing.” Johnny said with a grin.

“We doing this? “

“Oh, yeah.”

“Entering Arkyn's orbit.”

“Uh, probe has a liquid cam. Liquid cam should work like a satellite, snag us pictures of the ground so we can sweep for a drop spot. Lucy's still picking up some strange radiation on Arkyn, by the way. But the probe should tell us what we're dealing with,” Johnny said looking at the readings on his screen.


“Lucy, let 'er rip.”

The instruments suddenly went ballistic.

“So that's bad, right?” Pree asked from behind them.

“What the hell's happened?” Dutch demanded.

“I don't know. The beta radiation is through the roof. There's no way that these levels are random. It's a defense layer. Man-made,” Johnny said.

“Over the whole moon?”

“I don't know. I don't know, it fried the probe before I could tell how deep the field went, but I can you know, I can run some more tests “

“John,” Dutch said.

“And we can figure out, uh, - you know, within a day or –“

“Johnny.” Dutch cut him off. “Khlyen's had D'avin down there for five days. Five. If we don't find him now, we may not find him at all.”

“We can't even be sure that he's still down there.”

“You're right. Let's go find out. Lucy, shields maxed. We're going in.”

“What wait. Dutch.” Johnny had a bad feeling about this.

“What? You said "security layer," Johnny. Layer's got to end somewhere,” Dutch insisted.

Pree spoke up tentatively. “Uh, I'm new to this ship. Do we get a… oh.”

“Lucy! Status!”

Lucy’s calm voice provided dire news. “Warning: I can't maintain internal integrity in these conditions. Environmental toxins are exceeding safety protocol levels.”

“We need to abort.” John’s voice was urgent.

Dutch didn’t agree. “She's tougher than a probe. We can make it through. Lucy, keep pushing.”

“I'm sorry, conditions have exceeded crew safety minimums. Activating emergency override now.” Lucy stated.

“Don't you dare!” Dutch yelled.

“Lucy, do it!” Johnny yelled back.

“Go! Punch it! Punch us through!” Dutch yelled. They were all breathing hard as pressures built, but the emergency override was already taking them away from the danger.

“Cabin conditions stabilizing.” Lucy stated as things returned to normal.

“What the hells was that?” He was angry, with good reason.

“Every trail we have followed has led us to Arkyn. I know D'av's down there somewhere. - I can feel it.” Dutch insisted.

“Hey, guess what? Your gut doesn't get voting privileges over our safety. Now, whoever's down there? You just told them that we're coming.”

“Are you seriously telling me to give up on him?” She asked.

“I'm the little brother, remember? I'm genetically incapable of giving up on him. We can't save him if we die trying.”

“I know. I'm sorry.” Dutch apologized.

“Sorry doesn’t exactly cut it!” Johnny glared at her. Dutch obviously wasn’t thinking clearly about this, and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. How to snap her out of the reckless abandon and into a more calculating state of mind. Not that reckless abandon was always a bad thing…just in this case, it was gonna get them killed.

“Uh-oh, somebody’s going to get a spanking.” Pree sing-songed under his breath, then added more audibly, “Perhaps it’s time to consider Plan B?”

Johnny’s eyes narrowed in speculation. Well, why not? “Lucy, maintain distance for now. Dutch, we need to talk.” Grabbing her wrist, he strode from the room towing her behind him. Too surprised to resist, she simply stumbled along behind.

Pree watched them go, one eyebrow raised. “Well, then, on with it darlings. Priority one; I need a drink.” He headed out to look for the nearest bottle of Hokk.

Striding down the hallway towards Dutch’s room, Johhny issued one more order to the ship. “Lucy, soundproof Dutch’s room. No monitoring until further notice.”

“Yes, John.”

Dutch finally reacted. “Wait, what are you doing?” She pulled back out of his grip and stood there staring at him in confusion.

“What I’m doing,” John’s eyes blazed as he stared back at her, “is keeping us alive, the ship in one piece, rescuing my brother, and reminding you that you have a working brain and you need to use it!”

He grabbed her wrist again and rather unceremoniously pulled her inside her room, sealing the door after them.

“You’re not thinking, Dutch. You’re reacting. That may work for you in a bar fight, but not here, not now. So we’re gonna bring you back to reality. Back to the Dutch I trust with my life, who thinks first and THEN acts.” Johnny’s voice had softened somewhat, but it still carried a note of steel.

She briefly considered arguing, but what he said…made sense. Deep down she knew she wasn’t acting rationally. Risking her own life—that meant nothing. But she had risked Lucy, Pree, Johnny…and any chance they had of rescuing D’avin. That…was not ok. Her shoulders slumped.

“You’re right. I need to get my head together.”

“You do. And I’m going to help you.” Johnny sat on the edge of her bed, then looked up, holding her eyes with his own. “Over here. Now.”

Dutch’s mouth opened and closed once, then without losing eye contact she hesitantly took the few steps to his side. “What do you plan on doing, John Jacobis?”

“I plan on giving you a good old-fashioned spanking for nearly getting us all killed.” Johnny replied calmly.

Her eyes widened in disbelief. “What? You can’t do that!”

“I know. If you fight me, I don’t stand a chance. But you know as well as I do that you not only deserve this, you need it. So I’m betting that you’re not going to fight me.”

He reached for her hand. There was a moment of resistance, a reflexive action on her part, then with a small sigh she allowed him to pull her forward over his lap.

He held her there quietly for a moment. “I know you’ve been through a lot lately. But this…was not ok. Impulsive, reckless, just plain damn foolish. Whatever you want to call it, it was wrong, and it’s not going to happen again.” He took a deep breath and brought his hand down hard on her backside.

Dutch stiffened a little, out of surprise more than pain, but she barely had time to catch her breath before his hand descended again. Also hard. Harder than she would have expected. He may not have been her equal in a fair fight, but he was no weakling either. She steeled herself to withstand the sharp sting, which was nothing compared to previous pain she’d endured, to simply wait it out. That worked…for about 30 seconds. Until Johnny started talking again.

“We depend on you, Dutch. (SLAP!) D’avin, me…we’re a team, and we need each other. (SLAP!) We need you thinking clearly. (SLAP!) We do NOT need reckless (SLAP!), irresponsible (SLAP!) behavior! (SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!)” He spanked using all his strength, knowing that she could take it, that she needed more than a couple of firm swats. He circled cheeks and thighs over and over, covering every inch with scalding smacks. And then he did it again.

The words hurt. Pain, she could handle. But the words hurt. She loved them…Johnny, and D’av and Pree. And she had let them down, badly. Tears rose in the back of her eyes, threatening to fall. She could not cry, could not be weak, could not be vulnerable…only her traitorous body didn’t know that, and as the continuing rhythmic slaps forced her to face her guilt, the tears tumbled out. She felt small, and weak, and vulnerable, and so very ashamed of herself for putting those she loved in danger.

Johnny felt the shift in her posture, felt the barriers breaking down and the cleansing tears begin, and said a silent thank you to whatever Gods existed that he had done the right thing. He slowed the tempo, easing her gently through the process, until finally he stopped entirely, resting his now very sore hand on her heated bottom.

“All done, sweetheart.” Raising her gently to sit on his lap, he held her close as she buried her head in his neck and wrapped her arms around him. It took a couple of minutes before she was ready to pull back a little, although still not leaving the solid comfort of his arms.

“You have a bloody hard hand, Johnny Jacobis.” She grumbled, wiping away the last of the tears. He smiled, and lifted one hand to push the tousled hair back out of her face. “I’m only a level three. I overcompensate.”

Despite herself the corners of her mouth quirked up in a responding smile at that. Pushing herself up off his lap, she jerked her head towards the door. “Get back up there, and figure out a way to get us in. I’ll be along in a minute.”

He stood, and pulled her into a strong hug. “That’s my Dutch.”

She watched him leave the room before turning to get some cold water for her face. She felt like a child…like a child who was good, and strong, and very much loved. And that…was ok.

The End

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