Author’s Note: This is a fanfic for the show Haven which is currently on Netflix.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Warning: Spanking of an adult woman.


In which no one wants to be spanked, no one wants to do the spanking, and yet somehow spanking happens—although not nearly enough of it.

Nathan stared at the young woman who had just burst into the police station, obviously distraught.

“Please, you have to help me! I can’t control it, and Justin…Justin…” she burst into sobs, “Justin is dead!”

Audrey moved forward swiftly, wrapping an arm around her and guiding her into Nathan’s office. “It’s going to be ok, just relax and tell me…” she was interrupted by a tremor as the building shook. Glancing around, she noted that no major damage had occurred and returned her focus to the girl in front of her. “Here, sit down, and tell me what’s going on.”

She gulped, and made an obvious effort to get herself under control. “It’s my Trouble! I can’t control it and Justin…he would help me but he’s dead and I don’t know what to do…”

Audrey sighed. Since the Troubles had returned, and in force, there had been just one thing after another, and she barely had a chance to breathe between crises.

“OK, just calm down. Who is Justin?”

“My brother. He always helped me control it but now he’s gone and I can’t do it by myself and …”

The building shook again, harder this time, and a picture fell off the wall.

“See! It will only get worse unless we stop it NOW!” She grasped Audrey’s hands, and looked up at her pleadingly. “Please you have to help me!”

“Wait, so YOU are causing this earthquake?” Nathan interrupted.

“Yes. It’s my Trouble…” The building shook again, harder, and the desk slid across the floor. “And Justin could help me control it but now I don’t know what to do…”

The door burst open and Duke tumbled into the room in the midst of another upheaval.

“What the hell??? Nathan, these quakes are getting out of control. You got any idea what’s causing them?”

“Yup.” Nathan nodded towards the girl who was still clasping Audrey’s hands tightly in hers and looking tearful. “Her.”

Duke spared a glance in her direction, and then turned back as another tremor nearly knocked him off his feet. “Well somebody needs to stop it.”

Audrey continued focusing on the source. “OK, how did Justin help you control them?”

“It takes pain. If I feel pain, sustained pain…” she stopped for a minute as the building shook even more intensely, looking around desperately at the items crashing to the floor, “if I feel pain it stops. We had to work at finding a way to do it without, you know, breaking bones or anything but we did it. Only now he’s gone and I need help!” She turned her eyes to Nathan imploringly.

“OK, you need help. What do we have to do?” The building shook again, and a huge crack spread across the floor. They all stared at it anxiously before turning back to the girl.

“Justin would hurt me. It’s the only way to stop it. I tried self-hurting, but that doesn’t work; it has to be someone else and it has to be out of my control.” She paused for a minute. “He would spank me until it stopped.”

Nathan looked shocked, Audrey looked startled. “Wait, the only way to stop this is to spank you?”

She nodded, and the building shook again, hard, and furniture swayed and crashed.

“Please!” She stared at Nathan imploringly.

“What? No! I’m not going to hit you to make this stop. There has to be another way.”

Bricks began falling from the walls as the rumbles intensified.

“There isn’t! Believe me we tried! PLEASE!” She begged.

Audrey looked at him intensely. “Nathan, you have to…”

“No! I will not. This is not….” A window broke, and more bricks fell into the room.

“Oh, crap.” Duke looked around at the growing destruction, then took a quick step forward to grab the girl by one arm and pull her up out of her chair. Dropping down into her seat, he yanked her over his lap, and raised his hand.

“Duke! You can’t just…” Nathan started, but was interrupted by a loud crash and a couple of screams from the hallway.

“Look, it’s not like I haven’t done worse. This needs to stop.” Clenching his jaw, Duke smacked his hand down hard.

The girl yelped, and he smacked her again. The building settled somewhat, but still trembled. He smacked her again.

“Duke, stop! This is no way to treat…” another rumble, another tremor, and Duke stared Nathan down.

“We have to do something. She says this will work. Would you rather I killed her?” he ground out.

Defeated, Nathan slumped back and Duke resumed spanking. Forcefully. The tremors lessened, the building soon ceased shaking entirely as the girl over Duke’s lap started to cry softly. Very soon it was over, and while he held her in place looking around for further damage, it quickly became apparent that the quake had stopped. He gently started to lift her up and she twisted to sit on his lap, leaning against his chest. Tears were still falling as she whispered, “Thank you.” Laying her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes wearily, one hand clutching his shirt.

Nathan and Audrey exchanged a glance. “Well, that worked.”

“Thankfully.” Audrey stepped forward and knelt by the chair, gently smoothing a strand of hair back from the girl’s face. “What’s your name?”

Her eyes opened sleepily. “Allison.” She snuggled closer to Duke. “I’ll need to sleep now.”

“Sure. Why don’t we take you back to my place for a nice long nap.” Audrey drew her up from Duke’s lap, and began leading her out. Everybody needed a break.

* * *

It was several hours later when Allison awoke in Audrey’s bed. “Hey there.” Audrey smiled. “Welcome back. How do you feel?’

“I feel fine. Thanks for the place to sleep,” Allison looked around. “I appreciate it. Sorry to have caused so much trouble.”

“Yeah, well, trouble is kinda what Haven is about these days. Coffee?”

“No thanks.” She shook her head sleepily, sitting up in bed. “Never could get to like coffee. Maybe a cup of tea?”

“Sure.” She moved to heat some water. “So how long have you known about this Trouble?”

“ Couple of years. It started small, actually. Just a vibration or two. By the time it got intense, we had figured out it was my Trouble and pretty much how to stop it. Justin..” she paused, gulping and turning her head away in pain, “Justin kept it under control for me.”

“What happened to him?” Audrey asked sympathetically.

“The Rev. He thought Justin was the one with the Trouble. Some of his gang caught up with him and…” Allison couldn’t go on. Audrey poured tea and handed her a steaming cup, which she sipped gratefully.

“I’m sorry. Do you have any other family?”

“Nope, just me and Justin. Our parents died two years ago, just before my Trouble manifested.”

“That makes sense; it seems emotional events trigger Troubles in people.”

Allison nodded. “Certainly for me. Every time I get upset, especially if I’m scared…” She gestured around her aimlessly.

“So that’s why the earthquakes have been increasing the last couple of days.”

Allison nodded. “Since Justin died, I feel like my world is falling apart. And so…”

“It does. Literally.”

“When I came to the station today, it was my last hope. I figured if this didn’t work, it was time for me to…end things.”

“No.” Audrey fixed her with an intense look. “We will figure this out. We WILL. If we have to have Duke follow you around with a wooden spoon!”

Allison laughed, and Audrey congratulated herself on getting the response she wanted. She’d find a way to help the girl.

* * *

The two women were seated at an outdoor café, enjoying the sunshine. Audrey’s cell phone buzzed, and she fished it out of her pocket with a sigh. “Yeah, Nathan?” Listening in silence for a minute, she sighed again. “Of course. Be right there.” She flipped it back into her pocket and turned to Allison with a rueful grin. “Playtime’s over. Got an incident to deal with.”

“OK.” Allison shoved her empty plate aside and waved for the check. “I know, cop stuff. At least we got to do some shopping and have lunch.” She gestured at the chair full of packages between them. “So where are we off to?”

Audrey shook her head. “Me, not you. The incident’s at the church, and the last place you need to be is anywhere around the Rev.” Allison’s face grew taut, and Audrey tensed waiting for a rumble of earth, but none came as Allison visibly slowed her breathing and fought for control. “Will you be ok alone, or would you rather have Duke with you?”

“I’ll be fine…” There was a tiny tremor, and they both looked around warily. “OK maybe Duke would be a good idea.”

Audrey pulled out the phone again, and in a brief minute had made arrangements and they were in the car heading towards the docks. Duke had promised to keep her under watch on the Rouge while the others dealt with the latest issue in town.

Two hours and several hands of gin rummy later (90% of which Allison won, to Duke’s annoyance), Duke’s phone rang and he picked up with them both expecting to hear from Audrey that all was under control. The frown on his face as he listened, and then turned away, told Allison that this was something entirely different. When he finally turned back, he was still frowning.

“Look, I’ve got a … business deal…that needs to be taken care of. Nathan and Audrey should be back any second; will you be ok until they get here?” He looked somewhat concerned, but mostly pissed, so she assumed the ‘business deal’ was not going well.

“Sure, I’ll be fine. Probably just be a few minutes anyhow. Go…deal.” She waved him off, and he departed gratefully, without another thought. She looked around, bored, hoping to find some amusement, but when nothing was forthcoming she flopped down on the couch with a sigh. Just then her cell rang, and with a sigh of relief she answered. The voice on the other end was unfamiliar, deep and gravelly, but the words were only too clear.

“It seems our little problem didn’t end with your brother’s death. Too bad, that. Looks like you’re next.” The line went dead.

Allison stared at the phone in shock, then terror set in. They didn’t know where she was, did they? No, they couldn’t. But what if…she was distracted as a wave crashed against the dock, sending the Rouge bumping awkwardly. That must have been some wave to move a ship this large. As the ship reeled and plunged again, she looked around in horror. Clambering to her feet, she headed for the deck, feeling the vessel pitch underneath her again as she emerged. Ten-foot waves were crashing against the dock, and the shoreline rocked, cracking and sending rocks and boulders tumbling into the angry waters. Clutching a beam and staring at the chaos around her, Allison realized that her fear had started something…something she couldn’t stop. Desperate, she clutched and crawled her way over the dock to the shore and up the shifting slope to the Gull. It was a bar/restaurant, and she was thinking clearly enough to know that she could find what she needed there.

Audrey and Nathan felt the earth tremors at the same time, and shared a dismayed glance. Nathan, who was currently ushering a couple of very drunken parishioners into a patrol car, called over to her. “I’ll handle this. You go take care of Allison! And find out why the hell Duke hasn’t stopped this!”

Audrey was already dialing her phone, but neither Duke nor Allison picked up. Looking around for a little support, she spied Dwight discreetly disposing of some very bloody clothes. Hailing him, she half-pushed him into the car. “I’ll explain on the way! Just get in; I’m going to need some help with a Trouble.”

Dwight listened to the forthcoming explanation without comment until she was done. At one point they nearly slid off the road as a giant crack formed and a section of earth broke loose. Audrey floored it, heading for the docks. Racing precariously to the Cape Rouge, it took them only seconds to realize that Allison was not there. The nearest building was the Gull, so they headed there, avoiding rock slides and open chasms on the way. The damage got worse the closer they came, so Audrey figured they were going in the right direction.

Bursting through the door, they were greeted by the sight of Allison, holding a rather large butcher knife, and looking absolutely terrified.

“Allison! No, that’s not the way!” Audrey shouted.

“I have to!” She sobbed. “This has to stop and there’s no other way to stop it!”

“Yes, yes there is! Look, I’ve got Dwight with me. He’ll help you stop it just like Duke did.”

Dwight shot her a suspicious look. “If you mean…”

“Yes, I mean! Allison, put the knife down. We’re going to stop this, and we’re going to help you. Something triggered this, something scared you, and whatever it is I promise we’ll deal with it. You are not alone, we’re here to help you. Now put the knife down and let Dwight help you.”

Allison hesitated, the knife trembling in her hand, and looked at Dwight, who shrugged and took a slow step towards her, holding out one hand. “I suppose it’s not the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ll help, if you want me to.”

Nodding shakily, she dropped the knife and stepped towards him as the floor rocked beneath their feet.

“Hurry!” Audrey urged.

Dwight was now close enough to take her hand, and looking into her eyes he said softly, “Sorry.”

She nodded, and moved up next to him. Gently he bent her over, tucked her under his left arm, and delivered a very half-hearted swat to the seat of her jeans. The floor shifted.

“Dwight, you have to mean it.” Audrey commented urgently. “It has to hurt or it won’t work.”

Dwight sighed. “This really is NOT my thing, but OK.” The next swat was considerably harder, and Allison yelped. Immediately he stood her back upright. “I am NOT doing this.”

“If you don’t,” She was almost yelling, “then *I* will!” She reached for the knife again, and Dwight swiftly kicked it away.

“No you don’t. If this can be controlled,” he glanced at Audrey, who nodded vigorously, “then we’ll control it.” Grimly he hooked a chair with his foot, dragging it over and pulling her down on his lap as he sat. Lips pressed together firmly in determination, he delivered five or six fast, hard slaps.

The rumbling and rocking building stilled. Seconds ticked by, and another tremor, although a small one, shook the floor.

“Damn.” Gritting his teeth, Dwight refocused on the girl over his knee, and smacked her again, hard. She burst into tears, and he looked up at Audrey with something like desperation. “Enough?!?”

She held up a cautionary hand, waiting a full minute before nodding. “Yeah, I think that’s done it.”

Sighing with relief, he lifted her up and just as she had with Duke, she turned to snuggle sleepily against his chest, clutching his shirt and looking disconcertingly like a six-year-old. He was torn between regret, concern, and the kind of affection he would have felt for a puppy he just accidentally stepped on. His arms went around her automatically, and he rocked her gently, murmuring in a soothing tone.

Audrey was still watching for further damage, but seeing none she finally started to relax and pulled out her phone again to dial Duke’s number. “Where the hell did he go?” She muttered under her breath, adding “Sometimes I just want to…Duke! Where the hell are you and why did you leave her alone? Honestly, did you not feel what’s going on here? Five more minutes and Haven would have been nothing but a pile of rocks!” She listened for a minute, and then appeared to break in to whatever excuse he was offering. “I don’t care! It’s a damn good thing Dwight was here to stop the…yes, Dwight. Well what do you think he did, buy her flowers and candy? Yes, he stopped it, thank heavens.” She glanced over to see that Dwight had been paying no attention to her at all; he was totally absorbed in the slight figure curled up on his lap like a child. Audrey smiled softly, and her anger faded. “Never mind, it’s under control now.” She had almost hung up when she heard a suspicious noise outside. “Hang on a minute.” Tiptoeing to the window, she peered out to see the Rev and a dozen angry men storming up the walkway towards the Gull.

“Duke! Get Nathan and get over here, quick! The Rev and a bunch of his guys are coming.”

Hastily returning to Dwight she quickly informed him of the situation. “Take her in the back. If you get a chance, get out with her. Nathan and Duke will be here with most of the police force in minutes. We’ll take care of them.” She jerked her head towards the front, where angry voice could be heard arguing.

“Hey you,” Dwight said gently. “Time to wake up.”

Allison stirred, and raised her head with a smile.

“Sorry we don’t have time to do this slow and easy,” Dwight said, levering her off his lap as he stood and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, “but things are getting kind of messy.” He pulled her into the back room, opening the exit door a crack to survey the territory.

“What’s happening?” She asked, pulling herself into a state of awareness.

“Mob of angry idiots, from the look of it.” He replied bluntly. It appeared that all the fuss was taking place out front, so he cautiously drew her out the door and began running for the nearest cover. “I’ll explain later. Right now, just shut up and run.”

She kept up as best she could while he wove through back yards and dead end streets until they reached the church, where his truck still sat.

“Get in.” He half-shoved her through the door, hopped in the driver’s seat, and started for the edge of town, keeping one eye on the road behind them in case anyone was following. He headed for a small cabin pretty much in the middle of nowhere once he was sure they were alone.

Allison hadn’t said much up until this point, but as he opened her door and reached a hand up to help her out, she asked, “It’s because of me, isn’t it?”

Dwight didn’t respond for a minute, but then his deep-seated honesty took over. “Yeah, probably. Now we need to get inside, and I need to call Audrey and make sure she’s ok.”

Inside the cabin he drew the curtains and dialed the cell phone at the same time, and was rewarded only by voicemail.

“Dammit.” He tried Nathan, and then in some desperation even Duke, with no answer from anyone. Frustrated, he shoved the phone back in his pocket and turned to see Allison picking up a kitchen knife. She looked somehow desolate and determined at the same time.

“Hold on there! I thought we just went through this. That is not a solution.”

She nodded miserably. “Yes it is. I’m gone, the quakes are gone, the angry mob is gone.” She turned the knife and held it awkwardly against her stomach.

“That’s not how it works! That mob is just going to find someone else to focus on after you stop being their target. We can control the quakes, and keep your Trouble from hurting anyone. What we can’t control is the Rev and his mindless persecution of half the people in this town. You dying isn’t going to change that. Now give me that knife.”

He took a step forward, reached out a hand. She backed away.

“How are we going to control it? You going to follow me around 24/7? Find me a babysitter? No, it’s better just to end this right now.” She raised the knife, ready to plunge it in, and Dwight dove forward, grabbing her wrist and twisting it aside with enough strength to force her to drop the weapon.

“We’ll work it out!” He said forcefully, tossing the knife aside and holding both of her wrists in one large hand. “And if you EVER pull a stunt like this again, I’ll give you a REAL spanking, is that clear?”

She stared up into his eyes for a minute, before a very tiny smile crossed her face.

“I believe you mean that.”

“Damn straight I mean it.” He let go of her wrists, dropped his hands to her waist, and on a totally uncharacteristic impulse lowered his head and kissed her. Quite thoroughly. Breathless, she caught at his shirt for balance, and when the kiss eventually ended she simply stared up at him in shock.

Embarrassed, he backed up and looked away. “Sorry. I don’t know what got into me.” He strode over to look out the window between the curtains.

Shaking her head a little, she looked down at the floor and mumbled, “It’s ok. Don’t worry about it.”

Just then his phone rang. “Audrey!” He sounded relieved. “Everything ok?” He paused. “Good. Maybe a few hours in jail will help them cool down. No, we’re fine, but I think we should keep her stashed out of sight for a couple of days. Once the quakes quit happening they’ll turn their attention to someone else.” Another pause. “Yeah, I’m sure the quakes will quit happening. I’ll take care of it.” He turned back to the room as he slipped the phone into his pocket.

“Everything is under con…” He stopped when he realized he was talking to empty air. Allison was gone.

Muttering under his breath, Dwight pulled the phone back out of his pocket and called Audrey. “Yup, she’s gone. Can’t be far though. I’ll start looking but with the woods all around this cabin for miles, we’re talking needle and haystack. You and Nathan might want to head on up to help.” He was already on the way out the door, and searching for signs of flight.

Audrey and Nathan arrived shortly, Duke in tow. Nathan called Dwight to ask what direction he’d gone in and then started out to meet him while Duke and Audrey headed in the opposite direction. Pushing through brush and tangled vines, Audrey said, “Well at least she must not be scared. Let’s hope we find her before something happens to trigger another quake.” She glanced back to glare at Duke. “If you’d just stayed with her instead of running off for some stupid deal, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.”

“Yeah, blame it on me. Well, ok, maybe it is my fault, but still hanging around waiting in case I’m needed to spank somebody is not exactly my life’s purpose, you know.”

“Yeah and hacking my way through brambles looking for her isn’t MINE either.” Audrey paused to attempt to untangle her hair from a particularly grabby branch.

“Here, hold still, you’re only making it worse.” Duke reached over and gently untangled the offending thorns.

“Thanks.” She glanced up at him with a sly grin. “You know, I would have thought you’d be into…kinky.”

“Kinky, maybe. Causing pain without the accompanying benefits, not so much.” He nodded towards a place where the undergrowth thinned. “Let’s try that way.” Stepping into the lead, he unobtrusively broke a trail for her through to what was almost a clearing. Looking around, they could see no sign that anyone had been through here in…well, years. Hopefully Nathan and Dwight were having more luck.

Nathan had caught up with Dwight more by chance than purpose, and the two of them were now following a game trail through the woods in the hope that Allison would have chosen the path of least resistance.

“What happened to spook her, anyway?” Nathan asked curiously.

Dwight actually blushed. “I did something…stupid. She ran.”

Nathan quirked an eyebrow. “Stupid?”

“Yeah. Drop it, alright.”

Making a mental note to find out later, Nathan dropped it. In another minute they were both distracted anyway by the sound of a gunshot. Dwight spun around instinctively reaching to feel if his vest had been hit (it hadn’t), and Nathan watched anxiously to be sure his friend was uninjured before turning toward the source of the sound.

“Must be a ways away if the bullet didn’t find you. Maybe you should stay here and I’ll go on ahead to…”

“Nope. If somebody’s shooting, I want to be sure they don’t hit Allison. If I’m there, they won’t.” He plunged determinedly in the direction of the shot. Nathan raised an eyebrow and followed.

It wasn’t long before they heard angry voices ahead, and peering through the brush saw Dave and Vince arguing as usual. Dave was cradling his shotgun, and Vince appeared to be attempting to drag it away from him. Nathan broke through the brush towards them.

“Hey, guys, what’s going on here?” He asked with customary calm.

“This idiot is trying to shoot a partridge for dinner, and blasting away at Lord only knows what.”

“If you didn’t want to see me shoot something, you shouldn’t have come!” Dave retorted.

“I only came to keep you from shooting yourself in the foot!”

“HEY!” Nathan interrupted. “As long as you’re here, we’re looking for someone and you can lend a hand. No shooting though,” he nodded towards Dwight, “we don’t need collateral damage.”

“Oh, right. Hello, Dwight.” Said Dave.

“Who are you looking for out here?” Vince asked.

“Allison Danvers. Dwight here brought her out to his cabin to keep her safe, and she kinda ran off. So we need to…” the ground trembled slightly around them.

“Shit. Something scared her. We have to find her, fast!”

“Probably the sound of a badly aimed shotgun!” Vince grumbled.

Just then Dwight raised one hand and hissed, “Quiet!” In the brush to their left was a very faint rustle of leaves. Glancing quickly at Nathan, Dwight said, “I got this.” And in a second disappeared into the woods.

Dave and Vince exchanged glances. “Why don’t you two head on home,” Nathan suggested as another rumble broke the silence. The sound of a female shriek came clearly from the direction Dwight had gone. Dave looked worried. “What is that? We should go make sure the girl is alright.” He took a step forward, and was checked by Nathan’s hand on his arm.

“I expect Dwight has got this.”

“You sure? That sounded like she was in trouble.”

“Probably not the kind you wanna be part of.” Nathan commented wryly, and began to shepherd the brothers reluctantly back towards the dirt road where he suspected they had left their vehicle. At the same time he dialed Audrey to report that Dwight had apparently found his quarry. When they reached Audrey and Duke, who had settled on a convenient fallen tree to wait, the Teagues were still arguing and Nathan was about ready to be done with them.

“I felt some tremors.” Audrey spoke to Nathan worriedly. “Is she ok?”

“Pretty sure Dwight found her alright, so everything should be under control. I haven’t felt anything in the last couple minutes; have you?”

Duke’s eyes narrowed. “So Dwight has been appointed official guardian then?”

“More like he volunteered for the position.”

Audrey looked about to ask questions Nathan did not want to answer at that point, so he began to steer her back to the car with a whispered, “I’ll explain later.” The others followed, having learned not to ask too many questions in Haven.

Meanwhile, Dwight had captured (there was no other way to phrase it; he was literally holding her trapped against his body as she struggled to escape) Allison, and was attempting somewhat futilely to get her to calm down. When the second tremor started, he raised his voice to full power and roared, “Stop! Right now!”

Shocked, she froze in place and the tremor instantly ceased.

“Huh.” He was using a normal tone now as if nothing had happened. “Guess it doesn’t always have to be pain, does it?’ He stared down at her.

“Not if you catch it early enough.” She replied reflexively. “Sometimes Justin could stop it with just a threat.”

“Good to know. Now, if you will settle down for a minute, I want to talk to you.”

Looking like she was thinking it over, Allison didn’t answer right away, so he continued, “That was not a request.”

“Oh.” She seemed to wilt in his arms, and he carefully lowered her onto an adjacent tree stump, crouching next to her. He kept one hand on her arm just in case.

“I’m sorry that I scared you back at the cabin. I didn’t mean to.”

“What?” She looked confused.

“When I…you know…” He stumbled.

“OH! Oh, that didn’t scare me.” She smiled shyly. “I…kinda liked it.”

Conflicting emotions ran across his face. “Then why did you run?”

Embarrassed, she looked down. “Because I kinda liked it.”

When he didn’t respond, she looked up at him and proceeded with frankness. “I am Troubled, Dwight. I can’t ask anyone to be with me, it’s not fair. It was hard enough for Justin; I certainly can’t force that on someone in a…relationship.”

Understanding finally, he smiled. “Have you looked at this vest I’m wearing? Did it not occur to you that I am Troubled too? That I can’t ask a ‘normal’ person to accept that? But you, you can understand. Just like I can understand you.”

He watched the shadow clear from her face as she registered what he was saying.

“Now I am going to kiss you again.” He said gently but firmly.

She nodded and raised her head. It would take time, but somehow she thought there wouldn’t be many more earthquakes in the future for Haven.

The End

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