Firefly / Serenity

Firefly / Serenity Sereies

This series takes place about one month after the movie 'Serenity'
This series is COMPLETE.

Chapter 1 - The Orange Death - While buying supplies, Simon is asked to help find a cure for a new disease. When Mal refuses to let him, Simon goes behind his back to do it anyway.

Chapter 2 - Daddy Will Come For Us - When Mal, and most of the crew, are out on an assignment, Simon's father contacts him, asking to see him and River. Simon quickly regrets agreeing to the meeting when River is kidnapped. Simon tries talking Kaylee into helping him get River back.

Chapter 3 - Dreamwalking - Everyone is worried when River starts sleepwalking after her birthday.

Firefly pictures courtesy of Orbiting Lights and Still Flying and Can't Take the Sky

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